Hacksaw” Jim Duggan from the WWE Body Slams Home Intruder and Then Holds Him…

The most awkward moments from ‘WWE Legends’ House’

There’s a new reality show on the WWE Network. It goes about how you’d expect.

The WWE Network aired the long-awaited and much-hyped first episode of their new reality show, “Legends’ House” on Thursday night. (Yes, the apostrophe is.- correctly.- part of the title.) The premise, which you probably figured out from the title, is that eight old-timers (“Legends” in WWE parlance) live in a house together. Hijinks ensue. It’s a reality-show canard that’s so old it has whiskers on it, but you can’t argue with proven results. Although “Surreal Life” is long gone (and featured plenty of former wrestlers in its time), “The Real World” is still kicking and every other major show from “The Bachelor” to “The Biggest Loser” features some manner of co-habitation.

In more-or-less chronological order:

Tony Atlas’ weird bedroom

Every person in the house has a large framed photograph hanging above their designated bed, with an accent headboard highlighting their gimmick, if they have one. (Duggan‘s headboard is 2x4s, Piper’s is tartan, etc.) But they’re all fairly straightforward. Tony Atlas, on the other hand, has. this:

Jimmy Hart’s hair

We expected Jimmy Hart to have a mullet. Because he’s Jimmy Hart. But he’s in Gene Simmons territory now.

I mean, what is even happening.

We love you, Jimmy, but. please.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan is 100% Christian Bale in American Hustle now

Don’t let this man tell you he can get you a loan.

“and Ashley”

Of all the things that shouldn’t be happening on “Legends’ House,” Ashley is the worst thing that shouldn’t be happening. She’s not the host of the show, she’s never been affiliated with the WWE in any capacity other than this show you’re watching right now and she’s unabashed lowest-common-denominator bullcrud WHEN WE ARE ALREADY WATCHING A REALITY SHOW ABOUT OVER-THE-HILL WRESTLERS.

She only appears once in this episode. She jiggles across a bridge, sits everyone down in the living room and gives them an “assignment” to deliver bundt cakes to their new Palm Springs neighbors.

In response to this, the talking-head interviews with the denizens of the house refer to her as “eye candy,” “smokin’ hot” and in the words of Jimmy Hart, “a blonde-haired bimbo.” Real nice, old creeps. Great stuff, production team. You managed to find a layer under the bottom of the barrel. Hats off.

Jimmy Hart doesn’t know what cilantro is

Their new neighbors give Hillbilly Jim and Jimmy Hart (the Jims) a bag of cilantro. Because I guess that’s a thing people do in Palm Springs. Jimmy Hart insists he doesn’t even know what cilantro is. It was a crucial 30 seconds of non-television, I promise you.

Roddy Piper can’t operate a blender

Piper struggles with a blender while trying to make a morning protein shake for probably 20 minutes in real-time, growing increasingly exasperated. Meanwhile, Jim Duggan (Jesus, everyone in this house is named Jim) looks on and cackles in between effortlessly getting the blender to work. Nothing is better than Roddy Piper getting befuddled by appliances, man.

Nobody told Jimmy Hart not to wear the scratch logo

In 2000, a court ruled that the World Wrestling Federation had violated a 1994 agreement with the World Wildlife Fund to stop calling itself “WWF” so much and to not use “WWF” in its logos. They probably lost the court case because they basically ONLY called themselves WWF and that was their only logo. In 2002, the company changed its name to WWE. The old Hulk Hogan-era “block” WWF logo was still okay to be shown on old tapes, but the “scratch” WWF logo was prohibited, lest they get the pants sued off of them.

So long story short, Jimmy Hart packed a shirt that has been illegal for the company to use for about 12 years and at no point did a producer or cameraman or anyone go, “Uh, hey, Jimmy, why don’t we try a different shirt?”

Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Hunico: SmackDown. April 10, 2012

Jimmy Hart wore this shirt for TWO STRAIGHT DAYS in the first episode. Jimmy Hart’s scratch logo shirt is the Snoop Doggy Dogg pot-leaf hat of our generation.

Howard Finkel shouldn’t be playing tennis

The above image is not a still. It is a GIF. Wait for it. (This shot was followed by every talking-head interview suggesting Howard Finkel might be overweight.)

Gary Busey yoga

Because it’s a reality show about fading celebrity, it’s required by law that Gary Busey gets involved. In this case, he shows up, bangs a gong and invites everyone to sit for some yoga and meditation. Then they all go have a lovely meal. All while he is at maximum Gary Busey and everyone else scoffs at him.

Tony Atlas’ wardrobe

So basically everything Tony Atlas wears shows his nipples. That’s cool. I bet being shirtless for your entire career is a tough habit to break. But then he pairs his ensembles with stuff like this:

hacksaw, duggan, body, slams

And I just lose it. like Tony HATlas, am I right?

Roddy Piper goes out walkin’ after midnight

Piper didn’t like his experience on “Legends’ House,” although not enough to not do press for it. It’s tough to blame him, because the first episode paints him as, among other things, a “loner,” a “wild card,” and the X factor in the house. The episode ends with the other seven guys in the house boozing it up late at night, while Piper tosses and turns, gives a talking-head interview about being clean and sober since 2009 and pacing around the workout room nervously. Finally, he can’t handle being in the house with drinking going on, so he walks off the property and into the desert.

The episode ends with Roddy Piper standing in the desert, howling at the moon.

Hacksaw” Jim Duggan from the WWE Body Slams Home Intruder and Then Holds Him Still with a Gun Till Police Arrive

The WWE legend body slammed an uninvited home intruder in his home then held the man in place with his Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry-like gun while his wife called the police.

Hacksaw” Jim Duggan needed to toss his opponents out of the ring when he won the first-ever Royal Rumble in WWE history in 1988, and 34 years later, he applied the same skill to force an intruder out of his South Carolina home.

Duggan, 68, and his wife were involved in a scary incident earlier this month when a random individual burst into their home allegedly looking for help and claimed there were people after him trying to kill him. Duggan, the WWE Hall of Famer, grabbed his gun and held the home invader at gunpoint until the authorities arrived to clear up what was going on.

That was likely the last time the home intruder visits Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s house uninvited.

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SEE IT: WWE legend ‘Hacksaw‘ Jim Duggan fights off home intruder, MariaLeaf reports

Washington Examiner

Legendary WWE professional wrestler ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan is thanking law enforcement in South Carolina, where he was recently the victim of an attempted home invasion. Duggan, 68, posted on about how a man he didn’t know came onto his property while he and his wife were home.

“A man who we had never seen before climbed our fence, ran through our yard to our front door and was pounding on our glass doors,” Duggan wrote.

SEE IT: BILLY JOEL POSTPONES SHOW DUE TO ILLNESS Thank you to the @KershawCountySC Sheriff’s Office and thank you to my fans and friends for the well wishes!https://t.co/DtR7TcnI9V piccom/Jek2eVLjzx

—”Hacksaw” Jim Duggan (@RealHacksawJim) December 17, 2022 Duggan said that moments later, the man opened the door and”fell into our house.” And while one would expect him to have used a two-by-four to subdue the intruder, a weapon he was notorious for using during his wrestling career, Duggan said he opted for something more lethal. headtopics.com

“I held him at gunpoint while Deborah called 911. We are safe with no damage.” CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER

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WWE Legend ‘Hacksaw‘ Jim Duggan Detains Home Intruder At GunpointWWE legend ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan detained an intruder at his South Carolina home at gunpoint using a.44 caliber pistol. Lmao Wheres that 2×4?

Pro wrestling legend Jim Duggan reveals he detained home intruder at gunpoint, thanks cops for responsePro wrestling legend ‘Hacksaw‘ Jim Duggan encountered an unwanted intruder in his home earlier this month and held him at gunpoint until authorities arrived. See. guns in the hands of the good guys save lives. We just never hear about them because of our lying ass media

Pro wrestling legend Jim Duggan reveals he detained home intruder at gunpointDuggan said the man he held at gunpoint appeared to be frightened and thought the people in the neighborhood were coming to kill him. They’re lucky he’s old, one the toughest guys to ever play in the CFL or pro wrestling. L

Pro wrestling legend Jim Duggan recalls taking down home intruder: ‘It was terrifying’Pro Wrestling legend Jim Duggan opened up on ‘Fox Friends First’ about the terrifying ordeal he and his wife experienced at their South Carolina home. And LEOS do this on a daily basis.

TCU QB Max Duggan heading to NFL draft after playoffTCU quarterback Max Duggan will skip his available extra season with the third-ranked Horned Frogs and make himself eligible for the NFL draft after the College Football Playoff.

TCU QB Max Duggan heading to NFL draft after playoffTCU quarterback and Heisman Trophy runner-up Max Duggan will skip his available extra season with the third-ranked Horned Frogs and make himself eligible for the NFL draft after the College Football Playoff.

Duck Dynasty: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan Wrestles At The Robertson Family Reunion

Wrestling ‘tough guy’ Hacksaw Jim Duggan battling cancer for 3rd time

Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, “America’s tough guy,” is fighting cancer for the third time.

The WWE Hall of Famer, who battled prostate cancer late last year, announced last month that his cancer had returned and that eight weeks of radiotherapy had been scheduled to deal with his latest health setback.

The 68-year-old Duggan said that while “it’s still a very terrifying time for me and my family,” doctors were optimistic that they caught the cancer early and about the potential results of the treatments.

Duggan was scheduled to begin his treatments last week.

“Hang on, we’re going to go through this together,” he said in a video message on social media. “Hopefully it’ll help somebody out there, because we’re going to go through this together.”

Duggan said he planned on making most of his scheduled weekend shows over the next couple of months, but he would have to postpone or cancel some events.

While he isn’t out of the woods, Duggan remains upbeat. “He is saying that he is not going to let it (cancer) dictate his life,” said a friend. “He is gonna keep on pushing on.”

Duggan, who lives in the Kershaw County town of Lugoff, S.C., has been documenting his recent travels around the country with his wife Debra, and said the couple will continue to do so.

WWE champ Roman Reigns cuts back on schedule with new contract

“The doctors also said to go ahead and live life, which we’re gonna do,” said Duggan.

Much like his “tough guy” ring image, overcoming obstacles isn’t new to the New York native.

Duggan was diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer in 1998 while working for the now defunct World Championship Wrestling. Within a week of the diagnosis, he was on the operating table. Forcing him to temporarily put his career on hold, he returned to WCW the following year with a clean bill of health.

“I had two young girls, I was devastated,” Duggan at the time told Canada’s CBC News. “I spent the time before my surgery in their room crying and praying. I just wanted to survive the ordeal. I didn’t care about wrestling.”

“I’m a cancer survivor,” Duggan told the Des Moines (Iowa) Register in a 2020 interview. “Almost 20 years ago I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, but with the grace of God and the doctors, they saved my life. Just this past year I had a heart issue, but they got that back under control. I take my heart medication and everything’s good. I joke when I say, ‘I’m the last of the old-timers with all my original body parts.’ Everybody else has had a new knee or a new hip. Hacksaw comes in the original package.”

Duggan would go on to battle prostate cancer last year, and had his prostate removed in October. Duggan said he was declared cancer-free in December.

All-American Hero

Duggan, who broke into wrestling in 1979, was one of the most feared and respected men in the business working for Cowboy Bill Watts’ Mid South and UWF promotions during the early and mid-’80s.

Rising to fame in the Cold War–era 1980s, Duggan immediately put himself at odds with anti-American heels, defending the country’s honor in legendary feuds with the likes of The Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff and even Andre The Giant.

That popularity followed him to WWE (then WWF) where he made history by becoming the first wrestler to win the inaugural Royal Rumble event in 1988. Entering at No. 13, Duggan outlasted 19 other stars, including Bret Hart and The Ultimate Warrior, and eliminated One Man Gang to win the match.

One of WWE’s top babyfaces during the promotion’s 1980’s boom, the flag-waving, two-by-four-carrying patriot became a fan favorite who led the crowd in “U-S-A!” chants.

Duggan’s career took an unfortunate turn, however, when he and passenger The Iron Sheik were pulled over during a routine stop while traveling on the New Jersey Turnpike. Duggan had marijuana in the car, and Sheik – allegedly unbeknownst to Duggan – had three grams of cocaine. Both were subsequently arrested and charged.

What made matters even worse was that Duggan, a beloved babyface, and Sheik, a hated heel, were involved in a high-profile program at the time. Both men were fired, but Duggan was later rehired.

Duggan would describe the incident as a “huge shot to my career.” Even though he would go on to win the 1988 Royal Rumble match, Duggan’s big push never happened and he never regained the momentum he had before the arrest.

While he indulged, says Duggan, he never became addicted to alcohol or drugs.

“We have a high drug and alcoholism rate, a high divorce rate and a high death rate. It’s a tough racket,” he said of the wrestling business.

Duggan would leave WWE in 1994 and join WCW where he defeated “Stunning” Steve Austin to win the U.S. heavyweight title at the Fall Brawl pay-per-view on his first night in the company. The future “Stone Cold,” who had previously been awarded the belt after Ricky Steamboat was forced to forfeit the title due to a career-ending injury, dropped the match to Duggan in half a minute. Austin, less than pleased with the company, would get a pink slip from WCW boss Eric Bischoff just a few months later in a move that would change the wrestling industry forever.

Duggan, meanwhile, would go on to win several titles working with the Atlanta-based promotion, a feat he was never able to achieve in WWE.

He made a brief comeback in WWE several years later, and would be signed for a final run in the latter half of the 2000s. Duggan set a record for most years between Royal Rumble appearances when he appeared in the 2009 Royal Rumble, entering at No. 29 and eliminated by Big Show.

Duggan, who worked in 22 countries and every state in the Union, was inducted into the company’s Hall of Fame in 2011 and signed to a Legends contract.

hacksaw, duggan, body, slams

Standout athlete

Duggan grew up in Glens Falls, N.Y., where he became a star athlete in high school and where his father was the city’s chief of police.

Duggan was a letterman in football, track, wrestling and basketball, and won the New York State High School wrestling championship in the unlimited weight class division.

Remembering ‘The Bad Guy’ Scott Hall

Duggan was recruited by Ohio State University, but instead choose to play football at Southern Methodist University, where he played both ways and was selected as team captain.

He was signed by the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League after college, but he was cut after being plagued by knee injuries. A brief stint in the Canadian Football League convinced Duggan that another line of work might prove more rewarding.

Football’s loss was wrestling’s gain, as Duggan broke into the mat ranks in 1979, thanks in large part to Texas legend Fritz Von Erich (Jack Adkisson). The two had met while Duggan was on a recruiting trip to SMU, and Von Erich had suggested a possible wrestling career to Duggan, who would later take Von Erich up on his offer.

It would take nearly three years and working in various territories under the aliases of “Big” Jim Duggan, “Wildman” Duggan and The Masked Convict before Duggan would find his footing. Urged by Bruiser Brody to use the “Hacksaw” nickname, along with a suggestion to carry a functional gimmick to the ring (Duggan selected a piece of lumber backstage), a future hall of famer and one of wrestling’s most recognizable figures was born.

Reach Mike Mooneyham at bymikemooneyham@gmail.com, or follow him on at @ByMikeMooneyham and on at com/MikeMooneyham. His latest book — “Final Bell” — is now available at https://evepostbooks.com and on Amazon.com

Did you know …

Pittsburgh native Brittany Rae Steding, better known to fans as Lady Frost, has been gracing the ring for four years. She’s worked for assorted promotions (WWE, AEW and presently with Impact Wrestling), but what many may not be aware of about Lady Frost relates to her wrestling heritage. She is the granddaughter of the late star Tony Marino (Sillipani), who worked territories in the Northeast, Detroit, Buffalo, etc., under the Marino moniker, in the Steel City as Battman, and lastly in Atlanta as Devil Blue. Steding is part of the business in another way, too, as the spouse of wrestler Victor Benjamin.

hacksaw, duggan, body, slams

— Kenneth Mihalik, a retired educator living in Charleston, can be reached on @HoldBackTheNite

Were you there?

Traditionally, the wrestling promotion based in Toronto, one of Canada’s busiest and most populated cities, often invited top stars from the larger organizations – NWA, WWWF and AWA – to perform on their shows. In turn, certain key Canadian names had periodic runs with those companies, particularly in the territory occupied chiefly by Jim Crockett Promotions. And that quid pro quo was evident in this week’s feature, derived from early 1979 at the Maple Leaf Gardens.

The crowd was informed that the scheduled bout between Angelo Mosca and Lord Alfred Hayes would not take place due to a separated shoulder incurred by Mosca. Hayes was accorded a forfeited win. Veteran Steve Bolus used a rolling cradle to pin Nick DeCarlo in 8:34. Another grizzled veteran (literally), John Yachetti, who wrestled for well over a decade as The Beast, went to a 15-minute draw with Joe Marcus. Popular Dewey Robertson, who later found considerable fame in the U.S. as The Missing Link, paired with Johnny Weaver to down the duo of Swede Hanson and Len Denton (working prior to his “Grappler” persona), thanks to Weaver applying his famed sleeper hold on Denton in nearly 10 minutes of action.

Canadian Champion Dino Bravo toppled the “Nature Boy,” Ric Flair, on his way to extraordinary world championship prominence, by pinfall after 19 minutes. Meanwhile, the bid by another Toronto favorite, Tiger Jeet Singh, to snare the AWA world title from Nick Bockwinkel failed when Singh threw the wily Bockwinkel over the top rope, resulting in an automatic disqualification victory for the AWA kingpin in just over 20 minutes.

The final matchup pitted the NWA’s U.S. Champion Ricky Steamboat versus a major contender in Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. This, too, ended in a disqualification win, with Steamboat getting the nod in 19:31 because of interference on Valentine’s behalf by his cohort Flair – Steamboat’s long-standing rival.

— Kenneth Mihalik, a retired educator living in Charleston, can be reached on @HoldBackTheNite

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