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How To Choose A Gps Collar For A Dog Or Cat

September 23, 2019

How To Choose A Gps Collar For A Dog Or Cat

What is the biggest fear of a pet owner?

GPS tracker is an easy way to ensure the safety of your cat or dog, which allows you to track their current location. The device is attached to the collar of the animal and provides round-the-clock tracking of a pet.

Some have only the function of the transfer of coordinates, but there are devices with a much larger package of functions:

creating a geo-zone with virtual borders, which you think is safe for your pet. You will receive a notification each time your pet leaves the perimeter of your designated area.

activity monitoring. How long should your pet have to walk? And how many hours to sleep? Some of the devices offered on the market will give you this information. In special mobile applications, you can set goals for your dog, compare the level of its activity with other animals of the same breed.

saving data history. Modern devices not only fix your pet’s location in real time, but also save track history, i.E. You can see where your cat has been for the whole day.

When choosing a GPS tracker for pets, you need to look first at the most important characteristics:

powerful battery. The amount of battery affects the duration of the work. The operating time in the active mode of a quality tracker should be at least one day.

GPS type and GSM support. If your pet is lost and is in some room, the device will not catch the GPS signal, but will show its location based on information from the towers of the cellular network (LBS positioning). By sending an SMS to a GPS tracker, you will instantly find out where your favorite is. The tracker will send an SMS in response with its coordinates and a direct link to google maps.

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mobile app. Your phone is most often at your fingertips, so it is most convenient to track the location of your pet through a mobile application. It should be free, convenient and understandable to use, quickly connect with the device.

moisture protection. Not a drop of morning dew, nor rain, nor swimming in the river should be an obstacle in the work of high-quality GPS tracker. There is a gradation of devices according to the class of water resistance. The highest is IP67.

size and weight. Here the age and breed of dogs play an important role. If you have a cat or a cat, make sure that the selected GPS tracker is suitable in size and weight. Most models can be heavy.

collar. It is necessary to think over which collar the GPS tracker will be mounted on: on your existing one, or on the one that comes with the tracker. In the case of the second option, make sure that the standard collar fits right to your cat or dog.

price. It is important to understand that in addition to the cost of buying the tracker and the SIM card for it, the use of some models is impossible without a paid subscription. Specify its value in advance.

Nothing saves your time and effort to find a lost cat or dog, as a quality GPS tracker, which combines all the above advantages. Each of these functions will give you and your pet the ability to stay connected and reunite in all possible situations.