Grass robot mower cheap. Grass robot mower cheap

Robot Lawn Mowers

Robot lawn mowers are the modern replacements for manual mowers and operate quietly and autonomously while saving you time, money and labor. Self propelled lawn mowers allow you to schedule mowings at your convenience and most can be managed from your smartphone.

And by cutting the grass continuously, grass clippings are very small. so fine that they immediately disappear and quickly break down adding nutrients back into the soil, helping create a thicker, healthier, greener lawn. Thus, your lawn always looks freshly cut and the small clippings won’t collect on your lawn but help make it richer.

This one time purchase will save you years on outside labor and yard maintenance with a mowing service. Take back your time and energy and automate your lawn mowing labors today.

The biggest difference between our robot mowers is how much area they can mow with the maximum size being 3/4 of an acre.

Shipping is always free with Robot Cleaner Store. All mowers ship ground arriving within 3. 5 business days of shipment.

If you have any further questions, feel free to send a message on our Contact Us page or email us at


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Grass robot mower cheap

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What the experts say

“Although this brand may sound unknown to some people, the Norwegian company SØMLØS is synonymous with quality and attention to detail

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The result is impressive. The blades of grass are neatly cut off, the clippings remains in place and serves as a future source of nutrients.

We like how quiet and self-sufficient the SØMLØS G1 is

What is certain is that the Somlos itself performed quite well in the rain. A real surprise. Other models fail more

The G1 does a largely excellent job of cutting larger gardens other mowers cannot reach

The SØMLØS G1 is a premium robot lawnmower from a Norwegian start-up that means business and that business is cutting grass Lint

Made for people

In Norwegian SØMLØS means ”seamless”, which emphasize our belief in a future of more freedom through seamless integration with technology.


Without exaggeration, the G1 has blown us away; firmly taking the top spot as the best piece of family technology we’ve ever tested.


OpenMower. The affordable Open Source DIY Smart GPS Robotic Mower

Its a little gem of technology Our lawn has never looked so beautiful 24/7. And that. It’s really lovely


A modern and innovative robot mower with the latest in technology You control everything via app, time, settings, length etc.


Your SØMLØS G1s never stops improving. Equipped with advanced over-the-air update capability for quick and easy wireless upgrades that help enhance quality, capability and enable new features.


The SØMLØS G1s is designed to take care of itself with the latest Adaptive Terrain Control™. Intertwined with digital tilt, lift, rain and bumper sensors it can navigate and venture your yard with ease. When the robot has perfected the lawn, it will automatically return to the dock to recharge.


With advanced mowing patterns that enable a level of precision that manual mowing can rarely achieve.

Featuring spot mowing, random mode, edge-cut mowing, and pivot razor blades cutting system; you can assure that every blade of grass will be chopped back to perfection.


While your lawn might become the envy of the street, your robot could become a target too.

However, you can rest assured it’s safe at any time with a built-in anti-theft system and alarm.

LUBA AWD 5000 : Perimeter Wire Free Robot Lawn Mower

Using the RTK-GNSS and Multi-sensor integrated Navigation System, LUBA AWD can map out your lawn and set up various mowing zones without you having to dig or bury wires. LUBA AWD makes the lawn maintenance a breeze for you.

RTK-GNSS and Multi-Sensor Navigation System

With the advanced four Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and RTK Technology and IMU sensors, LUBA can map and navigate in cm-level accuracy.

Powerful RTK Signal Coverage

grass, robot, mower, cheap

LUBA RTK signal range can cover a radius of 120m, so LUBA can take care of even large and challenging lawns. The LUBA AWD series maintain perfect route stability even when satellite signals are poor thanks to the integration of interial navigation, odometry, and patented algorithms.

Powerful All-wheel Drive System

Featuring four powerful in-hub motors and exclusive off-road tires and suspensions, LUBA AWD Series boasts best-in-class traction and zero-turning agility. Unlike small-diameter wheel mowers, the LUBA can effortlessly handle 75% slope and traverse the most demanding terrain without getting stuck.

Take good and soft care of your lawn

Four Powerful In-hub Motors

Manage 37° steep slope and obstacle of 50mm height

Make the best off-road capability in rough terrain

Dual Cutting Plates of 400mm

In-app adjustable cutting height of 30-70mm. Never miss a cut.

Impressive Slope Mowing

LUBA AWD 5000 can mow the steep slope up to 75% (37°), and handle the complex lawns and thick tall grass.

In-APP Adjustable Blade Height

LUBA AWD’s double cutting plate with a 400mm(16 inch) cutting width allows it to cut your grass without missing any areas.

LUBA AWD 5000 is ideal for all types of lawns up to 5000㎡(1.25acres). It has a super high efficiency of mowing up to 500㎡(0.13acre) each hour, allowing your family to spend more time enjoying the picture-perfect grass.

Smart App Control Anywhere

With the Mammotion App, lawn care has never been easier.You can customize mowing tasks, and track real-time mowing status anywhere, anytime. Enjoy your vacation and Luba will take good care of your lawn.

Efficient Multi-Zone Management

With the Mammotion App, You can easily set up mowing tasks for multiple working areas, and create channels between them. Set different schedules, cutting modes and cutting heights for each mowing zone.

Planned Route Modes

Compared to the random mowing pattern of conventional robotic mowers, the planned route algorithm significantly improves Luba’s mowing efficiency. You can have it mow one direction then the other, or define angles to mow.

Smart Obstacle Avoidance

Cheap Robotic Lawn Mower. Before Buy. Big test cutting and real work

Four ultrasonic radar sensors allow the LUBA to automatically detect and avoid obstacles as small as 5cm (2 inches) with a Field of view (FOV) of 220 degrees.

Powerful Battery Auto-recharge

Luba lithium-ion battery has enough capacity to enable Luba to run 180 minutes and to mow up to 500㎡ (0.13 acre) per hour in a session. When the battery is low, it automatically returns to the charging dock, then continues the interrupted mowing session.

Easily Create No-go Zones

You can create no-go zones for plant beds or children’s playgrounds or pools in App, Luba AWD will automatically avoid them.

grass, robot, mower, cheap

Automatic Rain Detection

Tiny sensors atop the Luba robot can detect when rain begins and will automatically send the mower back to the charging station.

Anti-theft System

The app will sound an alarm to notify users when there is unusual movement. Luba supports the lost feature. The original user will be informed of the current position of the lost LUBA when it reconnects to the network. LUBA cannot be used by others if the original user has not granted permission.

TüV Rheinland-certified Quality

The LUBA AWD Series robot lawn mower is committed to providing high-quality performance with TüV Rheinland-certified quality. LUBA provides a quiet mowing experience (60dB) and emissions-free lifestyle.

What Our Users Say

Luba does incredibly well on what is quite a difficult terrain. It is amazingly well built and as you can see, even manages to produce stripes.

I was really amazed at how he can mow really tall grass. Tried with a 700 m2 map, the result was outstanding.

I am super impressed so far! My rideon mower would have gotten stuck! Hats off to the Mammotion team! Great product.

Here LUBA is running on a hill where the slope varies between 15 and 35 degree.

It is doing a surprisingly great job. It cut the whole front lawn today with no interventions. It has every potential to be the leading fully automated lawnmower.

The 4 motors on every wheel have proven super useful. In my first trial, the machine hasn’t had any failures and the GPS position seems to be very accurate, even near the house.

Tech-art Aesthetics and Robust Safety

Mowing in another direction when encountering hard objects.

Stop spinning blades when Luba is lifted or unbalanced.

Smart obstacle avoidance with 220°FOV

Ensure Luba AWD easy clean with sprinklers and has absolute durability in all-weather

  • Charging Station
  • LUBA AWD 5000
  • Power Supply
  • RTK Reference Station
  • RTK Reference Station Extension Cable(10m)
  • RTK Reference Station Power Supply
  • Extra One Set Of Blade
  • Key
  • Installation Kits
  • Mounting Pole
  • Quick Start Guide


If the product does not work as guaranteed during the warranty period, you can request after-sales service by contacting the upcoming local MAMMOTION distributor or email us at The main parts of the lawn mower and battery are covered under a 2-year warranty. Please note that the accessories (Charging Station and RTK Antenna) are under a 1-year warranty while blades and tires do no have warranty. The warranty period for a product is valid on the day when product(s) are delivered from local warehouse for Kickstarter backers’ orders and pre-orders, while the other orders is valid on the purchase date.

  • With a perimeter wire, firstly, someone has to install it – this means extra time if you do it yourself, or extra cost if someone else does it. Secondly, the perimeter wire can be damaged by animals or someone putting a spade through it. a break in the perimeter wire can be frustrating.Thirdly, if you want to change the area to be mowed, it means re-laying the wire. Finally, if you decide to move, you need to re-laying again the wire in your new lawn.
  • With Luba, forget all the above worries. You just walk with Luba along to draw vitrual bounderies, you can program your multi-cutting zones without the hassle of digging or burying the wires.
  • With Mammotion APP, you can remotely preset and update the mowing parameters for each zone, as well as check Luba’s status in real-time. The APP can be used remotely to manage your lawn when you are on a vacation or business trip.
  • Luba robotic lawn mower keeps your lawn carpet-like all the time. Luba cuts more frequently in 1-2cm to ensure your grass stay healthy.
  • It is quiet, you can run it at any time without worrying about disturbing your daily activity or your neighbours.

Thanks to the RTK-GNSS System, users can easily create and set mowing tasks for separated mowing areas in the Smart app. as well as set channels to connect them for multi-zone management. By setting up the operation parameters of different tasks, the equipment can automatically operate in multiple areas in sequence. Luba can pass the sidewalk when the width is more than 1 meter and surroundings are not severely blocked.

RTK base station does not need to be connected to the charging station. You can put the charging station anywhere you want! If you want to install RTK station on the roof, you will need to have a separate power adapter and extension cord to power RTK reference station.

Does the entire area needs to require Wi-Fi signal or once it gets its command near its charging base it can go complete work and then come back to charge ?

Once the mission is set it get do the whole workflow itself even without Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi is to help you check the status of LUBA and receive messages remotely on your cell phone.

You can easily perform the installation yourself. A quick start guide will be included in the box. installation course video will comes.

Luba can manage multiple zones,if there is a path between these two yards, Luba can travel to the second yard and do the work automatically.

With Mammotion App, you can remotely preset and update the mowing parameters for each zone, as well as check Luba’s status in real-time.

The 5 Best Robotic Lawn Mowers You Can Buy Today

Lawn mowing is one of the tiring and repetitive tasks most people dread. It is also time-consuming, especially if you want to spare your weekends for something else. Thanks to technology, you don’t have to endure sweaty and tiresome lawn mowing sessions. The advent of robotic lawn mowers is a welcome relief to many, especially those with large yards, mobility issues, tight schedules, or who want to relax on weekends.

The best mowers can learn and map your lawn and cut your grass in fine clippings so that you wouldn’t need a grass catcher. They are surprisingly quiet, fast, and can run off your schedule. However, this convenience comes at a cost. But who wouldn’t mind investing in an efficient tool that frees their time and works at convenience? Read on to discover the best robotic lawn mowers available today.

Best Robotic Lawn Mowers

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

  • Mows up to 2700 sq feet in rain or sunshine
  • Easy configuration and auto-scheduling
  • Silent and precise navigation in your backyard
  • Mows safely and with zero damage

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

  • Water resistant mower
  • Smart theft protection with GPS tracking
  • Electric height adjustment and automatic passage handling
  • Uses minimal battery energy
  • Connects with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

  • Smart robotic mowing technology
  • Start, schedule and adjust from a smartphone
  • Simple self-installation kit for starters
  • Built-in alarm system for theft protection

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Best Overall: Worx WR155 Landroid

The Worx WR155 Landroid is the best-in-class robotic lawn mower. The fully automated mower is designed for larger suburban lawns and can cut up to half an acre. With an 8-inch cutting deck, this mower covers a broader area in one cut compared to most robotic mowers in the market.

You can control Landroid remotely, thanks to the Landroid app. Simply connect via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and then start monitoring the mowing progress even when you are away. The app also allows you to schedule cutting times, monitor battery life, and get alerts if something is wrong with the mower. The Patented Artificial Intelligence Algorithm ensures the mower can easily maneuver narrow and rugged paths.

Worx WR155 Landroid has a 20V 6.0Ah Power Share battery compatible with all Worx 80V, 40V, and 20V tools, outdoor power, and lifestyle products. This means you can do a lot with the same battery. The guide wire ensures the mower cuts within the designated boundaries. When the battery runs low, the mower automatically returns to the charging base, connects, and recharges. This mower has an anti-theft system to alert you when it is removed from its boundaries. You will receive a notification in your app if it is stolen.

In uneven terrain, the floating blade disc will sense and automatically lift the blades for clear and easy navigation. This ensures that the mower does not get trapped or stuck and that the deck remains intact even in rocky places. This mower is fitted with a brushless motor that delivers longer run times, more power, and a longer lifespan than mowers with brushed motors.

Best Budget: MowRo RM24

As a new technology, robotic lawn mowers come at a hefty price. However, the MowRo RM24 is quite affordable for users keen on saving a buck. This mower has a 9.5-inch cutting deck and a highly efficient brushless motor for a longer run time. It is relatively quiet, at 65dB, and won’t disturb your neighbors even if you decide to mow at night.

With the MowRo, you can schedule your cutting times at your convenience. It is programmed to run every 48 hours and can mow up to 0.25 acres, so your lawn will remain pristine all the time. This 3-blade robotic lawn mower works silently at 65 dB. Equipped with a brushless motor, it has a cutting width of 9.5 inches and can mow up to 0.25 acres. If your lawn has a steep slope, this is the ideal mower because it can handle slopes of up to 30 degrees.

The mower has a rain sensor, so whenever it senses rain or the battery is low, it returns to the docking station, connects, and charges to a full battery. Once the battery is full, and the grass is dry enough, the mower restarts and continues mowing within the mapped boundaries. Should it bump on pets or garden decorations, the protective mowing blade guard will secure them since it only allows grass to pass. It also comes with a bump-and-tilt sensor for extra protection.

Best Quiet: Gardena Robotic Mower Sileno City

Gardena Robotic Mower Sileno City is one of the quietest mowers in its class. With noise levels of 57 dbA, you can mow your lawn without disturbing your neighbors and pets and enjoy your deck or patio without disturbance. It is designed for smaller urban yards of up to 2,700 square feet and has a cutting time of 65 minutes on a single charge. The mower is highly intelligent and has a patented streak-free technology that prevents the mower from using the same path to enter the docking base.

It navigates through narrow and tight spaces to ensure it cuts grass evenly in all areas. With a Bluetooth connection-enabled app, you can pair and control the mower via your smartphone as you relax on your couch. Sileno leaves fine grass clippings that turn into fertilizer and enrich the soil with nutrients.

The boundary wire demarcates your lawn to ensure the Robotic Lawn Mower remains safe by only going to specific areas. It is also fitted with collision sensors to guarantee the mower functions safely with no accidents or damage to your garden.

Sileno does not have rain sensors. Unlike other robotic mowers, it mows in rain and sunshine. It also can mow at inclining slopes of up to 35 percent. This mower doesn’t have a steep learning curve. You can quickly assemble it and use it straight out of the box.

Best for Large Lawns: Husqvarna Automower 430X

Husqvarna Automower 430X is one of few robotic lawn mowers that can handle close to an acre. This mower can integrate into your Smart home network via Amazon Alexa and Google Home. With the Automower Connect app, you can control your mower settings, create cutting schedules, and get alerts should anything happen to the mower.

Being battery-powered, Automower is highly energy efficient. It is also low maintenance and environment friendly because it doesn’t require oil and gas, emitting no harmful chemicals or fumes. When its battery runs low, the Automower 430X returns to the charging station to recharge and pick up from where it left once fully charged.

Its patented exclusive features, like GPS-assisted navigation, update you on the mower’s location at all times. Automatic passage handling and electric height adjustment help navigate narrow and tight spaces and cut grass at desired heights. Thanks to the patented guide wires, the mower can find its way back to the charging station efficiently.

This mower has a water-resistant build, so it can mow in all weather, even when it rains. It has a weather timer setting that allows you to program the mowing frequency. This means your lawn will maintain a uniform cut throughout the year, whether the weather is wet or dry. If it moves outside its boundaries or someone attempts to steal it, the in-built theft protection system will sound an alarm to alert you.

Best for Quick Charge: Husqvarna 115H Automower

Husqvarna Automower 115H is one of the fast-charging robotic mowers reaching full charge within an hour. You won’t have to schedule mowing several days ahead for sufficient charging. As a fully automated mower, the Automower 115H can give you a smooth-cut and pristine-looking garden with the touch of a button.

Using the Automower Connect app, you can adjust settings, control scheduling, and start and stop your mower from your smartphone. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, enabling Smart home controls. With the included self-installation kit, you can easily set up your mower within a short time, place the charging station, install the guide wire, adjust your settings, and start mowing.

The inbuilt theft protection feature ensures that the mower is safe. When lifted, it sounds an alarm and sends a notification to your app. So, no matter where you are, you can be sure that your mower is secure. The lift and tilt sensors stop blades when lifted, making it safe for family use where pets and children are playing around.

The mower is water resistant and can mow in the rain without damage. It navigates tight and narrow paths and slopes of up to 17 degrees. With a deck width of 8.7 inches and an area capacity of 720 square feet per hour, this mower is ideal for up to a quarter acre of urban lawns.

How to Pick the Best Robotic Lawn Mower: Step by Step

Robotic lawn mowers are increasingly becoming popular, and most homeowners are taking advantage of their efficient mowing mechanisms to free their time and get the work done at their convenience. However, not all mowers are created the same, and getting the right one for your lawn can be daunting. Because a robotic mower is a significant investment, you need to consider at a couple of things when shopping for the best.

  • Price
  • Deck size
  • Battery life
  • Mowing area
  • Additional features
  • Ease of use

Now let’s explore each in more detail.


Robotic mowers bring convenience into home improvement but at a cost. They typically cost more than gas-powered mowers. Most retail for 1000 or more, but you can get affordable models. However, in that case, you get what you pay for. Low-cost models have smaller batteries, narrow blades, shorter runtime, and cover a smaller area. High-end models have high-tech features such as an anti-theft system, GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control.

Deck Size

When shopping, ensure that you get the right size for your yard. Deck size determines the width the deck will cut in one pass. Most robotic mowers have a standard deck size of 8 to 9 inches, suitable for smaller urban and suburban lawns. However, the width covered might not be significant because even if it takes longer, it is the mower doing the work, not you.

grass, robot, mower, cheap

Battery Life

Robotic mowers are designed to recharge when the battery runs low automatically. Battery life might not be a significant concern for some people. However, higher battery life will be ideal if you want your mower to do much in one cutting and at specific times.

Mowing Area

Most robotic mowers are designed for smaller yards (less than an acre). Their blade size and batteries might not be able to cover a wider area. However, some mowers like Husqvarna 450XH can mow up to 1.25 acres on a single charge, making it ideal for more extensive lawns. You should also consider the terrain of the cutting area. Some robotic mowers are more capable of mowing in steep slopes than others, so check the cutting incline the mower can handle.

Additional Features

Some robotic mowers are simple, with standard features, while others have advanced tech features and customizable options that set them apart. The extras come at an additional cost. So, decide whether certain features are necessary before buying a mower. If you need to integrate your mower into your Smart home network, a mower with a virtual assistant would be ideal.

Most mowers come with Bluetooth connectivity. However, if you want to control your mower from any location, you will need a mower with Wi-Fi connectivity. As an additional security measure, some mowers have a GPS tracking system so you can track down your mower if it gets stolen. Another security feature is the security PIN code which you must enter whenever a mower is lifted.

Ease of Use

Some robotic mowers have a complex set-up process that might take time to understand. Look for a mower with clear guidelines and an easy installation process so you can get your mower running in no time.

What To Know Before Buying the Best Robotic Lawn Mower

Robotic lawn mowers are a huge investment, so you want to ensure you get everything right. You don’t want to purchase a tool that will be difficult to operate or inefficient. Consider the size of your lawn and your specific needs before deciding on the best mower. Also, read unbiased reviews from online sites to see what you are investing in. Although robotic mowers are low maintenance, they need regular cleaning to remove grass from the wheels and replace worn-out parts such as batteries and blades.

Using a Robotic Lawn Mower: What it’s Like

Robotic lawn mowers bring a lot of conveniences that traditional mowers do not have. You can schedule cutting times, control settings, monitor the mower’s progress, and start, pause, or stop the mower from the comfort of your couch. The experience you get depends on the model you choose.

Some have high-tech features like GPS tracking, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and compatibility with virtual assistants. Since Robotic powers do not have an engine, they are incredibly quiet and disturbance free. They also have zero emissions, therefore, are safe for the environment. Whether you buy the standard mower or a high-end model, you can get a tidy lawn with less effort.

The 5 Best Robotic Lawn Mowers You Can Buy Today FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best robot lawn mower to buy?

The Worx Landroid WR55 is often considered one of the best robot lawn mowers due to its combination of features and performance. It has a user-friendly design, so you can install and start mowing quickly. Its lift and tilt sensor stops the blades when the mower is lifted, so you can be sure pets and children will be secure. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control the mower and monitor progress even when traveling.

How often do you use a robotic lawn mower?

Robotic mowers should go over the mowed area every two days to ensure an even cut.

How long do robot lawn mowers last?

Since all the parts are replaceable, robotic mowers are expected to last up to 10 years. However, this will depend on how well you maintain and service your mower.

Are robot lawn mowers good for the environment?

Robotic mowers are a safe way to reduce carbon footprint in the environment. They are powered by lithium batteries, so they do not emit harmful fumes and chemicals.

What sensors does the robot lawn mower have?

Robot lawn mowers use mechanical bumps and ultrasonic sensors to detect and avoid obstacles. This helps protect the mowers from damage should they hit a rocky terrain.

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