Brushless String Trimmer Shootout! DeWALT, Toro, STIHL, Troy-Bilt. Toro weed wacker gas

brushless, string, trimmer, shootout

Brushless String Trimmer Shootout! DeWALT, Toro, STIHL, Troy-Bilt

This article is a review of four of the best cordless string trimmers available right now. The Toro Power Plex, STIHL FSA 90 R, Troy-Bilt C.O.R.E., DeWALT Flex-Volt. I also talk about the new EGO carbon fiber shaft trimmer.

I’ll admit it – I’m one of the people who would love to see all small lawn garden gas engines disappear. In particular the cheap homeowner string trimmers, blowers, hedge trimmers and even chainsaws. I’ve owned way to many of them over the years and they have always been notoriously hard to start, noisy and don’t last long. In the last 15 years even if you do find one that is better than most – the engines have been regulated to the point where they have no power for all but basic tasks. Because of that, I’ve spent the last five years watching the cordless, battery-powered string trimmer market come of age. As homeowners, we are finally getting quality trimmers, blowers, hedge trimmers and other equipment for our normal suburban lawns that will do the job better than the small gas engines. In my opinion, there are now a few on the market that will tackle any of your tasks and last for years.

Right to left: STIHL, Toro, Troy-Bilt, DeWALT, Husqvarna Gas for comparison.

I purchased these brushless trimmers myself. I’m not sponsored by any of the brands so it helps me to stay completely objective in my reviews.

There are well over 75 different cordless string trimmers on the market right now and after reading all the specifications and reviews I purchased 4 models for this article. The models I purchased are the Toro Power Plex, STIHL FSA 90 R, Troy-Bilt C.O.R.E., DeWALT Flex-Volt. All of these are designed to replace your gas trimmer. All use the latest high tech brushless motors to give you the most power and battery efficiency. I’ll keep this article simple and only go over what I like and don’t like about these trimmers.

Most of the links in this article will take you to Amazon. My readers and I have been having just the best luck buying cordless string trimmers from Amazon. If a model is available directly from Amazon or a reputable seller on Amazon I will offer you a buy link. Amazon literally is the best place to buy anything online. The delivery is swift, and if there are any issues with the shipping or the item Amazon takes care of it immediately. Buy at Amazon

By the way, Just assume that if I send you to a website to “read more and buy” I’ll make a small commission from the sale. (That’s how I make the money to operate this site)

The Best Trimmer Line? I like this trimmer line for all string trimmers:

If you don’t have a lot of experience using string trimmers or you have weak wrists I suggest buying the round line. I use round line myself.

The trimmer line below is edged and cuts the best but the edges can “catch” and cause your trimmer to stray into areas you don’t want to be trimmed.

Number One – Toro PowerPlex Brushless String Trimmer Review

Buy Here: Toro PowerPlex 51482 Brushless 40V Lithium-Ion 14″ Cordless String Trimmer, 2.5 Ah Battery Charger Included

Of the 4 trimmers, I bought the Toro is the one I grab the most often.

Toro has been fairly slow to come out with a competitive cordless string trimmer. Why? Because they never jump on the latest trend without spending hundreds of hours researching and testing their prototypes. You can be assured that the item they offer is good, reliable and ready to last you a long, long time.

The Toro 14 inch brushless is different from the rest. It’s designed for a suburban homeowner who needs a well built, easy to operate, lightweight trimmer. Many homeowners just want a good trimmer that is very easy to use, is lightweight, trims their lawn well and can cut down the occasional 3-foot weed they missed. With the battery, it is less than 9 lbs. They don’t need a 14 lb monster trimmer to go out in the back 40 and knock down an acre of horseweeds.

What I really like about the Toro

  • Extremely efficient brushless motor. The speed is controlled with a trigger just like your older gas powered trimmer so you can trim around delicate areas. This trimmer is very quiet.
  • Lighter than all the other trimmers I handled. The quick adjust handle will let both short and tall people use this trimmer any time. You will not need to use a carry strap for extended use. It is balanced very well with just enough weight in the head so it’s very easy to trim accurately around delicate plants and landscaping.
  • Heavy duty dual line head for efficient cutting. It uses the standard.080 line and can accept the rounded, twisted and edged varieties. You can wind your own or buy pre-wound spools.
  • Excellent quality. Toro has engineered every part of this trimmer to last.
  • Foldable for transport in your car trunk. The only straight shaft trimmer on the market that easily folds up.
  • At least 45 minutes run time. I can trim my entire one acre landscaped yard twice on one charge. Included T90 battery charges in just an hour.
  • This trimmer is part of a system that includes a 480 CFM 150 MPH leaf blower, 24-inch hedge trimmer, 13-inch single line trimmer, 14-inch chainsaw, and double capacity T180 battery.

The Elephant In The Room: Toro’s Battery Size.

From Justin: I am concerned about battery life which is my only hesitation the Toro’s low watt-hour T90 battery.

My Answer: The Toro is very efficient and I can get 40 minutes or more of run time out of the T90 battery. Remember you don’t need to leave it running like you do with a gas model when you walk from one area to the next to trim. It also trims very well at half-throttle so the battery can last even longer.

If it takes you longer than that to trim just slap the battery on the charger and have a cup of coffee. You don’t have to charge the lithium battery fully each time you use it. Plus when you are done you can leave the battery on the charger. It won’t hurt the battery at all.

Justin: You know, I hadn’t considered that the unit is not running at all times. You have completely changed my view on what 40 minutes of battery life actually means!

  • So, the T90 battery is great for a string trimmer and hedge trimmer but the T180 (5 AH) is a better choice for the leaf blower and chainsaw. I would like to see a purchase option for the blower and chainsaw with the T180 Battery.

Batteries: DeWALT FlexVolt, Troy-Bilt 40v, Toro Power Plex, STIHL AP300

Number Two – STIHL FSA 90 R Brushless String Trimmer Review

STIHL makes four cordless string trimmers with removable batteries. In addition, they make two separate battery series. The AK series is designed for homeowners. The AP series is designed for large acreages and commercial operators. The FSA 90 R I choose for this test is the top-of-the-line commercial version. I purchased it with the AP300 battery/charger.

Why? Because I needed one “standard” to judge all the others by. In addition, I’ve used the commercial gas series STIHL trimmers for years and think I the trimmer head they use is one of the best on the market.

What I really like about the STIHL

  • With the AP100 battery, it weighs just a few ounces more than the Toro PowerPlex.
  • Has many battery options ranging from a 100 WH for homeowners to a huge backpack battery for all-day commercial use.
  • Uses the same commercial trimmer head the gas engine models use. It will last the life of the trimmer and then some.
  • It has a speed limiter dial on the handle. You can dial down the top speed and it will trim your weekly work well and the battery will last all day. Most reviewers don’t get the dial is for economy and/or speed control around delicate plants.
  • Tremendous cutting power. Even when cutting 8-foot prairie grass I could not get this trimmer to slow down. It also does an excellent job of not wrapping around the head when cutting tall grass.
  • This trimmer is part of a system that includes other trimmers, chainsaws, blowers, hedge trimmers and steel-deck walk-behind mowers.

No, this is not a “quick load” head. You will have to read the instructions to load new line on it the first time. Take your time to learn how to load it and it will be easy after that. BUT! It always works and never acts up. Remember, this head is their commercial head and even in the worst conditions and abuse, it will last.

BEST STRING TRIMMER 2020 | EGO Milwaukee Dewalt Ryobi Stihl ������

Here is a video showing you how to load the head. FYI – you don’t need a screwdriver to push in the buttons. The buttons are designed for your thumbs.

What I don’t like about the STIHL

  • Most expensive cordless trimmer on the market.
  • You must go to a local dealer to purchase.
  • There is no suggested pricing online so you don’t know if you are getting a good deal from your local store. STIHL MAKES you shop different dealers to make sure you are getting a fair price.

Intermission: Is a brushless string trimmer right for you?

Before I discuss the remaining trimmers I want to say: The best brushless string trimmer right now for most people is the Toro Power Plex and the best brushless string trimmer on the market is the STIHL FSA 90 R but it may not be the best trimmer for you.

If you just need a trimmer for weekly mowing tasks I actually suggest getting a trimmer to match your cordless drill batteries. For about 100-150 you can get a bare tool DeWALT 20 volt, Ryobi 18 volt, or Milwaukee 18 volt. These are all quality, brushless motor string trimmers and they will do the job well for you. Don’t fall for the hype of having to have a separate high voltage battery for your yard tools.

Number Three – EGO Power Carbon Fiber Shaft Trimmer

What about EGO Power ? I’m going to go through the EGO in the video below. EGO gave everyone on YouTube with a thousand subscribers or more a free one over the last three years so the older models have been covered to death. For 2018 they have introduced two completely new lines of trimmers …again… and I just finished this video on the new EGO carbon fiber shaft trimmer.

The EGO is not my first choice for most homeowners but if you want a complete system – walk-behind, trimmer, blower, chainsaw, edger, etc they are worth comparing to the other models in this article. EGO Power at The Home Depot

Number Four – DeWALT Flex-Volt Brushless String Trimmer Review

DeWALT currently makes 3 string trimmers. a 20-volt MAX, 40 volt commercial and 60 volt. I’ve used all three and I decided the 60 volt Flex-Volt was the one I should buy for this test.

What I really like about the DeWALT Flex-Volt

  • I like that it uses the same batteries as the FlexVolt tools. If you already have the batteries you can save 100 and just buy the bare tool.
  • It has the most power of the three DeWALT string trimmers. power than the Toro PowerPlex and a little less power than the STIHL FSA 90 R. It has plenty of power to cut down tall weeds.
  • Conventional – dual line head.
  • It’s balanced well. It’s about 4 lbs heavier than the Toro PowerPlex but for most people, you can trim your entire lawn without it getting too tiring to use.
  • The head accepts both.080 and.095
  • This trimmer is part of a system that uses the same Flex-Volt battery for both hand tools and lawn tools. At this time it does NOT include a walk-behind mower.

What I don’t like about the DeWALT Flex-Volt

  • It’s noisy. DeWALT has chosen to use a brushless motor and a gear reducer. The gears are noisy compared to the other brushless trimmers I tested here.
  • The trimmer head works very well but winding new line takes practice. Sticking the line through the holes in the housing can be a pain. I wish it had the drop in slots like the STIHL.
  • All the other brands use a sealed aluminum housing for the motor on the trimmer head. The aluminum dissipates the heat during use, The aluminum design is very rugged and you can use it under any conditions. For some unknown reason, DeWALT decided to use a steel housing and use air vents to cool the motor. Yes, that’s how they make all their hand tools but what made them think that was a good idea on a string trimmer! What. I know DeWALT uses vents and fans on all their hand tools to cool the motor. But this really doesn’t make sense on a string trimmer. You have to clean air vents on the trimmer head every time you use it and DeWALT also states “Do Not Get the Head Wet!”

Number Five – Troy-Bilt C.O.R.E Brushless String Trimmer Review

I am a big fan of the CORE Technology electric motor so when MTD purchased the company a few years ago I was hoping they would take it to the next level and design a complete line of cordless tools around the motor.

C.O.R.E. is an actual technology not just some advertising lingo that sounds good.

  • The battery life is phenomenal. The CORE uses load sensing electronics to keep the trimmer running at an optimum speed. When you are trimming weekly growth it uses very little power but get into the high weeds and it automatically senses the extra load and supplies more current to the motor.
  • It’s heavier than the Toro PowerPlex or STIHL FAS 90 R, but comes with a built-in snap ring for a harness.
  • The trimmer head is built very strong. I’d guess that it’s the toughest residential head on the market. It is an easy load head (more on that later)
  • This trimmer is part of a system that includes a self-propelled steel deck mower, blower, and hedge trimmer.
  • I personally didn’t get along with the trimmer head. It’s a quick load head but for some reason, I could not get it wound correctly and I always ended up with a bird’s nest. I don’t see any reviews with the same problem though – maybe it’s just me.
  • With great power – comes greater weight. This trimmer was the heaviest of the bunch but it also has the longest run times and the battery can also power a self-propelled walk-behind motor. No need to buy additional higher capacity batteries for the mower.
  • It’s balanced like a gas trimmer. There is more weight on the rear than on the head. so when you are walking from one landscape bed to another using one hand the head pops up. Although it’s like your gas trimmer it’s not as efficient because you have to push the head down each time you start to use it. Is that really a problem? Maybe it’s just me….

The trimmer head and I didn’t always get along

Load sensing panel with the boost button


As expected the entire cordless trimmer market is a mess and full of advertising hype and misinformation. Many of the reviewers don’t understand the terminology of battery tech so they are mistakenly using max voltage or amps as their deciding factor in which models to promote. It’s not volts or amps – it’s Watt-Hours.

Other reviewers are sponsored by a brand or getting free stuff to review and that is skewing the results. Here are two articles that explain what is important to know about the batteries.

Gas Weed Eater Won’t Start? Try This

Weed eater, weed whacker, string trimmer – no matter what you call it, here’s how to get it running again.

Shop the article

No matter what you call it – weed eater, weed whacker, string trimmer – chances are at some point it won’t start. Few things are more annoying than destroying your shoulder trying to start a gas weed eater when there’s work to do.

Fortunately, gas weed-eater engines are pretty simple, so most DIYers with a few tools and some basic know-how can troubleshoot a stubborn trimmer and get it running.

) Check The Gasoline

Gasoline can break down in as little as 30 days, especially today’s ethanol-containing gas.

Homeowners sometimes stash their string trimmer in the garage at season’s end without stabilizing the gas. Oxygen has all winter to break down and ruin the gasoline, leaving you with a trimmer that won’t start in the spring.

Toro String Mower | Toro Garden Chore Tools

If your trimmer falls into this category, empty the old gas from the fuel tank and replace it with fresh fuel.

If your weed eater won’t start, trying removing the air filter and spraying carburetor cleaner into the intake.

) Clean The Carburetor

Once gas breaks down, varnish, gums and other debris can form inside the carburetor and clog the tiny fuel passages. This prevents fuel from reaching the combustion chamber and igniting, leaving you to struggle with a trimmer that won’t start.

Remove the air filter and spray carburetor cleaner into the intake. Let it sit for several minutes to help loosen and dissolve varnish. Replace the filter and try starting the trimmer.

brushless, string, trimmer, shootout

If this doesn’t solve the problem, consider disassembling the carburetor to give it a more thorough cleaning.

Beware, however – taking apart a carburetor marks a point-of-no-return, of sorts. Understanding how the delicate gaskets, tiny screws and needle valves go back together can be a challenge, even on a relatively simple string-trimmer carburetor. Take pictures with your phone throughout the process to help reassembly. Clean all the openings and passages with carburetor cleaner.

If you’re reluctant to take apart the carb, visit the servicing dealer.

Remove the spark plug and use light sandpaper to clean electrode deposits to help fix a gas trimmer that won’t start.

) Clean/Replace Spark Plug

Oil deposits and carbon can foul the spark plug in a two-stroke engine if a low-quality oil is used. Deposits on the electrode prevent the plug from firing properly, which can reduce performance or prevent the engine from running altogether.

Plugs are inexpensive, so replace it if it’s fouled. If you don’t have a new plug available, clean the deposits from the electrode with light-duty sandpaper and check the gap. Consult the owner’s manual for the correct gap size.

If you know the spark plug is good, but the engine still doesn’t produce spark, the coil is likely to blame and requires replacement.

Direct compressed air from the inside of the air filter toward the outside to remove debris that may be restricting airflow.

) Clean/Replace Air Filter

A clogged air filter prevents the engine from receiving sufficient air to operate properly.

Before removing the air filter, brush away loose debris from around the filter cover and filter element. Tap rigid filters on a tabletop or the palm of your hand to dislodge any dirt or debris. Compressed air also works well. Make sure you direct air through the filter from the inside to avoid lodging debris deeper in the filter.

Avoid washing paper filters as this can collapse their micro-fine structure. Foam filters, however, can easily be washed using mild detergent and warm water.

As with the spark plug, however, replacement is often the best practice, especially if the filter is excessively dirty.

A spark-arrestor screen clogged with deposits can choke off airflow enough to prevent the trimmer from starting.

) Clean The Spark-Arrestor Screen

On many trimmers, a small screen covers the exhaust outlet and prevents sparks from exiting the muffler and potentially starting a fire.

As with plug fouling, too much oil in the gasoline, inferior oil and continued low-rpm operation can plug the screen with carbon deposits. This prevents exhaust-gas flow, which leads to power loss. In extreme cases, heavy deposits choke airflow enough to leave you with a weed eater that won’t start.

To fix the problem, remove the spark-arrestor screen and spray it with a heavy-duty cleaner, like AMSOIL Power Foam to soften the deposits before cleaning the screen with an abrasive pad. Reinstall the screen and test the trimmer.

Replace the screen altogether if it’s excessively plugged with carbon.


Although you might know that synthetic oils outperform conventional oils, you might not understand why. The differences begin at the molecular level.

Grass Trimmers

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Grass String Trimmers are Essential for Great Lawn Care

String trimmers (also referred to as line trimmers and weed wackers) are a must-have for making sure that grass growing in hard-to-reach areas is not missed. Trimmers are available in electric and gas models and the type you choose depends largely on the size of your yard and the amount of trimming your lawn needs.

Trimmer/Edger Combo is a 2-n-1 one tool that allows you to easily switch from a grass trimmer to a lawn edger in seconds. With a trimmer/edger combo, you won?t have to stop to switch equipment while working in your yard.

Electric Grass Trimmers are the best choice for small yards. Go green with these corded and cordless options. Cordless string trimmers are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and offer more mobility than the corded model. Electric trimmers are environmentally friendly, run quieter than a gas trimmer and are lighter and easier to maneuver.

Gas Grass Trimmers are the best solution for larger yards. Gas string trimmers feature either a 2-cycle or 4-cycle engine. Trimmers with a 2-cycle engine require a mix of oil and gasoline for fuel and can handle cutting tall grass and weeds. A trimmer with a 4-cycle engine only needs gasoline for operation. It is also more powerful than a 2-cycle engine, which makes it ideal for cutting thick grass and weeds fast.

When you shop, everything you need for a beautiful lawn and garden is just a click away. Purchase at your local True Value store.

brushless, string, trimmer, shootout

Toro Weed Eater / Wacker / Trimmer (Electric Gas)

Toro is the top brand in the world of the weed eaters. Over years, this company has dedicated to producing the high-quality weed eaters and other gardening tools which means that they want to spread their brand on the entire gardening business. Since I want to share with you Toro weed wacker models I will leave the other gardening tools for some other day. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a corded or a cordless trimmer, electric or gas; Toro has them in the offer. All you need to do is check them out and see which one suits you and your needs best.

Toro Weed Eater Model Reviews

Toro 51480 Corded Electric Trimmer/Edger

The first Toro electric trimmer I want to share with you is the Toro 51480 model. This model is a trimmer and the edger that won’t bother your neighbors because it doesn’t produce a loud sound. You can easily start the trimmer with a simple touch of the button so you don’t have to be very experienced to handle the Toro weed trimmer. It may be easy to handle but that doesn’t mean it is not strong. It comes with a strong 5 amp motor and extra-wide 14″ dual-line cutting head so you can expect to get the job done very quickly. The rust-free aluminum shaft is telescopic so you can adjust the length to your needs and that is something every weed eater should have. The handle on the Toro string trimmer is ergonomic and it allows you easier control of the tool which is very important, especially if you have a tricky garden to maintain. Like I have already mentioned, this is also a Toro edger and the transformation couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is press the button.

Aluminum shaft is made to last longer than other materials.

14inch of the telescopic shaft means you can adjust the length of the shaft the way you want it.

12inch of cutting width is perfect for the fast trimming of a grass as well as weeds from the lawns to ½ acre.

The warranty on the Toro grass trimmer lasts 2 years.

Some users are not happy with the edging abilities of the tool.

Hard to re-string the Toro weed trimmer.

Toro PowerPlex 51481 Cordless String Trimmer/Edger

This model is actually very similar to the first Toro electric trimmer I have reviewed above, but this one is a Toro cordless trimmer, which means it uses batteries instead of the electric cord. The batteries on this Toro electric string trimmer can last up to 45 minutes which is more than enough for a small to medium garden (depends on the shape). The good thing about the battery is that it comes with its own adapter, but the bad thing is that both the battery and the adapter could be better quality. There is a special button on the handle of the trimmer that allows you to change the speed so you can cut the weed faster if you want. The trimmer/edger comes with the telescopic shaft which means you can adjust the shaft to your needs and height. Just like on the model above, this trimmer easily transform to the Toro edger with a push of the button so you don’t have to waste your time switching tools. The battery that powers the Toro trimmer is used in al PowerPlex models so you can switch them easily which is great.

The PowerPlex battery lasts up to 45 minutes and you can use it on every PowerPlex product.

Telescopic shaft makes the entire process much easier.

You can switch the cutting speed which makes the entire process much faster.

The quality of the battery and the adapter could be better. They are breaking often – Make sure that the product has a warranty.

Toro PowerPlex 51482 Cordless String Trimmer

This Toro electric weed eater is even more impressive than the 51484 model because it is stronger and the motor lasts longer. This model has DC motor which is more powerful than the brushless one so you can expect more successful weed trimming. This is not an edger, which is a small downside, but it is a pretty good trimmer. If you had trouble storing gardening tools, then you will love this model because it has the straight shaft you can fold. When you fold it takes less space which is great. Since the motor is bigger and stronger, you can expect that it won’t last as long as the other model, but it is only 5 minutes shorter than others which is pretty cool. Just like the 51484 model, this one comes with a trigger that allows you to change the cutting speed. If you aren’t too experienced, I suggest you start with the slower speed and gradually make it faster. The entire Toro cordless trimmer is well balanced although it comes with a cast aluminum head so your hands won’t feel tired too soon.

You can fold the straight shaft for easier storage.

The DC motor lasts longer and it is stronger than brushless motors.

Battery lasts 40 minutes, instead of 45.

Toro PowerPlex 51482 Cordless String Trimmer/Edger

Another pretty impressive Toro string trimmer is this model, which is also known as the Toro 12 inch electric trimmer. This trimmer has an ergonomic handle with a soft grip that is comfortable for almost every grip size. The entire surface isn’t slippery so you don’t have to hold tight the tool. It won’t slip. The Toro 12 inch electric trimmer means that the line used to cut weed is 12 inches, but you can adjust it to 10 inches too. All you need to do is press the trigger for the auto-feed trim line. The 24-Volt Max Lithium-Ion battery comes with the adapter which is designed so you can push it and see how much battery is already charged. If the battery is completely charged, the light will turn green without pressing anything. The shaft on the trimmer is telescopic which means you can easily adjust it to the garden around you. The Toro 12 inch electric trimmer is also an edger and that is a feature you can easily activate in one second so you don’t have to waste the time on grabbing different gardening tool.

The trimmer comes with an ergonomic handle and telescopic shaft.

The line used for cutting weed is adjustable and you can set it min 10″ and max 12″.

The battery could be better quality, it easily breaks and it won’t start. – Make sure that the product has a warranty.

Toro 51467 Cordless Electric Trimmer

This product is much smaller than other products on this list and it is also known as the Toro 8″ cordless trimmer. This is a budget-friendly Toro electric trimmer, which means it has slightly lower quality materials, but the price is also low. You can see that it is not made like other Toro weed trimmer models by the design and the size. The battery on the Toro 8″ cordless trimmer isn’t too strong, it will last for about a half an hour which is OK for small yards. You can recharge it quickly which is nice. This is more like a trimmer for people who don’t use it that much so it is a good product if you use it occasionally. The best advantage of this model is the fact that it is lightweight which is important if you aren’t used to gardening chores. The most surprising part is that this Toro grass trimmer comes with 2-year warranty.

It is a very lightweight product, perfect for people who don’t use gardening tools.

The perfect Toro trimmer for small yards.

It is not as strong as other Toro trimmers on the market.

Battery lasts about 30 minutes, not more.

Quality could be better, but the price is very affordable.

Toro 51958 Gas Trimmer

I want to show you the most popular Toro gas trimmer models at the moment and I want to start with this one. This is a 2 cycle gas trimmer that comes with a curved shaft and ergonomic handle. Handling the trimmer is very easy although it is not as light as other Toro weed trimmer models. The Toro gas trimmer has the ability to use attachments from other brands which are great, but you have to make sure that they are compatible before you start combining them. The entire gas trimmer is much noisier than other electric trimmers, but that is not a problem with this particular model, it is a problem for all gas trimmers so make sure you are aware of that before you purchase the product. The product is OK, but it has some design flaws that should be corrected in the short future. For example, it is very hard to replace the trimmer line.

It comes with an ergonomic handle on the curved shaft so you can easily control the trimmer.

It uses gas instead of battery so you don’t have to wait for the battery to recharge, but you have to have gas.

The engine has problems with overheating.

Toro Weed Eater Parts and Attachments

It is always a good idea to see if the brands you are interested in are producing replacement parts. Well, the Toro weed eater parts aren’t that easy to find, but the good part about most Toro weed wacker models is that they are compatible with other brands. You don’t have to look for ages to find Toro weed wacker attachments like the Toro weed eater carburetor, you can look for a universal part that can fit on the product.

One of the most important Toro weed trimmer parts is the Toro trimmer head. If you can’t find one on the market, you can easily check out universal brands that produce parts for gardening tools. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for Toro gas trimmer parts, Toro trimmer attachments or even Toro string trimmer parts, there is always a part that can fit on the place, no matter whether it is Toro or some other brand.

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