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Best Chainsaw Case in 2023 | Hard Soft Cases

If you’re looking for a chainsaw case you’ve come to the right place. What are the best chainsaw cases for your chainsaw? It’s important to store and transport your chainsaw properly and have it protected. Also, and perhaps most importantly, it’s much safer to move your chainsaw in a carrying case, and if you have kids or pets, you never want to leave your chainsaw left out in the open. A solid carrying case solves all of these problems.

Husqvarna PowerBox | Most Popular Chainsaw Case

  • Well-built case designed to resist damage and protect.
  • Stackable design allows for convenient transport and storage.
  • Exclusive Husqvarna leash system provides a secure fit to protect contents.
  • Model 136 up to and including the 372XP and 576XP
  • Can Store : filing vise, scrench, spark plug, 2-Stroke oil, Bar Chain oil and Operator’s Manual.
  • Made from : HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) — Double wall construction.
  • “Husky leash” system for a secure fit and to protect the saw.
  • Includes : 18″ to 20″ scabbard.

Stackable carrying case design to hold Husqvarna chain saws from model 136 up to and including the 372XP and 576XP as well as securely holding filing equipment, filing vise, scrench, spark plug, 2-Stroke oil, Bar Chain oil and Operator’s Manual. HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Double wall construction. “Husky leash” system for a secure fit and to protect the saw. Comes with an 18″ to 20″ scabbard.

This is a highly rated item on Amazon, currently rate around 4.5 stars at 350 reviews. The boxy style gives it more flexibility as it can accompany a wider range of chainsaws, and it fits all Husqvarna models, so if you’re a Husqvarna devotee then this is the carrying case for you. Plus, the boxy design allows it to be easily stacked with other items.

The other advantage to the boxy design is that there’s room for your other chainsaw related accessories, such as: engine oil, goggles, manual, rags, spark plug, and/or whatever else you may want to carry. You can even carry along your favorite novel if you like, maybe a copy of Moby Dick. Whatever tickles your literary fancy.

This chainsaw case is composed of hard plastic will ensure your chainsaw is well protected, although it’s not completely sealed from water, it should do just fine, unless you drop it into a stream or leave it outside in a downpour.

The Husqvarna Powerbox chainsaw case is one of the best selling cases for good reason, it provides a solid place to store your chainsaw and other essential accessories.

Some chainsaws include a quality carrying case like this Remington model. Fact is, most chainsaws do not come with a carrying case. I think manufacturers can differentiate their products by adding a carry case that is unique and protects the chainsaws properly.

We’ve updated our comprehensive GUIDE on the top rated gas chainsaws for Homeowners in 2023 (so far) Check it out. Our latest recommendations. Plenty of new chainsaws.

Chainsaw Carrying Case | Options

If you want options for carrying your chainsaw, look no further. I’ve gathered the most popular chainsaw carrying cases for you to quickly see to help you determine the best chainsaw carrying case for your particular chainsaw model.

Husqvarna Classic | Chainsaw Case | 100000101

Husqvarna orange chainsaw carrying case keeps sharp chain covered and protects saw from damage during transport. Double walled for extra durability with a tab for padlock security. Compartments for chain saw tool and oil storage.

Fits models 36, 41, 42 ,45, 49, 55, 55 Rancher, 242, 246, 254, 340, 345, 350, 351, 353 and 346XP

Jonesered : Chainsaw Case — Best Hard Case with Storage

Will Hold: Filing Vise, Scrench, Spark Plug, 2 cycle oil, Bar and Chain Oil, and operator’s manual

  • Made in the USA
  • Quality built
  • Stackable Carrying Case for Saws up to 20 Inches
  • 2 door access with tool storage built-in
  • Lockable : Padlock hole
  • Protect saw with a quality hard case
  • Dimensions: 20″ x 12″ x 12″

Made in the USA. The Jonsered chainsaw case is made with an 18 inch removable scabbard. Full 20″ long box with top and front locking doors. Blow molded s for tools, scrench, files, manuals, chains, bar oil. Has an essential carrying handle with dual side lift s. Protects your saw and keeps all your tools organized.

Poulan Pro | Chainsaw Case | 952031152

The rounded edges give this a slimmer look but reduces internal storage space. Personally, I like cases that give you internal storage so you can keep your chainsaw organized, especially if you have to move out it somewhere away from your home.

Husqvarna | Chainsaw Bag | 505690095

Genuine Husqvarna carry bag made from a durable Cordura nylon. Specifically designed to fit the Husqvarna chainsaw shape. A practical carry bag that will prevent damage caused by rubbing against any other tools. Constructed with carry handles and a plastic tray which fits in the base of the bag.

Echo ToughChest | Chainsaw Case | 99988801210

  • Fits all Echo chainsaws with up to a 20″ bar
  • Case is designed with extra room for accessory storage (oil, wrench, files etc)
  • Inside dimensions of box: 11″ high x 18″ long x 10.5″ wide
  • Some assembly required, instructions included

The ToughChest chainsaw case fits all Echo chainsaws up to a 20″ bar. It also will accommodate any tools and supplies. Product is constructed to withstand challenging weather and it’s also rust-resistant.

Looking for A Chainsaw? Below are some Top Picks for 2023

WORX WG303.1 : One of the most popular chainsaws.

Best for (the good): Light-duty projects. Limbing, cutting small trees into logs (bucking), firewood, felling small trees, cutting wood up to 12-inches in diameter, cleaning up after a storm, pruning and general yard clean-up. Great features. Excellent value.

Not good for (cons): Heavy-duty cutting. You have to manage the extension cord.

Husqvarna 450 Gas Chainsaw

Well-balanced, powerful and high-quality : 18″, 50.2cc gas-powered chainsaw

Best for (the good): Heavy-duty projects. Limbing, cutting trees into logs (bucking), firewood, felling trees, cutting wood up to 24-inches in diameter, cleaning up after a storm, pruning and general clean-up. Professional build quality. The perfect chainsaw.

Not good for (cons): Excessive pruning. Might feel heavy after awhile, depending on your fitness level. Expensive, but worth it.

Makita UC4051A Electric Chainsaw

If you’re looking for a corded-electric (14.5A) chainsaw then look no further. This is as good as it gets when it comes to electric chainsaws. Professional-grade components.

Note : Also available in a 16-inch version : Makita UC3551A (14″) — Same features, shorter chain.

Best for (the good): Light to medium-duty projects. Limbing, cutting trees into logs (bucking), firewood, felling small trees, cutting wood up to 14-inches in diameter, cleaning up after a storm, pruning and general yard clean-up. Excellent build quality. Professional-grade saw.

Not good for (cons) : Heavy-duty cutting. You need to be near an outlet.

Greenworks PRO 80V Cordless Chainsaw

18-Inch battery chainsaw. Includes a 2Ah battery and charger. Model : GCS80420

Best for (the good): Light to medium-duty projects. Limbing, cutting trees into logs (bucking), firewood, felling trees, cutting wood up to 16-inches in diameter, cleaning up after a storm, pruning and general yard clean-up. Equivalent power to a 45cc gas chainsaw. Battery charges in 30 minutes.

Not good for (cons): Heavy-duty cutting. Battery life is its biggest limitation. An extra 4Ah battery would make this chainsaw flawless. Expensive.

OREGON CS300-A6 — 40 Volt

Self-sharpening chainsaw. 12 pounds. Up to 400 cuts with a 4.0Ah battery (included).

Best for (the good): Light to medium-duty projects. Limbing, cutting trees into logs (bucking), firewood, cutting wood up to 14-inches in diameter, cleaning up after a storm, pruning and general yard clean-up. Self-sharpening system is excellent. Comes with a long-lasting 4Ah battery and charger.

VIDEO | Oregon CS300 Chainsaw

Not good for (cons): Heavy-duty cutting. Felling trees. Battery life is its biggest limitation. An extra battery would make this a perfect chainsaw for homeowners. Slow battery charging (140 minutes).

GreenWorks 40V Chainsaw (20312)

Best for (the good): Light-duty projects. Limbing, cutting small trees into logs (bucking), firewood, cutting wood up to 12-inches in diameter, cleaning up after a storm, pruning and general yard clean-up. Great value. Good battery life.

Not good for (cons): Heavy-duty cutting. Felling trees.


One of the best chainsaws for homeowners. Anybody can handle this ultra-lightweight and compact battery-powered chainsaw.

Best for (the good): Light-duty projects. Cutting wood up to 6-inches in diameter, cleaning up after a storm, pruning and general yard clean-up. Very lightweight. Easy for anyone to use and carry.

Not good for (cons) : Medium or heavy-duty cutting. Felling trees. Battery life is limited. Manual oiling system. (Upgrade to the LCS1240 40V as it has an automatic oiler).

Choose Wisely

Finding the right chainsaw can be tricky. If you want to spend your money wisely then you have to be realistic about your particular needs. How often will you cutting at one time? What size wood do you need to cut? Are you going to be felling trees?

I don’t recommend buying the cheapest chainsaw you can find. Buy a chainsaw that will match your needs, for today and in the near future. Always follow the tried and true safety measures.

A Safer ‘Chainsaw’ for Cutting Under 4″ | Worx WG320

Chainsaws are dangerous and if you don’t know how to use one then get someone to teach you first. Take a class. Ask for help or guidance. Buy this excellent book on Chainsaws specifically written for homeowners. Don’t overlook the fact that chainsaws are dangerous if you don’t know how to use them. Unlike most tools, a chainsaw requires a certain amount of skill, knowledge and practice.

If all you want to do is cut branches under 4-inches then just buy a safe alternative like the WORX Jawsaw or the BlackDecker Lopper.

Wear Safety Gear

You can also buy your safety gear separately. Either way, just make sure you dress properly when you get to work with your chainsaw.

Keep it Simple | Choosing the Best Chainsaw

I’m going to keep it simple and straightforward in this article. At the end of the day you probably just a want a capable chainsaw that’s well-made, reliable, safe and not too expensive. I know cost is important to most people especially with the economy as it is today so I’m giving you two options for each category — “best cheap chainsaw” and “best overall.”

The categories for the purposes of this article are: gas, electric and battery-powered chainsaws.

What Does ‘Best Chainsaw’ Mean?

What’s best for you is not necessarily what’s best for you. One of my top recommendations is this new GreenWorks 80V (read our review) battery-powered chainsaw. But, it’s expensive, so if you can’t afford it then this is obviously not the right chainsaw for you.

AND STILL! The Best Chainsaw for the price! 2023

If you need power but have a limited budget then I would suggest either the Makita UC4051A (electric) (read our review) or the Remington RM4214CS (14″ / gas). My point being that the “best” chainsaw is relative. But I will provide you with an option no matter what your circumstances, experience or budget.

DeWALT 12″ / 20V Chainsaw — One of the top selling compact chainsaws. It’ s lightweight and cuts fast. (Read our review)

I know there’s no single “best” chainsaw that everyone will agree with. There are several factors that determine what’s the best chainsaw for you, so don’t spend all your time searching for perfection — it doesn’t exist.

Having said that, this article will give you some excellent options for you to choose from. All the chainsaws in this article are excellent in their particular category. The best chainsaw is a subjective topic that can only be determined by your needs. The variables that will influence your decision are: your budget, physical strength, and the scope of cutting that you need to get done. It should be relatively easy for you to make a decision once you know those three things and finish reading this article.

At Chainsaw Journal we’ve written many articles on different chainsaw models and I’ll provide additional links for you at the end of this article but my goal here is simplify the buying process so you don’t waste endless hours of your time on research. I know how addictive research on the internet can be, but speaking from experience, at some point you need to make a decision. My hope is that by the end of this article you’ll be confident in your decision to choose the best chainsaw that you won’t regret.

If you’re on a budget then have a read of my list of: The Best Chainsaw on the Market. Some of the chainsaws from this article are also on this list, but there are differences.

Before using a chainsaw make sure you understand the basic safety operating procedures first. An excellent book for you to consider, and one that I own, is: Homeowner’s Complete Guide to the Chainsaw. It will show you how to everything you want to do with chainsaws in a step-by-step instructional manner.

Here are my recommendations that belong on my personal list of the best chainsaw for homeowners. By the time you finish this article you’ll know which chainsaw to buy, that’s my promise to you.

WORX WG303.1 | Best Chainsaw : Electric

Best for: Light to medium-duty cutting. Softwood. Felling trees, cutting wood up to 14-inches. Cutting firewood. Big projects that require light to medium-duty cutting.

Not good for: Heavy-duty cutting.

  • 15.5 Amp electric motor.
  • 16″ bar and chain.
  • Patented tool-free tensioning system prevents over-tightening.
  • Built-in chain brake for added safety.
  • Automatic oil lubrication and built-in oil reservoir with level indicator.
  • Rubberized rear handle for added comfort and grip.
  • 3/8″ pitch reduced kickback chain safely improves cutting performance.

Overview | WORX WG303.1

The WORX WG303.1 strikes a perfect balance between price and features. I’m surprised at how many features are packed into this chainsaw and for under 100. This is one of the most popular and well rated chainsaws on the market, in any category. I would be foolish not to have this on my list of the best chainsaws for homeowners.

It comes with a tool-free automatic chain tensioning system that prevents you from tightening your chain too much which will ultimately extend the life of your chain. It has an automatic lubrication system, an effective chain brake and ergonomic rubberized handle for extra comfort when you work.

The 16″ chain is powered by a 14.5 Amp motor, giving you ample juice to tackle your light to medium-duty cutting projects around the house. WORX has truly made a powerful chainsaw that’s easy to use and runs smoothly. In fact, it doesn’t get much easier when it comes to using a chainsaw. Everything is automated for you and all you have to worry about is plugging it in and cutting wood.

Not only is this the best electric chainsaw that’s inexpensive but it’s also the best chainsaw for the money. For under 100 you can’t go wrong. The only drawback is that you’ll have to manage an extension cord but other than that it’s cheap, versatile, fast-cutting and well-made.

If you want a 50-foot extension cord then you’ll need a 12-gauge cord to get the maximum power from this saw. If you want a 100-foot extension cord, which is probably a better idea, then you need a 10-gauge cord.

The WORX WG303.1 is ideal for pruning, limbing, yard clean up and felling small trees up to 14-inches. Honestly, for the average homeowner, you simply can’t go wrong with this chainsaw, and if you don’t believe me then just read the reviews. This certainly deserves to be on the best chainsaw list as it’s been tested and validated by a numerous amount of consumers already. You can’t argue with the long list of happy customers.

This is the type of chainsaw that will surprise you again and again because you’ll wonder how can such a good chainsaw be so cheap. Well, the answer to that is that they sell so many of these WORX chainsaws and therefore the manufacturing costs are down to a minimum. In the end, the consumer wins.

Its bigger brother

WORX also makes a slightly more powerful version of this chainsaw called the WORX WG304.1. It has a 15-Amp motor and an 18″ bar and chain, but everything else is exactly the same. Same build quality and features.

If you want to read more about the WORX WG303.1 then read about it in our featured article on WORX Chainsaws, including the WG304.1 model.

Buy the WORX WG303.1 from Amazon. Visit the WORX site to learn more.

Husqvarna 450

Best for: Medium to heavy-duty cutting. Hard or softwood. Felling trees up to 24-inches. Cutting firewood. Large projects.

Not good for: Limbing and/or pruning for long periods of time due to weight.

  • 50.2cc X-Torq engine delivers power with lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions
  • Three-piece crankshaft is forged in two halves and connected with the crankpin for extreme durability and long life
  • Quick-release air filter for easy cleaning and replacement
  • Centrifugal air cleaning system improves engine life by removing large dust and debris particles before they reach the air filter
  • Easy to start with combined start/stop switch, Smart Start and fuel pump
  • Low vibe system reduces operator fatigue
  • Transparent fuel indicator makes it easy to monitor fuel level
  • Inertia-activated chain brake reduces chances of injury due to kickback
  • Snap-lock cylinder cover saves time when cleaning and changing spark plugs
  • Air purge system removes air from the carburetor and fuel system for easy starts
  • Felling marks produce distinct marks for precision felling

Overview | Husqvarna 450

When it comes to felling trees and cutting firewood, nothing cuts faster and more efficiently than a gas chainsaw. The Husqvarna 450 is an exceptional homeowner chainsaw because it has the perfect balance between power and ergonomics. It’s relatively light at 11.3 lbs, which makes it easy on your back and allows you to work longer.

A mistake that many people make to FOCUS all their attention on the features and nothing else. Unfortunately, you can’t tell how good a chainsaw is by the features alone. It doesn’t work that way. Think of a chainsaw as a machine, like a car. A good chainsaw depends on the how each individual component comes together to serve the entire machine. For example, If you buy a powerful chainsaw that’s unbalanced, uncomfortable to hold, and vibrates excessively then your chance of getting injured dramatically increases, making it a poorly engineered chainsaw.

The Husqvarna 450 has an 18″ bar and chain and it’s powered by a 50.2cc engine and has more than enough power for the average homeowner. It’s easy to start, unlike some chainsaws, and also has anti-vibration dampeners on the handles, making it much easier on your body. Anti-vibration technology on large chainsaws is important as it protects your hands and arms, especially if you’re working for long periods of time.

Being subjected to vibration for an extended period of time can cause a medical condition known as: Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). It’s a very real problem that you need to be aware of. On less powerful chainsaws you’ll get more manageable vibration, even without anti-vibration handles. You’ll notice that any professional chainsaw will have anti-vibration technology built-in.

You might want to consider buying anti-vibration gloves like the Youngstown Anti-Vibe XT or DeWALT DPG250 for added safety.

Lots of Great Features

The 450 is easily one of the best chainsaws you can buy as it has a long track record of reliability and happy customers. It has some nice features, like the transparent fuel window so you know when to top up your gas. It has felling marks for more precise tree felling, and an inertia brake which protects you against kickback, and if you don’t know what “kickback” is then watch this short video: Chainsaw Kickback Demonstration

The Husqvarna 450 is one of those rare chainsaws that does everything well and therefore difficult to criticize for anything. This is an outstanding chainsaw if you need to fell trees and cut firewood, or do some heavy-duty cutting to clean up after a storm. I wouldn’t recommend this saw if your yard projects are primarily focused on pruning and limbing – in that case, you’ll need something lighter.

A good alternative to the Husqvarna 450 is the Husqvarna 445. Read our review to see if it’s right for you. It’s less powerful and lighter but it’s more manageable for inexperienced chainsaw operators.

Lastly, Husqvarna allows you to extend the warranty to either 3 or 4 years by simply purchasing a certain amount of Husqvarna 2-stroke oil or pre-mixed 2-stroke fuel at the time of purchase. Read all the details here:

Note: The oil has to be on the same purchase receipt as the chainsaw. I highly recommend extending the warranty because you’ll need the fluids eventually and for very little money you can have peace of mind for 3 or 4 years. It’s a great deal from Husqvarna.

Learn more about the Husqvarna 450 in our feature article on Gas Chainsaw for Homeowners.

This chainsaw is an excellent performer under a wide range of conditions, but it’s still reasonably priced. I consider this to be the best chainsaw because it provides you with professional build quality alongside all of the important safety features that will protect you as you work in your yard.

View or download the SPECS FEATURES sheet.

Buy the Husqvarna 450 from Amazon.

GreenWorks 80V Chainsaw

18″ Bar Chain / 80V Lithium-ion Battery / 13.7 lbs

Chainsaws come and go. Models are updated, upgraded and eventually become obsolete. Battery technology is changing fast to meet up with needs of consumers. Thankfully, GreenWorks is pushing the industry forward by introducing the GreenWorks 80V, which has the equivalent power of a 45cc gas chainsaw. Yes, that’s absolutely true. This chainsaw was designed to give you the ultimate convenience while still providing you with enough power to fell a 16″ (in diameter) tree.

Released in the winter of 2014 (press release), this chainsaw has been steadily gaining steam ever since it was released to the public. This is the most powerful battery chainsaw available on the market. I’m sure next year there will be something more powerful, but for right now, this is the ultimate battery powered chainsaw you can buy.

  • 80V Li-Ion System.
  • Capable of 150 cuts with fully charged 2.0 Ah battery.
  • DigiPro digital controlled brushless motor for 30% more torque and 70% less vibration.
  • Equivalent power to a 45cc gas engine.
  • Steel bucking spikes and durable metal wrap around handle.
  • Electronic chain brake for added safety.
  • On board chain tensioning tool.
  • Automatic oiling system keeps chain lubricated.
  • 18″ bar and chain.
  • One battery system works for a full line of 80V GreenWorks tools.
  • Very little maintenance, lightweight and easy electric start.
  • No Gas, No Fumes, No winterization.
  • Compatible battery and charger models GBA80200 (2Ah), GBA80400 (4Ah) and GCH8040 (Additional high capacity batteries coming soon).

View or download the MANUAL for the GreenWorks 80V chainsaw.

Overview | GreenWorks 80V

This is the first battery chainsaw that can be truly compared to a gas chainsaw. GreenWorks states that it’s as powerful as a 45cc gas chainsaw, which is pretty impressive for battery power.

New Stihl chainsaw case

When buying this chainsaw you can either buy it in a package, which includes a battery (2Ah) and the charger. But my recommendation (if you can afford it) is to buy the chainsaw, battery and charger separately, and buy the 4Ah battery instead of the 2Ah battery. The 4Ah battery will double your working time, but takes twice as long to charge.

Watch this video:

Again, you need to determine your budget and how much cutting you need to do. This is a heavy-duty battery chainsaw so I’m assuming that if you’re considering this product then you probably do a lot of cutting and trimming around the yard. This is an excellent storm clean-up chainsaw if you’re someone who lives in an area where storms are common.

If you had two batteries you could actually work non-stop, all day long, since the batteries charge quickly.

One of the complaints about this chainsaw is that the 2Ah battery life is short. In all fairness, this is a large battery and it’s expensive. Most of the cost is in the battery. But, if you have the money and you feel you need to cut wood for extended periods of time then I highly recommend spending the money now so you don’t regret it later.

On that note, you should know that GreenWorks has a full line of 80V tools so this battery will work with any power tool in the series. Even though you may not need any other tools right now, it’s good to know that in the future you can just buy the individual tool without having to spend money on another battery. It’s an investment.

Compatible GreenWorks 80V Power Tools:

If you want to know more about the GreenWorks 80V chainsaw I recommend reading our in-depth review.

Cheaper Alternative — GreenWorks 40V

If your budget is limited but you still want (or need) a good battery chainsaw I would suggest the GreenWorks 20312 40V.

The GreenWorks 20312 40V DigiPro is a great value for a battery powered chainsaw. It’s well-suited for cutting wood under 8″ in diameter — and can cut larger sizes when required. Although, I don’t recommend that you push a chainsaw beyond it’s abilities. Far too many homeowners buy an under-powered chainsaw for their needs. You should never force the chainsaw. Allow the saw to do the work. If you’re applying pressure while cutting it means you bought an under-powered chainsaw.

Not everybody needs a high-powered chainsaw. I’ll be the first to acknowledge that. The 80V GreenWorks chainsaw is an excellent chainsaw that can tackle those big projects around the house but that may be overkill for you. In that case (and probably for many homeowners) you’ll likely be happy with the GreenWorks 20312 40V. It’s a very popular model and the overall reliability is high.

It’s well worth the money and you can consider it bargain considering what you get with it. Yes, battery chainsaws will always be more expensive than corded electric models. It’s not cheap but you do get a lot for your money.

Black Decker LCS1020

Best for: Very light-duty chainsaw. Pruning. Softwoods. Felling small trees, cutting wood up to 5-inches. Cutting firewood. Small projects.

Not good for: Felling large trees or for big projects. Hardwoods.

  • 20V MAX Lithium Battery for long run-time and long life.
  • 10″ OREGON low-kickback bar and chain for smooth and quick cuts.
  • Lightweight at 7.2 lbs.
  • Translucent oil window so you know when to add oil.
  • Oiling system for lubrication of bar and chain.
  • Tool-less chain tensioning for fast and easy adjustments.


The Black Decker LCS1020 is a lightweight 20V battery-powered chainsaw at only 7.2 lbs and perfect for those small projects around the yard. It has a 10″ OREGON low-kickback bar and chain with a tool-free blade tensioning system that allows you to work with less downtime.

The beauty of the Black Decker LCS1020 is how compact and comfortable it is. It’s very well balanced and because it’s light you can work comfortably and efficiently for as long as the battery lasts. Unfortunately, it DOES NOT have an automatic oiling system, which is a major negative for this chainsaw. And although this is a good little battery chainsaw, you do miss out on important features when buying at such a low price point. If you don’t need a battery chainsaw and your budget is limited then I would recommend buying the WORX WG303.1 instead.

best, chainsaw, case, 2023, hard, soft

Or, Black and Decker also makes a 40V model (LCS1240) with an automatic oiler. You can read more details about it in the next section.

Extra Battery | Less Down-Time

I suggest buying a longer-lasting battery if you purchase this chainsaw for added peace of mind and longer working time. Again, it depends on your needs. For occasional usage and small projects then the included battery will be good enough. It’s not too expensive: LB2X4020-OPE (4.0 Ah)

Overall this is a great cheap chainsaw that’s best suited for pruning and other small wood cutting tasks around the yard. Don’t expect the battery to last long if you intend to fell small trees. Yes, you can do it but when it comes to batteries, the harder you push them the faster they’ll run out of juice. This is only a 20V battery which shows that Black Decker only designed this for light-cutting.

Having said all of that, if you’re on a budget then this can be classified as the best chainsaw powered by a battery. Batteries are expensive, which is why it’s difficult to find a quality battery chainsaw. For very little money, this is a great chainsaw that will get the job done around your home.

Buy the Black Decker LCS1020 from Amazon.

Need Power? Consider the 40V version.

The Black Decker LCS1240 is the bigger brother of the LCS1020 and yes, it’s more expensive but it’s also much better. The two main differences are that it has double the power with a 40V battery, and it has an automatic oiling system. These are significant upgrades and make it worth the extra cost.

This will easily handle small logs, while still being able to cut through larger logs — albeit slower.

An extra battery is useful if you have big projects.

View or download the MANUAL for the Black Decker LCS1240.

  • 40V MAX Lithium-Ion battery is always ready and holds a charge up to 18 months.
  • 12″ Oregon low-kickback bar and chain for smooth and fast cuts.
  • 40V MAX 2.0Ah Battery provides over 60 4×4 pine lumber cuts on average per single charge.
  • Automatic oiling system for constant lubrication of bar and chain.
  • Tool-less chain tensioning for fast and easy adjustments.
  • Full wrap around handle for comfortable cutting in different orientations.
  • Battery state of charge indicator.
  • Part of the 40V MAX outdoor system.

Makita UC4030A / UC4051A | Best Chainsaw : Electric (Overall)

NOTE: The Makita UC4030A (discontinued) has been updated and upgraded. The updated model is the Makita UC4051A. Everything is generally the same but it’s been refined and improved. As with all good companies, Makita continually improves their power tools. And the fact that it’s been upgraded is a result of the success and popularity of this model.

Best for: Light to medium-duty cutting. Pruning and bucking. Softwood and occasional hardwood. Felling trees, cutting wood up to 14-inches. Cutting firewood. Big projects that require light to medium-duty cutting.

Not good for: Heavy-duty cutting.

  • New adjustment lever for easier tool-less tension adjustment of saw chain.
  • Longitudinal motor provides greater maneuverability.
  • Improved oil pump keeps the delivery of chain oil constant, regardless of temperature and the oil viscosity.
  • Ergonomic soft grip.
  • Large separate-type metal spike bumper. Spike grips work-piece firmly to provide more control.
  • Oil fill level window.
  • Soft start.
  • Electronic current limiter for overload protection. Protects against engine burnout.
  • Electric chain brake.
  • Double Insulation.
  • Kickback brake.

Extension Cord

If you want a 100 foot extension cord then you’ll need one with a 10-gauage rating. Consequently, if you get a 50-foot cord then make sure it has at least a 12-gauge rating. Learn more about choosing the proper cord: Buying the Right Extension Cord for you Power Tools.

best, chainsaw, case, 2023, hard, soft

Documents for the Makita UC4051A:

Overview | Makita UC4051A

First, what’s the difference between the Makita UC4030A and the UC4051A? Well, here’s the answer straight from the Makita site:

UC4051A series are the successors of UC4030A series longitudinal body style electric chain saws. The oil pump and tool-less saw chain adjuster have been improved and the exterior design has been changed as new born models.

The newly updated Makita UC4051A is a slick looking and powerful electric chainsaw with a 15 Amp motor and 16″ bar and chain. When I say electric, I mean “corded” which means that you’ll need to plug this into an extension cord. I know, extension cords are a bit of a pain in the ass but the advantage is that you never have to worry about running out of gas or battery power. That’s the big advantage of an electric chainsaw.

Differences Between the UC4030A and the UC4051A

This Makita saw has a comfortable rubberized handle, a tool-less chain adjuster and an electric chain brake for added safety. It’s very well constructed and feels good in your hands. When you pick up this chainsaw you can feel the quality in your hands. Makita made this chainsaw to take a beating and keep on working.

Very well suited for limbing, pruning and cutting firewood. To be honest, this Makita electric chainsaw can handle almost every task around the yard, including felling small to medium sized trees. The only thing it’s not good at is handling heavy-duty cutting tasks. Even though this is an efficient electric motor, there’s only so much power a standard home socket can output, and because of that there are definitive limitations. No electric chainsaw can beat the power of a gas model.

Let’s be honest, the average homeowner isn’t felling 24″ trees on a regular basis. If you want to spend your money wisely on a chainsaw that you expect to last for many years to come then this is a great choice. The biggest complaint is that it has an extension cord, so if that doesn’t bother you then I’m confident you’ll discover this to be one of the best chainsaws on the market today.

This easily deserves the title of best chainsaw for homeowners. You can run it all day long for pennies and if you take care of it, it will make owning a chainsaw a real treat. The only drawback to this chainsaw is that it’s on the heavy side for an electric saw at 11 lbs but other than that, I’m a big fan of this Electric Makita chainsaw.

Most electric chainsaws are lighter because they use far more plastic so the extra weight is a sign of Makita using quality metal components. This is an exceptional electric chainsaw.

If you want more information, read our in-depth review on the Makita UC4030A/UC4051A and the UC3530A/UC3551A.

Buy the Makita UC4030A/UC4051A electric chainsaw from Amazon.

  • Chain brake: Brings the saw chain to a standstill within a fraction of a second when the hand guard is pushed forward. The saw chain then stops within 0.15 s, and the power supply to the motor is interrupted.
  • Run-down brake: Brings the saw chain to an immediate stop when the ON/OFF switch is released. This prevents the saw chain from running on when switched off, and thus presenting a hazard.
  • Front and rear hand guards: Protect the user against injury from pieces of wood which may be thrown backwards, or a broken saw chain.
  • Trigger lockout: Prevents the chain saw from being switched on accidentally.
  • Chain catcher: Protects the user against injury should the chain jump or break.

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Husqvarna Chainsaw Carry Case

This carry case fits all Husqvarna chainsaws up to and including the 572XP. Saws larger than the 572XP will not fit.

Typically dispatched within 24 hours on weekdays. orders placed on the weekend may be delayed until dispatch on Monday morning.

  • 100% Security GuaranteeShop online with confidence knowing your personal information is secure and protected at all times. We accept Visa Mastercard.
  • Order by 2pm for next day dispatch


Husqvarna Chainsaw Carry Case. Holds 40cc up to 72cc chainsaws. Stackable carrying case designed to hold Husqvarna’s exclusive Filing Equipment, Stump Vise, Combi Spanner, Spark Plug, 2 Stroke Oil, Bar Chain Oil and Operators Manual. Comes standard with 18″-20″ Guide Bar Cover.

Dimensions: 275mm H x 470mm W x 245mm L



With over 300 years of experience, Husqvarna are the experts in outdoor power equipment. Their range extends into mowing (including robotic lawn mowers), trimming clearing, cutting, battery, clothing/PPE, tools, accessories and more. Tree Care Machinery is a proud Husqvarna dealer and stands confidently behind their array of petrol and battery chainsaws, pole saws, hedge trimmers, grass trimmers, blowers, PPE clothing and accessories.


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Husqvarna Chainsaw Case (Part no. 5026749-01)

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Sturdy, stackable design with moulded compartments to hold accessories. Comes standard with 18″-20″ guide bar cover. Fits up to model 576AT

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Great place, great service and good range of products

I had to replace the head of my whipper snipper and the salesman showed me how to replace and how to use an automatic feed. Great design. Huge amount stock for all your gardening and trimming needs. Would very much recommend kingston Mowers.

Bought a chipper online from Kingston Mowers and the experience has been first class. Easy payment, super quick delivery to Northern NSW and a no fuss, can do attitude by Nick and the team. Thanks guys!

In and out in 3 minutes, showed the guy the part, he knew at a glance what brand it was and what I needed and he had it there. Part was a good price too, cheery staff. Great store.

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Great service our business in gardening has been going over 35 years and this business wins hands down for service. My masport broke a clutch cable and normally you have to wait weeks. these guys had it in stock and have a huge range of spares. What was a big surprise it was only 25 bucks for the part.

I visited this store recently with the small aim of finding a lawnmower to mow my small backyard. I was not too fussy and did not expect much.However the service I got from Ben Smith (aged 17) was absolutely phenomenal. He even mowed my lawn for me and made me dinner.give him a raise.

Really great customer service at this shop. The staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. I purchased a lawn mower here and Ryan was able to set it up, ready to go on pickup.He set up the warranty and I couldn’t have asked for better customer service. Thank you !

Visited on the weekend. Friendly service and professional advice from Ashley. Recommend a visit for all your mowing needs.

Very fast delivery to Queensland on the Key Start Honda powered Chipper, this machine is excellent, perfect for my large acreage block

Michael @ Kingston Mowers was very helpful knowledgeable with a STIHL pressure washer that I bought there.

Brilliant customer service. I am a first time customer and Bought a STIHL FS70r, the team got it all ready, filled it with fuel and showed me how to change the spool and operate the equipment. Thank you.

Absolutely Brilliant Customer Service! I was after some Husqvarna parts, got what I wanted and a great deal too.Thanks Rocky, you are a Star.

Ordered a Pro100 chipper, an absolute beast chips wet branches on a melaleuca tree up to 100mm no problem at all, what use to take me a full day with the old electric chipper took less than an hour with this. Order was sent to local TNT depot, bit of an effort to get it out the trailer at home 234kg but got there in the end. Service from Kingston mowers for ordering and customer service was A.

If you are looking for a suitable Mower, tools or machinery for your outdoor maintenance, this is your go to place. Please do definitely ask for Nick who’s Mr. Know it all. He’s really courteous and always has a smile on his face. If it’s your first time picking up your equipments this is your place!!

I researched and found that Masport have supply problems and can only supply a 190cc engine to its dealers and instead only have a 161cc engine yet for for the same money!Thanks to my research I found B.W. Machinery whom have the Masport with the 190cc engine, under AL191 part number, and the several dealings I experienced with Ryan who answered all my concerns and confirmed things such as identical engine and nationwide warranty for me not only verbally, but in writing.I ordered on Saturday, and I received the unit on Tuesday! Super fast delivery although its around 7-10 days normally.Took the machine out of the box, filled with oil and petrol, put catcher together and what a beast this AL191 is! It roars. I can’t wait to take it on a run in my yard when grass is due.After so much stress with originally getting a machine with the inferior motor from a Sydney dealer, then taking it back next day, then finding B.W. Machinery where Ryan took all the stress away. He was nothing short of exemplary in his service to me.I ran a national company for 24 years and I want to say how fantastic their service is and consider anyone to give this great business a try and see for yourselves, to witness their service, quality and extremely competitive prices.I very much look forward to recommending to my friends and look forward to dealing with you again.

This place has the cheapest Honda and STIHL equipment in the Melbourne surrounds.The owner is knowledgeable and extremely helpful when picking machinery for the job that needs doing.Servicing of machinery is prompt, well priced and of good quality.While I still keep my eye out on other places, I always come back here for the reasonable prices, knowledge and quality of service.If you’re in the maintenance industry, I honestly don’t know why you’d go anywhere else.

Ordered a few items online. It was dispatched the very next day, but it did get delivered on-time. Called up the store, and the dispatch lady was very understanding and sorted the mess out within a week. Thank you!I hope you guys stop using CouriersPlease for any of your deliveries.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Storage Case. Orange. 14 13/64-in x 23-in x 12-in

This item is not currently available for immediate purchase, but can be ordered by visiting the selected store.

◊ Information regarding the delivery method for your purchase:

Parcel shipping: Most orders will ship next business day. Some orders may take up to 7-14 days (where inventory is not available in store). Delivery time may vary due to factors beyond our control. You will receive an email when your order has shipped.

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Rated 5 out of 5 by Jack Handy from Great case for my husky 440. Nice case, just use a hammer to tap the plastic hinge pins through the holes. At first I thought the holes were too small and the pins were bending when trying to push them in by hand. The trick is lightly tapping them.

Rated 4 out of 5 by 55rancher from Recommend happy with investment, fits 55 Rancher The snap together design is a change of pace, but not bad. I like the design of the hinges. I think they will last a long time. The fit and finish of the latches feel cheap and can be difficult to open. Not bad enough to be be deal breaker. This case isn’t accidently flopping open in the back of a truck or anything. Can’t give it 5 stars, haven’t owned it long enough to give long term review. Happy with initial investment.

Rated 5 out of 5 by MikeInNH from Good Case, inexpensive, fits my STIHL well I priced the case for my STIHL MS250 and it was more than twice the price of this case. Took a minute to figure out the plastic building block approach to assembly but it appears to be quite solid. Saw fits well, has lots of nooks for extra stuff. Its a box; not form fitting like some to it’s kinda large, but carries all your stuff and is easy to stack on or under other items. I’m happy.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Ataripitbull from Nice sized case I already had this same box style box for my Husqvarna 440e chainsaw so I new what to expect. This box has enough internal space to hold all your extras like chains, small bar oil bottle and fuel additive bottle, gloves and so forth My only problem with these boxes is that it is very hard to snap into place your other extras such as spark plug, chain files and so forth.

Rated 4 out of 5 by Bullett from Throw away the instructions! Box was in perfect condition. All parts present. Instructions looked nothing like actual parts. Instructions were confusing. unable to identify actual parts by Instructions. Threw away Instructions and just put it together. Put top, bottom, front and rear pieces together. Then add left and right sides. With these Instructions it will take you about two minutes to put this together. Follow Instructions and you will be working on this until tomorrow. Love the box, works well. Plenty of room for my Husqvarna saw and accessories.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Bubba from Good case for the price After purchasing my chainsaw I realized it didn’t come with a case and decided to give the Husqvarna case a try. The chainsaw case was easy to put together and seems to be durable enough to handle some abuse. My chainsaw is a Salem Master with a 20 inch bar and fits with no issues. The molded slots for tools and bar and chain oil is also a plus.

Rated 5 out of 5 by FirstLite from Protect your investment! This is a perfect case for storing and protecting your chainshaw and any extra items, like gloves, oil, safety glasses, tools. It even kept everything dry while transporting in moderate-heavy rain for a several hours. Lightweight, and assembly was required, but very straightforward

Rated 5 out of 5 by Alaska from Fits Kobalt 80v Chainsaw Bought this with the hope it would house the 18” 80v Kobalt chainsaw i bought and it fit. Snug, but it snaps shut. The bar cover/sleeve fits well, too.

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