Craftsman Cordless Lopper Review. Lopper chainsaw

Craftsman Cordless Lopper Review

Tree pruning stands out to me as one of those jobs that usually needs multiple tools that basically do the same thing. Small branches can be cut with hand sheers, large sheers or loppers are needed for medium branches, and large branches usually need some type of saw. Our Craftsman Cordless Lopper Review showcases a new tool that encompasses all of those tools into one.

Craftsman Cordless Lopper Review Overview

Craftsman has jumped head first into the 20v market with their re-branding. They seem to be going after not only the professional customers but also the home users as well. This cordless lopper kit is a great example of that. The small bar can get into tight spaces between branches and tear through limbs quickly and effortlessly.

This Craftsman Cordless Lopper combines the motion of a large pair of loppers with that of a small chainsaw. While this concept is not new, this release is in the Craftsman 20v line of tools.

Craftsman Cordless Lopper Review Features

The handles are large and easy to grip/hold. They’re big enough to easily grip and use while wearing gloves. The triggers have to both be depressed to turn the lopper’s motor on. That is easy to do since they’re so long. You can easily press them no matter where your hands are on the large handles.

The handles lock securely together to keep the chain and bar covered for safety. The lock is also easy to engage and disengage.

The chain and bar are covered by hefty metal guards. One of which is spring loaded so as to cover the chain but still allow branches to be easily cut.

The oiler was a little messy and cumbersome to fill. You have to fill the included bottle first. The hole to fill the oiler only accepts the tip from the included bottle (or something similar). There is no way to tell how full the oil reservoir is.

Wood chips are expelled through a large opening at the base of the bar. I did not experience any issues with it getting clogged up with chips and shavings from the chain.

The chain is tensioned automatically with a spring-fed lever at the end of the bar. This makes it easy to tighten up the chain, as all you have to do is loosen up the two bar nuts and then tighten them up again after the spring tightens the chain.

Craftsman Cordless Lopper Review Performance

I was quite surprised by the power this little fella had. My trees, unfortunately, did not need to be trimmed, so I used some scrap wood and some mesquite firewood.

The saw tore right through them with surprising ease. I was able to get the chain to bog down if I squeezed the handles together forcefully. The force I had to exert was way more than what is required for typical use. As with all cutting tools, you just need to keep enough pressure on the tool to allow the cutting bit, blade, or chain to do its job.

What was also impressive about this tool is that the woods I used for the testing were harder than what you would generally use this tool for. I can only imagine how easy it would slice through softer green limbs.

The power buttons are large and easy to depress, and using the tool as a whole feels natural. It uses the same form to operate as regular loppers. This makes it easy to pick up and use for the first time, without having to learn a new operation.

The chips were expelled well, and although at different angles they may not fall out as easily, there seems to be ample room to keep the saw from jamming up on chips.

The oiler was difficult to fill. You have to fill the included bottle to then be able to fill the saw. There also is no way to know what the oil level is. This makes it difficult to know when to add more, and how much to add. Additionally, since the short bar is covered it is next to impossible to tell if the oiler is working. You are unable to hold the saw near the ground and see an oil spot appear like you can with a traditional chainsaw.

I found the battery life to be more than adequate. As with all of the Craftsman V20 line, the batteries are interchangeable like other cordless lines, so you can easily amass numerous batteries by purchasing one or two more tools.

The included bar nut wrench almost broke when trying to loosen the nuts. I eventually got them off with the wrench, but it suffered some damage.

CRAFTSMAN’s 20V chainsaw lopper easily trims branches at 119, more in New Green Deals

While normal chainsaws can be large, bulky, heavy, and noisy, opting for the compact 6-inch CRAFTSMAN lopper makes it easier for you to trim up to 4-inch thick branches without the extra hassle of larger models. The brand’s 20V cordless chainsaw lopper is more trimmer, less chainsaw, but all electric. It can handle smaller branches with ease and clamps down on them to make cutting a simple chore. Down to 119 from its normal 149 going rate, today’s deal marks the first sale that we’ve seen so far in 2022. We also have a wide selection of Tesla, Greenworks, and other e-bike discounts in today’s New Green Deals, so you won’t want to miss that either.

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craftsman, cordless, lopper, review, chainsaw

Trim trees and more with CRAFTSMAN’s 20V cordless chainsaw lopper

Amazon is offering the CRAFTSMAN 20V Cordless Chainsaw Lopper Kit for 119.20 shipped. Normally 149, this marks the first discount that we’ve seen so far at Amazon this year and is also within 7 of the all-time low set back in 2020. Sporting a patented clamping jaw, you can use this tool to easily and safely grab or cut tree limbs. CRAFTSMAN’s 6-inch lopper doesn’t have a traditional long chain on it like normal saws. Instead, the chain is smaller and is encased inside of jaws to make it safer to use. It’s also gas-free since this model runs off of CRAFTSMAN’s 20V battery, making it quieter, lighter, and better for the environment as well. You’ll even find a three year limited warranty included with your purchase.

ECOFLOW 720Wh power station with FREE solar panel at 499, more from 229 (Up to 400 off)

The official ECOFLOW Amazon storefront is now serving up some notable price drops on its portable power stations. First up, we have the ECOFLOW RIVER Portable Outdoor Power Station for 499 shipped after you clip the on-page coupon. Regularly 579, this is a solid 80 off, matching our previous mention, and the lowest price we can find. You can also add the regularly 300 110 Watt Portable Solar Panel to your cart for FREE when you apply code EFHOBOTECH5 at checkout. Alongside the optional solar charging features, this model boasts a 720Wh capacity that can power up to 10 devices at once with three pure sine wave AC outlets, 100W USB-C, three USB-A outputs, and a DC port. The onboard display and companion app deliver real-time tracking data and the entire unit can be charged from 0 to 80% in one hour, according to ECOFLOW.

  • ECOFLOW RIVER Power Station 229 (Reg. 349)
  • ECOFLOW DELTA Power Station 999 (Reg. up to 1,399)
  • ECOFLOW DELTA Max Power Station 1,799 (Reg. up to 2,099)
  • ECOFLOW DELTA Pro Power Station 3,199 (Reg. 3,599)
  • And even more…

Schwinn Healy Ridge e-bike with 25-mile range falls to new low of 950

Amazon is offering the Schwinn Healy Ridge E-bike for 949.99 shipped. That’s a full 150 off its normal going rate at Amazon and marks a new all-time low that we’ve tracked. This e-bike enters with a 250W motor that’s able to propel it at up to 20 MPH when used in the pedal assist mode. That means you’ll do some of the work while the bike picks up the slack, which is something that’s actually quite handy when going up or down hills. Plus, the 26-inch wheels allow riders ranging from 64- to 74-inches able to enjoy this e-bike. The battery lasts for around 25 miles on a single charge and only takes four hours to go from 0% to 100%, meaning you can power up mid-day with ease. There’s an 18-speed drivetrain as well as mechanical disk brakes which allow you to really dial the e-bike in and stop on a dome should you need to. Dive into our review of Schwinn’s other e-bike offerings to learn more about what the brand brings to the table.

Gotrax G4 electric scooter with 25-mile range sees 98 summer discount to 552.50, more

The official Gotrax Amazon storefront is now discounting a selection of its electric scooters and bikes, with the new G4 Scooter leading the way at 552.49 shipped. Down from the usual 650 price tag it launched with at the beginning of last month, today’s offer amounts to 98 in savings and marks a new all-time low. This is also one of the very first discounts to date, as well. Sporting a 25-mile range on a single charge, the Gotrax G4 comes powered by a 350W motor that enables the electric scooter to travel at upwards of 20 MPH top speeds. Alongside the 10-inch pneumatic tires which lead to a smoother ride, there’s also an integrated headlight, folding design, and integrated LED control panel for monitoring range, speed, and more.

craftsman, cordless, lopper, review, chainsaw
  • EBE1 Electric Bike: 599 (Reg. 699)
  • XR Elite Electric Scooter: 470 (Reg. 530)
  • APEX XL Commuting Scooter: 400 (Reg. 450)
  • GMAX Electric Scooter: 760 (Reg. 800)
  • Gmax Ultra Electric Scooter: 850 (Reg. 900)
  • GKS Plus Electric Scooter: 200 (Reg. 229)

GEN3 discounts all of its in-stock e-bikes to 899 in latest sale (Save 300)

GEN3 is currently marking all of its in-stock e-bikes down to 899 with free shipping when you use the code SUMMER at checkout. Our favorite sale is the Stride which falls to the aforementioned 899 from its normal going rate of 1,199 direct from GEN3 and 1,500 going rate at Best Buy, beating our previous mention of 1,100 to mark a new all-time low that we’ve tracked. Ready to take you on trips all over the city this summer, the GEN3 Stride e-bike features a 500W motor and five different levels of pedal assist that can bring you up to speeds of 20 MPH. On top of that, it can go as far as 40 miles on a single charge, which means you can head to work, stop by the store, and ride home all without plugging in. Of course, no gas or oil is required for using this e-bike, making it more economical than driving an ICE car around.

Delfast’s e-bike offers 200-mile range and 50 MPH top speed at 200 off

Wellbots has partnered with Electrek to offers our readers the Delfast Top 3.0 Electric Dirt Bike for 6,399 shipped with the code ELEK200 at checkout. Today’s deal saves 200 from its normal going rate, beats our last mention by an additional 100, and marks a new all-time low that we’ve tracked. While most e-bikes can go 20, 30, or even 50 miles on a charge, you’ll end up having to plug in before the day’s over on longer trips most of the time. Well, the Delfast ensures that you can get just about anywhere on a single charge. With a 200 mile range per charge, this electric dirt bike has a similar range to many smaller cars and other full-sized EVs. It also features a top speed of up to 50 MPH offroad and 20 MPH on the road since it’s a class 2 e-bike, giving you the ability to travel at near-highway speeds in permitted areas. Don’t forget to check out our announcement coverage to learn more.

New Tesla deals

After checking out the cordless electric chainsaw deal above, if you keep read, you’ll find a selection of new green deals that will make your Tesla experience better in multiple areas. From storage to keep recordings on to phone mounts, car chargers, and anything else we can find, it’ll be listed below. Each day we’ll do our best to find new and exciting deals and ways for you to save on fun accessories for your Tesla, making each trip unique. For more gift ideas and deals, check out the best Tesla shop. Keep reading on for e-bike, Greenworks, and other great deals.

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RYOBI Model P4363 18 Volt LIMB LOPPERWorth the money?

New e-bike deals electric scooter discounts

If you’re looking to get out and enjoy the sunshine still after using your new electric mower, than we recommend you experience it than on another e-bike or electric scooter you just got at a fantastic price through one of our deals and sale below. You can use it for fun, exercise, or even transportation to and from work or the coffee shop. We have several people here that will regularly commute to coffee shops or offices on their e-bike, as it cuts down on fossil fuel usage as well as allows them to enjoy some time outdoors on nice sunny days. Below, you’ll find a wide selection of new e-bike deals and electric scooter deal in all price ranges, so give it a look if that’s something you’d be interested in picking up. As always, the newest e-bike deal and electric scooter discounts and sales will be at the top, so shop quick as the discounts are bound to go away soon.

  • Juiced e-bikes 0% APR financing available
  • RUNDEER 750W E-Bike: 1,100 (Reg. 1,400) | Amazon
  • Micah Toll’s favorite low-cost folding electric bike, the Lectric XP 2.0: 999 (Reg. 1,099)
  • Kent Electric Pedal Assist Mountain Bike: 698 (Reg. 998)
  • Gotrax’s just-released G MAX electric scooter sees first discount at 100 off, more

Additional New Green Deals – Smart thermostats, more

After shopping the cordless electric chainsaw deal above, be sure to check out the other discounts we found today. These new green deals are wide-ranging from outdoor lawn equipment to anything else we find that could save you money in various ways, be that cutting gas and oil out of your life or just enjoying other amenities that energy-saving gear can bring. As always, the newest deals will be at the top, so shop quick as the discounts are bound to go away soon.

  • Anker’s latest 512Wh portable power station now 150 off at 450, more from 200
  • Prepare for camping and storms this summer with Energizer’s LED Lantern at low of 7
  • Vitamix odorless FoodCycler compost breaks down scraps in hours at 280 (Reg. 400)
  • Automate summer lawn watering with Rachio’s Smart sprinkler controller at 130 (Up to 100 off)

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Behold! The Alligator Lopper aka Chainsaw Scissors

Who can resist the allure of chainsaw scissors complete with an alligator emblazoned on the blade? For the uninitiated, loppers are a type of scissors used for pruning twigs and small branches. A typical pair might look like this:

Now a manual lopper is fine for little sissy branches and twigs that fall to the ground from light gusts of wind. But what about the bigger branches that need to be hacked off? Enter the Alligator Lopper from Black and Decker.

THE ALLIGATOR LOPPER – Innovative Clamping Jaws Grab and Cut in One Easy Motion – Patented Scissor Action Makes Cutting Branches Effortless – 4.5 Amp Motor for Powerful Fast Cutting – Heavy Duty Cutting Bar and Chain Deliver Fast Cutting of Thick Branches and Logs – 4″ (10.16 cm) cut capacity for cutting heavy branches too big for manual pruners and loppers

TECH SPECS – Amps = 4.5 Amps – Bar Length = 6″ – Weight = 6.5 lbs (2.95 KG)

Surprisingly, Black Decker only list several uses for the Alligator Lopper:

– Pruning tree branches up to 4″ in diameter – Cutting branches into manageable pieces – Cutting of fallen branches after storms

That’s it? I can think of numerous uses beyond silly branches, what about:

Pork Tenderloin


Body parts?

Without the alligator on the blade these loppers are fairly useless. Sure it may save some time when you need to cut branches, but how often does one need to do that? As a door prize or raffle draw though… I’ll take two! You can find it for sale online at Black Decker

If you enjoyed this article, the Sifter highly recommends: 13 UTTERLY RIDICULOUS LAWN ORNAMENTS

The Best Mini Chainsaws for Your Money

Carlos has a BA in Hispanic Studies from the Pontificia Universidad Católica of PR. He’s finishing his MA in Linguistics, focusing on sociolinguistics.

Brad Tuttle is a senior editor at Money who covers shopping, retail and general news. He also teaches journalism part-time at UMass-Amherst.

If you’re looking to cut small trees or branches in awkward places, a full-size chainsaw might be unwieldy. The solution could be a mini chainsaw, which is a less powerful but significantly more versatile option that’s perfect for small tasks.

Mini chainsaws are smaller power saws with guide bars and chains ranging from 4” to 10”, as opposed to the more heavy duty 18” to 24” models. They are usually powered with a lithium ion battery just like cordless drills, so you don’t have to worry about gas. Some look and are designed simply like miniature chainsaws, while others come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including loppers and models that can be fully operated with one hand.

craftsman, cordless, lopper, review, chainsaw

Several reputable tool brands make mini chainsaws. However, their popularity has been limited, maybe due to the price to usability ratio (the 4.5” Makita XCU017, for example, has been discontinued). Some reviewers say that for the price of 150 to 250 they’d have to pay for a good mini chainsaw, they’d rather opt for a more portable and affordable hand tool like the Silky Gomboy, or perhaps just a regular full-size chainsaw.

But mini chainsaws can certainly be useful by making gardening significantly easier or helping people with mobility issues; and the are definitely worth it if it’s a tool you’ll use a lot.

Mini chainsaw buying guide

The term “mini chainsaw” can be confusing and used very liberally on the market. Here are some of the things to consider while sorting through the many options you’ll find online.

CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Lopper Demonstration With Branches and Brush Plus Review (CMCCSL621D1)

Safety concerns. There are hundreds of so-called mini chainsaws sold all across the internet. However, the vast majority aren’t made by reputable manufacturers such as STIHL or Milwaukee. They’re generic products with unknown names, and they’re sometimes accompanied by outrageous claims — for example, listings saying they feature 98V batteries, when the realistic range is 12V-20V in a single battery pack measuring around 5” x 3”.

There have also been reported scams. Many websites claim to sell the STIHL GTA 26, one of the first handheld chainsaws to hit the market, at a fraction of its actual price. Then the seller either ships a completely different product (similar to the generic ones found on retail websites by other names) or doesn’t ship anything at all.

Mini or not, chainsaws are dangerous power tools that when misused can result in severe injuries. Going the cheap route with a product like this is not the best idea. First, consider the reputation of the brand you’re considering. Second, look at the tool’s safety features, such as two-step activation (having to hit two different buttons or triggers for it to turn on), a blade guard covering a side of the chain, or a divider that separates your hand from the chain in case it slips. An automatic oiler isn’t a bad addition either, as it will prevent the chain from getting stuck or even pop off. Oiling manually can be tedious and easily forgotten in the middle of a job.

Power. With chainsaws, power or cutting capability is measured in chain speed (meters per second) and torque. Unfortunately, these numbers aren’t always displayed, or sometimes just one of them is shown, most commonly chain speed. On chainsaws of this size, however, chain speed will have more of an impact since they’ll be used to cut small branches.

Torque refers to the strength with which the chain spins. It’s important when cutting hard woods like maple, and even more so when trying to cut large pieces of it and you encounter knots midway through.

High chain speed, on the other hand, makes cutting small branches a lot easier because even with hard wood, there is very little resistance overall in a 1” to 4” diameter branch. If you think you’ll be using your compact chainsaw for some tougher jobs every now and then, consider torque too. However, you should consider a full-size chainsaw (maybe even a gas-powered one) if you’ll be taking down trees or branches wider than 6” on a regular basis.

Size and shape. Commercial-grade gas-powered chainsaws tend to have guide bars that range from 16” to more than 30” in length, and can weigh anywhere from 9 pounds to 25 pounds or more. For a mini chainsaw, you should be looking for lengths in the 4” to 10” range and a weight below 7 pounds for maximum portability and ease of use.

When it comes to the shape, there are many options, from traditional two-handed set-ups to lopper-like designs that tend to provide more safety. There’s also the now popular handheld pruning chainsaw.

To remove small 1” to 3” diameter branches, a lopper-style chainsaw can be more than enough. For more versatility, power and out-of-the-garden projects, you might want to get something closer to a traditional two-handed chainsaw with 8” to 12” guide bars.

Warranty. The warranty is essential when it comes to not only an expensive tool, but a dangerous one. If any part of your chainsaw fails, the manufacturer should be able to help either by troubleshooting or by providing replacement parts quickly.

The standard for battery-powered chainsaws is two to three years of coverage. Anything below that — or worse, no available warranty information — should be considered a red flag.

Best mini chainsaws

Best for low prices: Sun Joe 8” Convertible Pole Chainsaw

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