5 Best Compact Circular Saws (When You Need a Smaller Tool). Miniature circular saw

Is it Worth Buying a Mini Circular Saw?

Circular saws are a very important cutting tool in woodworking. When selecting a circular saw there are various tools related to size, power supply, and blade sizes. Mini circular saws are one of them related to the size and weight of the circular saw. A mini circular saw is small in size and lightweight considering the regular circular saw. So let’s see is it worth buying a mini circular saw?

Actually, a mini circular saw is really worth it when you are working with thin workpieces, long-time use on hand, and power supply problems. It can be used on any material such as concrete, steel, tile, wood, and PVC using a suitable saw blade due to its higher torque. These are powered by Li-Ion batteries. So it is a great solution for the power supply problems.

When considering the regular circular saw, we can see there are both pros and cons. Buying a circular saw gives you a solution for the limited problems. So let’s see what are they and how those affect its worthiness. So keep reading on!

best, compact, circular, saws

Circular Saw Consumes Minimum Power

Mini Circular Saw

A mini circular saw power consumption depends on the tool voltage and battery capacity. Because most of the mini circular saws are powered by Li-Ion batteries. So 12V, 18V, the battery voltage can be used and according to the performance tool current can be varied.

Many mini circular saws are used for cutting wood, plastic, metal plates, and PVC. So it really needs a higher current. In order to full fill the power requirements 2 Amh, 4 Amh, and 5 Amh batteries can be used in these tools.

Regular cordless circular saws also use these kinds of power requirements. When considering the performance of the same tool, we can see higher performance on a mini circular saw.

Imagine that tool consumes 20V and a 4 Amh battery. It can produce 80 Watt of power. When it uses in a regular circular saw with a 6.5-inch blade diameter its performance can be reduced due to a higher blade diameter.

Its torque will reduce due to higher blade diameter. When it uses in a mini circular saw, we can see the higher performance. Because it uses a 3.5 saw blade. So its torque can be higher than the 6.5-inch tool.

As a result of this, most mini circular saws can be used to cut metal rather than regular wood. Due to the higher torque, its rpm will reduce. So we can see some problems on the workpiece surface due to lower rpm (1500-2000 RPM)

Mini Circular Saw Has a Lower Cutting Depth

Cutting depth is an important thing for circular saws. Due to the shoe, motor space, and arbor shaft, flanges, we are not able to use exactly half of the cutting depth of saw blade diameter. So it is always less than half of the circular saw blade.

Minicircular saw cutting depth can be varied with the bevel angle. When it reaches 90 degrees, it will cut the maximum depth of cut. When it inclines it will reduce. So available blade cutting depth for 3 3/8 and 4 1/2 saw blades will be varied like this.

  • Cutting Depth for 3 3/8″ Saw Blade

Tom Mackency

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Best Compact Circular Saws (When You Need a Smaller Tool)

I feel that there may be times during a project when having a large and cumbersome tool is not the best approach. After all, you may find it too difficult to hold, or it’s too heavy, and that’s not conducive to completing your project.

A circular saw can be one of those tools, and if a circular saw is difficult to grasp, then you simply increase the chances of your cuts going off line and not getting the desired results.

However, there’s a solution, and it’s a great one.

You see, I also have a compact circular saw with my own full-size circular saw. These tools still come with a long list of capabilities, but they do so in a much smaller form.

But I know there’s a real problem when buying a compact circular saw, which comes down to the choice.

You have so many options regarding compact circular saws that it’s challenging to even know where to begin when choosing one. So, thankfully I’m going to ensure you don’t have to worry about that part, as I plan on doing the hard work for you.

Below, you will find five of the best compact circular saws on the market today, and I think each one is the perfect tool to add to your collection. I’ve sought to cover all bases regarding these tools, so I know the ideal version will be there for you.

  • Best Corded Compact Circular Saw – Rockwell RK3441K
  • Best Lightweight Compact Circular Saw – WORX WX429L
  • Best Compact Circular Saw for Variability – Tacklife TCS115A Corded
  • Best Heavy-Duty Compact Circular Saw – TECCPO TAMS25P
  • Best Cordless Compact Circular Saw – Galax Pro 97630

But that’s not all I’ve done.

After checking out the tools, you can read over my tips on the key things you need to look out for when purchasing your new compact circular saw. By the end, I feel you will be in a much better position to go ahead and make that decision.

How I Made My List

So, you might wonder how I came up with this list, so let me explain.

I have over 20 years of experience working with power tools, so I know a thing or two about them. But it wasn’t just my own personal experience that helped me create the list.

I also made sure each compact circular saw met specific criteria. Those criteria included things such as how easy the tool is to use, its power, the results you can achieve, and the reliability.

Basically, I covered everything you would want from this type of tool.

But I also ensured I checked out what other owners had to say about owning each compact circular saw. I wanted to know that these saws won’t simply break down and cut out after a short period. That would be terrible, and it’s something I want to avoid.

After all of that, I was then left with these five saws, and I feel confident you will love each one.

Best Corded Compact Circular Saw – Rockwell RK3441K

If you prefer your power tool to come with a cord, then this model by Rockwell is certainly one I would recommend for a compact circular saw.

First, I feel it has more than enough power for a tool of this size at 5 Amp, and it does throw out blade speeds of some 3,500 RPM. Talking of the blade, it measures some 4 ½”, so it does undoubtedly qualify as a compact circular saw.

However, even with this smaller blade, the cutting depth of this model is pretty impressive as it comes in just shy of 2”. That does mean this tool makes the most out of the blade, and I feel that it opens up this tool to be used with more and more projects.

But this model also comes with a laser guide, and that does increase the accuracy of your cuts. It also allows you to cut at a bevel angle of up to 45 degrees, and you get a reasonable cutting depth.

I feel this entire compact circular saw does come with an ergonomic design, and it sits comfortably in your hand. That should reduce the chances of fatigue with longer cuts, and don’t worry about this saw’s capabilities. I’m sure it will outperform your expectations.


  • It offers a fantastic cutting depth for a compact saw
  • It’s ergonomically designed, so it sits well in your hand
  • It has a lot of power for such a small tool
  • It can cut through 2 x 4 with ease
  • It’s corded, so there is no fear of running out of power

Best Lightweight Compact Circular Saw – WORX WX429L

I love this saw by WORX, not just because it weighs not much more than 4lbs. Instead, I appreciate the size and its capabilities with this 4 ½” blade capable of cutting through 2 x 4 and thin plywood with relative ease.

It does throw up speeds of 3,500 RPM, and that’s impressive because it only has a 4 Amp motor. Also, this model provides you with a bevel capacity of 45 degrees, and for a compact circular saw, that’s perfectly fine.

You should also find that this saw can cut through more than just wood. It can also do a decent job of cutting plastic and even tiles, so don’t think you are limited with this tool because that’s not true.

I do appreciate how the blade is aligned with this tool. It’s to the left, meaning you get a better view of the cutting line. However, that does mean you need to be right-handed to take full advantage of this, but it’s still a good idea.

With quick changing of blades and the ability to create those precise cuts, I feel this saw offers real value for money in both a monetary sense and what it can do for you.


  • The left-aligned blade works well
  • You can change the blades in next to no time
  • It’s easy to make precise cuts with this model
  • It’s very light and comfortable to hold
  • It still offers significant speed for smooth cuts

Best Compact Circular Saw for Variability – Tacklife TCS115A Corded Compact Mini Saw

While this brand may not be the first one you think of, I believe that’s a huge mistake as this compact circular saw is one of the best around when it comes to versatility.

First, you get a total of 6 blades with this model, which varies slightly in size, with the largest measuring 4 ¾”. However, the most significant variation is with the materials you can cut with the blades, so this tool is not restricted to only working on that 2 x 4.

You see, this model can cut through various types of wood along with plastic and also soft metals. I think that’s excellent, and it does make you think about everything that this saw is capable of doing.

I also feel that the cutting depth at 90 degrees is impressive as it’s close to 1 ¾” while it only drops to 1 ⅜” when you move the bevel angle to 45 degrees. Talking of the bevel angle, I find this model easy to operate, and everything locks into place, so you have nothing to worry about.

This ease of use is something I always appreciate with a tool, and that ease starts off with the overall design and build of this saw.

It comes with a metal handle, and it does a fantastic job of actually reducing the chances of fatigue when using the tool. Also, it comes across as well-made and comes with a left-aligned blade, making it easier to follow your line.

Add in a laser guide, a depth gauge lever, and strong clamps, and I see this saw as one of the best on the market for both size and price.


  • You get an impressive cutting depth
  • It’s ergonomically designed, leading to better grip and control
  • The laser guide makes for better cuts
  • The range of blades increases what you can do with this saw
  • Changing blades is straightforward

Best Heavy-Duty Compact Circular Saw – TECCPO TAMS25P Compact Circular Saw

If you need more of a heavy-duty compact circular saw, then I suggest checking out this model by TECCPO. Sure it weighs slightly more than most on the market at just over 5lbs, but I don’t see this as a train smash.

This model still comes with a standard blade size of 4 ½” and offers a decent cutting depth of 1 11/16”, so I have no complaints. Also, the speed of 3,500 RPM should mean it makes quick work of most materials.

But that’s not the reason why I selected this tool.

Instead, it’s the construction of this tool that makes it stand out. This model comes with an iron base along with an aluminum cover. That does mean this tool can withstand a lot of punishment, and then there’s the motor.

The motor on this model is a copper-clad aluminum motor. It’s not going to burn out or break down as quickly as other options, so you feel you can push this saw harder than others and get the desired results.

Overall, the way it’s manufactured makes this saw one that needs to be on my list. It’s reliable, durable, and just incapable of letting you down.


  • The build quality is exceptional
  • The motor is reliable and consistent
  • It can cope with cutting through so many different materials
  • Changing blades is straightforward
  • It feels good in your hand

Best Cordless Compact Circular Saw – Galax Pro 97630

Finally, if you prefer a cordless power tool, I suggest checking out this Galax Pro model. I know some people have perhaps not even heard of this brand, but this compact circular saw is a fantastic example of what’s possible with a cordless version.

With this model, you get a 4 ½” blade, and that’s the average size for this type of power tool. Also, it comes with a 5.8 Amp motor, and that’s one of the most powerful on the market for this type of compact circular saw.

But surprisingly, the motor only results in speeds of up to 3,400 RPM, slightly below what you may expect. However, I don’t see this as bad simply because you can still generate fantastic results.

I love this model, though, because it can easily cut through various materials. Even PVC piping stands no chance in resisting this particular tool as it makes short work of cutting through.

For cutting depth, you are looking at 1 11/16” at 90 degrees before it drops to 1 ⅛” when you change the bevel angle to 45 degrees.

Overall, this tool is fantastic. The laser guide works well, as do the angle guides, and the way it locks into place is an added bonus.


  • It has a lot of power behind the tool
  • It cuts through different materials with ease
  • The angle guides make life easier
  • You can use it one-handed, reducing the chance of fatigue
  • Changing blades is straightforward
best, compact, circular, saws

Best Mini Circular Saws

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How to Choose the Best Mini Circular Saw

If you’re looking for the best mini circular saws, you’ve come to the right place! A smaller circular saw is great for tackling small home projects, or you can take it with you on the job site for convenient access to cutting tools. No need to lug around or find proper storage for a cumbersome, heavy saw! Before you invest in a mini circular saw, here are some features you should be familiar with while you shop! Let’s get started!

Pieces Included: To make sure you’re getting exactly what you want, and nothing more or less, we’ll let you know how many pieces come with each saw. Many of them come with carrying cases, extra blades, and useful tools for easy adjustments!

Blade Size: To make sure you get the right mini circular saw for your project, we’ll let you know the blade size. This ensures you got the right size saw for the job and makes finding replacement or specialty blades much easier!

best, compact, circular, saws

Type: Cordless, battery-powered saws are great for working in areas without easy electrical outlets, or for getting into tricky areas. Corded saws are great if you need them to work all day on the job without recharging batteries every few hours!

Power: We found several saws that are great for tackling small house projects, like molding, crafts, and cabinetry! We also found more powerful saws that can handle tough jobs, like cutting metal piping, thick or dense wood, metal sheeting, and more!

Dimensions: Since we’re focusing on mini saws, we’ll tell you the dimensions so you can find the right size! This is good to know if you need your saw to fit into tight spaces or store it in a small space!

Warranty: Power tools are an investment that should last you for several years, but as we all know, things happen! All of the saws we reviewed come with a warranty that will repair or replace your saw if something goes wrong.

Top 10 Products

Now that we’ve covered all the important features you should know about, let’s find you the best compact circular saw for you! We found 10 saws that you will love to use for your professional or home projects! There are professional-grade saws and inexpensive options that are perfect for a variety of jobs! If you don’t have time to read all 10 reviews, no problem! Start with our Top Pick and Budget Pick, and then come back later for more!

Makita SH02R1 Circular Saw

Our Top Pick for the best mini circular saw goes to this powerhouse tool from Makita! We chose this as our #1 pick because it can do a lot while still being easy to use. It only weighs 3.5 pounds, making it great for doing lots of cutting without your arms getting tired! This cordless mini saw runs on lithium-ion batteries, and this kit comes with 2 batteries, charging kit, and LED indicator on the saw to let you know when it’s time for a new battery. You can have one battery charging up while you use the other, so you don’t have to worry about taking breaks! We also like that this saw can cut up to 1” deep, so you can tackle woodworking projects, or use it for cutting drywall, melamine, pegboard, and more! It all comes in a hard and durable carrying case, so it’s easy to take from job to job or store at home!

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If you’re looking for the best small circular saw for the money, this inexpensive saw from WORX is a great value! This corded saw is lightweight and easy to use to cut wood and other materials up to 2 inches thick. It’s also built for accuracy, thanks to the attached guide that sets angled cuts up to 45 degrees. There is also a parallel guide to help you make long, straight cuts with the utmost precision! The blade is thin, which reduces the strain it puts on the machine and helps it last a long time. We also like that it’s easy to adjust the cutting depth, so you can do notched cuts or other intricate cuts for furniture, flooring, and more. To keep your workspace clean, you can also attach this to a vacuum that will clear away dust and debris! This is our favorite cheap handheld circular saw if you’re looking to save money on your tool kit!

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Rockwell Versacut Circular Saw

Another great option if you’re looking for an inexpensive circular saw is this one from Rockwell. We think this is the best metal cutting circular saw because it comes with everything you need to cut a variety of materials. There is a blade to cut wood, of course, but this kit also comes with a blade that can slice through aluminum and PVC, and another blade for ceramic tiles and cement board. We also like that there are several features that make this easy to use! There is a laser guide to help you make straight cuts, and the guards are easy to set to your needs. It also has a lock-off switch that will prevent it from accidentally starting while you’re not using it! The vacuum port hooks to your vacuum to reduce sawdust and shavings from scratching surfaces or making a mess. This is a great saw with everything you need to tackle all your home improvement projects!

Tacklife Circular Saw

Most people want a mini handheld circular saw that can cut more than just wood, and this one from Tacklife can do just that! This 11-piece set comes with everything you need to handle all your home improvement projects or tackle professional jobs without breaking your tool kit budget! It comes with 6 blades that cut a variety of surfaces: 2 are for softwood or plastic, 2 are for hardwoods or soft metals, and 2 are for cutting tiles. The 5.8 amp motor has plenty of power to cut through surfaces with ease, and the laser guide makes it even easier to cut accurately with one hand. If you prefer to use two hands, no problem – it comes with an extra handle you can attach for more control over your cuts! This is also an incredibly safe tool to use, thanks to the metal guard that prevents injuries from sparks and the easy to find safety shut-off switch.

Top 5 Best Compact Circular Saws of 2023

Genesis Compact Circular Saw

If you’re looking for a truly powerful handheld saw that can tackle thick wood and tough surfaces with ease, consider picking up one of these saws from Genesis! Their compact saw is great for using with home improvement projects like trimming flooring, molding, subflooring, drywall, and more! The 5.8 amp motor allows this saw to cut through a lot of material quickly, so you can get accurate cuts without spending all day chewing through thick wood. We like that this mini saw is easy to use with one hand, and has plenty of grip on the handle for safety and control. It also has a guard that’s easy to adjust to the angle and height you need. For long, parallel cuts, there is an additional guard you can attach for that! You can also get an extra blade that cuts through metal like copper and aluminum, so you can do some minor plumbing or siding work on your home, too!

Dremel US40-03 Ultra-Saw

Most people are familiar with Dremel’s line of mini sanders and crafting tools, but they also make a great handheld circular saw for projects large and small! We like this tool for tackling all of your small home improvement projects like trimming wood flooring and baseboards, cutting pipes, trimming drywall, and much more. The 7.5 amp motor provides plenty of power to cut through hardwoods, tile, brick, PVC pipe, and even metal without straining the motor! This kit comes with 4 different blades that are each created for a particular purpose: wood, metal, masonry, and a special blade to make flush wood cuts. You can use this for more than just cutting, too! It also works well to do surface prep – it removes paint, thin-set, rust, and other uneven surfaces prior to laying new tile or flooring! It’s also easy to hold and gives you a great sight line while cutting for even more control over where you cut!


If you already own a few Black Decker 20-volt power or lawn tools, consider adding this mini circular saw to your collection! It runs on the same lithium-ion batteries as all of their other 20-volt power tools, which is great because you only have to buy one set of batteries to power all of your tools! We also like that this handheld saw has a powerful and high torque motor to help you cut through even the toughest wood, drywall, and more. This cordless saw is easy to take with you around the house or on the job site – you can even use it outside without needing to find an outlet or wrangle a heavy extension cord! It’s also incredibly easy to use, with tool-free depth and angle adjustments you can do quickly and accurately. The two-hand saw allows you to have complete control over your cuts, which makes it easier to get consistent cuts every time!

VonHaus Compact Circular Saw

Most professionals prefer using a table saw to make cuts, but what about times when you need a saw to fit into tight spaces? A mini circular saw can reach places that a larger saw can’t, and it will allow you to make even more accurate cuts wherever you need to! This saw from VonHaus gives you professional results with a handheld saw you can use at home or on the job! We like that it’s easy to adjust the depth up to 1 1/8 inches, and the laser sight helps you keep your cuts straight as you go. This kit comes with everything you need to tackle a variety of projects, including a parallel cut guide, extra long vacuum hose, a 9.8-foot power cord, and 3 different blades that cut wood, masonry, and metal with ease. We also like that everything comes in a hard carrying case that keeps parts and extra blades organized and easy to access!

Hyperikon Compact Circular Saw

When looking for the best worm drive circular saw, we wanted to find one with the power of a large worm drive saw, but in a compact design that’s easy to use. This saw from Hyperikon is one of our favorites because it does both! We like this saw because it has all the power you need to cut through wood, yet it’s lightweight enough you can use it all day without getting tired! The blade cuts up to 1.8 inches deep, and you can also adjust the angle up to 45 degrees to make the perfect miter cuts when trimming framing or molding! It’s also easy to see the blade for even better control, thanks to the blade being on the left side. To keep you safe, this saw has a blade guard you can lock in place, safety unlock push button, and a spindle lock button to prevent the machine from starting when you don’t want it to!

PORTER-CABLE Compact Circular Saw

Our final review is for this compact and lightweight circular saw from Porter-Cable that you can use to do home improvement projects like laying flooring, building a new deck, or even make yourself some furniture for your space! We liked this mini circular saw because it truly is compact, making it great for use in tight spaces, or for storing in your garage or closet when not in use. The 4.5-inch blade cuts through wood quickly and accurately, and you can also buy additional blades to cut things like tile, brick, metal, and much more. We also like that adjusting the depth and angle are easy, thanks to tool-free levers that are bright red and easy to find while working. It also has a vacuum port so you can attach it to your shop vacuum, and it will keep your work area clean! We think this is a great circular saw to use for home improvement and professional projects alike!

About the Author

Jennifer Trimbee

Expert Researcher and Writer

Jennifer Trimbee, a lead researcher and writer at GeekWrapped, is an expert writer with many years of experience. Jennifer writes about technology, sports, outdoor, and gear products.

DeWALT Circular Saw, Sledgehammer, and Bernzomatic Torch Tool Review

We’re back to share some exciting tools on the market this year! Let’s take a closer look at some new products from DeWALT and Bernzomatic.


Introducing the new DeWALT ATOMIC Cordless Circular Saw – it’s small, but mighty! Seriously, how cute is this MINI 4 1/2-inch circular saw?! (Never thought I’d ever describe a saw as being “cute” – what is even happening right now?!) I took this tiny tool for a spin at the Home Depot ProSpective Tool event earlier this year and was so impressed by it (you can see it in action in my Instagram stories).

Its compact size is easy to manage for my small hands, yet it delivers enough power to cut through 3/4-inch thick material! I also love that I can operate this tool with one hand. We used it to squeeze into tighter spaces and make tricky cuts when we demo’d our old hardwood floors. It’s got a brushless motor that allows you to cut up to 339 linear feet of 3/4-inch material and a bevel gear design for cutting at 90º-45º. There’s also an electronic blade brake that stops quickly and safely, as well as on-board dust port for dust control.


This DeWALT Sledgehammer was essential during our hardwood floor removal – I absolutely LOVED wielding this thing. You can see it in action here – time-lapse video style! It was lightweight enough for me to manage, yet it packed a powerful punch.

10 COOL Mini Compact Circular Saws You Can Buy On Amazon 2020

This is a 4-lb. fiberglass engineering drilling hammer offering precise power with its concentrated strike face. The handle has an over-molded, textured grip that was comfortable to hold and easy to control. It was great for releasing any pent-up frustrations during our flooring demo!

Gorilla Grip Max Impact with RhinoFlex

These gloves are great for light to heavy-duty tasks with maximum durability, dexterity, and a no-slip grip. They’re made of nylon, dipped in a specialized coating to protect you in wet, dry, or oily applications. The tough outer polymer skin is flexible, yet provides protection from impacts and abrasions. Adam usually wears these gloves for messy jobs like yard work or when he works on our cars. They’re a good, go-to glove for a variety of jobs around the house.


I’ve used this Bernzomatic MAP-Pro Torch kit on several projects, like my DIY Lawn Dominos, DIY Metal iPad Stand, Poolside Towel Rack, and Copper Spice Rack. If you want to learn how to weld, but you’re intimidated by it, using a torch like this one is the perfect stepping stone. This torch kit is incredibly simple to use for soldering, brazing, and heat-treating. The hose and slender body are easy to handle, while the adjustable swirl flame provides hot, efficient heat and fast soldering times. There’s also an auto start/stop ignition for quick one-hand ignition. The applications for this tool are also wide – use it to kill weeds, solder, braze, and bend metal, burn designs onto wood, and more.

I acknowledge that The Home Depot is partnering with me to participate in the ProSpective 2019 Campaign. As a part of the Program, I am receiving compensation in the form of products and services, for the purpose of promoting The Home Depot. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words. My post complies with the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines. This post contains affiliate links. To read my full disclosure policy, please click here.

Miniature circular saw

Compact circular saw

I’ve used large circular saws in the past and always found them hard to use. They were heavy and I felt I wasn’t in control.

But I can hold this mini circular saw with one hand and feel very comfortable using it. The motor is very strong for its size, I’ve used it to cut through acrylic and 1″ plywood easily with a sharp blade.

What I like most about it is the base plate which is very small. It doesn’t get in the way all the time, unlike my previous experiences with ones that required me to move clamps around often.

It also has a laser guide, although I haven’t found it to be useful because I work outdoors, and it’s not bright enough.

The saw came with 3 blades, one for wood, the second for thin metal, and a diamond blade for cutting tile.

I’ve also been able to cut thick steel with abrasive wheels meant for angle grinders, although the instructions recommend against this. I’ve been using this saw for the past year and like it.

As long as you don’t have to cut through thick lumber often (its depth of cut is 1-3/4″), or if you’re left-handed, I highly recommend it.

Worx WX429L 4 Amp WORXSAW 4.5″ Electric Compact Circular Saw

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If you’re an editor trying to formulate a good clickbait article, tying rising housing to the remote work trend seems to be a sure bet. But it turns out housing in Mexico went up 11.7% last year and many markets that increased the most had nary a nomad in sight. (In case you’re wondering, the average price of a home in Mexico is 90,850.)

In-Person Hotel Prices

I don’t do this often, but when I do it almost always works: negotiating hotel in person instead of booking in advance. This week while road-tripping around Greece we showed up in one remote town and immediately paid 90 euros for a waterfront hotel instead of the online price of 110 (including breakfast for two) by asking in person for a room. In the end, the owners probably still came out ahead because they avoided the high fees charged by the likes of Expedia and Booking. This works best with 1) family hotels, 2) outside of high season, and 3) checking in late in the day. Paying cash can sometimes help too…

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I’ve got a few different hotel credit cards I use to stack up free nights and get upgrades. One of them you don’t hear about much offers a great payoff without complications: the Wyndham Rewards card from Barclays. There’s a 0 annual fee version that gives you 45K sign-up points and a 75 fee one that gives you 75K points and Platinum status. Wyndham only has 3 redemption levels, the highest being 30K for a free night, so no complicated charts or changing levels for cashing in. And no foreign transaction fees.

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