Dog Collars

How To Choose A Strict Collar And Use It Without Harming The Dog

September 23, 2019

Functions and purpose

Parfors (another name) is made in the form of a metal chain with spikes, consisting of large links. From the side it may look like the dog is experiencing severe pain when wearing it, but instructors involved in training service dogs insist that this is a completely safe method of training an animal.

A strict collar is suitable for large dogs, disobedient and energetic, but to small, decorative breeds it does not need anything.

Please note that the parfors are also not used to adjust the puppy’s behavior: he can injure an animal, and also at an early age it is better to inculcate the pet of the basics of obedience on his own.

The collar is worn on the dog’s neck, in the place for which the nursing females usually bite in order to be raised or the pack leaders show superiority. Small spikes on the stricter are located at a certain angle. When the dog runs forward, pulling the leash, they put pressure on the skin, causing a sensation similar to a bite. Strong collars do not cause any serious injuries to big dogs.

Types of parforsa

Most hard workers are represented in the following two forms.


Recently, inferior in popularity to wire. The minus of the collar of the plates is that it does not fit long-haired breeds due to short spikes. In addition, a large, strong pet can straighten its links.


It is convenient because it has a different orientation and length of spikes. Equipped with a chain and carabiner, which make it easy to remove and wear a collar.

Parfors of foreign production are considered to be of higher quality: domestic producers use leather tape instead of chains. It does not slide very well, as a result of which the collar does not work immediately.

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How to choose a strogach

The most important characteristics to consider when choosing a parfors. its diameter and the length of the spikes.

The diameter of the collar should be 5 cm more than the neck circumference of the dog. You will not be able to wear an overly narrow collar on your dog, and your big pet will easily throw off. It should be measured just below the ears, almost under the throat, since according to the rules, the strogach is worn at this place.

Ideally, the parfors should be selected with fitting. Check whether the links are well fastened, otherwise they can disperse with a strong jerk. Make sure that the collar is sitting correctly on the dog: some owners make the mistake of putting it over the animal’s head. It is necessary to fasten it around the dog’s neck, undoing the links for this.

Collar fit

Incorrectly fitted parfors causes severe pain in the dog. And this, in turn, can cause a fright in a pet, an increase in arousal, as a result, a refusal to obey.

To secure the dog’s neck properly, follow the guidelines below.

Try changing the diameter of the collar, removing or adding some links. Properly dressed parfors tightly wraps the neck of the animal. Most collars are fitted and removed by undoing one of the rings. There are also models where the split mechanism is located on the chain.

How To Choose A Strict Collar And Use It Without Harming The Dog

Check the distance between the tips of the spikes on the stricter one and the neck of the dog: it should be no more than half a finger.

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Keep in mind that size and diameter are not the same thing. By size parforses are classified into small, medium and large. This value is determined by the ratio of width, size of spikes and collar volume. For dogs that weigh less than 13 kg, a small strogac will do, since it has more spikes per inch of neck.

Two methods of fastening the leash to the parforse are practiced: on the “dead” and “free” ring. In the first couple of weeks, until the animal adapts to the sock, fasten the carabiner on the “dead” ring. When the “free” ring is in position, the collar tightens more. This method is recommended if the dog does not respond to the position of the "dead" ring.

Parfors is removed simply: you need to hold one of the rings between your fingers and pull it upwards.

Terms of use

Remember that strogach for dogs is just a tool for training and adjusting behavior, for example, if a dog pulls a leash too tightly on itself, does not listen to commands, etc. It is strictly forbidden to use it for a long time. Consider the recommendations below. Then your dog will learn obedience in a comfortable environment, and you can forget about using a collar.

First you need to teach the dog to parforsu. Sometimes wear it on a pet while he is at home for short periods of time.

Training in “stricter” should last no more than an hour. Long sock causes irritation on the skin of the animal.

When the dog for a walk pulls you or makes a dash forward, reacting to any irritant, pull the leash short and firmly. This will stop her: feeling a prick in the neck, she instinctively realizes that she has done something wrong and must obey.

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For the main range, use a bridle collar or harness. Dogs learn from associations. If you fix a strogach on it for each exit, she will remember that people, walks and other animals are associated with pain. This will cause your pet to become fearful and aggressive.

Parfors is unsafe for dogs younger than 5-6 months: at that age he only injures and scares them.

Do not forget to remove the parfors at the end of the training: the dog can catch on the spikes for something and suffocate when trying to break free.

If a dog demonstrates obedience during training. this is a signal that it is time to part with parforce. Replace it, for example, with a harness collar, so that the dog does not develop the habit of obeying commands only in a stricter one. If you do everything right, your pet will learn to obey you in a simple collar and even without it.

The purpose of a storkie is not a daily sock, but a training, they should not replace a regular collar. Frequent use of parforce will cause the dog to get used to the pain, and he will cease to be effective. Zoopsychologists assert that with a dog it is necessary to practice and bring up obedience in him, and not to resort to a strict collar at every opportunity.