Dog Collars

Collar Selection

September 24, 2019

For a chinese crested puppy, it is better to choose a soft leather collar, not wide and not narrow. the ideal width is 1.5-2 cm, without extensions (the so-called "herring"). Preference should be given to the collar of genuine leather, in extreme cases. leatherette, but not rough, but as soft as possible.

For an adult chinese crested dog any quality collar (nylon, leather, leatherette, fabric) without any kind of decorations will do. Rhinestones, sequins, beads and other decorations on the collar spoil the wool on the neck, so it is better to refuse such ammunition, or at least not to wear it for daily walks.

Collars with metal elements on top of the base material (spikes, rivets, and other similar paraphernalia) are also banned. These collars are dangerous not only for you and your dog, who will wear them, but also for other dogs playing with yours (you can break a tooth, claw).

Very often, leather and leatherette collars are painted in different colors. Here it is worth considering one thing. some of these collars paint wool and skin, especially during prolonged wear or when wet.

Semi-surpluses, or so-called martingales, are great for chinese crested. Such a collar is always loose on the neck, but when the dog resists (jerk forward or backward, an attempt to "wriggle out" of the collar), it tightens without squeezing the neck (does not cause choking). As the leash loosens, the collar also becomes loose.

Narrow collars made of leather or a substitute (less than 1-1.5 cm in width) are not convenient for chinese crested, round collars in section (such ammunition is usually suitable for wool breeds. chow-chow, spitz-dogs, huskies, etc.).

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The most common types of collars:
1. Soft collar made of genuine leather. the perfect choice;
2. Two-layer leather collar. high quality and reliable;
3. Single-layer leatherette collar. possible rubbing and allergies;
4. Collar "herring" with the expansion under the throat. too wide and uncomfortable;
5. Leather collar round in cross section. too thin and rough;
6. Nylon collar with polyurethane coating. durable and durable;
7. Nylon collar with a plastic latch. too bulky, the latch can put pressure on the neck;
8. Nylon collar semi-casing (martingale). light, comfortable and safe

Collar Selection

Different types of smart and glamorous collars:
not suitable for daily use, as they damage hair

It is forbidden to walk puppies and adult dogs on strangled chains or on cobra chains. Besides the fact that the chains rub and traumatize the delicate skin on the neck, the fur also suffers no less. wiping appears, and the hair becomes more fragile. Such ammunition is intended for display of a dog at an exhibition and is not suitable for daily use.

It is categorically unacceptable to walk a chinese crested dog on a strict collar (parfors). These collars are designed for medium and large breeds of dogs. For small breeds, especially decorative, such collars are not suitable.

It is also undesirable to use a harness (this is a type of dog ammunition, which is a buckle straps covering the chest and part of the back of the dog, without neck coverage). A puppy walking on a harness can strongly pull the leash forward, or move in jerks (for example, jerk sharply after the birds or a flying leaf). The harness has a negative effect on the formation of the spine (humpbacked or, on the contrary, a failed back) and paws (twisted elbows).

Collar Selection

Types of ammunition categorically not suitable for chinese crested:
1. Strict collar; 2. Collar with spikes; 3. Chain-strangulation; 4. Chain cobra; 5. Harness