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We Select The Main Accessory For The Dog – Collar

September 24, 2019

Every dog ​​must have a collar. However, the choice is not easy. At the present stage, you can pick up a collar for a particular case, breed and training. There are also collars with lights, for puppies, handmade, for large and small breeds, nominal.

Various items for pet

To dress up your pet, first of all it is necessary to realize the purpose for which a dog collar is needed.

For walking

The walking option is one of the most common types. It is equipped with a half ring, to which you can fasten the leash. This item is located near the buckle or on the other side of the accessory. These collars can be illuminated or the name of the dog.

For training

Beautiful dog collars can be used for protective training. Such accessories are equipped with a handle for which you can hold a pet. Rings can be located either on the handle or under it. Such "ties" can also be accompanied by the name of the pet.

Guard option

If you want to understand how to choose a collar for a dog, you should know about the existence of the guardian accessory. It is necessary if the dog is on a leash is constantly. It has high strength. May be accompanied by the name of the pet.


Slips can be made of metal chains, synthetics. You can also find leather collars for dogs. Strangulation is often used during training or at exhibitions. Because of the low weight, which even the metal chain has, they are not very convenient in everyday life. For puppies, such collars are dangerous.

We Select The Main Accessory For The Dog. Collar

Danger in inexperienced hands

Parfors. Data option is considered special. Learning to use it is necessary under the supervision of experienced instructors. It is equipped with spikes. This is its main feature. Spikes can cause discomfort to the pet at the time of tension.

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The dimensions of such an element should correspond to the girth of the neck. Otherwise, thorns can seriously harm your pet. Or he just subsides. There is a special table that will help you find the ring, even for large pets.

Things with spikes can be made from wire or plates. Sold special collars for small dogs. For long-haired pets need to buy items with long spikes. For shorthair. with short spikes. Their size in this situation plays an important role.

Constantly wearing a ring with spikes is not recommended. Wear it only at the time of training. For puppies with spikes, it’s better not to use them too often.

We Select The Main Accessory For The Dog. Collar

For exhibitions

The exhibition version must be chosen in such a way that it does not attract the pet’s attention. In addition, this element should have the convenience, reliability and practicality. Can be handmade with the name of the pet. It is important to consider the size. This will help the table.

For some breeds that need to run for a long time in the ring during the exhibition, it is recommended to buy a leather or metal ringing with a barrel-cupola made of metal or leather. Kadik may be accompanied by spikes.


There are medical types of collars that save a pet from fleas and ticks. This product should not be used in the usual sense. It is created for therapeutic purposes. You can use during a walk in the woods, when there is an opportunity to catch a tick. Suitable for both large and not very large pets.

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Glowing option for night walks

Luminous collar for dogs is becoming increasingly popular. He is good during evening walks. The LED accessory helps to keep the dog from picking up something from the ground and not eating.

We Select The Main Accessory For The Dog. Collar

Puddles around, open hatches and the LED element will help to avoid all this. In addition, the LED collar can be seen from afar. A leash with a backlight can warn people so that there are no surprises. However, you must choose the LED leash carefully.

The video will list the main types of collars. Also will be shown personalized accessories, exclusive, handmade.

Accessory material

There are leather, nylon, synthetic, metal collars, etc. Leather is a pleasant material that meets the requirements of fashion and beauty. At the same time will serve for a long time with careful care.

Nylon "ties" are strong enough and resistant to various weather conditions. They may be indispensable in everyday life. Moreover, there are a lot of variants of such accessories.

Nylon, synthetic and leather rings do not have such durability, which metal accessories can boast. Such a thing can survive more than one generation of dogs.

The importance of proper sizing

Wide or narrow, thick or thin, long or short. the size will largely depend on the type of collar, how they are put on and where the leash clings. And a special table will help you to choose an accessory.

Too small and wide will crush and rub. Too big accessory will just fall off. Therefore, you need to pick up the collar by 2-3 cm more neck circumference.

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The photo shows a table by which you can determine the size even for the largest dogs.

Note: "tie" 1-2 cm more than the circumference of the widest part of the neck.

You need to take care of the accessory

Care collar will depend on what material was used. Leather should not be often wet or dried near an open flame. It will need to be wiped regularly with impregnations so as not to lose the appearance.

Backlit collar is bad because you have to constantly change batteries. In addition, the LED accessory may require replacement and other parts. Nylon and synthetic items should be washed as needed.

It is necessary to disinfect backlit rings, leather or nylon, if they were previously worn by a sick animal or just another dog.

You can make yourself

For large and long-haired dogs, you must carefully choose a leash. And not always these accessories are cheap. Especially if we are talking about the elements of handmade or illuminated. In such a situation, you can make a dog collar with your own hands.

Even a “tie” with backlight is sometimes easier and cheaper. In order to sew an accessory, you should use nylon ribbons and textile slings. You can make a beautiful element for a dog from a decorative cord or cut off leather.

We Select The Main Accessory For The Dog. Collar

When the material is selected, it remains only to choose the size, make a little effort and make a quality collar for the dog with your own hands.