Cant Hook, Peavey, Log Carrier & Lift Hook. Norwood bandsaw mill

Norwood LumberMax HD38 Sawmill Blades

Select your sawmill blade material, thickness width, hook angle, tooth spacing, and quantity for 167″ sawmill blades. For assistance in selecting your sawmill blades, use the Sawmill Blade Selection Guide.

Shop 167″ sawmill bandsaw blades for your Norwood Lumbermax HD38 portable sawmill! Count on Wood-Mizer sawmill blades for unmatched performance across the board.

Sawmill Blade Material Selection Guide

DoubleHard High-Alloy Steel

  • Tough, non-chip high-alloy steel material with induction hardened teeth
  • All-purpose sawing of softwoods, hardwoods, knotty woods, and frozen woods
  • Up to double the blade life compared to carbon steel sawmill blades
  • Durable sawmill blade with multiple resharpenings using CBN grinding wheel
  • Two-piece high-alloy steel body with high-speed steel (HSS) tooth tip
  • Specialty sawing for reclaimed beams or kiln dried lumber and in industrial sawmilling environments
  • Up to double the sharp life compared to carbon steel sawmill blades
  • Durable sawmill blade with multiple resharpenings using CBN grinding wheel
  • Very hard triple chip tooth configuration with a carbide-tipped raker tooth
  • Specialty sawing of tropical hardwoods, reclaimed beams, kiln dried lumber, engineered wood, and more abrasive materials
  • Harder teeth than high-alloy blades and up to triple the sharp life compared to carbon steel sawmill blades
  • Durable sawmill blade with multiple resharpenings using diamond grinding wheel

Sawmill Blade Thickness x Width Selection Guide

Thickness is the thickness of the body of the sawmill blade without including tooth set.

  • Thicker blades (.045″.050″.055″) provide faster feed rates and better cutting performance in difficult sawing conditions such as knotty, frozen, dry or extremely hard material, but require higher horsepower (25HP or more).
  • Thinner blades (.035″.038″.042″) provide longer flex life with lower horsepower (24HP or less) sawmills where production or speed is not a primary factor.

Width is the distance between the tip and base of the sawmill blade.

  • Wider blades (1-1/2” to 2”) are for higher horsepower (25HP or more) sawmills and a faster feed rate.
  • Narrow blades (1” to 1-1/2”) are for lower horsepower (24HP or less) sawmills and more difficult sawing.

Sawmill Blade Hook Angle Selection Guide

Hook angle is the number of degrees that the tooth face leans forward of 90 degrees.

Back angle is the number of degrees that the backside of the tooth leans backward of 90 degrees.

cant, hook, peavey, carrier, lift

The hook angle and back angle of a sawmill blade should be chosen based on the type of wood you are sawing and what type of equipment you are sawing with.

  • 10° Sawmill Blades. Most popular and versatile all-purpose hook angle with a 30° back angle for sawing softwoods, medium hardwoods, and hardwoods including birch, beech, red oak, cherry, walnut, soft maple, pine and poplar.
  • 9° Sawmill Blades. Ideal hook angle with a 29° back angle for lower horsepower (24HP or less) sawing in frozen wood, hardwood, and small diameter logs.
  • Turbo 747 Sawmill Blades. Only available from Wood-Mizer, this popular hook angle with an extreme 47° back angle for faster sawing speeds is compatible with all horsepower levels and features a deeper gullet capacity for increased sawdust removal and sharp penetrating points for increased accuracy when sawing softwoods and hardwoods.
  • Turbo 7° Sawmill Blades. Only available from Wood-Mizer, this high-performing hook angle with an aggressive 39° back angle is designed for higher horsepower (25HP or more) and higher feed rate sawing in extreme hardwoods including white oak, hickory, ash, hard maple and more.
  • 7° Sawmill Blades. Solid, all-around hook angle with a 34° back angle and additional gullet capacity for higher horsepower (25HP or more) sawing in hardwoods.
  • 4° Sawmill Blades. Lowest hook angle with a 32° back angle for sawing very hard, frozen, or partly frozen hardwoods with high density including acacia, beech, oak, hornbeam, and ash.
  • 12° Sawmill Blades. Ideal hook angle with a 28° back angle for sawing softwoods and resawing.
  • Vortex Sawmill Blades. Only available from Wood-Mizer, this unique dust-removal sawmill blade has more gullet capacity to remove sawdust from the board.

Sawmill Blade Tooth Spacing Selection Guide

Tooth spacing is the distance between each tooth from one tip to another. The pitch of a sawmill blade is also used in reference to tooth spacing as the number of teeth per inch or TPI on a bandsaw blade.

  • Shorter tooth spacing (1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”) is used for low horsepower (24HP or less) sawing and resaw purposes, or secondary processing.
  • Most common tooth spacing (7/8″) is for all-purpose sawing and recommended for most portable sawmill equipment.
  • Wider tooth spacing (1” and 1-1/4”) is for higher horsepower (25HP or more) sawmills and high production.

Wood-Mizer Sawmill Blades Have Unmatched Performance Across the Board

At the heart of every great sawmill and resaw are the industry’s best sawmill blades. To ensure the ultimate sawmill blade performance across the board, Wood-Mizer designs and manufactures our own blades and is the only portable sawmill equipment manufacturer that does so.

From sawing green softwoods to abrasive hardwoods, Wood-Mizer offers an extensive range of sawmill bandsaw blades with more than 100 combinations based on profile, width, thickness, tooth spacing, and material for any type of sawing or resawing application.

Each Wood-Mizer sawmill blade tooth is precisely set by computer-controlled equipment and completely profile ground tip to tip using super abrasive CBN grinding technology. From the selection of raw steel to performing more than 100 tests and inspections through the final grind, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality sawmill blades on the market.

Wood-Mizer gives you more choices by manufacturing sawmill blades for Wood-Mizer, Baker, Cooks, Hud-Son, Norwood, Timberking, Timbery, Woodland Mills, and more Band sawmills and resaws!

Cant Hook, Peavey, Log Carrier Lift Hook

This collection of log handling tools are an absolute must to manage heavy logs.

Log handling tools are an absolute must to move, lift, leverage and roll logs around the sawing site and on your mill. Norwood’s cant hook, peavey and log-carrier feature strong yet lightweight aluminum handles and heat-treated, zinc-plated hooks that grab hard. Painted Norwood orange for high visibility around the woodlot. These are modern, premium-quality versions of the tried, tested and true traditional tools used by generations of loggers.

Log Handling Tools – Log handling tools are an absolute must to move, lift, leverage and roll logs around the sawing site and on your mill. Norwood’s cant hook, peavey and log-carrier feature strong yet lightweight aluminum handles and heat-treated, zinc-plated hooks that grab hard. Painted Norwood orange for high visibility around the woodlot. These are modern, premium-quality versions of the tried, tested and true traditional tools used by generations of loggers.

Designed to turn and roll logs while on the mill. At only 30” (75cm) long, this cant hook is nimble and easy to handle. Grips 8”. 32” (20cm – 80cm) diameter logs.

Indispensable for rolling logs around the woodlot and onto the mill. Jab the peavey point into the ground to gain extra torque for log rolling. 42” (105cm) handle gives good leverage without being cumbersome. Grips 8”. 32” (20cm – 80cm) diameter logs.

Sturdy two-man timber carrying tool for moving logs around the milling site. Textured rubber grips for easy, no-slip holding. Handle is 54” (135cm) long.

Log Wizard Chainsaw Attachment

Prolong the life of your sawmill blades with this useful tool.

Log Wizard: Chainsaw Attachment – Debark and notch logs with the Log Wizard. Equipped with two standard 3¼” planer blades, the Log Wizard makes quick work of debarking dirty logs at the point entry of your portable sawmill blade’s first cut – prolongs the life of your sawmill blades. Fits all chainsaws and universal 7 tooth spline adapts to both 3/8” and.325 chain. (Item No. 41240)

Managing for Profit. Successful Sawmill Management

This book is a must for the sawmill manager who wants to succeed.

Managing for Profit: Successful Sawmill Management – This 208-page book is divided into five parts dealing with marketing and salesmanship, financial management, operations management, personnel management, and other key issues and tools for sawmill managers. A variety of essential topics. such as exporting, budgeting, downtime management, recruiting, and effective decision-making ensure that this book is a must for the sawmill manager who wants to succeed.


Portable Sawmill Engine Maintenance Packages

Keep your Norwood sawmill in top condition and running optimally with regular tune-ups.

Engine Maintenance Packages. Your sawmill engine takes a beating. Because it runs in harsh conditions, it’s important to service it regularly so your sawmill runs at peak performance. That means changing the oil, filters and plugs at least yearly, and more often if you mill a lot. Conveniently order all the parts you need in one easy step.

Portable Sawmill Quick-Drain Oil Valve

This useful tool makes changing the oil on your Norwood a breeze.

Quick-Drain Oil Valve. A quick-drain oil valve and tube makes your oil changes clean and simple. The engine is bolted on top of the sawhead – But the oil drain plug is at the bottom of the engine. So, without a quick-drain kit, an oil-change means oil pouring out all over your sawhead. Once you install this optional system into your sawmill engine drain, an oil change is easy – simply open the valve, and the used oil drains neatly through the tube that leads out from under the engine, right into your collection container. Each kit includes a drain-valve and flexible tube.

Oil-Drain Kit for Briggs 16hp 23hp (Item No. ENGA-DRN-BRIGGS) Oil-Drain Kit for Honda 9hp 13hp (Item No. ENGA-DRN-Honda)

Portable Sawmill Spare Parts Kits

Keep some spares on-hand for your Norwood sawmill in the event of an emergency.

Sawmill Spare Parts Kits. Built rugged, Norwood sawmills run pretty much trouble-free. Even so, it’s always a good idea to keep a couple spare parts on hand to ensure your milling operation stays on schedule.

  • Drive Belt (x1)
  • Brake Belt (x1)
  • Bandwheel Belt (x1)
  • Blade-Guide Ceramics (Upper/Lower/Rear) (x1)
  • LumberMate LM29
  • LumberMate LM26
  • LumberMate 2000 (with standard 1 1/4″ blade system)
  • LumberMate MK3 MK4
  • LumberMate LL24

Basic Spare Parts Kit :

TIP: If you plan on milling commercially or your sawmill operation is outside of North America, you may want a more comprehensive stock of extra parts. Ask us about the deluxe spare parts kits for your mill.

LumberMate Pro MX34 Portable Sawmill Options

Customize your MX34 bandsaw mill with these hydraulic and manual attachments.

Trailer/Support Jack Package– Tow your Pro from job-to-job on highways behind your pickup, and through your woodlot right to your milling site behind your ATV or pickup. When you get there, quickly and solidly level the log deck with the adjustable support outriggers. Package includes single, solid axle, 3000 pound-rated, reversible leaf springs, two 5-bolt full-size 13” galvanized wheels, highway running lights and wiring harness, safety chains, 2” (50mm) coupler and 6 support jacks. Note: Maximum of one 4-foot bed extension permitted on trailer-equipped model. (Item No. LM34-41150) Add a pair of support jacks to support optional 4-foot bed extension. (Item No. LM34-SJ2)

Leveling Stands– Ideal for the stationary-model of the Pro, sturdy 9”-high stands (22.5cm) deliver solid support and quick-leveling capabilities for faster set-up times. Set includes 10 leveling stands. (Item No. LM34-41170) Add two leveling stands (1/5 set) to support each 4-foot bed extension. (Item No. LM34-41170-14)

4-Foot Bed Extension– Standard, the Pro mills up to 13-feet (3.9m) long. To mill logs 17-feet (5.1m), add one 4-ft (1.2m) extension. To mill 21-feet (6.3m), add two extensions. Mill 41-foot (12.3m) beams with 7 extensions! Each 4-foot extension bolts permanently to the end of the log deck. Additional log rest/dog clamping assemblies sold separately. Note: Maximum of one 4-foot extension permitted on trailer-equipped model. (Item No. LM34-41130)

Detachable 2-Foot Bed Extension– Mill longer logs without permanently extending your bed, with an optional 2-foot (0.6m) detachable sawmill extension. Especially useful to squeeze out extra milling capacity on the trailer-equipped Pro. Secures to the log deck with quick-connect pins. Stow it conveniently out of the way when not in use. Add a second detachable extension to get a full 4-feet (1.2m) extra capacity.(Item No. LM34-41140)

cant, hook, peavey, carrier, lift

Log Loading/Rolling Ramp Package– A must for milling operations without access to hydraulics, heavy-lift loaders or forklifts. Load large logs onto your LM Pro and hold them in place for quick-dogging. Pass the winch cable over and around the log, connect it to the log deck frame and operate the winch – the log rolls up the ramps onto the bed. Also makes rolling (rotating) the log on the bed a snap – speeds up squaring cants. Package includes two loading ramps, a 2-speed 1800 lb. winch, mast/boom receiver and log-rolling hook. (Item No. LM34-41400)

Saw Carriage Cover– Your Pro is a valuable investment worth protecting. Norwood covers are made from the same rugged material used for transport-truck covers – they’re rip, rot and UV-resistant. Tailored specifically for the Pro to fit snuggly over the whole carriage. (Norwood Orange. Item No. LM34-41290). Also available in Norwood green. (Norwood Green. Item No. LM34-41290G)

Lap Siding Shingle Making Package– Make shiplap siding and cedar-shake shingles quickly and easily. With this unique sawmill jig, cut lap-siding up to 9” (22.5cm) wide, with taper widths down to a feather-edge. Reconfigure the jigs and make cedar-shake shingles 9” (22.5cm) wide and up to 16” (40cm) long – Each pass makes two shingles. Two jigs per set. Tip: To double shingle production, add an extra set. (Item No. 41270-MK2)

Toe Boards (Manual)– Trees are wider at the butt making it hard to mill true lumber parallel to the heart of the log. Shimming is time-consuming hard work. Compensate for taper to mill true, high-value lumber fast and easy. Choose the perfect height for each log thanks to the manual hydraulic bottle jack. Steel rollers make repositioning the log lengthwise along the bed easy. Two toe board units per set.(Item No. LM34-41285)

Quick-Click© Indexing Detent Setworks– A big time-saver when you’re milling lots of dimensional lumber. Quickly see your next depth mark – A weight/gravity indicator clicks into detents on specially-calibrated scales. Once you have the indicator system, select the scales that are right for your milling operation – The scales are available in various standard board-thickness increments.Quick-Click© Indicator System (Item No. LM34-DSIND)¾” Detent Scale (Item No. LM34-DS34S)6/4” Detent Scale (Item No. LM34-DS64S)8/4” Detent Scale (Item No. LM34-DS84S)25mm (≈ 1”) Detent Scale (Item No. LM34-DS25MM)

Board Offloaders – Speed up production, and profits, with a set of board offloaders. Push the fresh-sawn board or slab onto the bunk-mounted offloader rollers, and shoot it down to the end of the bed for fast, efficient unloading and stacking. Quickly retractable so there’s zero interference when milling oversized logs and cants. Four roller assemblies per set. (Item No. 41287)

Lumber Scale Magnets (9/4”, 6/4”, 5/4” 9/8”) – Your Pro comes standard with a 2”, 1” ¾” depth-of-cut scale with the kerf already calculated in. To mill specialty-sized 9/4”, 6/4”, 5/4” 9/8” lumber, simply install the optional pair of 9/4”, 6/4”, 5/4” 9/8” magnetic scales calibrated with kerf allowance. When you want to mill standard lumber again, just peel them off and store them for later use. An optional metric scale set is available to mill 5cm, 4cm 2cm boards. Each pair includes the primary and secondary scales. (9/4”, 6/4”, 5/4” 9/8” Scale: Item No. LM34-LS-94KIT) (5cm, 4cm 2cm Scale: Item No. LM34-LS-CMKIT)

Log-Dog/Log-Rest Receivers– The LumberMate Pro is equipped with two complete quick connect/quick-disconnect log-dog/log-rest assemblies. Each log clamping assembly nests securely in receivers permanently installed inside the log deck. Add extra receivers, and move your log clamps to different stations along your mill fast and easy. Each set includes two receivers (enough for one station) plus mounting hardware. (Item No. LM34-DRRCRKIT) Also available, additional complete log dog/rest clamping systems (one log dog/rest station per set). (Item No. LM34-DRKIT)

Rapid-Dogging and Rolling System– If you mill mainly small to mid-sized sawlogs 6”. 16” (15. 40cm) in diameter, this patented dogging and rolling system is engineered to save you time and hassle. Bolt each of the two dogging/rolling assemblies onto separate cross bunks. You’ll find your sawlog, resting right on the smooth-action rollers, is easier to turn – even by hand! Dogging is also faster thanks to the one-handed, single-action log dog clamps designed specifically to handle this mid-size dimension logs. Two units per set. (Item No. 41295)

AutoMatic Dogging Assist– Most logs are not perfectly round or straight and therefore often have a mind of their own when rotating and clamping them. Norwood’s patented AutoMatic Dog Assists tame those kinds of logs by automatically following the log’s contours when you rotate the log, and then holding the log firmly exactly where you want it. Streamlines the typical two-handed, two-step dogging process into one smooth and easy step. Norwood is the only company that offers this convenient patented invention. One unit per set. (Item No. 41289)

Log Rest Actuators– Easily access the log rests from the operator’s side of the mill using Norwood’s patented Log Rest Actuators and do away with reaching over the log to set the log rests. The rack and pinion-type Actuators allow for infinite adjustment, up or down, Simple to operate … flip the lever and turn the handle. Norwood is the only company that offers the patented, time-saving Log Rest Actuators. Two units per set. (Item No. 41291)

Huge Capacity Maximizes Your Output

The LumberMate Pro MX34 portable sawmill has best-in-class log capacity of 34” (85cm), and throat opening of 28” (70cm). Standard, it’ll mill logs and lumber 13-feet (3.9m) long. Or go as long as you want with bed extensions. Do you want to mill beams 41-feet (12.3m)? – No problem, just add seven extensions. Or go longer. Go ahead and compare – not many other Band sawmills out there can handle logs this big!

No Other Mill has So Many Time-Saving Features

Multiple state-of-the-art automated features turbocharge your milling operation. Time is money and the less you have to do means the more you’ll get done.

Quick-Cycle© Sawing– Automated operations increase efficiency by up to 40% to boost your production:

  • Auto-lock sawhead
  • Auto-flow sawblade-lube
  • Auto-engage clutch
  • Auto-engage blade-brake
  • Auto-lock adjustable blade guide

Quick-Lock Log Clamping– High-efficiency auto-lock log rests and cam-operated log dogs yield fast, professional throughput

Super-Duty Construction

Engineered from the ground up to be rugged yet easy to operate. Norwood goes the extra mile to ensure your LM Pro MX34 portable sawmill is every bit as tough as the jobs you give it.

The LM Pro’s wide-track log deck built of twin double-plated commercial-grade-steel rails is stronger than the competition and 2X stiffer. Sure, there’s a whole lot of steel, but the real secret to making the LM Pro’s log deck stronger than the others is the way it’s formed – 400-ton press-formed strengthening debossments boost rigidity and strength. What’s more, the boxed front and rear end-frames are extra-rigid structures that provide added strength and torsional stability.

The LM Pro’s rigid 4-post carriage frame is fortified with structurally-engineered and reinforced 2” x 5” (5cm x 12.5cm) precision-extruded vertical guides, and heavy-gauge 2½” structural tubular-steel rear vertical mounts and front horizontal stabilizer bar. The LM Pro’s solid 4-post frame effortlessly manages higher load inputs to mill with accuracy and control.

Operator Comfort

Dura-Guide© industrial-grade ceramic saw blade guides deliver superior triple-surface blade support while eliminating the metal on metal screech of ordinary machined guides. This noise-reduction breakthrough, along with the adjustable comfort-height operator’s station, mean you’ll enjoy running your LM Pro as much as you enjoy its output.

The Most Versatile Mill Around … Period

Not sure where your milling operation could take you? Don’t want to commit too much before you know exactly where your milling operation is headed? Want to keep all your options open?

The LumberMate Pro MX34 portable sawmill is the answer. Start with the Pro in its manual configuration – you’ll be able to mill huge logs, no problem! Then, if you want to add functionality later on down the road … maybe a trailer package, more cutting length, log loader system, toe boards, or even full hydraulics… you can! Nothing will stop you from growing your LM Pro sawmill into a fully-hydraulic, fully-powered, lumber-churning giant at any time down the line.

Built to be the bedrock of your operation, the LM Pro’s one-two punch of high output features and unsurpassed heavy-duty construction will get the job done every time. When you’re looking for a sawmill with high-production capacity plus standard features that can get you comfortably through the work day, look no further than the Norwood LumberMate Pro MX34. Factor in the versatility to grow your LM Pro at any time, and you’ve guaranteed yourself a mill that can handle virtually anything you throw at it.

U.S. Patent Nos. 7,784,387, D639,319 D654,101; Canada Patent Nos. 2,488,216, 132823, 2,687,619, 2,687,623, 2,688,407, 2,696,974 134185; EU Patent Nos. 001212393-0001 001217277-0001; Other patents pending in multiple jurisdictions.Photos throughout site may show LumberMate Pro MX34 equipped with optional attachments.

In mid-2013, Norwood Sawmills will launch a new, even bigger, even more capable super-size portable sawmill to meet the needs of its global customers. Modeled after Norwood’s successful LumberMate Pro MX34-series sawmill, Norwood increased log capacity and added features to build the new LumberPro HD36.

Like the LumberMate Pro MX34, the new LumberPro HD36 can be manually configured, or be fully hydraulic, or a hybrid of both. And, like every Norwood sawmill, the HD36 is quality-built in the U.S.A. and Canada.

For more information on the Norwood LumberPro HD36 portable sawmill, its features, capabilities and available hydraulic and manual attachments, Click here.

If you already own a LumberMate Pro MX34, click on the links above to learn more about all the attachments available for your mill – hydraulic and manual.

U.S. Patent Nos. 7,784,387, 11/005,186, 8,215, 216, 8,261,645, 8,261,647, 12/949,877, D639,319 D654,101; Canada Patent Nos. 2,488,216, 132823, 2,687,619, 2,687,622, 2,687,623, 2,688,407, 2,696,974 134185; EU Patent Nos. 001212393-0001 001217277-0001; Brazil Patent No. DI 7001877-4; Other patents pending in multiple jurisdictions.

Made in the U.S.A. Canada– All parts in the LumberMate Pro MX34 are quality-built in Canada and the U.S.A. by highly-trained, highly-skilled operators with cutting-edge fabrication and machining technologies. Norwood does not make anything in China, Taiwan or Poland, like some other companies.

Rigid 4-Post Carriage Frame– The sawhead has to be stable and strong to make straight cuts. The only way to make absolutely sure that it can do its job is to support it on both sides. The LM Pro’s 4-post carriage frame does just that.

Customizable– Increase the LM Pro’s production, capacity, and efficiency by adding any of the optional manual or hydraulic commercial-capacity sawmill attachments at any time.

Dura-Guide© Ceramic Blade Guides– Full 3-sided saw blade support maximizes stability in the cut. durable than bearings rollers, they also run cooler and virtually silent, and are less affected by sawdust buildup and freezing. Because they eliminate blade deflection and down-pressure, they extend sawmill blade life by up to 40%.

Single-Action 4-Function Operator’s Control– Activate the lever at the operator’s station and simultaneously throttle up the engine, turn on the saw blade lubrication system, disengage the blade-brake, and engage the clutch. These time-saving automated functions boost your efficiency, and your production.

Auto-Lock Sawhead– Patented Norwood sawhead friction makes raising and lowering the sawhead effortless and also automatically locks the sawhead. By eliminating two operator functions on every cut (locking and unlocking the sawhead), your sawing cycle times are faster and your output is greater.

Patented Laminated Sawhead Technology – Extra-rigid laminated sawhead structure with twin-reinforcing beams provide maximum strength and torsional stability for superior accuracy.

International Safety Standards– Integrated safety features including full sawmill blade protection, safety-switch equipped guards and Rapid blade-brake meet rigorous international safety standards.

Oversize Bandwheels– Custom industrial-size cast-iron, precision-machined and balanced. Measuring 20¼” x 7/8” (50cm x 2.2cm), the super-wide surface area maximizes sawmill blade support, minimizes cupping and extends blade life. Firm, smooth, long-life polyurethane bandwheel/blade interface belts reduce system resistance.

Belt-Tensioning Clutch – Simple, reliable, responsive.

Worry-Free Cross-Bunks– Narrow cross-bunk design eliminates debris build-up. Standard stainless-steel caps protect your sawmill investment and prevent staining of your valuable lumber.

Extreme-Duty Log Clamping System– Dual patented quick-locking log clamping systems lock fast, and hold firm even the knottiest logs. Fast, no-fuss functions minimize log-handling time and maximize production throughput. Designed for Rapid-repositioning with available extra receivers for milling different log lengths.

Rugged Over-Centre Cam Dogs – Bite firm into both logs and cants.

Patented Norwood Quick-Set Log Rests– Adjust vertically in ¾” increments and automatically lock in position. Log rest scale decals give quick visual reference of height to the sawmill blade. Top-mounted roller wheels help with log rolling. Or, activate the back-stops for small logs and cants. Lateral quick-adjust design to independently relocate the log rests well clear of the fixed blade guide for safe milling of irregular and knotty logs.

Laser-Straight Track– Laser-machined running surface and precision-CNC-machined upper carriage wheels deliver unparalleled milling accuracy. Carriage equipped with under-track wheels for additional stability and security.

1½” Blade-Capable– The LM Pro is 1¼” and 1½” blade-capable. (Shipped standard with 1¼” blade)


Tailor your LumberMate Pro to match your sawmilling needs – now, or later as your milling operation grows.

Your Band sawmill is a big investment in your future. It’s a big investment in your family’s future.

It’s almost guaranteed that, sooner or later, your sawmilling jobs will get bigger. You don’t want to be stuck with a sawmill that will let you down because it can’t grow with you. You need a sawmill that can step up when the logs get bigger, the deadlines shorter, and the loads heavier.

The Pro is a big, high-capacity, heavy-duty sawmill that’ll keep all your options open. Add manual, hydraulic and power functions at any time, in virtually any combination. You decide when.

Norwood Sawmill Review – Is it worth the money?

Customization is one of the best things that makes this product Norwood LumberMate LM29 unique. The product also comes with several features that make it unique and best for various purposes.

This article offers a complete Norwood Sawmill Review stating its features, specifications, pros, and cons.


The autolocking saw-head of the tool makes it one of the most comfortable tools for users to use. Apart from this, the device has a blade lube system for a professional outcome each time. This personal portable tool makes you ready for any carpentry work anytime in the most professional way.


There are many returns of using this tool that the users will love about.

  • The tool offers you work on versatile projects, whether it is just lumber cutting or working on a fancy carpentry job.
  • The sawyer assist is just the benefit of using Norwood Sawmill that you will not find so easily in any other tool.
  • The product comes featured with a dual precision blade and adjustable leveling feet that offer you a perfect cut each time.
  • With very high power, Norwood Sawmills no doubt is much better than any other sawmills in the competition.


Tons of advantages make this product to be the best in the market today. Customers have loved each feature of this tool that has made it stand ahead in the competition. But just one thing that can be counted as its con is its assembly. It might take a reasonable amount of time.


The Norwood Sawmill comes along with these essential specifications.

  • The size of the tool is about 29 inches.
  • The tool weighs about 800 pounds.
  • The length of the blade provided is about 144 inches.
  • The sawmill runs on a motor that is of 16 HP.
  • The product has an auto-locking feature for safety purposes.


A detailed Norwood Sawmill Review features can help you in knowing the product in-depth.

  • The friction system of the sawhead offers effortless operation.
  • Provide the material into the tool, and with your fingertips, select the speed you need to cut the material.
  • The lube system of the blade automatically offers water at the point of cutting. Refilling of the bottles is much more comfortable.
  • The sawdust exhaust in this tool is not at your foot level to damage your shoes.
  • The blade-guide rollers are fitted with the double-ball bearings. The adjustable and the fixed rollers help in providing precision to each cut made.


The tool comes along with many such features that make it great at its usability.

The operator’s station is at a comfortable height to be convenient for the user to tilt or move the machine properly. The carriage wheels are designed in such a way that offers smooth operation each time. Also, the rubber covering provides high stability to the tool and provides safety for the user.

cant, hook, peavey, carrier, lift

The laminated sawhead and the carriage frame of the tool are the best elements to provide torsional stability and superior strength for the task. The log rest is made in a way that holds up the log firmly if you have tightened it up properly with the screw.

The adjusting bolt moves at 90 degrees, offering you angular cuts quite precisely each of the times. Even if you are not a qualified person at using sawmills, you can learn to operate this one quite efficiently by going through the guide.


It is a portable yet huge tool of 800 pounds. No doubt, it is meant for professional operators especially. The tool’s 16 HP motor offers a powerful cut to whatever material you feed in the machine. The power is enough to cut down the materials much faster with precision.


There are many elements incorporated in the tool for safety purposes that is another vital part of the Norwood Sawmill Review.

The under-track wheel of the carriage is covered with high-quality rubber to offer security to the operator. The auto-locking sawhead not just saves time but also prevents several accidents that might happen otherwise.

The product comes with several safety attachments in the package, such as wiring harness, lights, and fender. The leveling stands of convenient heights so that the operator can work comfortably without much difficulty.

Overall, the tool has been equipped with the right features at the right place by keeping proper safety measures for the operator.


Q: How much thick can this tool cut at once?

A: The sawmill can cut a thickness of 7 inches at once.

Q: Are there extensions available for different types of cuts?

A: Yes, you can get different extensions to get different thicknesses and lengths for the cuts.


Norwood Sawmill Review reflects how reliable this tool can be for cutting different materials from different angles with precision. It is powerful, elegant in looks, and highly efficient for cutting various materials with ease. Whether it is cutting logs or creating masterpieces, this tool works in the best way possible.

  • Three Innovative, Patent Pending features make adjusting this redesigned Band saw easier than ever before!
  • Spring Loaded, Tool-Less Blade Guides – easy fast setting of the guides without wrenches!
  • Quick-Adjust Rip Fence – adjusts for drift with the simple turning of a few knobs! No tools needed
  • Quick-Lock Table Trunnion System – handy lever and gear unlock and set table angles in seconds!
  • Extra Tall Rip Fence – Increased fence and re-saw bar heights of 6” give added support of lumber being ripped or re-sawn
  • Universal for both home and small business use Band saw for cutting metal
  • 1.5 horsepower motor pre-wired for 115V, can be rewired for 230V
  • Quick clamp vise can be rotated 0-45 degree
  • Hydraulic feed allows to tune in a perfect feed-rate
  • Coolant and movable wheels included
  • Built in the USA
  • Saw 26″ Diameter Logs into 22″ Wide Boards
  • 12′ 5″ Log Length
  • 7HP Kohler Gas Engine
  • Shipping Includes Lift-Gate Service
  • Worm drive gearing with electric brake delivers relentless power and proven durability
  • 14-1/4 in. Depth of cut to power through through deep Material in one pass
  • Self-lubricating, full house chain with tool-less tensioning provides high quality cuts
  • 15 amp Dual-Field motor stays cooler, increasing longevity and work efficiency
  • All magnesium construction for durability and reduced weight
  • 5-Pack of 144″ Sawmill Blades
  • Fits Select Wood-Mizer, Harbor Freight, Norwood, Timbery, and Woodland Mills Portable Sawmills
  • DoubleHard High-Alloy Steel Delivers Twice the Sharp Life vs. Standard Carbon Steel
  • 10° All-Purpose Hook Angle for Sawing Mixed Wood Species
  • 0.042” x 1-1/4” Sawmill Blade Thickness x Width with 7/8” Tooth Spacing

The 5 Best Portable Sawmills

Steve Nix is a natural resources consultant and a former forest resources analyst for the state of Alabama. He is a member of the Society of American Foresters.

Portable sawmill manufacturers with good mills are thriving and do-it-yourself sawmilling for lumber is on the rise. If you have energy enough to saw your own, here are the most popular mills sold in North America.

These excellent companies were chosen because of their popularity and because they are respected by seasoned portable sawmill operators as well as because they each have Internet sales with great descriptions of their products.

Below are links to manufacturers that represent the very best in portable sawmilling products. These mills are designed to fit nearly every book, include many model options, and have accessories that enhance the mill readily available. Every company has a proven reputation for quality and each sells throughout the U.S. and Canada.

It is generally understood that the less expensive the mill, the lower the production output, and most smaller mills can actually be purchased online. New portable sawmills from these companies can range in price from less than 1,000 like the Norwood PortaMill Chainsaw or thousands of dollars like the LumberMate Sawmill depending on the amount of production you need.

TimberKing Sawmills

Founded in 1929 under the name “Belsaw,” TimberKing has been manufacturing quality products for nearly a century, and the strength and durability of their American-made quality sawmills are unmatched in the United States.

TimberKing is one of the largest portable sawmill manufacturers in the United States and offers three different models to serve three very different needs: the 1220 mill is suited to small, occasional cutting projects on the farm or at a hunting or fishing camp; the 1600 has more productive capacity with features like hydraulic power feed, hydraulic blade, and available hydraulic log loaders; the B-20 is the choice for using a mill as part of a full-time business venture.

No matter which model you buy, though, TimberKing sawmills come with a 3-year warranty and a 30-days-no-questions-asked return policy — so there’s no risk in trying out one of these powerful machines before fully committing to the purchase!

Wood-Mizer Sawmills

WOOD-MIZER is one of the largest sellers of portable sawmills in the United States and has operated out of Indianapolis, Indiana for over 20 years, manufacturing thousands of personal and portable sawmills to people all over the world.

Their claim: No other company can match Wood-Mizer’s selection of mills. They offer two small personal sized mills for small weekend jobs, four professional sized mills for increased production using larger logs, and industrial-strength bandsaw mills that can match circular saws in productivity.

Engineered for quality and performance, the products of this relatively young company are comprehensive and well-reviewed. From stationary to portable, standard to wide, the selection of models in Wood-Mizer’s collection is second to none.

Norwood Sawmills

Not only does Norwood Sawmills offer an excellent website with helpful sawmilling references and video, but they also are a fine vendor for purchasing anything associated with small sawmilling. They even offer a free book for the beginner called “The Ultimate Guide to Portable Sawmills.”

Their claim: Each and every Norwood portable sawmill are quality-built in the USA and Canada. The Company emphasizes that you should “never expect an import from China, Taiwan or Poland. You can be assured that every single custom-fabricated component in every Norwood is precision-made in the United States and Canadian facilities. They are never assembled out of foreign-made parts and easily customized to handle post-purchase hydraulic upgrading and increased portability.”

Hud-Son Sawmills

Hud-Son Forest Equipment, Inc. is located in Barneveld, New York and has one of the largest dealer-distributor networks in North America with decades of experience in the manufacturing of sawmill and wood processing equipment.

Hud-Son specializes in portable sawmills, bandmills, and sawmilling equipment and offers reasonable consumer loans for financing the purchase of these industrial-grade machines. According to its website, Hud-Son manufactures “quality, affordable portable sawmills and wood processing equipment” with competent dealers who work hard at helping you get the sawmill up and running.

Enercraft/Baker Sawmills

Canadian company ENERCRAFT/BAKER has more than 27 years of combined experience in the manufacturing of sawmill equipment. Through continuous improvements to the equipment, Enercaft is a leader in the industry for both portable Band sawmills and Band resaws.

Enercraft sawmills are built to last, with many of their older models still in use by businesses and homeowners today.

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