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Wean Dog Bark Collar Antila

September 25, 2019

Expressing emotions for dogs with the help of barking is a natural phenomenon, but very often the owners get tired of listening to their four-legged friend. How to wean a dog to bark, and even without a reason? Come to the aid of a new wonderful device. the collar antilay. In this article we will talk about the principle of operation of the device and consider the most popular variants of antilay. And also give recommendations to the owners and show photos and videos.

Principle of operation of the device

What is this miracle of modern technology? By this device is meant a dog collar that responds to the animal’s voice vibrations. It can be not only barking, but also the howl that animal emits. The essence of the device is that it starts to vibrate, send discharges of current or “calm” the dog with the help of a spray. The longer the dog barks, the more affects antila; when the dog becomes silent, the level of impact decreases.

As a rule, antilay works either from a battery or with the help of batteries. In the first case, you need to charge the device, and in the second. just change the failed batteries with new ones. Collars can also be automatic and operate from a remote control.

Wean Dog Bark Collar Antila


The essence of this “necklace” for a dog prone to barking is that a small amount of current flows through special sensors. Many owners, probably, will be frightened by this information, but in reality there is no need to be afraid. The dog, even the smallest, does not receive any dangerous impact, so the fears of the owners are in vain.

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Installed inside the device, the processor immediately turns on the vibration mode, as soon as the dog starts to bark. With each new round of barking, the vibration increases. Within 30 seconds, when the dog stops raising his voice, the effect of antilay decreases. This creates a causal relationship, and the dog catches it between his barking and the action of the collar.

This is a humane method of teaching an animal that does not involve pain or harm to health. Such a collar can be programmed to different sounds (barking, howling, whining) and thus wean the dog to barking for no reason, and even in unsuitable places.

Wean Dog Bark Collar Antila


The difference with such a device is that during the barking of a dog it emits a special sound impulse. The sound is indistinguishable by the human ear, however, it is sensitive to the animal. As soon as the dog begins to make noise, antilais reacts accordingly. At that moment, when the dog becomes silent, the “necklace” on its neck also ceases to emit any impulses.

It should be noted that the ultrasonic collar is not suitable if the dog has problems with hearing. In this case, the animal will not hear the sound vibrations.

Wean Dog Bark Collar Antila


This collar works on the brystal principle. Unlike electrical and ultrasound, it acts on a dog with a spray system. As soon as the dog barks, a little inert gas is poured into the face. This method helps the animal to understand that whenever it barks, it can be doused with a substance from the sprayer. As a rule, the gas is odorless, but may be lemon flavored.

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As he comes out with a loud hiss, the dog soon becomes accustomed to hearing this sound when barking. Often, the animal is silent before the gas comes out of the device. The automatic system assumes complete security, so the dog does not receive any threat to his health.

Wean Dog Bark Collar Antila

Size range

Depending on the type of dog and its breed, certain options may be offered. Usually the collar can stretch from 15 to 60 cm, so there are no special problems with the size. But there is an important point that must be considered when choosing antilaya. What may suit a large labrador is hardly suitable for a tiny spitz. In particular, electrical effects are better for dogs of large breeds, while ultrasound collars are a great option for a small dog.

Wean Dog Bark Collar Antila

Recommendations for the hosts

Then you can watch a video about the device antily.

How to wear?

To put on a collar, use the following recommendations:

  1. In order for the animal to feel comfortable, you must immediately determine how much neck your pet has. The collar should not press, interfere with breathing and hamper the movement of the dog, however, it should fit snugly enough to the dog’s neck;
  2. It is important to understand that it is worn above the usual collar, practically under the maxillary arch.
  3. The receiver antilaya should be located exactly in the middle.

Wean Dog Bark Collar Antila

How long can I use?

Breeders recommend not to leave the device for longer than 8-12 hours. After this time, it must be removed from the dog and take a break. It is believed that with proper use after six months the dog stops raising barking for no reason. In this case, the mission is completed and you can give antily to the owners of another dog. Just as barking and noisy as your dog was just recently!