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How to Use an Angle Grinder

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Angle grinders are electric power tools with detachable grinding wheels that you can apply to a variety of jobs around your home, including sanding, grinding, cleaning, and cutting. When using a grinder, make sure you’re picking the right attachment for the job and using that attachment correctly. Always practice safety procedures when working with a grinder, as it can cause injury, both from the blade itself and from flying debris. [1] X Expert Source

Choosing and Applying the Right Attachment for the Job

  • Try buzzing off dirt that’s set on garden tools. It will even work on set-on cement.
  • Pick the cup wire attachment for flat surfaces and the wheel to get into crevices.
  • Make sure to pick the right type of blade for the project you’re working on. For metal, a cutoff wheel works well, and it’s fairly cheap.
  • For masonry, tile, and concrete, choose a diamond wheel. Read the attachment to know what materials you can use the wheel on. [4] X Research source
  • Don’t let the blade get too hot, as it will become very brittle. If it turns black or blue, give it a rest for a moment.
  • Check the wheel for the arrow showing you which direction it will rotate when on.

Operating an Angle Grinder Safely

Put on safety gear like goggles, long sleeves, and full-face protection. One of the main dangers of an angle grinder is flying debris, including pieces breaking off of the tool’s attachments. Protect yourself with safety gear so you don’t catch a piece in your eye. [7] X Expert Source

  • Put in ear plugs or cover your ears with noise-canceling earmuffs, as the sound from the machine can get very loud.
  • Wear a dust mask for particularly dusty jobs, like sanding and grinding mortar. [9] X Research source
  • Grab the handle with whatever hand feels most comfortable.
  • The deadman’s switch is a safety feature. If you accidentally drop the grinder, it will go off automatically.

Let the grinder come to full speed before applying it to the surface. Hit the power button to turn it on. Whether you’re cutting, grinding, or sanding, allow it to come up to speed to help you keep your actions smooth and consistent. For instance, if you’re cutting through metal or other materials, you’ll get a better cut if the cutting disc is at full speed first.

Move the angle grinder around constantly when sanding or cleaning. Don’t keep the tool in one place when sanding, as you could end up with gouges. For a smoother finish, move in a rotating motion over the surface. If you’re trying to smooth or clean one particular area, don’t hold it in place; just move it around and over the area until it’s to your satisfaction. [10] X Research source

  • With cutting, use the side of the wheel to cut the piece head-on, meaning you should hold the wheel perpendicular to the piece you’re cutting.

Keep the guard on no matter what you do. The guard may get in the way on some projects, but don’t take it off. It provides some protection from flying debris if the wheel or attachment shatters. It’s much better for the guard to take the hit then your torso or arms! [12] X Research source

Picking Angle Grinders and Accessories

Choose a 5-9 amp motor if you plan on using the grinder a while. If you want to use the grinder for a number of projects, try not to get the cheapest one. If you spend a little more, you can get a better quality machine. Pick a motor that pulls 5-9 amps, which will give you a little extra power and will likely stay in operation longer. [15] X Research source

  • That way, if you turn your grinder to max, you still won’t go over the max speed of the accessory.
  • A grinding disc with noise reduction and a handle that reduces vibrations can also make your grinder safer.

Community QA

Always wear eye protection and gloves, and point the grinder away from yourself; it might be a good idea to use it on a safe grinding area as well, along with clamps, vices, etc. Before grinding, examine the power cord, extension lead, plugs, sockets and power outlet for damage. Also, ensure that the grinding disc, guard, and attachments (including handle) are secure and correctly fitted. Lastly, inspect the grinding disc for damage; never use a damaged grinding disc, and never use a disc on a surface that might damage it.

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Join the axle pipe with the center point of the wheel, and make sure that the wheel rotates smoothly.

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Choose/purchase the correct disc, be it for metal or masonry, and make sure it’s fixed correctly and tightly. Wearsafety goggles. Hold the grinder very tightly and proceed with caution.

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Best Angle Grinders as of 2023

Angle grinders are among the essential tools that can be found in any respectable metalworking workshop. These handheld power tools can be used to grind, polish, cut, buff, sharpen and clean various materials, including metal, wood, tile, and stone.

Much like any other power tool, angle grinders aren’t created equal.

Some are designed for heavy-duty cutting and grinding work, while others, particularly the smaller versions, are best suited for light grinding and simple DIY projects.

And with many angle grinders on the market claiming to handle all sorts of projects, finding the perfect one for your needs can be tricky.

Luckily for you, we can help with that! We evaluated angle grinders based on power, reliability, versatility and ease of use to create this guide. We’ve also included a handy buyer’s guide to help you make a more informed buying decision.

What Is an Angle Grinder?

An angle grinder is a handheld device with a rotating disc used to grind, polish, sharpen, or cut a variety of materials. They are available as corded or battery-powered cordless units.

What Is the Best Wattage for Angle Grinder?

Generally, the angle grinder’s wattage ranges from 500 to 2,500 watts.

The right grinder for your projects should have adequate wattage or else the work done will be lacking in quality. Here’s a breakdown of the various wattage you need for different activities.

  • For polishing – 500 watts
  • For grinding – 1,000 watts
  • For cutting through light materials – 1.500 watts
  • For cutting through heavy materials, like strong metals – 2,500 watts

If you’re planning on using your grinder regularly and extensively, it’s advisable to choose one with a higher wattage of at least 800 watts.

What to Look for When Buying an Angle Grinder

Consider a few things before picking the right grinder for your needs. The best grinders have unique features, different power sources, and some are best suited for specific jobs. Let’s take a look at the things to consider before buying an angle grinder for your projects.

Disc Size

An angle grinder’s disc size is indicative of its power and overall capacity. The larger discs are commonly used for more demanding work to produce a smooth finish in less time and thus indicate a more powerful tool.

For most DIY projects, a 4, 4.5, or 5-inch disc will suffice. Smaller discs are best suited for FOCUS jobs that require lots of precision. Larger discs may be more powerful than their smaller counterparts but perform poorly on more precise projects. However, a larger disc is the best suited for the job if you need to cut thick metal.

Power Source

Most angle grinders you’ll find on the market today are battery-powered.

However, you may also find corded or even compressed air options if you do your homework well. It’s important to pay attention to the grinder’s power source before committing to buy.

Cordless grinders are more expensive because they can reach spaces that their corded counterparts can’t. However, they are also limited by the battery power. If a battery dies when you’re working, you may have to pause your work for several hours as you wait for it to charge.

Corded tools can run for an extended period as you remain near a power source. However, they can also be limited by the length of the cord. They are also limited by your ability to find a power source. None of the options is better than the other. It will all come down to where you will be using the unit.


The grinder’s speed is also an important factor to consider.

The average grinder’s speed typically ranges between 5,000 and 10,000 revolutions per minute (RPM), though some top-end machines may go over 10,000 RPM.

A higher RPM model can cut through materials faster than a lower RPM model. Higher speeds will quickly translate to better results in the hands of a skilled artisan. However, in the hands of an unskilled person, even a higher RPM model may not produce the desired results.

The solution is to choose an angle grinder with variable speeds. With an adjustable speed grinder, you can adjust the speed to suit the task you’re working on.


Wattage indicates a grinder’s efficiency.

In most cases, more powerful units will have greater speeds. A motor with high wattage should withstand heavy use, excessive friction, and other forms of operational stress better than the less powerful units.


Last, you’ll want to factor in price, especially if you’re on a tight budget. The cost of angle grinders varies widely, ranging from 25 to 700, with some top-of-the-range models costing as much as 1,000.

But you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good angle grinder. You can find an excellent corded grinder for under 100.

We compiled this list of the best angle grinders taking the factors above into consideration as well as using the latest customer sentiment data and suggestions from our community of metallurgists:


DeWALT is not new to power tools, angle grinders included. Founded in 1922, the company has been manufacturing grinders since 1967, making it one of the big names in the field.

Their 20V MAX, DC413B angle grinder is an excellent product that combines performance with speed. The cool thing about this cordless angle grinder is that it features the DeWALT E-Clutch technology, which senses the tool’s motion and reduces the mortar torque to a manageable level.

This model also has a kickback brake, designed to stop the grinder when a stall, pinch, or bind-up occurs during operation. Additional technologies include soft start and kickback brakes that manage the grinder’s speed, preventing it from reaching high speeds at once.

As for portability and ergonomics, this unit scores a mark due to its compact design, weight, and excellent vibration control. This 20V unit has a 9,000 RPM, which allows it to cut through materials faster.

Key Features

  • Disc size: 4-1/2 inch
  • Max speed: 9,000 RPM
  • Battery: 20V
  • Weight: 3.75 pounds
  • Additional features: Soft start, kickback breaks, DeWALT’s E-Clutch system

The DeWALT DCG413B is an excellent angle grinder for commercial and DIY projects. At a price of 167, the unit is reasonably priced for its features.

  • Brushless motor of the angle grinder requires no brush changes.
  • DeWALT grinder’s brake stops wheel in 2 seconds or less on average
  • Kickback Brake engages when a pinch, stall, or bind-up event is sensed and the electronic brake engages with maximum force to quickly stop the wheel, reduce the movement of the metal grinder and shut the grinder off.
  • Features E-Switch Protection. When the ON/OFF trigger switch has a no-volt release function. In the event of a power outage or other unexpected shut down, the trigger switch will need to be cycled (turned off and then on) to restart tool.
  • Two stage trigger requires two actions to activate tool.

Bosch 1375A Corded 4-1/2 Inch Angle Grinder

Borsch makes all kinds of home and industrial appliances, power tools, and angle grinders. Their 1375A Corded Angle Grinder is an excellent choice for those on a tight budget.

Weighing only 3.5 pounds, the 1375A corded grinder is small and lightweight. And its compact size doesn’t get in the way of performance. The unit is equipped with a powerful 6.0 AMP motor, capable of producing 11,000 no-load RPM for professional grinding applications.

Its versatility is also remarkable. Although the 1375A is small, it can easily cut through masonry projects. This unit is ideal for metal workers, plumbers, vehicle fabricators, and other professionals who use grinders regularly.

Additionally, the unit features an ergonomic design that provides a firm grip and outstanding user comfort. It’s designed with a sealed switch to prevent dust and unwanted materials from entering the switch mechanism.

Key Features

  • Disc size: 4-1/2 inch
  • Max speed: 11,000 RPM
  • Weight: 3.75 pounds
  • 6.0 AMP motor
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Epoxy-coated design for added durability

The Borsch 1475A Corded Angle Grinder is a compact yet powerful tool for professionals and DIYers. And for 59, this unit gives you the best bang for your buck.

  • COMPACT: weighing only 3.75 pounds, the grinder is compact and ideal for metal workers, vehicle fabricators, plumbers and other professionals who use grinders on a daily basis
  • POWER: features a powerful 6.0 AMP motor to produce 11,000 no load rpm for professional cutting and grinding applications; the efficient motor was designed with an extremely small field diameter, letting the user grind or cut with ease
  • COMFORT: offers a 2-position side auxiliary handle specifically designed to angle to a natural position for maximum operator comfort; the top handle of the angle grinder is also ergonomically designed
  • CONVENIENT: features Bosch’s Service Minder Brush System to eliminate guesswork and stops the tool when preventative maintenance is required; A 5/8 inches to 11 inch spindle works with a wide array of sizes, mounting the most popular accessories
  • DURABLE: features an epoxy coated design to protect the tool from abrasive debris; also designed with a sealed switch to keep dust and debris from entering the switch mechanism


The DeWALT 20V MAX is another excellent angle grinder ideal for professionals who want a powerful grinder without sacrificing much on price.

The DC405B comes equipped with a powerful brushless motor capable of producing 9,000 RPM for professional grinding applications. It uses the highly rated 20V brushless motor for excellent power and features DeWALT grinder brakes that stop the wheel in 2 seconds.

As a part of DeWALT’s Perform and Protect line of products, the DC405B is equipped with Kickback Brakes that stop the wheel when a stall, pinch, or bind-up is detected. There’s also a power loss reset feature that prevents accidental restart in the event of power disruption if the tool is left in the “ON” position.

Key Features

  • Disc size: 4-1/2 inch
  • Max speed: 9,000 RPM
  • Wattage: 850 watts
  • Power source: Battery powered
  • Weight: 3.75 pounds
  • Additional features: Kickback breaks, power loss reset, powerful brushless motor

With a 4.7-star rating from over six hundred satisfied customers on Amazon, the DC405B is truly an exceptional product. And for 156, the item is on par with other products in its class.

  • Brushless motor of the angle grinder requires no brush changes.
  • DeWALT grinder’s brake stops wheel in 2 seconds or less on average
  • Kickback Brake engages when a pinch, stall, or bind-up event is sensed and the electronic brake engages with maximum force to quickly stop the wheel, reduce the movement of the metal grinder and shut the grinder off.
  • Power Loss Reset prevents accidental restarts following a power disruption when the tool is left in the “on” position.

Milwaukee 2680-20 M18 18V 4-1/2 Inch Cordless Grinder

Milwaukee is a brand that requires no introduction, and its cordless grinder is an excellent option to consider for your home and commercial projects.

The Milwaukee 2680 cordless grinder boasts a 4-pole motor capable of pushing 10,000 RPM, that’s excellent for most users. A Li-Ion battery with a voltage rating of 18V powers this unit. This grinder comes loaded with features that make it ideal for a variety of jobs.

Milwaukee has included a rubber textured handle and a 3-position plastic handle that gives you maximum control with the tool. On top of that, it comes with a wheel guard that can be adjusted to suit various applications requiring different cutting angles.

According to the manufacturer, the M18 is the only grinder on the market that offers the user a paddle switch for comfort and ease of use when operating in various positions.

Key Features

  • Disc size: 4-1/2 inch
  • Max speed: 10,000 RPM
  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Voltage: 18 Volts
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Additional features: paddle switch, tool free guard, 3-position side handle

The Milwaukee 2680 is an excellent angle grinder suitable for various applications thanks to its powerful motor and an array of features. And for 79, the tool will give you the best value for the money.

  • PADDLE SWITCH: You can activate this grinder easily, even when you’re wearing thick work gloves, thanks to the paddle switch design
  • DEBRIS BAFFLES: An “L” shape molding near the grinding wheel picks up debris and prevents it from clogging up the tool’s internal components
  • TOOL-FREE GUARD: The guard is easily adjustable. All it takes is the push of a button, and you can have the guard adjusted for a variety of cutting applications at different angles
  • 3-POSITION SIDE HANDLE: Work with maximum stability with the help of the plastic handle, included in this kit
  • M18 COMPATIBLE: This Milwaukee power tool works with M18 18v lithium ion Milwaukee batteries. Compatible models include the 48-11-1860, 48-11-1850, 48-11-1828, and 48-11-1815, 48-11-1840, 48-11-1820

DeWALT Angle Grinder Tool (DWE43116)

The DeWALT DWE43116 is a high-performance hand grinder best suited for heavy-duty tasks of commercial nature. Powered by a 13-am motor, the DWE43116 can cut through metals and other materials faster and with ease.

The all-powerful 13.0-amp motor can produce 9,000 no-load RPM for professional grinding applications.

Additionally, the unit is equipped with DeWALT’s Dust Ejection Technology that ejects debris and dust particles that enter through the air intake vents. Customers on Amazon love its ease of use, good torque, and small form factor.

And with a 4.8-star rating from over seven hundred satisfied customers, you can be confident you’re buying a quality and powerful product.

Key Features

  • Disc size: 4-1/2 to 6-inch
  • Max speed: 9,000 RPM
  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Wattage: 1,700 watts
  • Weight: 5.7 pounds
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Additional features: powerful 13-amp motor, dust ejection system technology

The DeWALT DWE43116 is a beast of a grinder that has won the hearts of many due to its power and sheer performance. And for 129, the unit is competitively priced for its features.

  • Angle grinder has 9,000 RPM Rating
  • DeWALT angle grinder comes with 13-amp motor
  • Dust Ejection System of the metal grinder provides durability by ejecting damaging dust and debris particles that enter through the air intake vents.

Milwaukee 2485-20 M12 Angle Grinder

The Milwaukee 2485-20 M12 Angle Grinder is a force to be reckoned with in the angle grinder’s space. This grinder offers up to 0.3 HP, making it 20% more powerful than most angle grinders. Milwaukee says this product can deliver better, sustained performance than pneumatic die grinders.

Better still, the M12 angle grinder can push out anywhere between 0 and 24,500 RPM, making it one of the most powerful angle grinders on the planet.

Besides its sheer performance, the other impressive thing about the M12 is the package into which the company has managed to cram all that power. The M12 die grinder is only 4.5″ and weighs only 1.2 pounds.

Key Features

  • Disc size: 4-1/2
  • Max speed: 24,500 RPM
  • Power source: Cordless
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • 2″ Accessories POWERSTATE Brushless Motor Technology

The Milwaukee 2485-20 is the most powerful angle grinder on our list and is capable of delivering better, sustained performance than pneumatic die grinders. For 157, the product is in the upper price bracket, which is expected of a product with such features.

  • The MILWAUKEE 1/4″ M12 FUEL Right Angle Die Grinder is the first cordless right angle die grinder that delivers the performance and size and speed professional service mechanics demand.
  • The die grinder delivers 20% more power than pneumatic competition and features the Milwaukee POWERSTATE Brushless Motor Technology.
  • The cordless die grinder provides users with up to.3 HP performance, best-in-class size to help fit in tight places, and offers users greater mobility and access.
  • 20% Power Than Pneumatic0.3 HP Motor Output4-MODE RPM CONTROLGreater Mobility and Access
  • Optimum performance with 2″ AccessoriesPOWERSTATE Brushless Motor Technology

Wrapping Up

Finding the best angle grinder for your project can be daunting, considering the flood of options out there. We hope this guide will help you cut through the noise and find the best angle grinder.

Angle Grinder Vs Cut Off Tool

People sometimes inquire whether they’ll use an angle grinder or a cutoff tool more often because every DIY enthusiast understands that proper tools are not inexpensive. In essence, compared to a cutoff tool, which can only cut, an angle grinder is more adaptable. However, a cutoff tool is frequently more precise and suitable for delicate tasks.

However, there is much more to it than that. I’ll be contrasting cutoff tools with angle grinders in this essay. We will also demonstrate how to choose between the two so you can decide which is ideal for your toolbox (and your wallet).

Cut-Off Tool

A cutoff tool is a power tool to cut metal also used to cut various other materials that need additional force or accuracy. They are easily controlled with one hand and are available in corded and cordless versions. The “cutter,” or cutting accessory, is placed at a 90-degree angle to the driveshaft in a cutoff tool. This enables efficient operation.

You can easily cut objects in confined spaces and tight corners with cutoff tools. You can use them for many materials, including metal, wood, plastic, and others. They are simple to use and transport due to their small size.

Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is a cutting tool with an attached rotating disc. This disc could have rough edges or a surface. You can use it for many things, including cutting, grinding, polishing, etc. Angle grinders are versatile since you may utilize a variety of angle grinder attachments with them. They are typically used for grinding and cutting, which means using both hands for effective and seamless operation.

Angle grinders have a strong motor that can quickly and precisely cut through huge amounts of hardened materials. Their heads are constructed with the driveshaft at a specific angle. This allows you to change the cutting angle and power as needed.

Key Distinctions Between Angle Grinders and Cutoff Tools

Angle grinders and cutoff tools are necessary to power instruments for the construction or fabrication industries. Every industry or workshop that performs metalworking or other types of material shaping and cutting uses them. The following essential distinctions between the two serve to distinguish them from one another:

  • Compared to an angle grinder, which you can also use for shaping, sharpening, grinding, and other tasks, you can only use a cutoff tool for cutting.
  • While the angle grinder requires two hands, it can easily do the cutoff tool.
  • An angle grinder has a motor with a horsepower range of 3 to 7 HP, while the standard horsepower for a cutoff tool is around 1 HP.

Considering all the variations, it can take time to determine which would be better suited for a given job.

How Do I Choose Between An Angle Grinder And A Cutoff Tool?

When using one of the power tools, you need to bear in mind a few important considerations. It would help if you considered the things I’ve listed while deciding.

#1 Handling

The fundamental distinction between an angle grinder and a cutoff tool is that the former requires only one hand to operate. In particular, if you’re working on small metal fabrication jobs, this makes it a lot simpler to use. You can easily use the cutoff tool if most of your fabrication projects are small-scale. However, a two-handed angle grinder is preferable if you are accustomed to cutting huge amounts of metal.

#2 Application

A cutoff tool restricts the range of work because it is only used to cut certain kinds of metals. While you can use an angle grinder for many different tasks, including cutting, grinding, sanding, polishing, and carving. You can get by with a cutoff tool if you’re convinced that the only thing you have to do is cut things. If you like versatility in your power tool, though, choose the angle grinder.

#3 Horsepower

No matter what power tool you purchase, its RPM is determined by horsepower. This indicates its cutting power. Higher cutting speed and power are obtained when you opt for more horsepower. When opposed to angle grinders, cutoff tools have a lesser horsepower range. They can only perform small-scale, low-power cutting tasks as a result.

However, an angle grinder has three to five times the horsepower of the cutoff tool. Because of this, you may use it for more fabrication operations.

#4 Positioning

The placement of a power tool is also important since it affects how easily you can do difficult fabrication tasks. Angle grinders cannot compete with the location of cutoff tools. They have a head perpendicular to the ground and may be controlled with one hand. They can thus be employed in confined locations.

Based on your fabrication jobs, you can decide whether you need a tool that can handle high-powered jobs or is readily maneuvered around confined locations.

#5 Safety Options

You can’t compromise the safety features. You’re prone to mishaps since you frequently work with metal to cut and sharpen. Your chosen tool must include specific safety features because of this.

In addition, you should take precautions for your safety and the safety features of your power tool. These include donning safety gear such as gloves, hard helmets, masks, and eye protection.

#6 Pricing

Finally, and most crucially, price is a key factor. It also affects the value that your power tool will add to your fabrication tasks. These products price ranges set them apart from one another. You can choose based on your financial situation. I recommend picking a power tool with the most usefulness and safety possible since it is a one-time investment. It will pay off in the long run.

Depending on the project, you may choose a different power tool. Even if you have the money, you cannot purchase an angle grinder or cutoff tool. It’s best to keep track of your areas of competence and the jobs you tend to land. In this manner, you can choose wisely.

The angle grinder, which removes the need for several power tools, is what I advise choosing. Both large and small fabrication projects can use it. By adjusting the angle at which you move, you may also change its power. Please use this blog to understand how to decide between an angle grinder and a cutoff tool.

The Best Angle Grinders, According to 27,500 Customer Reviews

Welcome to the Thomas guide to the best angle grinders 2023. Thomas has been connecting North American industrial buyers and suppliers for more than 120 years. When you purchase products through our independent recommendations, we may earn an affiliate commission.

An angle grinder is one of the more versatile power tools in a toolbox. They are excellent for cutting metal, steel, or other hard materials. They can also be used to sharpen metal tools or cut construction materials, though sharpening blades with an angle grinder takes practice and professional knowledge. Some professionals even use them to sand a wood carving or remove corrosion from tools.

Good grinders can easily cut through most types of metal. They have a strong and oftentimes cushioned handle as well as easily accessible buttons to change speeds and turn on and off. Users should always use safety goggles during the grinding process as a safety precaution, especially when using one of these tools to cut metal.

Here is a list of the best angle grinders, followed by a buying guide to help you select the best angle grinder.

Thomas’ Top Picks for the Best Angle Grinders 2023

Review our list below to find the best angle grinder for your needs from pneumatic, cordless or corded models.

Best Pneumatic Angle Grinders: Ingersoll Rand 5102MAX Air Die Grinder | Buy Now

Best Compact Angle Grinders: Bosch Angle Grinder | Buy Now

Best Angle Grinders for DIY Projects: Avid Power Angle Grinder | Buy Now

Scroll down to read more about these top picks for the best angle grinder, according to many happy buyers.

listed in this article were as shown in US on amazon.com (USA) as of May 2023

Best Angle Grinder with Diamond Blade—DeWALT Angle Grinder

With a powerful 11-amp motor, this DeWALT 4.5-inch angle grinder boasts a lot of power. The blade can be used for dry or wet cutting while its DeWALT dust ejection system stops dust and debris from getting into the tool. It also features a paddle switch design, spindle lock button, tool-free wheel removal, and spiral bevel gear.

“This DeWALT angle grinder tool has a kick like a mule because it is that powerful,” wrote a customer. “It’s got torque like few other hand tools I’ve experienced. The revolutions on this thing are so fast it actually feels lighter when activated.”

Disc size: 4.5 inch

best, angle, grinders, 2023

Dust catcher: Yes

Motor power: 11-amp motor

Best Cordless Angle Grinder—DeWALT Cordless Angle Grinder

When looking through cordless angle grinders to buy, long battery life is usually top on the list of musts, which is why this DeWALT angle grinder with its brushless motor topped our list for the best cordless model. The kit includes the grinder, a Rapid charger, and a 60V battery. The variable speed works depending on how much pressure is placed on the power button, with light pressure for low speed and hard pressure to reach the maximum speed.

“Without question, this tool is a beast,” raved one reviewer. “It never bogged down under the most intense use and was light enough to make using it a pleasure. The power on this 60-volt model is exceptional—particularly considering it is battery powered.”

Wheel diameter: 4.5-inch angle grinder

Dust catcher: No

Motor: Battery-powered brushless motor (13-amp motor equivalent)

Best Corded Angle Grinder—BLACKDECKER Small Angle Grinder

There are many different ranges of power tools available for professionals and homeowners alike, so even those on a budget can find an affordable angle grinder for their needs—this BLACKDECKER power tool is a prime example. For under US30, shoppers can get this small angle grinder that has three different handle positions for a more firm grip for different projects.

It can be used with type 27 or 29 flap discs and comes with both a metal grinding wheel and a wheel guard. “Will cut through about anything,” described one shopper. “I use it on a regular basis when modifying my Jeep Cherokee, and when a large branch fell on my house, I grabbed it to cut through some limbs.”

Disc size: 4.5-inch angle grinder disc

Dust catcher: No

Motor: Power output at 120V

Best Pneumatic Angle Grinder—Ingersoll Rand Angle Grinder

Matching the power of a gas grinder, this pneumatic angle grinder from Ingersoll Rand is one of the more versatile tools buyers can add to their toolboxes. It can be used to polish, grind, sand, or hone a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, cast iron, or steel. Customers did note, however, that the guard for the blade does not come with the kit, and the different size holders and mandrels are sold separately.

“Build quality is exceptional—and I am a mechanical engineer who designs stuff like this for a living,” explained one shopper. “Very good ergonomics. The button to lock out the spindle for tool changes is much, much handier than I was expecting it to be. No more fumbling with two wrenches.”

Disc size: Most discs that are compatible with a ¼-inch shank size or 6mm collet

Dust catcher: No

Motor: 20,000 rpm

Best Powerful Angle Grinder—Makita Angle Grinder

Cordless tools with a powerful brushless motor, like this Makita angle grinder, offer the freedom and flexibility of working in tight spaces. The small diameter barrel grip on this versatile tool makes it easy to steady this machine even with the strong power output it gives. One customer felt that they would have preferred a trigger-style power switch but the overall consensus from the majority of customers was that this angle grinder is easy to use and a top product.

“I used it to cut out two 20-inch circles from 10 gauge expanded metal as grates in my burn barrels,” explained one customer. “Again, no problem whatsoever. Wore out one cut wheel and ¼ of the next.”

Disc size: 4.5-inch flap disc

best, angle, grinders, 2023

Dust catcher: No

Motor: Brushless motor that works with 3 or 4 amp motor batteries

Best Grinder Kit—WORKPRO 20V Angle Grinder Kit

As a complete angle grinding kit for anyone starting out, this WORKPRO cordless power tool set includes five metal cutting wheels, five grinding wheels (including a cutoff wheel and a grinding wheel protector), the battery, charger, and wrench. Other features include an electronic brake and an ergonomic three-position handle.

“No problem cutting through ¼-inch angle iron,” described one consumer. “Really like the three positions for the handle. I mainly bought it to grind, buff, and use with a wire wheel, but was pleasantly surprised at how well the battery did when it came to actually cutting.”

Disc Size: 4.5-inch angle grinder

Dust catcher: No

Motor: Brushless motor

Best Angle Grinder with Spindle Lock—DeWALT Paddle-Switch Angle Grinder

Using an angle grinder equipped with a spindle lock like the one found on this corded DeWALT grinder is a good safety feature when grinding for long periods. What’s more, the convenient paddle switch locks on for heavy-duty jobs. This tool doesn’t come with grinding wheels, and it does not have an electronic brake.

One customer who is a truck mechanic wrote, “I have put many quality grinders in their final resting place. [For] most of them, you could tell on day one what to expect. This one will be with me at home for the rest of my years. I fed this thing a hot supper for eight hours straight upon receipt.”

Disc size: 4.5-inch angle grinder

Dust catcher: No

Motor: 11 amp motor

Best Compact Angle Grinder—Bosch Angle Grinder

To cut metal in hard-to-reach places, small angle grinders like this four-pound Bosch angle grinder are excellent. Aside from the tool, buyers will receive a tool-less disc change, a flange kit, a spanner wrench, and a grinding wheel.

The size makes it deserving of a spot in tool bags, but be aware that the case can get hot with extended use. Buyers can also purchase this model with a dust ejection system for smooth operation. “Sweet grinder,” expressed one shopper. “Bigger amps than similarly-sized grinders. Fits the hand well.”

Disc size: 4.5 inches

Dust catcher: No

Motor: 8.5 amp motor

Best Variable Speed Angle Grinder—Makita Angle Grinder

The five variable speeds on this Makita angle grinder make it one of the more versatile grinders available. It can cut anything from granite to metal with different grinding wheels. The only caveat is that this grinder gets very hot when cutting thicker materials, so gloves should be used to protect the hands.

It comes with a three-year warranty. One reviewer expressed, “Drilled a three-inch hole in concrete as well as cut some four-inch cast with a diamond blade. Variable speed is worth every penny.”

Disc size: 5 inches

Dust catcher: No

Motor: 13 amp motor

Best Angle Grinder for DIY Projects—Avid Power Angle Grinder

DIYers will like the features of this Avid Power angle grinder for projects around the home. The blade guard protects users against flying debris, while the two-position handle allows for more control when working on specific materials.

Some buyers didn’t find the instructions to install the shield piece easy to read, but this component should easily move at a 360° angle if installed correctly. “This is just what I needed,” wrote one shopper. “Plenty of power for just about anything I do around the house and DIY projects.”

Disc Size: 4.5 inches

Dust catcher: No

Motor: 7.5 amp motor

The Best Angle Grinders—Summary

For a complete cordless angle grinder kit that includes everything needed to grind, cut or polish, the WORKPRO angle grinder (US84.99, Amazon) is a top choice. The versatility that the five variable speeds bring to many projects is also an excellent option with the corded and powerful Makita grinder (US181.26, Amazon).

Choosing the Best Angle Grinders—Buying Guide

Read on below to learn more about the different angle grinders and their best uses.

Types of Angle Grinders

There are four main types of angle grinders available, each with its own strengths, limitations, and type of power source. Most angle grinders can either be cordless, corded, gas-powered, or pneumatic.

Cordless Angle Grinders

Cordless power tools do not have the distance limitations of a power cord and allow operators the freedom of using them wherever they want, even outdoors. With battery technology improving every year, some cordless models are on-par, power-wise, with electric models. The only limitation of battery-powered grinders is if users don’t have a backup battery, then cordless grinders will generally only have a little over 45 minutes of run time.

Corded or Electric Angle Grinders

Corded models are one of the more popular types of angle grinders purchased for their power and unlimited power duration. A corded grinder is restrained by its cord, but for bigger jobs, a corded model doesn’t require batteries or the high maintenance needed for a pneumatic or gas power source angle grinder.

Pneumatic Angle Grinders

Pneumatic grinders work by using air pressure from an air compressor. When it comes to power levels, these would come just after gas-powered angle grinders and can be very expensive to own and operate, considering that air compressors have to be changed often because the refills are quite small and don’t hold that much air. One perk to a pneumatic version is that is tends to run longer than a cordless tool and is more powerful than a corded model.

Gas-Powered Angle Grinders

Like most gas-powered tools, gas angle grinders are the most powerful angle grinders available on the market. They are more expensive than other types of grinders and are also heavier. Additionally, gas-powered versions require a lot of maintenance and are not a top choice for smaller jobs.

We hope our review of the best angle grinders has been helpful, whether you were after something for heavy-duty projects or a model with the best safety features.

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