Asa Mitaka Workout: Train like The Chainsaw Man War Fiend. Asa chainsaw

Asa Mitaka/History

Asa grew up with a loving mother whom she lost when they got attacked by the Typhoon Devil, and her mother sacrificed herself to save Asa while she was saving a cat.

Following that, Asa came to an orphanage where she preferred to spend time with herself and the cat she rescued, Crambon. There, her caretaker, whose mother also (allegedly) died because of the Typhoon Devil, convinced her to give Crambon away to give him a happier home. However, another orphan later told Asa that the children found a dead cat at the bottom of a river. It turned out that the caretaker had lied to Asa and killed Crambon because she was jealous that Asa still had someone she considered family.

Justice Devil arc

Asa is a student attending class at Fourth East High School. She is distant and unsociable to her classmates, many of whom don’t even know her name. Asa is further alienated by her class when she accidentally trips and kills Bucky the Chicken Devil, a beloved class pet. In an effort to cheer her up, the teacher and class president invite Asa to make amends over Bucky’s grave; only for it to be revealed the class president and the teacher have been having an affair. The class president attempts to kill Asa using the powers she obtained from her contract with the Justice Devil. In her dying moments, Asa is greeted by the War Devil, who will save Asa’s life in exchange for her body. Asa is resurrected as the War Fiend, and the War Devil takes over and quickly dispatches her teacher and classmate.

The next morning, Asa wakes up in her room, and War Devil reveals to Asa that Chainsaw Man attends her school and that her mission is to defeat him. Being a devil, the War Devil doesn’t know much about human society, so she kept Asa alive by leaving half of her brain intact, the two now sharing one body. Asa is pushed to join the school’s Devil Hunters club in an effort to find Chainsaw Man’s true identity, but she is bullied and embarrassed by her classmates, who still blame her for Bucky’s death. She is cheered up by a fellow club member, Yuko, and Asa soon loses FOCUS on finding Chainsaw Man, instead opting to enjoy the time she is spending with Yuko. While the two patrols for devils, the War Devil suggests turning Yuko into a weapon, which Asa quickly argues against. The two decide to leave the topic for now, but not before the War Devil tells Asa to call her Yoru. Later, Asa and Yuko encounter and get attacked by the Bat Devil. Yoru encourages Asa to kill Yuko and turn her into a weapon so she can fight the Bat Devil, but Asa is unwilling to harm her first friend even if it puts her own life in danger. Asa and Yuko are inadvertently saved by Chainsaw Man, who kills the Bat Devil by accident while fighting the Cockroach Devil.

The next day Yoshida introduces Asa to Denji and reveals he’s a Chainsaw Man fan. Denji and Asa get into an argument after Asa admits she did not use to like Chainsaw Man. As their argument escalates, Denji reveals he is Chainsaw Man. Asa doesn’t believe him, calls him a loser, and dismisses his claim as nothing more than ramblings from a Chainsaw Man fan.

Asa brushes off the Devil Hunters club to visit Yuko, who was injured during the Bat Devil attack. Yuko admits she doesn’t have many friends, and that Asa is the first person to visit her after her injury. In an effort to strengthen their bond, Yuko and Asa reveal their deepest darkest secrets to each other; Asa recounts the time she peed herself in grade school, and Yuko admits she killed her neighbor the other day. When Asa asks why, Yuko says she had discovered her neighbor had been gambling his welfare money away, a fact she learned after making a contract with the Justice Devil and gaining the ability to read minds. Yuko goes on to reveal how she knows Asa killed her teacher and class president, and all about Yoru, but promises to keep Asa’s secret. Yuko wants to save Asa as she did for her and tells Asa not to come to school tomorrow as she will be taking care of her bullying problem; permanently.

Asa walks home, contemplating what Yuko said. She realizes Yuko is going to kill the bullies at school and wants to go back and talk her out of it, but Yoru wants to battle Yuko and use their fight to lure out Chainsaw Man. When Asa protests, Yoru possesses her and refuses to give her body back until Yuko is dead. The next morning at school, Yoru confronts Yuko with a katana in the hallway. Yuko reads Yoru’s mind and learns of her plan, and tries to convince Yoru that she can’t win a confrontation with her. Yoru only smiles and reminds Yuko that killing her would kill Asa as well. Reluctantly, Yuko transforms into a devil form to engage with Yoru.

Yoru’s attacks prove unsuccessful, and several students are killed, including most of Asa’s bullies. Yoru chooses to release control of their body back to Asa in an effort to defeat Yuko. Asa uses the War Devil’s abilities to turn her school uniform into a weapon and warns Yuko to stop her assault. Yuko doesn’t take Asa’s threat seriously and goes to kill the last of Asa’s bullies. Asa retaliates by striking Yuko with her Uniform Sword, and much to everyone’s surprise, Yuko is sliced to ribbons from a single strike of the sword. When Yoru questions why the Uniform Sword weapon was so powerful, Asa remarks that the uniform was bought by her deceased mother, and the guilt she felt in turning it into a weapon caused the sword to be especially strong.

As Yuko lies dying, a mysterious girl appears and asks Asa if she wishes to save Yuko; Asa’s answer is “yes”. The mysterious girl calls Asa her “little sister” and is shown to possess ringed eyes similar to Yoru’s and Makima’s. Suddenly, Yuko is revived as a giant version of her devil form’s head explodes from the side of the school building. Asa passes out, and the girl leaves.

Early the next morning, the doorbell rings. Behind the door is Yuko, who says she has been turned into a Devil and may try to eat Asa, and warns her not to open the door. Asa opens the door anyways and sees Yuko’s horribly mutated new form. Yuko came to tell Asa she is leaving to find treatment and only stopped by to say goodbye to her. As a parting gift, Asa gives Yuko her shoes, and as Yuko leaves, she goes back to sleep.

Dating Denji arc

Later, Asa and Yoru visit the partially destroyed school and find their Uniform Sword in shambles. Yoru explains that while the uniform sword was strong, it was also fragile. Asa asks Yoru if she knows the woman who revived Yuko, but Yoru says no and passes it off as the girl being a madwoman. Haruka Iseumi, the Devil Hunter Club’s president, introduces himself to Asa. He tells Asa that she is accepted into the club. Haruka reveals a pull cord sticking out of his chest. Asa is skeptical that he is actually Chainsaw Man.

Yoru asks Asa to create a weapon even stronger than her uniform sword. Asa says she is now willing to turn a human into a weapon if it means that Yoru will leave her body so she won’t ruin other people’s lives as a result of Yoru’s presence. Yoru suggests that the most powerful weapon would be the line in the middle of killing a cat and a criminal. Asa spots Denji, who is picking used cigarette butts off the ground, but also passing them off as new and selling them to homeless people. She realizes Denji is right in the middle between a criminal and a cat, not so bad that he deserves to die but the necessary evil to defeat Chainsaw Man. Asa confronts Denji, but Denji is aggressive with her because of how she treated him before. Asa asks Denji on a date, and he reluctantly says yes.

Asa and Denji’s date proves disastrous, as Asa bores Denji with facts on sea urchins and sea stars during their visit to the aquarium. When Denji suggests going to see the penguins, Asa asks him to shut up and not to think about a thing, insisting they stick to the schedule she planned out. This infuriates Denji, and he leaves. When Yoru asks Asa to go after him, she refuses, insisting she didn’t do anything wrong.

Suddenly, the girl who revived Yuko shows up and properly introduces herself as Yoru’s big sister, the Famine Devil or “Fami,” as she prefers to be called. Fami agrees with Asa but elaborates the problem does not lie in the date, but that Asa is still unwilling to kill Denji because deep down, she knows it is the wrong thing to do. Yoru tells Asa not to listen, but before she can continue, Fami snaps her fingers and transports Yoru away temporarily. She tells Asa that any human will shed their morality when they are starving, and she won’t release Asa until she is able to turn Denji into a weapon. Denji returns and Asa notices the aquarium has become an endless hallway. Denji remarks that “that pain in the butt” is back from hell, insinuating the return of the Eternity Devil.

As Asa and Denji traverse the hallway, they encounter other members of their school’s Devil Hunter Club, as well as Yoshida. They form a group to try and find a way out but to no avail. While the group finds food and water in the aquarium staff lounge, Asa catches Denji stealing money from a bag and berates him for not helping the group. Before storming off, Denji retorts by asking what contribution she has made since they have been trapped. Asa remembers she still has her mother’s cell phone, much to the excitement of the other students. While looking for a signal to call for help, Asa trips and breaks her phone. Haruka sighs and expresses his disappointment in Asa, saying that she has done nothing but complain and been a loner since they have been trapped, and she cannot even come through in a clutch. Embarrassed and ashamed, Asa sits alone in the hallway.

Days pass in the aquarium. Denji checks up on Asa, who apologizes and blames herself for the situation they are in. She admits that despite how bad things are, she remains unable to turn Denji into a weapon: not because it goes against her morals, but because she’s terrified of making the wrong choice. Denji sits down with Asa, smiles, and asks if she’s ever eaten starfish.

Asa and Denji bond as they eat starfish together. Asa comes up with a plan and asks Denji to help her collect money he has been finding in the aquarium. Eventually, the two manage to collect one million yen, which Asa uses to “buy” the aquarium and turns into a weapon so the group can escape. After the aquarium gets turned into a spear, the Eternity Devil appears since it no longer has a building to hide in. Yoru is able to possess Asa once more and fights the Eternity Devil. Due to Asa’s guilt of ruining the aquarium, the spear is strong enough to kill the Eternity Devil with a single strike.

After the battle, Denji walks Asa back to her place. Denji asks Asa to go on another date with him; Asa smiles and agrees too. Yoru Комментарии и мнения владельцев on Asa’s affection for Denji, which Yoru is able to feel due to sharing her brain. Despite this, Yoru decides to proceed with the plan, possessing Asa and immediately attempting to turn Denji into a weapon. Surprisingly, Yoru fails, which Asa takes as a sign that Denji does not really like her. After Denji leaves, Yoru warns Asa to stay away from Fami before falling asleep. Asa sits down and thinks about Denji and becomes irritated at the thought that he does not like her, even after what happened during their date.

The next day, Denji and Asa argue over what to do for their second date. The pair eventually agree to watch movies at Denji’s house, although Denji is reluctant to have her over. He explains she is only allowed to come so long as she follows the house rules, and failure to follow these rules could result in her death.

Asa and Denji arrive at his house. Denji goes over the house rules with Asa, one of which is that she can’t kiss him in front of his roommate, Nayuta. This angers Asa, who says she has no desire to kiss him since she does not even like him. As Denji contemplates why Asa does not like him, Yoru takes over and kisses Denji. Suddenly Nayuta comes home from walking the dogs, calls Yoru a thief for kissing Denji, and links one of her chains through Yoru’s skull, causing Asa and Yoru to think they are a dog. Nayuta only agrees to turn Asa back if Denji stops being friendly with her. Denji reluctantly complies, and Naytua erases Asa and Yoru’s memories to make them think Denji stood them up.

Back at the school, Asa tries to convince herself she’s glad Denji stood her up but ultimately admits she is upset by it. Just then, Yoshida appears and asks if Asa will keep him company. As they talk, Asa mistakes Yoshida’s kindness for affection, only for him to reveal that he just wants her to stay away from Denji.

Current arc

Asa walks home devastated, unable to understand why she fails at maintaining lasting relationships with others, and wonders if she is better off dead. Suddenly, the residents of an apartment complex all begin jumping off the building to their deaths; and a devil crawls out of their mangled corpses.

Yoru takes over and runs away, realizing this is a devil too powerful to fight, and she asks Asa to snap out of her negative emotions. Asa flashes back to her time in an orphanage, where she kept the cat she saved from the devil attack and named it Crambon. Her caretaker convinced her to give Crambon away to give him a happier home. However, another orphan later told Asa that the children found a dead cat at the bottom of the river. It turned out that the caretaker had lied to Asa and killed Crambon because she was jealous that Asa still had someone she considered family.

Asa reawakens to find herself falling but quickly catches onto a railing. She then realizes that gravity for her has been inverted, along with other civilians who “fall” from the ground to the sky due to the powers of the Falling Devil. Unable to possess her body, Yoru tells Asa not to be afraid.

Asa continues having traumatic flashbacks. The force of the anti-gravity get’s too strong and she loses her grip on the railing. While falling, Yoru instructs her to shout: “Nail Knife.” Asa does so, and her fingernail rips itself off and transforms into a knife. The pain makes Asa forget about fear which lets Yoru regain control. She falls back to the ground as the gravity manipulation does not affect her. Yoru orders Asa to keep focusing on her pain and proceeds to speculate about the devil’s identity before correctly assuming that it is the Falling Devil and that Fami’s likely involved.

Yoru notices Asa’s having a flashback again, so she promptly cuts her hand, believing it’ll keep Asa from getting scared. Much to Yoru’s surprise, this has the opposite effect, and Asa becomes afraid of Yoru instead. Before she loses control, she dashes under a building so as to not fall into Hell when gravity reverses on Asa.

The two then clash with each other, with Yoru being frustrated at Asa for not trusting her, while Asa retorts that she has no reason to as they don’t even know each other, how Yoru always says disturbing stuff, takes over her body whenever and cuts her hand just now. Yoru tries to change the topic by blaming Asa’s negative feelings on the Falling Devils’ power. Frustrated at Yoru’s lack of care and understanding, Asa responds by saying that since Yoru can read her mind, she should know what she’s afraid of. Asa breaks down and explains that it’s solitude and companionship. While she has trust issues, Asa gets lonely but fears how something always goes wrong when she tries to approach people and ends up alone all over again. Yoru seems at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, the Falling Devil announces she plans to kill and serve both of them as her main course dish. Some time passes, with Asa and Yoru staying put until the Falling Devil finally arrives and prepares to kill them. Gripping onto a loose exhaust fan cover, Asa is holding on for dear life, only for Falling Devil to grab ahold of her head. She begins to explain to Asa that she knows that the girl is more scared of the pain caused by the fall, rather than death itself. She promises Asa a peaceful and painless fall if she closes her eyes. Thinking about the past injustices in her life. such as her former caretaker murdering her cat, as well as Yuko turning into a demon. she accepts the Falling Devil’s offer and lets go. While all this is happening Yoru is screaming in horror, helpless to do anything.

As she falls, she admits that Falling Devil was telling the truth and that now she no longer has to worry about hurting others or being hurt anymore. She then laments that she wishes she had some form of companionship, even if it were with just one person, only for her thoughts to be interrupted by Denji as Chainsaw Man jumping up to rescue her. Still clueless about his identity, Denji catches her and he notices that the negativity is causing her to raise upwards, he tries to overload her thoughts with those of dogs, cats, and ice-cream. Denji engages in a conversation with her and comforts her. Asa begins to cheer up as Denji continues speaking, stating that some days are just drowned out with negativity. Asa asks him how he’s able to overcome such negativity, to which he admits he hasn’t, but his desire for sex is what keeps him going. Still in tears, Asa replies in disgust.

She calls him a creep and tells him to go to hell. Confused, Denji explains that sex isn’t gross at all and that humanity has only succeeded as well as it has because of how great sex feels. Asa retorts that sex is only done when people have nothing better to do, noting how mixing bodily fluids, in particular, grosses her out. Denji disagrees, to which Asa asks why he’d assume he’d get any. Denji tries to explain that he plans on getting a girlfriend, which Asa answers by shouting that nobody would want to have sex with a man with a chainsaw for a head. This revelation caused Denji enough distress to make him start falling into hell as well. The fall knocks her unconscious, leaving Denji to rescue her from Hell.

Asa reawakens just as Denji reaches the door back to Earth and sees another Chainsaw Man. She and Denji are then knocked through the door by a Devil’s claw tendrils, and she sees that Denji has been injured. Yoru attempts to goad her into killing Chainsaw Man for good, but, wanting to repay him for saving her life twice and now believing it is okay for her to live too, Asa gives her blood to Chainsaw Man and begs him to save her. Denji gets back up and carries Asa away from the Devil attacking them but becomes exhausted. Asa sees someone driving a motorcycle and tells Denji to steal it from them, but Denji refuses since a woman is riding it. She then shows him one with a man on it, and Denji quickly steals it. However, Denji has no idea how to ride a motorcycle, and as the Devil’s tendril comes close, Asa transforms the motorcycle into a “Super Chainsaw Motorcycle,” which allows them to cut through the tendril as they ride off.

Asa Mitaka Workout: Train like The Chainsaw Man War Fiend!

I had the full lineup set for this week’s six new workouts and then we had a flood of requests come in for Asa Mitaka through the form and one social and I had no choice but to prioritize here.

And, I’ll also admit that I wanted to get another female character up this week for you guys as well, so she was perfect to be able to do just that.

Mitaka will bring us in at an even three female calisthenics workouts and three female weight training workouts among our Chainsaw Man characters, which is also pretty awesome.

And if that wasn’t clear: this one will be built around calisthenics training for all our bodyweight members of The SHJ Army out there.

Asa Mitaka Stats:

Real Name: Asa Mitaka

Powers: Yes

We don’t have any specific stats for Asa Mitaka, but she is said to be “average” build, which would put her between 5’5-5’7 if we go off of what we are used to seeing for female anime and superhero characters here at SHJ.

Based on her build she’d also likely be 105-125 lbs. but that’s always a hit or miss with characters, so it really could be anything.

Supergirl and Erza Scarlet were our shortest at 5’5 before Wasp came in at 5’4 and Kale, Anna and Nina Williams matching her there. BUT, now we have Caulifla at 4’8 and Sailor Moon at 4’11! Katana is just behind her at 5’2.

We had Wonder Woman come in standing 6’0 tall, Mockingbird and Hawkgirl at 5’9, Mystique, Miss Martian, and Sonya Blade at 5’10, and Storm 5’11.

But the average height for female celebrities on the site is generally more-so ranging from 5’4-5’6 – and our Black Widow is just above that at 5’7 with Spider-Gwen, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy at 5’8.

And, the tallest we’d seen before She-Hulk was Starfire at 6’4!

But don’t worry, either way.

Not only are these routines for all shapes and sizes – they also work for both men and women – regardless of the gender of the Hero.

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Asa Mitaka Diet and Nutrition

Keep in mind: this section will be nearly identical for each Hero.

Every Hero needs to still have a good diet.

Unfortunately we can train like them, but I don’t think any of us are suddenly getting their powers, or the ability to magically stop caring about nutrition.

You can’t out train your diet, so I want to still give some pillars for nutrition.

You can start by checking out The Nutrition Pillars on the site, but I’ll break down some more information for you guys as well.

Guys like Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart incorporate 80/20 dieting with big weekly cheat meals, Hugh Jackman, Tom Hopper, Benedict Cumberbatch and Terry Crews utilize intermittent fasting (something I use daily as well), Ariana Grande, Mustafa Shakir and Madelaine Petsch are vegans, Brandon Routh and Frank Grillo opt for paleo, and tons of others utilize their own variations as well.

It’s all about sustainability.

AND, there are a thousand different ways to reach your goals, so finding the most sustainable way is what’s important.

Which is why our Academy utilizes multiple different Nutrition Classes (Greek Gods, Vikings, Spartans, Hunter Gatherers, Monks, Samurais, Minimalists, SuperHumans) to allow people to choose what is right for YOU!

Curious where over a hundred celebs fall in their dietary choices ranging from High Protein and Keto to Vegetarian, Vegan and Intermittent Fasting? Want exclusive celeb meal plans? Check this out.

Asa Mitaka Workout Routine Research

We’ve made it to “the fun part”.

And, if you don’t know by now, I say that every single time we get to the workout routine research section for character workouts.

To learn more about Asa Mitaka we’ll be pulling right from her Wiki Fandom page which leads us off with this:

Asa Mitaka is a high school student who became the host of the War Devil, Yoru, making her the War Fiend. She attends Fourth East High School.

As I mentioned above they also go on to tell us about her build, which they describe as follows:

Asa is a high school girl of average build and height. She has brown eyes and black hair that is sometimes colored with a purple tint. Her hair is just past shoulder length and she wears it in two low twin tails. When possessed by the War Devil, her appearance changes somewhat. Her hair is usually worn loose, multiple scars appear across her left cheek and nose, and her eyes have a spiral pattern similar to Makima’s.

And, I specifically expand on her appearance section for this one being that a large part of the influence for this workout will be cosplay-oriented, AKA shooting for a Mitaka aesthetic.

That said, Asa Mitaka also has some awesome powers and abilities for us to work around as well.

When we move down into that section here is what they break down for us:

War Devil Possession: After having her body and half her brain taken over by the War Devil, while still retaining her consciousness, Asa is able to tap into the powers of the War Devil. These Powers include:

Enhanced Speed: After becoming host of the War Devil, Asa’s speed is improved to the point that she is able to move very quickly, easily jumping around and dodging attacks from the contracted Class President.

Enhanced Strength: After becoming host of the War Devil, Asa’s strength is improved to the point that she is able to pull Tanaka’s head off his shoulders and spinal cord out of his body, requiring a great deal of force, and is able to easily carry objects as big as herself with one arm over her head.

We love working around speed and strength.

They also go on to talk about her weapons creation, which they start like this:

As a host of the War Devil, Asa is able to use the abilities of the War Devil to turn anything that belongs to her into a weapon. This includes both objects and living things. She can manipulate the detached body parts of other people and form them into weapons. This does not appear to immediately kill the victim, as they can still scream in pain even after having their head detached from their body. This seems to only happen when the body or body part is considered a belonging of the War Devil, either after being taken by force via being cut off and stolen, or if someone is devoted enough to the War Devil to make them its belonging.

This isn’t really helpful for our workout, but it does bring some value knowing she is a character that is good with wielding weapons.

That said, the goals for our Asa Mitaka Inspired Workout will be:

  • Asa Mitaka’s Aesthetic (Cosplay Oriented)
  • Asa Mitaka’s Enhanced Strength
  • Asa Mitaka’s Enhanced Speed

For this we’re going to be using calisthenics, which will be perfect to get her physique as well as he nimble movement.

This one will be built around an intermediate level, but can be scaled down pretty easily.

That said, if you’d like to start with our Beginner Ninja Workout that is a great beginner routine that can be used to work your way up to this one.

Chainsaw Man: 8 Moments The Anime Must Get Right

These key moments from Chainsaw Man manga must be animated well for a satisfying adaptation.

As of writing this, Chainsaw Man’s first anime season is wrapping up. So far, the anime has been one of the best adaptations in recent history, doing well to portray the manga’s cinematic influences and adding in stellar voice acting and anime original scenes.

However, Chainsaw Man still has a long way to go, and the anime can’t afford to slow down now. The manga just recently entered its 2nd part, and won’t be ending for a while, but has already featured plentiful moments that are itching for that touch of animated magic. Chainsaw Man’s anime will never be able to capture the quirks of the source material, but it at least has to give these scenes a fitting representation.

Asa’s Introduction

Most of these entries are focused on CM part 1, but eventually, the anime will have to step out of Denji’s shoes and into Asa’s. CM’s new protagonist has quite the comedic and tragic introduction, as she accidentally kills her class’ new pet, Bucky.

This sequence is the introduction of a new major character, and already does that job well in the manga. It’s unlikely that the anime can make it worse, but the comedic timing of Asa’s misfortune is important to getting it just right, and the anime has already fallen a bit flat with adapting the manga’s comedy.

Quanxi vs Everyone

Moving to something more action oriented, Quanxi is easily one of the most powerful humans in the series. In fact, she’s explicitly said to be the strongest human by far. In the ‘assassin arc’ of the manga, she and a host of others all converge on Japan to kill Denji and take his heart.

Quanxi is the real spectacle here. Her blinding speed and ruthless efficiency is something to behold, and is just itching for some high budget animation to really sell just how powerful she really is.

The Devil Hunters vs Reze

Denji has an awful history with women. Almost every woman he interacts with in the series causes him some form of harm, and Reze is one of the ones that hurt him the most. After luring him in and revealing herself as a devil hybrid, the resulting fight is easily one of the best in the manga.

This battle not only benefits from Reze’s host of powerful bomb-based powers, but also the chase-based structure it adopts. It fittingly paints her as a horror movie monster, and the conclusion is an extremely emotional moment for Denji.

Pochita’s Burger

One of the things the Chainsaw Man manga does better than the anime is comedy. Fujimoto’s panel to panel progression creates some wonderful build up and visual punchlines. Few moments show this off better than when Pochita orders a burger at a restaurant Kobeni is working at.

By this point in the story, Pochita has taken over Denji’s body, and is in the middle of a confrontation with Makima. However, he decides to go get a burger, which is terrifying for the people working there. If the MAPPA can land the precise comedic timing here, this will easily be the funniest scene in the anime.

Aki’s Death

When he meets with the Future Devil, Aki is told that his death will be “in the worst possible way”. This is completely accurate. Aki’s death is a severe status quo change for the story, and is in many ways the beginning of the end, as it starts Denji down a dark path.

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man Chapter 97 | 1st to 8th (OUTDATED)

There are many emotional elements leading up to his death, but the fight between him and Denji is by far the most important. Unlike any other confrontation, this scene needs to be treated as the tragedy it is, with fitting music, pacing and tone.

Power’s Death

While Aki’s death needs to be treated like a proper tragedy, Power’s needs to be treated like a horror flick. The manner in which she dies is actually quite quick and understated, but it is the tension and dread before and afterwards that really makes this moment what it is.

The manga has the advantage of letting the reader hold on the preceding panels, helping build their own tension. The anime however, has to perfectly pace out the preceding moments before Denji opens the door, and loses his 2nd friend.

Makima vs The Gun Devil

The Gun Devil has been hyped up for anime watchers as the final boss of Chainsaw Man. When it finally gets unleashed and comes for Makima, the anime needs to replicate the sheer insane spectacle of the two of them.

While it has already nailed a display of Makima’s terrifying power, the anime did weaken the Gun Devil’s appearance. While the manga listed the full number of victims for effect, the anime omitted that entirely. It needs to find a way to preserve the list of the Gun Devil’s victims to make it truly terrifying.

The Darkness Devil

Even before watching or reading Chainsaw Man, a lot of people likely saw a panel featuring a line up of bisected astronauts. This is already some terrifying imagery, but in context, it is even more horrifying, as it heralds the arrival of the Darkness Devil.

After being trapped in hell, a group of characters are approached by the Darkness Devil, who goes on to effortlessly butcher them without even moving. It is easily the scariest devil in the series, and benefits strongly from the medium of manga. Capturing it’s very unique presentation will be a challenge, especially when the similarly foreboding Curse Devil has already been somewhat undersold in the anime.

Is Asa Mitaka Fiend Or Hybrid In Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man part 2 served quite the subversion of trope when it came to its protagonist (pulled a Jojo?). Instead of continuing Denji’s story, we were introduced to Asa Mitaka, a reclusive college student, who unfortunately became the vessel for the War Devil.

And from then on the events unfold from her point of view. But it wasn’t just the protagonist, the pacing and the level of bizarre crankiness too whittled down.

That said, there were some uncanny parallels between Denji and Asa. One of them certainly has to be how they both were at death’s door but ended up getting pulled right back into the world of living, but this time with a cool set of powers.

While it was clarified earlier on in the series that Denji was a hybrid, the relationship between Asa and War Devil, who dubbed themselves Yoru, is a tad bit different.

For starters, we get to see Asa interacting a lot with Yoru, which wasn’t the case with Denji and Pochita. And the marks on her face when Yoru took over Asa’s body pointed at her being a fiend.

But then, she didn’t lose her memories like a fiend should have, nor did her personality completely turn out to be like the War Devil’s.

In fact, Yoru is shown possessing Asa’s body intermittently, and the latter does retain her conscience and her persona. There are even circumstances where Yoru cannot take over Asa’s body, which clearly shouldn’t have happened if she were fiend!

So what is Asa really? A fiend or a hybrid?

Is Asa Mitaka a fiend or a hybrid?

While it was hard to give a definitive answer to this question at the start, looking closely at certain developments that came to happen later in the story has helped me come to a conclusion.

To answer in short, Asa is a hybrid in Chainsaw Man!

While the scars on the face are certainly a deterrent, there are a lot of clues that point out that Asa is a hybrid, with the most important one till now coming in Chapter 124 of Chainsaw Man.

mitaka, workout, train, chainsaw, fiend

The way Asa functions is more akin to that of a hybrid than a fiend. Curious to know why? I have listed out all the possible reasons below, just keep reading!

The parallels in devils taking over:

Now, there are parallels in both narration and imagery when it comes to how Denji and Asa ended up housing a devil in their bodies. I can go on and on about how manga is a medium that uses both text and images to relay its story or message, and how authors often use their art to paint parallels. But then you already know this, so let’s get to the point!

As I mentioned above, in their respective introductory chapters, Denji and Asa found themselves at death’s door, and both of them were saved by a devil who made a contract with them.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the way Fujimoto represented both of their awakenings (or possessions) has a similar vibe to it! Check out the comparison below!

But it doesn’t end here. We have seen Yoru take over Asa’s body multiple times in Chainsaw Man till now. And everytime that happens, there is a slight pause where Asa goes limp, followed by Yoru being in possession.

This is very similar to what Denji went through when the Chainsaw Man took over him in chapter

He went limp for a while, before the Chainsaw Devil took over his body.

It might not stand out at first because Pochita never took over Denji forcefully multiple times, but this indeed suggests that in a hybrid union, the devil in question does have this sort of control over their host.

Even so, I’m pretty sure you can’t help but wonder why Yoru seems to be the one in control when it comes to Asa’s case. Well that can be explained by a possible difference in their contracts.

The contract:

It is easy to miss out the fact that Asa and Yoru actually have a contract in place, because it wasn’t highlighted enough in the initial chapter. But, the War Devil did form a contract with Asa, which is evident from the following panel.

Instead of taking over the body of a dead Asa, the devil puts forth a term, stating that if Asa wished to live she would have to be the host for the War Devil.

The difference in statements aside, this once again is similar to the exchange Denji and Pochita had in the first chapter.

Why is this important? Because having a contract with the host is only a norm when it comes to hybrids.

A contract in its most basic form is an understanding between the host and the devil; terms that are laid out for co-existence between the two.

In the chapters that followed, it was made explicitly clear that Asa and Yoru did have such an understanding. Yoru even goes to the extent of saying that she will return Asa’s body if she attains her goal. While this statement cannot be completely trusted, it still validates our theory that they indeed have a contract in place.

Now, coming back to why Yoru seems to have more control on Asa, it is mostly because of the difference in terms of their contracts.

Yoru and Pochita’s relationship with their hosts are clearly different. Pochita made a contract with Denji keeping the latter’s wellbeing in mind. But in the War Devil’s case, it was based on the devil’s selfish desires.

mitaka, workout, train, chainsaw, fiend

This is where the difference in statements that I mentioned above comes into picture. Yoru didn’t have any soft corner for Asa at the beginning unlike Pochita, so that explains why she is the one in control.

However, Yoru does seem to be mellowing though, and it would be interesting to see how their relationship develops over the course of this arc.

Another thing I want to point out is the fact that Yoru is not in complete control over Asa’s body. Whenever Asa is scared, Yoru is not able to take over her body, and if she is in possession, the devil gets pushed out, as seen in chapter 124.

Once again, this adds more credibility to Asa not being a fiend, as this would not be possible in its case.

Asa using War devil powers:

If Asa were a fiend, she should only be able to use the War Devil’s powers when Yoru was in control of her body. Heck, if she was a fiend, Asa wouldn’t even have control of her body completely!

a chainsaw man manga inspired playlist

However, there are multiple instances in the manga where Asa is able to use Yoru’s powers on her own. I have listed out these instances below, check them out!

The fight with Yuko –

The first time we see Asa independently using the powers of the War Devil was against Yuko in her Justice devil form. Here, Yoru voluntarily gives up control of the body to Asa, who then proceeds to make a weapon out of her uniform.

Aquarium Spear –

The second time Asa pulls this off is when she is stuck inside the Aquarium with Denji and the members of the Devil Hunters club. Thanks to Fami’s (Kiga) interference, Yoru was taken out of the picture, leaving Asa to fend for herself.

Once again, she is able to use the War Devil’s powers on her own, turning the entire aquarium into a spear.

Both these instances prove that Asa is capable of using Yoru’s abilities even when the latter is not around, just like how Denji and other hybrids can use the powers of their corresponding devils at will.

Such a feat wouldn’t be possible if Asa were a fiend. In fact, in chapter 112 Yoru specifically asks Asa to build her a stronger weapon than her Uniform sword, so that she could go on and defeat the Chainsaw Man.

The dependency, which is absent in case of fiends, obviously points to Asa being a hybrid.

Biggest hint in chapter 124:

That said, the biggest hint for Asa being a hybrid came in Chainsaw Man chapter 124, where the Fall Devil (apparently) calls them a fusion of human and War Devil.

Why is that the biggest hint? Let me explain!

The literal meaning of the word fusion is ‘to create a new entity by merging two or more different things’. In this case, the two things that are merged are Asa and Yoru.

Now, the Fall Devil seems to be a chef, and her statements and terminologies also revolve around that profession. So, in culinary terms, when you create a fusion, the ingredients that went into it retain their distinct flavor.

Basically, we can say that it implies Asa and Yoru are both present in their fusion, which is literally what a hybrid is.

However, as some readers pointed out, it could be pointing to the future possibility of both of them actually fusing. Does that seem plausible?

To conclude, I will definitely say that Asa Mitaka is a hybrid. But before I sign off, I’d like to point out some more technicalities to you. I know this has been a long read, but the next part is interesting, trust me!

Some technicalities:

Well, as I mentioned above, we shall be looking into some technicalities related to Asa, hybrids and also fiends, just to clear up a few points.

Now, Yoru mentions in the beginning that she left a part of Asa’s brain alive, so that it would make it easier for the devil to adjust to this world; meaning Asa didn’t die. Technically, fiends are only formed when a devil possesses a ‘dead body’.

And to add to it, their heads have a peculiar shape. The least peculiar shaped head we got was of Power’s and even she had horns.

However, Asa lacks this particular feature. All she has is a scar on her face when Yoru takes over. However, this seems more of a means to let readers differentiate between Asa and Yoru in the narrative, rather than it being a factor which points to her being a fiend.

However, Asa’s name in Japanese is certainly a deterrent. If you check out the wiki for Asa, she is called the Senso no Majin, which in Chainsaw Man terms translates to the War Fiend.

Does that mean Yoru ‘revived’ Asa and left a part of her brain alive? If that is the case then we would be seeing our first case of a fiend who is alive.

Is Fujimoto bending the rules of his own universe? There’s nothing wrong with an anomaly existing, but sometimes it’s soo hard to not have a proper answer. AARRRRGGHHHHH.

My frustrated screams aside, what are your thoughts on Asa? Do you agree with my theory of her being a hybrid or do you believe she is a fiend? Let me know your thoughts in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below!

Will Asa and Denji End Up Together in Chainsaw Man? Our Predictions

They’re the series’ main protagonists, but will Asa and Denji end up together? Here’s what we think!

Asa Mitaka surprised both Denji and the readers when she asked him out on a date in Chainsaw Man. A few chapters later, they save each other and ride away. But will Asa and Denji end up together? Here are our predictions.

Why Did Asa Ask Denji on a Date?

Asa dislikes Denji, but she asked him on a date due to her plan to defeat Chainsaw Man as per the War Devil’s request, to retake control of her body.

At first, Asa was reluctant to help Yoru. as the War Devil calls herself. defeat her archenemy, Chainsaw Man, as she was personally indifferent to Devil conflicts.

However, seeing her only friend, Yuko, suffering and becoming a Devil deeply affected Asa.

To stop this from happening again, she decides to help Yoru defeat Chainsaw Man in hopes that, once she’s able to return to full power, Yoru will let her have full control of her own body once again.

The only flaw in the plan is that Asa and Yoru have no idea that Denji is the real Chainsaw Man.

Unlike Denji, Asa Mitaka is a fiend, so her body is taken over by a Devil. She only retains her consciousness and identity because Yoru allowed this to happen.

Does Asa Like Denji?

At first, Asa didn’t like Denji at all. In fact, her dislike for him is partly why she chose to ask him out. But things are getting more and more confusing and complicated for them both.

Yoru needs Asa to use the War Devil’s power to create a destructive weapon to attack Chainsaw Man with.

Unfortunately for Asa, the weapon must be made out of something or someone she cares about.- or at least a person or object she would regret destroying.

Knowing that she cannot choose a random criminal who, in her mind, deserves to die, Asa decides to choose her victim among people she dislikes, but whom she doesn’t consider bad enough to deserve death.

mitaka, workout, train, chainsaw, fiend

Unfortunately, this person turned out to be Denji; a classmate Asa found annoying, but not outright despised.

By Chapter 119, Asa’s feelings prove more complicated than initially suspected.

The two appear to have become closer during the time they spent trapped in an aquarium, with Denji even noting that Asa reminds him of a friend (likely meaning Power).

Asa slowly warms up to Denji to the point of organizing a second date, though she immediately goes on to say that she hates him and only dated him because she was bored.

But could she have said just to make him end the date. thus saving him from Yoru’s plans for him?

To complicate matters further, Yoru has mentioned that she felt Asa’s infatuation, which suggests that Asa hasn’t been entirely honest about her supposed dislike.

It is entirely possible that Asa has developed feelings for Denji by now but pretends to feel differently in order to keep him away and save him from Yoru’s plan.

It should be noted that while Asa doesn’t know that Chainsaw Man and Denji are the same person her feelings about Chainsaw Man are also shifting.

During the Falling Devil arc, Denji saves her in his Chainsaw Man form. When Yoru tries to manipulate Asa into making him a weapon, Asa finally rebels.

Not only does she defend Chainsaw Man, saying that if someone like him deserves to live, then she can learn to forgive herself, too, but she also proceeds to run away with him!

Does Denji Like Asa?

As for Denji, he seems to have developed some feelings for Asa.

Of course, this doesn’t say much, as Denji only ever thinks about cute girls, but his banter with Asa does feel different from his brother-sister relationship with Power.

Having had some character development by now, Denji is hurt and confused by Asa’s unpredictable behavior, showing that he did care about dating her even if he isn’t fully in love yet.

Denji isn’t the best character in terms of morality, but in many ways, he’s endearing to fans, as Fujimoto allowed him to be raw and real; a stark opposition to more idealized shonen anime and manga characters.

While he’s a powerful hybrid, what Denji really cares about is a normal life with a girlfriend and a family, rather than saving the world.

His wish is a pretty basic one, but it’s quite tragic, too, because all the girls he sees as potential partners end up betraying him.

As such, many fans hoped that there will be some sort of twist this time, and that, perhaps, he and Asa will actually fall in love – or at least that Asa will refuse to kill him when the time comes, which she does in Chapter 129.

This didn’t come without foreshadowing. Despite acting coldly in the past, and showing relatively little emotion when people die, she’s done her best to keep Denji from being turned into a weapon.

Denji is unaware of Asa’s Fiend status, but her being his “ex-almost-girlfriend” is enough of a reason for him to protect her from the Falling Devil.

Will Asa and Denji End Up Together?

Although Asa and Denji sound like an odd couple and everything seems to be against them, there are more and more hints that they could work as a couple.

At first glance, Asa and Denji are incompatible in more ways than one.

He’s over-the-top, extroverted, and not particularly bright, thinking mostly about girls and food.

Meanwhile, Asa is cold, calculating, Smart, and introverted, with no particular communication skills.

It’s quite common for characters in literature and media to date even though they are entirely different from each other.

That being said, we cannot imagine Asa admitting that she might like Denji.

Of course, Chainsaw Man hardly ever goes the way fans predict it’ll go, so some readers hope for a twist.

Given their unexpectedly fun dynamic and shared misfit status, we do think that a relationship between Denji and Asa would be very interesting to watch.

Of course, sharing a body with Denji’s sworn enemy is bound to make such a relationship impossible for Asa.

Even if Yoru got persuaded not to turn Denji into a weapon, she would never be content to let him live if she found out that he’s Chainsaw Man.

At this point, we can only keep reading and hope that the new budding ship won’t result in another tragedy.

Nayuta’s Involvement in Denji and Asa’s Relationship

Nayuta’s involvement in Denji’s dating life temporarily halts all contact between him and Asa until Asa literally falls in Denji’s arms during the Falling Devil arc.

During Denji and Asa’s second date, Nayuta expresses jealousy and tells Denji not to see Asa again.

She points out that every girl Denji dated tried to kill him, making her the voice of reason for all of us fans despite her overall problematic behavior!

Because Nayuta has used her Control Devil powers to make Asa behave like a dog, Denji accepts Nayuta’s condition not to see Asa anymore. For Denji, his adopted little sister comes first.

But when Asa gets home thinking that Denji stood her up, she finds that she still can’t stop thinking about him, wishing that someone would stay with her for a change.

As it turns out, Denji is still willing to stand up for Asa and help her grow.

Riding Into the Sunset. Sort of?

During the Falling Devil arc, Asa becomes the Devil’s target and almost falls into hell. But Denji won’t sit around and let it happen.

In his Chainsaw Man form, Denji repeatedly slices the Devil.

At the same time, he does all he can to halt Asa’s fall. When the Devil plays with her trauma causing her despair, Denji reminds her what makes life worthwhile.

When Denji can no longer keep the Falling Devil at bay, the Chainsaw Man impostor miraculously takes over.

Defying Yoru’s order to turn the real Chainsaw Man (who, unbeknownst to her, is Denji) Asa runs off with him defying Yoru.

We’ve been enjoying Denji and Asa’s awkward banter, and all that they have in common despite their differences.

Frankly, it’s hard to see them staying together without tragedy ensuing yet again, but we’d love to see them happy.

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