9 Of The Best Lawn Mower Storage Ideas For Your Regular Or Riding Mower. Lawn mower storage rack

YardRack Package

Mobile storage for lawn tractors, zero turn mowers, compact sub compact tractors, ATV’s, UTV’s and more…. Perfect for anyone with limited storage space. This one of a kind attachment is perfect for jobs like planting grass, clearing trails, cutting firewood, planting a garden, spreading mulch, pulling weeds and more. The YardRack is designed so you can load up once and go to work, without having to make multiple trips.

  • Attaches in seconds! Includes attaching bracket and mounting hardware with easy to follow instructions
  • Universal fit. compatible with most riding lawn mowers and sub-compact tractors.
  • Easy to store. folds up for convenient storage on and off your tractor
  • Fits on any 2 inch female receiver or 3 point hitch with a draw bar 2 inch receiver
  • Wagon-like load carrying capacity up to 75 lbs.
  • Dumps effortlessly by releasing top cables
  • Quickly folds up when not in use, buckles in place allowing it to stay on during mowing.
  • YardRack comes 100% already assembled in the box with everything you need

Utility Patent held 10,899,284 B2

Design Patent held D868843

  • 1 Large Heavy Duty Canvas Cargo Bag with Metal Tube Support Frame
  • Protective, Weather-Resistant Cargo Liner
  • 1 Upright Main Frame Bar: To attach your tool holders
  • 1 Universal Tool Holder: Perfect for rakes, shovels, axes and more.
  • 1 Universal Dropdown Tool: Great for garden hoses, sprayers and more.
  • 1 5n1 Tool Holder(not included in Base Package)
  • 1 BigToolRack GearBag(not included in Base Package)
  • 1 Universal Hitch Mounting Plate Easily attaches to most tractors and movers (can also be used as a wall hanger)
  • 1 BTR Tow Hitch Bracket(not included in Base Package)
  • L-Tube
  • Hitch Tightener: Heavy duty anti-rattle stabilizer for 1.25″ and 2″ hitches, reduces movement from hitch. (Only included in the 1.25″ and 2″ Mounting Kit Packages)
  • 1.25″ to 2″ Mounting Kit
  • 2″ Dual Extender Mounting Kit
  • 3 Point Drawbar Mounting Kit
  • Ferris Mounting Kit
  • 2″ Receiver Hitch HX2
  • Category 1, 3 PT Hitch Receiver Drawbar- Suitcase Weight Bracket
  • 75lb load capacity
  • Cargo Bag: 29W X 19D X 11H
  • Yellow bar: 25 1/4 W X 27H
  • Outside Dims with Mounting tube: 31W x 22.5D x35H
  • Hitch Mounting Bracket: 13W X 5D X 5H
  • Box weight: 39.68lbs
  • Box Dimensions: 33″ x 29″ x 7″

Customer Reviews

Tim, Your customer service is amazing, the personal touch you give to my order. Going above and beyond to make sure my order was completed. I really like your products especially the Big Tool Rack (small version) I put on my Cub Cadet garden tractor and since I have ordered R.O.P. attachment for my Kubota BX23. Great Product Customer Service. Veteran Approved.

Makes working in the garden easier

BTR. equipment that makes every job efficient. Saving time while over delivering on their promises. BTR Quality is not expensive it’s priceless.

What a great product. I have 4 acres, some open, mostly wooded. I have my BIGTOOLRACK mounted on back of my JD X580 with a trailer. Now I can carry my chainsaws, rake and shovel everywhere and use the trailer to carry wood and debris. My tools stay clean and safe.

see the

Yardrack in action

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With our Yardrack you can

Haul. Carry. and Get more Done! /h3>

Safely carry all of your project supplies and tools in this heavy duty rack with its many innovative features and Smart design.

best, lawn, mower, storage

Built for a

Lifetime of Work

Made of the highest quality material

Powder coat textured finish to last a lifetime

1 year manufacturers warranty from manufacturers defects

best, lawn, mower, storage

COMPATIBLE with Attachments

You Already Own


See what our customers are saying


I’m so glad I chose the YardRack over a trailer! The quality far exceeded my expectations. I followed the mounting instructions and it fit on my mower like a glove. No trailer to haul behind or worry about jackknifing. Plus I have such limited space in my shed and this does not take up any space at all!

Phillipe in Litchfield, Connecticut

My wife thought this was just another gimmick. Something that would never get used. But now she’s convinced that I use it more than any implement or any tool that I have purchased in 10 YEARS!

Carl Hutchinson from Georgia

It’s like a little pick up truck body for my lawn tractor. Now I can garden and not have to drag my wheelbarrow out, I can even leave my gloves clipper in it so I can trim bushes and trees when I am out on my property. It just made perfect sense to me. Very high quality product.

Ashley in Lincoln University, Pennsylvania

One of the frustrations my wife and I had with our subcompact tractor is where to carry things. We had to hook up our cart for most work which was overkill and an inconvenience most of the time due to limited space to turn it around. When I saw the YardRack I was sold! Our tractor can now sit loaded with tools and ready to go.

Harry from Vancouver, Canada

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Of The Best Lawn Mower Storage Ideas For Your Regular Or Riding Mower

Are you looking for the best lawn mower storage idea? You’ve landed yourself in the right place, then! I’ve been struggling with my lawnmower since I got it until I finally realized I already have about seven or eight places I can keep it!

I bet you have these places in your backyard, too. You’re just waiting for someone to point them out, and I don’t blame you. That’s what I’m here for! Keep reading. I’ll even tell you how to store a lawn mower in the garage.

Build A Mini Shed

best, lawn, mower, storage

People usually use mini sheds to store things that can’t be inside their houses, such as chemicals and pesticides, or gardening tools. Well, while you’re at it, why don’t you try to store your lawn mower there, too?

Although it’ll limit the space you have for the rest of the items, you’ll have saved yourself a great deal of hassle. The lawn mower storage shed will protect your mower from wintery conditions and it’ll stay dry and warm, which will raise its life expectancy by a few years.

Besides, mini sheds are pretty easy to build, as you can see in this guide from Shed Plans, a professional shed plan company. If you don’t already have one, I’m sure that you can get started right now and have it ready by the end of the week.

Or Even Better, A Mid-Size Shed!

best, lawn, mower, storage

The larger, the better – a mid-size shed won’t only protect your lawn mower and keep it from freezing during winter, according to Gardening Know How, a well-known blog by gardeners that’s all about – you guessed it – gardening, but it’ll also give you enough space to store all your gardening and landscaping items. If you have room for it, I recommend going straight ahead and building one.

I included mid-size sheds on my list because they offer full security for the items inside. Besides, I’ve found that wooden sheds can last a lifetime if taken care of, so you’ll be ensuring a storage place for as long as you need it.

Do You Have A Garage?

best, lawn, mower, storage

If you have unused space in your garage, I see no reason to keep your push lawn mower outdoors. Most people store lawn mowers in the garage, alongside any other lawn equipment. Besides the full protection from the weather conditions, your machine will be safe from any thieves.

A garage typically offers more security than a lawn mower shed. Plus, you can customize it to fit all of your items by utilizing these ideas from Best Life Online, a lifestyle magazine and blog. You can also use the garage to store your lawn or garden tractor. If you don’t already own one, here’s a review that’ll help you pick the best garden tractor for you.

If You Don’t, Go For A Fabric Tent

best, lawn, mower, storage

If you’re on a tight budget, I highly recommend going for a fabric tent. It’s easy to set up and put away, it doesn’t take up much space, and it can offer some protection from the winter. On top of this, it doesn’t take up much storage space, seeing as it folds down to a compact size.

The only downside to fabric tents is that they may get blown away in particularly harsh winds, according to Eureka!, a camping equipment seller that’s been around for over a century. Although this is unlikely if you live somewhere with moderate weather, it’s bad news for people in wintery states.

Or Maybe Store It Under A Tarp

best, lawn, mower, storage

Many people don’t have enough space in their yards to build a shed or put up a tent for their lawn tractors. If that’s the case for you, I suggest you store your lawn mower directly under a tarp. It won’t cost you much, and it folds up to a compact dimension for ease of storage.

Though a tarp won’t protect your lawn mower much from heavy rainwater, it’ll keep it warm and prevent it from freezing. It’s a viable option for people in very cold states.

You Can Also Use Some Space Against The Wall

best, lawn, mower, storage

I bet that against your outside wall doesn’t come to mind when you think about where to store your lawn mower, right? It’s a pretty convenient idea, though, when you think about it. You won’t have to build a full shed or install a tent – all you’ll have to do is create a space against your wall and build or buy a storage unit.

All of us certainly have some empty wall space outside our house. I think that this is a brilliant solution to your issue, as you can see in the photo. You can even paint the box the same color as the wall to help it blend in.

Or From The Ceiling

best, lawn, mower, storage

Now we’re thinking out of the box! Unless you’re three meters tall, there’s probably a pretty large chunk of ceiling in your garage that you don’t need. Why not use this garage space to store your lawn mower?

While it may not be convenient for extra-large lawn mowers that you can’t lift, I’ve found that it fits moderately-sized ones just fine. On top of this, it won’t cost you as much as building a shed will. You’ll only need to pay for some woodwork or do it yourself.

Or Maybe On A Shelf?

best, lawn, mower, storage

I know; this idea sounds absurd at first. Storing a gardening machine on a shelf seems impossible. But when you see the image above, you’ll realize it’s actually doable, and it’s a really great idea!

If you want to keep your lawn mower inside and away from mother nature, storing it on a shelf in your basement or garage is an excellent end to your dilemma, according to HGTV, a TV channel and blog all about home improvement and landscaping.

However, bear in mind that the rack should be strong and stable enough to hold your lawn mower. If you need to, I suggest you hire a handyman to install some shelves for you.

How About On A Table?

best, lawn, mower, storage

Most of us have an old wooden table lying around in the basement with nothing to do. Well, if you don’t have a shed or a tent for your lawn mower, it’s time to put your old table to good use. As you see in the photos here, large tables are perfectly capable of accommodating lawn mowers.

The good thing is, you won’t need a waterproof cover. Your lawn mower will already be inside and away from the harsh conditions. Besides, the table won’t need any maintenance, other than the regular cleaning every once in a while.

Meanwhile, I’ve found that a shed or a tent typically needs some maintenance effort on your part.

Did You Like Our Lawn Mower Storage Ideas?

Since I got my lawn mower, I’ve been struggling with the issue of storing it somewhere safe. That’s why creating a list of lawn mower storage ideas was a priority for me. What did you think about the listed options? After trying out quite a few of these, I can tell you they worked excellently!

Let me know what you think in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and don’t forget to share the article if you liked it!

A Lawn Mower Shed: These Are Your Options

Sheds are important storage facilities that provide a variety of shelter options for your lawnmower as well as other accessories. Investing in a storage shed is a great way of keeping your lawnmower safe and out of the elements as well as your much-needed garage or basement space. Storage sheds are available in a variety of styles and sizes and can suit different kinds of needs and budgets. Once you have a well-built storage shed that suits your needs, you won’t have to worry about the weather or security, as all your tools and equipment will be safely locked away inside.

A lawn mower shed, these are your options:

  • Keter Fusion Composite Storage Shed
  • Arrow Newburgh Steel Storage Shed
  • Suncast Tremont Storage Shed
  • Rowlinson Secure Storage Shed
  • Rubbermaid Outdoor Vertical Storage Shed

The size of your storage shed will depend mainly on the size of your equipment. Most riding lawn mowers will need at least a 5 by 5-foot space, while some may even require a 7 by 5-foot space, all depending on the size of your mower. Apart from the size, other factors such as the cost, and probably the style or color you prefer, also play an important role. It may seem like something simple, but a storage shed can be a pretty big investment, that you can be looking at for the next 15 to 20 years! This is why you need to make the right and best choice in the long run.

Did you just invest in a new mower for the upcoming mowing season? Do you already have a mower used in previous seasons, and you just need to get it out of the weather? Do you want to know the options of storage sheds available for you? You’re in the right place. In this article, we will be looking at different types of storage sheds used for lawn mowers, which can include a push mower, a zero-turn, or a riding lawnmower. Regardless of the type of mower you own, you’re going to find important information that would help you make the right decision for your situation.

Types of Lawn Mower Storage Sheds

Generally speaking, there are three different types of material to consider when looking at a shed. These include wood, resin, and metal. Below are a few major differences associated with each type.

Wooden Sheds

These are perhaps the most commonly recognized garden building in many households. Wooden sheds have been helping many people out for a very long time, and they are generally the more traditional approach. If you’re looking to create your shed plan, it is recommended that you build it from scratch, or better still, follow a pre-made plan. Hence this option might be great for you. Wooden sheds are available in many styles and designs to suit your taste. For people interested in a traditional shed, an apex shed is most likely the best choice to complement your traditional garden. Having different options like customization, and not having to worry about a predefined size, some people might consider this the best possible option.

To assemble the shed, takes roughly 1 to 2 days, including the foundation construction time. If you are looking for a stylish storage option that is safe and durable, you should consider the Keter Fusion line.

Arrow Newburgh Steel Storage Shed

With an internal dimension of 7’10” wide x 5’6″ deep x 5’6″ tall and an external dimension of 8′ wide x 5’11” deep x 5’7″ tall, this Steel storage shed is very durable with strong and secure walls. The exterior of this storage shed is made up of electro-galvanized, UV-resistant steel that can thrive well in the summer. Also, its low-gable reinforced roof serves as protection from rain and other weather conditions.

To assemble the shed takes about 6 hours including foundation construction time, and pre-cut and drilled parts make DIY assembly easier. They have sliding double doors that meet in the middle where they can be padlocked to prevent unwanted entry. However, the padlock connection point is low strength. There is no floor for this shed, so you will have to build one yourself.

Suncast Tremont Storage Shed

Made with blow-molded resin construction, this sturdy resin plastic shed is extremely durable and strong enough to last a long time. Its design and security are quite simple but appealing to the eyes, and it is also easy to assemble: takes about 2 to 5 hours to assemble including foundation construction time.

If you’re looking for a medium to large-sized shed to match your backyard space, this 8’x10′ size shed will provide ample storage space.

Rowlinson Secure Storage Shed

  • External dimension: 6’4″ wide x 8’1″ deep x 7’7″ tall

This wooden garden shed brings a touch of Britain to your location. The storage shed is large and tall enough to house all your garden tools with extra room to spare. To assemble, it may require more than one person, as well as a little professional help, and it takes roughly 1 to 2 days to assemble including foundation construction time. The tongue and groove flooring is solid and great, which will fit perfectly on your constructed foundation. However, you’ll be required to supply your shingles for the roof as it does not come with these.

Rubbermaid Outdoor Vertical Storage Shed

  • Dimensions: External: 72” wide x 25” deep x 30” tall
  • Internal: 69” wide x 19.6” deep x 27” tall

If you have limited space but still want a great shed, this Rubbermaid resin shed may be just the right option for you. The 18 cubic feet interior offers a surprising amount of storage capacity, and the shed comes with five different shelves to house and organize your garden tools. It is also very easy to assemble, taking about 2 to 3 hours. This shed comes with a metal locking tab that goes through one of the doors to keep it shut. This ensures good security, but you must first be willing to put in extra work while assembling it. Since it isn’t bolted together, you can disassemble it to remove its contents.

How to build storage shelves in a shed with 2×4 and plywood

It’s amazing how many items you can collect in your shed or garage over time. And of course, they’re all useful and needed but the chaos makes you nervous.

So how do you organize everything so you can see what you have and access them easily?

Build your own storage shelves!

I have an easy way to build storage shelves for either the garage, shed, or maybe a storage room. And all you need are some 2×4’s, plywood, screws, and some tools.

SIDE NOTE: Want to see how we build this shed, start at creating a shed plan.

best, lawn, mower, storage

SIDE NOTE: I decided to build these shelves by attaching them directly to the wall, so these cannot be moved after they are built.

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links or referral links for your convenience. It is a way for this site to earn advertising commissions by advertising or linking to certain products and/or services, click here to read my full disclosure policy.



The first thing you need to do is to create the sketch (aka: the plan). Things to consider:

  • How high do you want the top shelf?
  • How wide will your shelves be?
  • How many shelves? And the amount of space in between?

best, lawn, mower, storage

These questions will help you create your idea sketch. I always start any project with an idea sketch, which is the basic plan of your DIY/Build. Then, you create the actual sketch/blueprint with all the cut measurements (the detailed plan).

Things to note when creating this detailed sketch:

best, lawn, mower, storage

  • You need a leg brace at least every 8 ft. This brace will go from the floor to the top shelf.
  • Each shelf needs at least 3 braces for an 8 ft span (2 sides and a middle). I used 4 braces for my 8 ft shelf.
  • Here’s an example of my detailed sketch.
  • The 4″ side of the 2×4 will sit against the wall.
  • Plywood comes in 8ft and every end of the plywood needs to be braced. So, if your shelf is 10 ft, you will need a brace, centered at 8 ft to hold the 8 ft plus the extra 2 ft. Or, you can place two 2×4 braces together and have each plywood piece sit on a different 2×4 (this is what I did for the “L” of my shelf).

Once you create the sketch, it’s time to buy your supplies (because now you know how much wood you need).

TIP: Remember 2×4’s are not actually 2″ x 4″ – they are 1.5″x3.5″, funny I know!


The first boards that need to be cut and placed are the ones against the wall.

Before placing each board, measure and mark where each board will sit. Ours was 24.5″ for the first shelf and 49.75″ for the second because of the plywood (24.5″ from the floor for first shelf 75″ plywood 24.5″ = 49.75″ for the top shelf).

We decided to have our shelves the length of the inside of the shed, which is slightly shorter than 10 ft. We cut a 10 ft board to fit inside and attached the board using 2.5″ screws (pre-drilling the holes first) to each wall stud.

SIDE NOTE: You do not need to attach to every stud but at least every other.

TIP: Use a level when attaching the boards!

best, lawn, mower, storage

best, lawn, mower, storage

Next are the braces that help support the plywood.

Cut the 2×4 brace to the sizes needed (width of the shelf subtract 3″). Then, create 2 s, using the Kreg Jig, on both ends of the board (there will be 4 per board). This is how you will attach the brace to the board on the wall plus the front board.

Once they all have s, attach them using 2.5″ screws to the 2×4 board previously installed.

TIP: You want the braces spaced correctly, so mark the wall 2×4 for where each brace will be placed.

best, lawn, mower, storage

best, lawn, mower, storage

Now, take the last 2×4 for the frame of the shelf and mark where each brace will sit on the board. Then, using clamps to hold the board level, attach the 2×4 using the brace s with some 2.5″ screws.

best, lawn, mower, storage

SIDE NOTE: I decided to attach one 2.5″ screw through the front 2×4 to the braces, just to make it even stronger (pre-drilling a hole first!).

Continue this process for each shelf – I would recommend starting with the bottom shelf first!


Once the frame is built for each shelf, it’s time to add the plywood. The easiest way to do this is measure the width of the frame. Then, using the circular saw attached to the Rip-cut, cut that width from the plywood.

Now, measure the length of the frame. Remember each of the plywood pieces needs to sit on a 2×4. Cut the plywood to the measurement (you should have an idea of this from your plan).

Next, test the fit of the plywood on the frame and adjust if needed.

TIP: If you need multiple plywood pieces, test all of them first before adjusting anything.

Once the plywood fits flush on the frame, attach it to the frame. You do this by pre-drilling a 1/8″ hole and using the 1.25″ screws. Place as many as you need for each plywood piece but I would recommend at least 6 (4 for each corner and 2 for the middle of the frame).

best, lawn, mower, storage


After all the plywood is attached, it’s time to add the legs to help with support.

Like I stated before, you need a leg at each end but also every 8 ft. Take a tape measure and measure the floor to the top shelf at each place you need a leg. Cut a 2×4 at this measurement.

TIP: You could have different measurements and that’s fine! Cut whatever measurement you have and place it in that specific location.

Check to make sure the fit is good on the leg and does not pass the top shelf. Adjust if you need to. Then, attach the leg to each shelf using 2.5″ screws and making sure to pre-drill a 1/8″ first.

TIP: Be mindful of where other screws are already placed and use a level if needed.

best, lawn, mower, storage

best, lawn, mower, storage

Add each leg this way until they are all connected. (We only have 2 legs on our shelves!)


Sometimes, you may need a shelf or shelves that have no legs because something will be stored under that shelf. We needed this configuration because we were placing a lawn mower under one shelf.

So, here is how to do that:

best, lawn, mower, storage

Build the frame of the shelf like the tutorial above but before adding the plywood, you need to add an angled wall brace. This brace will connect to both the shelf frame and the wall stud at an angle.

TIP: The shelf needs to end on a stud to attach this brace.

The way I did this was to take a 2×4 and place it at the angle I wanted (it will be on the inside of the frame). Then, I traced where the wall stud crossed the 2×4 – this will be my angle cut for the wall.

Next, I cut the board at this mark. Then, I took the board back to the frame and placed it again where I wanted it. This time, I made sure the wall cut was flush. Once it was placed correctly, I traced where the 2×4 passed the shelf frame (where the plywood should be). This is my second cut for this brace.

Once the board was cut to that measurement, I checked the fit and adjusted if needed. Then, I attached the 2×4 to the shelf frame and the wall stud, using 2.5″ screws but pre-drilling a 1/8″ hole first.

TIP: Secure the board from the 2×4 to the frame/stud and use a clamp to help hold the 2×4 brace in place.

best, lawn, mower, storage

Do this for any other braces you need for that shelf (you can also copy this first brace before attaching). Then, add the plywood like I explained before.

BECAUSE I like watching videos of how to do something, I have created a video on the process of building storage shelves.

best, lawn, mower, storage

And that’s how to build a storage shelf for a shed or garage. Hope this helps you organize your belongings – maybe you’ll find that you have even more room now!

Build Storage Shelves In Shed

best, lawn, mower, storage

Are you looking for a storage solution in your shed or garage? It may be time to build shelves. Here is how to build storage shelves in a shed with 2×4 and plywood.

How To Store The Lawn Mower In The Garage?

If you have a nice lawnmower, you probably don’t want to leave it out on your lawn. Instead, you might be curious about how to store the lawnmower in the garage – and how to do so properly. We’ll give you some tips!

Where Should I Keep My Lawn Mower?

best, lawn, mower, storage

Although most people choose the garage as the ideal spot for lawnmower storage, it doesn’t have to be the only option. Before we take a deep dive into tips on storing your lawnmower in the garage, let’s look at some of these alternatives first.

Some people have dedicated sheds specifically for their lawnmowers. These might be freestanding tool sheds that existed when you bought the property or even DIY wooden sheds that you build specifically to stash your mower.

The benefit of this kind of structure is that you can protect your mower from the elements without taking up valuable real estate in the garage – space you might need for other tools or your car. You can also store other gardening implements and tools in this kind of shed, such as hoes, rakes, and shovels.

How Do You Store a Lawn Mower in the Garage?

Here are a few tips to follow to help you store your lawnmower in the garage.

Consider a Pulley and Shelf System

If you rarely need to use your lawnmower – or if you want a way to stash it for the winter – you might want to consider a pulley and shelf system.

This storage idea can be a pain if you’re using your lawnmower every week (or if you have a large riding lawnmower). However, for a simple push mower that you aren’t planning on using for a while, it’s perfect.

Check out this video for more information on how to build a pulley system in the garage:

best, lawn, mower, storage

Storing the lawnmower in the garage isn’t ideal, but for many homeowners, it’s the only option.

As long as you take steps to store your lawnmower safely, you shouldn’t have any problem keeping it there. Just make sure it’s stored properly to prevent a tripping hazard.

Also, inspect the lawn mower frequently to make sure there aren’t any pinholes in the fuel tank. This can cause gas to spill on the floor or can fill the air with unhealthy fumes.

Otherwise, store away! Keeping your lawnmower in the garage is a much better option than allowing it to remain outdoors.

A Healthy Lawn Starts With a Healthy Lawn Mower

You can’t grow an attractive, healthy lawn if you don’t have the right gear to do so.

You need a lawnmower that runs well and is properly maintained. Having the perfect storage area goes. hand in hand with lawn mower maintenance.

Follow these tips for storing your lawnmower in the garage and it should run well when you are ready to use it! Looking for more storage tips? Here are our guides to extension cords, piano storage, or cargo boxes in your garage.

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