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How To Wear A Flea Collar

September 24, 2019

How To Wear A Flea Collar

Production packaging of anti-flea collars tight. As such, it is done to ensure that the insecticide with which the agent is soaked does not disappear ahead of time. Pulling the collar out of the bag, you will feel a sharp smell. It smells the active substance, which will scare and paralyze the activity of parasites.

Before you put a flea collar on your pet, stretch the tape slightly. This manipulation is necessary so that the active substance appears on the surface in the form of a white powder and immediately falls on the fur and skin of the animal.

All collars are made so that they can be shorten, if the tape is too long. Therefore, considering how to wear a flea collar, first of all cut it to the size of your tailed friend’s neck. The tape should not fit snugly to the body of the animal, leave a gap of 2-3 cm. If the collar is tightened further, it may cause discomfort to your pet and provoke irritation on its skin.

An important point in the instructions for how to put on a flea collar is the reaction of animals to contact with an insecticide that is impregnated with a collar. Wearing a collar, make sure that means did not touch the muzzle your pet so he randomly did not lick. After all, the active substance that fights parasites. is, in fact, poison. Of course, its concentration is not so great as to kill the animal. But mild poisoning is still possible.

Pay attention to the collar fit the pet by weight and age: not every collar can be used for a baby kitten or a puppy.

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Also make sure that the collar is random did not fall into your pet’s drinking bowl, in the process of wearing it can unbutton.

The owner also needs to comply with certain security measures. After you put a flea collar on your four-legged friend, carefully wash your hands running water. Keep the tool away from food supply and do not give packing with collars children

We hope that you have learned in detail about how to wear a flea collar. Now a few words about its action and the possible reaction to it of the body of an animal. dogs, cats, rabbit.

Collar should not hang out this is too loose, since in this case the insecticide will not be sufficiently applied to the animal’s fur. Keep in mind that this product can cause allergic reactions in pets., sometimes quite strong. They can manifest in redness and rash on the skin, discharge from the eyes and nose, sneezing. If these symptoms occur, stop using the collar. Try to get a product with another insecticide. Perhaps it will not cause allergies in your four-legged friend.