Echo Vs Husqvarna Vs STIHL Chainsaw; Which Is Best Chainsaw 2023. STIHL or Husqvarna chainsaw

Echo Vs Husqvarna Vs STIHL Chainsaw; Which Is Best Chainsaw 2023

This Echo vs Husqvarna vs STIHL chainsaw comparison is a real gem for you and many others who are in the process of buying the chainsaw but are puzzled about selecting any of these three. Let me tell you, my friend, you are not alone; many woodworkers have faced the same dilemma.

Echo would be more suitable if you need an easy-to-operate, lightweight chainsaw with better fuel capacity for backyard maintenance. If you need a wide range of models with special features and power, think of STIHL. Go for Husqvarna if you are a professional lumberman who needs a chainsaw with a bigger engine and ultimate power.

Echo vs Husqvarna vs STIHL chainsaw is a never-ending debate. Many chainsaw owners find Echo better, others think the same for STIHL, and Husqvarna is the favorite of all the remaining. But which one is better for you? Let’s find it together!

Echo Vs Husqvarna Vs STIHL Chainsaw: Which Is Better?

You must be a renter, homeowner, or maybe a professional getting into this Echo vs Husqvarna vs STIHL chainsaw comparison to find a better choice to clean up the garden after the storm.

Echo is popular for its unique design and safety features, making this tool an incredible choice for homeowners. Husqvarna offers a wide range of chainsaws in different categories with amazing features at various prices. In comparison to these two, STIHL has a more powerful engine and provides you with more horsepower.

Let’s dig deeper through this head-to-head comparison of Echo, STIHL, and Husqvarna to learn about these three brands in detail here:

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Echo Chainsaws

It is always better to know the features of the chainsaw before giving your vote to anyone. This information helps you find where and how to use a specific tool and choose accordingly.

i. Size

The Echo CS-2511T is the smallest chainsaw which weighs only 2.6 kg and has a 2-stroke 25cc engine. The textured grip handles provide the needed support for sky-high performance.

If you need a powerful chainsaw, Echo provides CS-1201 with a 116 cc engine, and the tool weighs 10.6 kg. The highly durable chainsaw has a bar of 36 inches, and vibration-reduced features let you enjoy the work peacefully.

Product Features Echo CS-2511T Echo CS-1201
Engine 25 cc 116.3 cc
Weight 2.6 Kg 10.6 Kg
Horsepower 3.5 HP 5.1 HP
Bar Size 12 and 14-Inches 33 and 36-inches
Power Source Gas-Powered Petrol-Operated
Chain Oiling Auto/Adjustable Auto/Adjustable
Fuel Tank Capacity 10.5 Oz 42.26 Oz

Echo CS-1201

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ii. Design

Echo provides you designed chainsaw for trouble-free operations. Also, this way, you can easily shift from one model to another without relearning everything again. The latest models of this brand offer you a momentary switch for the petrol-operated chainsaws, ensuring the chainsaw engine’s quick start.

iii. Power Ratings

All battery-operated chainsaws use the 58V battery, which provides enough torque. If you look at the petrol-operated chainsaws, the small chainsaw has a 25 cc engine while the largest has a 116 cc engine, which lets you get a wide range of options regarding the chainsaw’s power.

iv. Warranty

For all of the Echo chainsaws, you get a one-year warranty for different parts of the chainsaw which are not affected by (wear and tear). So, if the chainsaw button breaks, it will get replaced. But, the damaged chainsaw chains and seized chainsaw engine could not be replaced.

v. Safety Features/Systems

The Echo chainsaws have a two-button system, which you can turn on to let the chainsaw chain start running. In contrast, you will keep holding the button on the chainsaw handle and pull the trigger to let the chain spin. Besides that, the strong Echo chainsaws come with handle guards.

STIHL Chainsaws

STIHL chainsaws are well known for their superior engine power compared to others. These chainsaws provide you with more horsepower at an affordable price. Besides, the STIHL chainsaw doesn’t ask are easier to maintain and best for personal usage.

i. Size

The MS 150 C-E is the smallest and lightest STIHL chainsaw. The tool has been designed while keeping the needs of professionals in mind that can use this tool for reducing the smaller limbs, chipping, pruning fruit trees, and cutting firewood. The chainsaw has a 23.6 cc engine and weighs only 2.8 kg, making it the best lightweight STIHL chainsaw.

Conversely, MS 881 MAGNUM is the largest and the best overall STIHL chainsaw. So, if you have been searching for the chainsaw for all your toughest and most demanding jobs, you should think of this tool as many other professionals love to have this chainsaw.

The greater fuel efficiency of this chainsaw can save you time and money. It is a gas-powered chainsaw with a 121.6 cc engine and weighs 21.8 lbs.

Product Features STIHL MS 150 C-E STIHL MS 881 MAGNUM
Engine 23.6 cc 121.6 cc
Weight 2.8 Kg 21.8 lbs.
Horsepower 1.3 HP 8.6 HP
Bar Size 12-Inches 25-Inches
Power Source Petrol-Operated Gas-Powered


ii. Design

The STIHL chainsaws are an incredible combination of superb American manufacturing and German engineering. The manufacturers don’t outsource materials but use all the in-house components.

It is because there remains no space for mistakes, and you get excellent quality chainsaw chains and guide bars. STIHL provides you with both lightweight and high-weight tools. If you are uncomfortable with high-weight chainsaws, you must go for the lightweight chainsaws, as they are the perfect choice for falling trees.

iii. Power Ratings

You can get a wide range of chainsaws at STIHL; all differ regarding their power and function. Through this variety of choices, the client can get the products per their needs, or as the specific job, they are intended to do.

The broader range of battery-operated and electric chainsaw models is appreciable, and these chainsaws are the best for maintaining smaller yards.

iv. Warranty

STIHL offers you a one-year warranty for all the consumers on the chainsaws. Besides that, you get a 90-day commercial warranty for commercial usage.

v. Safety Features/Systems

Just like the other chainsaws manufacturers, STIHL also cares about its users. The STIHL chainsaw, like other tools, comes with a rear handguard, throttle interlock, and vibration reduction systems.

In addition, the manufacturers advise the users to wear safety equipment and read the chainsaw manual for safety operations.

Husqvarna Chainsaws

Husqvarna is the most popular chainsaw manufacturer, providing the best quality tools of various categories at.friendly prices. It may upset you, but chainsaw does not make entry-level battery-powered chainsaws.

Instead, the manufacturers only make large, stronger, and more powerful machines that are battery-operated and gas-powered.

To decide whether you should choose the Husqvarna or not, let’s have a look over the strong and weak points of the Husqvarna.

i. Size

If you are a homeowner looking for the smallest chainsaw, then Husqvarna T525 is for you as it is the smallest chainsaw you can have. The chainsaw has a 27CC engine and weighs only 2.7 Kg making it the best for tree cutting and other small tasks.

Conversely, 3120 XP is the ideal choice for professionals as it is the largest chainsaw Husqvarna has made. The chainsaw has a 118 CC engine and weighs 10.4 kg.

Product Features Husqvarna T525 Husqvarna 3120 XP
Engine 27 cc 118 cc
Weight 2.7 Kg 10.4Kg
Horsepower 1.48 HP 8.31 HP
Bar Size 12-Inches 24-Inches (minimum)42-inches (maximum)
Power Source Petrol-Powered Gas-Powered
Chain Oiling Adjustable Adjustable

Husqvarna 3120 XP

ii. Design

The Husqvarna chainsaws have a bulky body with a compact design. These tools have rear handles, and the safety guard is automatically attached. The Husqvarna chainsaws have orange-colored bodies.

iii. Power Ratings

The battery-powered chainsaws of Husqvarna use 36V lithium batteries because you will find them a bit weaker compared to other chainsaws with the same power source.

But, the gas-powered engines of Husqvarna are just unbeatable. The engines of petrol-powered chainsaws range from 27ccs to 118ccs, making Husqvarna stronger than the competitors.

iv. Warranty

You get one year warranty on all the chainsaws you purchase from Husqvarna. During that time, the manufacturers cover every defect in the material when you are operating the chainsaw normally. So, if the trigger system, chainsaw engine, or motor breaks, it will be covered by Husqvarna.

v. Safety Features/Systems

The Husqvarna chainsaws have a two-stage starting mechanism with the handle, where you can press the button down and trigger the pull. These tools also have the instant stop safety button, which can trigger at any time per your thumb’s needs.

What Do You Need To Consider When Purchasing A Chainsaw?

There are multiple considerations you must think of when you are going to buy a chainsaw. For instance, everything matters a lot, from the type of chainsaw to the brand, from the bar size to the engine, and it can significantly affect your decision.

By going through the following points, you can get a better idea of these three brands and can decide which chainsaw suits you the most:

Type Of The Chainsaw You Are Looking For

When you purchase the chainsaw, the type of chainsaw you need is crucial before you decide on the brand or model you need. There are two types of chainsaws gas-powered and electric. In electric, you can choose either battery-operated or corded.

Gas-powered chainsaws are fast, always produce clean cuts, and are efficient compared to electric chainsaws. These chainsaws can continuously run for hours but are heavier than the others.

The CS-600S, with a 59.8 CC engine, is an incredible gas-operated chainsaw that Echo provides. With the higher-capacity cutting performance, the tool’s weight is lower (6.2 Kg).

On the other side, Husqvarna provides you Husqvarna 455 Rancher, which has a 55.5 CC engine and weighs 17.4 pounds. The chainsaw has an excellent throttle response and is an extremely powerful tool.

In addition, the STIHL MS 290 has an engine of 565 CC and weighs 17.4 pounds. The crisply activated chainsaw brakes and easy-to-clean filters are a few of the most impressive features of the chainsaw.

Sr. No. Description Topic Echo CS-600P Husqvarna 455 Rancher STIHL MS 290
1 Engine Size 59.8 cc 55.5 cc 56 cc
2 HP 4 HP 3.5 HP 3.8 HP
3 Fuel 19.1 ounces 14 ounces 18.9 ounces
4 Weight 17.4 pounds 17.4 pounds 17.4 pounds
5 Decomposition Valve Yes Yes No
6 Bar Length 20-inches 20-inches 20-inches
7 Decibels 113 dB 111 dB 111 dB
8 Purge Bulb No Yes No
9 Air-Filter Access Tool-Free Phillips-Head Screw Tool-Free

If you need a battery-operated chainsaw, you can think of Husqvarna 540i. The chainsaw is one of the top tools by the Husqvarna and comes with BLi 300 battery equivalent to the 40-cc gas-powered engine.

Compared to this, STIHL MSA 220 is the top of a line battery-operated (electric) chainsaw. It has an AP 300 battery which can deliver 36V and 7.8 Ah.

In addition to these both, DCS-1600 is the best chainsaw from Echo. The chainsaw has a 50 V battery and weighs only 3.1 Kg.

Sr. No. Description Topic Echo DCS-1600 Husqvarna 540i STIHL MSA 220
1 Battery Type and Battery Voltage Li-ion battery and 50 V BLi300 battery and 40 V AP 300 battery and 36 V
2 Weight 6.83433 lbs. 6.39 lbs. 6.4 lbs.
3 Bar Length 14-inches 14 and 16-inches 16-inches

Length Of The Chainsaw Guide bar

The length of the chainsaw guide bar is measured from the tip to the chainsaw chain where the chainsaw bar enters the housing. All these three brands provide you with chainsaws with different bar lengths.

But, before selecting anyone, consider the wood you need to cut. The chainsaw guide bar’s length must be at least two inches longer than the diameter of the wood you will be cutting.

For instance, homeowners prefer chainsaws with 14 inches or smaller bar sizes. But, for heavy duties, the professionals prefer bar sizes between 14 inches and to 36-inches. So, in this regard, STIHL MS 261 C-M with a chainsaw bar is 16 inches is best for professionals and STIHL large chainsaw.

Likewise, the Husqvarna T435 can is the preferable choice for heavy duties, and three different bar lengths (12 and 14 inches) are suggested for this tool. The DCS-5000 of Echo, which comes with a bar length of 18 inches, is packed with incredible features and can cut large-sized wood.

Sr. No. Description Topic Echo DCS-5000 Husqvarna T435 STIHL MS 261 C-M
1 Length Of Chainsaw Bar 18-inches 12 and 14-inches 16-inches
2 Power Source Battery-Operated Gas-Operated Gas-Operated
3 Power Output 5.3 HP 2.01 HP 4 HP

For light-duty tasks like backyard maintenance, you can use the 535i XP of Husqvarna with a chainsaw bar of 12 inches. The STIHL MS 194 C-E with a 14-inch bar is suitable for all small tasks and is the best chainsaw of all time.

Likewise, the Echo CS-2511T, which has a bar of 12 inches, is the best for light duty though it is a monster in performance.

Sr. No. Description Topic Echo CS-2511T Husqvarna 535i XP STIHL MS 194 C-E
1 Length Of Chainsaw Bar 12 inches 14 inches 14-inches
2 Power Source Gas-powered Battery-powered Gas-powered
3 Weight 2.6 kg 2.6 kg 3.5 Kg

The Chainsaw Engine Power

The chainsaw bar length is crucial in determining whether the specific chainsaw can do the job. Likewise, the chainsaw engine power is another considerable factor in this regard.

A chainsaw with a 31 cc to 34 cc engine would be a nice choice for light work like trimming tree branches. For moderate tasks, you can get the chainsaw with a 55 cc chainsaw engine; for heavy-duty, you should have a chainsaw with a 65 to 110 cc engine.

STIHL MS 661 C-M chainsaw features an impressive power-to-weight ratio making it the best STIHL chainsaw for heavy use. It is a gas-operated chainsaw with a guide bar of 25 inches, a 91. cc engine, and 7.2 HP.

The 3120 XP is the best gas-powered chainsaw ever. It has a 118cc engine and an incredible power output of 8.31 HP. The CS-1201 of Echo, which has 116.3 ccs and power out of 5.1 HP, is also a considerable option for heavy-duty tasks.

Sr. No. Description Topic Echo CS-1201 Husqvarna 3120 XP STIHL MS 661 C-M
1 Chainsaw Engine 116.3 cc 118 cc 91 cc
2 Power Output 5.1 HP 8.21 HP 7.2 HP
3 Chainsaw Bar Length 33 and 36-inches 24 and 42-inches 25-inches

Echo Vs Husqvarna Vs STIHL Chainsaw: Frequently Asked Questions

Who Has The Best Price On STIHL Chainsaws?

Currently, the manufacturers are providing the best quality lightweight and powerful chainsaws at affordable prices. Your choices include MSA 120 C-B, MSA 220 C-B, MS 170, and MS 251. All of these are available at affordable prices.

Who Owns Husqvarna Chainsaws?

Investor AB (33.2%) and Lundbergs AB (25.3%) own the Husqvarna. Husqvarna is a Swedish manufacturer providing excellent outdoor tools, including chainsaws, for the last many years.

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What Is The Best Chainsaw Ever Made?

Husqvarna 135, Husqvarna 545 Mark II, STIHL MSA 120 C-BQ, STIHL MS 211 C-BE, and STIHL MSA200C are the best chainsaws available now. You can choose any of these per your needs and preferences.

What Is The Best STIHL Chainsaw For Home Use?

STIHL MSA 140 C-BQ, STIHL MS 251 C-BE, and STIHL MS 271 Farm Boss are the best choices for homeowners looking for chainsaws. These chainsaws ensure reliable performance and durable designs and are easy to start.

Is Echo Chainsaws As Good As Husqvarna Chainsaws Are?

The Echo chainsaws offer a wide range of chainsaws like Husqvarna or any other brand. For a better understanding, let’s compare the CS-400 of Echo with Husqvarna 435.

Both chainsaws are roughly equal in weight and power, but Husqvarna’s high-end chainsaw wins because of its efficient fuel capacity and chain bar length.

How To Choose The STIHL Chainsaw?

When choosing a STIHL chainsaw, there are a few features you need to consider. For instance, a good STIHL chainsaw should have an inertia chainsaw chain brake, chain catcher, and side chain tensioning. Remember that a chainsaw that is comfortable to use would be safer to operate.

Therefore, you must always look for a better power-to-weight ratio. Besides that, ease to use is the other worth considering feature.

Is Echo As Good As The STIHL Is?

The Echo machines are powerful, but compared to them, STIHL chainsaws are more durable concerning quality. If you compare the price of both, STIHL chainsaws are expensive, but you are paying higher for higher quality and working efficiency.

Which Chainsaws Are Better Husqvarna Or STIHL?

The STIHL chainsaws are preferable if you select a chainsaw for personal use. But, if you are a professional, you must go for Husqvarna. The Husqvarna chainsaws cut faster and have better warranties but cost higher.

In contrast, STIHL chainsaws are easy to maintain and cheaper. Overall, both chainsaws come with modern safety switches.

Conclusion: Echo Vs Husqvarna Vs STIHL Chainsaw

Echo, STIHL, and Husqvarna are all the largest and oldest chainsaw manufacturers. The variety of chainsaw models amazing and impressive you now find globally is all possible of these three.

The Echo vs Husqvarna vs STIHL chainsaw reveals that an Echo chainsaw is a better choice for homeowners as it is easy to operate, lightweight, and starts up easily. Comparatively, the Husqvarna and STIHL are better for professionals, as they have powerful engines, making them excellent choices for heavy-duty operations.

STIHL 211 Vs Husqvarna 435: The Battle of the Chainsaws

Chainsaws are a must-have tool for homeowners or professionals who engage in tree felling, bucking, cutting, or pruning regularly. There are two names that come to mind when it comes to chainsaws for homeowners: the STIHL 211 and the Husqvarna 435.

The STIHL 211 is a compact and lightweight chainsaw that is designed for light to medium-duty tasks such as pruning and cutting firewood. On the other hand, the Husqvarna 435 is slightly larger but is used for almost the same purpose.

It is designed to handle tasks such as limbing branches, bucking firewood, and felling small trees. This makes it suitable for starters and part-time users. Both of these chainsaws have been manufactured by very popular brands.

However, you have to consider several factors when purchasing a chainsaw. For example, engine power, dimensions, eight, cutting capacity, handling, and chain speed, among other features.

In this article, I will provide a comprehensive analysis of the features of these chainsaws and how they compare. Keep reading to find out more.

STIHL 211 Vs Husqvarna 435: Which One is Superior?

Which of these chainsaws should you go for? Well, that depends on several factors, such as performance, price, and intended usage.

Luckily, I have provided a detailed analysis of their features. This will help you make a more informed purchasing decision.

STIHL 211 Vs Husqvarna 435- Main Features

Engine Power

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a chainsaw is engine power. The STIHL 211 has a 35.2 cc engine with a 2.3 HP power output, while the Husqvarna 435 has a 40.9 cc engine with a 2.2 HP power output.

While the Husqvarna 435 has an engine with a larger displacement, the STIHL 211’s engine produces more power. This means that it slightly edges out the Husqvarna 435 in terms of power.


The weight and dimensions of a chainsaw play a very big role in how comfortable and easy it is to use. When it comes to weight, the STIHL 211 comes in at 9.5 lbs.

On the other hand, the Husqvarna weighs 9.7 lbs, which is slightly higher. Even though this difference is small, you will definitely notice it if you use the chainsaw for a longer period of time. Therefore, the STIHL 211 is more favorable.

Bar Length and Chain Pitch

Every chainsaw comes with a specific bar length, which will determine the size of the tree or branch that it can cut through. The STIHL 211 comes in four different bar variations, depending on your needs. That is 12, 14, 16, and 18 inches.

As for the Husqvarna 435, you have the option of choosing a bar with a minimum length of 13 inches and a maximum length of 18 inches. In terms of bar length, both chainsaws offer almost the same options.

The STIHL 221 has a 0.375-inch pitch, while the Husqvarna has a 0.325-inch pitch. This means that the former can provide a wider cut and hence better cutting ability, while the latter has lower vibrations and smoother movements when sawing, making it more precise.

Fuel Capacity and Fuel Caps

The fuel tank of a chainsaw can affect how long it can run without needing refueling. I always consider this aspect if I intend to use the saw for extended periods of time.

In terms of fuel tank capacity, the STIHL 221 outmatches the Husqvarna 435. It has a 0.27-liter fuel tank capacity, compared to the Husqvarna 435’s 0.25-liter capacity. This means that you can use the STIHL 221 for a slightly longer amount of time without refilling the tank.

STIHL 221’s oil and fuel tanks are well-secured and easy to open thanks to their tool-free filler caps. The Husqvarna 435 also features a flip-up fuel cap, which eases the process of opening the tank.

When it comes to ease of refueling, I’d give these two machines a tie.

Sound Level

Another metric that you might want to consider when purchasing a chainsaw is the amount of noise it produces. The STIHL 221 has a sound power level of 113 dB, while the Husqvarna 435 has 112 dB, making it a bit louder. However, this is expected given its more powerful engine.

STIHL 211 Vs Husqvarna 435 – Other Features

Starting System

The starting system of a chainsaw is crucial in determining how easy it will be to start sawing. To begin with, the STIHL 211 has an ElastoStart starter handle, which is exclusive to STIHL chainsaws. This feature is designed to reduce the effort you use to pull the starter cord, thus making the process smoother.

Husqvarna chainsaws, including the 435, come with Smart Start Technology, which makes it easier to get the machine up and running. In addition, this chainsaw comes with a Quick Start with Air Purge feature, which expels any air from the carburetor and fuel system, making it easier to start.

Both chainsaws have advanced technology that makes it easy to pull the cord and start the machine, but the Husqvarna has an extra Quick Start with Air Purge feature, which expels any air for an easier start.

Reduced Emission Technology

If you’re environmentally conscious, then this metric will help you decide which saw to pick. The STIHL 221’s engine has a 2-mix system that helps reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%. Consequently, this reduces emissions to 999 g/kWh.

For cutting down on fuel consumption and emissions, the Husqvarna 435 comes with a special X-Torque technology feature, resulting in an 813 g/kWh emission rate. This means that the Husqvarna is much better for you if you’re environmentally conscious.

Side-Mounted Chain Tensioner

Both the STIHL 221 and Husqvarna 435 have a side-mounted chain tensioner to help you adjust the chain quickly and easily. It is important to tighten the chain before every operation. This prevents it from dislodging itself from the bar repeatedly.

Additionally, it helps to provide you with a sharper cutting interface. Husqvarna also provides a small wrench for adjusting the tension of the chain. Generally, both the STIHL 221 and Husqvarna 435 are easy to maintain.


Chainsaws generate significant amounts of vibration that can cause you to be fatigued after using them for a while. Over time, excessive vibration can cause injuries to your hands and arms.

To counter this effect, the STIHL 221 has an anti-vibration system that reduces the amount of fatigue you feel and makes it more comfortable to use. The Husqvarna 435 also comes with Low Vib Technology, which protects your arms from harmful vibration.

Both chainsaw systems are equally effective in combating excessive vibration, thus reducing injury risks.

You can easily control the STIHL 221 thanks to its loop-handle grip, which ensures you are in total control and prevents kickbacks. To rival this, the Husqvarna 435 has large, fully wrapped handles that reduce discomfort.

On top of that, it also has felling marks, which make it hard for the chainsaw to slip even in wet weather. If you’re going for handling, then I would suggest the Husqvarna 435.

Pre-separation Air Filtration System

STIHL included a pre-separation air filtration system on the 221 that uses centrifugal forces to separate larger debris before they get to the air filter. The Air Injection Technology of the Husqvarna 435 also works in a similar fashion.

In the long run, this helps prolong the life of the air filter and, by extension, the engine. I would give the STIHL 221 and Husqvarna 435 a tie in this department.

Master Control Lever

The STIHL 221 features a Master Control Lever. Why is it important? It enables you to control several functions of the chainsaw from a single location. Typically, it will control the start, choke, and stop functions.

On the other hand, the Husqvarna 435 has a combined start and stop switch, which makes starting and stopping the machine simpler. This means that both machines are equally convenient to use.

Ematic Chain Lubrication System

Lubricating the chain can significantly drive up your oil consumption, which is why the STIHL 221 has a specially-designed Ematic Lubrication System. This system regulates the amount of oil that you use to lubricate the chain links, driver holes, rivets, and sliding faces of the bar.

In the long run, this improves the chain life and decreases oil consumption by as much as 50%. Its main competitor, the Husqvarna 435, doesn’t have a similar feature. That is why the STIHL 221 oiler functions much better.

Safety Features

Handling a chainsaw is a dangerous affair, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran. Accidents can occur at any time.

That is why STIHL equipped the 221 with a Quickstop chain brake feature that automatically stops the chain in case you let go of the saw or if it kicks back.

The Husqvarna 435 also has a chain brake feature that carries out the same function. The chain brake feature is activated by inertia. It only takes less than a second to stop the chain’s rotation.

In addition to a chain brake system, the Husqvarna 435 has a throttle lockout button, which prevents you from accidentally operating the machine and injuring yourself. It also has hand guards at the rear and front ends to keep your hands safe from debris that flies around during sawing.

I believe that the Husqvarna edges out the STIHL 221 when it comes to user safety.

Price Comparison

A Husqvarna 435 with a 16-inch bar costs approximately 330 on Husqvarna’s official website and has a 2- or 4-year warranty if you register and purchase it online.

This price may vary depending on various other factors, such as the length of the bar, the Husqvarna dealer you purchase it from, and accessories you buy it with.

The STIHL 211, on the other hand, might cost you approximately 250–700 when you purchase it from STIHL dealers located all around the country. It also comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer if you use it domestically.

You can also find these two chainsaws in online stores such as eBay. However, most chainsaws you find on such sites have previously been used, and you can only know their true condition once you get them.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

I took the time to go over customer reviews and feedback for the STIHL 221 and Husqvarna 435 to figure out which one gave a better user experience.

The STIHL 221 received mostly positive feedback, with a few complaints. An arborist who was starting out gave it a five-star rating, stating that it ran smoothly and consumed a minimal amount of fuel. He said that the STIHL 221 was a perfect tool for homeowners who live where trees don’t grow very large.

One customer stated that the STIHL 221 was an excellent purchase because it was lightweight and effective for clearing brush and small trees in the woods. However, he said that you would need a larger STIHL chainsaw for heavier work or large trees.

According to one dissatisfied customer, the main issue with the STIHL 221 is that the chain can randomly lock up, and unlocking it can be difficult. However, this was an isolated incident.

After going through several customer reviews, I can give Husqvarna 435 a rating that is slightly above average. One user who bought it to replace his old Poulan was pleased by how sharp its chain was. He added that it had flown through all the pieces of wood he wanted to cut.

Another customer said that his Husqvarna 435 worked perfectly for two hours after purchasing it. However, he was very concerned since the fuel and bar oil consumption for that short period was quite significant.

A user complained that the Husqvarna 435 was hard to start and the choke button did not function properly. He recommended this chainsaw to people who want to use it for light tasks such as cutting small wood.

STIHL 221 Vs Husqvarna 435: Pick of the Day

I know you’re interested in finding out which chainsaw you should purchase and not being disappointed.

The STIHL 221 outmatches the Husqvarna when it comes to engine power and fuel tank capacity. It is also lighter and more compact.

If you go for the Husqvarna 435, you’ll get a chainsaw that produces less noise and emissions, but lags behind in terms of performance when compared to the STIHL 221. The STIHL 221 also has better customer reviews and feedback.

To wrap it up, the two main criteria that I consider when I’m looking for a new chainsaw are: performance and ease of usage. With that in mind, I can confidently say that the STIHL 221 takes the day.

STIHL chains vs. Husqvarna chains?

Got a ton of cutting to do coming up when I get the proper permission slips signed, notorized and back from the G/F to do something fun.

Anyways, I have a STIHL and Husqvarna dealer close to me and was wondering who I should buy a back-up chain from.

Who makes a better chain? I will be cutting hardwoods. I am not opposed to Oregon or any other brand but want a good strong chain that will last cuz I am limited for time and can’t stop so much for resharpen and stuff.

The chain I need is 18″ 3/8 058 68dl.

Also, is there a better pitch, and DL thickness to run on the Husqvarna 460?


ArboristSite Operative

husquvarna chain is made by oregon, and STIHL makes their own chain in virginia beach. in my opinion STIHL makes better chain, but like i said, that is just my opinoin. also, the STIHL chain has really hard cutters that last in hardwood. get the rsc chain or if you are less experienced get the “green box” safety chain. if you get STIHL chain.

echo, husqvarna, stihl, chainsaw, which, best


Addicted to ArboristSite

Doesn’t matter who’s chain you buy if you don’t keep it out of the dirt.

Other than that, if you are doing alot of dirty cutting go with round chain. Clean wood, I prefer STIHL RSC. but go with whichever shop you have a relationship with and is willing to cut you a better deal.


Addicted to ArboristSite

God help me for getting into this.

Ok, STIHL makes about the best chain out there. STIHL ES bars are about as good as you will ever own!! The GB titanium bars are about as good as it gets for second best.

Now, if you are serious, and really want the “best saw out there”, you will put the 460 Husky down, go look at a Husky 346xp, 357xp, 372xp, a STIHL 260, 361, 441, or 460.But I doubt you are that serious.


A.K.A Rotten Tree Limbs

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Just Mow

Don’t touch my Willie.


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God help me for getting into this.

Ok, STIHL makes about the best chain out there. STIHL ES bars are about as good as you will ever own!! The GB titanium bars are about as good as it gets for second best.

Now, if you are serious, and really want the “best saw out there”, you will put the 460 Husky down, go look at a Husky 346xp, 357xp, 372xp, a STIHL 260, 361, 441, or 460.But I doubt you are that serious.


A.K.A Rotten Tree Limbs

Joined Apr 3, 2002 Messages 6,051 Reaction score 563 Location Amoungst My Saws. Fool That Has Too Many.

Mail order. Oregon comes cheaper than STIHL too.

It all comes down to the dolt runnin’ the saw. Some are grinder happy. In that case no chain stands a chance!


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God help me for getting into this.

Now, if you are serious, and really want the “best saw out there”, you will put the 460 Husky down, go look at a Husky 346xp, 357xp, 372xp, a STIHL 260, 361, 441, or 460.But I doubt you are that serious.

I would love any of those saws!! I am not looking for the best saw, maybe a better BC combo for my 460.

Why would you doubt i am that serious? I like the best I can afford like anyone else. The 460 just fit the bill at the time.


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My favorite saw is my modded Husky 350, another one or two have an idea what it runs like. It’s not a Pro, but will eat a lot of them for lunch!!

Look for the GB/Carlton chains. The GB “Pro-top” bars are about as good as you will get for a Husky small mount. I don’t like them as much as the GB titaniums, but they don’t make a small mount Titanium Really the Husky chain isn’t all that bad, but the bars leave much to be desired!!


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Mail order. Oregon comes cheaper than STIHL too.

It all comes down to the dolt runnin’ the saw. Some are grinder happy. In that case no chain stands a chance!


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Take it from a guy that cuts plenty of wood in a sandy(Think Beach with trees) area.

Oregon/Husky chain is OK but dulls faster than STIHL RSC. STIHL RSC dulls faster by a good margin over STIHL RM/RMC.

STIHL RM does not cut as fast as RSC or Husky/Oregon untill the RSC or Husky chain has been in wood for a dozen cuts or so, then it is about even.From there the RM is faster cutting as the others just keep dulling.

If you are going to slip up now and then, and rock(Dirt) the chain, or be cutting dirty wood, or cutting wood with Ice/dirt on it, RM is the chain ya want. Try to keep the saw outta the dirt though.

STIHL chins eat files, but you’ll use the files less often. The better made Files last longer and are worth the extra coin.

Husky makes the better saw, but hands down, no contest, STIHL Chains are the absolute best hard use chain out there. Husky does a LOT of things right, but Chains ain’t one of ’em.

Your CHAINSAW CHAIN is TOO TIGHT, here’s how to tell

Make your STIHL dealer happy and tell him your putting them on a Husky.

STIHL Farm Boss vs Husqvarna Rancher [Which Works Better?]

When it comes to chainsaws, “Chainsaws by STIHL vs. Husqvarna” is the typical discussion with lots of enthusiasm on both sides of this argument. It’s because these are two of the most recognizable heavyweights that have been consuming market dominance.

To address this issue, one of the most significant distinctions between Husqvarna and STIHL is that STIHL doesn’t really sell its products online. In reality, it’s the corporation’s choice to have complete control over the brand. So, if you’re planning to buy one, here’s STIHL Farm Boss vs. Husqvarna Rancher.

Overview of STIHL Farm Boss

The STIHL Farm Boss is a common choice for homeowners looking for a higher-powered chainsaw. In fact, there are several other STIHL chainsaws available under the Farm Boss brand, including some which are no longer in business. Their products are known for their production of high-quality products.

They sell the most outdoor power equipment to both homeowners and professional landscapers in America. Indeed, they emphasize the quality of products, which has been established to be a successful strategy.

362 vs 562xp

Overview of Husqvarna Rancher

When Electrolux purchased the Husqvarna Rancher brand, it shifted its FOCUS from sewing machines to motorcycles to horticulture and forestry equipment. This is what drove Husqvarna to prominence as a chainsaw producer.

The brand manufactures chainsaws for the USA. Hence, they adhere to US emission control requirements and, when relevant, OSHA rules.

Husqvarna 460 Rancher Vs STIHL Farm Boss: Comparing

Both the Husqvarna 460 Rancher and the STIHL Farm Boss sound like highly strong and dependable selections, and it’s not surprising if either is your preference.

Indeed, both manufacturers have a long and distinguished history in outdoor power equipment, and both provide strong features with few negatives. So, here’s the STIHL farm boss vs. Husqvarna rancher in depth.


The STIHL Farm Boss is attractively and neatly designed, and manufactured with the best parts. Additionally, the STIHL is more compact and less bulky.

Meanwhile, the Husqvarna Rancher 460 has a more straightforward design with innovative technology and high-quality components, making it larger than the STIHL.

Professional Acceptance

Husqvarna can cut through denser timber due to its capacity to accept longer chains and bars. Because of the finest components, you’ll receive excellent cuts with clean accuracy.

What’s more, Husqvarna is superior for quicker cutting, whereas STIHL produces more torque. In terms of accuracy, either cut with great precision.

Engine Strength

The Husqvarna features a 60.3 cc engine that produces 3.62 horsepower. This provides greater power than the STIHL farm boss’s 50.2 cc engine and its 3.5 horsepower performance. So, in terms of strength, the Husqvarna 460 tops the list.

For these reasons, the Husqvarna 460 is also considered one of the most powerful chainsaws for milling timber. On the other hand, STIHL still has the power to topple medium-sized trees.

Fuel Tank

Compared to the Rancher 460, the STIHL farm boss has a larger gasoline tank of 16.9 ounces, while the Husqvarna 460 has a fuel capacity of 14.88 Fl. Oz. Clearly, the STIHL comes out on top. That, however, does not justify it.

The STIHL farm boss is still behind Husqvarna when it refers to fuel capacity, which is important. With an 11.2-ounce oil capacity, the Rancher 460 tops the field.

Also, Rancher incorporates x-torque technology to reduce fuel consumption. As a result, you can anticipate this model to use a modest amount of gasoline. While Farm Boss has a high fuel economy engine that operates for 20% longer between fill-ups.


The STIHL weighs 19 pounds, making it smaller and lighter than the Husqvarna, around 20.8 pounds. What’s more, because it can take tiny chains and bars of 16 inches, the STIHL is much more compact while still being qualified to work the whole day on hard cutting and mild to moderate falling.


Husqvarna has reduced the resistance of the starting cord by 40% and incorporated an air intake system to prevent bigger dust particles from entering the air filter, resulting in a healthy motor.

On the other hand, Farm Boss includes a pre-separation air filtering technology that permits your air filter to last five times longer than average.

Ease of Use

The Husqvarna 460 features an automatic oiler, a quick-release air filter, a side-mounted tensioning mechanism, and a LowVib system that suppresses vibrations for longer saw life and easier handling.

Also, the chain is equipped with an edge chain tensioning mechanism that allows you to simply and rapidly change it while operating.

While with STIHL Farm boss, you don’t need any equipment to play with the oil or petrol because all of their caps spin off with your fingertips. There’s also a chain tensioner on the side for convenient access to chain changes.


The Husqvarna 460 Rancher incorporates an inertia-activated chain brake that significantly decreases the possibility of injury from a violent kickback occurrence. This function, in essence, prevents your chainsaw from kicking if something goes badly.

On the other hand, STIHL Farm Boss includes an anti-vibration technology that reduces the vibration levels you feel when operating it. As a result, it improves safety while boosting your comfort.

Price Point

Both STIHL and Husqvarna may appear pricey to many home users since these are premium brands. For such brands, considering long-term dependability is extremely crucial. So, investing in high-quality equipment with competent service representatives is invaluable.

However, it is you who has the authority to make this decision. We all have our own idea of what is reasonable in terms of cost vs. quality.

Husqvarna 460 Rancher Vs. STIHL Farm Boss: Summary

Husqvarna 460 Rancher

Pros Cons
Great cutting experience, causing less strain on arms and hands. A bit pricey compared to competitors.
Low flooding and easier to start. Some consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s customer service.
Low maintenance of the gadget.
Quickly stops the chain whenever needed.
Lower fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions.

STIHL Farm Boss

Pros Cons
Starts readily with less effort than traditional starting techniques. Less capacity of the fuel tank.
Has a chain braking mechanism that can be triggered from the rear handle in any position. Less fuel-efficient.
Automatically adds oil to all essential places and uniformly distributes it along the chain. Requiring less upkeep.
Delivers increased filtering capacity of up to 99.96% and lasts one year without extra maintenance.
Updated chainsaw components and places.

The Husqvarna 460 Rancher has a LowVib anti-vibration, combined choke or stop control, air injection with centrifugal air cleaning, trio-break, and X-Torq. All of which helps the chainsaw to be more efficient and perform better when used.

However, compared to other brands, it’s a bit more pricey, and some customers expressed dissatisfaction with their customer service.

On the other hand, STIHL Farm Boss is easy to start, and has a quick-stop plus, OILOMATIC, X2 air filtration, and an anti-vibration system.

These features help the chainsaw perform better and make it last longer. Yet, it has a smaller fuel tank size and is fuel-efficient compared to its competitors.

Chainsaw Maintenance Tips

This video provides some maintenance advice for your chainsaw. First, remove the bar from the powerhead with your gloves and tools and clean it. By removing the sawdust residue, you may clean both sides.

You should also check that the sprocket at the end is rotating freely, as small bits of wood may be lodged there, stopping your chain from spinning. Compressed air may be used to completely remove sawdust from both sides of the holes while cleaning them. You may use a bench vise or stomp vice to straighten the edges, then line it up on the edges and file both sides.

Before reinstalling it, you must first clean the powerhead, eliminating sawdust and even the holes. You should also inspect the sprocket to ensure that it is not heated and that all of the little gaps are in good shape. When reattaching the chain, ensure it’s not too tight or too loose. To test it, move it with your palm; it should move easily and not sag.

Lastly, when sharpening your chain, begin filing on the painted section of your chain. To achieve a better result, remember to apply the same amount of passes on both the left and right sides.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are both brands’ common features?

Because both producers specialize in the same market sector, you may expect to find relatively comparable features with some minor differences.

As an example, both have a bar tip guard, chain oiler, reduced kickback chain, trigger knockout, reduced kickback bar, chain catcher, and anti-vibration.

What is the recommended STIHL Farm Boss and Husqvarna Rancher chainsaw?

Husqvarna Chain Saw Bar

If a short bar isn’t long enough for you, this Chainsaw Bar is the answer. Aside from the 460 Rancher, this should suit most Husqvarna chainsaw models that match its specifications, such as 455, then 257, and others.

In fact, it’s ideal for those who want a chainsaw blade that can survive the most difficult and demanding circumstances and jobs. You will also benefit from a reduced kickback, which will keep you safe when operating your saw.

If you need a new bar for your Husqvarna chainsaw, this is the first bar you should look at. It is designed to endure a long time and has all the necessary features.

STIHL Chain Saw Bar

It is appropriate for a wide range of applications, including one-time, mid-range, and ongoing professional tree-cutting jobs.

This bar is also composed of high-quality, long-lasting steel. Even when subjected to the most difficult cutting duties regularly, it keeps its strength and hardness.

It is unlike any other we’ve examined since it has 3-spot laminated welding, which increases the bar’s overall robustness and longevity.

With a length of 20 inches and a higher gauge of 0.063 inches, this bar can do heavy-duty cutting that other smaller bars struggle or fail to do.

Which Brand offers a better design?

The STIHL farm boss, as previously said, has a more attractive and elegant look. On the other hand, The Husqvarna Rancher 460 has a more simple design and is bigger. However, it all comes down to personal choice.

What features are unique to both of the brands?

The power and torque of the STIHL farm boss and the Husqvarna rancher are the main differences. STIHL chainsaws are recognized for their higher torque, but Husqvarna chainsaws are noted for quicker cutting.

Where can I use these chainsaws?

STIHL is far more popular among households since it provides adequate power and muscle for casual lawn-care tasks around the house, such as trimming or leveling out tree limbs.

On the other hand, Husqvarna saws are mostly used by the majority of professional loggers since their sharp blades provide forceful cuts with laser accuracy, which is more fit for their line of work.

Conclusion: The Better Brand

Thus, both the STIHL and Husqvarna chainsaws will deliver excellent performance and complete the work.

With all the mentioned features above, stating its unique features, advantages, and disadvantages, it’s really hard to know which is the better brand.

That is why preference is crucial in this circumstance, and the only deciding element as to which one to choose is based mostly on your demands.

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