Best Angle Grinder for Wood Carving. Angle grinder wood carving

Best Angle Grinder for Wood Carving

Most angle grinders are for grinding, cutting, sanding, and polishing materials like metal and ceramic. Few of them are designed for carving wood, and that’s a problem because you can damage your workpiece or hurt yourself if the grinder accidentally gets away from you.

How do you find a wood carving grinder if they’re not built for woodworking? This checklist should help you narrow down your choices until you find the best angle grinder for wood carving.


Aim for a grinder that is under five pounds. You will have much better control of it. Don’t worry about getting less power; most angle grinders cut through metal in a couple of passes. Even the smallest grinder has about 6-Amps, which is enough power to carve wood for extended periods.

Power Wood Carving Tools for Angle Grinders. Review

A smaller grinder will be easier to maneuver for complicated designs. You’ll also have enough power over it to reign it in quickly should it slip off course.

Disc Size Type

Wood carving grinders use 4 ½-inch grinding discs designed specifically for shaping wood. You want to ensure the grinder you pick supports discs of this size; otherwise, you won’t be able to use the right attachments.

A traditional grinder disc will snag when you try to carve wood with it. That’s a dangerous situation to put yourself in, especially since you risk severe injury every time you lose control of a grinder. It is vital that you get a grinder that fits the right disks for the job.


Safety features are crucial when carving wood with an angle grinder, so you’ll need an extra layer of safety. That’s provided by safety features that stop accidents before they happen.

A good example is the emergency shutoff. Grinders that have this feature automatically shut down when they snag or start to malfunction. A clogged grinder can suddenly slip from your hands and damage your wood, or worse, it can injure you severely. The auto-shutoff feature allows you to perform immediate maintenance, so it prolongs the tool’s life too.

A handguard is another must-have feature. It should be movable too, as that will protect you better when you’re doing detailed work. Some of them rotate a full 360 for optimal positioning.


The most useful features are those that make the grinder more convenient to use. One of them is an adjustable handle. It gives you so much extra control that you can shape intricate pieces while maintaining a good grip on the grinder.

Another feature to look out for is the spindle lock, which makes disc changes effortless. A spindle lock affords you the luxury of quick, tool-less blade changes, making your transition from carving to sanding painless.

Last but not least, variable speed control is necessary for precision and detail. It is also a safety feature that keeps the grinder firmly in your control.

best, angle, grinder, wood, carving

Even with a buying guide, you may still struggle to find an angle grinder that carves wood simply because there aren’t too many out there. If you’re not sure where to start looking, here are a few decent options to check out first.

Black Decker (BDEG400) 4 ½-inch Angle Grinder

A perfectly affordable option is the Black Decker BDGE400, a 6-amp grinder in the thirty-dollar range. Despite being an entry-level tool, it sports an all-metal gear case and a narrow, comfortable body that’s durable and ergonomic. We usually see these features in mid-range grinders.

You can reposition the handle to three sides: top, left, and right. That’s extra control and comfort while taking on extended projects or carving from difficult angles. Luckily, there’s nothing difficult about how the tool works, even when it comes to switching accessories. It features a spindle lock, so you can switch grinding accessories quickly and without tools.

This angle grinder weighs just under four and a half pounds and is around five inches across. Its compact body is one of the reasons why it’s one of the best angle grinders for carving wood.

DeWALT (DWE4011) 4 ½-inch Angle Grinder

The 7-amp motor in the DeWALT DWE4011 runs on AC/DC power and can achieve a maximum of 12,000 RPM. Since it’s equipped with overload protection, it’s a hard worker, a powerful grinder for hardwoods, and for designs that call for faster material removal.

One of its most prominent features is the protective guard. It’s called a one-touch guard because you don’t need tools to adjust its position. Sadly, you can’t say the same about accessory changes on this tool because it needs a hex wrench for basic swap-outs.

But, a ‘Quick Change’ release lets you swap out the wheel quickly without needing any tools. The convenience extends to its handling, where a removable, 2-position side handle gives you more control over the powerful grinder.

Its slim body is ergonomic enough to handle delicate applications on wood, and the movable handle lets you carve or sand from multiple angles in comfort.

Bosch (1375A) 4 ½-inch Angle Grinder

If you’re bent on finding the lightest grinder to work with, here is one that weighs only 3.75 pounds. Its compact stature is still enough to carry a 6-amp motor with a no-load speed of 11,000 RPM.

It comes with an auxiliary handle that you can position on two sides. This handle angles into a more natural position to improve user comfort. The top of it is grippy and comfortable to hold for extended periods.

This Bosch packs an interesting bit of technology called the Service Minder Brush System. It stops the tool once it needs preventative maintenance, saving it from potentially irreparable damage. Its durability is further assured by the use of an epoxy coat and sealed-switch design, which protects it from the abrasive debris it generates.

Porter-Cable (PCEG011) 4 ½-inch Angle Grinder

Weighing four pounds and measuring four by five by thirteen inches, this Porter-Cable angle grinder is comfortably small. Its compact plastic body is built around a 6-amp motor that’s capable of up to 12,000 RPM, but its gearcase is solid cast metal for extra heat resistance and durability.

It comes with a 3-position adjustable handle, which gives you better control when you need to approach the workpiece from multiple angles. It also features several safety features, including a no-volt switch and a tool-free guard.

The no-volt switch cuts off all power to the tool following a power disruption. Its job is to prevent an accidental restart if the tool’s power switch is in the “ON” position. The tool-free guard is easy to adjust as you work, giving you better protection and minimizing downtime. You’ll also spend less time changing the wheel thanks to the integrated spindle lock, which only needs a single wrench.

Power Carving Disc Tool For Angle Grinder – Top 4 Review

Angle grinders are best known for their effectiveness when it comes to construction and metalworking. However, a lesser-known fact is that they can be particularly useful when it comes to woodworking as well.

These tools are not only useful for carving wood but can also shape and sand the wood as well. They are a highly reliable tool when it comes to scooping out a lot of wood and shape your project in its final stages.

However, when it comes to using angle grinders for wood, it is essential to remember that the right attachments are key.

Unlike with metalworking, it is not recommended that you use a traditional metal cutting disc on wood. This is because wood is a highly combustible material. When combined with the sparks from the metal disc that is moving at high speeds, it can be dangerous.

Instead, there are specialty discs available for woodcarving. Choosing the correct disc is vital when it comes to working with wood. You will need to consider a variety of factors before making a choice. This includes the grit of the disc and the type of cuts that it can make on wood.

Types of Angle Grinder Discs

There are three main types of angle grinder discs that are used during a woodworking project:

Flap Discs:

These are usually used after you finish shaping the wood. They serve as a way of sanding down the wood with an angle grinder. They are, essentially, small pieces of sandpaper that are attached to a backing disc. These can, in turn, be connected to an angle grinder.

Like with whetstones, the most effective way to use these is to start with a high grit option. You can then work your way down to a lower, finer grit to remove any leftover scratches.

Abrasive Carving Discs

A great way to shape pristine wood, these discs essentially “scratch” the material away instead of cutting them. They work against the grain on the wood by using conical, carbide teeth.

The teeth on these discs also allow them to give users good control and make them effective at removing material from the wood’s surface. They make a good choice for precision-work while woodworking.

Carving Wheels

Usually made of sharpened steel or alloy, these discs have teeth that resemble chainsaw wheels. Unlike abrasive discs, these cut away at the wood while shaping it.

These are amongst the most aggressive of angle grinders discs. This aggressiveness allows them to be used to work even the thickest of woods with ease or remove a lot of material from the wood’s surface. However, they are also amongst the most dangerous angle grinder attachments for woodworking.

Best Angle Grinder Discs and Wheels

There are a variety of abrasive discs and carving wheels on offer in the market. Here are some of the best powers carving disc tools available for use with angle grinders to get you started on your own woodworking projects.

Kutzall Extreme Shaping Disc – Medium Grit

With free-cutting teeth made of tungsten carbide arranged regularly on the disc, this tool is one of the most popular options available in the market. It is compatible with most popular angle grinders, including the Makita, Black Decker, Hitachi, DeWALT, and more.

best, angle, grinder, wood, carving

This tool doesn’t slice or shear the surface of the wood – instead, it abrades it. This means that not only does this tool produce more sawdust, the sawdust is also very fine, and can clog up the disc. It is recommended that you use a torch and burn out the dust from the grit to unclog it.

One of the user-friendliest discs available on the market, it does a good job at scooping out material. You can get it in a variety of grits, with a coarser grit being for faster performance. It creates a great cut quality in terms of the smoothness of the cut line.

It should be noted that because this disc abrades the surface, the surface is left a little rougher than with some other disc options, and in need of some sanding. This means that if you’re looking for finesse and surface detailing, you will need to follow up with another disc after using this one. The quantity of sawdust produced also means that wearing a mask for protection is necessary.

However, its performance at scooping out wood during a woodworking project, as well as the fact that it is a very well built tool, means that it remains the top choice on the market.

Lancelot 14 Tooth Carving Disc

Another popular carving disc for wood, this is made out of stainless steel and fits most standard 4 ½”, 115mm, and 125mm angle grinders.

It is manufactured in a chainsaw pattern, allowing it to easily remove a lot of wood when you use it. It also works fast, allowing lots of quick concave and convex cuts. The chainsaw design means that you are essentially using the disc as a chainsaw when making edge cuts, allowing for ease of cutting.

However, the finish on the wood after using the Lancelot is very rough. The design is meant to give you high performance, but the cut quality is poor. This means that you will need to sand down the wood. It also does not cut very deep into the wood.

The chain of this disc can be sharpened, as with a regular chainsaw. One of the critical issues with this tool is the safety. As it is easy to hurt yourself with this disc, especially, it is recommended that you strictly follow safety procedures and wear a face-shield and gloves. Beginners should be particularly careful.

AxPower Six Teeth Wood Carving Disc

This planer-like disc is made out of tungsten steel and features six carbide teeth welded onto the blade. It is compatible with 16 mm (5/8”) angle grinders. The affordable nature of this disc, combined with the planning style, makes it a popular choice, especially if you are on a budget.

It does well on concave and convex cuts. However, it should be noted that the teeth do not reach the edge of the blade. This means that it can’t create edge cuts the way that other discs do.

This tool is also a good choice if you’re looking to scoop out a lot of material quickly. It is also easy to control, making it a practical choice for beginners.

However, the carbide blades protrude from the body to a high amount, which could be a safety issue if not used carefully. over, it is difficult to fit on to standard grinders.

ArborTech TURBO Plane

This universal shaping blade is a more expensive option but also serves as a professional-grade tool. With a more controlled nature when used, it is not only a compelling choice for hobbyists; it’s also useful for professional woodcarvers.

This disc has three flat blades like planers. The blades can be sharpened, and allow great fine control when carving wood. This disc is a good option for scooping out a lot of wood.

It’s effective at both concave and convex cuts. However, it is far better at concave shapes, making it a good option when carving projects like bowls. It is also good for curved shapes; however, the details are not as precise as concave ones.

The TURBO Plane also has a safety feature that doesn’t allow it to be used for edge cuts. However, it is possible to approximate the cuts by angling the blade. Despite this, if you’re looking for edge cuts, you’re better serves with another disc. It is, however, useful for planing, scooping, and rounding cuts as well.

Best Angle Grinder Disc for Wood Carving. Shape Wood Like a Pro

This disc is an especially useful choice if you’re looking for a finessed finish. It doesn’t scratch the wood as much as other wheels do, leaving it smoother, with minimal sanding required. It is effective on both hardwoods and softwoods, though it is better for hardwoods.

The biggest drawback when it comes to this disc is the price. It is much more expensive than the other offerings on this list and is not always accessible if you’re on a budget. However, it does offer very smooth cuts and robust safety features. This makes it an effective choice for beginners who don’t mind spending a little more than with the Kutzall Extreme Shaping Disc.

Safety Concerns:

If appropriately used, angle grinders are incredibly useful at working wood quickly. However, like all power tools, they do come with safety warnings.

It is far more common to suffer from woodworking accidents when working at home than on a professional job site. This is because job sites have robust safety precautions that you may not take at home.

best, angle, grinder, wood, carving

To ensure safety, a few standard precautions should always be taken. These include always wearing heavy gloves when working with angle grinders. The sharp blades running at a high velocity can easily tear through both the skin and lighter gloves.

Furthermore, always wear a face-shield or mask when working with an angle grinder. Other protective equipment to keep on hand includes safety goggles and ear protection.


Angle grinders are an efficient way to carve, shape, and sand wood, all with a single tool. Choosing the right disc for your project-type and experience level is key to ensuring that your project comes out as well crafted as possible.

Though there are various discs available on the market, these are some of the best when it comes to carving and shaping wood.

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Is It Possible to Use an Angle Grinder for Cutting Wood?

A good angle grinder can easily cut through metal, masonry, and even concrete. But is a good idea to use an Angle Grinder for Cutting Wood? Before you bring out your trusty angle grinder to maul that would-be piece of lumber, consider the following factors.

Angle Grinder for Wood Cutting, Yay or Nay?

Yes, is the quick and idiotic response. However, it isn’t ideal, and most professionals advise against cutting wood with a metal cutting disc. You must understand how to utilize Angle Grinder for Cutting Wood and which blades to apply. However, there are also significant dangers associated with using an angle grinder for woodcutting, so understanding what to expect can help you stay safe. What is the reason behind this? Because cutting a flammable material like wood with an abrasive blade on a grinder might result in disaster. Aside from the obvious one, there is also another potential hazard associated with using Angle Grinder for Cutting Wood

Because of the density of the material, there is more resistance when using a high-speed power instrument like a grinder to create a cut on a piece of metal, or even when attempting to cut concrete with a diamond saw blade. With wood, however, this is not the case. When utilizing Angle Grinder for Cutting Wood, a lightweight material, a tiny change in posture, such as simply bending your wrist, might cause the grinder to dramatically shift direction. When this happens, your response time may be insufficient to reverse the virtually immediate change, and you may find yourself with an out-of-control grinder running at 15,000 RPM. Plus, most grinders don’t have an electronic brake and are sluggish to stop spinning, and I’m guessing you don’t want to get in the way of an enraged grinder flying through space and time.

Injuries Caused by Inappropriate Use of Angle Grinder for Cutting Wood

In a study conducted by a group of hand surgeons in Japan based on the records of 15 patients treated for angle grinder injury between 2017 and 2018, it was proven that the lack of knowledge about the machine’s capacity was the main reason of these injuries. Not knowing about the potential hazards of using an angle grinder for cutting wood may result in untreatable and permeant damages.

Therefore, if we get back to the question here, can angle grinders also be used to cut wood?

The best answer would be: Yes, of course. An angle grinder can cut wood because it has the strength and capability to do so. That does not mean, however, that using an angle grinder for cutting wood would be the optimum of the situations. Although an angle grinder is useful for little projects, you should think hard before using it on a major project.

What Angle Grinder Blades Are Best for Cutting Wood?

An angle grinder has its purpose if you’re simply seeking to cut little woodcuts (like the edges of trim) or carve portions of wood. However, either a three-tooth wood cutting disc or a wood carving disc should be used. When it comes to using an angle grinder for cutting wood, the correct kind of blade is required. So, let’s look at a few alternatives for the greatest wood-cutting blades.

Let’s start with the question of whether a normal blade can be used to cut wood. This is a common mistake made by novice users, and it is something you should avoid. Cutting with a normal blade is possible, but the safety is inadequate. The grinder might rise and fly off the table you’re working on if something goes wrong. You might be badly injured if you rotate at high speeds. Instead of attempting to use a regular blade, you should seek for one of the woodcutting blades listed below to assist reduce the chance of an accident while maintaining the smooth and accurate appearance of your project. Rotating at high speeds might cause serious injury. Instead of attempting to use a standard blade, go for one of the woodcutting blades mentioned below to help decrease the risk of an accident while keeping the smooth and precise aesthetic of your project. Choose a wood carving disc for an angle grinder that will operate on both soft and hard woods. A disc with the strength required for woodworking, as well as the proper form and design to undertake woodcutting operations with ease.

Angle Grinder for Cutting Wood: 3 Top Picks

A wood carving disc made specifically for an angle grinder is available (flex). Wood, laminated flooring, parquet (hardwood), aerated concrete, plasterboard, and plastic are all safe to operate on because to the unique form. If you require a woodworking tool for an angle grinder (flex), you’ll need a Speed-cutter disc. The GRAFF Speed-cutter woodworking disc features only three teeth, allowing the angle grinder to achieve an acceptable level of radial resistance at a Rapid rotation rate.

  • All-In-One Carving Tool
  • No Overheating
  • T TOVIA 5 Wood Carving Disc for Angle Grinder

People have been utilizing circular saw blades with angle grinding machines for woodworking for many years, which is dangerous! An angle grinder’s large number of teeth paired with its Rapid RPM rate frequently results in finger amputations and other serious accidents!

  • All-In-One Carving Tool
  • No Overheating
  • Certificated
  • Proven Material
  • Ronix 3210 Mini Angle Grinder

No one can refute Ronix 3210’s capability. Our clients love this power tool because of its strong 2400W motor, 8000RPM no-load speed, 180mm wheel diameter, and ergonomic features. To turn it on, all you have to do is plug it in and press the anti-dust button. Because of its air-flow cooling mechanism, working long hours will not be a problem for the 3210. Working with an angle grinder has become so simple and comfortable thanks to the development of various ergonomically designed features in such a power instrument. Three-position anti-vibration side handle, rotating main handle, quick-change disc guard, and locking pin system are among the features.

  • Professional heavy-duty 2400W powerful motor that enables high performances
  • 3 positions anti-shock ergonomic side handle, minimizes vibration and reduces fatigue during long time working
  • Rotary main handle which accelerate working in different angles and improves user comfort and control
  • Soft start switch system that ensures the safety of operation
  • Direct airflow system which cools the motor for more reliable performance and higher overload capabilities
  • NSK anti-dust ball bearings which ensure long lifetime of the motor and make it work more smoothly
  • Quick change of disc guard that allows the user to place the guard in different working positions
  • Easy and fast carbon brush changing mechanism
  • New locking pin system for easy and fast disc changing and safety mechanism
  • Anti-dust switch which reduces dust penetration, especially in masonry working conditions

Is Using an Angle Grinder to Cut Wood Effective?

Using an angle grinder for cutting wood raises a number of obvious safety hazards. However, if you take the proper precautions, use the proper three-tooth cutting disc, and just need to trim a few corners here and there, an angle grinder is a feasible alternative.

Carving, sanding, and shaping are all operations that angle grinders excel at. You can shape wooden materials like a master craftsman with a wood carving disc attached to your angle grinder.

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Mistakes

While using an angle grinder for cutting wood, however, the least you can do is to always wear the proper PPE, such as safety goggles, ear protection, and cut resistant gloves, which are the absolute least minimum when working with a grinder. Keep in mind that the guard should never be removed unless the power supply is disconnected. When cutting any material with a grinder without a protection, you might end up in the hospital.

  • The first mistake to avoid is driving too quickly. When performing something potentially harmful, it’s natural to want to get it over with as soon as possible. In this case, you could wind yourself paying a high price for it.
  • One of the most crucial aspects of using an angler grinder to cut wood is to go slow and careful with your motions. As a result, take your time. If you hurry the job, you risk receiving a kickback from the grinder, which might result in serious injury.
  • Keep in mind that you’ll almost certainly need to become used to cutting at an angle. Your inclination will be to cut straight down, but this will increase your risk of harm. Instead, try making each cut at a small slant. The angle will perform better and cut more accurately because this tool is designed to carve wood rather than cut it.


  • What blades should I use when using an angle grinder for cutting wood?If you intend to use an angle grinder for small trimming or little jobs as such, select a proper three-tooth cutting disc.
  • Should you use an angle grinder for cutting wood?No, it’s a last-ditch attempt that should only be used if you don’t have any other options.
  • How to use an angle grinder in woodworking?This handheld power tool can be used for grinding, sanding, abrasive cutting and polishing wood.

As you can see, the debate over whether or not angle grinders should be used to cut wood is not simple. The reason for this is because this tool may be too strong for most wood products, increasing the risk of harm from backlash. However, you do have options when it comes to cutting wood with a grinder, as you can simply replace the disc to a three-tooth disc for minor projects. While we believe there are certain advantages to utilizing an angle grinder for carving, shaping, and sanding, you must be completely focused and aware of the grinder’s limitations in contrast to other instruments. When attempting to create accurate miter cuts or ripping boards of wood, if you have access to a circle saw, table saw, or even a miter saw, you’d be better off going that route.

The Best Angle Grinders for Wood Carving (Updated 2023)

Searching for the best angle grinder for wood carving? Carve out a moment to read this article first before you hit that purchase button.

Before we get into the reviews, it’s important to know that most large, heavy-duty angle grinders are meant to cut and grind metal, not wood.

However, small and lightweight angle grinders are ideal for wood carving, shaping, and sanding.

When used with the right blades and accessories, these versatile power tools excel at a variety of woodworking tasks, including shaping furniture, carving sculptures, shaping large curves, etc.

To help you find the right tool for your needs and budget, we’ve rounded up some of the best angle grinders and discs currently on the market. Each of our top picks below has been assessed based on its durability, power, maneuverability, and safety.

The Best Angle Grinders for Wood Carving

Our Top Pick: DeWALT ( DCG413B ) 20V MAX XR 4.5-Inch Brushless Angle Grinder

Lightweight yet powerful and packed with excellent safety features, this cordless angle grinder is highly versatile and ideal for carving, shaping, and polishing.

It’s a godsend when working in tight places, at awkward angles, and when you don’t want to string an extension cord all over the place.

What we like the most about this DeWALT grinder is its brushless motor that spins discs up to 9,000 RPM. It offers longer runtime and doesn’t require brush changes – ever.

You may think that 9,000 RPM is not particularly powerful, but that is plenty of torque for most projects. Still, we recommend a corded angle grinder if you want more power for heavy-duty tasks.

We greatly appreciate the Kickback Brake feature that automatically reduces the movement of the grinder and shuts it down when it detects wheel pinching or stalling. All it takes to stop the wheel is two seconds.

The main complaint among users is poor battery life, as this angle grinder drains batteries fairly quickly.

The remedy for this is having several 20V batteries, and the good news is that the angle grinder works with any DeWALT 20V MAX or FlexVolt batteries. The bad news? Batteries and chargers are sold separately.

  • Brushless motor, 9,000 RPM
  • Powered by 20V battery
  • Weighs 3.8 pounds
  • E-Switch protection
  • Kickback Brake protection
  • Compact, lightweight, and cordless
  • Lots of safety features
  • Plenty of power, suitable for most projects

Our Top Corded Pick: Makita (9557PBX1) 4.5-inch Angle Grinder Kit

The Makita 4.5-inch angle grinder weighs less than 5 pounds yet has a powerful 7.5 Amp motor, making it a highly versatile tool that can handle any type of wood carving project, small or big.

It may not be the lightest angle grinder out there, but it’s certainly lightweight enough to maneuver easily.

Thanks to its slim handle, large paddle switch, and lock-on/off feature, it’s easy to use and comfortable to hold for longer periods. And because this is a powerful angle grinder, it comes with soft-start technology, which helps prevent recoil and keep you safe.

Another thing we really like about this grinder is its durable design. The housing might be made of plastic (and this is why it’s so lightweight), but it’s sturdy. Plus, it has a protective varnish that seals the armature from wood dust, helping prolong the unit’s life.

The kit includes the angle grinder, a diamond blade, a grinding disc for steel, and blade guards.

Overall, it’s a versatile, easy-to-maneuver tool with plenty of power that’s perfect for wood sculpting, carving, and sanding. Many users also report that it’s great for polishing.

The minor downside for some users is that it heats up relatively quickly with continued use, but that is to be expected – no grinder is made for all-day use.

Also, while the kit is a great deal, you cannot store the grinder with the handle attached in the case as it doesn’t fit. This means you have to remove the handle, stow it separately, and re-assemble it whenever you need it. Not a huge con, but something to keep in mind.

  • 7.5 Amp motor, 11,000 RPM
  • Weighs 4.5 pounds
  • Soft-start technology
  • Extra-large paddle switch
  • Lock on/off feature
  • AC/DC switch
  • Powerful yet lightweight enough to be comfortable to hold
  • Versatile, great for all projects
  • Durable construction and ergonomic design

Best Angle Grinder Disc for Wood Carving: Kutzall Extreme Shaping Dish – Medium 4.5-inch

Specifically designed for carving, shaping, and sculpting soft and hard woods, the Kutzall Shaping Dish is one of the best angle grinder discs on the market. Yes, the grinder disc is a little pricy, but there’s a reason for that. Well, several reasons, actually.

For one, the disc is made from ultra-durable tungsten carbide material, which stays sharper for longer compared to standard abrasive discs.

This means that you may actually save money in the long run by avoiding frequent replacements.

It’s also easier to clean as you can use a wire brush or a torch – neither should harm the teeth.

Another great thing about Kutzall is that it’s incredibly easy to control, as it has excellent resistance to loading.

There’s practically no kickback, making it safer than traditional abrasive discs. Choose the Original Coating when working with hardwood, or Extreme Coating when working with wet or gummy wood.

Many users praise this Kutzall disc’s ability to smoothly shape and cut with or against the grain on all types of wood, including denser wood. Its design also allows for quick and easy removal of wood without clogging.

However, we should mention that some users find the product clogging up too quickly and creating dust. Needless to say, a good soft-wire brush and eye and face protection are must-haves.

  • Made from tungsten-carbide material
  • Highly resistant to loading
  • Can be cleaned with a torch or wire brush
  • Available in a variety of coatings

Budget Pick: Bosch 1375A 4-1/2-inch Angle Grinder

Don’t let the cheap price fool you, the Bosch 1375A 4-1/2-inch angle grinder is a versatile little beast that can cut through almost any material, but most importantly for us, any wood, too.

Slim, compact, and weighing less than 4 pounds, it’s easy to maneuver and use for extended periods. It is ideal for folks who often suffer arm fatigue when working with heavier angle grinders.

The lock-on slide switch allows continuous operation and keeps you focused on your task. The auxiliary handle enables you to move it to either side – great for lefties and when working from awkward positions.

best, angle, grinder, wood, carving

We also appreciate the epoxy-coated field windings, which help protect the tool from dust and abrasive debris.

With a 6.0 Amp motor that produces no-load 11,000 RPM, this Bosch grinder has plenty of power for light to medium projects.

No, it’s not the most powerful angle grinder out there, but it’s great for lighter tasks like hallowing out wood bowls, carving boards, sanding wood, etc. This said, plenty of customers successfully use it for shaping wood in furniture construction, too.

On the downside, this is a single-speed tool, and while 11,000 RPM is plenty of power for most small and medium jobs. If you want to shape large, dense wood easily, you’ll probably want something more powerful.

Key Features

  • 6.0 Amp motor, 11,000 RPM
  • Weighs 3.75 pounds
  • 2-position side auxiliary handle
  • Lock-on slide switch
  • Compact and lightweight, easy to maneuver
  • Well-made yet budget-friendly
  • Plenty of power for most wood carving tasks

Best for Big Jobs: DeWALT DWE402 4.5 Inch Angle Grinder

Looking for a powerful angle grinder for larger projects? You’ve found it.

The DeWALT 4.5-inch angle grinder boasts an 11 Amp AC/DC motor that spins at 11,000 RMP, making it perfect for heavy-duty jobs like crafting furniture. It may not be ideal for ultra-delicate tasks, but it’s plenty versatile when paired with the right wood disc.

The grinder has a paddle switch with a safety lock-off, preventing accidental start-ups. The handle, while slightly bigger than most, provides good ergonomics thanks to its oversized threading. This makes working with the tool safe and comfortable.

The DeWALT grinder has a dust ejection system that prevents dust from entering and damaging the tool, which helps prolong its life. Other great features include a one-touch 360-degree rotatable guard that allows optimal positioning and overheat protection.

If you’ve been using standard 6 Amp angle grinders for your wood carving projects and want to switch to something more powerful that doesn’t heat up quickly and can easily shape larger and denser woods, this option is fantastic.

At a little over 6 pounds, the DeWALT is heavier, but it’s also much more powerful and durable than standard angle grinders.

  • 11 Amp motor, 11,000 RPM
  • Weighs 6.2 pounds
  • Paddle switch with safety lock-off
  • Single-touch guard with 360 rotation
  • Dust ejection system
  • Overheat protection
  • Plenty of power for heavy-duty projects
  • Durable construction with lots of safety features
  • Does not heat up quickly, even with continuous use

Also Great: BLACKDECKER (BDEG400) 4.5-Inch Angle Grinder

Affordable but well-made, the BlackDecker 4.5-inch angle grinder is a solid entry-level grinder for wood carving. It’s housed in a sturdy metal case and designed with a three-position side handle – left, top, and right – for a comfortable and stable grip no matter the angle.

With a 6 Amp motor that operates at 10,000 RPM, it’s got enough power for most light to medium wood carving tasks, but it’s definitely not powerful enough for bigger projects. And like all angle grinders of this capacity, it heats up quickly with continuous use.

On the plus side, this is one of the lighter grinders out there. At less than 5 pounds, it’s pretty comfortable to hold and maneuver. Its compact, narrow body and adjustable side handle make working with the tool comfortable and easy, even when operating at awkward angles. Great for carving, sanding, grinding, and polishing wood.

Another feature we like about the BlackDecker grinder is its spindle lock that lets you easily swap out accessories. Many users also love that the motor lock button is large and easy to press when wearing gloves.

Overall, it’s a solid budget-friendly angle grinder for light-duty projects. But if you’re looking for something powerful that will last for decades, you’re looking at the wrong tool. This is a nifty little grinder for those just getting into wood carving.

  • 6 Amp motor, 10,000 RPM
  • Weighs 4.5 pounds
  • Metal housing
  • 3-position handle for comfort and control
  • Spindle lock for easy accessory changes
  • Comfortable, even when working at awkward angles
  • Affordable but well-built
  • Great for light-duty projects

How We Decided on Our Picks

Power and Performance

A good angle grinder should help you safely and comfortably shape a piece of wood into something useful or decorative.

To do that, it needs to have enough power (as well as certain safety features, but we’ll get to that).

This is why we prioritized motor power and performance when searching for the best angle grinders.

We looked for tools with at least 6 Amps of motor power, which is enough for most light and medium-duty wood carving and shaping jobs.

But if you’re working on larger projects or want to be able to easily and quickly shape larger and denser pieces of wood, you can definitely go above that. Just bear in mind that the more powerful the motor, the heavier the grinder.

Size and Weight

You’ll probably use your grinder for extended periods from time to time, so you want a compact and lightweight unit.

We focused on angle grinders that are around 5 pounds, as they’re comfortable to hold for longer periods and are typically easier to maneuver.

We did pick one heavier grinder (the DeWALT is a little over 6 pounds), but that one is best suited to folks looking for a more powerful unit for heavy-duty tasks.

Safety Features

An angle grinder is, after all, a handheld power tool and, as such, can be dangerous and cause kickback. Even a small change in your posture might cause a grinder to get out of control, especially if you’re using a wrong disc.

For this reason, we paid particular attention to the safety features such as emergency shut-off, safety hand guard, and soft start.

Durability and Construction

Finally, a good-quality angle grinder should be well-made and durable.

We chose units with sturdy housings from reputable brands. Metal casings are, of course, the best when it comes to durability, but metal does slightly increase the weight of the tool.

Still, it’s possible to find lightweight grinders with metal casings (look at BlackDecker). Sturdy plastic is most common, however, as it’s light.

A big plus is also a protective sealing that prevents wood dust from entering the motor and damaging it.

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