Best riding lawn mower with a bagger 2023. Smallest riding lawn mower

Best riding lawn mower with a bagger 2023

The best riding lawn mower with a bagger takes the chore out of lawn maintenance.

Want to achieve a manicured lawn? Using the best riding lawn mower with a bagger help keep your yard pristine. Attaching a bagger means you don’t leave unsightly clumps of grass scattered across the lawn.

Riding mowers are convenient for large plots, making short work of lawns of several acres. If you’re mowing on a grand scale, collecting all the grass clippings can be daunting. But a riding lawn mower with a bagger does the work for you, sparing you from this mammoth task. It can save you time by tackling two chores at once.

If you’re in the market for a riding mower, there are several factors to weigh up. It pays to consider factors like speed, quality of the cut, and cost. Our guide to the best riding lawn mowers takes you through the buying process, step-by-step.

Look out for mowers that offer different options for your grass clippings to give you more choices. You may see products with a mulching kit attachment, which allows you to return nutrients to the grass.

Adding a bagger into the equation can make the buying process more complex. Be aware that most riding mowers don’t supply a bagger with the product. you will need to purchase this separately and factor it into your budget.

Best riding lawn mower with a bagger

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When choosing a bagger, compatibility is the top consideration. Not all baggers fit all mowers, so check this before you commit. You will also want to factor in the capacity of the bagger, which will depend on the size of your plot. Thankfully, we’ve researched the best riding lawn mowers suitable for use with a bagger. We’ve saved you a job by recommending a compatible bagger for each one.

Riding lawn mowers with a bagger

Reasons to avoid

If you want to take the chore out of lawn maintenance, the Troy-Bilt Bronco 42 has got you covered.

The Troy-Bilt Bronco 42 scores a solid 4.3 out of 5 from over 900 reviews on the Troy-Bilt website, with 84% of reviewers recommending the product. People praise the speed, with several mentioning it cut down on mowing time. However, several reviews suggest the pedal is stiff, which may be tiring if operating it for hours at a time.

Accelerating up to 5.5 mph, it makes short work of the largest plots. The extra-wide 42-inch cutting deck enables you to cover more ground and saves you time. This mower is designed with convenience in mind. The separate bagger accessory makes for easy clean-up, as you don’t have to comb the lawn for stray clumps of grass.

The AGM battery promises reliable starting, meaning you can feel confident it will fire up after long periods in storage. Want manicured results? Clever design features like the anti-scalp wheels help you minimize unsightly tire marks. At slightly over the 2,000 mark, it falls into the middle range of the mowers on our list, but remember to factor the bagger into the price too.

Compatible 42 Inch and 46 Inch Double Bagger This double bagger makes collecting grass clippings a breeze. It comes with 2 bags, providing ample capacity for up to 6.5 bushels. It’s suitable for other mowers with a 42 or 46-inch cutting deck, including Craftsman, Columbia, Remington, and Yard-Man products.

Reasons to avoid

The Cub Cadet XT1 is designed to be an absolute powerhouse of a riding lawn mower, making it a great choice for those with extra large lawns.

Cub Cadet XT1 scores a decent 4.0 out of 5 on the manufacturer’s website. Users were impressed with the power of the machine, with several mentioning it can handle bumpy and challenging terrain, including hills. A couple of reviewers complained about issues with the battery not holding its charge, though they were in a minority. It’s backed by a generous 3-year warranty to put your mind at rest.

With a 19-horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine, it can help you blitz through the mowing. Plus, it can even handle hills, ideal if you’re on an uneven plot. If you want a spotless finish, you’ll be pleased to know this mower is compatible with a bagger, saving you from raking unsightly clippings. This trusty machine can help with other tasks around the yard, with a range of accessories available to purchase separately, including a snow blower, mulch kit, and rear spreader.

The Cub Cadet XT1 makes for a responsive ride, thanks to a 16-inch turning radius. Plus, it spares you the effort of shifting gears with the hydrostatic transmission. simply press the pedal and go. The downsides? Some assembly is required, so you will need to factor this in. At around 2,400, the Cub Cadet XT1 isn’t the cheapest lawn mower with a bagger, but it may be worth the investment if you want maximum power.

Compatible 42 Inch and 46 Inch double bagger Eliminate the faff of raking grass clippings with this double bagger. It includes two bags with a 6.5 bushel capacity. It’s compatible with Cub Cadet XT1 and XT2 Enduro Series lawn tractors with a 42 or 46-inch mowing deck.

Reasons to avoid

If you want an upgrade for a walk-behind mower, look no further than the Troy-Bilt TB30B.

The Troy-Bilt TB30B scores a commendable 4.2 out of 5 out of 245 reviews on Home Depot. People are pleased with this model as a replacement for a push-mower, noting it’s ideal for mid-sized lawns. They are also confident in its cutting ability. A handful of reviews mention it is lightweight, which means it’s best suited to flat terrain to avoid tipping over.

This compact riding mower is similar in size to a push model, perfect for when storage space is at a premium. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a riding mower but still want good results, the Troy-Bilt TB30B could be for you. At 1899, it’s the cheapest option on our list, ideal if you’re on a budget.

Plus, a mulching kit is included. It’s a fantastic way to return nutrients to the soil, resulting in a greener, healthier lawn. This mower is also compatible with a bagger, which you can purchase separately for sections you want to keep pristine.

As you would expect for a smaller mower, it may take you slightly longer to get the job done. The cutting deck is narrower than other options, so you may need more passes to cover the space. For that reason, it’s best suited to medium plots.

Compatible 30 Inch Double Bagger This bagger is designed for compact rear-engine riding mowers, including Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, Columbia, Remington, and Yard machines from 2013 or later. It fits a cutting deck of 30 inches and provides a capacity of 3.2 bushels. You can use this bagger to collect leaves in the fall, making it a versatile choice.

Reasons to avoid

If you’re searching for a premium model, the Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 fits the bill. At around 3,800, it is a splurge, but several features justify the price tag.

The Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 has rave reviews, scoring 4.6 out of 5 with over 3,000 reviews on Home Depot. 89% of reviewers recommend this product. People love the superior performance and maneuverability of this zero-turn mower. One reviewer commented that “it turns on a dime.” The drawbacks? Several are disappointed that there is no hour meter, which makes it hard to know when to perform maintenance tasks. A few people suggest it could benefit from a gas display level too.

Thanks to a Kawasaki 23-horsepower engine, it offers impressive power. Combined with a super-sized 50-inch cutting deck, it makes light work of mowing the largest yards. This beast of a machine can tackle plots over 5 acres, including ones with slight hills.

All of this means it cuts down on mowing time, allowing you the leisure to sit back and admire your handiwork. With the help of this nippy machine, you can transform lawn maintenance from a chore into an enjoyable experience.

It doesn’t disappoint on mowing performance either. The Aeroforce cutting system was judged best-in-class according to independent testing, offering a precise, even finish. If we’re being picky, it could benefit from a few features to finish it off, like armrests and an hour meter, but overall, it’s a top-quality mower.

Compatible 50 Inch and 54 Inch Double Bagger This extra-large double bagger fits Ultima ZT1-50 and ZT1-54 zero-turn lawn mowers, offering ample room with a 6.5 bushel capacity. The hood design has been improved to provide optimal performance, delivering a neat finish.

Pros and cons of having a riding lawn mower with a bagger

If convenience is a priority, a riding lawn mower with a bagger may be a sound investment.

“When selecting a bagger, make sure that it is compatible with your riding lawn mower, and always be sure to select the bagger with the appropriate capacity. The larger the lawn, the higher the capacity.” Mark Bradley, CEO of Landscape Management Network

“Riding lawn mowers can make maintaining large patches of grass easy, but without a bagger, they can often create a larger mess than you started with. Purchasing a riding lawn mower with a bagger attachment will make picking up clippings an afterthought as they are conveniently picked up and placed in the attached plastic bin,” says Mark Bradley, CEO of Landscape Management Network (LMN).

This may be important to you if you’re on a large plot where it might not be practical to rake a huge area or if you want to minimize physical exertion. The other main reason people choose a mower with a bagger is to enhance curb appeal, as it creates a well-groomed look.

Yet, you’ll want to weigh up the pros and cons. “One of the biggest trade-offs users of baggers will have to make is not having the additional fertilizing benefit of leftover trimmings on their manicured grass. Instead, they will have to frequently use fertilizer to keep their lawn in pristine shape,” explains Mark. This means you will need to factor this into your schedule to keep your lawn healthy.

A greener option might be to purchase a separate mulching attachment. You could use this to give the grass a nutrient boost or on areas out of sight where looks are less important.

Mark Bradley, CEO of Landscape Management Network, has decades of experience in the landscape industry and is an expert on all things yard care. Before co-founding Landscape Management Network, Bradley built TBG Landscape from a backyard business into one of North America’s Top 100 landscape contracting companies.

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Introducing the World’s Smallest Lawn Mowers

A couple of the main reasons that some people go for the smallest lawn mowers available are because they don’t need the extra cutting width, and because storage space is often very limited. In any case, there is a big demand for lawn mowers that don’t take up a lot of room. When it comes down to size alone, reel mowers definitely have the smallest dimensions of any lawn mowers that you can buy. But, with that being said, some people require a different type of mower and just want to purchase the smallest model available. I’ve been doing some digging and have found a good selection of the smallest lawn mowers of each type.

Smallest Riding Lawn Mowers

While you might not think “small” when you think about riding lawn mowers, there is actually a pretty big variation in size across different models. Though there are quite a few good options when it comes to the smallest riding lawn mowers, I’ve identified two that take up the least amount of space.

Cub Cadet CC30H

First up, we’ve got this small but powerful 10.5 horsepower riding mower from Cub Cadet. It might be hard to believe, but this lawn mower is barely wider than a lot of push mowers. With a 30-inch mowing deck and 32-inch body, it’s surprisingly narrow while still covering plenty of ground with each pass.

As far as the other dimensions go, this mower is about one-third the length of your average car, and reaches about the same height as a car’s mirrors. To be exact, you’re looking at 64 inches in length, and 43 inches in height. With these proportions, you can expect this mower to take up about as much (or even slightly less) space as an average-sized dirt bike.

Husqvarna LTH18538

One of the next smallest riding mowers I came across is this compact model from Husqvarna. Like the Cub Cadet model above, this riding mower has a Briggs Stratton engine. However, we’re looking at a good deal more muscle with 18.5 horsepower. Of course with a larger engine, this mower is also slightly bigger in general.

If the Cub Cadet model I described above takes up as much space as a dirt bike would, this Husqvarna model would take up the same amount of room as a small street motorcycle. Though they are close in size, each of this Husqvarna mower’s dimensions is a few inches larger. The Husqvarna LTH18538 is 40.75 inches wide, 69.25 inches long, and 41.38 inches tall.

Smallest Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Whether you’re in the market for an upgrade to your current lawn tractor, or looking to buy your first ride-on mower, zero turns are a great choice. Although zero turns are known to be made with some of the biggest cutting decks available, there are some great options when it comes to the smallest zero turn lawn mowers.

Husqvarna RZ3016

Coming in first place for smallest zero turn lawn mower is another one of Husqvarna’s machines. Here we’ve got a 30-inch cutting deck and a Briggs Stratton engine running at 16.5 horsepower.

What this means for the general size of the mower is that it doesn’t take up much more space than your average 21-inch push mower. The technical specifications of this mower are 66.5 inches in length, 34 inches in width, and 39.3 inches in height. I was very surprised to learn this since my own zero-turn mower has dimensions nearly twice that size.

Toro Timecutter ZS 3200S

My pick for second place is the TimeCutter ZS 3200S. The masterminds at Toro made a lot of people happy when they designed this version of their signature TimeCutter mower. This extra small model not only makes it possible to mow hard-to-reach places, but also easy to store.

To give you a point of reference, this zero-turn mower is small enough to fit in most truck beds. If you’ve seen many zero-turn mowers, you might have a hard time believing it but the dimensions don’t lie. The TimeCutter ZS 3200S has a width of 39 inches, a height of 37.2 inches, and is just under 6 feet long at 71.8 inches.

Smallest Gas Lawn Mowers

If ride-on mowers are a bit too much for the size of your lawn or the depth of your wallet, you’re probably looking for a push mower. Or, maybe you’re on the hunt for a small gas mower to squeeze into the tight spots that your riding mower can’t get to. Either way, here are a couple of the smallest gas lawn mowers.

Yard Machines 132cc 20-Inch

Without any added frills or unnecessary components, Yard Machines managed to put together the smallest gas mower on the market. Even with a 20-inch cutting deck, this mower takes up less total space than any of its competitors.

Lack of a feature to bag clippings actually results in an even smaller area required for storage of this mower. While there are mowers with smaller cutting decks, the shorter height and length of this mower seem to be the smallest available. Plus, an extra few inches of width help speed up the job of mowing. What you end up with is a mower that isn’t much larger than some toolboxes at 26 x 22 x 15.25 inches.

PowerSmart 127CC 17-Inch

When it comes down to the smallest gas-powered push mowers, you can’t get much more compact than this 3 in 1 model by PowerSmart. Even though it’s small, this mower gives you the option to bag, mulch, or discharge your clippings.

To lend a bit of perspective to the amount of space required to store this mower, you can imagine that it’s about as big as a 20-gallon storage bin when the handle is folded and the bag is disconnected. Though you will likely want to store the mower on the ground rather than on a shelf, it has a tiny profile. To be exact, this mower comes assembled at 30 x 20 x 16 inches.

Smallest Electric Lawn Mowers

Available in even smaller sizes than their gas counterparts, the smallest electric lawn mowers are pretty impressive. As an added benefit, you won’t need to store any gas cans if you go all-electric with your tools. When searching for the smallest sizes offered, I found a couple of great options, one cordless and one corded.

Worx WG779

Almost unbelievably small for a lawn mower with a motor, Worx has somehow put together a pretty sweet 40-volt cordless machine. Not only does it have a super small frame, but it offers options for bagging, mulching or discharging clippings from the side as well.

Though you will also need to store the batteries and battery charger, the body of this lawn mower takes up roughly the same amount of space as the average moving box. For people with smaller yards, this mower’s 14-inch cutting width is perfect. The wheels push the width out slightly further to 16.5 inches, but the machine is only 28.3 inches long and 13.1 inches tall.

BLACKDECKER 3-in-1 Corded Lawn Mower, String Trimmer Edger

This isn’t your average lawn mower, but it sure is small. With the ability to switch from mower, to trimmer/edger, and back again, this unique tool can handle all the tasks required to keep your lawn looking good.

The best part about its versatility is the ease of storage. Since this is a corded tool, there won’t be any additional space required for batteries or chargers. Additionally, since you can separate the handle from the base completely, it can be stored as if it was a rake or spade. The base is so small it would fit in many workbench drawers. Under ten pounds, and with a 15 by 7-inch base, you have a ton of storage options.

Smallest Reel Lawn Mowers

Well, it’s hard to deny the fact that all reel style lawn mowers are pretty small. However, when it comes down to the smallest reel lawn mowers there definitely are some that take up less space than others.

American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14

If you’re a fan of doing things the old-fashioned way, you’re going to like this mower. The American Lawn Mower Company offers this as their smallest reel mower and it packs a punch. Able to cut through grass up to four inches high, you won’t run into any problems as long as you have the energy to push it.

The best part about this mower is that it can be stored just like a snow shovel. Though the handle needs to be long enough to use, it can be broken down for very compact storage. Extended, the handle is 42 inches tall, but folded, the dimensions of this lawn mower are 20 inches wide by 24 inches long, by 20 inches tall.

Sun Joe MJ503M

Another reel mower with a 14-inch cutting width, Sun Joe’s MJ503M is the second smallest reel mower on the market. With many different cutting height options, and a rugged build, you can breeze through your lawn without an issue.

Similar to the American Lawn Mower Company model described above, this mower has a longer handle that can also be broken down for storage. Able to be stowed in any corner of your garage or shed, the main difference is that this mower is slightly longer. With a more stretched-out base, this mower is 31.9 inches long, 20.5 inches wide, and about 20 inches tall with a folded handle.

About Tom Greene

I’ve always had a keen interest in lawn care as long as I can remember. Friends used to call me the “lawn mower guru” (hence the site name), but I’m anything but. I just enjoy cutting my lawn and spending time outdoors. I also love the well-deserved doughnuts and coffee afterward!

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This Small Riding Lawn Mower Gives You Big Bang for Your Buck

best, riding, lawn, mower

Woman’s World aims to feature only the best products and services. We update when possible, but deals expire and can change. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.

I don’t know anyone with a lawn who doesn’t wistfully desire to own a riding lawn mower. Those who do are passionate about having a perfectly-manicured yard, and tend to ride around even when it doesn’t look like there is much to mow. Meanwhile, the rest of us push-mowers find every excuse to avoid cutting the grass. There’s a dark Cloud, it’s definitely going to rain, the ground will surely be drier tomorrow… Bottom line? Tomorrow is always a better day to cut the grass, unless you have a riding lawn mower.

The arguments against owning a riding mower are that 1. They can be pricey. 2. They tend to be enormous and if you don’t have an extra garage built especially for your lawn mower, you might as well not have one. Fortunately, we found a small riding lawn mower that is actually affordable — most start at 2,000 — and can be stored in even the smallest of spaces.

This little guy would make a perfect gift for a dad in your life, or for yourself. In addition to being compact, it has a mulching mode which shreds the trimmings and returns vital nutrients to the soil. An 18-inch turn radius makes it a cinch to maneuver around trees and other obstacles, and it’s narrow body allows it to fit through gates. Reviewers claim it’s quieter and emits less of a vibration than other pricier models, and is gentle on slopes and bumps for those with bad backs.

Troy-Bilt 30 in. Riding Lawn Mower with Mulch Kit

best, riding, lawn, mower

  • 382cc single-cylinder OHV Troy-Bilt engine with autochoke
  • 6-speed Shift-on-the-Go transmission for easy speed adjustment
  • 30 in. cutting deck with mulch kit is compact for easier storage
  • Clean grass clippings from deck by attaching standard garden hose to the integrated deck wash port

Promising reviews:

“We love it! We’re seniors, and it makes mowing our half acre fun instead of back-breaking work.”

“Started immediately and is a strong runner. Plenty of power for my 2 acres. Great tool for a great price. … I enjoyed stress free shopping from my comfy chair at home. Pleased with zero interest financing.”

“This mower is tough! It cut through my heavy lawn no problem.”

“This handles our large front and backyard really well. We cut our grass in more than half the time. We have a slope in our backyard and it handles it pretty well. It took a bit for my husband to get used to the controls, but after a few times (about three) it’s second nature to him now and he’s ready to start entering lawn mower races.”

“My first riding mower. I had to figure out the reverse switch. Once I figured it all out it is fun to mow my grass. I put my boonie hat on and shades then start mowing. Easy to start, engage the blade then start cutting that grass.”

“Picked it up today and got my one acre done in probably 1/3 of the time it used to without breaking a sweat. This is a compact model that fits easily into my shed and isn’t overkill for the size yard I have.”

“It cuts great and is small enough to navigate around all the trees and obstacles in my yard. A good buy for the money.”

“Now my husband doesn’t mind cutting the grass! This was a godsend!!”

“I replaced a comparable Craftsman mower and this is much quieter, maneuvers better, is much easier on my back when going over tree limbs. I am happy!”

“Up and running in 30 minutes. There was enough gas in it (from shipment) to give a test run and cut a couple strips of my backyard before I had to run to the gas station to fill up my empty gas can. I finished the mowing job and was very impressed with the maneuverability and tight turning radius. Starts right up, cuts well, and runs quieter than I expected. “

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What Size of Yard Makes a Ride-on Lawnmower Worth It?

A riding lawn mower will take a lot of work to keep your lawn tidy. However, do you really need one? There are many sizes of riding lawnmowers, and some are gas-powered, while you power others with rechargeable batteries.

Professionals recommend having three-quarters of an acre before considering a ride-on lawnmower. Even then, if you have a heavily landscaped and bordered yard, the smallest riding mower may not be the best tool for the job. But, on the other hand, don’t let a small yard deter you from considering one of the smaller ride-on mowers available.

Is My Yard Too Small for a Riding Lawnmower?

A riding lawn mower requires enough space to turn around. Unless the riding mower is a zero-turn, a ride-on mower may damage your yard, and even real tight spaces may be too small for either style of a ride-on lawnmower. Your yard and the width of its pathways are one thing you must consider when thinking about purchasing a new mower.

Although much better than ever, old-style riders still need room to run, or you are wasting money on a tool that you don’t need. In addition, there are better alternatives, such as self-propelled and robotic mowers that can do the job as efficiently for less than the cost of a ride-on mower.

You can purchase a good-quality self-propelled mower for about 400, which is about a third of the cost of any riding mower. However, that cost is up to you, and some of the smaller rider mowers can help you knock that one chore out in a hurry.

I mowed an acre with a self-propelled mower that made a 22-inch cut. It took about two hours to do the job. I now cut about two acres, with a 42-inch wide Toro-Timecutter42 zero-turn; it takes me about two and a half hours if I don’t dilly-dally. If I had a zero-turn with a 60-inch cut, I could cut the time down even further. So, the time savings of a ride-on lawnmower is obvious.

What Types of Riding Lawnmowers are There?

Riding lawnmowers range in size from 30 inches in width to 60 inches (five feet), so as you can see, the width alone is a determining factor as to where you can use a riding mower. Professionals recommend a riding mower for a yard that is more than three-quarters of an acre. However, how that half-acre is laid out may make a small riding mower feasible.

Three Types of Ride-on Lawnmowers

Ride-on lawnmowers are available in three types.

Sit-on Lawn Tractors

This type of ride-on mower looks like a small tractor, thus the name. The engine is mounted in the front, and the mower deck is mounted under the belly.

Larger lawn tractors may be fitted with mounts for attachments, and most of them can pull a wagon, roto-tiller, scrape-blade, or mowing deck. These features make them suitable for mowing, lawn maintenance, and gardening.

The of all mowers depend on the width of their cut and the size of their engine. The bigger the engine or cut width, the higher the cost of the mower, just like a car. So, sizing a mower to your yard is essential because you want enough mowers, but not so much that its cost is a burden.

If you are using a gas power mower, the bigger it is, the more fuel it will use. This type of ride-on lawnmower ranges from 1000 to 4000 or more.

Rear-engine Ride-on Mowers

Mowers with their motor mounted behind the seat often have a narrow footprint and can navigate in small places. Snapper makes such a mower, and they have been for years, and their current models are available with a very narrow 28-inch width and a 33-inch width.

Although it is a ride-on lawnmower, its smaller size makes it suitable for smaller lawns. The price range of a rear-engine rider mower is between 1200 and 3000. The price depends on the size of the machine and options such as baggers and such.

ZTR – (Zero-Turn Riding Mowers)

best, riding, lawn, mower

Designed to get in close and cut down on the amount of trimming necessary, ZTRs come in sizes from 32-inches wide up to an impressive 12 feet for commercial models or homeowners with a lot of acreages to maintain. The smallest zero-turns are fine for smaller yards. However, as I said, if mine were larger, I could cut my mowing time in half.

Zero turns are fun, too. They’re not a toy, but they’re the closest thing I’ve ridden to a tilt-a-wheel outside of a carnival. With a zero-turn riding mower, you can trim a yard with a high level of precision, even a small yard, if you have a suitable machine. The engine is behind the seat, which gives you a clear view of where the front wheels are.

Snapper makes a zero-turn mower priced under 3000, which is about as low as you will find one. There are also battery-powered zero turns in that price range, which gives you another option. From the starting point of 3000, they continue up, and like the other mowers, they are based on the mowing width, the size of the engine, and the brand.

Is the Cost of a Riding Lawn Mower Worth it for Smaller Yards?

A riding lawnmower can be too big for a yard, but it can also be too small. However, suppose you have a yard of less than an acre, with large areas of grass that need to be mowed.

In that case, a riding lawnmower will save you time that you can spend on more pleasurable pursuits than mowing. Only you know the layout of your yard. Not the professionals, nor the person selling you’re the mower, so you will need to decide what will work for you.

You Can Use a Ride-on Lawnmower on a Yard of Half an Acre, or Larger

Whether you buy a push mower, self-propelled mower, or ride-on lawnmower depends on the size yard, your needs, and the depth of your Any riding mower will cost a minimum of a thousand dollars and more to operate than a push mower.

The main thing when considering the purchase of a new mower is whether will it fits in your yard without tearing it up, do you have a place to store it, and whether will it make your job easier.

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