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Flea Collar For Dogs Reliable Protection Against Parasites

September 24, 2019

Flea Collar For Dogs Reliable Protection Against Parasites

It is easy for an animal to become infected with parasites while walking or during contact with its fellow animals.. Eggs, fleas and lice can be stored for a long time in the grass, the rug lying near the threshold, or in the litter on which your pet sleeps.

Fleas living on the body of dogs, despite the fact that they are not dangerous to humans, can create problems for the health of the animal itself. Namely, cause itching, various skin diseases, dipyldiosis (infect the dog worms). The appearance of a pet flea is reflected in its behavior. The dog becomes nervous, irritable, sometimes her appetite disappears, the animal constantly scratches and bites itself, trying to get rid of parasites.

When is it necessary to start using a flea collar for dogs? When the animal is healthy. Yes yes. The collar is not a means of destroying parasites, it possesses only preventive action. But to minimize the importance of using a flea collar for dogs is not worth it. This is a great modern device that can help your animal.

If you are absolutely sure that the skin of your pet is free from entomoses, then wear a flea collar for dogs while walking and traveling to nature. It will successfully protect your caudate friend not only from fleas, lashes and lice, but also protect it from mosquito bites and ticks.

Like drops, flea collars are used for dogs. After breeding the animal parasites in order to protect it from re-infection with them. That is, the described means only repels entomoses, but in no way contributes to their destruction.

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Flea collars for dogs is a plastic tape coated with the active ingredient: propoxur, diazinon, flumetrin, tetrachlorvinophos. Now mainly produced water resistant anti-flea collars. Their sizes are different, so you can pick up on the girth of the dog’s neck. Collars from different manufacturers have different durations of action, from 3 to 7 months with constant wear. Usually this information is listed on the package.

Putting a pet dog collar on make sure he doesn’t sit too tight and there was a gap of 2–2.5 cm between the ribbon and the neck of the animal. The action of the collar reaches its maximum effect 5 days after the start of wearing.

The described means not recommended apply to dogs younger than 6 months, sick, animals during the period of rehabilitation after surgery or illness, lactating or pregnant bitches. In addition, the active ingredient may cause an allergic reaction. In this case, you must stop using the collar. After manipulating it, the owners should wash their hands well.