3 Most Common Echo CS-590 Problems. Cs 590 chain saw

Echo CS 590 Timber Wolf Chainsaw Review: Specs, Features, Review, Alternatives

It’s described by many as the chainsaw with the most bang for your buck, and I think this is a good way of putting it. That’s because it’s a powerful 59.8 cc chainsaw that costs well under 500.

Reviews of the Echo Timber Wolf CS590 are overwhelmingly positive with a lot of people saying it’s the best saw they’ve ever owned. They’re big words, so let’s check it out to see if it stacks up!

Echo Timber Wolf CS 590

The CS-590 is one of the best-selling Echo chainsaws on Amazon, and it has a very good star rating with hundreds of reviews.

Most of the time it’s sold with a 20″ bar, making it great as a firewood chainsaw.

Alongside Amazon, compare on:

  • Acme Tools here – includes free shipping
  • Home Depot here – free shipping or pick up from your local store (if in stock)

While Echo may not have quite as good a name as STIHL or Husqvarna, it’s still a very highly respected brand that has been used and trusted for decades.

most, common, echo, cs-590, problems, chain

Echo chainsaws are made in Japan to a high standard, and the CS 590 is considered one of their pro saws.

Modifications Every Owner Of An Echo CS-590 Chainsaw Should Do

Echo CS 590 Specs

This Echo Timber Wolf is a 59.8 cc chainsaw with a 3.9 horsepower engine.

It has a dry weight of 13.2 pounds and will weigh another pound or so with fuel, oil, bar, and chain.

Other CS-590 specs include:

  • Plastic housing helps keep the price down
  • 40″ cut diameter
  • 21.8 oz fuel capacity
  • Professional grade 2-stroke engine

You can see some of the other features above:

  • Bumper spikes to help cut logs
  • Easy access to the air filter for cleaning or replacement (tooless)
  • Viewing into the fuel tank to check levels
  • Decompression valve for easier starting
  • Chain brake for safety
  • Anti-vibration features for easier handling
  • Auto oiler
  • Low kickback bar and chain

And as already stated, the Echo CS590 is made in Japan.

While it is most commonly sold with a 20″ bar, you can sometimes buy it with an 18-inch bar. It’s also stated that it can be used with a 22″ or 24″ bar, but you’ll need to buy them separately.

Echo CS590 Review

When watching reviews on YouTube and elsewhere, keep in mind that the CS-590 has changed over the years. The 2016 model will differ from the 2020 model, for example.

For the money, the Echo CS 590 is one of the best chainsaws in its class.

It’s affordable, has plenty of power, and the specs and features check out too.

It has passed the user test with many, many chainsaw enthusiasts giving it two thumbs up and naming it as one of their favorite chainsaws under 500.

If it meets the criteria you are looking for, you’re unlikely to go wrong.

  • Well built
  • High powered
  • Much loved by users
  • Easy to use
  • Performs well

Echo CS590 Chainsaw Alternatives

Here are three good alternatives that are similarly priced and powered.

The Poulan Pro PR5020 (here on Amazon) is a 50cc saw that’s almost half the price. It’s not as powerful or as good, but it’s another option for those who want to spend a little less.

You can check out our complete Poulan Pro PR5020 review for more info.

The Husqvarna Rancher 455 (here on Amazon) is another good alternative to the CS 590.

It’s a little more expensive, as you’re paying for the Husqvarna name, and it’s a 55cc chainsaw. Many people prefer the CS 590 to this saw, but if you’re a Husky fan, go for it.

The Echo CS 400 (here on Amazon) is a lower-powered Echo model.

This is a popular 40cc chainsaw that is a bit cheaper and lighter. It comes with an 18″ bar and while it won’t work as hard as the CS590, it’s still a great saw.

Check out our complete Echo CS 400 review for more info.

Echo CS 590 Chainsaw

The CS 590 Echo chainsaw is a great chainsaw for the price and feature set that it brings.

While you shouldn’t expect to use it full-time, it will work hard when required. It’s not the best of the best logging chainsaw, but it’s a very good one in its space.

It’s great for firewood, pruning, limbing, and clearing land. It’s not light like Echo’s top handle chainsaws, so you won’t want to be climbing any trees with it, but it’s great for the home or hobby farm. Happy sawing!

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I don’t know where you got your info on bar lengths,the owners manual lists 20 inch 24 and 27 inch bar lengths for the cs590 Reply

Echo’s page on the CS590 here stats it can be used with 18 – 24 inch bars. It’s not recommeneded to go larger than 24″, but of course, we’re all free to do as we wish. Reply

You contract your other article. “So yes, Echo is a Japanese chainsaw, but it’s manufactured and assembled in the US as well.” Reply

None of them other chainsaws compare,have a rancher and farmboss or did gave them away.Have 2 timberwolves now although my chain tensioner busted on one but a possible neglect on my part. Reply

What a piece of crap. Only purchased this because Consumer Reports rated it the #1 saw available. I’d hate to see the bottom of their lineup. This saw absolutely will not crank. It’s been used 3 times with trouble starting all but one of those times. I finally gave up on the fourth try. Save yourself some misery, get a STIHL. I had an 032 that ran for over 30 years and I’d still be using it if I could find the electronic switch for it. Reply

Bruce, for someone that’s been using chainsaws for over 30 years, you seem a little confused about the CS590. If you pull hard enough, it’ll start. Simple as that. Reply

I’m gonna call BS on that Alan. I’ve pulled mine over 200 times today and headed back to Home Depot as we speak. A friend of mine is a chainsaw carver and couldn’t get to start either. Very frustrating Reply

Excellent response. Made me smile. My Cs590 is without doubt the best machine I’ve used in 22 years. Bought here in France, manufactured in Japan, though I doubt that it’s any different from the US made version other than possibly less anti-pollution measures. Reply

Take your choke off after the third pull, and it will start every time. Failure to do so will flood it. Reply

I’ve had an Echo CS530 for years along with a number of other gas powered tools. The Echo is without a doubt the most reliable tool I’ve owned. Any issues have been my fault. It nearly always starts on the third or fourth pull. Reply

I’ve had mine for 6 or 7 years now. I’ve had no issues with it so far. I use it every year around the farm and have a 20″ and 24″ bar that work great. I broke the (plastic) top handle on it this year and was able to find an aluminum replacement for it online. I’m no logger but I do use mine quite a bit. The older man at the STIHL shop talked me into going with this one. He said most all of the new saws are about the same due to Emissions standards. The Echo had a 5 year warranty as opposed to the new Stihls having a 1 year warranty at the time. It’s no STIHL 441 or 660 magnum but for 400 its great. As one of the other guys stated, if you pull it more than 3 times with choke on it will flood and you will be cranking on it for a while in my experience. Reply

Most Common Echo CS-590 Problems

The Echo CS-590 is an excellent blend of durability, efficiency and quality placed in the hands of a woodcutter.

The timber wolf comes with a 2-stroke engine and a displacement of 59.8cc, powerful enough for all wood cutting needs.

Another plus is the ranging blade size of 18 inches for domestic purposes and 20-24 inches for heavy-duty and commercial uses.

Loggers and woodworkers, we need to have a word since there has been a round of complaints from users, and as much as this is a good piece, nothing will come perfect without an error.

There are a few problematic issues with the 590 timber wolf, and we have highlighted them below with simple DIY instructions to fix the issues.

The Most Common Problems with Echo CS-590

The CS-590 model’s performance is incomparable to other brands due to its reliability and ease of operating, not to mention the friendly and low maintenance costs.

However, as with every other machinery, shortcomings are bound to crop up now and then, and the wisest thing to do is to get equipped for the day when the inevitable will knocks.

Whether a proud owner or a prospectus buyer of an Echo CS-590 chainsaw, here are some of the problems you might encounter and essential tips for going around them.

Stalling or sudden cutting out

Failure to Start

Failing to start is a general problem in machines and is caused by several problems which are easy to fix with a bit of machine expertise, the right tools and regular maintenance as per the manual.

Damaged starter rope

This is the rope jerked outwards when starting the chainsaw and frequent starting over time wears out the rope. A worn-out starter rope will not give enough ignition power resulting in engine starting failure.

Such an issue is, however, not frequent, and a replacement will do the trick.

Faulty Spark plug

Another issue would be faulty spark plugs meaning there will be a spark to ignite the engine and hence won’t start.

The remedy would be to clean the electrode softly with sandpaper to remove the current disposition or get a replacement if it is damaged.

Clogged air filter

The clogged air filter can also cause the 590 not to start due to a lack of fresh air in the engine to enable proper fuel combustion.

Cleaning using compressed air or a brush to unblock the openings can redo the damage. In some cases, an extensively damaged filter may need replacement.

Blocked Carburetor

The carb of this chainsaw can easily accumulate debris due to its activities which blocks the proper flow of oil and hence the engine not starting.

Cleaning the dirt with a special carburettor cleaner is sufficient to set the machine kicking with a few pulls. A clogged carburettor may need some replacement if delayed for too long.

Clogged oil filter

Sometimes debris finds its way into the fuel tank, and when it accumulates far enough, it restricts the flow of fuel through the filter openings causing the machine not to start.

To prevent this from happening, care should be taken whenever refuelling by cleaning the cap before replacing it.

The fuel quality should also matter, as bad quality causes filter plugging, preventing fuel flow.

Flooded engine

When there is continuous fuel priming every time the tank is refilled, the small amounts overflow to the combustion chambers and accumulate with time to block airflow, hindering ignition.

Please read the manual carefully on how to open the chainsaw using handy tools, drain the excess fuel from the chambers, and clean it to allow free airflow.

Stalling or Sudden Cutting out

It is not common, but sometimes you may find that the590 chainsaw starts and runs properly but stalls after a few minutes of contacting the work surface and, worse still, fail to restart. There are two main causes for such issues.

Faulty carburettor

Faulty carburettor settings are the main cause of such frustrations and can be restored effortlessly.

First, you need to have a clear knowledge of bringing down the parts carefully to perform a carburettor adjustment, but if you’re unsure of your mechanical skills, it is advisable to seek after sale services from the dealer or a validated mechanic.

Crudded metering valve screen

As with many farm machines, dirt will always find its way in the weirdest of places, like in the gas tank, which eventually fouls the valve screen, making the machine cut out power when subjected to load and fail to restart.

Regular carburettor cleaning will eliminate the refuse and keep the machine up and running perfectly.

Warranty Issues

Most Echo engine components come with a comfortable five-year warranty, making them one of the handyman’s favourites.

There is an avoidable catch in most machinery that sounds crazy but turns out to be very logical.

Many dealers do not usually have their fuel, and the user has to source from different companies. When problems that emanate from fuel occur, the dealers are reluctant since the terms indicate that the fuel is not part of their trade, arguing that it is not the dealer’s fault.

To avoid warranty troubles with your dealer, do the following regularly.

(i) Read the manual very carefully and never overlook simple maintenance measures.

(ii) Since the 590 regularly comes into contact with dirt and sawdust, adapt regular cleaning practices

(i) Drain the old fuel from the tank

(ii) Clean the spark arrestor

(iii) Clean the carburettor with its specified cleaner

(iv) Dry the cylinder off flooding oil

Echo CS-590 Problems: are they a deal-breaker?

The answer is a big NO since 590 chainsaw is one of the best woodcutters in the market today.

The few issues with the engine and the main components are common problems and manageable with regular cleaning of the fuel, the oil pathways, and the air ducts.

How to fix an Echo CS-590 Chainsaw that got destroyed BY ONE NAIL! Complete oil assembly repair Vlog

Complete replacement of faulty parts in case of a total breakdown won’t cost much and will see the machine up and running.

That said, the pros outweigh the cons making the Echo CS-590 the real deal when considering making a wise purchase.

most, common, echo, cs-590, problems, chain

My 590 has a repetitive problem. After cutting it runs at very high rpm and will not respond to throttle. It will also not turn off with off switch but has to be shut down with chain brake The first time, the shop warranty replaced the start switch. This is now the 2nd event in maybe 5 hours of use. Huge safety issue since saw doesn’t respond to throttle or on/off switch

Most Common Echo CS 590 Problems Solutions

The CS-590, otherwise known as the Timber Wolf, is a professional-grade chainsaw that beats out the competition with this hefty 59.8cc engine and a slew of user-friendly features that make it perform efficiently and conveniently for the best user experience possible.

most, common, echo, cs-590, problems, chain

Being the high-quality instrument it is, it also comes with quite a price tag. As such, you’d expect it to be both reliable and durable.

But many users have reported running into problems with their Echo CS 590 that any prospective buyer should be aware of beforehand so you can be sure of the product you are buying and what you can expect to deal with in terms of troubleshooting and maintenance.

The most common problems with Echo CS 590

Undoubtedly, the CS 590 is one of the most effective chainsaws around for woodworking. Whether cutting timber in a professional environment or maintaining your personal grounds, this beast will handle everything with ease.

It’s easy to operate and upkeep thanks to its dual-post chain brake, toolless access air filtration system, and quickly replaceable bumper spikes.

However, like any chainsaw, it will inevitably run into some problems and require some fixing and upkeep to keep it in good shape. So we’ve scoured the internet to find the most common problems users have reported running into, and we’re going to share how you can solve them yourself quickly and easily.

The air filter becomes blocked

This is probably the most common component that will cause issues if not correctly maintained. The air filter stops dust, debris, and other things from making their way into the engine and harming it.

And while it does an excellent job at this, the filter can, over time, become so blocked that it restricts airflow into the engine, which in turn causes poor performance.

Fortunately, this is a nice and easy fix thanks to the CS 590’s toolless access air filter system. You can have it cleaned out in just a few minutes.

  • You should first of all be checking this air filter before every single use. I know it sounds troublesome, but it just takes a few seconds.
  • Start by closing the choke.
  • Remove the air cleaner cove r, which then reveals a removable air filter.
  • Lightly clean the air filter. Of course, Echo recommends using compressed air. But you can always blow on it and make sure all the debris is removed.
  • Reinstall the air filter and close the cover, and it’s good to go!

The recoil starter is damaged

The recoil starter is critical for the crankshaft to turn the engine over. It’s the pull chord you need to extend which rotates the pulley, thus starting the engine.

So obviously, if this develops a problem, you will not be able to start the Echo chainsaw engine.

Start by removing the start assembly so you can inspect the recoil starter. Then check the tabs are adequately tightened down. If they are not, re-tighten them and then pull the starter rope to see if the tabs shrink and the engine starts.

If this doesn’t work, the recoil starter may be damaged, which will need to be replaced.

Failed spark plug

The spark plug is responsible for generating a tiny electrical spark that ignites the gas, thus starting the engine. However, these little components quickly fail and often need to be replaced.

Don’t worry, though. They are very cheap to purchase and easy to replace. You’ll find yourself needing to do this with other chainsaw brands too.

On the CS 590, you can easily access the spark plug by removing the air cleaning cover, which exposes the spark plug. Simply remove the old one and replace it with a new one.

You may also check the spark plug gap to ensure it’s within the specification (0.65mm). If it’s larger or smaller than this, then adjust it.

Broken ignition coil

Equally as important as the spark plug is the ignition coil. This is what transfers the electrical signal to the spark plug. So when this is not working, then the engine will not start.

If the ignition coil is broken, it needs to be replaced, but do keep in mind that it’s also extremely common for a broken ignition coil to break the spark plug. So if you are replacing the ignition coil, have a spark plug to hand, as you’ll probably need it.

The carburetor is blocked

When the carburetor is blocked, you will not get that air and fuel mixture that enables the engine to work. However, just through the natural use of the Timer Wolf, this will become blocked over time.

Use a carburetor cleaner and follow through the process as indicated in the user manual to clean this out.

The spark arrestor is clogged

Hopefully, you’re seeing the pattern by now. Most of the issues the CS 590 deals with are to do with components becoming blocked through natural use, and simply cleaning them out can solve the problem.

If the spark arrestor screen has become clogged up, you can clean it gently with a brush to remove the debris. However, if you notice any noticeable holes or tears in the mesh, replace it, as you won’t want to run the risk of larger items making their way inside.

Worn clutch pads

Clutch pads separate when the engine is used through centrifugal force, and when they come back in contact with the drum, they can engage the chain sprocket through friction.

So when these pads are broken, worn, or defective, even when the drum is turning, they will not be able to engage with it, resulting in the chain not working adequately.

If the clutch pads are burnt out, you will need to replace them or possibly reinstall the clutch assembly.

The engine is being flooded

This is often more of a user error than something mechanically wrong with the machine, but it is something you must be aware of during operation.

If you leave the choke open for a long time, it’s easy to flood the engine with fuel, which throws off the fuel-to-air ratio, severely hampering the chainsaw’s operation.

To solve this, set the Echo chainsaw down for 15-20 minutes to let the flooded fuel evaporate from the engine. Then it should work.

Echo CS 590 problems: Are they a deal-breaker?

As nearly every issue that users have reported encountering with the CS 590 relate to general maintenance and upkeep, we have not seen any evidence of anything faulty with the construction or quality of the Timer Wolf. Every issue that crops up with this model is likely to present itself in other models and brands of chainsaws too.

Because of this, we have no issues recommending this product. It’s high quality, comes from a well-respected company, and provided you take good care of it and keep up with maintenance requirements, it will serve you well for many years to come!

Echo CS-590 Chain 72LPX70CQ 20”OEM

Payment methods

SKU: 72LPX70CQ-A UPC: MPN: 72LPX70CQ Condition: New Availability: Ships (leaves our warehouse) within next business day if in stock

Echo 72LPX70CQ CS-590 Chain

The Genuine Echo CS-590 Replacement Chain 72LPX70CQ is a certified OEM product built to outlast its competition with great performance. If you are looking to buy a brand-new chain for your Echo Chainsaw CS-590, do not look any further. This Chain for Echo CS-590 is of great quality and we have it at an excellent price!

It fits CS-1001, CS-450, CS-450P, CS-451, CS-452, CS-490, CS-500EVL, CS-500P, CS-501EVL, CS-510EVL, CS-530, CS-550, CS-550EVL, CS-550P, CS-590, CS-60, CS-600P, CS-601, CS-602, CS-60S, CS-610T, CS-620P, CS-620PW, CS-650, CS-650EVL, CS-660, CS-670, CS-6700, CS-680, CS-701, CS-702, CS-706, CS-750, CS-750EVL, CS-8000, CS-800P, CS-900, CST-610.

This Echo Standard Chain Replacement design delivers low vibration and low kickback, thanks to its full chisel cutters. This creates a safe environment for professional user and allows better performance.

We have a wide variety of replacement parts of the Echo Outdoor Power equipment, bringing also fast shipping and excellent customer service.

You can check our Echo Fast Moving Parts catalog. There you will find a selection of the best parts. We offer Echo Bar and Chain Combos too! If you need help, please get in touch with us.

Chain for Echo CS-590 Specs

Part #: 72LPX70CQ

Chain Pitch: 3/8 in

Gauge:.050 in

Drive Links: 70

Compatible with these Echo Bars: 20D0PS3870C, 20D0AS3870C

Type: PowerCut Replacement Chain

Size: 20 inches

Echo CS-590 Replacement Chain 72LPX70CQ Fits List

CS-590 S/N: C25812001001. C25812999999Guide Bar, Sawing Chain, Kick Guard

CS-590 S/N: C25913001001. C25913999999Guide Bar, Sawing Chain, Kick Guard CS-590 S/N: C69015001001. C69015999999Chain, Guide Bar CS-600P S/N: C22312001001. C22312999999Chain, Guide Bar CS-600P S/N: C22413001001. C22413999999Chain, Guide Bar CS-620P S/N: C26712001001. C26712999999Guide Bar, Sawing Chain, Kick Guard CS-620P S/N: C26813001001. C26813999999Guide Bar, Sawing Chain, Kick Guard CS-620P S/N: C69215001001. C69215999999Chain, Guide BarCS-620PW S/N: C26912001001. C26912999999Guide Bar, Sawing Chain, Kick GuardCS-620PW S/N: C27013001001. C27013999999Guide Bar, Sawing Chain, Kick GuardCS-620PW S/N: C69315001001. C69315999999Chain, Guide BarCS-680 S/N: C68615001001. C68615999999Chain, Guide BarCS-8000 S/N: 001001. 999999 Type1-EChain, Guide BarCS-8000 S/N: 03001001. 03999999Chain, Guide BarCS-8000 S/N: C48003001001. C48003999999Chain, Guide BarCS-800P S/N: C30812001001-C30812999999Chain, Guide BarCS-800P S/N: C30913001001-C30913999999Chain, Guide BarCS-800P S/N: C68715001001. C68715999999Chain, Guide Bar

Echo Timber Wolf CS-590 Chainsaw Review

The Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf has found a sweet spot between simple functionality, intelligent design, and outstanding value. Users will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of this commercial level chainsaw.

When I was asked to review the Echo Timber Wolf CS-590 chainsaw as a heavy-duty saw, I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical. I am used to some of the other big name commercial saws and Echo just is not a brand that is traditionally mentioned in that mix. As I began to take a close look at this chainsaw however, I went from being pleasantly surprised by the quality to flat out impressed with the intelligence of the design.

The first thing that I noticed when I picked up this saw was that there is actually some weight to it. It’s much lighter than the Echo CS-400 chainsaw I also have on-hand which I use for light-duty projects. Often consumer brands create a light weight saw that feels nimble enough for the average person to use around the home, but the lack of weight transfers all the workload to the arms of the user. A well-weighted saw like this one balances that weight to work with the user.

Editor’s Note: Check out our 36V cordless chainsaw shootout article for a look at what cordless chainsaws can accomplish.

Features Design

As I took a closer look at the Echo Timber Wolf CS-590 chainsaw it became very clear to me that someone actually talked to chainsaw users and used what they found to design the saw. I have seen many companies try to break into the commercial side of the industry and try to add something that the other companies don’t have. Most of the time, the addition is either unnecessary or actually detrimental to the tool. Echo avoided that mistake and while there isn’t really a feature that makes it stand out from the other major commercial brands, they did do a great job with some small things that make a difference.

A great example of the intelligent simplicity is the filter access. Simply unscrew a single nut on the back, which is affixed so you can’t lose it, and there’s the filter. There’s nothing else to unscrew, just take the filter off, clean or replace it, tighten the nut, and you’re good to go. Instead of using a nylon rope to keep the fuel and oil caps from going anywhere, Echo attached it with plastic. That may seem minor, but there isn’t a nylon cord I’ve owned that has outlived the tool’s usefulness. The plastic, on the other hand won’t fray and get cut over time like that nylon cord.

On most chainsaws, if you look underneath, you’ll notice a plastic chain stay that helps keep the chain from vibrating off during use. Taking the bar off will reveal that piece is actually two plates and helps to direct the oil to the chain where it needs to go. Being made of plastic and living next to a fast moving, sharpened chain means that it gets nicked, cut, and eventually loses the specific design it originally had. Engineers of the Timber Wolf designed these plates to be metal, and it will last much longer while still maintaining the design intent.

Echo Timber Wolf CS-590 Chainsaw Testing

We tested the Echo Timber Wolf CS-590 chainsaw on a couple of stumps we needed removed before using it to tear down a pole barn. It started extremely easily and without hesitation. You’d certainly hope that would be the case with a new saw, but it has been just as easy every time we’ve started it since.

We needed the Echo to make cuts into the beams while we, in true redneck style, gently pulled on the pole barn with a heavy duty rope attached to an F-250 to direct the fall of the structure. The 59.8 cc motor made quick work of the beams, cutting smoothly with an ease that I honestly didn’t expect to experience. There was more than enough torque and no kickback whatsoever. As I mentioned before, the balance and weight worked with me rather than against me or forcing my arms into delivering most of the effort in making each cut. One by one, we cut each structural beam until we got a satisfying groan as the building gave way to gravity and an F-250.

Realistically, the Echo CS-590 can more than hold its own against my other chainsaws that I use for heavy duty work. than once, I had to remind myself that I was holding an Echo saw and not my beloved STIHL.

most, common, echo, cs-590, problems, chain


Despite my initial skepticism, I am thoroughly impressed with the Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf. While it doesn’t stand out over and above other commercial chainsaws, it should absolutely be included in a performance discussion with them. If I could wrap it up with a single statement, it would be that this chainsaw just works, and I mean that as a compliment.

The intelligence and obvious attention to functionality in its design reminds me of the Echo tools I bought 20 years ago, which are still running. The simplicity of the design ensures that any parts that do break are easily replaced, though it appears that it will be quite some time before that happens.

The bottom line for me is that if Echo continues to produce this kind of quality in its power tools, I’m going to buy them. At an MSRP of 399, this saw keeps up with others that I have paid almost twice that amount for, so it gets excellent marks for value as well. I would recommend the Timber Wolf without hesitation and encourage you to give it some serious consideration if you’re looking for a commercial level chainsaw to add to your tool shed.

Echo Timber Wolf CS-590 Chainsaw Specifications

  • Engine Displacement: 59.8 cc
  • Fuel Capacity: 21.8 fl. ounces
  • Oil Capacity: 10.1 fl. ounces
  • Dry Weight (without bar and chain): 13.3 pounds
  • Bar Length Options: 18 or 20 inches
  • Oiling System: Auto/Adjustable/Clutch Driven
  • Warranty: 1 year commercial/5 year consumer
  • MSRP: 399
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