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Collars With A Current For Dogs – Is It Worth It

September 24, 2019

Collars With A Current For Dogs. Is It Worth It

For most people, dogs are friends. But when it comes to training, the owners decide to purchase a collar with a current for dogs, so that the trainings are not only highly effective, but also comfortable. The price of such a product may vary depending on the principle of operation, the range of the radio signal and the availability of additional functions.

The principle of the stun collar

According to experts, the collar with a current for dogs acts completely painlessly on the pet. The safety of the device, in addition, ensures the development of a reflex, the effective study of commands, weaning from bad habits. The basis of the work of such a product is weak current pulses that do not harm the animal. In addition, a current-striking collar for dogs works at a considerable distance. Therefore, the trainer will be able to monitor the behavior of the pet and adjust it.

Collars With A Current For Dogs. Is It Worth It

It may seem to some that the price of such a device is too high. As a rule, the price range starts at around 11 thousand rubles. Well, the final cost depends on the financial capabilities of the owner. As they say, there is no limit to perfection.

If you touch upon the need to purchase such a product, then supporters of such education bring the following arguments:

The effect of ESHO on the physical condition of the pet

In many countries, the collar with a current for dogs is prohibited to use. As it is scientifically proven that the use of the gadget can damage the physical and psychological health of the dog. The parameters of such a device as a collar, which is current, for dogs, are similar to other products for adjusting the behavior of a pet: a strict collar, a collar "udavka" or "antilay", etc.

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Collars With A Current For Dogs. Is It Worth It

  • Comfort behavior changes radically;
  • Lost interest in the world;
  • The desire to play disappears;
  • Indifference appears to everything that happens around;
  • Depression, helplessness, loss of appetite and lack of sleep are observed.

Collars With A Current For Dogs. Is It Worth It

The emergence of psychological trauma

According to experienced trainers, training will be more successful and more efficient if the undesirable behavior of the pet is associated with a shock. Collar with a current for dogs reveals the essence of pavlov’s theory of conditioned reflexes. Other scientists give serious arguments in favor of the fact that the price of using a gadget is the appearance of psychological trauma in a dog.

Collars With A Current For Dogs. Is It Worth It