DIY lawn tractor cart. 3 Gorilla Carts That Will Make Your Life Easier

Gorilla Carts That Will Make Your Life Easier

Are you a gardener looking for a new cart to help you carry your gardening tools and plants? Or are you a landscaper needing a new cart to help carry your equipment? Whatever your needs may be, we have three Gorilla Carts that will make your life easier. From a steel utility cart to a heavy-duty poly yard dump cart to steel multi-use dump cart, each of these lawn wagons and carts caters to specific needs all the while helping to make tasks easier. Below we’ve highlighted three of our most popular Gorilla Carts.

Cart #1: GOR801

Perfect for all professional and amateur gardeners, this easy-to-assemble and newly designed Gorilla Cart is the perfect accompaniment to all lawn and garden projects. Saving both time, money, and energy, this steel utility cart allows all users to quickly and easily move up to 800 pounds. With the bed being 40.25-inches long by 20.5-inches wide, it makes moving all garden supplies very convenient. Plus, the 9-inch tall steel sides are removable, which means you can turn this cart into a flatbed for even more flexibility in hauling. On top of that, the 10-inch tires are specifically designed to tackle any type of terrain.

Looking to haul this cart across many acres? The handle allows this cart to be hooked up and towed behind any lawn tractor or ATV.

Cart #2: GOR6PS (-C)

Attention all outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor wagon, look no further than our Heavy Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart. Featuring an updated design, this balanced four-wheel cart can haul up to 1,200 pounds. One of the unique aspects of this cart is the patented quick-release dumping system which helps to make loading and unloading gardening, lawn care, barn and farm items that much easier. Plus, the four-wheel design and strong frame help to improve maneuverability, rigidity, and gives the cart a tighter turn radius, making this cart a great alternative for the traditional wheelbarrow.

Hauling manure? Leaving the cart outside in the heavy rain? Worry no more. The 40-inch by 25.6-inch poly bed is not only spacious and durable but it’s easy to clean and won’t rust.

Cart #3: GORMP-12

Built to do it all, our multi-use cart has the ability to lug up to 1,200 pounds. What makes this cart different from the above two? It’s a great combination of both steel cart durability and dumps cart functionality! With removable sides, this cart can easily turn into a 39.4-inch by 22-inch flatbed. Other features we love about this cart are the all-terrain 13-inch tires and patented quick-release handle that minimizes stress whether you’re pulling by hand, lawn tractor, or ATV. Made of industrial-grade steel that’s over 40% thicker than other carts, you can easily unload dirt, rocks, mulch, or logs.

Why else will you love this cart? It’s not only sturdy but it’s durable and great for everyday outdoor use. Our users say it best when they describe this product as high quality.

And there you have it, three Gorilla Carts that will make your life easier no matter what task you need to complete! Do you have additional questions about any of the above three garden wagons and carts? Contact us today. Our excellent customer service team is waiting to help assist you.

Best Dump Carts for Lawn Tractor to Buy in 2023 (Complete Review)

These days, you no longer have to carry around your tools, wood, and other heavy stuff by hand. Just get the best dump cart for a lawn tractor if you want to make your workload a lot easier and faster — this type of equipment in your arsenal will truly make a difference!

Attached to a lawn tractor, a solid dump cart excels at pulling or towing heavy loads behind a small vehicle. If you’re seeking a quality lawn tractor dump trailer, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, I’m going to share my reviews of the best dump trailers for lawn tractors. Read on and enjoy.

  • 1 Top 7 Best Garden Tractor Dump Cart Reviews
  • 1.1 1. Agri-Fab 45-0101: Sturdy Well-Built Tow Behind Dump Cart
  • 1.1.1 What’s included:
  • 1.2.1 Specifications:
  • 1.2.2 What’s included:
  • 1.3.1 Specifications:
  • 1.3.2 What’s included:
  • 1.4.1 Specifications:
  • 1.4.2 What’s included:
  • 1.5.1 Specifications:
  • 1.5.2 What’s included:
  • 1.6.1 Specifications:
  • 1.6.2 What’s included:
  • 1.7.1 Specifications:
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Top 7 Best Garden Tractor Dump Cart Reviews

Keep reading — and don’t forget to share your opinion with me and your fellow-readers in the comment box at the bottom of the post. We’ll be waiting!

Agri-Fab 45-0101: Sturdy Well-Built Tow Behind Dump Cart

  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Bed size: 32.5″W x 49″L x 12″ H
  • Pallet Quantity: 10
  • Hauling capacity: 750-pound load capacity for the large loads
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited Consumer Warrant

Tired of spending tons of time and effort carrying bags of heavy stuff around your yard or garden when a solid dump cart can effortlessly get the job done for you? Run this fantastic cart through its paces, and chances are you will regret that you’ve lived so long without it. Yep, this great garden tractor dump trailer is my second-best pick. Here’s why.

First and foremost, it’s sturdy. The combination of its steel build and impressive load capacity (750 lbs) makes it ideal for commercial use. Second, the cart comes with a super handy hitch that suits any lawn tractor. That being said, the beast was made to effortlessly deal with anything you put on it. It’s lightweight and a piece of cake to move around. Assembly is rather straightforward but, naturally, takes a bit of elbow grease (best done with a friend).

On an additional plus side, it’s made in the U.S., and the company provides great customer service. All in all, with proper use and maintenance, this dump cart will most likely last you for years to come. Best bang for your buck, for sure.

What’s included:

Even if you beat the heck out of it with heavy rocks, it’s still going to work great. So, if you’re on the prowl for a handy and reliable lawn tractor utility trailer, this heavy-duty ‘baby’ might be exactly what you need.

  • maneuverable, durable, and perfect for large loads;
  • features a superb hitch that suits any lawn tractor;
  • set-up is a cakewalk;
  • high-quality wheels and tires;
  • made in the U.S.


  • Material: Polyethylene, Alloy Steel, Rubber
  • Load capacity: 1500 lbs
  • Load size: 22 cubic feet
  • Tire size: 18″ X 8.5-8″, Rugged wide-track rubber tires, Shielded ball bearings
  • Construction: All steel frame with powder coat finish, еxtra-stable tandem walking arm, оriginal tilt and pivot frame

This solidly built steel beast is a game-changer for a DIY’er. It’s great for hauling tree limbs, gravel, mulch, compost, and various tools on your property. The assembly is no-instructions-necessary and so easy, even a kid can manage to install the trailer. In addition to all this, the thing boasts durable wheels.

With this dump trailer, you can transform your lawn tractor or ATV into a multi-functional hauling machine. It holds big loads, boasting stability and smoothness regardless of the terrain you use it on. Don’t forget that this baby was manufactured to use in home applications. Avoid towing it behind a vehicle on a highway or in any high-speed application.

So if you’re on the fence about purchasing this trailer after reading some negative reviews, I can wholeheartedly assure you that this unit is very good. Feel free to put this outstanding honey through some real tough work, and you will see that it will still be in great shape. It will hold and haul everything you will put in it.

What’s included:

At the end of the day, this Polar unit is a must-have if you’re planning to take your trailer across some rough terrain. Furthermore, the thing is a great investment for any yard project. Need a Christmas present for your buddy or husband? This strong honey might be just the ticket. It’s going to make your life easier and a lot more convenient.

  • well-built and durable;
  • fairly easy to put together;
  • easily holds big loads (1500 lb hold capacity);
  • rides smoothly and works flawlessly;
  • awesome utility buggy for a smaller-sized farm.
  • a bit on the wide and heavy side.
  • not the cheapest dump cart on the scene, but it’s worth every penny.


  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 40-Inch by 25-Inch Bed, 13-Inch Tires
  • Hauling capacity: 1,200-pound for hauling heavy dirt, mulch, gravel and plants
  • Construction: 13-inch tires will tackle any terrain and padded convertible handle can be pulled by hand or hooked-up behind a lawn tractor or ATV
  • Warranty: 1-year

This cart is such an awesome workhorse. Well-made, super reliable, maintenance-free, rust-proof, and easy-to-clean, it makes transporting materials around your garden a breeze. It’s pretty tough, and yet it doesn’t weigh much. Thanks to the well-thought-out handle design, you can pull the thing manually, or hitch it to a tractor with a single pin, with the handle still left pullable when unhitched.

Assembly is relatively easy, especially if you ask a buddy or a neighbor to help you. Boasting a patented fast-release build, this cart holds a lot, doesn’t tip over to the side, and is great at saving your time and reducing fatigue.

The cart is going to pull and push with ease through your yard. The thing may seem too big at first glance, but once you start using it, you will realize that it’s a perfect size. The frame is top-notch steel, and the dump mechanism is top-of-the-line.

Truth be told, this multi-use beast of a cart is beyond sturdy. So, if you’re searching for a maneuverable dump cart for just about anything around the house, this honey might be your best bet. Bricks, hay, yard debris, firewood, kids…

What’s included:

The thing is great at hauling all sorts of heavy stuff. To cut a long story short, you can’t go wrong with this pull-behind yard cart in your home, farm, or gardening arsenal. It’s going to make your gardening and yard work so much easier!

  • solid construction;
  • easy to assemble, use, clean, and maintain;
  • rolls like a champ;
  • heavy loads are no problem;
  • spacious and reasonably priced.
  • the cart is quite lightweight when empty; thus, steering it on uneven ground can be challenging;
  • lacks proper assembly instructions.


  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Load capacity: 1250 lb.
  • Сart bed: 15 cu. ft.
  • Connects to: tractor, ATV or UTV
  • Construction: Foot pedal activates swivel dump feature to dump anywhere within a 100-degree radius

Feel free to haul loads of paver blocks, mulch, hay, sand, leaves, gravel, or rocks on your property in this cart. The thing hauls smoothly and dumps easily. In other words, this product won’t let you down. Bear in mind that you will most likely have to use some elbow grease to fully unload the cart — particularly if you’re dumping stuff in a flat area.

Unlike your typical metal dump cart, this robust and well-engineered honey isn’t prone to rusting, denting, or permanently bending under stress. Also, it’s significantly quieter when used over rough terrain. As a matter of fact, with its tough poly-style material, big tires, and heavy-duty steel frame components, the thing looks nearly indestructible. It’s obvious: this cart was built to last.

What’s included:

So, if you’re rummaging the net for a dump cart that’s not a wussy, this sturdy unit might be just what the doctor ordered. With proper maintenance, the cart is going to last you at least ten years. Overall, this high-quality, tough, affordable, and made-in-the-U.S. little wagon is going to live up to your expectations — or even significantly exceed them.

  • sturdy and long-lasting;
  • assembly is as easy as pie;
  • top-notch dump mechanism;
  • solid-quality tires;
  • non-flimsy and affordable.


  • Product Dimensions: 65″D x 31″W x 28″H
  • Material: Polyethylene, Alloy Steel
  • Load capacity: 600 lbs
  • Load size: 7 cubic feet, 10 cubic feet-heaping
  • Construction: All-steel frame with powder coated finish

Need a reliable tractor utility cart to take out the trash, pick up lawn trimmings, and haul the heavy stuff around your yard? This awesome unit might be the perfect fit for your needs. Feel free to make the most of it for an array of yard and gardening projects. It’s also ideal for hunting and wood hauling. With its multiple perks and exceptional engineering, chances are this beast will work to your satisfaction.

The assembly is as easy as ABC. Everything goes together like Legos. Just follow the straightforward illustrated instructions that come with the unit and use your basic tools to install it. Need to pull it around manually? No problem with that at all. You will like the dump feature as well. While you won’t get to fully empty the load, that’s not a big deal. Just use a rake to empty out a few remaining leaves, and you’re done.

The barrel is a high-end beefy type of plastic (meaning it won’t rust). It’s super thick and solid while having some flex feel to it under load. The rest components are steel. Bear in mind that most kinds of plastic are exposed to UV degradation (meaning, plastic degrades in the sun), so make sure you purchase a high-quality UV-resistant tarp for outside storage. For the record, if the bucket were metal, it would’ve been a lot heavier.

What’s included:

All things considered, this product is great for the price. Easy to move around and incredibly efficient, it’s definitely going to save you lots of hours in the yard.

  • installation is fairly obvious.
  • sturdy construction 600 lb. load capacity.
  • lightweight and maneuverable.
  • excellent tilt and swivel feature for dumping.
  • great bang for your buck.


  • Load capacity: 1500 lbs; 15 cubic feet of hauling capacity;
  • Max Speed: 10 mph (not road compatible)
  • Durability: High impact poly tub (made in the USA) with removable steel mesh side rails
  • Ease of use: Improved engineering on the quick release latch tilt trailer bed
  • Tire size: 18″ x 8″ 4-ply pneumatic tires; Pass-through axle; 12″ of ground clearance
  • Dimensions: 80.5″ (L) X 42.5″ (W) X 30″ (H) [Tub: 50″ (L) x 28.75″ (W) x 8.6″ (D)];

With its beefy poly tub, steel grating fence, big tires, good welds, and heavy frame, this dump cart is terrifically rugged for all your heaviest chores. Keep in mind that it arrives disassembled and requires some time and elbow grease to put it together. If you’re totally unhandy, ask a buddy to help you assemble the thing.

The bed may seem a bit smaller than you expect, but the unit drives very smoothly, even on some rough and narrow paths. Whether you’re going to use this dump cart to haul firewood, rocks, and tools, or take the trash to the community dumpster, it will most likely leave you completely satisfied. Just give this little beast a go, and you’ll instantly feel that it was built with long-lastingness in mind.

What’s included:

Ultimately, this lightweight-yet-tough cart was definitely built to haul anything you need it for. It will neither bend nor break from heavy loads. And the thing won’t rust, which is also very good. All in all, this dump cart is a great choice for any heavy hauling. It’s versatile, durable, and extremely handy to have around the farm.

  • reliable, sturdy construction;
  • stable on bumpy, uneven ground;
  • the dump feature works like a champ;
  • great carrying capacity;
  • fantastic customer service.


  • Product Dimensions: 43.5″D x 21.1″W x 39.6″H
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Load capacity: to 800-pounds
  • Construction: New frame design allows for quick and easy assembly while offering improved maneuverability, rigidity, and ground clearance
  • Warranty: 1-year

Simple design, reliable construction, well-made wheels, easy assembly, smooth steering, reasonable price… Yep, it’s all about this incredibly helpful Gorilla garden cart. It’s a wonder wagon! This baby holds up very well if properly taken care of. It’s easy to maneuver and pull regardless of the weight on it or the surface type. And the assembly is a breeze. Even your grandma would figure out the installation.

This dump cart is capable of carrying a good amount of weight (up to 800 pounds). Everything about the unit screams sturdiness: the frame, wheels, paint system, and pull handle. Another silver lining is that the cart isn’t prone to bending, twisting, or deforming. Generally speaking, if your gardening projects suggest lots of bag carrying, this dump cart is going to save your back.

Now, let me tell you about the smell of the tires. Yes, you may have already guessed that they stink. They are rubber, so it’s only natural. Therefore, don’t let this minor drawback become a deal-breaker. Just use the thing outside for a while, and you will notice that the overwhelming and nauseating rubber smell gradually airs out.

What’s included:

All in all, there’s a strong possibility that if you give this little orange wagon a chance, it will have you wondering why you didn’t get the bad boy earlier. The tough and trusty thing is going to make your yard and gardening chores a whole lot easier. And it’s lightweight enough for a woman to use on her own. My wife’s everyday gardening experience is the living proof of that.

  • solid construction and fairly effortless installation;
  • the sides can be easily removed;
  • rolls smoothly, easily, and quietly;
  • impeccable customer service;
  • great piece of gear for the price.

Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor: Tips Hacks

Tractor dump carts are handy when it comes to coping with a slew of around-the-yard projects. To be more precise, they allow you to transfer weighty loads of tools or firewood behind your vehicle, thus, saving you tons of your precious hours and lots of body pain. To cut a long story short, a quality tractor utility cart is going to cut back your workload tremendously.

  • poly tub dump trailer: this honey is the best choice for most gardening enthusiasts. It’s reasonably priced, well-crafted, a breeze to clean, water-resistant, and exceptionally durable. It’s the perfect fit when it comes to transporting loads of manure, mud, and gravel across your yard;
  • plastic tub unit: although this dump cart looks similar to the previous type, it’s a lot more cost-effective. Plastic units are fairly lightweight and ideal for you if your basic gardening chores don’t imply carrying around super heavy loads;
  • steel tub dump trailer: this unit boasts maximum durability and long-lastingness compared to the rest dump trailer types. Naturally, steel tub dump carts are among the most expensive pieces of gardening gear. They usually feature high-end additions to make your gardening or lawn care experience even more satisfying;
  • structural form ‘polymer’ units: these honeys are crafted with premium polymer materials, which makes them remarkably heavy-duty. These babies aren’t prone to scratching or staining and come with extra s on the side. Therefore, you get to carry more stuff on your dump cart compared to other types. Super handy!

Things to Consider Before Opting for the Best Unit

It may seem that capacity is the only criterion that’s paramount when it comes to sticking with the right dump cart for your lawn tractor. However, there’s a multitude of other important factors to take into account prior to processing a purchase.

Solid performance and long-lastingness are very important when it comes to choosing the right tool for your specific demands.

You’re probably aware that dump trailers come in various price categories, which means you can come across some really pricey models.

Therefore, my advice is to always view these pieces of equipment as investments and consider an array of parameters before buying the right unit. Below, I’ve listed the most important factors to reflect on before ordering a dump cart for your lawn tractor.

What It’s Crafted of, or Materials Matter

Capacity: Approach It Wisely

Typically, when it comes to their load-carrying capacity parameter, dump trailers range from the 800 lb to the 100-2000 lb mark. The load capacity you FOCUS on determines the load you will be able to move across a certain type of ground. Furthermore, the price of a unit also depends on its load capacity.

If you run a large cattle ranch, you’re going to need to get a solid dump cart with a bigger capacity — something that cannot be said about regular homeowners and gardening enthusiasts.

Maneuverability: Is It a Priority?

While maneuverability may not seem to be the most important criterion, it’s going to influence the smoothness and overall transportation performance of a dump cart. What particularly adds up to the maneuverability of your dump trailer is a top-notch set of tires that comes with the unit.

Thus, when researching the unit that has caught your eye, don’t forget to learn all about the tires it features their dimension and material. When all is said and done, mobility should be among the top priorities on your way to purchasing the best piece of equipment.

Weight Versatility Are Important, Too

Your dump cart’s weight is another important criterion to take into account prior to making the final must-buy decision. Believe me, you don’t want a heavy unit. Because a relatively lightweight dump trailer aids you in carrying the loads in a much easier and more efficient manner.

Furthermore, the heavier the unit, the worse the mobility. Bear in mind that a metal dump cart doesn’t equal heaviness. It all depends on a model, so study the specs with laser-like FOCUS prior to making a purchase.

Now, let me dwell upon a dump trailer’s versatility. No doubt, a state-of-the-art dump cart should be able to cope with more than just one single challenge. For instance, an ordinary cart can only transfer plants and compost.

However, if you’re on the prowl for the best pull-behind cart for your lawn tractor, make sure that the unit you will ultimately stick with is a lot more versatile. A solid dump cart should be capable of moving lots of stuff, ranging from firewood to debris and various types of heavyweight tools.

Functionality to Focus on

So, Are You Ready to Take Action?

Yes, staying with the best-performing dump trailer is not a walk in the park. However, now that I’ve shared my experience-based reviews with you, I hope that I’ve made this road less bumpy for you. So, feel free to conduct your own analysis and make the right choice.

Remember that proper maintenance is paramount when it comes to prolonging the lifespan of this type of gear. With that said, avoid modifying your dump cart, or you may damage it easily. Do not utilize your dump cart for transporting your kids or friends. Always clean the unit after use and make sure you store it in a well-ventilated, dry place.

Perhaps, you’ve already discovered that flawless tow-behind utility cart for your gardening demands? You’re welcome to share your conclusions on the topic in the comment section below. What model have you picked, and why? Is it durable? How long have you been using it? Speak up and get the discussion going now!

Garden Dump Cart Review

A good quality garden dump cart will make completing your outdoor chores and projects a lot faster and a lot easier.

Let’s face it, most of us own a riding lawnmower but not everyone has money in their budget for a compact tractor or a quad to haul heavy materials around your household.

Sure, you can always use a wheel barrow but that’s time consuming and it also takes a lot of effort to push a fully loaded wheel barrow on flat land. and much more when you’re going up a small hill.

This is where using a pull behind trailer in conjunction with your garden tractor can turn your average lawn mower into a hauling machine!

However, as you shop for a new garden cart you’ll quickly find there’s a lot of different makes, models and options to choose from.

Ranging from 4 wheel, metal construction models that don’t dump, to 2 wheel plastic molded models with a dumping option, you definitely have a lot of things to consider before you spend around 150. 450 on a good quality pull behind cart.

In order to make things a lot easier we’ve done our research and through trial and error narrowed the field down to 2 of our top pull behind dump carts for garden tractors.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Garden Cart

There are a few basic things to consider when shopping for a new pull behind cart.

  • Steel construction vs. Plastic construction
  • Dumping option vs. Non-dumping
  • Two wheel vs. Four wheel design
  • Maximum hauling capacity

By narrowing down your options in these 4 categories you’ll be able to determine the best cart for your intended use.

In 2007 I purchased a four wheel, steel construction garden cart from Tractor Supply Company, which is a local farm and garden store in our area.

I purchased the cart for around 100 and intended to use it to pull firewood up from my wood shed to my outdoor wood furnace.

I liked the concept of the cart because the handle converted between a manual handle that you could pull yourself, or it converted into a hitch that could be hooked up to your garden tractor.

After a few uses I quickly found out the cart wasn’t what I expected.

For starters, where the wheels attached to the axle was very sloppy causing the tires to toe in or toe out.

This caused a lot of unnecessary wear to the wheel bearings and rims.

It also made the cart hard to pull.

I tried to fix the sloppiness using washers as shims but it didn’t make a difference.

After just a few uses, the wheel bearing broke away from the rim of the tire.

My first assumption was that the cart was overloaded so I purchased another tire and replaced the broken one.

Over the next 5 years I used the cart and always made sure never to overload the cart.

Most of the time I pulled the cart by hand with a few pieces of firewood.

After 4 broken rims I decided I needed a better solution.

Ohio Steel Poly Swivel Garden Dump Cart

In 2020 I needed a way to haul cut firewood from the woods behind my house to my wood shed.

I wanted a way to haul firewood on my property using my garden tractor and not be dependent on a pickup truck or compact tractor.

With my bad experience using the four wheel pull behind cart I knew I needed something much more heavy duty.

I also knew I wanted a two wheel model with a dump cart that was made out polymer instead of steel which would eventually rust.

I would only be hauling the wood with my Husqvarna YT 48XLS 25 horsepower garden tractor so I didn’t need a really heavy duty cart because I needed something my garden tractor could pull without burning out the hydrostatic transmission.

Top 5 Best Garden Carts 2023

I ended up purchasing the Ohio Steel 15 cu. ft. poly swivel garden dump cart from Tractor Supply Company.

After reading multiple 5 star reviews and a price tag of around 220, I knew this was the perfect cart for hauling firewood, top soil, rocks, gravel and anything else I could think of around my house.

The Ohio Steel garden dump cart had everything I was looking for:

  • Swiveling dump cart design that allows you to easily dump in any direction
  • Hands free foot petal dump release that’s simple to use
  • Heavy duty plastic bed that’s 15 cubic feet and can handle up to 1000 pounds
  • Spring loaded hitch with integrated handle that makes hooking the trailer up to your garden tractor a breeze.

When I purchased the garden dump cart I felt like a kid on Christmas day!

I was so excited to see how well it worked for hauling firewood. So, naturally I immediately went into the woods and started hauling.

I was amazed how well the trailer worked.

Now, several months later I have nearly an entire winters supply of firewood hauled up with only using the Ohio Steel trailer and my Husqvarna garden tractor.

The garden dump cart can haul a lot of wood.

In fact, I’m sure I would overload the hauling capacity of my tractor before I broke the trailer.

It’s safe to say the trailer as exceeded my expectations.

The only downfall with the dump trailer is the fact that the entire load of firewood doesn’t dump out when using the dump feature.

This is a common complaint with just about every poly dump cart on the market today.

It’s really not that big of a deal though and definitely not enough to give this cart a negative review.

Polar Sport HD 1200 ATV Trailer

The Polar Sport HD 1200 ATV trailer is an amazing tool which could easily be considered a top rated garden dump cart.

There’s only a couple of reasons I went with the Ohio Steel cart as opposed to the Polar cart.

At around 400 the Polar Sport HD 1200 was nearly twice the cost of the Ohio Steel.

With all the positive reviews and having first hand experience using my friends, this trailer is definitely worth the 400 price tag.

However, it’s rated for ATV’s and since I currently don’t own an ATV I felt it was just too much trailer for my garden tractor.

The Best Upgrade You Can Make to a Gorilla Cart | No Flat Tire Upgrade

Now. with that being said if you’re looking for a garden cart that you’re going to haul with an ATV, the Polar Sport HD 1200 is a great purchase!

Here’s what I like about the trailer:

  • Large tires with a 12 inch ground clearance allows for easy hauling into the woods
  • Heavy duty polyethylene that won’t dent or corrode
  • 15 cu. ft. 1200 pound capacity
  • Dump feature makes unloading easy

The only drawback with the Polar Sport HD 1200 is similar to the Ohio Steel garden dump cart.

The dump feature does not allow the entire load to dump, causing you to have to rake out any remaining dirt and rocks or hand remove any remaining firewood.

As stated earlier, this is a common drawback for nearly every dump cart that has a plastic cart and it shouldn’t stop you from owning this trailer if you’re looking for one of the best tow behind carts made for ATV’s and garden tractors.

Garden Dump Cart Review. Overall

If you’re looking to purchase a nice pull behind garden cart for your garden tractor or ATV I highly recommend the Ohio Steel swiveling poly dump cart with 1000 pound capacity or the Polar Sport HD 1200 ATV trailer.

Both are very high quality dump carts and although they cost a little more than the 100 steel framed carts, these poly carts will basically last you a lifetime of household use.

Gorilla Cart: The Ultimate Tool For DIY Gardeners And Landscapers

Stefan Gheorghe is the founder and CEO of In 2008, he launched the platform out of his passion for interior design and home decoration.

A gorilla cart is the ideal tool if you’re a serious DIY gardener. If you need to move large quantities of soil, fertilizer, bricks, or other landscape materials in your garden, this cart is for you.

Plus, transporting heavy loads can cause permanent physical injuries if not handled properly, so a cart offers physical protection. If you want to increase your DIY landscaping skills, and a wheelbarrow doesn’t get the job done, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we’ll look at why you should get a poly yard dump cart, for example. We’ll also share 5 reviews of the best gorilla carts on the market.

What Are Gorilla Carts?

A ploy dump cart is a dirt transport tool with four small tires. The carts come with a pull handle dump feature which makes unloading easy. The 2 in 1 cart also doubles as a tractor and is built with an impact resistant poly bed, so it can handle any DIY garden project.

The carts can handle loads from 300-1,000 pounds depending on the models and load capacity.

Types Of Gorilla Carts

Utility Wagon

Fold down models feature a flatbed and four tires. The sides are removable and allow for easy cleaning. The carts are good for carrying larger loads like small trees and scrub brush.

Dump Carts

These carts can make dumping and unloading easy. They look like their wheelbarrow counterparts. These carts are good when transporting heavy loads.

Flatbed Carts

These carts have no sides to them. They’re best for carrying odd shapes or bulky materials to even smaller trees. You can hook the dump carts to a lawnmower or ATV.

Foldable Carts

These carts are perfect if you need to store this away in a small space. The sides are made out of some cloth material while the rest of the cart is made out of metal. You can fold them up and they have a lower hauling capacity.

Lawn Tractor

Because of the bed dimensions, the carts can haul larger sizes of dirt and soil, so they function like mini tractors.

Gorilla Carts vs Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow has one or two wheels and you’ll need to have some stamina to properly wheel it to the area you’re gardening. These types are easy to carry soil. Most people prefer plastic models because they’re lighter and easier to move.

Gorilla carts have four tires. You can pull the carts almost anywhere. The dump carts are useful for transporting oil and other things.

The carts have secure sides or function as 2 in 1 where you can lay down the sides and convert them into a flatbed.

Wheelbarrow Pros And Cons

  • Easy to move
  • Available in plastic or steel construction
  • Can carry heavier loads without bending over

Gorilla Carts Pros And Cons

  • Heavy duty wheels
  • Easy to pull as it has a handle
  • Some carts are 2 in 1 and convert into a flatbed
  • Quick assembly time

Best 5 Gorilla Carts

Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart

The heavy-duty cart by Gorilla Carts is made of rust-proof poly, offering improved maneuverability and durability. The dump cart carry up to 1,200 pounds.

The 10-inch tires help you move it easily as well and it has a 2 in 1 pull handle that lets you tow it or attach it to a lawn tractor. There is a patented quick release dump feature that makes unloading a breeze.

The cart comes with a limited one-year manufacturer warranty.

Gorilla Carts 2140GCG-NF 4 Cu Ft Steel Utility Cart

If you are looking for a garden cart that can handle any terrain, this Gorilla 2140GCG-NF model is for you. It has 10 inches of flat foam filled tires, which means you’ll never have to worry about air pressure. It has an 800 pound load capacity and 4 cu ft capacity.

This model is made with powdered coated steel and can handle heavy weight, bad weather elements, and more.

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A cool feature we like about this cart is that you can transform it into a flatbed to move fence posts and smaller trees. The 2 in 1 pull handle can be pulled by you or you can attach it to an ATV or lawnmower.

This model is easy to assemble and comes with a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM Steel Garden Cart

If you want or need something a bit smaller, the Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM will be perfect for you. It is made out of powder coated steel and can withstand 400 pounds. It also has foldable and removable sides so that you can transform it into a flatbed for larger loads.

This model has 10-inch pneumatic wheels and a very comfortable pull handle that makes hauling easy. There is a 1-year manufacturer warranty should you have issues with the cart.

Heavy Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart With Steel Frame

Offering improved maneuverability, this model features a different color and a hauling capacity of 600 pounds. The cart is made with alloy steel and has 10-inch pneumatic tires so it’s easy to handle.

The model also has a pull handle that makes towing easy. There’s also a quick release dump system that makes unloading easy. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Gorilla Carts 8 cu ft Utility Lawn Trailer

Finally, we have the Gorilla utility lawn trailer that is heavy-duty and can hold any quantity up to 500 pounds. The cart is made out of steel so it’s tough and durable. It’s 8 cu ft and has a manual haul option or can be towed by lawn mower or ATV. However, the poly dump cart only has two 16-inch foam-filled tires.

The dump cart features a dumping bed so you won’t strain yourself to fill or dump it. It’s a basic cart and comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, but check with the store before you purchase and ask about an extended warranty availability.

How To Choose The Best Gorilla Carts

Besides reading reviews and making sure it’s big enough, you need to consider other factors like load capacity, tires, what the cart is made out of, and your strength.

Load Capacity

The dump cart comes in different sizes and each model has a specific hauling capacity. If you need a smaller cart, you’ll want to get one that has a lower hauling capacity like under 500 pounds., for example.

If you need it for heavy-duty jobs, that’s not a problem as some carts can handle up to 1,000 pounds. For smaller models, you’ll want deeper and wider capabilities. For heavy-duty carts, make sure the sides are removable so you can load more onto them.

Pneumatic Tires

Pneumatic tires have a metal hub with a rubber tire mounted to them. The tires are important because of the terrain they can cover and the weight they carry.

Plastic carts are best for light loads when working in your yard. What you’ll like about them is how you don’t need to worry about punctures. The heavy-duty carts also have foam tires and are less maintenance as they don’t need air.

Bed Material

Most garden carts are made with durable steel. They’ll last for years, but they are heavy, rust easily, and can be damaged by acidic substances.

There is also polythene. It’s scratch and dent resistant, weighs less, and can handle severe weather conditions for short periods.

The lowest quality is plastic. These carts might be easiest to pull. Also, you shouldn’t leave them exposed for long periods. Keep them covered and protected from harsh weather conditions and sunlight.

Hauling Capacity

Other than because you need one, you can pick a heavy-duty cart, because you have the stamina to run it in the long term. Make sure you don’t overload your cart. If you work with heavier loads, buy one that can connect to a lawnmower or ATV.

Quick Release Dumping System

Gorilla carts are built with a quick – release dumping system that allows contents to be fully dumped. When you fill your cart with other items, you want access to your tools, so load capacity is essential.

Impact Resistant Poly Bed

A poly dump cart has an impact resistant poly bed that can handle tougher jobs and working conditions. The bed dimensions are larger than a wheelbarrow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) FAQ

Which Gorilla Carts Are The Best?

Our favorite is the Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart. The poly dump cart is made of steel and can haul 1,200-pounds when fully loaded. It features a special dump mechanism, making unloading dirt easier.

How Much Weight Do Gorilla Carts Hold?

On average, a poly dump cart can hold 1,000 pounds. It also depends on the model and if it has pneumatic tires.

Do Gorilla Carts Dump?

Some carts have a dump feature and quick release dumping system that allows you to load and unload with ease. Most dump carts have a balanced 4-wheel design which makes dumping easier.

Do Gorilla Carts Work On Sand?

Gorilla carts are not designed to maneuver on beach sand surfaces. Even though they have pneumatic tires, they’re too narrow to stop the weight of the wagon loaded from sinking. Do not try to use the carts on sand.

Where Are Gorilla Carts Made?

Gorilla carts are manufactured in the People’s Republic of China. The country offers cheaper manufacturing costs than the US. However, the carts are designed and engineered in the US.

Where To Buy Gorilla Carts?

You can buy a cart at most hardware and outdoor gardening supplies stores. Some stores will deliver for free, depending on how much you spend. If you can’t find one locally, they’re easy to purchase online.

After you create an account with an online vendor, order a cart and ship it to your home where it will arrive with your mail. With online orders, pricing will be different, and sometimes shipping isn’t included.

Most online stores have a greater inventory. Each website or link has a search features that offer details and pricing information.

Will Gorilla Carts Rust?

Since the cart has a steel frame and poly bed, the product shouldn’t rust, but it would be best to keep this in a garden shed or patio to protect it from the elements.

Can You Push Gorilla Carts?

Instead of lifting the tool, you can pull it by the handle device, saving your back and arm muscles. For heavier loads, the cart can be pushed or pulled depending on the material.

Gorilla Carts Conclusion

Customers who have purchased the carts have nothing but great things to say about the equipment. If you have a large garden or heavy landscaping responsibilities, the dump cart functions as a mini tractor.

Although some assembly is required, you can customize your cart and add items and accessories. Once your extra items are successfully added, your cart will be tailored to fit your needs and carry your gardening equipment.

Rather than push a wheelbarrow, a cart allows you to haul a large quantity of dirt, for example, from one point to another with ease. Loading is also simple as it doesn’t require much effort to fill the cart.

Once the cart is fully loaded, guide it to your destination and dump the material using its quick release dumping system. Customers who have purchased a poly dump cart like it best overall because it doesn’t require as much physical strength to operate as a wheelbarrow.

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