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Versatile lawn garden stake

These multi-purpose stakes are 16-25″ inches long. Made of 100% recycled material and manufactured in the United States.

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USA Sign Frame and Stake have been supplying our company with their Clip Sticks for the past 8 years. Great product and superior service! President, Dynamic Marketing LLC

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Super fast production delivery!! Easy to order, quality product!

Lawn Care Providers Love our stakes!

We know the requirements for posting lawn signs and signs for gardens that have been treated by professional lawn care businesses (known as posting signs, pesticide signs and stakes, c aution pesticide application signs).

You will want to use our versatile sakes not only as a cost-effective government-required posting tool, but also as a way to advertise your business. Use our clip stick stakes to show your customer’s neighbors who they trust with their lawn and garden care!

Our heavy-duty Clip Stick lawn stakes are composed of recycled plastic with fiberglass reinforcement. They come in a variety of sizes and priced right! They’re made in the United States, in Western Michigan.

cheap, yard, signs, effective

Slim Stake 22″ versatile lawn, turf, posting stakes

These versatile stakes are 22″ inches long. Made of 100% recycled material and manufactured in the United States. The head of this stakes is a thin plastic post that can be weaved in and out of a posting sign that has a hole punched in the top and bottom.

Clip Stick 18″ versatile lawn, garden turf stakes

These multi-purpose stakes are 18″ inches long. Made of 100% recycled material and manufactured in the United States.

cheap, yard, signs, effective

Economy Stake 16″ versatile lawn, garden turf stakes

These versatile, economical stakes are 16″ inches long. Made of 100% recycled material and manufactured in the United States.

Cheap Yard Signs. Effective Durable

Promoting your business or political candidate these days can cost a fortune. And everything is so complicated, it’s impossible to tell what’s working and what’s not. Custom yard signs are the perfect solution, they are:

  • Fast: design your signs in minutes and they could ship out the next day.
  • Effective: yard signs have a long history of generating results.
  • Flexible: dozens can fit in a standard car trunk and anyone can install them.
  • Long-lasting: made of 4mm corrugated plastic or.040-inch aluminum, your signs will last for years.

At Super Cheap Signs, we’ve been delivering yard sign success to customers for 30 years. We’re dedicated to providing professional-quality signs at everyday low with quick turnaround times.

Get Started With Our Customizable Yard Sign Templates

The below yard sign templates are 100% customizable! Change text, images, colors, and fonts, or upload your own custom design.

SuperCheapSigns Super Cheap Signs, your low-cost bandit sign leader for 30 years. Fast friendly service. Free design help. Over 13,000 5-star reviews. Get started today! Bandit Signs

SuperCheapSigns Choose Super Cheap Signs, a trusted partner in political campaigns for over 30 years. Our cost-effective, custom yard signs have contributed to numerous election victories. Start designing your campaign winning sign today! Political Campaign Yard Signs

SuperCheapSigns With our amazing selection of contractor yard signs, you’ll be able to get your name out there in style while also saving some money. Contact us now! Contractor Yard Signs

SuperCheapSigns At Super Cheap Signs we provide high quality cheap yard signs for businesses at very low price with free designs and quick turnaround. Get started! Business Yard Signs

SuperCheapSigns Celebrate the holidays with our seasonal yard signs! Choose from our selection of pre-made templates and customize your sign just the way you want. Seasonal Yard Signs

SuperCheapSigns Get cheap real estate yard signs to save money without sacrificing quality. We have plenty of options here, so take your time browsing! Real Estate Yard Signs

SuperCheapSigns Lowest Highest Quality School Yard Signs. Create your custom sign design in just a few minutes. Buy online today and get your signs fast. Get started today and save. Yard Signs for School

SuperCheapSigns Browse our graduation yard signs templates for unique designs, that can be customize to express your admiration to your students for their success. Graduation

SuperCheapSigns Create your own custom signs for your non-profit organization right now! If you want to raise awareness about an event, we can help! Learn how. Non-Profit

SuperCheapSigns Super Cheap Signs, your low-cost event sign leader for 30 years. Quality materials, free design help, great customer service and fast delivery. Get started today. Special Event Signs

What Our Yard Sign Customers Have to Say

“Your live assistant who helped me with my first (and only other order) was just awesome. Smart, professional and knew the answers to my questions. Give her a raise please. :-)”

“Y’all are great. I’ve been involved in customer service professionally for years and there has never been a negative with you guys.”

Super Cheap Yard Signs FAQs

Q. How long will yard signs typically last? A. Our yard signs are composed of 4mm corrugated plastic, a lightweight, incredibly tough material that stands up to rain, sun, snow, and everything in between. And because they’re printed with high-quality UV inks, you’ll have the same sharp text and images after years of outdoor use.

Q. When will I get my custom lawn signs? A. An estimated delivery date is calculated in our online shopping cart. Once you have everything in your cart, enter your zip code and the shipping calculator will give you an estimated delivery date and cost. If you need your lawn signs in a hurry, you can add a rush during checkout for an extra charge.

Q. How do I mount my yard signs? A. Corrugated plastic yard signs can be mounted in a variety of ways, but most people mount them on metal stakes called “h-wires” or step stakes. They can also be mounted on a simple wooden stake or stapled to a phone pole. Our shop offers both “h-wires” and wooden stakes, but they’re not included in the price of the signs, so don’t forget to add them when you shop.

Q. Can I get a sample or “proof” of my yard sign before you print it? A. YES. We offer up to two FREE proof revisions. Customers must “review and approve” their lawn sign proof online before the order can proceed to production.

Q. Why is the price-per-sign so much cheaper for 100 lawn signs than for 1?A. We use two processes when making our signs. applying a digital print of text and graphics on vinyl for smaller orders of up to 50 signs; or screen printing for larger orders of 50 signs. The vinyl application method is much more labor-intensive and therefore more expensive. There is no minimum quantity.

Q. What sizes of corrugated plastic yard signs do Super Cheap Signs sell?A. The most common yard sign size is 24 x 18 inches, which is considered standard for yard sign printing. If you prefer a portrait look, the same size can be rotated for an 18 x 24-inch sign. These signs are large enough to get your message across and small enough to fit dozens in the trunk of your car. We also have a number of other standard sizes that can be effective in certain situations. 18 x 12, 2 x 18, 6 x 24, 24 x24, 24 x 36, and more.

Q. What design options are available for yard sign printing?A. When it comes to designing your yard signs, your options are almost unlimited. You can start from scratch, customize one of our proven design templates, or upload your own artwork. We can print yard signs in 1-color ink, 2-color ink, and full color. Your design can be printed on one side or both sides of a sign, so you can display it outdoor on a busy intersection, and traffic heading both ways can see it.

Q. What if I don’t already have a design for my yard sign?A. Don’t worry, our easy-to-use online sign designer enables you to create a professional-looking custom yard sign design in minutes. You can start with our library of ready-to-use sign templates or get help from one of our professional designers for free.

Q. What other types of signs do Super Cheap Signs sell?A. We stock almost any type of sign you can think of along with the accessories to make sure it’s properly installed and stays where you put it. We sell banner signs, car magnets, stickers, aluminum signs, posters, and much more. You can apply your custom design online to all of them and our turnaround time usually ranges from one business day to a few before they’re ready for shipping.

Who Can Benefit From Custom Lawn Signs

Yard signs have been around for a long time and they’re as effective today as they’ve ever been. probably more so given the high volume of traffic these days. Plus, you can get custom yard signs cheap in just a few business days from Super Cheap Signs. Below are some of the most common industries and use cases for yard signs.

  • Real Estate Realtors. durable plastic or aluminum yard signs are perfect for the real estate industry. Custom “for sale” or “for lease” signs can be placed in the front yard to generate interest and promote the Realtor’s company.
  • Advertising a Local Business. full-color yard signs are a great way for new businesses to generate traffic to their stores. A handful of professional quality signs placed in high-traffic areas will generate awareness, interest, and customers for your establishment. the rest is up to you.
  • Political Election Campaigns. democracy and political yard signs go hand in hand. Generate name recognition for your political candidate orstart a grassroots movement with yard signs placed on the busy intersections of the district. And, help your loyal supporters promote your campaign to their neighbors with a custom yard sign placed on the lawn.
  • Promote Special Events. promoting events can be a challenge these days because people are becoming overwhelmed with ads intruding into their social media profiles. You don’t have to be pushy, just go old school with some plastic yard signs and a bit of initiative, to make sure your event is well attended.
  • Residential Commercial Contractors. contractors know that the best way to show off their skill is to place weather-resistant plastic signs at the job site. Make sure the neighbors know who’s responsible for the new roof, pool, remodeled bathroom, landscaped yard, fence, paint, etc.

We have ready-to-use, customizable sign templates for all of the situations listed above. You can browse, design, and buy your corrugated plastic yard signs in minutes. and don’t forget the wire stakes. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the website or call us at 888-470-2594.

Yard Signs

cheap, yard, signs, effective

cheap, yard, signs, effective

You’ve likely seen them stuck into a yard already today or lining the block of a local shopping district — lawn signs. Yard signs have evolved from their early, bland forms marking a home in the neighborhood for sale or supporting a local political candidate. Today, you can make a big and colorful impression with eye-catching yard signs. SpeedPro yard signs are the perfect way to state or promote just about anything — grand openings, community events, charitable functions, announcements and so much more.

SpeedPro can help you create any type of yard signage with our outstanding design tools, advanced production equipment and materials, innovative professionals and finishing services. For every signage and graphic project, we offer detailed guidance and personalized solutions to meet your exact specifications, branding and messaging requirements while creating one-of-a-kind yard signs that truly stand out.

Make a Flashy Impression With Attractive Yard Signs From SpeedPro

Make the most of your messaging and add a personal touch to all of your communications with SpeedPro’s attractive yard signs. While lawn signage may seem simple, it’s an incredibly versatile tool for broadcasting nearly any event or brand. Lawn signs are even effective tools for providing accessible directional details or other information.

While creating a distinctive, eye-catching design is crucial for the success of a yard sign, the quality of the sign is essential for the best long-term results. Our variety of quality, custom printed latex and UV printed yard signs, available in custom shapes, sizes and colors, are great for any type of occasion. With durable craftsmanship involving weatherproof and stain- and fade-resistant finishes, our yard signs can provide long-lasting visibility for your business or event.

At SpeedPro, we understand that finding the right type of products and design solutions for lawn signage can be tricky, and that’s why our experts make designing and producing signs simple and straightforward.

cheap, yard, signs, effective

cheap, yard, signs, effective

Popular Uses for Yard Signs

With yard signs, your unique message can be seen day after day and re-positioned as needed for the most successful results. Be imaginative with your yard signs and use them for a variety of applications, like:

  • Political candidacy support
  • Real estate opportunities
  • Business Awareness
  • Promotion
  • Community events and charitable functions
  • Announcements
  • Grand openings
  • Major sales or promotions

Partner with SpeedPro Omaha for all of your large-format printing needs.

At SpeedPro Omaha, we create marketing that is meaningful, memorable and measurable. We work with you to create visual displays that trigger powerful responses and form deep connections. We know how to take an idea and create a vision. We’re committed to serving Northeast Omaha, Northeast Lincoln and beyond with the best in large format printing.

Your marketing serves as your business’s first impression. Is it sending the right messages to your target audience? At SpeedPro, our trusted team of experts will guide you in the right direction. We take a collaborative approach to maximize your presence and share compelling visual displays with the customers you want to reach. Whether you’re looking to update a vehicle wrap or install a custom sign, SpeedPro Omaha has your back.

Experience the difference

SpeedPro Omaha is unlike any other large-format printing studio. From our diverse print offerings to our unrivaled customer service, we’re proud to be as unique as the businesses we serve. When you step into our studio, you won’t be treated as just another customer. You and your business are one of a kind, and we recognize that you should be treated that way. That’s what sets us apart from the competition.

As an Omaha resident, you’re a community member, a neighbor and a friend. We’ll listen to you, problem-solve with you and create stunning marketing solutions for you.

Yard Signs

Amplify your message with StickerYou’s yard signs. Made from 4mm weatherproof corrugated plastic, our yard signs are built to last, and will hold up to the harshest of climates and applications. Take your event, celebration, or business to the next level!

Learn more about Yard Signs

About Yard Signs

At StickerYou, we’re passionate about being your supplier for all things branded. Our diverse product mix allows you to source everything you need for your business or personal life, in one convenient location. Create your yard signs in any shape you can imagine, and choose from our variety of shapes, suited for different occasions.

Alongside this, we offer the flexibility of having your signs single-sided, or printed on both sides. For example, if you’re a real estate agent, have your custom sign visible to both directions of traffic that drive down your street. Or, if you’re passionate about your activism and fighting for social causes, create customized yard signs for your political, environmental, or humanitarian efforts!

Yard signs are your secret weapon for offline marketing, and are the most cost effective way to generate buzz and excitement around your event, celebration, or business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why should I print my yard signs with StickerYou?A: At StickerYou, you have the ultimate freedom when it comes to personalization and customizing your products. Unlock the ability to upload your own designs directly to our website, and your products in a few clicks of your mouse. Alongside this, we operate online, meaning we’re here to offer assistance every step of the way. We offer both live chat and email support for any questions or concerns you may have.

Q: How many yard signs should I order?A: That’s completely up to you! At StickerYou, we pride ourselves on being able to offer almost all of our products at no minimums. This mean you can order as little or as many yard signs as you’d like!

Q: I need some assistance, how can I get in touch with you?A: Sure thing, you can reach our product expert team by filling out this form here. If possible, include the artwork you’d like to print, as well as an idea of your size and quantity. We’ll be able to answer any questions you have, or assist you with setting up or placing an order.

Q: How do I use my yard signs once they arrive?A: When placing your order online, you have the option of including a metal stand with your sign. This will allow you to place your sign anywhere you’d like, and will ensure it stays put and intact.

Q: What is the best way to use yard signs?A: One great aspect of yard signs is their versatility. Whether you’re looking to create signage for an event or celebration, such as a family reunion or birthday party, or promote your business and storefront, the uses are limitless. Yard signs are an extremely cost effective way of advertising and generating traction about what matters to you!

Q: What are the types of stakes (stands) available?A: We provide 2 types of stands, as optional accessories, that are suitable for the corrugated yard signs. The Medium Stand (8″w x 23″h) is recommended for Yard Sign with width from 14″ to 20″. The Large Stand (10″w x 30″h) is recommended for Yard Sign with width of 20″ and more.

Q: What are the directions of the flutes in the yard signs?A: Our Yard Signs have vertically aligned flutes, i.e. the flutes are parallel to the stands. This enables optimal use of our stands, and keeps the signs secure to the ground.

Q: How can I order Yard Signs?A: We offer 3 ways of ordering Yard Signs. If you have your design ready to go, head over to our Yard Signs editor page by clicking Make Signs Now. We offer various standard shapes on our online design tool and you can upload and edit your own designs text and graphics. If you have a theme in mind, we also have templates available for Birthday, Real Estate, and Contractor Yard Signs. If you need more assistance, you can work with a Product Expert by filling out our quote form here.

Q: Can I order any die-cut shape?A: Yes you can! For custom die-cut shapes, you can work with our Product Expert team by filling out this form here. For designers who want to set up their own custom yard sign print files, please download the Yard Sign File Requirements guide located here for in-depth setup instructions.

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