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Planning Your Lawn Mower Storage Shed

A lawn tractor or riding lawn mower storage shed is likely be an essential purchase or DIY project if you don’t have room for your machine in a garage or other outbuilding.

It is surprising how often people forget about the question of storage when thinking about investing in a lawn tractor or riding mower. If you are potential lawn tractor purchaser, you’ll probably be asking yourself things like ‘what size engine do I need?’ or ‘what kind of transmission system is best?’. both eminently sensible questions, of course.

But, if you don’t also think about where you are going to keep your machine, you could end up with thousands of dollars worth of equipment sitting outside with nothing for protection but an ill-fitting tarpaulin flapping forlornly in the wind.

So, now that I’ve got you thinking about it, what are the key points to consider when planning your lawn tractor or riding lawn mower storage solution? You’ll find tons of advice elsewhere on Secrets of Shed Building that will help you decide on things like foundations and roofs but here I highlight some particular lawn tractor related issues that you ought to have in mind.

What size should I build my lawn mower storage shed?

This is the first question to ask yourself and probably the most important one because a lot flows from it. Once you work out how big your tractor shed needs to be, you can then plan where to locate it and begin to assess how much it is likely to cost you.

John Deere X749

Ride on mowers vary a lot in size. Probably the most compact (and cheapest) machine on the American market is the Weed Eater One riding lawn mower. This is less than 32 inches (81.3cm) wide, which means it will fit through most ordinary garden gates.

In contrast, the X749 lawn tractor from John Deere’s X700 Ultimate Series is more than twice as wide, at 64.5 inches (163.8 cm). Incidentally, the X700 will set you back about 14,000 so you would definitely want more than a flapping tarp to protect one of those if you were to buy one.

So, obviously, you need to ensure that the lawn mower storage shed is a suitable size to accommodate your current or intended lawn tractor or riding mower. But also bear in mind that if there is a chance that you might upgrade to a bigger model at some time in the future, you would be well-advised to make allowances for that as well.

You should also consider whether you have, or are going to purchase, any lawn tractor accessories or attachments that will need to be stored in the shed. This can make a big difference to the size required. Take a look at Simplicity attachments to get an idea of what you might need to plan for.

Finally, decide whether you need any shelving or storage space for tools, spare parts etc. and allow enough room for those too.

Storage or workshop?

Even if you only intend to use the lawn mower storage shed for storing your machinery, you should still ensure that you design in enough room around the lawn tractor so that you can comfortably get on and off and carry out any necessary inspections and simple maintenance tasks.

If, however, you want to carry out more substantial maintenance tasks inside your shed, you will need to:

  • Make sure there is enough room to manoeuvre a jack or lawn tractor power lift around the shed, as you will need to get to the blades, belts and other parts underneath the tractor.
  • Perhaps even think about incorporating an inspection pit in the floor. While this involves more initial effort it will be safer and allow for some size savings.
  • Install power for your tools and for lighting. Ensure that the lighting is good enough to enable you to work comfortably and safely at all times.


If you are going with the simple storage solution, you will ideally need an area of hard standing outside your shed because there will be times when you’ll need to jack up your machine for servicing, blade and belt changes and so on.

Also, locate your shed where there is room to turn your lawn tractor around and to easily manoeuvre it in and out. Take into account the characteristics of your machine. Some of the best lawn tractors can turn much more tightly than others.

Points to take away

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Best Options For Lawn Mower Storage

Looking for the best places to store your lawn mower? Safely storing your lawn mower is one of the best ways to keep it in great shape. Since a lawn mower is a bigger investment, you’ll want to ensure it lasts so you can get your money’s worth! No one wants to deal with a faulty or broken lawnmower on a hot summer’s day. This article will look at the top places to store your lawn mower so you can keep it safe and sound. For more information about quality storage solutions for your lawn mower and other outdoor items, contact Dutch Country Sheds today!

Top 5 Best Options For Lawn Mower Storage

Whether you’ve just purchased your first lawn mower or are wondering how to keep your existing one in the best shape, it’s time to decide where to store it. The best ways to keep your lawn mower lasting a long time is through proper storage and regular maintenance. The best storage location for your lawn mower will depend on a variety of factors such as yard size, budget, and climate.

best, options, lawn, mower


Average Cost: Security: Ideal Climate: Colder climates, stored only short-term

If you desperately need to keep your lawn mower safe for the winter, storing it in your basement is an option. However, you need to be extremely careful when storing your lawn mower inside your home.

Storing your lawn mower in your basement with a full gas tank can lead to dangerous or even deadly fumes released into your home. You should ensure you empty the gas tank and run the mower outside before storing.

Of course, you will not run into this problem with an electric mower, which is safer to store indoors. Storing a lawn mower in your basement is not a recommended method, but can be done short-term or even long-term if no other options are available to you. Click here to learn more about safely storing a gas lawn mower inside.

best, options, lawn, mower


Average Cost: Security: Ideal Climate: Warm and dry all year

Some homeowners choose to keep their lawnmower outside all year round. If you have a secure lot or very large property that is unlikely to attract unwanted visitors, keeping your lawn mower outside is an okay option. Storing your lawn mower outside is the most inexpensive option.

However, you leave your lawn mower susceptible to the elements and to theft – meaning you might pay more in the long-run for repairs or even replacements. Not only that, but storing your lawnmower outside can be inconvenient and even dangerous. You may have to constantly walk around the mower, especially if you have a smaller yard. It may also be dangerous for you and your family – tripping over a lawn mower can cause a nasty injury. If you choose to keep your lawn mower outside, it’s best to invest in a good cloth tarp to help keep moisture and pests away, as well as protect you and your family from sharp edges or getting tangled in the mower.

best, options, lawn, mower


Average Cost: – Security: Ideal Climate: Any climate

The garage is a common location for lawn mower storage. If you have a home with an attached garage, it won’t cost anything extra. If you purchase a detached garage, you will need a bigger budget. Both attached and detached garages are a great way to store lawn mowers and so much more.

Check out the quick video below to see a DIY lawn mower storage box added to a garage.

With a high-quality garage, you definitely get the most bang for your buck. However, many use their garage for their cars or other storage uses, and lawn mowers can take up a great deal of space. Garages also have the tendency to become damp, so purchasing a quality cover or building/purchasing a lawn mower storage unit will help keep it safe from the elements.

Plastic Lawn Mower Box

Average Cost: Security: Ideal Climate: Warm and/or cool climates, no extremes

You can sometimes find some small plastic outdoor storage boxes made to store lawn mowers at certain big box stores. These storage containers are made to fit only a lawn mower and a few select accessories – therefore they only take up a small amount of space.

They are ideal for smaller lots and warm or cool climates. Plastic does not hold up in extreme temperatures and may bend or warp, causing damage to your lawn mower. Though they provide some extra security, they are not difficult to break in to. They are also not as strong or secure as other materials and may leak, allowing moisture into the enclosure.

best, options, lawn, mower

Storage Shed

Average Cost: – Security: Ideal Climate: Any climate

A storage shed is an excellent way to keep your lawn mower out of the elements and out of your much-needed garage or basement space. Storage sheds come in many styles and sizes and can suit many different needs and budgets. With a well-built storage shed, you won’t have to worry about security, as your items will be safely locked away inside.

You also won’t have to worry about replacing it – a wooden storage shed can last a lifetime! Storage sheds are highly customizable. It’s easy to add hooks or shelves or a DIY garage storage unit inside the shed. However, storage sheds do require maintenance, especially wooden sheds. A storage shed can cost more up front than some of the other options listed above, but with a high-quality shed from a reputable company, you will get your money’s worth.


Other Tips To Keep Your Lawn Mower Healthy

Once you have settled on the best place to keep your lawn mower stored, there are some regular maintenance tips you should follow. These tips, paired with proper storage, will help your lawn mower last longer.

  • Check and replace the oil – recommends you change your oil every 50 hours of use and check it every 8 hours of use.
  • Use regularly – Like many pieces of equipment, it’s best to use your lawn mower regularly to keep everything moving smoothly. If you do not use it during the winter, ensure you maintain it properly before storing it away.
  • Check tire pressure – You may not think about the tires on your lawn mower like you think about the ones of your car, but it’s important that your lawn mower’s tires have consistent air pressure too! If they don’t, it can result in uneven cutting.
  • Degrease your lawn mower – If you notice a build-up of oil and stains on your lawn mower, spray degreaser on these stains and let it sit for 15 minutes before wiping away.
  • Check the blade – Carefully check your lawn mower’s blade – ONLY attempt if you know what you are doing, as this can result in injury if done incorrectly! If you notice any damage to the blade, you should replace it immediately. A damaged blade can also cause injury.

Featured Product – Utility Shed

The utility shed is a great choice when looking for a classic storage shed for lawn mowers and other outdoor equipment such as leaf blowers, gardening tools, and more! It comes in a wide variety of sizes, from 8’x8′ all the way up to 14’x40′!

Utility Shed

The Utility Shed is a very practical storage shed. It is also one of the most economical choices and can easily be used to store whatever you have in mind, including lawn mowers! The Utility Shed includes:

Sidewalls – 6′ 4″ Double Doors Smallest Size: 8’x8′ Largest Size: 14’x40′

At Dutch Country Sheds, we offer the best portable storage buildings at the lowest price. We combine quality materials with superior Amish craftsmanship to produce a shed that will last at an affordable price.

All Dutch Country Sheds feature:

  • Robust Flooring System: All of the Dutch Country sheds are installed with 3/8″ tongue and groove flooring. This special floor covering will add strength while keeping both moisture and rodents out of your unit. The 4″ x 6″ specially treated skids will never need to be replaced.
  • Walls: We use 24″ on center advanced framing in combination with 3/8″ LP Smartside Siding. This high-quality siding offers all the warmth and beauty of natural wood combined with the long-lasting durability of engineered wood.
  • Strongest Doors on the Market: Our doors will not warp or sag. That’s guaranteed. They are the strongest and most secure shed doors available. You can rest assured that your valuables will be safe and securely stored away.

Ready For Your Own Lawn Mower Storage Shed?

If you are ready to keep your lawn mower safe, secure, and in the best shape possible, contact Dutch Country Sheds now to learn more! A storage shed can be the solution you’ve been looking for.

We even have a Rent-To-Own option to make it easy for you to own your very own shed today! Dutch Country Sheds is committed to both affordability and high-quality structures.

We take the time to listen to our customers and help them choose the best design for their particular needs and budget. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

We are so confident in the high quality of our product that we offer a 5-year blanket warranty.

Our 5-year blanket warranty covers any defect in workmanship, lumber, and products, including the function of the product. Dutch Country Sheds are made to last – we guarantee it with our 5-year warranty!

“It was a pleasure working with confident and qualified people. The workmanship and materials are second to none…I would recommend Classic Buildings to anyone who requires a building for storage, recreation or whatever your needs are.” – Mike Dinello, a Classic Buildings Customer – Testimonials Here!

Lawn Mower Storage Ideas – 8 Tips to Make Mowing a Breeze

Taking care of your lawn is essential, but keeping up with all the cutting and mowing is sometimes tricky. The time spent mowing the grass can be quite a hassle if you have too much to do at once. With so many things going on in life, the last thing that most people want to do is spend their entire day just lawn mowing and trimming their lawns!

Fortunately, there are many Lawn Mower Storage Ideas out there that can help you store your lawn mower without having to worry about it getting damaged over time.

amazing Lawn Mower Storage Ideas

Here are the 8 amazing ideas you can have with your lawn mower:

Construct a simple storage box.

Regarding yard work, most people consider the lawn mower the best and most important tool. Of course, you can’t just leave it lying around in the yard – it must be stored safely when it’s not in use.

Constructing a simple storage box for your lawn mower is a great way to keep it out of the way when you’re not using it. You can make the storage box from any sturdy material, such as wood or metal. Making the box more significant than the lawn mower is a good idea, so you can fit it in quickly and store other tools or equipment there.

Securely fasten the lawn mower to the inside of the storage box, so it doesn’t move around while it’s in there. You can use straps, clamps, or even locks to keep it in place.

Park your mower on a wall rack.

Wall racks not only do take up less space than a garage, but they also keep your mower out of the weather. This can help to extend the life of your mower. There are several different wall racks to choose from. When selecting a wall rack, consider the size of your mower. It would be best if you also ensured that the shelf could hold the weight of your mower.

Use A Canopy

Canopy offers an easy and efficient way to store your lawn mower. It is a simple, cost-effective solution that can safely and securely store your lawn mower. The canopy protects your lawn mower from the elements while providing a convenient and accessible storage option.

It is made from a durable and weather-resistant material and features a heavy-duty zipper for easy access.

Store your lawn mower under your deck.

You may need more space to store your lawn mower if you have a small yard. But you can keep it out of the way by holding it under your deck.

This will protect your mower from the elements and keep it from taking up too much space in your yard. Just empty the gas tank and oil the mower before you store it for the winter.

Mower Lift

A mower lift is a handy tool that lets you lift your lawn mower off the ground for cleaning and maintenance. It’s beneficial for changing the blades or cleaning the underside of the deck. Make sure the mower lift is compatible with your lawn mower model.

Store your mower outside with a tarp

Metal mowers can rust, and plastic or vinyl mowers fade in the sun. One option is to store your mower under a tarp. It will protect it from the elements and extend its life.

Clean your mower before storing it, as leaving grass and debris on the blades can lead to rust and damage. You should also oil the moving parts to prevent them from seizing up.

7.Build Or Purchase A Mini Shed

If you build your mini shed, you must purchase the materials and tools needed to do the job. This can be more expensive than buying a mini shed outright, but you’ll be satisfied knowing you built it yourself. Plus, you can customize it to fit your needs.

You’ll have a pre-built structure ready if you purchase a mini shed. It is a more cost-effective option; you won’t have to worry about assembling the shed. However, you may need help finding one that perfectly suits your needs.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you’re comfortable with. Building a mini shed is a great way to go if you’re willing to invest time and effort. But purchasing a mini shed is the way to go if you want a more straightforward option.

Storage Lawn Mower Shelves

Storage Lawn Mower Shelves provide a safe and secure place to store your lawn mower, so you can keep your garage or yard clear of clutter. Storage shelves for your lawn mower are also a great way to protect your investment.

If you’re looking for a storage solution for your lawn mower, you should consider a set of storage shelves. They’re a great way to keep your lawn mower safe and out of the way when it’s not in use.


Of course, the best storage ideas for your lawn mower depends on its size, type, and make and where you keep it when it isn’t in use. But that’s not all there is to consider. Lawn mowers, like all machines, are subject to wear and tear over time, which helps explain why proper storage can extend the life of your mower.

And given how good a mower can come in the warmer months, it’s certainly an investment worth protecting.

Frequently Asked Question

How to store a lawn mower long term?

If you’re storing the lawnmower over the winter, drain the fuel in a shed or garage where it won’t be contaminated by mice or moisture. If you hold it for a month, add a stabilizer to keep the gas fresh.

Can you store a lawn mower outside in winter?

It is not recommended to store a lawn mower outside during the winter, as the extremely cold temperatures and moisture can damage the engine and other parts of the mower. Suppose you must store your lawn mower outside.

In that case, it’s best to take some precautions, such as covering the mower, removing the battery, adding fuel to Stabilizer and storing it in a dry place.

Can you hang a lawn mower on the wall?

Hanging a lawn mower is not recommended. It will be subjected to much force from above it, and the resulting strain might cause the internal parts to wear out faster.

how to store a lawn mower outside without a shed?

If you don’t have a shed to store your lawn mower outside, there are other options to keep it safe and secure. These methods can be used to store the lawn mower outside without a shed.

You can construct a storage box using wood or metal, park it on a wall rack, use a canopy, store it under your deck, invest in a mower lift, cover it with a tarp, build or purchase a mini shed, or use storage shelves.

Sheds for Mowers: Find Your Model

best, options, lawn, mower

Investing in a good lawn mower can make your life easier and your lawn more attractive. Whether you have a push mower, riding tractor, or a zero turn mower, keeping it protected from the elements is an important part of keeping your mower in top shape. We’re exploring the most popular sheds for mowers — and making recommendations based on your mower type.

At BL Woodworking, we’re an Amish builder that specializes in sheds and luxury outdoor structures. One of the most common reasons that people buy our sheds is to store lawn mowers — so we have ample experience giving advice. Keep reading to check out different sheds for mowers and to start shopping today!

Small Lawn Mower Shed for Push Mower

best, options, lawn, mower

Our Pick: Quaker Shed

For smaller yards, a push mower can be the only tool you need. However, just because they are smaller doesn’t mean they are cheap and shouldn’t be stored properly. For a push mower, we recommend a small lawn mower shed. Almost any shed will work as a small lawn mower shed for push mowers, but one of the favorites is our Quaker model shed. This shed will easily accommodate your mower and provide ample extra space for other tools and essential storage. Plus, the elegant style is a fit in almost any backyard, and you’ll enjoy plenty of natural light thanks to the added Windows!

Riding Mower Shed

best, options, lawn, mower

Our Pick: Mini Barn

For a riding mower shed, the most important thing is to make sure the double door is on the smaller side of the shed. This gives you the space to park the mower without having to worry about turning it inside the shed. In addition, having a ramp is crucial for riding mower sheds as it adds the convenience of being able to drive right into the shed and park. One of the best models for this is our mini barn as it provides serious depth and is very affordable! The mini barn style has a variety of advantages and provides some of the most square footage for the price point!

  • You can drive right in with your riding mower
  • Comes with a ramp
  • Very affordable for its size

Shed for Zero Turn Lawn Mower

best, options, lawn, mower

Our Pick: Dormer Shed

Zero turn mowers are the undisputed choice of the professionals — and they are increasingly in-demand with homeowners, too. If you have a zero turn, you’ll want the best shed for a zero turn mower, too. While many of the same points of the riding mower shed apply, there are a few differences that matter here. You’ll certainly want a ramp and the door on the shorter side of the shed so you can drive right in. However, since zero turn mowers tend to have a wide deck, you’ll want to make sure the shed and the doors are wide enough to accommodate it. Our dormer model is a great shed for zero turn lawn mowers as it has generous dimensions and a beautiful look. Plus, the Windows provide ample natural light to make working on your mower comfortable.

  • Can pull right into this shed for mowers
  • Comes with a ramp
  • Added width generous dimensions
  • Natural light
  • Upscale style

Why Amish Quality Matters

When it comes to sheds for mowers, quality is just as important as the style you choose. You want a shed that will provide decades of reliable watertight storage. That’s why finding a hand-built Amish shed is so essential.

While you may be able to find a cheaper, bottom-line price from a big box store, that structure is very unlikely to provide the same level of longevity or quality. But why is that exactly? Good question — there are two big factors to consider:

  • Construction Skill — All of our buildings, from a small lawn mower shed to a riding mower shed, are built in the USA by Amish craftsmen. We pay attention to detail and deliver standout quality every time. Many of those big box store sheds are built in huge factories overseas with little to no quality control.
  • Material Quality — Every single one of our sheds are built from high-quality building materials, such as vinyl siding and asphalt shingles. While we use the same type of materials used to build houses, many cheaper sheds cut corners with the materials, and it shows!

Shop Sheds for Mowers

Did one of these sheds for mowers catch your eye? We’d love to build it for you! We encourage you to reach out to talk to our team about any of the sheds you saw here. However, you also have the option to design a completely custom shed, paired to your mower size and sense of style.

When you’re ready, contact us to get started and get quotes on all of these sheds!

Price Build Your Lawn Mower Shed!

What Is a Lawn Mower Shed and Why Do I Need One?

Where do you store your lawn mower when it’s not in use? Putting it into the garage takes up a lot of space, but you can’t leave it outdoors. The use of a lawn mower shed may be exactly what you need. It doesn’t need to take up a lot of room like a larger shed, but it can provide you with ample storage throughout the year.

What Is a Lawn Mower Shed?

A lawn mower shed is just what it sounds like. It’s a shed designed to house your riding lawn mower or push mower. Most offer a bit more room than that to allow storage of things like your trimmer, edger, and fuel.

Lawn mower sheds come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. A traditional lawn mower storage shed is a made entirely of steel and is designed as a permanent structure that blends in with the aesthetic of your home. Additionally, a lawn mowed shed can be a temporary, portable structure with a steel frame and a fabric cover. These can also be made to blend in with your aesthetic.

Are Lawn Mower Sheds an Eyesore?

These sheds can be an asset to a home. If you purchase a quality product, install it properly, and maintain it, it can be an excellent addition to your home. It is important to make sure that you don’t place it on your property line and follow all city ordinances and codes. If you live in a homeowner’s association community, be sure to check with the HOA to learn the rules about sheds like this.

Where Should I Put a Lawn Mower Shed?

Placement is important. Imagine approaching the shed with your lawn mower. You need the surface to be flat to allow you to get into it. There needs to be enough room on either side to allow for the doors to open properly. You also don’t want it close to a slope. You can place it just about anywhere else.

It’s wise to do a bit of planning for your backyard before you get started. Do you plan to use the yard for anything else, such as the kid’s play area or a location for a pool? Plan to place the shed away from usable areas, such as tucked into the back of the yard, so there’s ample room for everything else.

What Size Lawn Mower Shed Do You Need?

The size of the shed you select depends on a few things. First, you need to make sure to consider the amount of room you have available to you. Purchasing a big shed can seem like a good idea, but if it takes up too much of your yard, it may not be worth it.

Consider what you want to put into it, too. Do you want to store just your lawn mower in the shed? If that is the case, take a few minutes to measure the length and width of it. Generally, you’ll need at least five feet in length to just get it into the space. However, if you have attachments or your lawn mower has a large seat that overhangs, you need to account for that as well. On top of that, you have to have some room to get off your lawn mower and maneuver around it.

Then, think about other needs. Do you want to be able to store a few cans of fuel, trash cans, or other lawn and yard equipment? If so, it’s important to factor that in as well. Most of the time, you’ll want to spend some time laying out your plans for this space.

You also need to think about the size of the actual entryway. The width of some of today’s lawn mowers, especially those that incorporate a larger cutting path, will need more space to maneuver into the shed.

So, what size shed do you need for your lawn mower? Perhaps the smallest option for most needs is a 6 by 5 shed, but that’s not too much room for anything else beyond just a smaller riding lawn mower or a push mower. If you want a bit more room, upgrade to an 8 by 6 shed, which gives you a lot more storage space.

Check out a bit more about what fits in a backyard shed to get a better estimate of what’s right for your specific needs.

What’s the Difference Between a Metal Lawn Mower Shed and a Fabric Lawn Mower Shed?

The materials that make up your lawn mower shed are quite important. Most often, this is a valuable piece of equipment and not something that you want to get damaged by a storm or broken into by a would-be thief. At the same time, you may want to keep your shed within your price range. Choosing the material for your shed also should factor in the aesthetics that appeal to you.

Consider the options between a fabric outdoor storage shed and a metal lawn mower shed.

One of the options you have is a fabric outdoor storage shed. These feature a waterproof and UV-treated polyethylene cover that is placed over a premium quality powder-coated steel frame. These are pretty versatile in that you can add shelving to them and configure them in a way that fits most needs. The core benefit of these sheds is that they are very versatile and portable – you can easily take them down and move them if and when you need to. If you’re thinking about moving soon, you’ll want to ensure this is an option for you. Fabric sheds like this are also easy to maintain and affordable overall.

Another option is a metal shed. As you can expect, these cost a bit more, but with that comes a much higher level of durability and security. They can be sized in numerous ways to account for just about any need. Metal sheds can be attractive, too, with a contemporary design with textured finishes if you like. Choose from numerous colors, too. Metal sheds can provide a lot of height for more customized solutions as well.

How Do I Anchor a Lawn Mower Shed?

Once you decide on the type of shed that’s right for your needs, it’s time to start thinking about how you will place it. You know where, but how will you hold it to the ground so that it doesn’t move and becomes a stable shed for your needs?

If you are purchasing a metal shed, you can purchase a base for it. These are available as shed base kits, which allow you to place them on a prepared surface that’s flat and then up the shed from them. That can add to the cost, though.

You can anchor the fabric to the ground for those purchasing a fabric shed. Choosing the right shed anchoring options is important based on the shed you purchase (size and type can matter here).

Anchoring is a necessary step to protect the items within your shed and keep you safe. It helps to secure your shed to the foundation (keep in mind that if you do not anchor it properly, you may invalidate your warranty on your shed).

So, what do you do? You’ll need to create a proper foundation for the shed. This includes leveling the area and ensuring that you are using the right type of anchors based on the soil conditions. You have several options to choose from, including a system that uses steel anchors and a drive rode (called our Ratchet Tite Anchors) or use our Easy Hook options, which are made of solid steel and include four cable clamps.

Does a Lawn Mower Shed Require Maintenance?

Like any structure exposed to the outdoors, there are a few important maintenance tasks that can help to prolong the life of your shed. Here are a few things to consider:

If you purchase a metal shed, be sure to take steps to prevent rust, such as using insulation, installing a proper elevated foundation, and adding a dehumidifier if it becomes a problem.

Keep the exterior clean and free of debris no matter what type of shed you purchase.

Inspect the shed on a routine basis to ensure it is in a good, strong position. Adjust the anchoring as needed to keep it firmly secure. Be sure to do this after the winter months and after any significant storm.

Check the ratches, rib connections, bungees, and other components every few months to ensure they are properly in place on tarp or fabric sheds.

Look for any signs of pests in your space and remove them. Leaving the shed open just once can cause this to happen.

Follow all of the manufacturer’s recommendations for shed maintenance.

How Do I Organize a Lawn Mower Shed?

It’s easy enough to organize a lawn mower shed if you only plan to store your mower in it. However, some sheds provide more versatility and space to allow you to add in some storage options. For example, installing a few shelves can help to provide you with space to store fuel and oil for your mower. If you plan to use it for other needs, consider the addition of bins to add more flexibility.

A lawn mower shed is an excellent investment. If you have to cut your grass, you’ll benefit from having a reliable shed to store your mower all year long.

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