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Best Zero Turn Mower Brands – Who Makes What

I’m going to discuss almost all the current zero turn mower brands sold in the U.S. (Let me know if I miss one) I’ll give you a general description of the ZTRs they offer and give you my opinion of the mowers/brand in general. Currently, Toro, Ariens, Cub Cadet, Husqvarna, John Deere, and Bad Boy are the most well-known brands mainly because they are sold at the “big box” retailers and spend the most on advertising. But, there are also thirty-one high-quality brands that are sold only at local dealers and farm equipment stores that have been around for years.

The Best Zero Turn Mowers save you time and many are built to last many, many years. Of the almost 400 different models of zero-turns available on the market for 2022, about 150 of those models are designed specifically for residential use.

Zero-turn mowers are available in gas, diesel, LP, and battery electric. They range in size and quality from inexpensive, economy models designed to mow your one-third acre lot to high performance, heavy-duty models designed to mow over 150 acres a day. While most zero-turn mowers are capable of mowing 10-15 degree slopes there are a few that can handle 40 degrees and can even be controlled remotely for extreme conditions. Almost all of them are made in the U.S.A. under 38 different brand names. Deciding which one is best for you can be hard to do. This article will help.

Check out the quick history of zero-turn mowers at the end of this article.

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What are the top brands of zero turn mowers? – The List – January 2022

The list is in no particular order and only lists zero-turn mowers that are currently offered in the U.S.

Note: All zero-turn mower brands make their mowers in the U.S.A except for three battery-powered machines.


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  • Website: Ariens YouTube Page: Ariens

Ariens is part of Ariens|Co – and is family-owned. Why Ariens? You know Ariens snowblowers but you may not know Ariens also offers a complete line of residential ZTRs. From the Economy Edge, the very popular IKON XD and heavy-duty APEX to the commercial-inspired Zenith for large acreages, the Ariens ZTRs are some of the best value mowers in the industry right now.

15 Models ranging from economy residential to high-end residential


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Website: Gravely YouTube Page: Gravely

Gravely is part of Ariens|Co – and is family-owned. Why Gravely? Here in the U.S. I consider Gravely to be the commercial side of Ariens|Co’s Outdoor Power Equipment. Yes, They have a residential IKON XD equivalent but don’t carry an EDGE equivalent. They also have an IKON XD equivalent with stronger transmissions called the ZT XL for those of you who like the IKON XD but want the stronger ZT2800 transmissions.

From there up in the model line it’s all about rugged, dependable zero-turns that are designed for every level of mowing contractors. From the Pro-Turn Z that’s great for the “two guys and a truck” crowd to the Pro-Turn 600 that will mow all day long – every day – for years.

Gravely was also the first of the major zero-turn mower brands to offer the Pro-Turn EV electric zero-turn mower. If you are required to use battery power or if you just want to take your lawn care business “green” it’s the first mower you should look at.

63 Zero Turn models ranging from mid-priced residential to high-end commercial

9 Stand On commercial and high-end commercial models

6 Commercial Electric Zero-Turn models


best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Website: Toro YouTube Page: Toro

Toro is part of The Toro Company Why Toro? Toro offers the most residential, commercial, and municipality mowers of all the zero turn mower brands. Personally, I feel Toro focuses on the best cut and the best quality mowers for the price.

Toro offers 31 residential zero-turn models ranging from 42-inch economy models to high-end models designed for large lawns. They are even offering “styled” mowers if you want great looking mower that also cuts and rides well. (No. I didn’t forget the 34-inch TimeCutter – It’s too small and I don’t recommend it)

Besides cut and quality Toro also has one of the best operator suspension systems on the market. The Toro MyRIDE Suspension System takes out the bumps and jars of mowing and allows you to mow faster and not get worn out from the rough ride ZTRs are known for. Unlike other highly advertised suspension systems, the MyRide does NOT affect the quality of the cut.

Toro also offers 80 Commercial Models ranging from 42 to 144 inches. Owner-Operators can get dependable mowers in the size they need and businesses and municipalities can couple these high-quality zero-turns with Toro’s groundskeeping products to mow hundreds of acres a week, keep the sports fields in perfect condition and maintain Masters Level golf courses.

19 Stand-On Models ranging from 40 to 60 inches

Commercial Electric Models – 3 stand-on and 4 zero-turn announced

Robotic Models – Large area concept units have been announced


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Website: Exmark YouTube Page: Exmark

Exmark is part of The Toro Company Why Exmark? Exmark is aimed at the landscape contractor. In fact, if you see a trailer load of mowers heading for a worksite there is a good chance they will all be Exmarks.

Although Exmark and Toro zero-turns are made in the same factory Exmark features a high ground speed deck that can mow in just about all weather conditions. If you are a mowing contractor who needs to mow every day, rain, or shine and still get a picture-worthy cut you can’t go wrong with an Exmark Lazer Z.

Exmark’s website is hard to figure out so I’m not able to list exactly how many different models are available.

Mid-price zero-turn residential models ranging from 42-54 inches

Commercial Models range from 42 to 144 inches including a rear discharge deck for working around people.

Front deck models with integrated grass catcher

Stand-On Models ranging from 32 to 60 inches

Commercial Electric Models – stand-on and zero-turn announced

Robotic Models – Concept units have been announced


best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Website: Spartan YouTube Page: Spartan

Spartan/Intimidator is part of The Toro Company Why Spartan? Spartan started out just a few years ago by disrupting the market. They came out with economical models that looked heavy-duty and were styled to look cool. Homeowners with a few acres could buy a ZTR that looked like a commercial mower for thousands less than the other zero-turn mower brands. Needless to say, the brand exploded overnight.

Spartan mowers have a few unique features like armrests that actually work and two-inch receivers on the front and back for mounting accessories like baggers and sprayers.

Today they are a full-line brand that now includes commercial and stand-on models. Spartan/Intimidator was just purchased by Toro. (January 2022)


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WebSite: Ventrac YouTube Page: Ventrac

Ventrac is part of The Toro Company Why Ventrac? Zero-turn mowers are designed to mow lawns but many of you want a mower to cut pastures, paddocks, set-aside, slopes, ditches, and fire breaks. The Ventrac is not a zero-turn as such but it is the rural-lifestyle or commercial system you need for those areas a zero-turn just can’t do. The Ventrac has over 40 available attachments including pasture mowers, brush mowers and even finish mowers for your actual lawn.

Country Clipper

Website: Country Clipper YouTube Page: Country Clipper

Country Clipper is a division of Shivvers Manufacturing Inc. – and is family-owned. Why Country Clipper? Country Clipper has been around as long as any other brand on the market. But they have always concentrated on being one of the best – not one of the biggest.

Country Clipper offers three levels of residential and three levels of commercial mowers ranging in deck widths from 42 to 72 inches.

Country Clipper mowers are built well, cut well, and will last most of us many, many years. I have a neighbor who mows 3 acres, never puts the mower away, never does any maintenance and his Country Clipper is still mowing after 26 years!

Country Clipper mowers offer a few unique features that other zero-turn mower brands do not.

Joystick Steering – Country Clipper offers a unique joystick steering system that anyone can use. It’s easy to learn and fun to use. The one-hand control has what I call a “speed gate” so that you can maneuver the mower at slow speeds but the ramped control reduces the movement of the joystick so at full-out high speeds you don’t make quick, dangerous turns accidentally like you can with lap-bar steering controls. The joystick is designed so that even the most novice operator won’t make divots on your lawn. You can also get your Country Clipper with lap-bar steering.

Stand-Up Deck – All Country Clipper mowers feature the Stand-Up deck so you can easily clean under the deck, sharpen blades, etc. (Optional electric assist)

Handicap Features – Country Clipper offers front steps for getting off and on the mower easily. They offer handrails to assist you if you have balance issues. Your local dealer can also move the joystick to the right or left side. In other words, if you are old and stiff they have accessories to help you get on and off. If you have bad shoulders using the armrests and moving the joystick to your good side will let you mow with a minimum of pain. You can literally mow with one hand.

If you have a Country Clipper dealer near you I highly recommend you check them out.


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Website: Walker YouTube Page: Walker Mowers

Walker is part of Walker Manufacturing – and is family-owned. Why Walker? There are many great zero turn mower brands on this list and almost all of them make a mower I can recommend for you – but if I had to pick just one brand it would be Walker with its unique line of mowing systems.

Walker offers one residential mower that is designed to give you the very best cut.

All the other models are commercial units and can be equipped with various decks, collection systems, and other attachments to make your Walker work all year-round for you.

Walkers out-front decks move independently from the power unit. If you have a highly contoured lawn this is a real advantage over mid-mount ZTRs. It cuts the dips evenly and doesn’t scalp on the bumps. You can cross-stripe berms without scalping the top or gouging the bottom

All the models feature flip-up decks for easy deck maintenance and to take less room on your trailer. All models feature easily removable decks and with the commercial units you can swap out decks or attachments for different types of mowing and other tasks. In other words, in the morning you can mow/bag a lawn on the top of a skyscraper, and that afternoon change the deck and mow the 10-acre park at street level – all with the same power unit. (Yes, the Model S will fit in an elevator

With the drive wheels in the center of the mower, you have the best traction all the time and with a little practice, you will not divot any type of turf. The center of gravity is the lowest so it handles slopes better than sit-down mid-mount ZTRs.

It’s the fastest for complicated properties. If you have a lot of small areas to mow, more trees you can count, many landscape beds to mow around and mounds to mow over it is hands-down the fastest mower to use for that type of landscaping.

Walker offers seven power units, four different types of decks ranging from 36 to 74 inches, and over sixteen attachments so that you can mow any lawn and do many other tasks including snow removal, sweeping, spreading, and debris management.

ALTOZ | Precision Mowers

Website: ALTOZ YouTube Page: Altoz

ALTOZ is part of Central Boiler – and is family-owned. Why ALTOZ? ALTOZ products are all high-quality and high-performance commercial and residential machines, each built with a dedication to excellence and the promise of a precision cut. ALTOZ mowers are built heavier-duty than most of the ZTRs you will see sitting in your local big box or hardware store. They have the only track-drive zero-turn and track-drive stand-on mower currently on the market.


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Wright Stander Zero Turn Mower

Website: Wright YouTube Page: Walker Commercial Mowers

Wright is part of Wright Manufacturing, Inc – and is family-owned. Why Wright? Wright does not offer a residential zero-turn mower but they do offer some of the best lap-bar ZTRs and stand ons in the industry.

Stand on mowers from 32 – 72 inches

Lap-Bar ZTR mowers from 48-72 inches.

If you want to start your own lawn service and have a dealer in your area – check them out.


best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Website: SCAG YouTube Page: SCAG Power Equipment

SCAG is part of Metalcraft of Mayville, Inc. Why SCAG? In the latest industry numbers, I have, SCAG is the number three commercial mower manufacturer. (Toro/Exmark is first/second) SCAG has a huge number of commercial owner/operators who will buy nothing else.

Six different levels of mowers ranging from the 36-inch residential Liberty Z to the 72-inch Turf Tiger II. The Turf Tiger II can be equipped with a 40 HP EFI engine.


best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Website: Bobcat YouTube Page: Bobcat Company

Bob-Cat (Schiller Grounds Care, Inc.) mowers were purchased by Bobcat about a year ago. Why Bobcat? Bobcat updated the mowers and they are now available through your local Bobcat equipment dealer.

They look good and I expect them to live up to Bobcat’s reputation for making quality commercial products. If you are a contractor and spend more time at the Bobcat dealer than the John Deere franchise – check these mowers out.

Bad Boy

Website: Bad Boy YouTube Page: Bad Boy Mowers

Bad Boy is partnered with The Sterling Group. Why Bad Boy? Bad Boy has a cult following because they look cool, have wicked styling, and you can spot them on a lawn from a mile away. They always have an over-the-top display at the larger OPE dealer shows like GIE-EXPO.

They offer a full line of residential and commercial zero-turn mowers

Bradley Mowers

Website: Bradley Mowers YouTube Page: Bradley Mowers

Bradley Mowers is part of Havener Enterprises, Inc and is privately held. Why Bradley Mowers? Bradley is a small company that only makes six sizes of stand-on mowers. But, they have been around since the early ’90s and the quality of every mower they produce is outstanding. They don’t have a large dealer network but they do have a phone that always gets answered if you have a problem or need parts. Anything you need is quickly handled – sometimes by the owner himself. Because of this Bradley offers some of the highest quality mowers for much, much less than the other brands.

Bush Hog

best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Website: Bush Hog YouTube Page: Bush Hog

Bush Hog is part of The Alamo Group Why Bush Hog? If you live in the middle of nowhere and your only dealer is a farm implement dealer who sells anything not painted green, Bush Hog is a very good choice. It is a great choice if you need a ZTR to mow your acreage. They are tough, they mow well, and are made for the beating any farm lawn can dish out. Over the years these ZTRs have been sold under various names including Woods, Land Pride, and Bush Hog but the quality and durability has always been great.

Dixie Chopper

best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Website: Dixie Chopper YouTube Page: Dixie Chopper

Dixie Chopper is part of The Alamo Group Alamo is a large farm-oriented brand and you can be assured Dixie Chopper has finally found a good home. Why Dixie Chopper? Dixie Chopper has had a long and storied history. (Remember the dual engine 50HP, 72-inch ZTR?) Dixie Chopper got its claim to fame with its stainless steel side panels and slogan “World’s Fastest Lawn Mower.”

Today, Dixie Chopper has been moved to central Illinois and the two residential and four commercial ZTRs have all been updated.


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Website: EGO YouTube Page: EGO

EGO is part of Chervon and is Chinese-owned. Why EGO? EGO OPE (Outdoor Power Equipment) is based around their 60-volt battery system. The batteries will fit all of their OPE – meaning the same battery will power your string trimmer, leaf blower, walk behind mower, and zero-turn mower.

The 42-inch ZTR comes with four 10 AH batteries and has slots for two more. This allows the ZTR to mow up to 4 acres with the six batteries.

The 52 inch comes standard with six 12 AH batteries for up to 4 acres on one charge.

The EGO ZTRS are computer-controlled and you can adjust many settings like forward speed and blade tip speed so you can use it at full power for normal/heavy grass or dial it down for lighter mows.


best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Website: Ryobi YouTube Page: Ryobi

Ryobi is part of TTI. (Techtronic Industries) The main office is located in Hong Kong. Why Ryobi? Ryobi was one of the first brands to offer a residential battery ZTR and now offers both a 42-inch and 54-inch model.

The Ryobi’s are the most popular battery ZTRs right now because they are the least expensive. They are the least expensive because they are still using lead-acid AGM batteries instead of the more costly Lithium-ion. Compared to the other brands using Lithium-ion technology, you will have to replace the batteries more often. Of course, the replacement batteries of the Ryobi are much cheaper than a Lithium-ion so the total cost of ownership over time is about the same.


best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Website: Ferris YouTube Page: Ferris

Ferris is part of Briggs Stratton. Briggs Stratton is owned by KPS Capital Partners. Why Ferris? Ferris is the only brand that suspends the entire mower with shocks and springs. This gives you a car-like ride. Depending on the model they offer swing arm front with rear suspension to full, four-wheel independent suspension. The deck moves up and down with the chassis – not the wheels. This type of suspension works very well on smooth, finished lawns the best.

Ferris has one residential model and nine commercial models


best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Website: Snapper YouTube Page: Snapper

Snapper is part of Briggs Stratton. Briggs Stratton is owned by KPS Capital Partners. Why Snapper? Snapper is currently offering one economy residential and one mid-level zero-turn mower. If you are looking for a “standard” heavy-duty zero-turn mower for your larger residential lawn without all the bells and whistles the 360Z XT ZERO TURN MOWER is a good choice.


best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Website: Simplicity YouTube Page: Simplicity

Simplicity is part of Briggs Stratton. Briggs Stratton is owned by KPS Capital Partners. Why Simplicity? The Simplicity name has been around for a long time and their Prestige and Legacy Garden Tractors have a stellar reputation. They have also been offering mid-mount zero-turn mowers since the early 90’s.

With the exception of the entry-level Courior, the current Simplicity zero-turns are all modeled after the Ferris commercial machines. They offer six models ranging from the economy Courier to the high-end residential Cobalt LE. If you have a local Simplicity dealer and you are looking for a good to high-quality zero-turn for your larger residential lawn – check them out.

Cub Cadet

best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Website: Cub Cadet YouTube Page: Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet is part of Stanley, Black Decker. Cub Cadet Zero-Turns are manufactured by MTD which is also part of Stanley, Black Decker. Why Cub Cadet? MTD has used many different brand names over the years but Cub Cadet has always been MTD’s flagship line. Cub Cadet offers residential and commercial models.

The residential models have always had a few more features than MTD’s other brands and are highly rated by the companies that rate residential OPE equipment like Consumer Reports. All Cub Cadet zero-turn mowers use a fabricated deck (except ZT1 42) Cub Cadet has the largest dealer network of all the MTD brands. Almost all of you will be able to find a servicing dealer within 20 miles of your home.

Cub Cadet currently offers:

Ultima ZT1 – Economy residential zero-turn mowers. If you want a good mower for your 1/3 to 5-acre lawn these are some of the best-value mowers for you.

Ultima ZT2 – features, stronger transmissions, decks, and engines than the ZT1. If your lawn is rougher, you want to pull more than a small yard cart, or you just want the stronger components this is also a good-value series.

Ultima Electric ZT – The Ultima Series ZT1 42E is a state-of-the-art lithium-ion zero turn that uses a lot more metal than the other electric zero-turns on the market right now.

Ultima ZTS – Of all the 2022 residential mowers available this is my personal favorite! Why? It drives like a car – foot control forward/reverse, cruise control, and a steering wheel that automatically keeps the rear wheels from tearing up your turf. You can drive it with one hand! Even more, it will handle ditches and slopes up to 20 degrees! (All other residential ztrs only handle 10-15 degree slopes.)

Ultima ZTX – The ZTX4, ZTX5, and ZTX6 mowers have commercial-grade components and features at a residential price. These mowers can easily handle up to 12 acres.

Pro Z Commercial – Cub Cadet offers a complete line of lap bar, stand-on, and steering wheel mowers for professional and commercial uses. New this year is the SurePath line of GPS-equipped commercial zero-turns. These mowers are designed to reduce your mowing time by using GPS to minimize the overlap and give you that “show-worthy” striping.


best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Website: Craftsman YouTube Page: Craftsman

Craftsman is part of Stanley, Black Decker. Craftsman Zero-Turns are manufactured by MTD which is also part of Stanley, Black Decker. Why Craftsman? Craftsman at Lowes is the least expensive line of zero-turn mowers available right now. Stamped cutting decks, lightweight frames, adequate power from the engine gives you a ZTR that will mow your “typical” lawn well. With a little maintenance, you can easily get your money’s worth out of these mowers.

Craftsman ZTRs are offered in four sizes – 42-inch, 46-inch, 50-inch, and 54-inch.


Website: Troy-Bilt YouTube Page: Troy-Bilt

Troy-Bilt is part of Stanley, Black Decker. Troy-Bilt Zero-Turns are manufactured by MTD which is also part of Stanley, Black Decker. Why Troy-Bilt? Troy-Bilt at The Home Depot is the least expensive quality zero-turn mowers available right now. Stamped cutting decks, lightweight frames, adequate power from the engine and minimal accessories give you a ZTR that will mow your “typical” lawn well. With a little maintenance, you can easily get your money’s worth out of these mowers.

Troy-Bilt ZTRs are offered in four sizes – 42-inch, 46-inch, 50-inch, and 54-inch.


best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Website: DeWALT YouTube Page: DeWALT

DeWALT is part of Stanley, Black Decker. DeWALT Zero-Turns are manufactured by MTD which is also part of Stanley, Black Decker. Why DeWALT? DeWALT is a name you trust so why shouldn’t DeWALT sell mowers?

I almost had a chance to test a DeWALT last spring but the pandemic got in the way. That said, these mowers appear to be made in the same factory as the high-end Cub Cadets and fit between the Cub Cadet Ultima ZTX and the Cub Cadet Pro Z. So, they are commercial mowers that cost less than the Cub Cadet Pro Z line and just a little more than the high-end residential Ultima ZTX series.

If you are a smaller owner/operator or just getting into the lawn care business check them out here: DeWALT mowers

Excel Hustler

best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Website: Excel Hustler YouTube Page: Hustler

Excel Hustler is now part of Stanley, Black Decker. Why Excel Hustler? Excel Industries has made more different types of zero-turn mowers than any other brand over the years. From the first residential zero-turn that you rode like a pony to slope mowers that automatically kept the operator level up to 45 degrees, to large area airport mowers that could crab-steer along noise control slopes.

Eventually, the market changed to the point where the mid-mount ZTR became the most popular mower on the market. Excel/Hustler changed with that trend and the Raptor was introduced. The Raptor is a very popular mower and has been sold in Lowes, The Home Depot, and rural-lifestyle stores. Today, Hustler is primarily sold at dealers.

Hustler offers eight residential modes and twelve commercial models ranging from 34 inches to 104 inches. They also introduced a 42-inch electric ZTR for 2022.

It was just announced that Stanley, Black Decker just purchased the company. We’ll see where that takes Hustler in the next few years.

Excel Big Dog

best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Website: Excel Big Dog YouTube Page: BIGDOG Mower Co,

Excel Big Dog is now part of Stanley, Black Decker. Why Excel Big Dog? When Excel/Hustler decided to sell their mowers at the big box store the dealers wanted an exclusive brand that they could call their own. Big Dog is sold exclusively at dealers and you can primarily find them at rural-lifestyle dealers and farm stores. Although they are basically Excel Hustler mowers painted red they carry the best warranty in the industry – 7 years!

It was just announced that Stanley, Black Decker just purchased the company. We’ll see where that takes Big Dog in the next few years.


Website: Grasshopper YouTube Page: Grasshopper

Grasshopper Mowers are family-owned by Moridge Manufacturing. Why Grasshopper? Grasshopper front-deck mowers have been around for a long time and are popular not only with rural-lifestylers but municipalities. Farmers and municipalities like them because they are built like tanks and last. They cut well but are particularly suited to areas that don’t get mowed every week. The deep decks can handle overgrown turf better than most other brands. Buy the mid-mount if you want a durable, compact mower – buy the front deck if you want a great ride and a very, very rugged machine.


best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Husqvarna Z246 Zero Turn Mower

Website: Husqvarna YouTube Page: Husqvarna

Husqvarna is part Husqvarna Group. Why Husqvarna? At this point in time – I don’t know. Five years ago Huqvarna residential zero-turns were among some of the most popular and they were moving into the commercial market big time. But today the U.S. lawn garden division has been merged with another division and the only product they want to talk about is Robotic Lawn Mowers.

Case-in-point: GIE-EXPO is the nation’s largest lawn/snow equipment show and has over 20 acres of outdoor booths where you can test-drive new equipment. Husqvarna always has a large demo area. This year 80% of the area was dedicated to robotic mowers, 10% to commercial forestry, and only 10% for the commercial and residential Husqvarna/Red Max mowers and OPE.

Yes, all the zero-turn mowers are listed on the Husqvarna/US website, and they are also painted red and listed on the 30. RedMax website.

Feel free to enlighten me and let me know if I am missing something obvious about Husqvarna in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section at the end of the article. I’ll gladly revise this section based on the verified info I get from you.

John Deere

Website: John Deere YouTube Page: John Deere

John Deere is part of John Deere Company. Why John Deere? John Deere makes a wide range of zero-turn mowers ranging from the economy Z300 residential series to the popular ZTrak 900R commercial mowers.

Homeowner: I prefer the Z500 series for most homeowners. The mowers ride well, handle well, and have some of the best cutting decks in the industry.

Commercial: The ZTrak mowers are very popular with many landscape contractors.


Website: Kubota YouTube Page: Kubota

Kubota U.S. is part of Kubota Tractor Corporation. Kubota is a Japanese corporation but about half of the products sold in the U.S., including the zero-turn mowers, are made in the U.S.A. Why Kubota? Kubota has always been known for its quality – not just the compact tractors but also the many different commercial mowers they have produced over the years. Their out-front floating deck mowers were the industry standard until the mid-mount craze took over the market. Kubota has greatly expanded the zero-turn mower line over the last five years and now has over 36 individual models.

Mean Green Mowers

best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Website: Mean Green Mowers YouTube Page: Mean Green Mowers

Mean Green Mowers is part of DR Power Equipment, a division of Generac Holdings Inc. Generac is owned by CCMP Capital of New York. Why Mean Green? Mean Green was the first all-electric commercial brand. They have more electric mowers out mowing “green-space” than any other brand at the moment.

They have kept up with the technology and are constantly updating their offerings. If you have commercial space that requires you to have an all-electric fleet – Mean Green is the first brand to consider at this point in time.


best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Website: GreenWorks YouTube Page: GreenWorks

Greenworks is part of the Globe Group. It is a Chinese company and all products are made in Changzhou, China. STIHL has a minority share in this company. Why Greenworks? Greenworks offers both commercial electric mowers and now residential models. The CRZ 428 shown above is their new residential model and uses the same 60 Lithium-ion batteries as their other UltraPower 60-volt tools. The CRZ 428 will be available at Tractor Supply this spring.

I don’t have a lot of info on these mowers yet. I saw them at GIE-EXPO last fall, they are well-built and they will be a strong competitor to the Ryobi and EGO brands.

kut kwick

best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Website: kut kwick YouTube Page: kut kwick

kut kwick is a privately owned company from Brunswick, GA, and has been in the business of making mowers since 1942. Why kut kwick?

kut kwick zero-turn mowers are unique in the fact that they can mow a 40-degree slope and have a patented swivel seat that allows the operator to be comfortable using it on the steepest slopes. If you are mowing right-of-ways, dam embankments, and other extreme mowing areas this is the first mower you should look at. They have models that are great for fire control and brush removal. The model pictured above is also available with remote control.

They have different blades available for finish mowing, rough cut mowing, and extreme fire/brush removal.

They have two models that are the largest horsepower ZTRs on the market – 72 HP!

These mowers are built to last – I personally know of a 1991 model that is still going strong. They are expensive but they are much more productive than the remote control brush mowers on the market right now. If I was a landscape contractor in an area that is prone to brush and wildfires I’d have one of these in my arsenal. Get the word out and property owners, municipalities, and corporations would keep you busy year-round!


best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Website: Lastec YouTube Page: Lastec

Lastec is part of Wood-Mizer Holdings Group. Why Lastec? This zero-turn mower is specifically designed to mow golf courses and high-quality turf that needs a perfectly even cut.

The articulating and flexing decks are important for golf courses that have rolling hills, mounds, and slopes. These ZTRs don’t scalp any type of landscape features like other mowers.

WorldLawn Power Equipment

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Website: WorldLawn Power Equipment YouTube Page: WorldLawn

WorldLawn Power Equipment is based in Beatrice, Nebraska, and is part of Jiangsu World Plant-Protecting Machinery Co., Ltd. WPM is part of a larger company, WorldGroup, which is one of China’s Top 500 companies. Why WorldLawn? WorldLawn purchased Encore Mowers in 2011 and made two good decisions. One, they decided to base all their mowers off of the well-established and reliable Encore design, and two, they decided to keep all production of the zero-turn mowers in Beatrice. Encore and Worldlawn mowers are the same – just different decals.


Website: Encore YouTube Page: Encore

Encore/WorldLawn Power Equipment is based in Beatrice, Nebraska, and is part of Jiangsu World Plant-Protecting Machinery Co., Ltd. WPM is part of a larger company, WorldGroup, which is one of China’s Top 500 companies. Why Encore? Encore is one of those brands that make good, dependable zero-turn mowers – you’ve just never heard of them. Why? Encore originally had a unique business model. They used sales associates to go around and demo the equipment on your property. While that worked well for sales, they never developed a good dealer base to help with service after the sale. So, they never really gained market share and in 2011 WorldLawn bought them out.

They still don’t have a widespread dealer base but if you have a dealer near you check them out.

Engine Manufactures:

Briggs Stratton: American-made vertical shaft lawn tractor and zero-turn engines!

Kawasaki engines: American-made!

Kohler engines: American Made!

Toro – ExMark engines: Loncin. The Toro and Exmark branded engines are developing a great reputation.

LCT: At this time they mainly sell snowblower engines. Just the best reputation. Found on Ariens and Husqvarna snow blowers.

MTD: Power – Zongshen. Usually labeled the same as the brand. i.e., Craftsman, Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt. They have single and twin-cylinder EFI engines for residential use.

Generac: Generac primarily makes engines for generators but a few have found their way to zero-turn mowers. Great Reputation, great engines

Yamaha: For 2018 Yamaha has entered the Zero-turn mower market.

Attachment Accessory Manufactures:

Acrease Tow-Pull Behind Mowers and Till-Ease Tillage Equipment

best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

Acrease is owned by Kunz Engineering. Acrease mowers are not ZTRs but are designed to compliment your heavy-duty mower – especially if you have two or more acres to mow. Matt Kunz has a great line of high quality, heavy-duty finish and rough-cut mowers. These mowers are designed to pull behind or alongside your existing mower or UTV and reduce your mowing time and trimming considerably. For example, I used two or their 60-inch commercial finish mowers with a 60 inch Exmark Laser and could mow up to 17 acres an hour. They are more expensive than the Swisher, Agri-Fab, and Stanley wing mowers, but worth every penny in increased productivity and strength. Their rough-cut mowers are the best for ditches, fields, horse pastures, and paddocks.

Agri-Fab: Tools and Attachments.

OxCart: YouTube: OxCart. If you are tired of cheap yard carts that only last a few years check out the OxCart. They offer models for your zero-turn all the way up to heavy-duty, high-speed carts for pulling behind your UTV.

Ohio Steel: A complete line of Lawn Garden products for your zero-turn, lawn tractor, and garden tractor.

Plus 20 other large and small attachment and accessory manufacturers.

Best Lawn Mowers Made in America [Quality Mowers Worthy of Your Money!]

Have you noticed that finding a reliable lawn mower made in the USA is much trickier than it looks?

Because it doesn’t matter if you’re mowing a tiny plot of grass or an entire golf course – sometimes you want to use an American-made mower and support American workers!

We’ve researched all of the top US American facilities and scrounged for the best lawnmowers with powerful engines and peak performance.

Whether you need a zero-turn lawnmower or old-fashioned American ingenuity, we’re about to brainstorm some of the best American lawnmowers on the market.

Top American-Made Lawnmower Brands

Many of the big brands have a reputation for manufacturing all of their mower models in the USA. But, when you dig deeper, you realize that’s no longer the case.

I’ve also noticed that some DIY enthusiasts and gardeners in the power tooling sphere erroneously assume that all top brands produce American-made lawnmowers.

As you examine the details, you find stipulations, technicalities, and nuances.

That’s why we generated the best complete list of lawn mower brands that manufacture in the USA and create real American jobs – the list is as follows.

Best Lawn Mower Brands Made in the USA:

It’s important to note that the brands listed above only manufacture the lawnmowers in the USA – many of the engines, wheels, and components come from domestic and overseas locations.

Also, not all brands manufacture 100% of their products domestically. I’ve noticed that hardly any battery-powered or electric lawn mowers are produced entirely in the USA – period.

(I think maybe Tesla Motors or Boston Dynamics should launch the next generation of electric lawnmowers, AI lawnmowers, battery-powered lawnmowers, and robotic lawnmowers. Elon, please get to work!)

Nevertheless, if you want to support American workers, and get quality manufacturing that you can count on, then here’s our list of the best American-made lawnmowers.

We also wrote a legendary guide that shows how to get rid of a lawn full of weeds – even if cleaning your yard feels helpless – and hopeless!

Best American-Made Gas Lawnmowers

Do you want help finding the best possible lawn mower made in the USA?

I bent over backward and talked with different American-made lawn mower brands to help figure out which lawnmowers undergo development in the USA – and which are worth your time!

Let’s drive straight into the research!

– Troy-Bilt 21-inch TB115 159CC Push Lawn Mower

Are you looking for a residential model with excellent mowing time? Then let me introduce the popular model TB115 from the team at Troy-Bilt!

If you’re a gardener looking for the perfect utility mower that can handle excess bag clippings and mulch, then this mower model rocks!

Not only does the bag make cleanup a piece of cake – but the excess lawn clippings make for an excellent base for your compost bin – your veggies, fruit trees, and flower garden will thank you!

Troy-Bilt TB115 Mower Features:

  • OHV Troy-Bilt engine and auto choke
  • Built-in USA from USA (and globally-sourced) parts – since 1937!
  • TriAction cutter promotes beautiful and evenly-cut grass
  • The rear bag (1.9 bushels) collects grass clippings and makes cleanup hassle-free
  • Includes mulch kit!
  • The Check Don’t Change feature makes oil management a cool breeze – a simple check made easy!

Another benefit of the TB115 is that you can use the side discharge if you don’t want your lawn bag. You get excellent flexibility as a residential model or a lawn garden mower.

Troy-Bilt TB115 Mower Specs:

  • Made in the USA = YES!
  • Model number = 11A-A2MR766
  • Mower brand = Troy-Bilt
  • Weight = 67 pounds
  • Length = 60 inches
  • Blade material = Steel
  • Mowing width = 21 inches
  • Engine cycles = 4-cycle
  • Engine displacement = 159cc
  • Warranty = 2-year limited warranty

The mower reviews are largely excellent – so if you’re looking for an affordable American mower without spending too much cash, this Troy-Bilt mower is worth considering.

However, the TB115isn’t the biggest or beefiest mower! The mower works best when managing an acre or less – perfect if you have a small backyard to mow.

– Generac PRO Trimmer Mower, 8.0 FPT TR45080GMNG

Tired of the traditional mower – maybe you want an innovative product?

Or maybe you want an American-made gas mower with a compact design? Then this beautiful Generac TR45080GMNG fits the bill marvelously.

Here’s an American-made mower model without the roaring price tag! You can get some of the best power to muscle for your buck.

Generac PRO Trimmer Mower Features:

  • A powerful mower with easy startup
  • Perfect mower if you have thick, unkept grass
  • Trimmer with an anti-wrap head, so you don’t get tangled in the weeds
  • Massive 16-inch wheels make maneuverability a cakewalk
  • Mowing heights range from 2-inches – 3.25 inches
  • Mower design lets you mow tight angles or close to patios, lawn accessories, foundations, and other obstacles
  • Front nose plate to help protect mower from damage

I won’t say that the Generac PRO is the best, heftiest, or the most reliable option to help cut your grass.

However, the Generac PRO is arguably the biggest value mower and makes an excellent (and fun) garden tool.

Generac PRO Mower Specs:

  • Made in the USA = YES!
  • Model number = TR45080GMNG
  • Mower brand = Generac
  • Weight = 71 pounds
  • Length = 23.2 inches
  • Blade material = Cord, string
  • Mowing width = 22 inches
  • Engine displacement = 174cc
  • Warranty = 1-year limited warranty

I also love the product design! Very sleek.

The Generac also has three mowing heights and oversized wheels so you can maneuver around your garden hose and weeds without stress.

Overall, it’s a worthy residential mower with excellent value – and a compact model to boot.

– Remington Trail Blazer 132CC RM110 21-inch Gas Push Lawn Mower 2-in-1

Most Americans think of famous wild west movies when we talk about Remington!

But we’re not here to discuss high-quality vintage revolvers – we’re here to talk about high-quality American mowers!

The RM110 is my lawnmower of choice if you want a low-cost American-made push mower.

NOTE: I also emailed the Remington staff to ask about whether their lawn mowers are made in the USA – even if you snag them at an independent dealer.

I received a courteous response from the Remington staff – they assured me that their mowers hail from the USA at their facilities, in Tupelo, Mississippi, and Willard, Ohio.

The following Remington mower rocks – and they get bonus points for gracious support!

Remington Trail Blazer132cc Mower Features:

  • Respectable 132cc primer engine OHV
  • 21-inch domed steel deck
  • Mulching abilities and mulch kit
  • Six height positions and dual lever, so you get the exact length you want
  • Adjustable grip handles for maximum comfort – perfect if you have a massive (and savage) lawn that needs cutting twice a week!

If you’ve ever spent a few hours under the hot sun weed whacking and mowing your lawn – then you know that your hands can take a beating!

That’s why this Remington mower gets additional bonus points for the ergonomic grip and adjustable handles – perfect for a residential mower.

Remington Trail Blazer132CC Mower Specs:

  • Made in the USA = YES!
  • Model number = 11A-A0MA883
  • Mower brand = Remington
  • Weight = 76 pounds
  • Length = 60 inches
  • Blade material = Steel
  • Mowing width = 21 inches
  • Engine displacement = 132cc
  • Warranty = 2 year warranty

Remington is an excellent American company, and if you want powerful mowing performance without going broke – then their push mower gets top marks.

– Cub Cadet 21-inch 159cc Gas Engine Wide Area Lawn Mower, (Walk Behind)

Cub Cadet is an American company that makes elite lawn mowers with innovative quality to power.

With 21-inches of mowing width, and a 159cc engine, this mean mower will make short work of your backyard – and it’s also a pleasure to use.

Cub Cadet SC 300 Mower Features

  • 21-inch dome deck promotes airflow, so your mower doesn’t overheat
  • Cutting range of 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches
  • Sturdy front wheels and effortless maneuverability
  • Recoil starter
  • Front-wheel drive system with six-speed drive control

The Cub Cadet 159cc is one of my favorite mowing options if your farm or lawn is around 2 acres. With a powerful engine and excellent mower operation, this is probably the toughest mower on this list.

Cub Cadet SC 300 Mower Specs

  • Made in the USA = YES!
  • Model number = 12ABB2MW710
  • Mower brand = Cub Cadet
  • Weight = 90 pounds
  • Blade material = Steel
  • Mowing width = 21 inches
  • Engine displacement = 159cc

Note that this Cub Cadet rocks a hefty center of gravity that weighs in at a hefty 90 pounds!

If you need a heavy-duty push mower with plenty of beef per square foot, then look no further than this American phenom.

– McLane 20″ Front-Throw Reel Mower

All McLane front-throw reel mowers are made in the USA since 1946 and feature Touch-A-Matic engine clutch controls that make these mowers smooth and easy to operate.

Induction heat-treated armor-plate reel and bed knife for exceptional reliability. Suitable for all Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia grass.

Runner Up – Craftsman 159cc M215 FWD Mower and Bagger

I almost forgot this epic lawnmower from Crafstman!

If you search for American mowers on or Reddit, I bet you that Craftsman earns plenty of street credit.

With excellent deck width and 21 inches of cutting width, the M215 is one of my favorites, and it’s a relatively compact mower considering the range of features.

Best American-Made Riding Lawnmowers

Do you want a commercial mower, a hefty consumer lawnmower, or something more significant than a push reel mower?

Then let’s look at our entire mower lineup for American-made riding lawnmowers that you can be proud to support with your hard-earned dollars!

– Cub Cadet Ultima 24HP ZT1-54 Zero-Turn Lawn Mower (Riding)

I put this American-made zero-turn riding mower from Cub Cadet at the top of the list.

If you want an easygoing mowing experience complete with cup holders and cruise control, then the Cub Cadet Ultimate comes through with flying colors.

Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1-54 Mower Features:

  • 54-inch 11-gauge welded high lift deck with triple-blades
  • Beefy 725cc V-Twin 7,000 series Kohler 4-Cycle Engine (OHV)
  • 2200 EZT hydrostatic hydro-gear driving system
  • 2-inch x 2-inch steel frame with defense against corrosion
  • Deck lift, control knob, and 1-inch to 4.5-inch adjustment heights
  • Heavy-duty 18-inch seat with durable polymer suspension
  • Hefty 11-inch by 6-inch to 5-inch front wheels with 180 pivoting
  • Easy floor plan so you can easily access the engine
  • Dual headlights (LED)
  • The riding mower also comes with a tow hitch
  • Massive fuel tank (3.5 gallons)
  • Each drive wheel gets 10cc fan-cooled pumps

The Ultima rocks a hefty 54-inch deck and a seven miles per hour top speed and is perfect if you need to mow up to 4 acres.

It also has an electric key start so you can tackle your hard day’s work without breaking a sweat.

Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1-54 Mower Specs:

  • Made in the USA = YES!
  • Model number = 17AREACM010
  • Mower brand = Cub Cadet
  • Weight = 600 pounds
  • Length = 80 inches
  • Blade material = Steel
  • Mowing width = 54 inches
  • Engine cycles = 4 cycle
  • Engine displacement = 725cc
  • Warranty = 3-year warranty with unlimited-hours (deck shell and frame get lifetime warranty)

Cub Cadet is one of my favorite American mower brands overall!

If you’re on a budget, visit the Cub Cadet homepage, scroll down to the bottom, and look for where it says financing option so you can see what makes sense for you.

Do you love Cub Cadet as much as I do? Check out the Cub Cadet mailing list so you can get the occasional update and special offer – all they ask is for your email address.

You can also find your nearest Cub Cadet service center if you need warranty service.

If you register, then keep your eyes out for the latest product announcement!

– Troy-Bilt Pony RIDER 17HP 42K Kohler Lawn Tractor

Do you want an affordable American-made tractor that’s going to run and look great on your homestead?

Then I love the Troy-Bilt Pony 42K for its low cost and reliable American manufacturing process.

The Pony mower also has the deck option of adjusting five different settings – so the tractor is plenty versatile – perfect if you have a wide range of mowing to get done.

Troy-Bilt Pony RIDER 17HP Mower Features:

  • Kohler engine undergoes testing to start in various weather settings
  • Built in the USA with domestic and foreign parts since 1937!
  • 42-inch cutting deck
  • Easy access with a step-thru design and luxurious legroom
  • Easily attach a rear bagger (sold separately)
  • Adjust the deck height to your liking with five positions
  • 15-inch by 6-inch wheels in the front and 20-inch by 8-inch in the back
  • 2-year limited warranty

The pony mower gallops along mightily with a 5.2 miles per hour top forward speed.

You also get 2.5 miles per hour reverse speed – so you don’t have to pivot at a snail’s pace when maneuvering around garden obstacles!

Troy-Bilt Pony RIDER 17HP Mower Specs:

  • Made in the USA = YES!
  • Model number = 13AO77BS066
  • Mower brand = Troy-Bilt
  • Weight = 520 pounds
  • Length = 67.2 inches
  • Blade material = Steel
  • Mowing width = 42-inches
  • Engine cycles = 4 cycle
  • Engine displacement = 541cc
  • Warranty = 2-year limited warranty

Another benefit of the Pony rider is that it’s a compact model at only 39.75 inches in height, making it one of the most compact riding mowers on this list.

This pony has a bite and is tough enough with a 17 HP 4-cycle engine and a thick 13-gauge steel deck. Perfect garden tractor!

Read more about the Pony at Tractor Supply or over at Troy-Bilt!

– Bad Boy Maverick 60-inch ZT Zero-Turn Mower 747cc Kohler Confidant Engine (Rider)

Behold! The Bad Boy Maverick 60-Inch ZT!

This mower’s a beautiful beast and manufactured with precision from the genius team over at Bad Boy Mowers.

Want one of the slickest American-made mowers in the zero-turn industry?

Or maybe you want a mower that’s beefy enough to handle any farm, forest garden, homestead, backyard, or golf course?

Then the Bad Boy Maverick is worth a look. Not only does this machine look like a million bucks, but it’s ready to handle nearly any mowing job you have on your residential property.

Bad Boy Maverick ZT Elite Mower Features:

  • Fabricated deck (7-gauge)
  • Sturdy 11-gauge two by two steel frame
  • Hydro-gear drive system (ZT 3100)
  • Ogura PTO adjustable clutch brake– 200 feet per pound torque
  • 2-year limited warranty

Want to talk about tough build construction?

Then I should talk about a pioneering manufacturing practice that’s helped Bad Boy Mowers innovate their development lifecycle.

Bad Boy uses robotic welders to help craft their products!

Robotic welders also help keep the company’s cost down – so Bad Boy Mowers can keep jobs in America.

Bad Boy Maverick ZT Elite Mower Specs:

  • Made in the USA = YES!
  • Model number = BZS60KT745
  • Mower brand = Bad Boy
  • Weight = 841 pounds
  • Length = 74.5 inches
  • Blade material = steel
  • Mowing width = 60 inches
  • Engine cycles = 4-stroke
  • Engine displacement = 747cc
  • Warranty = 2-year limited warranty

Another thing I love about this mower is that most of the reviews are stellar and glowing.

People praise the raw power and presence of the mower.

However, you may experience a slight learning curve if you’re new to the world of large zero-turn residential mowers.

– Husqvarna 18.5 HP YTH Lawn Mower (Riding)

Husqvarna rocks because they also have excellent customer support!

When I was writing this article – I sent an email to their service desk to ask if their lawnmowers undergo manufacturing in the USA.

(I double-checked because I’m looking out for my homesteading and vegetable gardening friends!)

Anyway, I sent the email in the middle of the night.

I received a reply a few minutes later from a friendly support expert who told me that Husqvarna lawnmowers come from Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA.

That’s why I rank this Husqvarna YTH near the top of my list when it comes to getting an American-made specialty mower without going broke!

Husqvarna YTH Riding Mower Features:

  • Briggs and Stratton 18.5 HP engine
  • Hydrostatic transmission (powered with a foot pedal) lets you speed up or slow down without stress
  • Easily mow in reverse – ideal if you have a large lawn or are a perfectionist mower!
  • Turning radius of 16-inches so you can reach grass even in the tiniest of places
  • The 13-inch back seat adjusts to your liking with a comfortable steering wheel
  • 42-inch cutting deck
  • 3-year warranty – bumper to bumper warranty policy

If you want improved performance compared to a regular self-propelled push mower, then the Husqvarna YTH is one of my favorite options.

It also cranks along at 5.5 miles per hour as a top speed – and can move 2.5 miles per hour in reverse.

Husqvarna YTH Riding Mower Specs:

  • Made in the USA = YES!
  • Model number = 960450059
  • Mower brand = Husqvarna
  • Weight = 494 pounds
  • Length = 70 inches
  • Blade material = Steel
  • Mowing width = 42 inches
  • Engine cycles = 4 cycle
  • Engine displacement = 540cc
  • Warranty = 3-year limited warranty

Who else wants a quality American-made spec mower that can help tackle your thickest unkept grass?

The Husqvarna YTH looks great, runs like a hoss, and won’t quit when you need it the most.

– Spartan Mowers

Spartan Mowers is the newest addition to our list, recommended by our readers. Spartan’s mission statement is:

Spartan Mission Statement: To offer an American-made mower that drastically changes the turf industry by giving the consumer a premium product with an all-new level of performance, durability, and design at an incredible value.

Spartan Mowers

Spartan’s UTVs and mowers are made at their headquarters in Batesville, Arkansas. They offer a range of models to accommodate every need, from personal to commercial. The commercial-quality SRT-XD zero-turn mower in the image above starts at 12,349 and the smaller RZ-C zero-turn mower starts at 4949.

Spartan’s products are “handcrafted in Arkansas with American steel, muscle, and workers. When you purchase Spartan, we want you to be proud that you purchased American-made. We sure are!”

These mowers are worth looking into if you’re on the hunt for the perfect American made mower!

– Exmark Riding Mowers

Exmark is our newest addition to this American Made Mower List!

As suggested by one of our readers, I contacted Exmark in June 2022 to confirm that their mowers are made in the USA.

Exmark is based out of Beatrice, NE, and the vast majority of its machines are made there. The Quest (in the photo above) is built at its location in Windom, MN.

However, please read their full answer below as some of their walk-behind mowers are made elsewhere.

We are based out of Beatrice, NE with many of our machines made here. The Quest is actually built at our location in Windom, MN.

With mowers, it often truly does come down to ‘you get what you pay for’ and it certainly applies to this awesome American made reel mower!

This is the cream of the crop when it comes to reel mowers, backed with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. It’s built tough with a solid stainless steel shaft and high-quality steel reel blades.

It’s powercoated to withstand damage from the sun and rain and boasts five different mowing heights.

  • Strong and durable
  • Solid stainless steel shaf t
  • Riveted, high-quality steel reel blades
  • Powdercoated finish to withstand damage from the sun and the weather
  • Solid, height adjustable T-shaped handle
  • Aluminum wheels with 9″ rubber tires
  • Five different mowing heights that are easily adjustable
  • Mows 19″ wide
  • Weighs 42 lb.
  • Made in the USA

– Horse or ATV Drawn Reel Mower (USA Made)

I bet you didn’t see this one coming!

Initially, I just wanted to show you this ultra-cool set up. But then I found out you can hook this up to your ATV or small tractor, so you don’t need to train your horse to pull it!

  • Precisely sharpened
  • Heat-treated bed knife and reel blades
  • Heavy-duty roller
  • Hardened, grade-8 bed knife bolts
  • Powder-coated finish with weather-resistant decals
  • Fully warranted against defects
  • Made in the USA
  • Riveted reel blades and a unique spiral design
  • All cutting components are made of higher-quality steel
  • Metal hub caps
  • High-tolerance bearings
  • Stainless-steel shaft

– Silver Pro Push Reel Lawn Mower

The Silver Pro reel mower is one of the most economical American-made lawn mowers on our list.

The Silver Pro is assembled in the USA and it uses 20 parts that are manufactured in the USA. It also uses some imported parts so it is not entirely made in America.

  • 18″ Cutting width.
  • Precisely sharped, greased, and adjusted.
  • 5-Year warranty.
  • Powder coated finish
  • Kick bar
  • Metal wheels with rubber tires

Did We Miss Any American Lawn Mowers, Corded Mowers, or Electric Mowers? Please Let Us Know!

Please let us know if we missed any quality US-made lawnmowers!

If we can verify the integrity of their manufacturing process, we’ll happily add the brand or mower model to this list.

We also love to hear your Комментарии и мнения владельцев! Please let us know which US-made lawnmower manufacturing facility is your favorite?

All gearheads, farmers, gardeners, and homesteaders welcome – we love to discuss quality products with like-minded friends!

We want to write more about the best-made American lawn care products, tractors, power tools, rototillers, post hole diggers, and more – your feedback helps.

Thanks again for reading, and please have a great day!

PS – Want MORE Ride-Along Mower Options?

If you haven’t found a mower that you like – we also wrote an epic guide showing the 13 best zero-turn mowers. If you want more ride-along mowers to choose from – then we investigate mowers of all flavors – and all budgets!


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Home. Gardening. Lawn Care. 14 Best Lawn Mowers Made in America [Quality Mowers Worthy of Your Money!]

Best American Made Lawn Mowers (actually made in USA)

best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

With so many lawn mower manufacturers in the world, it can be hard for homeowners to choose the best brand to purchase from. One thing that might factor into your decision is where the lawn mowers are made. Today, I’ll reveal the best American made lawn mowers.

Even if a company is based in a foreign country, they might still assemble their mowers in America, and today I’ll be focusing on the best American made lawn mower brands to consider if where your mower is manufactured matters to you.

LawnChick.com is reader supported. If you make a purchase after clicking a link, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

The Best American Made Lawn Mower Brands

Here is my list of great brands that manufacture or assemble lawn mowers in the United States.

  • Honda, based in Tokyo (headquarters in Georgia, USA)
  • John Deere, based in America
  • Troy Bilt, based in America
  • Cub Cadet, based in America

Be aware that not all of their mowers are made in the United States, but many of them are. If you specifically want an American made lawn mower, find out where each individual model is made before you make your purchase.

It’s also important to know that while there are many mowers which are assembled in the USA, some of these will include parts manufactured elsewhere.

In today’s global economy this is pretty common, and doesn’t necessarily mean that they are of lower quality.

You can still take pride in knowing that your mower was built in America if you see “Assembled in America” on its serial number sticker.

That means American hands put your mower together piece by piece, and that your dollars are contributing to the US economy by supporting the American factory where the mower was built.

The following article is a more detailed look at each of the brands mentioned above, as well as their most popular mowers.

Honda – Based in Tokyo, Mower Headquarters in Georgia

One of the most well-known car companies in the world, Honda also makes lawn mowers.

Honda Power Equipment is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia. It’s where pretty much all of the 21-inch push and self-propelled Honda lawn mowers sold here in the United States are built.

Honda Power Equipment has been building mowers here in the USA since 1979.

Their lawn mowers are known for starting quickly, lasting for a long time, and requiring very little maintenance, which is why I’m the proud owner of one.

One feature that makes these benefits possible is the two blade cutting system their mowers have. This helps reduce wear and tear on the blades and the engine, increasing longevity and decreasing maintenance costs.

The main disadvantage of Honda mowers is that they can be pretty expensive. Their walk behind mowers definitely cost more than some of their competitors.

That said, they’re excellent, and if you can afford one it’s what I recommend. I own and use a 21″ self propelled Honda mower I purchased from The Home Depot, and it has been going strong for 9 years with no issue thanks to some basic spring mower maintenance each year and winterizing my mower properly each fall.

I also use ethanol-free gas called TruFuel which you can purchase online or in-store from Ace Hardware, The Home Depot, or online from Amazon. It’s more expensive than regular gas, but will keep your engine running clean and won’t go bad if you let it sit in your mower over the winter.

Here are a few of Honda’s most popular models:

Honda 3-in-1 Variable Speed Gas Walk Behind Lawn Mower

Honda’s best selling mower is the 3-in1 Variable Speed Gas Walk Behind Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, and most purchasers like the price. This walk behind mower has a variety of features that make it stand out.

The engine is incredibly powerful and has variable speeds you can adjust, making it very effective but easy to control. It allows you to switch between mulching and bagging very easily with a one step clip director.

Finally, oil and gas changes are simple because you get help measuring the liquids as you pour them, and you have longer gas/oil lines.

It’s ideal for yards that are half an acre to one acre in size, since it’s a relatively small but still powerful mower.

Honda 4-in-1 Gas Walk Behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower

This mower is similar to the previous one, but it allows you to do much more and comes with more features. It has a Roto-Stop blade stop system, as well as variable speed Select Drive.

With its 4-in-1 Versamow System with Clip Director, this machine means you can mow as well as leaf shred, discharge, mulch, and bag.

John Deere – Based in the USA

John Deere is a USA homegrown veteran in the lawn mower manufacturing business. Most John Deere tractor mowers are American made.

They’re assembled in the United States, mostly using American-made parts.

First releasing mowers in 1963, they have built up a reputation for delivering high quality riding mowers that can tackle any yard work issue.

The main thing to be aware of with John Deere mowers is that they are probably the most expensive riding mowers on this list.

But you definitely get your money’s worth for how durable they are and how diverse their features are.

John Deere S120 42-Inch Deck 22 HP Hydro Lawn Tractor

One of John Deere’s most popular products is the John Deere S120 42-Inch Deck 22 HP Hydro Lawn Tractor. You can rest assured that it’s built in the USA.

Yes, this is a big investment, but if you’ve got an enormous property, a lawn tractor may be what you need.

This lawn tractor features the top-notch performance of a 22 HP V-twin John Deere branded engine. You’ll find oil changes only take about 30 seconds with this mower, as it includes the John Deer Easy Change System.

John Deere S240 Lawn Tractor with 48-inch Deck

Another best selling mower from John Deere is the S240 Lawn Tractor with a 48-inch Deck. This made in the USA mower has a very powerful engine with a 48 inch deck that cuts grass easily and performs versatile functions.

The automatic drive transmission gives you multiple speed choices so you can mow small and large lawns easily.

This mower is the most expensive one on this list, but it’s extremely durable and able to tackle multiple different yard work tasks.

From cutting grass, to mulching, to removing snow, this mower offers a comfortable all-in-one tool for yard work.

Troy-Bilt – Based in the USA

Troy-Bilt is a slightly lesser known manufacturer, but their mowers are high quality and able to perform multiple different jobs.

This company mainly designs mowers for smaller yards, and it has surprisingly affordable prices.

The only downside is that Troy-Bilt mowers aren’t the best for large lawns, as they are designed for lawns that are half an acre to one acre in size.

But if multiple people are working on one large lawn, you might find that Troy-Bilt mowers are a great inexpensive option.

Troy-Bilt 21-Inch 140 cc Briggs Stratton Gas Push Lawn Mower

Built in the United States from American-made parts, the Troy-Bilt 21-Inch Gas Push Lawn Mower uses a tri-action cutter to easily and evenly cut your grass.

This is an affordable mower option that is great for small properties. It has 11-inch rear wheels that make it easy to mow a variety of terrains.

With a Prime ‘N Pull 140 cc Briggs and Stratton engine, this Troy-Bilt mower starts quickly and easily. You always get evenly cut grass because this machine has the brands TriAction cutting system.

Troy-Bilt 17 HP Gas Pony 42K Riding Lawn Mower

If you want a tractor mower but don’t want to spend a fortune, consider the Troy-Bilt 17 HP Gas Pony 42K Riding Lawn Mower. It’s one of the most affordable ones on the market.

This riding mower features a 17HP Kohler engine so that you’ll get excellent performance even in more challenging weather.

Like the other mowers I’ve listed here, this riding lawn mower is USA-made. Another perk is this mower’s Step-Thru frame design. It gives you more leg room.

Cub Cadet – Based in the USA

Last but not least, Cub Cadet. This brand can compete even with John Deere when it comes to mower quality.

Cub Cadet mowers are known for having well designed cutting systems that make having a beautiful lawn easy.

Furthermore, some Cub Cadet mowers include features you don’t typically find in other brands. Cruise control and speed you can control with a pedal are a few examples.

Cub Cadet SC 300 Signature Cut Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

The Cub Cadet SC 300 Signature Cut Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is one of the most powerful push mowers around. It’s also an affordable choice.

This mower features a 173 cc commercial-grade Kohler engine. It’s rear wheels are 11-inches high. That helps you deal with every kind of terrain smoothly. The front-wheel drive is also key to this.

Cub Cadet ZT1-46 KH Zero Turn Mower

The Cub Cadet ZT1-46 KH Zero Turn Mower is a big investment. However, it’s one worth making if you’re looking for this type of riding mower. Made in the USA, this is a great choice for a large property up to two acres.

This riding mower has a 22 HP 725cc Kohler Kt7000 Series Twin-Cylinder Engine. If you have slight or small hills on your property, this mower can deal with them.

It’s easy to get onto the deck of this Cub Cadet riding mower, and you can access the engine easily. I’m a big fan of Cub Cadet’s full line of zero turn mowers.

There Are Many Good American Made Lawn Mowers

As we’ve seen here, each of the brands I talked about above offer a great selection of mowers. These are what I consider to be the best made-in-the-USA mowers.

American made lawn mowers give you peace of mind and pride in buying a made-in-the-USA machine.

Now you know about fantastic mower options that you should consider. Before you go, though, also learn about the lawn mower brands to avoid at all costs.

Explore Riding Lawn Mowers

A complete lineup of zero-turn mowers, lawn and garden tractors, and electric mowers, all featuring the strength and durability that bring your lawn to life.

Lawn Garden Tractors

Built in America since ‘61 and backed by the industry’s strongest warranty, Cub Cadet lawn and garden tractors all come standard with the strongest cutting systems for mowing performance, refined ergonomics designed around you and an array of attachments and accessories for year-round versatility and utility.

Zero-Turn Mowers

Designed with strength, comfort and the ability to get the job done 50% faster than riding tractors, each Cub Cadet zero-turn riding mower is engineered to handle a range of terrain and cover up to 5 acres, with steering wheel options that increase ease.

Electric Riding Mowers

We took the proven strength and performance of our gas-powered machines and combined them with a powerful and convenient lithium-ion battery to create electric lawn mowers with no power fade and reduced noise for a more enjoyable ride.

How to Choose a Riding Lawn Mower

With so many options and features available on riding lawn mowers, how can you make an informed decision about what type of mower to buy? There are two popular options when it comes to riding lawn mowers, both of which provide all-season functionality:

Most lawn and garden tractors look like a traditional riding lawn mower and have an engine mounted in the front and a steering wheel that steers using the front wheels, like a car. Some have the engine in the back with a simple steering column in front, allowing for increased viability and increased maneuverability for the driver. Zero-turn riding mowers pivot on the rear wheels, meaning there is zero-degree turning radius, and the mower can actually spin in a circle to cut one area or maneuver around obstacles.

Zero-turn riding lawn mowers are available in both gas-powered and electric.

Types of Riding Mowers

Lawn Tractors

Looking like the stereotypical riding lawn mower, a lawn and garden tractor is the best compromise between performance and cost. Much smaller than zero-turn counterparts, they’re easy to store in a garage or a shed and have plenty of power and maneuverability for small to medium sized yard, all without breaking a sweat like you would with a push mower or walk-behind mower.

Garden Tractors

Garden tractors look very similar to a lawn tractor or traditional riding lawn mower, however they are usually a bit larger due to their more powerful engines and transmissions. This added power allows for more utility work and ground-engaging jobs, such as use with plows and other attachments. The added weight of a garden tractor also makes it better on hills, but it will have less maneuverability than a lawn tractor.

Zero-turn riding lawn mowers

If you have a large yard, or a yard with a lot of obstacles and tight corners, a zero-turn riding lawn mower is the right mower for you. Zero-turn mowers are available with a wide range of deck sizes and turn more quickly than both lawn and garden tractors and walk-behind mowers, meaning that mowing your lawn will take about half the time with a zero-turn riding lawn mower. Zero-turn mowers come with a lap bar or steering wheel control. Lap bar steering is the most common way to steer, while steering wheel control has little to no learning curve and is needed for mowing along the side edges of slopes and hills due to increased control in the front wheels.

Gas mowers vs. Electric mowers

No matter whether you decide on a tractor riding lawn mower or a zero-turn mower, either can be purchased in either gas or electric. Our electric mowers have a cutting time of 1 hour or more, making this the ideal choice for small to medium sized yards. If you’re environmentally conscious, or live in a city with noise ordinances, place your trust in one of our electric riding lawn mowers. With no spark plugs, fuel, or oil changes, electric mowers require less maintenance than their gas counterparts.

The Best Riding Mowers for Different Yard Types

Small to Medium Yards

For small to medium yards, both lawn and garden tractors are recommended. These are two high-performing, yet cost-effective options for those who don’t want to hassle with a push mower. Lawn tractors and garden tractors also allow for much more utility with attachments like snow blowers, leaf collectors, and pull carts.

Medium to large yards

As the yard and the mowing job gets bigger, it’s worth considering additional options other than a lawn and garden tractor. A zero-turn riding lawn mower will allow you to get the job done faster and with more maneuverability.

Yards with obstacles

For yards with obstacles, such as landscaping, trees, rocks, and so on, we highly recommend a zero-turn mower. Trying to cut around landscaping and trees can be frustrating and time-consuming without the highly maneuverable zero-turn mower. For yards with fences, be sure to compare the deck size of the mower with the fence opening size to be sure it will fit. Even for residential homes, professional mowers can be a great option, as they’re designed for spaces with landscaping and other obstacles. With professional and commercial models, you also have different configuration models, such as stand-on and stand-behind mowers with excellent maneuverability.

Sloped yards

If your yard has a notable incline or decline, there are a couple very important factors to consider: traction control and stability. Meeting these needs will allow you to safely negotiate your yard’s hills and slopes. For sloped yards, you should consider a steering wheel zero-turn as the steering wheel provides more control when mowing along slopes, compared to lap bar steering.

Types of Attachments for Riding Lawn Mowers

There are a variety of attachments for your riding lawn mower to make your lawn care a breeze: Baggers. Double and triple baggers are available for all models of tractor and zero-turn riding mowers. Baggers collect the cut grass from the discharge for easy disposal.

  • Snow blowers. You can attach a snow blower to the front of your tractor and turn your riding lawn mower into a riding snow blower. They have an auger that feeds snow into the discharge, moving the snow away from walking or driving paths.
  • Snow cabs. Snow cabs are like tents that attach to your mower and cover the top and sides so you can plow or snow blow without getting covered in snow. These can also be used in warmer months to help prevent bug bites.
  • All-season plows. Plows are available for tractors and zero-turns, and can push dirt, snow, or gravel. There’s no discharge with a plow attachment, just pushing to displace.
  • Mulchers. Mulchers take the grass clippings that usually come with cutting grass, and instead of collecting the grass from the discharge chute, the mulcher cuts the grass into fine pieces, which falls into the soil and breaks down, giving nutrients back to the soil.
  • Striping kits. On zero-turn mowers, you have the option of adding a striping kit. This adds those classic manicured stripes into your lawn while you cut.
  • Leaf collectors. With a larger chute, a leaf collector picks up leaves and debris from under your mower and collects it all into a bag for easy disposal.
  • Pull carts. These attach to the back of your riding lawn mower, allowing you to transport tools, soil, or mulch.

Attachments are available for lawn tractors, garden tractors, and zero-turn riding lawn mowers. Be sure to check specifications on the attachments you’re interested in to see what mowers it’s compatible with.

The Best Zero-Turn Mowers of 2023

These achieve the rare feat of making lawn mowing fun.

By Roy Berendsohn Published: Mar 1, 2023

best, lawn, mowers, made, america, quality

When it comes to yard work, zero turn mowers do the impossible. They make lawn mowing fun. They accomplish this by putting unprecedented speed, control and maneuverability at the disposal of the person mowing the lawn. The so-called “zero turn” feature of these mowers converts a grass cutting machine into something akin to an amusement park ride. You steer the machine with two levers—the left lever controls the left wheel, the right lever the right wheel. With that steering setup, you can zoom over the landscape cutting straight lines, curves, or pivot the mower into and out of a corner. What’s not to like?

Read on to understand how these agile grass cutters work, how we go about testing them, and see some candidates that we’ve recently tested as well as some that we haven’t but that we think look particularly promising.

How Zero-Turn Mowers Work

A zero-turn riding mower consists of an operator platform, a frame and wheels, an engine (or battery bank), transmissions (or motors), and a pair of control levers commonly known as lap bars. In gas mowers, the engine powers a pulley system. One group of pulleys drives the blades, another group powers a pair of transmissions–one at each rear wheel. When you move the lap bar forward or back, you are directing the transmission to go faster, slower, or even turn the opposite way. When one drive wheel turns clockwise and the other counter clockwise, the mower pivots. When the wheels rotate at different rates, the mower turns in an arc-shaped path. When the lap bars are in the neutral position, the mower stops. Aside from a parking brake, there’s no other braking mechanism. Battery-powered zero-turn mowers work the same way, but have separate motors to drive the rear wheels and one for each blade inside the mower deck.

When it comes to transmission, most mowers have a Hydrogear EZT—a well-known and cost-effective residential-grade transaxle with a reputation for durability.

Some mowers use a deck stamped from one piece of steel, others use a deck fabricated from multiple pieces and welded together. A fabricated deck can be built from thicker steel at a lower cost than it would be able to be built otherwise. Once you’re talking about stamping metal as thick as 10 gauge (about 1⁄8 inch thick), the cost of stamping such a deck would push up the mower’s price beyond what most people are willing to pay. The decks in the mowers below range from 42 to 52 inches, a typical size in this class of product. When powered by these engines and the Hydrogear, these mowers will deliver a decent cut quality at their rated top speed of 7 mph. Note, however, that cut quality declines steeply if you maintain that speed in very thick grass or on uneven terrain.

As to the electric mowers, they represent the leading edge of the technology in this category. These are remarkable and expensive mowers powered by large-voltage lithium-ion batteries. If you’re interested in reducing mowing noise and simplifying your maintenance routine by eliminating gas and oil, they’re worth a look.

Selecting a Zero-Turn Mower

Everyone would like to select the biggest possible zero-turn mower with the hope of whittling a big grass cutting job down to size as quickly as possible. Reality usually intercedes because these machines are expensive and the wide range of options available today quickly drive up the cost. Roughly speaking, you start somewhere in the range of a mower with a 42-inch deck costing in the vicinity of 3200 to 3500 and move up in increments of 1000 to 1500 until you reach entry-level commercial-grade equipment that costs 7000 to 8000.

Again, speaking in terms of approximation, a mower with a 42-inch deck will cut a two-acre lot (that takes into account that the house, driveway, outbuildings and various landscape features are taking up some of that space). Use a mower with a larger deck to cut anything over two acres. But here’s the caveat. That entry-level ZTR mower (3200, say) with a 42-inch deck will wear out faster and need more maintenance than a mower with a 50-inch deck, a heavier frame, larger engine and higher quality transmissions, and thicker deck with more robust blade spindles, costing 4500.

In the simplest possible terms, you can cut a smaller area with a larger mower and expect more longevity out of the machine (not to mention a nicer mowing experience) or you can cut a larger area with a smaller machine and encounter more maintenance and a mowing experience that will be, we might say, a bit more rugged.

But there are still other factors to consider, in selecting a mower other than deck size and your budget. Larger mowers take more space in a garage or outbuilding. And a mower with a 50-inch or even 60-inch deck, as useful as it might be in getting the job done more quickly, may not fit through a fence’s gate, and it might be more difficult to maneuver in tight spots without creating scalp marks on the lawn from a lot of close-quarter pivoting.

Carefully consider all these factors when shopping for a mower: your budget, maintenance and whether you will perform that work yourself, mowing speed and time, maneuverability and trimming in tight areas, the importance that you place on your comfort while mowing, cut quality, longevity, storage, and access to the landscape.

How We Select and Test

There’s only one way to test a mower, and that’s to cut grass with it. But we also do more than mow.

We raise and lower the deck and adjust the seat. We look at service point access (the air filter, the spark plug, and the oil filter) and how easy it is to remove the deck. We mow approximately an acre with each mower, considering cut and mulching quality while running uphill, downhill, across washboard, and along sidehills. (On sidehills, we’ll mow surfaces pitched up to approximately 20 degrees; manufacturers generally recommend not going steeper than 10 degrees, but we like to be thorough.) We evaluate power and speed relative to cut quality—we investigate whether the mower delivers a decent cut mowing at full speed. When mowing in damp conditions, we look at whether the mower’s tires accumulate grass and how effectively it discharges moist clippings. Finally, we test maneuverability (these machines are, generally, very nimble) and how readily they come to a stop when you back off the lap bar control levers.

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