Compact tractor boom mower. Compact tractor boom mower

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DR Power continues to lead in the design and manufacture of innovative and durable power products. Over the last year the investment in homeowner property maintenance—by both consumers and professionals—has been unprecedented. So, we are especially excited about our new product lines for 2022.

Included in this catalog you’ll find our all-new Commercial XD Series Field and Brush Mowers. These machines are built for the rigors of continuous use and are chock-full of professional features including hydrostatic drive for the ultimate ease of operation.

As a leading manufacturer of power equipment for those who have come to expect nothing but the best, we look forward to exceeding expectations in 2022!

compact, tractor, boom, mower

Flail Mowers

O.T.S. Auto Electric carries two styles of conventional Flail Mowers, the Value Jam series and the Heavy Duty NBM series. These mowers are great for mowing grass and small trees. With three staggered rows of cutting teeth, not a blade of grass is missed. Great for Tractors in the 15HP to 55 HP range.

Jam T

Flail mowers are designed to mow grass, bush and small trees (size of tree depending on the model). Three rows of staggered hammer blades lift, cut and then mulch the grass, brush and trees.

The Jam T has manual side shift allowing the mower to be placed in different positions behind the tractor. This allows the mower to mow directly behind the tractor or off to one side.

The Jam T has a double spiral rotor, external SKF bearings, and comes with hammer or y blades.

Working width 145cm 155cm 175cm
Number of hammer blades 24 24 28
PTO 540 540 540
Weight 194 199 212
Tractor HP 18-30 HP 22-35 HP 25-35 HP


The NBM series of flail mowers are NorthWind’s heavy duty mowers. They are designed to mow grass, shrubs and small trees.

Hydraulic side shift allows the operator to move the mower side to side from the operators seat in the tractor.

The Northwind NBM mowers are balance tested, have three rows of hammer blades to mow and mulch.

Working Width 145 cm 185 cm 195 cm 220 cm
PTO 540 540 540 540
Flail Type Hammer Hammer Hammer Hammer
Number of flails 24 28 28 32
Weight 350 kg 386 kg 403 kg 444 kg
Tractor Horse Power 30-35 40-50 45-85 45-85


The North Wind KDK HEAVY DUTY mower was designed for large mowing areas. Mowing widths up to 300 cm (9 feet 10 inches) Heavy Duty design to mow small trees around the perimeter of a field.

Working width 160 cm 220 cm 240 cm 300 cm
PTO 540 540 540 540
Flail type Hammer Hammer Hammer Hammer
Number of Flails 20 20 22 26
Weight 510 kg 530 kg 580 kg 1230 kg
Tractor Horse Power 50-85 50-85 60-85 85-120

Boom/Verge Mowers

Features: Boom mowers are designed to mow slopes and ditches while your tractor remains on the flat surface. With hydraulic side shift you can mow behind or beside your tractor and around obstacles such as trees. The hydraulic shift combined with vertical and horizontal angle movement makes these mowers extremely versatile. The three rows of hammer blades can go from mowing grass to cutting small trees(up to 3″ diameter) and shrubs.

Northwind Commercial/Heavy Duty Mowers Additional Features: Extra Heavy Duty 3 point Hitch Frame Italian CMR Gear Box Slip Clutch PTO Shaft Double Spiral Rotor Heavy Duty Hammer Blades.

Cutting width 180cm 5’11” 200cm 6’6.5” 220cm 7’3”
Tilt-up angle 90 degrees 90 degrees 90 degrees
Tilt-down angle 55 degrees 55 degrees 55 degrees
Vertical Extending Distance 218cm 7 feet 238cm 7 feet 9 inches 258cm 8 feet 6 inches
Horizontal Extending Distance 234.5cm 7 feet 8 inches 234.5 cm 7 feet 8 inches 234.5 cm 7 feet 8 inches
PTO Speed 540 CAT II 540 CATII 540 CAT II
Weight 705 kg/1554 lb 735 kg/1620 lb 804 kg/1773 lb
Number of Flails 16 18 20
Tractor HP 65-110HP 80-110 HP 90-120 HP

Northwind Medium Duty Boom/Verge Mower These medium duty Boom mowers come in two sizes and are perfect for smaller tractors.

VAM 165 These medium duty boom mowers are perfect for smaller tractors.

Cutting Width 160 cm
Tilt up angle 90 degrees
Tilt Down Angle 55 degrees
Vertical Extending Distance 141 cm
Horizontal Extending Distance 227 cm
PTO Speed 540
Weight 319 kg
Number of Flails 28
Category I
PTO 540
Tractor HP 30-50 HP

Brush Cutter, Brush Hog for Skid Steer

For tough land clearing applications Standard Duty Skid Steer Brush Cutter Standard Low Flow Brush Cutter 11 GPM – 20 GPM

  • 3’’ Cutting Capacity.
  • 3/16’’ Deck with 3/8″ A36 reinforced sides.
  • 40 HP Right Angle gear box.
  • 2 blades with stump jumper.
  • High torque Motor with 3000 PSI Relief Valve 180 cm cutting width

Pro Series Walk Behind Brush Mower

Turn on a dime – almost effortlessly!

Each wheel is equipped with a hand-operated disc brake. Just squeeze the brake on one side and the mower will pivot around that wheel. This simple but highly effective system lets you easily navigate around trees and obstacles … or make a 180 degree turn at the end of a row.


  • Gear driven transmission
  • 3 forward speeds/ 1 reverse
  • Pivoting Deck
  • Commercial Grade Electric Clutch
  • Attachment Compatibility
  • Adjustable Handle bars
  • Custom Made Spindles
  • 18″ x 6.5″ Lugged tires

Follows the contours of your land, providing a cleaner cut and reducing the chance of scalping.


All operating functions are on our control panel or on the handgrips: electric start, operator presence, throttle, gear shift, blade engagement, and independent wheel brakes.

Hardened Steel Blades these big blades weigh up to 6 pounds and are a full ¼” thick. (optional extra heavy duty brush blade available for sustained mowing in thick brush

ADJUSTABLE HANDLEBARS for a comfortable working height

Only DR gives you the choice of models with 26″, 30″ or 34″ wide mowing decks

EVERYTHING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS All operating functions are on our control panel or on the handgrips: electric start, operator presence, throttle, gear shift, blade engagement, and independent wheel brakes.

PRO MAX34 Now with side discharge!

ELECTRIC CLUTCH This extremely rugged clutch enables you to engage the blade instantly, with the pull of a knob. Because the “communication” is electrical, there are no cables or linkages to adjust or wear out.

HARDENED STEEL BLADES These big blades weigh up to 6 pounds and are a full 1/4″ thick. (Optional Extra HeavyDuty Brush Blade available for sustained mowing in thick brush.)


Cuts a clean, even 42″-wide swath and mows a half-acre lawn in about 30 minutes. Front caster wheels swivel for fast, tight turns. Deck is made of 12-gauge steel with 2 high-lift mulching blades. Easily converts from side-discharge to mulching. Height adjustment from 2″ to 4.5″.

Throw snow off long driveways and walkways with our single-stage, 30″-wide Snow Thrower attachment. The powerful auger quickly chews through dry or wet snow, and towering snowdrifts. Throws snow up to 30 feet. Adjustable skid shoes.

An 18-pound flywheel creates tremendous inertia for smooth chipping. The single chipping knife takes up to 40 bites per second, for quickly devouring hardwood branches up to 3.5″ thick. Now you can rid your property of unsightly brush piles.

Tow Behind Field Brush Mowers

STAY SEATED. CONTROL IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS! A remote control allows you to engage and disengage the mower blade from the driver’s seat of your tow vehicle.

HINGED HITCH Our unique Hinged Hitch makes it easy to hook up to ATVs, UTVs, and lawn and garden tractors (minimum 14 HP and/or 400 lbs.) with a pin hitch, regardless of the height of the vehicle’s hitch. If you’re not offsetting the mower, you can just use the shorter towbar.

ELECTRIC LIFT PRO MAX52T model features an electric lift for easily adjusting mowing height from driver’s seat.

FLOATING DECK RIDES OVER OBSTACLES The deck is suspended from a frame, allowing it to ride up and over high points, minimizing scalping and protecting the drivetrain from damage.

BLADES EXTEND BEYOND THE WHEEL PATH The 2 mowing blades extend outside of the wheels—so you mow right up next to fences, walls, hedgerows, and other obstacles.

SHOCK-ABSORBING “SWINGING” BLADES If you hit an obstacle, blades PIVOT, protecting engine and spindle.

Tow Behind Finishing Mower

  • 60″ Wide Cut
  • Tow with a Riding Mower, ATV, UTV, or Tractor
  • Use as an outrigger to your traditional riding mower (or Zero-Turn) and EXPAND your cutting width

3 AIR-TIP BLADES provide excellent lift and deliver a clean finish cut


DR invented the trimmer-on-wheels category and we have perfected it over the years!

STURDY ALL-STEEL FRAME The mainframe on every DR Trimmer Mower is made of heavy-duty 14-gauge steel. These lightweight frames are incredibly strong, and powder-coated to resist rust and corrosion. OFFSET FRAME DESIGN Ensures that the cut reaches outside the wheel path, making it easy to trim up against fences and foundations. BLADE BRAKE CLUTCH (BBC) The BBC allows you to stop the trimmer head from spinning (by releasing the bail bar) without stopping the engine— cutting down on how often you need to restart. (Not on Pilot Model). ADJUSTABLE HANDLEBAR Easily adjusts without tools. RUGGED CAST-ALUMINUM BEARING ASSEMBLY Cast entirely from lightweight, highstrength aluminum, the main Bearing Assembly has roller bearings at the top and bottom—to withstand the rigors of hundreds of hours of heavy-duty trimming and mowing at over 3,000 rpm.

PULSE 62V: World’s FirstBATTERY-POWEREDTrimmer Mower!

  • LIGHT AND MANEUVERABLE (just 45 lbs including battery)!
  • ULTRA QUIET…mow any time of day without disturbing neighbors!
  • TRIM FOR UP TO 40 MINUTES on a single charge (equivalent to a tankful on our gas models)

NO GAS, NO FUMES, NO FUSS!Powering up is as simple as inserting the battery and using the push-button electric start.QUICK-LOCK TRIMMER HEADThe PULSE 62V model uses a customized version of our Quick-Lock Trimmer Head. Change cord in seconds without tools!850W BRUSHLESS MOTORbrings all the power of gas to your trimming tasks. Plus, it’s so QUIET that you can trim or mow any time of day without disturbing your neighbors.ERGONOMIC HANDLEBARSwith vibration-dampening hand grips make operating for extended periods easy and comfortable.


Patented Quick-Lock Cord Attachment System

Offers 3 Benefits Unmatched by ANY Other Cord System: SIMPLY PUSH CORD IN TO ATTACH 1-way cam allows cord to enter, but it cannot pull out, even in brushy conditions. SELECT A WIDE RANGE OF CUTTING HEIGHTS From 1″ to 7.5″ (depending on the Trimmer Mower model). ACCEPTS 225 MIL SAWTOOTH CORD AND 255 SERRATED CORD The thickest, longest-wearing cords in the industry. Quick-Lock Trimmer Head Kit Standard on all Tow-Behind Trimmers Our DR Cord is thicker and tougher than normal trimmer line and that translates into more power for cutting gnarly vegetation. In addition to being STRONGER, DR cord LASTS much longer than any trimmer. PLUS, we offer a great assortment of cord, in a variety of bulk options— PRECUT LENGTHS The ultimate in convenience, cord is precut to the right length for all DR Trimmer Mower models. 1 LB ROLLS Economical 1-pound rolls. Cut it to length as you need it and save versus buying precut. Each roll includes from 80 to 250 feet of cord (depending on the cord size). JUMBO SPOOLS For those who trim and mow frequently, these spools offer the lowest possible “per foot” cost. Up to 394 ft of cord included.

Beaver Blade Attachment Turns Your Trimmer Mower Into A Brushcutter On Wheels

The Beaver Blade Attachment, which easily installs on any Walk-Behind Trimmer Mower model, allows you to cut brush and even small trees up to 3″ thick! The Beaver Blade should always be used with the Aluminum MowBall Support.BEAVER BLADE Attachment Packageincludes Aluminum Mow-Ball Support and sharpening file.DR DURABLADES ur DR DuraBlades easily mow through brambles, vines, stalky weeds like burdock and cattails, and woody brush up to 3/8″ thick. Plus, they are 100 times stronger than our cutting cords!DR DuraBlade KitReplacement Blades 6 pack

Compact tractor boom mower

Shipping for the lower 48 is 250 Flate Rate on implements!

Tractor PTO 18- 50 HP

VL-AM Boom Flail Mower, VL-AM80

Value-Leader Implements was started in 1995 to provide a high quality high value option to compete with USA tractor dealership branded products. The FOCUS has always been on providing the US consumer with long lasting dependable equipment. This is more value for our customers money.

This is done by always using high quality components and testing the components use in our implements. We also test the finished products for dependability, to make sure that they not only work but, that they last. We strive for our implement to be trouble free, when maintained, for not less than a 5 year period.

Value-Leader was the first USA implement company to offer a two year warranty on tractor implements.

The Value-Leader AM80 Boom Mounted Flail Mower is an innovative tractor attachment designed for cutting hard-to-reach areas such as ditches, embankments, and around trees. This mower is compatible with 3-point hitch Category I II tractors and operates with a self-contained hydraulic circuit for smooth and efficient operation.

With a maximum PTO speed of 540 RPM, the AM80 offers powerful cutting performance. The hydraulic valve system is controlled by flexible cables and mechanical levers, ensuring precise control and maneuverability. The mower has a sturdy framework that easily attaches to the tractor’s 3-point hitch, providing a stable and secure connection.

The ground knives of the AM80 are made from hardened steel for durability and long-lasting performance. Wear-resistant bushings with lubrication ensure smooth operation and reduced maintenance requirements. The mower also features lift truck connections for added versatility.

The cutting head on the Value-Leader AM80 Boom Mounted Flail Mower is 35 inches wide, allowing for efficient cutting in various terrain and conditions. The floating cutting head design enables it to easily adapt to the contours of the land, ensuring a consistent and clean cut.

Overall, the Value-Leader AM80 Boom Mounted Flail Mower is an excellent choice for those who require a versatile and efficient mower for tackling difficult-to-reach areas. Its compatibility with Category I II tractors, hydraulic control system, and durable construction make it a reliable and valuable addition to any farming or landscaping equipment lineup.

Minimum Tractor Weight of 3,200 lbs Recommended. Always check stability with the boom at full reach and close to the ground before using without an additional counterbalance. When the boom is fully extended about 4 inches off the ground, push down on mower head. Tractor tire must not lift.

  • Tractor 3-point Hitch Cat. I II.
  • Independent Self Contained Hydraulic Circuit with High-Efficiency Aluminum Gear Pump.
  • Max. 540 RPM PTO.
  • Hydraulic Valve System Operated by Flexible Cables Control Unit with Mechanical Levers.
  • High-Strength Framework Pre-Engineered for 3-Point Hitching to Cat. I 2.
  • Ground knives made of Hardened Heat Treated Steel.
  • Wear-Resistant Bushings with Lubricating Nipple.
  • Lift Truck Connections.
  • 35 Floating Cutting Head.

Tractor Flail Mower

A tractor flail mower or PTO-driven attachment is ideal for mowing large grassland areas, woodland trails, paddocks, etc., and is suited for uneven terrain. Our tractor mower range includes light and heavy-duty units with optional offset or in-line cutting modes, compatible with compact tractors from 12HP to 60HP.​ Call us on 0333 880 6654 for more information or a quotation.

compact, tractor, boom, mower

Wessex FGWFM

  • Working width 1.45M
  • Weight 385kg.
  • Tractor horsepower 25Hp
  • 18 hammer blades. Four belts.
  • Side shift Hydraulic.
  • Working width 1.75M
  • Weight 425kg.
  • Tractor horsepower 40hp
  • Hammers 22
  • Four belts.
  • Side shift Hydraulic. ​
  • Working width 2.25M
  • Weight 530kg.
  • 60Hp Tractor.
  • Hammers 28. Four belts.
  • Side shift Hydraulic.

Winton FGWFL

The Winton tractor mowers are perfect for cutting thick vegetation, nettles, and brambles and are effective when cutting bracken, saplings, and long grass in pastures and paddocks. Ideal for smallholdings, sports fields, and general grassland mowing, these compact mowers offer upgraded bearings, gearboxes, and hammer flails. Spirally arranged blades achieve a fine lawn finish when mowing regularly. The Winton range of tractor mowers is suited for uneven grounds. Three drive belts give power to the rotor shaft, a robust gearbox provides resilience, and the upgraded bearings ensure smooth action.​Available in various widths, these flail mowers have an adjustable cutting height between 3 and 8cm, using both the skids and rear roller, which can be adjusted up or down along with the tractor top link arm to change the finish and cutting height, preventing scalping on uneven terrain.

Winton FGWFL Series

FGWFL105 Weight: 210kg. Working W100cm. Hammer flails 16 18-30Hp. W120/ D85/ H95cm. PTO shaft size 70-100cm. Cut height 3-8cm. Three drive belts.

FGWFL125 Weight: 244kg. Working W120cm. Hammer flails 20 20-40Hp. W140/ D85cm/ H95cm PTO shaft size 70-100cm. Cut height 3-8cm. Three drive belts.

​ FGWFL145 Weight: 284kg. Working W140cm. Hammer flails 24 25-50Hp. W160/ D85/H95cm PTO shaft size 70-100cm. Cut height 3-8cm. ​Three drive belts.

FGWFL175Weight: 309kg.Working W170cm.Hammer flails 2830-55Hp.W190/D85/H95cmPTO shaft size 70-100cm.Cutting height 3-8cm. Three drive belts.

VMC-ORSI Boom Mowers

When you need a versatile brush mower attachment for your tractor, look no further than the VMC-ORSI boom mower.

Equip your Tractor with the Reach and Power of a VMC-ORSI Boom Mower attachment! Built Tough to Tackle Harsh Mowing Conditions.

VMC-ORSI Boom Mower attachments are designed to mow hard-to-reach areas. Such as ditch banks, pond banks, overhanging limbs, and fence lines, roadsides, walking trails, as well as many other tasks.

We’ve been working with ORSI to make boom mower attachments for tractors since 2007. Our equipment finds its way into the hands of large property owners, hunting plot managers, municipalities, and anyone else tasked with keeping land tame and usable.

VMC-ORSI boom mowers are fully self contained. They operate off of the tractor’s PTO so no special hydraulics are required. These boom mowers are three-point hitch mounted. We offer models for tractors with 30 or more horsepower. The boom reaches from ten feet to 25 feet. Compatible brands include Kubota, Bobcat, Caterpillar, John Deere, Case, Takeuchi, Yanmar, and many more.

VMC-ORSI Boom Mower Models

Choose from several different cutting head options to match your needs. Contact us to discuss your equipment and intended application.

Got questions about compatibility? Contact us today.

We work with a wide variety of tractors and other equipment as we develop our products. We know the specs in and out. Call us today at (864) 940-9341 or contact us online so we can help you get the right equipment for your needs.

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