Best Electric Start Lawn Mower: Definitive Guide & Reviews. Lawn mower key start

Best Electric Start Lawn Mower: Definitive Guide Reviews

Like conventional pull-start lawn mowers, electric start tools differ by power, size, and other important features. Despite the similarities, the availability of an electric start feature can be decisive if you want to escape bending and pulling the cord every time.

I wrote this guide to help you pick the best electric start lawn mower by learning what you pay for. Below is a concise but detailed guide for buying the right tool, along with my experience-based reviews of the 4 best models by trusted manufacturers. Read on, don’t forget about safety, and enjoy gardening!

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Best Electric Start Lawn Mowers

In these short reviews, I included all the information you may need to understand whether the tool matches your demands or not. Be attentive and consult the buyer’s guide at the end of this piece if you’re new to the topic.

Craftsman M275 – Best Electric Start Gas Lawn Mower

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Craftsman is a house brand by BlackDecker. This US company has been making excellent affordable tools for over 90 years. M275 is my favorite easy start gas lawn mower. This self-propelled 21-inch tool has large rear wheels and a powerful 159-cc motor that easily deals with bagging and mulching. You can also enable side and rear discharge if needed.

You can benefit from 6 height settings that let you make cuts from 1.25” to 3.75”. Speed adjustment is also provided to match your walking speed. Together with an electric start feature, this is one of the best options for average-size yards. As a bonus, Craftsman provides a limited lifetime warranty.

  • High rear wheels for easy steering;
  • Adjustable front-wheel-drive speed;
  • 3-in-1 deck;
  • Mulching capabilities;
  • 6 height settings;
  • Powerful 159-cc motor;
  • Lifetime warranty (limits apply)

Lawn-Boy 17734 – Excellent Key Start Lawn Mower

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Lawn-Boy is a Toro brand with over 80 years of history that makes lawnmowers with simple constructions. The 17734 21’’ model is equipped with a 149cc Kohler overhead-valve engine that drives rear wheels at one speed, but it feels convenient enough.

The engine has a simple design, so it’s easy to maintain. Mowing height can be adjusted between 2 points for shortcutting and superficial trimming. The large bag collects mulch effectively, so you don’t have to discharge it too often.

The 3-year starter warranty guarantees that the tool will start in 1-2 pulls (key rotations) for at least 3 years. Otherwise, the brand will tune-up the tool for free.

  • 2-year full-coverage warranty;
  • 3-in-1 discharger;
  • 3-year starter warranty with free-repair;
  • Easy-to-maintain engine;
  • CARB-compliant for California;
  • Self-propelled.

Husqvarna LC221FHE – Good Push Button Lawn Mower

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Husqvarna is currently the oldest power tool manufacturer that has been making lawnmowers since 1919 and engine-powered mowers since 1947. Before that, the brand had been producing guns for 300 years.

This 21’’ lawn mower comes with a powerful 163-cc Briggs-and-Stratton engine. It provides excellent cutting ability and bags around 95% of clippings. At low speed, it collects almost 100%. The engine is powerful enough for cutting moist grass after rain without losing mulching quality. You can adjust cutting speed on the go, which is very convenient, but it will take a while to get used to the controller. The warranty is only 1-year, but the tools by this brand are known for their long lifespan.

  • Oil is included;
  • 4 height adjustments;
  • Powerful 163-cc engine;
  • Front-wheel drive;
  • Excellent bagging system;
  • Large rear wheels;
  • Quick electric start.
  • Electric start is a bit fiddly during first uses;
  • Slightly more expensive than competitors as it’s an export tool and the warranty is short.

MELLCOM Gas Lawn Mower – Powerful Lawn Mower With Electric Start

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Mellcom is a small young power tool manufacturer, but a small brand doesn’t necessarily mean bad quality. This brand offers excellent quality for a moderate price. This 21’’ lawn mower is evidence.

The tool comes with the most powerful OHV engine on the list. It has 173cc under the cap. It drives large rear wheels and perfectly mulches the clippings. The large bag comes with a convenient handle that makes discharging effortless. I also like the handles that let you easily switch between 8 height adjustments (from 1.2 to 3.2 inches)

  • 4-in-1 cutting;
  • Fast cutting ability;
  • Powerful 173cc OHV engine;
  • 8 height adjustments;
  • Large 16-gallon bag with a handle;
  • No need to mix gasoline;
  • An affordable model with many extras.

Electric Start Lawn Mower Buyer’s Guide

Do you need more knowledge about self-start lawn mowers? Below are all the facts that you need to consider before buying one for your garden. Enjoy learning and make your lawn healthy!

What is an electric start lawn mower?

This is a subtype of gas-powered lawnmowers that can be turned on with a push of a button or turn of a key. Unlike recoil-started machines, this type doesn’t require any effort from you to turn it on. Most modern models have a battery that powers the starter motor, while the others can be plugged to power the starter.

What to look for in an electric start lawn mower?

Choosing an electric start mower isn’t very different from picking a gas-powered machine. Here are the main considerations.


Engines range from 140cc to 190cc. Tall wet grass cutting, mulching, and bagging require more power. Overhead-valve engines are the most common and affordable, but you can also opt for a diver-overhead-valve style that’s more expensive but reduces noise, emissions, and vibration.

Cutting width and the deck size

The recommended deck size is between 58 and 54 inches for a 2.2-acre. This size lets you mow the lawn in around 1.5-2 hours. Do the simple math to see what size you need.

Self-propelled vs. push mower

Self-propelled mowers have a transmission that drives the wheels and helps you move the tool around the yard. They are usually more expensive but don’t exhaust you at all. You can set a comfortable speed and steer them around. Push mowers cannot boast of such convenience, and you should have enough strength to move them around.

Adjustable height settings

This feature lets you cut grass to the needed height. It’s a useful feature as it makes you more flexible, but you can get a mower without it if you are sure that the fixed cutting height matches your needs.


  • Easy-access gas and oil tanks;
  • The air filter cover should be easy to remove;
  • Wash-out fitting – lets you connect a hose for cleaning grass from under the deck;
  • Tall rear wheels – they make it easier to move over rough surfaces.

How to maintain an electric start lawn mower?

  • Drain gasoline at the end of each moving season;
  • Check oil level;
  • Clean the air filter;
  • Change spark plugs on time;
  • Keep the blade sharp;
  • Opt for a professional tune-up;
  • Clean the undercarriage.

Electric Start Lawn Mower FAQ

If you still have questions, this section may help you out. I picked the most frequently asked questions of my friends and readers to save you time.

How does an electric start lawn mower work?

Electric start movers are basic gas machines, but they are equipped with an electric starter. This part is powered by an accumulator and spins to turn its crankshaft. The only thing you have to do is push the button or turn the key.

How long does an electric start mower last?

If you maintain the machine properly, the mower’s gas engine will last from 8 to 10 years. If you don’t provide it with the needed care, it will be around 4 years optimistically. Some manufacturers may also promise a limited number of hours, which you can translate into years.

Why is my electric lawn mower not starting?

To understand the reason, you have to inspect the mower. Unplug it and check the cable for damage. Most probably, the cable is cut. There also can be a problem with the engine, which is impossible to detect without taking the tool to the service center. Battery-powered mowers may not start if there’s a problem with the battery pack.

Can I add an electric start to my lawn mower?

Some engines, like Briggs-Stratton, are compatible with starter converters that let you adjust an electric starter quite easily. Incompatible engines can be started with a drill and a 4-inch square-head bolt, but that’s not very convenient.

Easy-Start, Easy-Do

Now you’re ready to make the best model amongst electric start self-propelled mowers offered by the vast number of manufacturers. My favorite tool is Craftsman M275 (see the first review), but your pick can be different from that as our needs may differ. Always remember that to avoid overpaying or underestimating your lawn size.

Have you ever used an electric start walk behind mowers before? Do you like them more than pull-start models? Why? If you have experience with one of the tools from my listing, I’ll be happy to see your opinion in the comment. You can also ask me questions about these tools if any. Take care!

How To Start A Lawn Mower Without Key? (Step-By-Step Guide)

Mowing a lawn with a riding mower is the most convenient way. But when you lose, break or damage the mower key, it turns into a nightmare to start the lawnmower.

No need to be worried. I have some solutions for you to start your riding mower without using the key. Seems great!

A question now may arise in your mind, “How to start a lawn mower without key?”. I guess you are here to know the answer to this question. If so, then halt searching here and there.

Because in this article, I will try to cover all the proven solutions to start the lawnmower without using the key. Trust me, after reading this article, starting your lawnmower without the key will be a piece of cake for you.

A Complete Guideline To Start A Lawn Mower Without Key

All the riding lawn mower comes with a key to get a convenient start. In fact, the key is an indispensable part to start a riding lawnmower.

Apart from starting the mower, there are two reasons why all the riding mowers come with a key. One is it provides a protection feature and the other is it serves as a protective protection device.

However, if you lose the key or break the key inside the ignition switch, then you need to think of different ways to start the mower.

Let’s have a look at how many ways are in your hands if you lose or break the key of your lawnmower.

  • Using a jumper cable to start the mower.
  • Using a screwdriver instead of the mower key.
  • Putting a new mower ignition switch in place.

Get yourself ready to start your riding lawn mower without the mower ignition key. Let’s know all the processes in detail.

Using A Jumper Cable To Start The Mower

Using a jumper cable is an effective way to start the lawnmower without keys. But you have to be more careful when you decide to use a jumper cable. Because in this process, you need to deal with the mower battery.

Before jumpstarting the mower, you are required to have some tools. Let’s see what you need to complete the entire process.

  • A jumper cable
  • Cleaners for battery post
  • Pliers
  • Rubber made hand gloves
  • Goggles

Now, follow the step by step process to complete the task flawlessly.

Step #1: Prepare Lawn Mower For Using Jumper Cable

Take the lawnmower into an even surface and engage the mower parking mode. Disengage the mower blade also. Enable all the mechanisms set up for safety measures so that the lawnmower can remain stable in the time of working.

Step #2: Find Out Mower Battery

Take off the lawnmower engine hood and find out the mower battery.

Step #3: Unplug Cables Of Solenoid

Unplug both cables red as well as the black from the solenoid 2 electrical posts.

Step #4: Clean The Battery Posts

Use the cleaner to remove any kind of dirt and corrosion that deposits in the posts of the mower battery.

Step #5: Reconnect the Cables

After cleaning, connect both cables again.

Step #6: Connect The Black Jumper Cable

Attach the one end of the black color jumper cable to the negative terminal of the mower battery. And attach another end to any metal of the mower deck.

Step #7: Connect The Red Jumper Cable

Now, it’s time to connect the red color jumper cable. Attach the one end of the red color jumper cable to the positive terminal of the mower battery and touch another end to the metal portion at the starter of the mower.

Step #8: Disconnects The Cables

When you hear the starting sound of the mower engine, detach the red color cable first. After that detach the black color cable as well. Lower the lawnmower engine hood and close it.

Done! Your mower is now ready for mowing.

Using a screwdriver instead of the mower key

Two methods are most frequently used when anyone uses a screwdriver instead of a traditional key start. Let’s have a look at both methods in detail.

best, electric, start, lawn, mower, definitive
  • Enable the lawn mower parking brake and disengage the mower blades.
  • Take off the lawnmower engine hood and find out the mower battery as well as the ignition coil.
  • You will find a little box attached to the mower engine compartment side.
  • Take the screwdriver and use it as a bridge for the starting purpose of the lawnmower.
  • Use a screwdriver like a bridge if the gap between the mower starter and the mower solenoid is to be engaged.
  • Touch the head of the screwdriver to connect the starter to the mower solenoid.
  • Eventually, the mower will run without making any contact with the screwdriver.
  • Use the screwdriver as the replacement of the mower key.
  • Insert the screwdriver in the mower keyhole carefully.
  • Now, rotate the screwdriver just like you rotate the mower key in the keyhole.
  • The mower will start immediately.

Hurray! Now your mower is completely ready to roar again.

Putting a new mower ignition switch in place

If you lose the key and don’t have the proper knowledge about the above-mentioned processes, then replacing the mower ignition switch is the mere solution for you.

Sometimes the lawnmower manufacturers don’t supply any spare key with the lawnmower. That’s why this is the ultimate solution for you.

Just take your lawnmower to the nearby mower repairing shop. The technician will remove the mower old or damaged ignition switch and install a new one. When you install a new ignition switch in your lawnmower, you will get a key to start the lawnmower.

That’s all. Your lawnmower is ready to reign over your lawn again.


Final thoughts

Now, choose the most suitable option from the above-mentioned processes. The options are not so hard to do but you have to follow the instructions to avoid any kind of unforeseen accidents.

Hopefully, this article has given you the exact information on how to start a lawn mower without key.

Now, all the processes are at your fingertips. Select the suitable one and start the lawnmower without any key.

Lawn Tractor Won’t Start No Click – Fix it now!

Before we assume there’s a problem, let’s take a minute to check that we’re following the correct starting procedure. All mowers will have safety sensors fitted, and if the sensors are open, they won’t start.

So why won’t your lawn tractor start, not even a click? The most common reason for a no start, not even a click sound, is a totally flat battery, but other likely causes include:

A tractor mower won’t start if the blade lever/button is on, manual mowers need to be in Neutral gear, and some mowers won’t allow starting if the oil level is low or the hood is open.

If you are in any doubt about the correct starting procedure for a lawn tractor, check out – “How to Start Husqvarna Ride-on Mower.”

If you do hear a click sound when you turn the key, check out – “Mower Wont Start Just Clicks.”

Check Battery Connections

To test a battery, you need a voltmeter, but if you don’t have one, try this basic check. If your mower has hood lights or dash lights, go ahead and turn them on. If they light up and are bright, your battery is most likely not the problem.

Dash Lights are Dim

Check – Check the battery cables; they should be clean and tight. When connections are loose or corroded, it prevents available power from flowing to the starter.

Charge Battery – If your battery is completely flat, it will take a couple of hours and will require a battery charging hack, or check out this Smart battery charger the NOCO Genius1 on

Jumpstart Mower – This is the fastest solution, but it may not be the long-term fix. (see Jump starting below)

Battery Check Hack

  • Turn on the lights to check for power supply
  • If they work – the battery is likely OK
  • If lights are dim – check battery cables
  • If cables clean and tight – charge battery
  • If you have no lights – check battery with a volt meter

Volt Check – Need a voltmeter for this test. Check b attery voltage – 12.65v is 100%, 12.30v is 70%, and 12.05v is 50% charged. This battery needs a charge.

Very low volts indicate the battery is likely faulty, and it may not recharge. To test a battery, it must be charged, so a battery charger may be required. However, it is possible to jump-start the mower (see below), and given time, the mower’s alternator will charge the battery, assuming it isn’t faulty.

Once the battery is sufficiently charged (about 70%), try the crank test.

Battery Crank Test – Attach the Voltmeter and crank over the engine; if the volts read less than nine, replace the battery. (The battery must be over 70% charged for running this test)

Check out the Amazon link below for quality mower batteries delivered to your door.

Voltmeter – If the lights don’t work at all, you’ll need to use a voltmeter to check the battery’s state of charge. You may have blown a fuse (see below).

If you have very low volts, the battery is likely faulty. The average life of a battery is four years, more if well cared for.

best, electric, start, lawn, mower, definitive

Jumper Cables

If you don’t have a charger, you can still get it running, but you’ll need a set of jumper wires, and a car or any 12-volt battery will do the job. Follow this link for a more detailed guide to Jump Starting.

Jumpers – Use good quality jumpers.

If you are unfamiliar with jump-starting, you’ll find a complete guide here, “Jump starting riding mower.”

Add the cables in sequence 1, 2, 3, and 4 to start the mower, and while idling, remove jumper cables in reverse order 4, 3, 2, and 1.

Dash Lights Don’t Work

Main Fuse – If the battery is fully charged and still no go – check the main mower fuse. Some mowers will have the blade-type fuse; others will have the old-style bottle type.

When the fuse blows, all power is lost; changing it is simple. It is important to replace the fuse with the correct amp rating. If the fuse keeps blowing, the rating is too low, or there’s a short-to-ground wiring fault.

Fuse Location – Places they like to hide include under-seat, under the hood, behind the fuel tank, and control module incorporated. Modules are usually under the dash panel.

Replacing the fuse is simple, just pull out the old one and push the new one into place. It’s important to replace it with the correct amp rating. Otherwise, you can damage the wiring circuit and components.

Check Safety Sensors

Riding mowers are designed with safety features built in to protect us from operator error or accident. Safety features on mowers are controlled by sensors/switches, and most modern mowers will wire those sensors into a control module.

Guide to Buying a Lawn Mower

The sensors are a very simple on/off switch type and rarely give trouble; it’s more common for the striking plate that pushes on the sensor to be misaligned; when this happens, the sensor is open, and the engine won’t start or stops depending on where the sensors fitted.

Over-riding – Sensors can be overridden for test purposes, remove and join the wires, and some sensors are wired in reverse – meaning, just disconnecting them will override the sensor. You can check sensors for continuity using a voltmeter.

Starting Procedure

As you know, there’s a starting procedure that must be followed before your mower will start. You can check out the starting procedure here – “How to Start a Husqvarna Ride-on Mower.”

There are several sensors that must be engaged; the location and number of sensors are dependent on the make of the mower and differs between manual and hydro-static (type of transmission).

The main sensors are the brake pedal; seat; gear lever; blade engage control switch or lever, and some models, such as John Deere, will have one fitted to the hood (Hood open – no start).

Safety – For our safety, sensors are fitted to the seat, blade engages lever or button, transmission selector, brake pedal, and on some models, the hood. Any of these sensors will prevent your mower from starting.

On older manual transmission mowers, the gear selector wears, and although the selector points to the Neutral position, it’s often still in gear – confirm it’s in Neutral by pushing it forward or back; it should be easy to push.

Sensors – This older style Craftsman / Jonsered / Husqvarna blade lever causes lots of no-start problems.

The lever spring gets weak and leaves the sensor in the open position which prevents starting.

Sensors – The quick fix, hold down the lever to start the mower. The complete assembly is available and not too difficult to fit. Check that all sensors are working, and look to see if the striker plates are closing the sensors fully.

Check wiring to sensors for chafing and that the connectors are secure and corrosion-free.

Check Control Module

Most modern mowers will have a Control module; they are a printed circuit with relays and resistors – they do give trouble. Because the specs vary, I can’t be more detailed.

The function of the control module is to receive a start/stop command from the ignition switch and only output a start command to the starter (via the solenoid) if all the correct sensors have been engaged.

Offers Extra Power, Durability, Features and Comfort. []

You can visually inspect the module printed circuit for loose solder, scorch marks, or water damage. All modules will have an internal or external fuse, and as you know, the main fuse can blow, and if it does, it will kill the power to the ignition system.

Modules can be fitted anywhere, usually housed inside a small rigid plastic box. but not all mowers will have one fitted.

Replacement modules can be on the spendy side, so it may be time to access your old mower; if she needs a ton of love in the blades bearing and belts department, it may be time to look at a new set of wheels.

Module – Wires come loose, have a helper attempt to start the engine while you wiggle the wiring connectors.

Check also for damage, water, or scorch marks on the panel itself.

Check Ignition Switch

Ignition switches are an important part of the ignition system; bad connections here can cause lots of problems. Ignition switches – send commands to the control module if fitted.

If your mower doesn’t have a control module, then the safety sensors are wired inline to the ignition switch – meaning any sensor that is in the open position will leave the ignition switch with an open circuit (No start). These systems are basic and tend to be the most reliable.

Common Problems

Issues with ignition switches: loose wiring at the switch; corroded terminals; broken terminals; spinning ignition switches.

Wiring specs for ignition systems vary, so I can’t be more detailed. Check the ignition wiring for damage, corrosion, or loose wires. Have a helper sit on the mower and attempt a start while you wiggle the ignition wires and connectors.

  • Check ignition inputs – ground and 12-volt supply.
  • Check ignition outputs – 12v to the starter solenoid (or to the control module, if fitted) when the ignition is in the start position.

Switch – Spinning ignition switches cause damage to the wiring and pins.

Corrosion is another common failure. This usually causes unreliable starting and shutdowns.

Wiggle – Try wiggling the wires at the back of the ignition switch while attempting to start the engine; you may need a helper. Often wires simply come loose but do check them for corrosion.

Related Questions

Lawnmower ignition switch problems? Common Ignition switch problems include:

Hey, I’m John, and I’m a Red Seal Qualified Service Technician with over twenty-five years experience.

I’ve worked on all types of mechanical equipment, from cars to grass machinery, and this site is where I share fluff-free hacks, tips, and insider know-how.

Toro 22 in. Briggs and Stratton personal pace electric start self propelled mower Review

Riding Mower Does Nothing When I Turn the Key! What’re Solutions?

A broken mower is the worst. If the safety sensors are open, lawnmowers won’t start. So why doesn’t the riding mower work when you turn the key or click?

If your riding lawn mower doesn’t start when you turn the key, there may be several reasons. Loose battery connections, fuses, the ignition switch, or something more serious could cause it.

If your Riding mower does nothing when I turn the key, you can troubleshoot it before calling a dealer.

Why The Riding Mower Doesn’t Work When I Turn the Key?

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When you turn the key, the first thing that should happen is that the riding mower should start, but it won’t. The main problem lies with the battery.

If turning the key in your riding mower does not cause it to start, there are a few more probable problems that could be at play, such as the fuel system – the ignition system, the spark plugs, and others.

There is a possibility that one of the switches, such as the blade switch, safety switch, or ignition switch, is broken.

You need to test each of these components individually in order to determine which one is the cause of the problem.

The Power Source for a Riding Lawn Mower

Most riding lawnmowers have an internal combustion engine that runs on gasoline. The gasoline is the power source for the mower, and it is stored in the fuel tank located in the engine compartment.

The fuel is drawn from the fuel tank and is then sent to the carburetor. From the carburetor, the fuel is mixed with air and then sent to the engine’s cylinders, where it is ignited and used to power the mower.

Reasons Riding Mower Does Nothing When I Turn The Key (Easy Fixes Included)

The most common reason for a no start, not even a click sound, after turn the key is given below:

Dead Battery

If your riding mower doesn’t work when you turn the key, it could be due to a dead battery.

The Fix

You will need to check the battery, clean the terminals and check the voltage. If the battery is not holding a charge or is completely dead, then you will need to replace it.

It may also be a good idea to check the wiring and fuses to make sure they are in good condition.

Bad Battery Connection

The problem is that when I turn the key, the riding mower doesn’t go anywhere, and the manual says it’s because of a bad battery connection. Additionally, a worn battery terminal could be to blame.

The Fix

You should start by double-checking the battery’s connection. Remove any corrosion from the terminals and wipe them down. If so, check that the wires are firmly attached to the terminals.

Tighten the bolts if the connection is still sloppy. If you feel the battery terminals are worn and the connection is still loose, you should replace them.

Solenoid Coil Issue

When I turn the key, the riding mower does nothing, another most likely cause is a bad connection or a faulty solenoid coil.

The Fix

To check the connection, first, make sure the battery terminals are clean and tight.

If they are, then use a multimeter to check the voltage at the solenoid terminals. If the voltage is low or non-existent, replace the solenoid.

If the voltage is good, then inspect the connections and wiring for any visible damage or corrosion. If any is found, repair or replace the wiring and connections.

If the connections and wiring appear to be okay, then the solenoid coil may be faulty and needs to be replaced.

Brake Pedal is not Pressed

If the brake pedal is not pressed before you turn the key, then the mower will not start.

The Fix

Make sure that the brake pedal is pressed down all the way before trying to start the mower again.

Main Fuse Blown

If the main fuse is blown, it may be due to an electrical short somewhere in the mower.

The Fix

Check all the wiring and connections to make sure they are all secure. If the problem persists, take the mower to a qualified repair technician for further diagnosis.

Faulty Ignition Switch

If the riding mower does not start when the key is turned, the ignition switch may be faulty.

The Fix

The ignition switch is a small electrical device that connects the battery to the starter, allowing the mower to start.

To check the ignition switch, locate the wires that lead from the battery to the starter and check for any corrosion or damage.

If the ignition switch is corroded or damaged, it may need to be replaced.

Faulty Control Module Blade Switch/lever on

If the riding mower doesn’t work when you turn the key, then one thing you should check is the control module or blade switch/lever. If these components are faulty the mower won’t start.

The Fix

The faulty control module blade switch/lever need to be replaced. It is also possible that the wiring from the switch/lever to the control module is damaged or disconnected.

In this case, the wiring needs to be checked and repaired.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What signs suggest a bad lawnmower solenoid?

Turn the ignition key to “On.” Connect the thick red wires to the solenoid’s huge terminal posts. Touch both large terminals with a screwdriver’s metal shaft. If the engine starts, replace the solenoid.

How to start a non-starting riding mower?

Sometimes you forget to stand while starting the gadget or apply the parking brake. After checking everything and the cables, continue troubleshooting the mower. Battery and fuse testing saves time.

best, electric, start, lawn, mower, definitive

How to resolve a riding lawn mower that won’t start?

First, activate the parking brake and remove the blades. The riding mower won’t start otherwise. Confirm the blade is still removed. It won’t work otherwise. Your lawnmower needs gloves, goggles, a multi-meter, a screwdriver, a wire brush.

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