Best Angle Grinder Disc for Paint Removal in 2023 Top 6. Grinder for paint removal

Best Angle Grinder Disc for Paint Removal in 2023 [Top 6]

No matter what surfaces you’re trying to remove paint from, like a car, a boat, a metal door, or an object, it’s never easy. There have been thousands of tools designed to help you solve this problem, but they are not all effective.

Experts use angle grinder in these situations. It can grind, cut, and polish. It is used for cleaning welds and removing rust, paint, and sealants on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as fiberglass, stone, and wood.

Since there are so many discs available, it can be challenging to find the best angle grinder disc for paint removal that is right for you.

We’ve compiled reviews of some of the most popular discs on the market today. Hopefully, this list will help you find the most effective disc for scraping paint from metal or any other surface in no time!

LAIWOO Paint Removal Disc for Angle Grinder

S SATC Paint Stripping Wheel for Angle Grinder

M-jump Paint Remover Wheel for Angle Grinder

Best Angle Grinder Disc for Paint Removal

If you’re a DIYer or a professional, you know that choosing the right discs for angle grinders is very important. It will make your job much easier if you choose a reliable product.

The following list will help you to find the most reliable grinder discs available on the market.

LAIWOO Paint Removal Disc for Angle Grinder

LAIWOO’s disc is perfect for stripping paint, rust, and weld lines from metal quickly and easily. These discs are designed to fit most angle grinders, and they’re made from durable materials that can withstand wear and tear.

The poly strip disc wheel is designed for use with 4″ angle grinders that have a 5/8″ arbor size. This LAIWOO Paint Removal Disc for Angle Grinder is perfect for cleaning paint and varnish from a variety of surfaces, including wood, metal, and plastic.

With its black diamond material, the LAIWOO disc is perfect for scraping paint off because it’s both strong and durable. This ensures that the disc can withstand lots of wear and tear, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to get rid of paint quickly and easily.

For paint stripping, this product is made of a strong, durable material that will last for a long time. It is designed with a diameter of 4″, a thickness of 3/5″, and an aperture of 5/8″. The maximum speed for this product is 12500 (R.P.M) which makes it one of the fastest discs on the market.

Strip and clean disc can be used for a variety of purposes, such as grinding interfaces, removing burrs from oil pipes, polishing ceramic bottoms, and dissolving paint.

The clean discs are easy to strip clean and clean off paint, rust, and oxides. This makes it a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of applications.

Highlighted Features:

  • The diamond cutting disc is durable and strong
  • Easy to strip clean and eliminate paint, rust, and oxides
  • Well-suited for use with angle grinders
  • The maximum speed of 12500 (R.P.M)
  • Diameter: 4″, thickness: 3/5″, and aperture: 5/8″

S SATC Paint Stripping Wheel for Angle Grinder

The S SATC strip discs are designed to be 5 in the pack and are made for use on an angle grinder. Paint, rust, and oxidation can be removed with the disc. It is 4-1/2″ in diameter and 7/8″ wide.

This S SATC Paint Stripping Wheel for Angle Grinder is perfect for quickly removing paint from a variety of surfaces. Improved nylon web fibers and extra coarse abrasives give this one a durable feel.

The blue clean and strip discs are also very effective for quickly clearing paint, and have a better performance than the black clean and strip discs. A strip disc is a type of grinding disc that has no center hub.

Angles are carved into the ground surfaces so that they align with the angle of the discs. The strip disc is made out of Silicon carbide which is a great material for this because it stays cooler than other materials, making it more efficient and strong.

This is a pack of 5 discs, each 4-1/2″ x 7/8″, for use on rust, paint, scaling, and oxidation from a variety of surfaces. It is safe to use on wood, metal, and fiberglass, making it a versatile option for many different projects.

Auto body shops need to be able to quickly and easily take off paint and undercoating from a car without damaging the body. The SATC discs for angle grinders are perfect for this, as it is easy to use and will not damage the car.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for rust, paint, scaling, and oxidation removal
  • Can be used on wood, metal, fiberglass
  • High-performance nylon webbing for durability
  • Extra coarse abrasives for faster grinding
  • Designed to quickly clean paint from a variety of surfaces

M-jump Paint Remover Wheel for Angle Grinder

The M-jump discs are perfect for eliminating paint, coating, rust, and oxidation from a variety of surfaces. High-quality materials are used to create discs that provide faithful performance.

It comes in three different colors so you can easily identify which one is for what job. The black disc, the blue disc, and the purple disc are for stripping paint and varnish.

M-jump Paint Remover Wheel for Angle Grinder is made with premium-grade materials that make it durable. Additionally, its design allows for easy maneuverability and control.

This disc is easy to use and can remove old paint, varnish, welding points, rust, sealant, and other surface contaminants. The M-jump disc is perfect for scraping paint or rust without damaging the original surface.

With its uniform grinding effect and reduced amount of dust, this disc is a must-have for anyone looking to strip paint or rust quickly and easily. It features a 4.5-inch diameter ring for eliminating paint.

It uses a fiber mesh carrier with a resin elastomer to adhere the sharp abrasive to the fiber web. This allows the disc to be polished at high speed without the abrasive sand falling off.

The product can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as steel, fiber-based new products, plastic, concrete, and stone. over, it is designed with a standard 6-hole pattern that fits all major manufacturers of angle grinders.

Highlighted Features:

  • Eliminate paint, coatings, rust, and oxidation from surfaces
  • Made with high-grade materials
  • Comes in three different colors to easily identify them
  • High uniform grinding effect and dust reduction
  • Designed for optimal performance and ease of use

Lamsion Paint Stripping Disc for Angle Grinder

The Lamsion rust remover wheel is made of a durable steel wire mesh reinforcement to provide strength and durability. This is a pack of 5 Lamsion discs for de-painting, which is designed to dig out paint and oxidation.

Using the black diamond cup wheel, paint can easily be removed, as it contains a high-strength, exceptionally durable honeycomb soft abrasive. This makes it perfect for take-off rust and other tough paint jobs.

Furthermore, high-quality corundum and resin elastomers are organically combined with high-strength fiber mesh. Because of this, it is a top choice among grinding discs that can do the job.

If you’re looking for a quality rust remover paint disk, then you should consider the Paint Stripping Disc for Angle Grinder from Lamsion. It’s made with black silicon carbide and has a diameter of 4 inches.

It can reach speeds of up to 12,500 revolutions per minute, making it ideal for smaller surfaces. This grinding wheel rust remover is a product designed for sanding interface grinding and oil pipe burr removal.

Wheels can be easily stripped clean and make paint, and oxidation disappears. This product comes in several sizes and grades to meet your individual needs.

The disc is also water-resistant, which makes it ideal for use in wet environments. Additionally, the disc is soft enough to prevent any damage to the surface being treated, while also being strong enough to withstand extended use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of high-quality corundum and resin elastomers
  • Organically combined with fiber mesh
  • Ideal for paint, mud, and oxidation removal
  • Comes in several sizes to meet your needs

WFLNHB Paint Removal Disc for 4.5″ Angle Grinder

WFLNHB discs are designed specifically for use with angle grinders, and they’ll quickly have your surfaces looking new. They are very easy to use and can be attached to most angle grinders.

The WFLNHB grinding disc is perfect for removing paint and other stubborn materials from your work surface. By using non-clogging web material, your disc will remain sharp and effective for a significant amount of time.

These 4.5″ x 7/8″ arbor discs come in a pack of 10 and will allow you to strip disc paint from any surface with little effort. Corrosive protection on the disc will prevent wear and tear on the paint as well as your blade.

The WFLNHB Paint Removal Disc for 4.5″ Angle Grinder is effective for removing rust, paint, scaling, and oxidation effortlessly. It’s also durable, ensuring that you can get the job done quickly and easily.

It can be used on wood, fiberglass, and metal surfaces. The disc is durable and easy to use, making it suitable for taking paint off of a variety of surfaces.

Be sure to use Blue Clean and Strip Disc if you are looking for more durability than regular discs. For removing heavy rust, the Blue Clean and Strip Disc is ideal. Blue discs are more durable than black discs.

over, you might want a better surface while retaining its original look. If this is the case, Blue discs are your most suitable choice as they offer a smooth finish and can be used on most surfaces.

Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for use with most angle grinders
  • Can be used on wood, fiberglass, and metal surfaces
  • Non-clogging web material keeps the blade sharp
  • Corrosive protection prevents rust and corrosion of the disc itself
  • Removes paint, rust, scaling, and oxidation effortlessly
  • Pack of 10 discs will have you clean-up rapidly

KONIGEEHRE Angle Grinder Disc for Paint Removal

The KONIGEEHRE disc for painting elimination is a product that provides a reliable and efficient tool for eliminating paint from surfaces. Packs of strips discs measuring 4-1/2″ x 7/8″ are included in the package.

This KONIGEEHRE Angle Grinder Disc for Paint Removal is ideal for scraping paint from surfaces. It uses high-strength, wear-resistant fiber mesh as the base material, which makes it incredibly durable and can withstand heavy use.

The resin elastomer and high-quality diamond combine to form a strong grinding wheel that doesn’t damage the surface of the object being worked on.

This allows for uniform grinding force and a uniform processing effect. In addition, the grinding wheel has strong water resistance and good softness, making it well suited for all sorts of paint removing tasks.

There is no dirt accumulation in this product. It has uniform grinding force, uniform processing effect, strong wear resistance, strong water resistance, good plasticity, and good softness. Less peeling means less dust.

This product is perfect for quickly removing rust, dirt, paint, and other surface contaminants. The diamond-coated disc provides a fast and effective way to strip away any unwanted material from a surface.

You can use this disc to clean paint or rust from stone, wood, or metal surfaces. It is also a great option for removing older paint from fiberglass surfaces. The disc is designed to fit most angle grinders. It can be used on both right-handed and left-handed units.

Highlighted Features:

  • Packed in a box of 10 discs
  • Ideal for removing paint from surfaces with a grinding wheel
  • Works on metal, stone, wood, and fiberglass surfaces
  • A fast and effective way to strip away unwanted material
  • Fits most angle grinders

DUROPEAK Angle Grinder Disc to Remove Paint

The DUROPEAK Strip Clean Disc is perfect for removing rust, cleaning paint, and cleaning weld lines. They are made from high-quality materials and are designed to fit most angle grinders. You can use clean discs for DIY or professional projects.

It quickly strips away paint and finishes in one smooth step, making the process quick, easy, and relatively painless. Ideal for anyone looking to quickly strip away painted surfaces or varnish without all the fuss, this nifty little disc is a must-have for anyone who wants to get the job done fast.

The DUROPEAK Angle Grinder Disc to Remove Paint is perfect for paint elimination. It doesn’t clog, so it’s easy to use and you don’t have to worry about wasting time cleaning the disc.

This product can be used on many surfaces, including metal, wood, and fiberglass. Thus, it makes it a great tool to have in your arsenal for a variety of projects. Its grinding wheel is also durable, so you can rely on it to get the job done.

A disc is an excellent tool for removing a wide variety of surface contaminants, including paint, varnish, welding points, rust, sealant, and more. Plus, the disc is easy to attach and remove from your grinder, so you can get to work quickly.

As a result of the improved material adoption, purple clean strip discs have better durability and are more efficient than black and blue discs. This makes the process of paint removal much easier and quicker, without sacrificing quality.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can be used on metal, fiberglass, and wood surfaces
  • Durable and designed to fit most grinders
  • The disc is easy to attach and remove from the grinder
  • Designed to remove rust paint quickly and efficiently

TruePower Paint Stripping Disc for 4 1/2 Angle Grinder

The TruePower disc is perfect for stripping away paint and rust from a variety of surfaces. It easily removes paint and rust without any effort. It’s a must-have for any DIY project.

A few of the features of TruePower Paint Stripping Disc for 4 1/2 Angle Grinder are its heavy-duty construction, durable oxide coating, and its use for many different purposes. It’s helpful if you need to remove rust or paint from a surface. You can also use it on coatings, welds, and epoxy.

The TruePower disc is perfect for removing and polishing surfaces of all kinds. Discs are durable and can handle a variety of conditions, making them an ideal tool for painting jobs.

When used, the TruePower disc for paint stripping will not damage the workpiece. This makes it a suitable choice for use on a variety of surfaces.

TruePower discs are designed to conform to contours while leaving a smooth, paintable finish. This disc is unlike ordinary grinding discs which tear up the surface and create a rough finish.

Whether you’re working on a small project or a large one, these discs will make the job easier and faster. They’re also durable, so you can use them with confidence.

This disc for painting has a diameter of 4-1/2″, making it the perfect size to fit most angle grinders. The disc also has a 7/8″ arbor, making it the perfect size to fit most paint removers.

Highlighted Features:

  • TruePower Paint Stripping Disc for 4 1/2 Grinder
  • Durable oxide coating that is perfect for the removal of paint and rust
  • Thick, heavy-duty construction to maintain quality
  • For use on coatings, welds, and epoxy
  • Conforms to the surface while leaving a smooth finish
  • Perfect size to fit most angle grinders

LotFancy Angle Grinder Wheel Paint Stripper

The LotFancy disc is a great tool for removing paint and rust. The abrasive wheel is perfect for stripping wood, metal, and fiberglass. It’s easy to use and quick to clean.

By using a silicon carbide black hawk stripper disc, you’ll get a more effective, uniform grinding effect that will make your work easier. The fiberglass backing will also improve the cut-rate, making the job easier and faster.

It features non-woven nylon webbing to help prevent clogs, and it’s also designed to produce less dust and noise. Plus, the fiberglass backing absorbs vibration for added durability.

Regardless of the task, it is an excellent product. This product is designed for removing paints, rust, welds, and much more. This product can be used without damaging the original surface thanks to the durable discs that are available in blue.

The LotFancy disc is a 4.5” strip disc that is designed for use with a grinder. This disc can be used for cleaning paint, and it fits most angle grinders. It should be noted that this disc does not fit the Wagner paint eater.

The disc is wide enough to easily cover a large area, and the high-speed rotation quickly removes the paint. If you’re looking for a reliable disc that can help you clean off paint, the LotFancy disc is a suitable option.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4.5” disc fits most angle grinders
  • Get rid of paint and other materials
  • Blue silicon carbide for more power and endurance
  • Fiberglass backing absorbs vibration for durability
  • Easy to use, with no downtime between jobs
  • Non-woven material helps prevent clogs

Sportuli Paint Rust Remover Abrasive Poly Strip Wheel Discs Angle Grinder

Sportuli 5-pack of abrasive discs is perfect for removing corrosion and paint from a variety of surfaces. They’re great for cleaning tools and other equipment around the shop or around your home.

This Sportuli Paint Rust Remover Abrasive Poly Strip Wheel Discs Angle Grinder is perfect for paint cleanup. Polyurethane coating and nylon cord ensure durability and better performance. It’s also the appropriate size for easy maneuverability.

It has an outer diameter of 100mm and an inner diameter of 16mm. It is also 12mm thick, making it the perfect size for most angle grinders. This disc’s material is very heat-resistant.

The product is a paint removing disc, also known as a grinding disc. It can be used to clean paint off steel, iron, and other metal items. This type of product has often been used by carpenters or contractors to scrape paint off window frames or wooden benches, etc.

This disc is a quality stripping wheel for paint scraping. The wheel is designed to be safe and effective on surfaces without damaging them.

This sportuli disc is great for grinding, polishing, and sanding metal, wood, stone, and more. Its versatile design allows it to be used with different angles depending on the project you’re working on.

Highlighted Features:

  • 5-pack of durable paint stripping discs
  • Polyurethane coating and nylon cord construction
  • High heat and rust resistance
  • Safe and effective for stripping paint from different surfaces
  • Perfect size suitable for most grinder
  • 100mm outer diameter, 16mm inner diameter, 12mm thickness

These are our top picks for 10 angle grinder discs for painting that you can buy online. Every product has its own benefits.

Some of them are more durable while others are safer to use. If you want your paint removing job to be done fast, look no further! These products will help you achieve the most effective results in no time.

Buying Guides for Angle Grinder Discs for Paint Removal

When you look to purchase an angle grinder disc, there are many factors to consider. Here’s a breakdown of some important information you should know before making a purchasing decision.


The material used for the construction is one of the most important things to look at when buying discs for your grinder. Make sure that the material is durable and won’t rip or tear easily.


Some discs included a variety of features you may need for certain projects. Make sure the disc includes the features you require before buying it.

Heat Resistance

It’s important that your disc is resistant to heat, especially if you’re going to use it on a grinder that has a high-speed rating. Otherwise, your disc will quickly get worn out.

Size and Compatibility

Double-check the size of the discs to make sure they can be used with your grinder. You also need to ensure that the disc is compatible with your power tool.

Operating Speed

The operating speed of the disc is also an important factor. The higher the disc can spin, the faster it will be able to take the paint off of your project.

Length and Thickness

The length and thickness are other factors that should be taken into consideration. Make sure you choose a product with a suitable diameter for your grinder. You also need to ensure the thickness of your disc matches your project.


The durability of your disc is very important. Make sure you choose a product that is made with high-quality materials and won’t wear out quickly.

Value for Money

Always make sure that you purchase discs for angle grinders that offer the best value for your money. Don’t overspend if you can get something better elsewhere.

It is important that you know what features and benefits to look for when purchasing discs for angle grinders. Making the wrong decision could result in poor quality and lower performance which will make your project a lot more difficult to complete.

Types of the Best Angle Grinder Disc for Paint Removal

There are typically 5 different types of grinder discs that you can get for your power tool. These include:

Strip Discs

The strip disc is used for cleaning paint off of different surfaces such as Windows, doors, and benches. These strip discs will usually be made with a metal coating that is resistant to heat and can withstand high-speed rotation without ripping or tearing.

Cut Off Wheels

Cut-off wheels are designed to cut through solid surfaces such as masonry, stone, and concrete. These discs are made of a special type of alloy that is resistant to heat and will not wear away easily.

Flap Discs

A flap disc is used for grinding and polishing projects. Generally, a flap disc is made with a metal core that is attached to a layer of fabric.

Flap discs are best for use on angle grinders with a high-speed rating. These flap discs have a unique design of the disc that is perfect for eliminating rust, paint, and scale from all types of surfaces.

These flap discs are made with metal fibers that have been woven into a tough fabric. Flap discs usually come in a variety of thicknesses and size options.

Wire Wheel Brushes

Wire wheel brushes are perfect for working on smaller surfaces. For example, these brushes can be used to clean rust off of metal beams and ventilators.

best, angle, grinder, disc, paint, removal

Fiber Sanding Discs

These resin fiber discs are designed to provide high levels of performance even on low-speed angle grinders. They are perfect for scraping paint and rust off of metal beams, grinding wheels down rough surfaces, and polishing metals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about angle grinder discs for paint scraping.

What Discs Do I Need for an Angle Grinder?

When removing paint from surfaces, it is important to use the correct tool for the job. A 4.5” and 9” grinding disc is the perfect size for this type of work, as it is small enough to be maneuverable but large enough to get the job done quickly.

The disc is made of high-quality materials that are tough enough to handle even the most stubborn paint jobs.

Can You Use an Angle Grinder to Strip Paint from Wood?

If you’re looking for a powerful and efficient way to remove old paint or varnish, an angle grinder is a tool for you.

However, it’s important to use the right disc to prevent grooves from forming on the surface. A grinding disc with fine grit is perfect for this job. It will quickly remove the old paint without damaging the wood.

How Does Angle Grinder Remove Rust?

The speed, weight, and movement of the disc combined with the hardness of the grit will take off the paint and rust.

However, it’s important to note that if you use your grinder without a suitable disc for too long, you risk damaging the surface. Make sure you read up on different features before making your purchase.

How Does Angle Grinder Remove Paint from Metal?

When it comes to scraping paint from metal, an angle grinder is the tool of choice.

First, you will need to attach the right disc to the grinder. Make sure it has fine grit and can withstand high speeds.

Then, use your hand or feet to control the grinder as you move it back and forth across the metal surface.

Finally, don’t forget to use water or lubricant as you work. This will keep the temperature of the metal cool and prevent it from becoming warped.


Paint removal from metal beams and other surfaces is a lot easier with an angle grinder and right disc. Make sure you choose one that can withstand high speeds without damaging and warping the material.

So choose the best angle grinder disc for paint removal and get started. You’ll be surprised by the results you get in no time.

Remember, once you have your disc in place, just remember to use water or lubricant as you work to prevent any damage or warping of the surface. Hopefully, our reviews can help you make the right choice for your situation.

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Best angle grinder disc for paint removal

Best angle grinder disc for paint removal. Working and several other tasks, including cutting, sanding, and grinding. They can be handheld or mounted to a workbench; there are many models available to choose from.

Angle grinders require disc attachments for performing the different removing paint and cutting functions.

When you need to get rid of paint on metal objects, it helps to know what angle grinder discs work best for removing paint – check out our reviewed list with the best angle grinder disc for paint removal.

Best angle grinder disc for paint removal

BHA Easy Strip Discs Clean for Stripping paint

These discs are primarily used by those in the automotive industry. You can easily attach the discs to your angle grinder, then use them to strip off all kinds of material such as old paint, rust, and corrosion.

The circular shape of these strip flooring discs has been optimized for maximum surface contact as it spins against a surface.

This material is best used for auto body companies that employ undercoating removal as part of their paint-removal procedure using surface prep equipment such as paint strippers and wire brushes.

over, these BHA discs are a safer alternative to wire brushes. These black hawk stripper disc allow auto body shops to remove paint and undercoating without exposing the vehicle to any harmful chemicals as is typically the case when using wire brushes. Check Price on eBay.

S SATC Strip Discs 5PCS Bule Stripping

The SATC S Discs are made to be five in a pack, and they’re designed to work best on an angle grinder. The discs will help remove paint quickly from a variety of surfaces.

These discs are 4 ¾” in diameter and 7/8 “wide. They have improved nylon fibers, and they also have extra coarse abrasives built into the design of these tools. Their durable design makes them feel especially strong as well as effective.

best, angle, grinder, disc, paint, removal

These blue clean and strip discs are ideal for removing paint and perform much better than the black clean and strip discs.

Strip discs measure in at 80-90 grit and are made using Silicon Carbide (SiC), which is very common in hobbyist tools due to its ability to cut through most materials including wood, fiberglass, glass fiber reinforced plastics like carbon fiber, aluminum or marble.

This composition also makes it great for chopping off excess resin as you can imagine.

This is a pack of five discs for use on rust, paint and oxidation from a variety of surfaces.

Auto body shops need an efficient method for scraping off old paint or undercoating from cars when restoring them. The SATC discs for angle grinders are easy to use and will not damage the car body while removing old paint. Check Price on Walmart.

M-jump 3 PCS Black/Blue/Purple Stripping Wheel Strip Discs

This grinder disc has a resin elastomer carrier and a fiber mesh to hold the sharp abrasive securely, preventing it from loosening when being buffed at high speeds. This item also has a long service life and is quite durable.

Steel, concrete, plastic, stone fibres, wood and other surfaces can all be polished by this disc. It smooths off paint, rust, oxidation and scale whilst protecting the metal underneath from surface damage.

Coatings such as sealant paint and varnish are easily removed too meaning your work has a clean gloss surface at the end of a project.

This disc is made for an angle grinder with a 190 mm diameter grinding head that sits on top of the machine’s shaft which itself is 4.5 inches.

The tool gives you a uniform grinding force down effect so little dust is produced when stripping or polishing away surface contaminants like old paint or seals that have built up over past years of use.

over, this angle grinder disc works well when polishing ceramic bottoms, removing rust, sanding through tough materials that have been painted on such as metal, and it will work to strip paint off of all sorts of metal products. It is effective, repeating the same quality over time while still providing quality results. Check Price on eBay.

Lamsion Best angle grinder disc for paint removal

This disc made by International Carbide is an effective, resin-bonded abrasive wheel that can be effectively used to strip rust, paint, and oxidation from surfaces.

The soft, porous honeycomb structure of the wheel allows it to remove even the most stubborn buildup while leaving a matte finish due to its progressive cut technology.

These are simple enough to use on various models of angle grinders and available in different Alumina Oxide, abrasive grain, Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide grades and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

This paint and rust remover is safe for the surface of your object. It contains discs that are resistant to wear and tear, water, can hold high amounts of plasticity, and are flexible as well.

The dust produced during grinding is less than when using other similar products.

over, The black diamond material used is resistant to wear and uniform. The processing effect and uniform grinding effect prevent damage. Check Price on Walmart.

Laiwoo 5 Pack Strip Discs Stripping Wheel for Angle Grinders

LAIWOO offers quality disc grinders designed to remove paint stripping and paint, rust and weld lines from metal.

Before you start using your disc, please make sure it is worth a few passes over the surface of the material that you’re working with.

Once you have fully inspected the surface of what you’re working on decide whether or not you need to replace the backing pad to match the material that you’re trying to polish.

Thankfully, this intense challenge can be made much easier when the right equipment is on hand such as new angle grinder discs for instance.

In addition to its power and durability, it also boasts an enormous diameter of 4 inches as well as a thickness of 3/5 of an inch.

An aperture diameter of 5/8 completes the shape, making it very well suited to handling different types and thicknesses of paint finishes. Complemented by a maximum rotational speed of 12500 R.P.M.

This product boasts industry-leading speeds which allow you to get projects done quickly and efficiently without any hassles or delays. It is incredibly durable and longer life.

DUROPEAK 5Pack Best grinding disc for rust removal

DUROPEAK’s Strip Clean Professional Grade Discs do it all. Made from super high-grade stainless steel, these discs feature diamond coated cutting edges that will turn through virtually any material making them perfect for DIY or professional use. Designed to fit most angle grinders.

These durable and incredibly effective strips will quickly strip away any coating including paint, varnish, lacquer, glaze, enamel, etc.

One simple step removing even the most stubborn materials without the hassle of complicated preparation or time consuming sanding.

The DUROPEAK Angle Grinder Disc to remove Paint is ideal for grinding and removing paints from various home surfaces.

It is not prone to clog, so it’s easy to use and doesn’t make you waste time cleaning it up. This product can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including metal, wood, and fiberglass.

It also comes with a strong grinding wheel that reliably delivers quality performance.

These discs connect to your angle grinder quickly, so you can get down to business across any surface of your choice. It’s not difficult to remove paints and other surface contaminants.

With one of these quality abrasive discs at hand, paint removal is quick and uncomplicated – making you not only efficient but responsive.

You’ll be able to quickly complete projects that may have taken you hours in the past.

What is a strip disc?

Used to clean up welds and remove rust, paint and sealants on surfaces of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, fiberglass, stone and wood. Non-woven, abrasion resistant.

What is a grinding wheel used for?

The grinding wheel contains layers of fibers surrounding the more abrasive grains which act as the custom cutting tool. The wheels remove material from products during the manufacturing process. Grinding wheels are useful in many different projects and manufacturing operations.

What is metal surface?

Metal surface treatment is a process where surfaces are prepared for painting. Conversion Coatings are used to create films on metal that adhere to the surface and function to protect it against corrosion and further wear. They are inorganic films that form during a non-electrical, chemical reaction between the metal surface and solution.

What is abrasive wheels?

A cutting wheel is a wheel made of either metal or stone that you spin at high speed with a controlled device like an angle grinder, chop saw or die grinder.

What are grinding discs used for?

Grinding Discs are suitable for a big number of machine sizes, from 1/8″ up to 12″. They are used for applications like removing materials, grinding, finishing and preparing stone and metal surfaces – very effective in paint removal and rust preparation.

Are wire wheels good?

Wire wheels are one of the most popular car parts for muscle and hot rods. They do require the same level of maintenance, care, and attention you give any other part of your car, but with regular service and attention, they provide the best in performance and great looks.

How long does waterproof coatings last?

Waterproofing doesn’t last forever but regular instances of exposure to moisture like when a dog nudges your jacket while making his way across the kitchen or rubbing against a dirty car’s exterior can reduce its effectiveness.


An angle grinder can be a great tool for removing paint from metal objects, but you will want to make sure you have the proper disc attachment for the job. Flap discs can be very aggressive, so you may want to use them for removing paint without causing damage to the underlying metal

There are several options to choose from, but you want to make sure you have a durable disc that can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

How to Remove Paint from Concrete

No matter how the paint got on your concrete, here are the best methods for removing it. Photo: Christin Lola / Shutterstock.

If you have ever accidentally spilled or splattered paint onto on a new concrete floor, patio, or other surface, you probably threw up your hands in despair, assuming the spot would be permanent. While paint spills on concrete may seem like a catastrophe, they are really nothing to cry over. In most cases, the paint can be removed successfully with a bit of time and effort.

The materials and methods required for paint removal will depend on a number of factors, including the type of paint (water vs. oil-based), the size of the spill, and the porosity of the concrete. Here are some of your options, along with a few tips for getting the best results.


Many of the same chemical strippers designed for removing paint from wood can also be used on concrete and masonry surfaces. Make sure the stripper is formulated for the type of paint you’re trying to remove. Some products will only remove water-based latex paint while others will work on both oil- and water-based paints.

Look for an environmentally friendly product that is safe to use on both indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces, such as Soy Gel Coatings Remover from Franmar Chemicals. These strippers are typically thick gels that will stay active a long time after application. They also are biodegradable, low in odor, and free of caustic chemicals.

How to remove paint from concrete using chemical strippers:

  • Apply a thick layer of paint stripper using a brush, broom, or squeegee, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Let the stripper sit until it fully penetrates and the paint begins to soften (anywhere from 4 to 24 hours).
  • Remove the paint with a scraper or wire brush once it is visibly wrinkled or puckered.
  • If any paint remains on the concrete, spread the stripper back over the area and allow it to work longer.
  • Hose off or mop up any remaining residue.
  • Clean the concrete with a degreaser.

Safety tip:

Don’t use paint strippers containing methylene chloride. These solvent-based strippers work fast, but they are highly toxic when inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Recently the EPA banned the sale of these paint strippers to consumers, and major home-improvement stores are no longer carrying them.


Environmentally friendly paint strippers are effective, but the goopy mess they leave behind can be a hassle to dispose of. If the paint spill is on exterior concrete, power washing is a great alternative and avoids most of the cleanup.

How to get paint off concrete with a power washer:

For the best results, use a power washer with a pressure rating of at least 3000 psi and a flow rate of at least 4 gallons per minute. If you don’t want to invest in an industrial power washer, consider renting or borrowing one. You can also hire a professional to do the job.

All-Purpose Concrete Cleaner Removes sealers and coatings.

Brickform Neutra Clean A pH neutral cleaner that combines cleaning and light degreasing

Easy Strip Wax Stripper Water base, low VOC, Biodegradable, easy cleanup

Commercial Surface Cleaners Cuts through grease and grime. Environmentally friendly

Kemiko Neutra Clean Low VOC All Purpose Cleaner. Leed compliant.


For stubborn paint spills that can’t be removed by power washing or chemical strippers, an effective and environmentally friendly alternative is soda blasting. This method, which uses granular sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) blasted at high pressure onto the surface, can remove multiple layers of paint or coatings fast. It also is a less-aggressive paint removal method than sandblasting and won’t damage the concrete surface.

Removing paint from concrete using sodium bicarbonate:

Although you can rent soda blasting units from hardware stores and equipment rental companies, it takes some skill to operate the equipment properly and safely. Your best bet is to hire a professional soda blasting service.

If you do decide to do the job yourself, make sure you use an industrial-grade sodium bicarbonate (not the baking soda you buy at the grocery store) and take the appropriate safety precautions by wearing a respirator. Also, don’t let any overspray come in contact with plants because the high pH level of the material can be harmful.


Epoxy paint removal using PCD tooling with The Boss concrete floor grinder Time: 01:37 Learn more about The Boss, WerkMaster’s 110V floor grinder.

Instead of using paint strippers, a chemical-free alternative for removing paint from concrete floors is by grinding it off using a walk-behind or handheld concrete grinder. These machines are very effective at removing thin coatings and paints or for cleaning and lightly abrading concrete floor surfaces.

How to remove paint from a concrete floor using a grinder:

To control airborne dust particles, use a concrete floor grinder equipped with a vacuum port so it can be hooked up to an industrial vac. Not only will a vacuum keep the air free from harmful dust, it will also eliminate messy cleanup.


If you’ve tried everything and there’s still paint left on your concrete, consider resurfacing your concrete. A coating is applied over the old surface giving you a clean, blank canvas that can be finsihed in your choice of colors, textures and patterns.


Bare, untreated concrete can act like a sponge and absorb paint and other unwanted stains readily, making them harder to remove. Keeping your concrete protected with a sealer or floor wax will help prevent absorption, allowing you to remove the spot more easily. If you get to the spill early before the paint dries, you can often remove it using only detergent and water. If the paint has dried, you may be able to simply scrape it off the surface.

Sander for Removing Paint from Wood

There are several types of tools and methods of paint removal. One such tool is a power sander that can effectively remove paint from wood. It is the combination of the sanding action with the movement of the device that removes loose paint most efficiently. But depending on the type of sander you use the results may vary.

What type of sander is best for removing paint from wood?

A random orbital sander is a versatile tool and is the best sander for removing paint from wood especially when working with delicate work. The handheld belt sander works best for removing thick stubborn paint from wood. Use a detailed sander to remove paint from corners and hard-to-reach spots on decorative works, furniture, deck, etc.

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What follows are the best types of sanders for removing paint.

Random Orbital Sander

The random orbital sander uses a large spinning disc surface that not only spins but also orbits (small circular motion) to clear away the paint.

The advantages of the orbital sander start with the wide variety of hook and loop sandpaper grit you can use. These abrasive sandpapers have hole in it that will allow the dust to be sucked by your vacuum system. However, a bigger advantage is being able to control the speed. You can start slowly along the painted surface to remove any loose paint. And then you can increase the speed to dig a little deeper. Compared to a belt sander, the random orbital sander offers better control and less chance of damages.

One disadvantage is that if you keep the sander in one place for too long, it will create a circular pattern on the surface. You can avoid that by keeping the sander moving and using a light touch. By letting the orbital sander flow along the surface either with or against the grain of wood, you can remove the paint easily from the surface. Plus, you can choose a small orbital sander to get at curves and tight places that a larger one cannot reach.

  • Tool Type: Random Orbital Sander
  • Size: 6 Inches
  • Motor: 7 APMS
  • Speed: 3300 to 7300 Orbits Per Minute
  • Power: 120V Corded
  • Price: Click Here to See Latest Price

I recommend going for a 6-inch random orbital sander like the above tool since it will cover a larger area and get the job done faster.

Belt Sander

The belt sander offers strong advantages because of the large sanding surface it provides. The sanding belt runs between two or more rollers and comes in a variety of sizes. You can choose from the small hand-held ones up to the large floor sander versions (useful for sanding small wooden articles).

You can remove paint using a belt sander from walls, floors, and even the ceiling although that may be tricky. Just sand along the grain of the wood for the best results. This type of sander is generally best for removing old paint from large surfaces.

Paint removal creates a lot of dust than normal wood sanding. I highly recommend you connect the sander to your shop vac. Be sure to wear the proper safety equipment including a respirator before you start the sanding process when removing old paint.

Palm Sander (1/4” Sheet Sander)

The palm sander is smaller than the belt and orbital sanders. This means you cannot remove paint at the same speed compared to a belt or orbital sander. However, its small size does allow it to move easily across the surface with better control. If you are sanding off paint from a relatively small surface, then a palm sander is ideal. Palm sander is very useful for vertical and overhead sanding. That’s because the small size and weight of the palm sander make it is effortless to work. You can easily use this tool with one hand, unlike a belt sander which requires you to use both hands.

You will need to move the sander in long, straight lines applying just enough force to remove the paint while not digging too deep into the surface. Plus, it works best when you sand with the grain of the wood and not against it. Still, for small jobs, this may be the ideal tool.

Orbital Disc Sander

The orbital disc sanders such as the Wagner PaintEater with palm grip are specially designed for paint stripping. Unlike a ¼” sheet palm sander which has a rectangular sanding base, the orbital disc sander has a round base. With a paint stripping disc mounted, this variable speed disc sander is a good choice for paint removal.

Orbital Disc Sander is another excellent tool for removing old paint and other coatings, including lacquer, varnish, shellac, lacquer paint, and polyurethane from wood.

Mouse Detail Sander

Also called a mouse sander, the detail sander has a triangular-shaped shaped base similar to your steam iron. You can get precut triangular-shaped sandpapers that can be attached to the sanding pad with the hook and loop mechanism. The vibrating head performs the sanding action when you apply the right accessory for the job.

These are specialized devices that remove paint from edges and corners where other types of sanders cannot reach. This includes curved or textured spaces along with extremely tight corners. For example, if you want to remove paint and refinish your wooden front door with decorative work on it, then this is the sander you need.

They are smaller compared to a palm sander, so they are not suitable for working on large surfaces. If you have a small object that needs to be repainted, especially one that has a textured surface, then the mouse sander is the ideal tool.

Many of these tools come with various sanding attachments such as finger extension, flexible extension pads to sand even the most difficult spots.

You will need to be careful when using this sander on finely detailed objects. While small, it is powerful and can remove the details that you want to keep unless you use a light touch.

Alternative Tools for Paint Removal

Although power sanders can be used for paint removal, they are not the best tool for the job. But there is a reason, I have discussed these tools in detail. You could use one of the following methods of paint removal, but when it comes to refinishing wooden items, you still need to sand them before you can apply the finish or repaint them.

So, what is the best method to remove paint from wood?

Chemical stripping is the preferred method of removing paint from wood since it is the most effective and fastest way to do it in bulk. Heating the paint layers with a heat gun and stripping them off with a putty knife also works well. It is easy and is recommended for home users who only want to remove the paint from a relatively smaller area.

On the negative side, chemical stripping gels and solutions contain very strong chemical compounds and you should take extreme caution when working them. When it comes to a heat gun, wear a mask since they produce paint fumes. Also, excess heat can warp thin sections of wood and may scorch the surface.

Angle Grinder with Paint Stripper or Flap Discs

Do you know that you can use an angle grinder as sander? You may not have thought of an angle grinder at first since it is normally used on metal. However, when you apply flap discs, or stripping discs the angle grinder makes for an excellent paint remover. The device itself is not so small but in many ways more versatile than a mouse or palm sander.

I recommend you use the paint stripping disc to remove paint from wood and metal. Its design is perfect for taking the paint off the edges of planks for example.

You can also mount different grit flap discs to the grinder to sand the surface after stripping the paint. In addition to that, you can add an attachment to make this similar to an orbital sander. What this attachment does is set the sanding pad away from the device itself allowing for greater freedom of movement. This means that you can reach tight places, curves, and protect finely detailed surfaces with ease.

The only downside is that the angle grinder is not suitable to scrub the paint off of a larger flat surface since it is difficult to control an angle grinder. But it does make an excellent companion to the belt or larger orbital sander.

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