5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Snow Blower for This Winter Season. Zero turn snow blower

Just in Time for Snow Season, Ariens Company Introduces First, Only Auto-Turn Snow Blower

BRILLION, Wis Nov. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/.- Winter storms are coming, and experts predict parts of the U.S. and Canada will see heavy snowfall this year. Just in time for snow removal season, Ariens Company has unveiled the next generation of snow blowers that make snow removal easier and more efficient with Auto-Turn steering technology. The industry-first technology is only available on Ariens Sno-Thro snow blowers.

“The Auto-Turn technology changes the snow removal experience, making it easier, faster and less stressful,” says Dan Ariens. company President CEO. “With Auto-Turn the machine does more work, and the homeowner does less. There’s no need to make huge loops in the street to turn a corner. And you don’t have to fumble with triggers to initiate the zero-turn feature – it’s already enabled on the machine.”

The technology allows effortless pivot turns, eliminating the straining and pulling associated with a traditional snow blower. Auto-Turn gives homeowners maximum control so they can guide the snow blower precisely and smoothly. They can also make a turn without slowing down or speeding up.

The cost of a snowthrower enabled with Auto-Turn is competitive with the cost of a comparable machine that does not have the zero-turn technology, according to Ariens.

“This feature is not out of reach to the average homeowner from a cost standpoint. It’s one more feature to take into consideration when purchasing a snowthrower, and we think it’s a critical one,” says Ariens. “Consumers would typically take into account housing size, throwing distance and engine horsepower when purchasing a snow blower. Now they can also consider the maneuverability of the machine.”

The Auto-Turn technology is exclusively available on most Ariens two-stage Sno-Thro models. The price starts at just 999. Auto-Turn snow blowers may be purchased at independent Ariens dealers and at The Home Depot stores across the U.S. and Canada.

Also new this season, Ariens introduces Path-Pro a single-stage snowthrower that is lightweight, compact, maneuverable and economical. Ariens says this snow blower is perfect for homeowners who have a small area to clear, receive less than 12 inches of snow per storm or simply need a supplemental, lightweight snow blower.

For more information visit www.ariens.com.

About Ariens Company Established in 1933 in Brillion, Wis Ariens Company is a leading manufacturer of outdoor power equipment for both consumer and professional use. The company’s premium international brands include Ariens Sno-Thro and Ariens lawn and garden products for consumers; Countax and Westwood lawn tractors; and Gravely and Parker commercial equipment for the landscape management, facilities maintenance and sports field sectors. Ariens’ affiliates, Stens Corporation, J Thomas and Ariens Pty Ltd. ( Australia ), supply replacement parts to the outdoor power equipment industry. Ariens Company employs more than 1,400 people, with operations in Wisconsin. Nebraska. Indiana. Michigan. the United Kingdom. Norway and Australia. Visit www.ariens.com for more information.

Video with caption: “Just in time for snow removal season, Ariens Company has unveiled the next generation of snow blowers that make snow removal easier and more efficient with Auto-Turn steering technology. The industry-first technology is only available on Ariens Sno-Thro snow blowers.” Video available at: http://origin-qps.onstreammedia.com/origin/multivu_archive/PRNA/ENR/FX-MM11824-20131106-1a.mp4

Video with caption: “Ariens Path-Pro is a new single-stage snow blower that is lightweight, compact and maneuverable. Path-Pro works well for homeowners who have a small space to clear or those who receive less than 12 inches of snow per storm.” Video available at: http://origin-qps.onstreammedia.com/origin/multivu_archive/PRNA/ENR/FX-MM11824-20131106-2.mp4

Image with caption: “Ariens Company introduces Sno-Thro snow blowers with Auto-Turn steering technology. Auto-Turn enables the user to make pivot turns, creating a faster, easier snow removal experience.” Image available at: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20131106/MM11824

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Snow Blower for This Winter Season

Did you know that some states in the US can have an average snowfall of over 70 inches per year? While Indiana hasn’t seen heaving snowfall the past couple of years, the recent Farmers’ Almanac extended forecast for the 2020-2021 season shows us that this winter could be brutally cold and snowy for much of the country.

If you haven’t already ditched your shovel for a snow blower, now may be the time! In this post, we’ll share 5 tips for choosing the perfect Toro snow blower for you. Read on to find out more.

Don’t Delay on Your Purchase

If you’re interested in purchasing a snow blower for your home, don’t wait till the snowy season is upon us to buy one!

Stores will sell out of the best and most popular models quickly, so you need to get in fast to get the snow blower you really want. Shop early to get ahead of the game.

Measure Your Drive

When considering which snow blower will be the best for you, it’s important to measure the width and length of your driveway and the general area of your property. Each snow blower will have a snow throwing distance and you will want to make sure this fits with the parameters of your outside space.

You don’t want to buy a snow blower with a smaller throw sizer if you have a property and surrounding area that is large and will take more time to plow. If you need help determining the best snow blower for your property, speak with our sales team. We can recommend the best throw in inches for your needs.

Consider Your Average Snowfall Driveway

Your average snowfall will help determine what type of snow blower will be best for you. Single-stage blowers are most adept at handling less than 8-inch snowfalls.

If you are finding that the snowfall is regularly towards the higher end of that or even surpassing 12 inches you may want to invest in a 2-stage blower.

Consider the Angle Material of Your Driveway

If you have a flat, concrete driveway, or an asphalt drive then a single-stage blower should be able to remove the snow comfortably from your driveway. This is, of course, dependant on the amount of snowfall as well.

However, if you have an angled or gravel driveway this can be difficult to navigate with a single-stage blower, not to mention the risk of sucking up the gravel into the blower.

To prevent this from happening you should invest in a 2-stage blower so the nozzle doesn’t scrape the ground.

Check The Consistency of Your Snowfall

Depending on your local area, you might find that the consistency of your snow can be wet and sticky. This type of snowfall can be tricky for single-stage blowers and it might end up causing damage to your back.

2-stage snow blowers are much more equipped in terms of power and design to combat difficult patches of snow and its sticky consistency.

Buying a Snow Blower in Fort Wayne

We hope these 5 tips on choosing the best snow blower for you has been helpful and informative. It’s essential you get the right snow blower for your property and your requirements. Do your research and speak with experts that can advise you on the best purchase.

If you’re looking for a snow blower for sale in Fort Wayne, visit us today to see our complete line of Toro snow blowers.

Best Lawn Mower Snow Blower Combo for Riding Mowers

Is your yard covered in deep snow? Then you may need a good lawn mower snow blower combo! Snow blower attachments for riding lawn mowers are incredibly handy for the winter season since they use a tool you might already have to create a powerful snow blower.

The best lawn mower snow blower combo for most people is the NorTrac BE-SBS50G 3-Stage. Snow Blower. This three-stage, steel snow blower attachment for riding lawn mowers has a throwing distance of 25 feet and a rotating manual crank chute that can clear away massive amounts of snow.

However, there are still downsides to this riding lawn mower snow blower combo that might make another option better for you. So, let’s take a deeper look at the best snow blower attachments for lawn mowers and discuss what you should look for in a lawn mower snow blower combo.

What’s Inside:

  • 1. Best Overall: NorTrac BE-SBS50G 3-Stage. Snow Blower – 50″ Intake
  • 2. Best Value: Arnold MTD Genuine Parts 2-Stage Snow Thrower
  • 3. Most Efficient: NorTrac BE-SBS60G 3-Pt. Snow Blower – 60″ Intake
  • 4. Most Durable: John Deere 44-inch Snow Blower for 100 Series Tractors
  • 5. Most Versatile: Husqvarna Two-Stage Lawn Tractor Mounted Snow Thrower (Manual Lift)
  • Why Do You Need a Snow Blower?
  • What Is the Difference Between a 1-Stage vs 2-Stage vs 3-Stage Snow Blower?
  • What’s The Best Lawn Mower Snow Blower Combo For a Long, Wide Driveway?
  • Should I Have a Gas Mower or an Electric Mower for My Snow Blower?
  • Should Horsepower Be a Concern?
  • What Type of Tires Do You Need for Snow Throwing?

Best Lawn Mower Snow Blower Combo Review

Pairing a riding lawn mower with a snow blower attachment gives you the ultimate four-season versatility you need to keep your yard tidy.

These riding lawn mower snow blower combos are generally very easy to install on your lawn mower, allowing you to stay prepared for anything – even if it’s 18 inches of snow.

Best Overall: NorTrac BE-SBS50G 3-Stage. Snow Blower – 50″ Intake

Width is the name of the game with this attachment!

Having a clearing width of 50 inches, the NorTrac BE-SBS60G blower can clear a bunch of snow off your driveway every time it passes by.

It also has a reasonable throwing distance of 25 feet, which gives you enough room to work with. The chute deflector of this device is impressive as it can be adjusted into five different positions.

The manual-crank chute also rotates as much as 340°, so you can throw the snow at your desired angle. The auger is bolt-protected and runs a chain-driven shear.

This snow blower is made of steel, the most durable material you can use to combat snow.

The only real downside to this (aside from the steep price) is its weight of 612 pounds. It will take more than one person to attach this lawn mower snow blower combo to your lawn mower.

Best Value: Arnold MTD Genuine Parts 2-Stage Snow Thrower

One thing right off the bat that will set you at ease with this snow thrower; it is compatible with newer models of the Troy Bilt Super Bronco XP riding lawn mower. This can be a big deal if you don’t want to play any guessing games to determine which snow blower fits which lawn mower.

You will also appreciate the high-volume accelerator of this device. It wastes no time chopping up frost and quickly removes as much as 18 inches of snow in one go!

This snow thrower may not be the most visually appealing, but it is highly productive and something I can see myself using.

Most Efficient: NorTrac BE-SBS60G 3-Pt. Snow Blower – 60″ Intake

If you liked NorTrac’s 50-inch wide lawn mower snow blower combo, then you will love this attachment!

How about 10 inches wider for snow intake? The clearing width of 60 inches makes this snow blower the most productive option on this list. It also has a better throwing distance than the 50-inch wide option, as it can throw snow as far as 40 feet.

This larger version of NorTrac’s 3-part snow blower attachment for lawn mowers also has a 5-position adjustable chute deflector to help guide the snow. You can also rotate the manual-crank chute 340° to throw the snow in the angles of your liking.

The main problem you may have with a snow blower this large is that you will need a lawn mower that will accommodate its size. A serviceable option to pair this snow blower with would be the Husqvarna 54″ 24 HP zero-turn riding mower. However, be prepared to save up some money to pay for it.

Most Durable: John Deere 44-inch Snow Blower for 100 Series Tractors

If you are in need of big snow removal, then this best lawn mower snow blower combo can answer the call!

No matter the snow condition, this snow blower works well for removing snow from your driveway. Though it is best suited for snow removal around recreational and industrial parks, you should have an easy time getting a feel for this device.

This is a two-stage blower, which means that the low-speed auger of the blower accumulates the crusted material as it moves the snow toward the second stage. Single-stage snow blowers don’t have this feature.

This snow blower has a rear ballast consisting of two 42-pound Quik-Tatch weights, which are recommended for additional traction. John Deere is a recognizable brand, so don’t worry about anything fishy going on with this product!

Most Versatile: Husqvarna Two-Stage Lawn Tractor Mounted Snow Thrower (Manual Lift)

This model is a good and well-rounded riding lawn mower snow blower combo. If you love Husqvarna products and own a riding mower, this snow thrower is what you need. It has a spacious clearance intake of 42 x 20 inches, which means it will pick up a good amount of snow.

Its chute is easily adjustable to fit any angle as it can be rotated as much as 180°. This flexibility helps get the snow out of your way.

After attaching the mounting and pulley frame brackets, you can easily remove the snow thrower with standard tools. It also has a replaceable wear plate and skid shoes.

One great thing about this snow blower attachment for lawn mowers is the 2-year warranty it has. Gotta love those warranty plans!

Best Lawn Mower Snow Blower Buyer’s Guide

Using your lawn mower along with a snow blower attachment for the winter may sound like a daunting task.

However, if you know what to look for, you will find the right combination. You are looking for the snow blower combo that not only works with your riding lawn mower but also makes you feel comfortable.

Before purchasing a riding lawn mower with a snow blower attachment, here are some factors to consider.

Why Do You Need a Snow Blower?

A snow blower is a device that the user guides from behind. Its mechanics are very basic. It almost always has a rotating blade, shaped like a corkscrew, that lifts, chops, and throws away snow.

If you live somewhere where it snows often and you can’t get onto the road, manually shoveling your driveway can be a huge setback. Having a snow blower will save you time and money.

What Is the Difference Between a 1-Stage vs 2-Stage vs 3-Stage Snow Blower?

The design is the main difference between a 1-stage, 2-stage, and 3-stage snow blower. As you might have guessed, a 3-stage snow blower offers more power and can clear heavier snow than a 1-stage or 2-stage snow blower.

Here are the basic differences between single-stage, 2-stage, and 3-stage snow blowers:

Single-Stage Snow Blowers 2-Stage Snow Blowers 2-Stage Snow Blowers
A single-stage snow blower only has one auger. The auger sucks up the snow and then discharges it. A two-stage snow blower has an auger and an impeller. The auger will suck up snow, and the impeller throws it away from the machine. Three-stage blowers have an auger, an impeller, and an accelerator auger.
Single-stage snow blowers only clear 16 to 20 inches of snow. Two-stage snow blowers can clear more than 20 inches of snow. Three-stage snow blowers can clear more than 20 inches of snow faster than a two-stage blower.

Two-stage snow blowers are usually self-propelled and free up one of your hands. They perform at their best when working on an incline. However, they can clear deep snow as well as a 3-stage blower. They are just slower than 3-stage models.

3-stage snow blowers can clear snow and ice 50% faster than two-stage snow blowers because of the additional impeller. The additional auger in a three-stage snow blower is called an accelerator auger, specifically designed to speed up the snow throwing process.

If you live in an area that sees very heavy snowfall that can easily form compacted ice, then getting a 3-stage snow blower is a wise choice. The extra augers break the ice, and the impellers finish the job.

What’s The Best Lawn Mower Snow Blower Combo For a Long, Wide Driveway?

You should absolutely get a snow blower if you have a long or wide driveway because you will save time and money. Instead of doing back-breaking work with a snow shovel for hours, a snow blower can scale back the amount of work you need to do.

The best snow blower attachment for lawn mowers for people with long or wide driveways is the NorTrac 3-Pt. Snow Blower – 60in.W Intake since it is a three-stage blower with a very generous 60-inch intake area.

Should I Have a Gas Mower or an Electric Mower for My Snow Blower?

You’ll find that most lawn mower snow blower combo products are made for gas mowers. This is because you’ll see more power overall with a gas mower, and with heavy snow, you’ll need all the power you can get.

All the lawn mower snow blower attachments in our review are for gas lawn mowers. However, there are electric snow blowers you can use that don’t need a tractor, and you can see some of the best ones in our review best electric snow shovels.

Should Horsepower Be a Concern?

Horsepower should be a top concern if you want to be productive in the snow. When you pair a riding lawn mower with a snow blower attachment, your mower will need to be able to push through that snow without giving in. So, the more powerful your engine, the bigger your snow blower can be.

Most lawn tractor snow blower combinations list the ideal horsepower for the snowblower to work correctly. So, just read the label before settling on a specific model.

You should also consider the auger width of a snow blower attachment, how much you can adjust the chute and deflector, and the overall durability of the snow blower’s materials.

What Type of Tires Do You Need for Snow Throwing?

For starters, always think about traction!

Some lawn mower tires, unfortunately, have poor treads, which are vulnerable to skidding. If you have tires you know won’t perform well in the snow, replace them for the winter season as soon as possible. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Consider getting snow chains and rear ballast weights, too. Read up on the best lawn mower snow blower combo of your choice – many manufacturers recommend tires, chains, and weight ballast options.

Here are some tire chains to show you an example:

Made in USA Outdoor Power Equipment: Lawn Mowers, Snow Blowers, and more

tips, choosing, perfect, snow

Whenever we can, we try to support American-made products. But why is it so tough to find USA-made outdoor power equipment? Well, it’s not. People just say that it’s difficult because no one’s made a solid USA list. That changes now. I’ve got you covered.

Who wants to sport a lackluster yard? No one wants to be the neighborhood eyesore. First, check our list of Garden Tools made in the USA. Get motivated with our curated list of Gardening Books for Spring Inspiration, all printed in the USA. By the end of this article, you’ll understand how to make your property beautiful while supporting American jobs at the same time.

The good news is, you can still have a beautiful yard while supporting America and your family’s health.

NaturaLawn of America

NaturaLawn of America provides a line of American-made lawn care products used in their services. Some of their products include Tick Ranger, Mosquito Ranger, and Ice Melt. Hey, who wants ticks and mosquitoes crawling on us or latching into us?

But their main services consist of two lawn care programs, one of which is called The Natural Alternative and is 100% pesticide-free. Both programs use only USA-made resources. In fact, all NaturaLawn products used in their services, including tick and mosquito lawn treatment products, are 100% USsourced.

“All NaturaLawn of America products are proprietary and made exclusively for our franchises. Our franchisees must use these products, which are only USA-made, in order to ensure all customers receive the same quality product,” Theresa Smith, NaturaLawn’s Director of Marketing, told USA Love List. You can locate a NaturaLawn of America provider via this locator link.

Made in USA Outdoor Power Equipment

When it comes to lawn maintenance products, none are more popular than snowblowers and lawnmowers. Tragically, finding USA-made lawnmowers and snowblowers isn’t as easy as one might think.

The good news is, some major American brands produce high-quality, affordable, USA-made lawnmowers and snowblowers.

Ariens: Built in the USA Snow Blowers, Lawn Mowers

Ariens has a manufacturing facility in Brillion, Wisconson where snow blowers and zero turn lawn mowers are assembled. Ariens other manufacturing facilities are located in Norway and in the United Kingdom.

Fun Fact: Ariens was the first US manufacturer of garden tillers back in the 1930s. Today, Ariens is known for its snowblowers. They didn’t get the nickname The King of Snow for nothing! Ariens Crossover series of snow blowers are made with all-steel construction in the USA.

Ariens outdoor power equipment products can only be purchased through authorized dealers.

Cub Cadet: American Built Lawn Mowers, Tractors, Snow Blowers

Cub Cadet builds all its mowers, tractors, snowblowers, and utility vehicles in the United States. With factories in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and Mississippi, Cub Cadet helps local community workforces thrive. The company calls its relationship with American communities “Strongsville.” Cub Cadet’s product line is priced around the same as Snapper and all of their products are handcrafted and engineered to the highest of quality standards.

Home Depot carries Cub Cadet products. Also, major tractor supply companies are likely to carry them or be able to order them for you. Here’s a geo-targeted “where to buy” map to help you find a Cub Cadet independent dealer.

Snapper: American Built Tractors Lawn Mowers

Snapper, a division of Briggs Stratton Corporation, builds select styles of its tractors, zero-turn mowers, and walk-behind mowers in the USA. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Snapper products are produced in Munnsville, New York, and of course, in Milwaukee. Snapper’s parent company employees thousands at domestic jobs, including engine building, throughout the United States. American-built Snapper products are only available through independent Snapper dealers.

Snapper also offers a line of electric lawn mowers, electric string trimmers, electric leaf blowers, and electric hedge trimmers; however, the electric line of products is NOT made in the USA.

STIHL: Built in the USA Chainsaws, Leaf Blowers, Trimmers

STIHL has been building outdoor power equipment in its Virginia Beach, Virginia manufacturing facility since the 1970s. than 80 models of STIHL equipment are still made in the USA today. These include select models of their chainsaws, leaf blowers, and hedge trimmers.

STIHL products can only be purchased through authorized STIHL dealers, so your local dealer should be able to point you to the specific American-built products that you are looking for.

Ventrac: American Built Tractors and Attachments

Ventrac, an Orrville, Ohio company, rarely gets a mention in the lawn equipment conversation. That’s mostly because this American-made lawn equipment company primarily focuses on tractors, snow removal, and soil preparation attachments. For lawn equipment companies, consumer lawn mowers are the biggest hook. Ventrac doesn’t build consumer lawn mowers. Instead, they build mowers that can negotiate and navigate big slopes.

Their products are American made and they are big supporters of their Ohio community. The downside is that Ventrac products are made for farmers more than everyday homeowners. Additionally, they aren’t carried by major stores.


Finding USA-made lawn care products and equipment isn’t as difficult as many people think. While the options are thinner, the options you have are high-quality and will last you for a long while. Whether you are trying to improve the health and beauty of your lawn, or you need to blow some snow, you can find products built right here in good ole’ America.

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