5 Best Small Cordless Angle Grinders for Professional & DIY Use. Mini angle grinder

Bosch GWS 12V-76 EC Mini Grinder 10.8V (Body Only)

At 202mm long and with a weight of only 900g, the GWS 12V-76 EC Professional is both compact and lightweight. The handy size allows you to carry out work almost anywhere, even in sometimes hard-to-reach areas. Thanks to the EC motor, the GWS 12V-76 EC has a very high power output for its size. The 76mm diameter disc offers a maximum cutting depth of 16mm. This versatile cordless tool can cut a wide variety of materials. Discs are available for cutting metal, wood, plastics and ceramics, giving it plenty of scope in many different trades. It reliably cuts cable ducts, threaded rods and edge strips for tiles, as well as tiles and tile grouts, pipes, hollow profiles and even perforated bricks and parquet flooring. The motor is at 90° to the body with the disc attached on the end of the spindle. This arrangement makes it easy to control replacing other tools such as the hand hacksaw. The EC motor does not require any maintenance and ensures the long life of the tool. Adjusting the disc guard is tool-less, just the push of a button. An electronic brake prevents overruns when switching the angle grinder off. This is a body only, supplied without batteries or charger.

Key Features

  • Extremely compact and versatile, wide appeal in many trades
  • High-performance, maintenance free EC motor
  • Discs available for cutting; metal, wood, plastics, ceramics etc
  • Easy disc change with spindle lock
  • Tool-less adjustment of disc guard
  • Rapid disc braking on switch-off
  • Body only, supplied without batteries or charger
  • 3 year warranty available (registration required)

Registration required within four weeks of purchase

This applies to all professional blue power tools and measuring instruments from Bosch. The warranty excludes high-frequency tools, production cordless screwdrivers and pneumatic tools, supplied accessories, battery packs and chargers.

For warranty issues outside of the UK; Please refer to the warranty in the home country and if a tool has to be returned to UK please be aware that all postage costs would need to be arranged and paid by the customer.

Registration required within four weeks of purchase. information can be found on the Bosch warranty website and in the warranty conditions.

Batteries Included

Battery Type

Battery Voltage

Bore Size

Corded or Cordless

Disc Diameter

Disc Speed

Nett Weight


Sound Power Level LwA [Uncertainty K]

Sound Pressure Level LpA [Uncertainty K]

Spindle Thread

Vibration Grinding [Uncertainty K]

Body Only Tool
10.8 V
10 mm
76 mm
19,500 rpm
0.9 kg (with batt)
86 dB(A) [3.0 dB]
75 dB(A) [3.0 dB]
13.5 m/s#178 [1.5 m/s#178]

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Best Small Cordless Angle Grinders for Professional DIY Use

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Angle grinders are an essential tool for both trade work and DIY. However, power tools such as angle grinders, and their parts, including discs and motors, can burn out or wear down quickly. Built to cut the toughest of materials, such as concrete, stone, and steel, replacement or repairs may even be necessary after a single grinding session.

best, small, cordless, angle, grinders, professional

That is if you buy the wrong angle grinder! You see, not all models are equally as durable as the next. With this in mind, we’ve carefully researched and selected the most durable angle grinders out there. These days, it’s not necessary to settle for cumbersome corded options, either.

All of the angle grinders in this list are compact and cordless, making them perfect for DIY and professional projects.

Our Top Picks

Angle grinders can get used for various tasks, including sanding wood and leveling concrete floors. Compact cordless angle grinders (4.5″ to 6″) are particularly useful for outdoor or on-site projects where electrical supply may be limited. If you feel one is the right fit for your project, read on to find out which are our best angle grinders to pick!

Bosch 18V X-LOCK (GWX18V-8N) Brushless Angle Grinder

Read our hands-on review: Bosch GWX18V-8N Angle Grinder

The Bosch GWX18V-8N 18V X-LOCK is the most compact, ergonomic cordless angle grinder in the X-LOCK range. This particular angle grinder is brushless, making it more durable than other Bosch brushed motor angle grinders. It is ultra-compact, fitting smaller, 4.5” discs, and features a powerful 18-volt battery.

Built for speedy disc changes, this innovative tool-free angle grinder saves you time. There’s no need for spanners, wrenches, or even adjustment of flange nuts. The unique X-LOCK disc clicks into place or releases with just a press or a pull of a lever. Not only is the disc system tool-free, but the guard and guard adjustment also.

Its safety features include restart protection, soft-start technology, and overload protection to reduce the chance of accidental starts, kickbacks, and motor overheating. Overall, it’s an exceptionally easy-to-use, portable, and affordable cordless angle grinder. It’s also very affordable compared to other similarly-sized angle grinders on the market.

�� Top 5 Best Angle Grinders. Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2023

Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 FUEL Brushless Angle Grinder

The Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 FUEL /strong> is one of the most popular cordless angle grinders on the market. Perhaps this is because this powerful angle grinder is built to grind for much longer. Featuring a POWERSTATE brushless motor and REDLINK PLUS Intelligence, it delivers corded performance with up to 2x longer battery life.

Even if you do run out of power while working on a project, you can attach another pre-charged M18 REDLITHIUM XC5.0 battery pack (sold separately), and you’re good to go. Its brushless motor offers superior durability compared to brushed versions. Featuring a powerful 18-volt battery, it’s not lacking in power, either.

Versatility is another plus, as this angle grinder can fit discs from 4.5” up to 5”, unlike some other models that only fit one disc size. Besides being ideal for demanding outdoor projects, this cordless angle grinder also offers tool-free accessory changes.

Best Angle Grinders 2023. Top 5 Angle Grinder Picks

Makita XAG20Z 18V LXT BL Brushless Paddle Angle Grinder

The Makita XAG20Z forms part of the extensive 300 LXT power tool range. All of these can be used with the same 18-volt batteries and charger. It’s important to note that this angle grinder is a bare tool, which means that it doesn’t come with either. The compatible BL1840BDC2 18V LXT lithium-ion battery and charger are sold separately.

Though, you can sometimes find Makita XAG20Z cordless angle grinders for sale in a set with a battery and charger. If you have a few other LXT power tools, going for this particular angle grinder can save you money on buying those separately. Overall, this brushless angle grinder scores top marks for being durable, powerful, and safe.

Its unique and handy variable speed control dial and paddle switch make it that much safer and more convenient to use. Featuring XPT protective seals, it’s also ideal to operate in wet, dusty, and dirty conditions. Lastly, it fits discs from 4.5” up to 5” and features a powerful 18-volt battery.


Featuring a 20-volt (max power without a workload) battery, the DeWALT FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE /strong> is undoubtedly one of the most powerful cordless angle grinders on the market. Handily, to extend its battery life, you can pair it with DeWALT 20V MAX or 6, 9, and 12 Ah FLEXVOLT batteries.

Part of the PERFORM PROTECT, it’s not only designed to perform but also built to protect. With advanced safety features and parts like a kickback brake, E-Switch, and E-CLUTCH, the angle grinder is better equipped to safely handle binding, pinches, stalls, and unexpected shut-offs.

Its durable brushless motor and versatile 4.5” to 5” disc bracket are added bonuses. Being Tool Connect Chip Ready, you can also easily install a chip to manage and track it using the TOOL CONNECT Site Manager. Overall, it’s an excellent pick for those demanding on-site projects and DIY tasks.

Ridgid 18-Volt OCTANE Brushless Angle Grinder

If you’re looking for the best budget cordless angle grinder, the brushless Ridgid 18-Volt OCTANE fits the bill. This affordable angle grinder is surprisingly powerful for the price. It delivers up to 10,000 RPM, which is more than many other similarly sized cordless angle grinders.

The tool itself comes bare, with the battery and charger sold separately. The 2 Ah battery is the standard choice, and you can sometimes find this angle grinder sold with this basic battery. However, opting for a Ridgid lithium-ion 4 Ah battery or up is recommended, especially if you need more power.

With a tool-free guard, it’s easy to adjust outdoors without a wrench or spanner handy. Its compact, 4.5” disc bracket is ideal for basic DIY and on-site tasks, particularly those that don’t take too much time. Overall, it’s a convenient, compact, and affordable angle grinder option.

What To Know Before Buying a Cordless Angle Grinder

Before selecting an angle grinder, read this buyer’s guide on motor types, battery life, and more. Arming yourself with this important information will help you pick the best cordless angle grinder for your needs.

Motor Type

As with all power tools, motor type is important. Angle grinders typically come with one of two motors—brushed or brushless. Brushed motors are the less modern of the two, whereas brushed motors are the newer option. Brushed motors are easier to maintain, more powerful, and energy-efficient. However, they’re pricier, so you can also opt for an angle grinder with a brushed motor if you want to save.

Power Output

In terms of power, small cordless angle grinder motors typically range from 500 to 1500 watts. If cordless, an angle grinder’s internal battery also plays a part. The higher the angle grinders battery voltage, the more strength it will have—with 18 volts and up being ideal. Also, look at amps and max revolutions per minute (RPM) as these make a difference to its performance.

Battery Life

Cordless power tools are definitely convenient, but they do come with one limitation. As they operate on an internal battery, you’ll be limited as to how long you can use a cordless angle grinder. If it has multiple power or speed settings, using it at its highest can drain the battery much faster. Look for an angle grinder that has enough battery life, recharges quicker, and is compatible with detachable batteries.


Cost is always a factor when purchasing goods. Generally, a good quality angle grinder should cost around 130 to 200 and last 5 to 15 years. Though cheaper cordless angle grinders can be tempting, the quality and durability of these don’t always measure up. That said, you can lower your costs by opting for an older model in the range.

Disc Type Size

Angle grinders polish, cut, and grind using a rapidly rotating disc. Most small and regular-sized angle grinders fit a 4” to 5” disc. Brushless models tend to be able to fit larger 5” angle grinders, while brushed motors typically only fit a smaller 4.5” disc.

Tool-Free Adjustment

Some angle grinders feature tool-free adjustments that make them a little more convenient and quicker to use. Tool-free adjustment allows you to change various part positions or remove and place discs without the use of any tools. However, what you can adjust, tool-free will vary from angle grinder model to model, so be sure to check.

Weight Comfort

Angle-grinding can be quite an exhausting task. Besides the loud sounds, the vibrations from the machine can be challenging to handle. The weight, shape, and grips on an angle grinder can make it much easier and more comfortable to use.


Many hard-wearing products, including power tools such as angle grinders, do come with a warranty. Angle grinders from reputable brands typically come with a 3- to 5-year limited warranty. This does vary per product, so it’s important to check for whichever angle grinder you intend to buy. Also, be sure to read the warranties’ fine print to find out what it covers.


Angle grinders can be dangerous to handle, which is why some manufacturers have added built-in safety features. These extras can include brakes and triggers, which help limit accidental starts and kickbacks. Of course, you should always follow additional safety precautions like wearing a welding helmet, gloves, and protective shoes.


When shopping, it’s best to go for reputable brands to ensure you get the best value for money. Some of the best cordless angle grinder brands include Ridgid, Bosch, Makita, DeWALT, Milwaukee, and Ryobi. Besides being more experienced in manufacturing power tools, these companies also generally offer superior customer service, warranties, and repair services.


Angle grinders may come with additional accessories, such as travel bags, replacement discs, or other types of discs and tools. These are money-saving bonuses that can also be handy for outdoor or on-site projects.

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Angle Grinder Sizes | Which is the Right Size for You?

If you are into automobiles, metalworking, or construction business, then you might be familiar with Angle Grinders. They are one of the popular power tools. Angle Grinders are also known as Side Grinders or Disc Grinders. Like other similar power tools, even Angle Grinders come in different sizes. For small and precise cutting, small size is suitable. But for general purpose cutting and grinding, a large size disc is a better choice. What are some popular Angle Grinder Sizes? Which is the right size for you?

In this guide, we will take a look at Angle Grinders. First, we will tackle the basics. Then, we move on to different Angle Grinder Sizes. After that, we will find out the right angle grinder size for the job.

What is an Angle Grinder?

An Angle Grinder is a power tool that grinds steel, wood, or material at a right angle. The motor rotates an abrasive disc at a very high speed, usually between 3,000 to 12,000 RPM.

With this high-speed turning disc, you can grind or cut wood, masonry, and metal. Here are some of the things you can do with an Angle Grinder:

  • Chop off extra of metal
  • Sanding and other finishing (low RPM)
  • Remove old paint and rust
  • During emergency rescue missions

All angle grinders come with a safety guard. This will protect you from flying shrapnel if the disc breaks while operating at thousands of RPM. It will also protect your hands while using the angle grinder.

SAFETY WARNING : Do not use the angle grinder without the safety guard.

The disc attaches to the main grinder unit with the help of a flange and nut. The design of this nut is special as it recesses into the center of the wheel.

When you purchase the tool, you will get a special wrench in the package to tighten or loosen the nut of the disc. Keep this wrench somewhere safe.

Types of Angle Grinders

There are three basic types of angle grinders. They are:

It is very rare but you can also find gas-powered angle grinders. As you can see from the names, the first two types have electric motors while the third one has a pneumatic engine.

Corded Electric Angle Grinders are a popular choice for most metalworking jobs. Simply plug in the power cord to an outlet and start using the tool. These power tools are also inexpensive of the three while also being light in weight.

Cordless Angle Grinders are gradually replacing the corded options. Apart from portability, these tools also offer great performance. Due to the battery, the weight of cordless angle grinders is more. Cost is also more than corded counterparts.

Brands like Makita, DeWALT, etc. allow you to use one style of battery with several similar power tools. This might reduce the cost in the long run with multiple tools.

The pneumatic Angle Grinder runs on compressed air. Automobile garages and workshops with several pneumatic wrenches and other compressed air tools will have an angle grinder in their chest.

Angle Grinder Sizes

The size of the angle grinder depends on the job you are working on. When we say angle grinder sizes, we actually mean the diameter of the cutting/abrasive disc.

Apart from cutting discs, you can also use sanding discs and wire wheels with an angle grinder. But make sure that the tool has an adjustable speed as sanding usually requires a low RPM (between 600 and 1000).

Coming to the angle grinder sizes, they are usually available in the range of 4” to 9”, which is about 101.6 mm to 228.6 mm. In this, the 4-1/2” and the 7” angle grinders are extremely popular.

The following list shows the common angle grinder sizes with dimensions in both metric as well as imperial. Note that these dimensions are the diameters of new grinding discs.

Small angle grinders will have higher RPM. For instance, the 4” Angle Grinder from Makita has a no-load speed of 11,000 RPM. They are also very lightweight at 3.7 lbs. to 4 lbs.

The 4” Angle grinders are not as common as the next size i.e., a 4-1/2” is a better option. Speaking of 4-1/2” discs, they are some of the popular angle grinder sizes in the current market.

Just like the 4” options, the 4-1/2” Angle Grinder is also lightweight, at around 4 lbs. to 5.5 lbs. This additional weight is a result of a more powerful motor.

Most 4” Angle grinders have a 6 amp or 7 amp motor. But the 4-1/2” Angle Grinders have an 11 amp or 13 amp motor.

As we move higher in angle grinder sizes, the rotational speed of the disc becomes less. A 5” Angle grinder has a speed up to 10,000 RPM, while a 6” one has a speed between 9,000 RPM to 10,000 RPM.

The 7” angle grinder is another popular size in the “larger” angle grinder category. They have a powerful 13 amp or 15 amp motor and rotate the disc between 6,500 RPM to 8,000 RPM.

What is a Right Angle Grinder Size for You?

Small Angle Grinder sizes i.e., with discs less than or equal to 4-1/2” are suitable for a wide range of cutting and grinding jobs.

You can work on metal as well as masonry with these size tools. You can also work in tight spaces due to their small and compact sizes.

The 7” angle grinder is a medium size while we can consider the 9” and above as a large angle grinder. If you work with a lot of metals, be it aluminum, steel, bronze, iron, and even bricks and concrete, then the 7” angle grinder is an obvious choice.

It has a powerful motor that can deliver excellent performance for demanding and tough jobs.

We recommend you to have a good quality 4-1/2” Angle Grinder as well as a 7” Angle Grinder in your garage or workshop. The smaller one can serve you well for cutting and grinding. While the larger 7” one is suitable for general purpose jobs, including sanding.


Angle Grinders are very popular power tools. We use them in construction, automobiles as well as regular metal working. There are several angle grinder sizes but the 4-1/2” and the 7” options are very common and popular.

In this guide, we saw the basics of angle grinders along with some popular disc sizes. We then saw a brief note on the suitable angle grinder size for a job.

Mini angle grinder

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An Angle Grinder For Your Househould Tasks Equipped with a motor powerful enough to cut through concrete, stucco and rebar, the JUSFIT 12V Angle Grinder is the cordless grinder perfect for multiple jobs. Improved safety features like restart protection and soft start controls make it easy to use no matter your DIY skill level.

[PORTABLE MINI ANGLE GRINDER] The size of this angle grinder is 20.5cmX9cmX9cm. and the weight is only 1kg. It is very light and easy to use even for women.

[POWERFUL WIRELESS CUTTING TOOL] 500W brushless motor, rotating speed up to 19500 rpm, cutting blades are sharp and not shaking, thickened fireproof cover, can cut a variety of materials, strong heat dissipation to prevent burning out the machine, stable operation.

[APPLICABLE SCENARIO] interior decoration: wall panel grooves, floor cutting, ceramic tile cutting, etc. Property maintenance, pipe cutting, equipment maintenance. Hydropower installation, PVC pipe cutting, daily maintenance.

[HIGH-EFFICIENCY ANGLE GRINDER] Suitable for quick removal and shaping, especially in convex and concave areas.Consists of hundreds of very sharp teeth, which can quickly remove sawdust and are more durable than hundreds of sandpaper pads.Can only be used for non-metal or non-metal materials, suitable for wood and other materials.

Cordless Electric Ratchet Wrench 3/8

Cordless Electric Ratchet Wrench 3/8

3-in-1 Working Mode 29 Piece Blue Charging Drill Set

6 inch mini Chain Saw

inch mini Chain Saw

HVLP Handheld Electric Spray Gun

HVLP Handheld Electric Spray Gun

1/2” Electric Impact Wrench

The Best Angle Grinder For Wood, Metal, and

When we set out to determine the best angle grinder, it didn’t seem like a terribly difficult task. However, when we got our team together, it was quickly apparent that there are so many outstanding models out there. Angle grinders are a core tool and nearly every brand makes multiple models.

While we’ve done our best to narrow things down based on our experience, we haven’t been able to put our hands on every model out there. So if you have a grinder you love, let us and your fellow readers know what makes it stand out in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section.

How to Choose the Right Angle Grinder

Choosing the right angle grinder for the job is mainly about size and performance. With three primary angle grinder classes (small, medium, and large), it’s all about which size wheel fits in the area you need to grind, cut, or polish.

When the wheel contacts the material, it then has to get the job done. An underpowered grinder might cut 1/4-inch steel plate or grind welds, but higher-performing ones are going to do it much more quickly.

From there, it’s about convenience and features. By far the most convenient way to go is to cut the cord and use battery power. The best cordless angle grinders keep up with corded models—even up to 9-inch models! The trade-off is a higher cost and limited runtime. On the other hand, electronic controls give cordless grinders some features that aren’t common on corded ones.

Here are some other features to look consider:

  • Electronic braking
  • Automatic kickback shut-off
  • Advanced vibration control system
  • Compatible shrouds for working with concrete/masonry
  • Brushless motor (on cordless and corded models)
  • Smart controls/tracking
  • Three total side handle install points

Read up on angle grinder uses and how cordless technology is influencing them here.

The Best Angle Grinder Overall | Our Top Pick

DeWALT 60V Max FlexVolt 6-Inch Angle Grinder DCG418

At the end of the day, the tool you pick up the most is the best for the way you work since you use it so much. The one we pick up more than any other in our shop is DeWALT’s second-generation FlexVolt angle grinder. It has the performance (13-amp equivalent, 9000 RPM) and safety features we demand (kickback control and electronic brake) with the convenience of cordless operation.

One of the other things that sets it apart from high-performance grinders in its class is the ergonomics of its handle design. It’s a slim profile with a trigger rather than a paddle or slide switch.

Price: 229.00 bare, 319.00 (1 x 3.0Ah battery) and 469.00 (2 x 3.0Ah battery) kit options

The Best Cordless Angle Grinder

With DeWALT taking the top spot overall, that model is also our number 1 pick as the best cordless angle grinder. Here are three more options we highly recommend:

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 5-Inch Angle Grinder with One-Key 2883/2882

Milwaukee’s latest flagship small angle grinder has outstanding power with the brake and kickback control we’re looking for. Capable of using 4 1/2 or 5-inch wheels, both styles have a top speed of 8500 RPM.

The 2883 (slide lock) and 2882 (paddle switch) also include One-Key. While there are no control settings, it does offer tracking and inventory management, making it a great option for construction firms and shops that prefer help tracking tools from the crib.

Price: 219 bare, 469 kit (2 x 6.0Ah High Output battery)

Bosch Spitfire ProFactor 18V Connected-Ready X-Lock 6-Inch Angle Grinder GWX18V-13CN

Bosch has a lot going on with their GWX18V-13CN angle grinder. It’s capable of using wheels from 5 to 6 inches and using the completely tool-free X-Lock interface, you can kiss your spanner wrench goodbye! As a 13-amp corded equivalent, the grinder’s BiTurbo brushless motor spins up to 8500 RPM.

In addition to electronic brake, kickback control, drop control, and restart protection features, this model is also Connected-Ready. Just add the Bosch Connected Module to gain Smart tracking and diagnostic communication.

This grinder is also available without X-Lock as the GWS18V-13CN.

Price: 249 bare, 399 kit (1 x 8.0Ah Core18V battery)

Makita 40V max XGT AWS-Capable 9-Inch Angle Grinder GAG10

The cordless large angle grinder group is ironically very small. Among the major brands, your choices are between Makita, Metabo, and Milwaukee. None of them are poor choices. However, our pick for the best cordless large angle grinder in Makita’s GAG10.

best, small, cordless, angle, grinders, professional

Using a single 40V max XGT battery instead of two 18V batteries for power, it kickback and brake safety features, and adds restart protection along with AWS. Makita’s Autostart Wireless System automatically turns on your vac when you pull the trigger, making this an excellent option for concrete and masonry work in addition to standard metalworking.

On the performance side, expect to run 7 or 9-inch wheels up to 6600 RPM. The tool also has an isolated rear handle to help absorb vibration and reduce fatigue in your hand and arm.

Price: 309 bare, 469 (1 x 4.0Ah battery)

The Best Corded Angler Grinder

In order to get the kickback control and electronic brake we’ve been talking about, the best way to get them is with the electronic controls that come with a brushless motor. In recent years, a couple of brands have introduced corded brushless angle grinders that offer those additional safety features.

That’s a big deal to our team, plus you don’t have carbon brushes to replace. If those features aren’t a big deal to you, you might find the best corded angle grinder for you is something different than what we’re recommending.

Metabo HPT AC Brushless 5-Inch Angle Grinder G13BYEQ

Metabo HPT earns our pick for the best corded small angle grinder with its 5-inch AC brushless G13BYEQ. It uses a 12-amp brushless motor to spin the wheel up to 10,000 RPM. The paddle switch and electronic brake ensure the motor stops quickly if your hand comes off for some reason, and it has the built-in kickback control we prefer on grinders.

DeWALT Brushless 6-Inch Angle Grinder DWE43244N

For your medium size grinder, we like DeWALT’s 5-inch/6-inch DWE43244N. It’s a corded paddle switch grinder that takes advantage of a brushless motor. As part of DeWALT’s Performance Protect line, it has an electronic clutch with kickback control and an electronic brake.

For those of your working at height, there’s a lanyard attachment hook just below where the cord enters the housing.

Flipping over to the performance, the motor runs 13 amps and produces a solid 1800 watts of power with speeds up to 9000 RPM.

Metabo 9-Inch Angle Grinder WEPB 24-230 MVT

When it’s time to go big, we prefer Metabo for the best corded large angle grinder. In particular, we like the WEPB 24-230 MVT for several reasons. This 15-amp grinder is well-built and can handle wheels up to 9 inches with speeds up to 6600 RPM. Even though it’s not a brushless model, it does have a mechanical disk brake that activates if the deadman switch is released, if the wheel binds up, or even in an unexpected power loss.

The “MVT” designation on this grinder stands for Metabo VibraTech and includes an internal dampening system along with a vibration reduction side handle.

We also really like the rat tail handle design. Grinders of all sizes can have pretty wide handles that small and medium-size hands have a tougher time with. Metabo’s rat tail handle offers a much more ergonomic grip to hands of all sizes.

The Best Budget Angle Grinder

Ryobi 18V One HP Brushless 4 1/2-Inch Angle Grinder PBLAG01

Ryobi made a huge jump in performance with its HP Brushless line of cordless tools and the paddle switch angle grinder of the group is no exception. Paired with a High Performance battery, the brushless motor is capable of 9200 RPM using 4 1/2-inch wheels.

This is one of only a few grinders with a tool-free wheel removal. Ryobi’s FixTec flange nut has a flip-up section you can grab and twist to loosen or tighten with your fingers. If the nut happens to be too tight, there’s a spanner wrench you can use as a backup.

Even though this model is more expensive than some of the more budget-friendly options out there, its performance makes it an excellent value.

Price: 129 bare, 179 kit (1 x 4.0Ah High Performance battery)

Skil 8-Amp 5-Inch Corded Angle Grinder AG242001

Skil takes your basic grinder needs up a notch with its AG242001. As our top choice for the best corded budget angle grinder, this 5-inch paddle switch grinder is a bit more powerful than its competition with an 8-amp motor producing an impressive 12000 RPM.

It also features three handle positions and the spanner wrench stores right inside the side handle where you’re much less likely to lose it.

The Best Angle Grinder Brand

You can ask professionals which brand makes the best angle grinder and you’ll get a variety of answers. When we look at the grinders consistently doing the toughest jobs, no brand shows up as much as Metabo. The quality of Metabo’s engineering and design along with an incredibly deep line that covers the entire range of grinder needs makes it a top choice time after time. They’re more expensive than other professional brands, but that’s what we expect at this level.

Options From Brands We Trust

Best Craftsman Angle Grinder

Craftsman’s CMCG450 is a 4 1/2-inch brushless model that’s a solid value at less than 100 for the bare tool. It has performance primarily meeting the needs of serious DIYers and has a 3-position side handle with a spanner wrench that stores conveniently in it.

Best Flex Angle Grinder

Even though Flex has been around a long time as a brand, its 24V cordless system is one of the newest on the market. Their 5-inch brushless variable speed grinder doesn’t have a first-gen feel, though. With legitimate Pro-level performance and a comfortable design, kickback control reduces injury risk in a bind-up while the side handle absorbs vibration. It’s also the best value in the professional small angle grinder class.

This grinder is available with a slide switch or a paddle switch.

Price: 179 bare, 199 kit (1 x 5.0Ah battery)

Best HART Tools Angle Grinder

While Ryobi was our pick for the best budget cordless grinder, HART Tools makes a great case as another high-value pick with the HPAG25. Their brushless model boasts the same 9200 RPM as Ryobi and has a three-position side handle. The best part is the price—just 119 as a bare tool.

The downside is that it’s not sold as a kit with a battery and charger. However, you’re going to want more than just the grinder, so grab the brushless drill and impact driver combo to help you get started.

Best Kobalt Angle Grinder

Kobalt’s top grinder is the cordless brushless KAG 424B-03 (KAG 1724A-03 for the kit). It’s a 5-inch model with a paddle switch design that covers all the basics you need with a couple of bonuses. It has a three-position handle and the spanner wrench stores inside the handle so you have it when you need it.

The biggest story for Kobalt is the performance. The brushless motor and 6-cell 24V max battery system run your grinder wheels up to 8500 RPM with plenty of muscle to back it up.

Price: 129 bare tool, 219 kit (1 x 4.0Ah battery)

Best Porter-Cable Angle Grinder

Porter-Cable is back and Tractor Supply carries the entire line! With corded and cordless options, our top choice is Porter-Cable’s corded 7.5-amp grinder. It uses 4 1/2-inch wheels and has a 3-position side handle. The biggest deal is the price—it runs just 39.99 and has a 3-year warranty, making it one of the best angle grinders if you’re on a budget.

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Best Ridgid Angle Grinder

Ridgid has several angle grinders to choose from with options on both the corded and cordless sides. If you’re on the hunt for something with a larger wheel and more muscle that doesn’t break the bank, check out the R10202. Its 15-amp motor powers 7-inch wheels up to 8000 RPM.

Not only does this model have a 3-position side handle, but it also has a rotating 3-position rat tail main handle design. No matter which way you’re cutting, you can get both hands in a natural, comfortable position so you can FOCUS on the cut instead of your grip. Plus, this powerful grinder retails under the 150 mark.

The Best Angle Grinder for Wood Carving

Most people don’t think of an angle grinder for wood carving duties, but there are accessories out there specifically for that purpose. One of the most helpful is essentially a wheel with chainsaw teeth on the edge. You can also use flap disks just like you do for metal.

Most of the wood carving wheels are 4 or 4 1/2 inches, so a small angle grinder is your best bet, and we highly recommend a model with kickback control. The trick here is to make sure your grinder isn’t underpowered since this can be a very aggressive application. If you have spare batteries and a Rapid charger, cordless can be a convenient option. However, the unlimited runtime of a corded grinder is our preference.

If you don’t already have a grinder in mind, give Metabo HPT’s G13BYEQ as our pick for the best corded small angle grinder.

The Best Angle Grinder for Tile Cutting

If you’re going to cut tile, granite, or other masonry with your angle grinder, you need to use a dust shroud and connect a dust extractor. A collection system keeps the dust from getting into your lungs while also pulling it away from your cutline.

There are several add-on shrouds you can buy that take the place of the grinder’s guard. Our top recommendation is DeWALT’s DWE46125 cutting shroud for small angle grinders (84). If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, DeWALT’s DWE46123 includes the cutting shroud with a grinder in one package for 219.

Price: 84 (shroud only), 219 (grinder and shroud)

The Best Angle Grinder for Concrete

Similar to tile cutting, the best angle grinder for concrete has plenty of muscle behind it, a shroud to help collect the dust, and has the unlimited runtime of corded AC power.

Check out Makita’s PC5010CX1 for a 5-inch grinder with a concrete shroud as an all-in-one tool. Its 12-amp motor has 1400 watts of muscle and there’s a vibration-dampening spring system to make the job less fatiguing.

If you’re on the hunt for the absolute best in concrete cutting and polishing on an industrial level, take a look at what US Saws has to offer. The Mark III Dust Buggy is ideal for cleaning out joints. For floor prep, the TC-7 Stand-Up Edger lets you tackle the edges close the walls where your larger concrete polisher isn’t the best option. Incidentally, both use Metabo grinders to get the job done.

The Best Angle Grinder for Cutting Metal

The best angle grinder for cutting metal can be virtually any of the grinders we’ve recommended. It’s all about your expectations for performance, features, and budget. What makes a big difference here is choosing the right accessory for the job.

You have two major options: abrasive wheels or diamond wheels. Abrasive wheels are significantly cheaper, while diamond wheels last much, much longer. If you do a cost-per-cut analysis, diamond wheels end up being a better value if you don’t mind the upfront cost.

If you prefer abrasive cutting wheels, we like the performance and life we get from Makita, and they have both standard and X-Lock wheels available. Another one to keep your eyes on is DeWALT’s Elite Series.

For diamond cutting wheels, it’s tough to beat Diablo for both standard and X-Lock arbors. We also use Lenox MetalMax diamond cutting wheels frequently.

Angle Grinder Safety Tips

Angle grinders can spin up to 10,000 RPM or more. When something goes wrong on the business end, it can be catastrophic, sending shrapnel into your face and body, hurting bystanders, or damaging material and equipment around you. Here are some angle grinder safety tips to prevent it:

  • Always wear eye protection—no excuses!
  • Consider wearing a metalworking apron
  • Wear cut-resistant gloves
  • Never work without a guard in place
  • Use a braking grinder when you can
  • Get a grinder with kickback control
  • Consider a paddle switch instead of an on/off switch
  • Wait until the wheel stops moving before you set the grinder down

How We Make Our Choices

As we considered the dozens of quality grinders available, there were several things we prioritized to help us make our recommendations.


At the end of the day, performance is still the number one priority. We’re looking for grinders that have enough torque to keep their RPMs high and continue to work quickly when the going gets tough.

Size and Weight

When it’s an option, our team reaches for the lightest, most compact tool that still gets the job done with confidence.

Safety Features

Braking grinders with kickback control are two of the top safety features we look for. Any other innovations that improve safety also earn big bonus points.

Additional Features

After safety features, other design elements that make the job easier help improve a grinder’s overall score.

Price and Value

We’re big on value. It’s not about paying the least amount of money possible, it’s about getting the most you can from the angle grinder that fits the budget you have.

Why You Can Trust Pro Tool Reviews

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We’ve been in business since 2008 covering tools, writing reviews, and reporting on industry news in the construction, automotive, and lawn care industries. Our Pro reviewers work in the trades and have the skills and experience to know whether tools can perform well in the field.

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