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Here at, we offer 2 different auger attachments. Your choice depends on your skid steer, hydraulic flow rating, and your application. The Heavy Duty Auger is really the auger that will meet most needs. This auger boasts reliability with a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty. We are proud to say that all parts of this unit are made right here in the USA. We offer such a solid warranty on this auger, because it is built based on a planetary drive, not a direct drive, or chain drive, and tight manufacturing controls.

For the most extreme or commercial applications, we offer the “Extreme Duty” Earth Auger attachment. This auger comes with a full 6-year warranty. That alone will tell you that this skid steer auger is designed for the most extreme conditions and use. It can even drill a hole in the rock or concrete. This auger is also completely made in America, using all USA-made components, steel included. To meet your expectations, all products are available in different price ranges. To complete your attachment, we offer auger bits for a wide range of applications. These products are available in “standard”, “heavy duty”, or “extreme” option, in a variety of diameters up to 48″ diameter and “tree bit“. The fitting is a standard 2” hex. We also have extensions and adapters to fit most other skid steer auger powerheads in the market.

SKID STEER AUGER offers 3 different skid steer attachments to choose from. Whether you have a mini skid loader or a large Bobcat T870 Compact Track Loader, we have the rock auger attachment for you. We also offer auger bits from 4 inches in width to 48 inches in width. We carry several sizes of depth extensions and adapters also. The Mini Auger and Heavy Duty Auger come with a 4-year warranty. The Extreme Auger comes with a beyond compare six-year warranty. These are the best warranties in the industry. Now all come with free shipping. If you should have any questions about our skid steer augers or time of delivery, feel free to call us at 1-866-315-3134.

BOBCAT COMPATIBLE AUGER offers Earth Auger attachments, auger bits, extensions, and adapters for sale for use with your Bobcat and other brand skid steers or excavators. Our Heavy Duty Equipment Auger is a hex-style shaft auger with a planetary drive. It has American-made quality and comes with an industry-best 3-year motor warranty. Hoses and couplers are included. Our Extreme-Duty Bobcat compatible Auger equipment comes in several models, depending on the GPM of your skid steer loader. This skid steer auger attachment is also a planetary drive attachment and comes with a 5-year warranty on the gearbox itself and a lifetime warranty against shaft pull out. We offer several bits to choose from 4-inch diameter and up with a 48-inch bit length. Please call 1-866-315-3134 to speak with our skid steer attachment experts.

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Don’t get stumped by street-side grinding

Jake Woudstra, president of Pro Lawn Landscaping in Orono, Ontario, has changed his approach to grinding street-side stumps, thanks to Fecon’s Stumpex, a high-torque, low rpm auger bit skid steer stump grinder.

Pro Lawn had been using a traditional skid steer grinder with a high-speed wheel and carbide tools. Gary Lowe of Winona Wood, Inc., a land clearing contractor in the area, saw Pro Lawn’s operation and suggested they try the Stumpex. Lowe uses Stumpex stump grinders in his land clearing operations and knew the Stumpex would be perfect for grinding near concrete structures and in high traffic areas.

Pro Lawn’s stump grinding work is primarily between the sidewalk and curb of boulevard streets. Woudstra explained standard practice is to remove ground material from the stump area to 20 cm below grade and then fill with good topsoil. Chips from the Stumpex are larger and easy to handle with tools like a pitchfork. The Stumpex chips also stay in place, compared to wheel-type stump grinders that create smaller chips in large and spread out piles.

“We spent much more time raking lawns and sweeping sidewalks and streets after using a wheel-type grinder. On windy days, the smaller chips can also blow onto near-by parked cars,” Woudstra said. “While there is no damage to the car, it can make the owner suspicious of damage and lead to complaints.”

Dave Maddock, product manager for Fecon’s Stumpex, explained the attachment has a patented auger bit with stepped blades and a threaded cone that draws the bit into stumps at approximately seven to 16 rpm.

Skid steer hydraulics of 75 to 159 litres per minute power the Stumpex gear box with as much as 30,000 foot pounds of torque to shave stumps into chips without causing high-speed debris. The rugged blades and vertical orientation of the Stumpex are ideal for operating near sidewalks, streets and building structures where safety is the primary concern.

Woudstra explained he no longer needs a safety truck to escort the operation, freeing up the cost of the truck and the second employee for other work.

During a typical day, Pro Lawn does an average of 30 to 35 stumps, twice what they were accomplishing with a wheel-type stump grinder mounted on the same skid steer. Stumps under 75 cm can be processed in a single plunge, but they’ve also processed stumps as large as 1.2 metres across, if the operator is well-trained. Their single best day is 50 stumps.

Woudstra went on to explain the wheel-type grinder creates such a pile of chips that after grinding one-third or one-half of a 90-cm stump they can no longer see the stump. The Stumpex grinds the material into smaller piles of larger mulch bits, and clean-up time is cut in half with a fraction of the wood chips.

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“We end up moving on to the next stump and coming back after the clean up crew addresses the chip pile,” Woudstra said. “That can cycle two and sometimes three times before the stump is done with the wheel type grinder. That’s a lot of moving equipment and crew members back and forth which is no longer necessary with the Stumpex.”

Woudstra explained how using previous stump grinders next to sidewalks and street curbs made it difficult for the operator to not get too close to the concrete. Hitting concrete resulted in broken teeth and downtime beyond the normal tool wear from hitting rocks. With the Stumpex operators can cut close to the curb or sidewalk and don’t have any carbide teeth to break or wear.

Pro Lawn Landscaping is primarily in landscape construction with a FOCUS on brick and stone work. Their original thinking on street side stump grinding was that it could be supplemental work for their Bobcat S650 skid steer. Today it’s become a valuable opportunity, leading to some unexpected new business.

Pro Lawn’s stump grinding services have become more rewarding than first anticipated. Increased productivity and confidence on the jobsite has allowed the Pro Lawn team to pursue more stump grinding contracts and paid for itself quickly.

How to Remove a Tree Stump Without Using a Grinder

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Last updated: August 12, 2022

Felling a tree can be difficult work in and of itself, but the real challenge often comes with trying to remove the stump. Tree stump grinders are efficient and practical machines but also expensive.

The good news is that you can get rid of a tree stump without using a grinder. This can typically be done in three ways: manually, chemically, and by burning.

Let’s explore these three options in more detail.

Removing a Tree Stump Manually

There are a handful of ways to remove a tree stump manually, or at least with more common gear than a grinder.

Here are a couple of ways to do it.

Using a Saw, Shovel, Chain, and Truck

At this point, you’ve probably already used a chainsaw or ax to cut down the bulk of the tree. This method can be time-consuming, but you probably have these tools on hand.

Cut the Tree to an Appropriate Height

Leave enough of the tree attached to the stump so that you will be able to employ leverage for this method. A foot and a half should do, especially if the tree wasn’t very big.

Remove as Much Dirt as Possible

Use a shovel to dig up the dirt around the roots as much as possible. A pickaxe is also handy for expediting this process, as it can break down large, tough patches of dirt and rock. Breaking down the earth and removing it can be hard work, but you want to prep the stump for removal as much as possible.

If it’s a smaller tree, it’s not impossible to dig up enough dirt and eventually knock the stump loose by shaking and kicking it. The leverage I mentioned above comes in handy for this method, but it’s still difficult to remove a stump this way. This method generally only works for small trees.

Connect the Stump to a Truck Using a Chain

Once you’ve exposed the primary roots and already formed a partial crater where the tree sits, it’s time to pull out a chain. A stainless steel chain that’s grade 30 will do, or something similar.

stumped, street-side, grinding, auger, stump

Attach the chain to your truck and then wrap it securely around the trunk (this is why the trunk still needs some height; otherwise, you’ll have nothing to wrap the chain around). Use the truck to slowly but firmly pull on the stump. Then back up and drive forward with enough strength to yank at the stump without hurting the truck.

Eventually, the stump should loosen enough that a good pull will force it to yield. Make sure anyone nearby is standing at a safe distance, so they don’t get hit by debris or the stump itself.

Using a Drill, Water, Nature, and Time

If you have the patience and an area that hits freezing temperatures over winter, this method helps break down the stump and makes removing it much easier.

Attach an Auger Bit to a Drill

If you’re unfamiliar, an auger bit is a common bit for a drill capable of boring into wood more than 30 inches deep. In this scenario, the necessary length of the auger bit depends on the tree stump’s depth.

Unlike the previous method, this approach is better if you cut the tree further down, as you do not need to worry about maintaining the trunk for leverage.

Using the auger bit, drill holes into the top surface of the stump. How many holes you need to drill depends on the largeness of the stump’s surface. You should evenly distribute them from each other and the perimeter of the stump.

Fill the Holes with Water

While the tree’s continuous flooding will eventually cause the stump to rot and disintegrate on its own, this method helps break the tree apart. However, it requires some timing and, as mentioned before, a guarantee of freezing weather.

After the stump’s drill holes contain water to the brim, allow the water to freeze. Once the water freezes, the expanded ice will put pressure on the stump’s interior and ideally cause it to split.

Dig Out the Broken Stump

Once the stump splits from the frozen water (this may take a few times), you’re left with a stump that’s in pieces, or at least on its way to being so. It’s much easier to take a shovel or ax to it and extract the remaining parts in this condition.

Alternatively, water’s continuous presence in the stump will still help it rot, even without the ice providing additional pressure. As the stump decomposes, it becomes easier to dismantle and remove.

This is not a speedy method but can ultimately be one of the least labor-intensive ones.

Removing a Tree Stump With Chemicals

If you’d rather spend less time hacking away at a tree stump and want something quicker than water and ice, then chemicals may be your best bet.

You can use various chemicals for this purpose, and not all of them are harmful to other plant life.

Using Potassium Nitrate

Similar to prepping the stump for just water, the tree must be drilled with an auger bit to form several holes. Instead of just putting water in the holes, you’ll first put in a liberal amount of potassium nitrate. Then fill the holes with water.

Using potassium nitrate still takes time, even if it’s a lesser amount. After a month or so, the stump will begin disintegrating. The consistency will turn soft and spongy, allowing you to remove the remains easily.

Fully removing the stump may take some time and a few applications. Gradually picking at and working the stump away takes some effort, but not nearly as much as having to dig and chop the whole thing up by hand.

Potassium nitrate’s benefit is that it doesn’t pose much of a threat to other vegetation in the area. It’s also odorless, which many chemical solutions are not.

Using Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is another chemical method to remove a stump. Again, it starts with drilling holes into the stump. But this time, they should be an inch in diameter.

You’ll then want to fill them mostly with Epsom salt, adding only a small amount of additional water to moisten the salt. Be careful not to overflow the holes.

Epsom salt contains sulfur and magnesium, which are beneficial to plants. The hydrated magnesium sulfate makeup of Epsom salt can aid flowers’ blooms and overall green growth. However, like many things, Epsom salt can be harmful in excess. The excessive usage of it is what causes the tree stump to die eventually.

This process requires repetition every three weeks until the last signs of life have faded. The stump can then be hacked with an ax or saw and removed.

Using Copper Sulfate

While potassium nitrate and Epsom salt are generally safe around other vegetation and won’t kill off everything it touches, copper sulfate will.

It’s very effective and will certainly disintegrate the stump thoroughly. But you must practice extreme care with it. Please keep it away from animals and children, and don’t let it near any plants you want to keep alive.

Using Triclopyr

Like copper sulfate, triclopyr is a powerful herbicide that will get the job done. But, also like copper sulfate, it can be dangerous in certain cases and must be handled with care. It will kill off any plants it touches, so keep it away from any vegetation you want around.

It’s also toxic to various fowls and freshwater fish that may fall victim to runoff containing the chemical. Since triclopyr is a chemical, it will flow easily through yards, down roads, and into rivers and lakes. Be cautious when using such solutions.

Removing a Tree Stump by Burning

If chemicals aren’t your ideal route, there are a couple of ways to remove stumps by burning them. They require a space where you can safely light a fire, but they are an effective approach to removing unwanted stumps.

Check out my full guide explaining how to burn a tree stump for the exact steps and tools needed.

Clear the Space Surrounding the Stump

First, you need to prep the area and the stump. Remove any flammable debris, which usually consists of leaves and twigs. It’s best to have a bucket of water or a working hose nearby as you don’t want your controlled burn to get out of hand.

Drill Holes into the Stump

Using a drill bit that can produce 1-inch holes, make several holes in the stump. Go around the top, drilling down to the roots. Then, go along the sides of the stump and create holes about three-to-four inches apart.

The stump should resemble a woody Swiss cheese, preferably with the holes connecting as much as possible to promote airflow.

Fill the Holes with Flammable Liquid or Substance

Dissolved potassium nitrate can aid the burning process. Put some potassium nitrate in the holes, fill the holes with hot water, and dissolve. After it’s dried out, the stump will be more flammable.

stumped, street-side, grinding, auger, stump

Another substance you can use is kerosene oil or diesel, either of which is your best bet. Pour either of these liquids into the holes and let it soak for an hour or so. In this case, it’s better to use too little than too much.

You should not use gasoline. Although it burns easily, it is far too flammable and even explosive. Again, do not use gasoline. It is not worth the risk. While both kerosene oil and diesel must be handled carefully, they do not burn as quickly as gasoline and are a little safer.

stumped, street-side, grinding, auger, stump

You should also check your local laws or contact your local fire department to make sure you don’t need a permit to burn with either of these substances. Since they are risky, some areas do not allow you to use them at all. Always check your area’s laws before proceeding, and be cautious.

Build a Fire

With the stump properly prepared, now it’s time to build a fire similar to how you would make a campfire. Gather some solid sticks and form a teepee with the stump underneath them at the center.

Now it’s time to light the stump. It’s important to keep in mind that utilizing flammable substances like kerosene or diesel is always a bit more dangerous. Try to light a long branch on fire and then light the sticks and stump that way.

Please stand clear of the area until it settles into a regular fire.

stumped, street-side, grinding, auger, stump

Keep It Burning Until the Stump Is Gone

Now that the fire is lit, you have to keep it going long enough for the stump to burn entirely away. Keep feeding it sticks and medium-sized logs and watch its progress.

Depending on the size of the stump, it may take up to 24 hours for the entire stump to burn. This means you should be able to be in the vicinity for the entire time so that you can check to make sure it’s still under control.

Clean Up

After the stump has burned and the fire has gone out, it’s time to clean up.

Check for any remaining hot spots. Even if you don’t actively see smoke rising from the pile, you may find hot areas concealed underneath if you turn the debris over. So don’t go sticking your hands in the pile, even with gloves.

Rake up the remaining burnt pieces of wood in the area. Some errant roots may remain, so poke through the area with a shovel and make sure they’re all removed.

You may want to get some extra soil to fill in the hole, depending on what you want to do with your newly-cleared bit of land.

If you’d like to repurpose a tree stump instead of removing and throwing it away, be sure to read my guide to preserving a tree stump to learn more about how to accomplish this. Also read my guide with ideas to repurpose tree stumps to enhance your backyard. Lastly, if you’re thinking of killing a tree quietly, check out my guide to killing a tree without cutting it down with some practical tips.

Final Thoughts

Tree stump grinders are helpful, but they’re not always available. With the above methods, you can still embark on your projects without having to worry about the eyesore of a leftover tree stump.

These methods might be more time-consuming but are typically more affordable and still get the job done.

Stump Planer Auger

he Dpair stump planer auger is the most efficient stump removal tool in the world for 14-30t excavators. This vertical stump grinder is multiple times quicker when compared with other stump removal methods used today.

The Dpair stump planer auger is a tool for professional users to remove large volumes of stumps. The speed in which this tool performs as well as being more ecologically friendly makes it extremely advantageous for customers when compared to digging out stumps.

Premier Attachments stump planer auger is a great way to provide additional value by adding the ability to turn your Premier auger attachment into a powerful stump removal tool. By adding this stump auger bit to your arsenal of attachments you can safely grind stumps down without the mess, noise and danger that a conventional stump grinder produces.


  • 10 times faster than other known stump removal methods
  • No waste to utilize left behind (grinded stump will be used as
  • fertilizer for the ground)
  • Suitable for excavators between 14 to 30 tons
  • Automatic speed/torque adjustment (built-in long lasting 2-speed planetary gearbox)
  • No electricity, no cables to connect (fully hydraulic operation)
ModelDimensionCutting diameterDrilling depth (from the ground)Working pressureHydraulic flow min-maxWeightRegirements for carrierExcavator (EXC)Excavator sizeExcavator engine powerBackhoe Loader (BHL)BHL sizeBHL engine powerCompact Track Loader (CTL)CTL sizeCTL engine powerSkid Steer Loader (SSL)SSL sizeSSL engine power
metric imperial metric imperial
600 mm 23.62 in 850 mm 33.5 in
700 mm 27.56 in 900 mm 35.4 in
150-250 bar 2175-3629 PSI 180-350 bar 2610-5076 PSI
65-150 l/min 17-39 gpm 110-220 l/min 29-58 gpm
285 kg 628 LB 575 kg 1267 lb
6-14 tons 6-14 tons 14-30 tons 30800-66000 lb
35-83 kW 47-111 HP 74-130 kW 100-176 HP
6-14 tons 6-14 tons
50-80kW 67-107hp
2-6 tons 2-6 tons
40-80 kW 54-107 HP
2-6 tons 2-6 tons
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With the Auger Torque Stump Planer, tree stumps are removed effortlessly and quietly with limited clean up time.

Removal of tree stumps is a job which, at best, is noisy, messy and time consuming. Traditional methods of removal, shower chippings over a wide area, making clean up a time-consuming exercise.


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