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Using Your ATV or SxS UTV for Quick and Easy Lawn Maintenance

If you’re looking to make quick work of some common tasks that face property owners, your best ally is going to be your Polaris side-by-side or ATV. They’re more maneuverable than trucks or tractors, more affordable and are easier on your turf. In fact, many Polaris off-road vehicles come equipped with industry-exclusive Turf Mode, which delivers power to a single wheel to go easier on your grass.

While hauling feed, firewood or tools around your property are some of the more common jobs your vehicle can handle, you might be surprised to know it can also be a powerful tool for taking care of large swaths of lawn that often come with acreage. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your machine.

How to maintain your lawn and yard with your ATV or SxS

When it comes to lawn maintenance, everyone automatically thinks of mowing—and you wouldn’t be wrong. An ATV or side-by-side is a great solution that can take hours off trimming back a big lawn with the right accessories and attachments. But that same vehicle is also more than capable of helping you fertilize, seed, and rake every inch of your yard. Not to mention, hauling dirt for fill and mulch, plants, trees, rocks and retaining walls for landscaping.

How to mow your lawn with an ATV or SxS

There are a few ways you can go when taking acres of the green stuff down a notch. Riding mowers are the obvious choice, but they can be uncomfortable and take a little more time. Big tractors can be outfitted to do the job in a fraction of the time but the machines and implements are costly and can easily damage your yard.

Adding mowing attachments to an ATV or SxS offers the best of both worlds including added comfort, speed and extra care for your lawn, thanks to Turf Mode, which we mentioned earlier. You’re going to need a pull-behind mower to do the job mounted to the universal hitch on your vehicle. And don’t be afraid to get after the tall stuff. Pull-behind mowers are more capable of clearing talk grass and brush than lawn tractors.

Pro Tip

Tackle the tall stuff. If you have areas of high grass you’d like to take down, a pull-behind mower and your ATV or SxS are the perfect solution. They’re more capable of clearing tall grass and brush than lawn tractors.

How to seed and fertilize your lawn with an ATV or SxS

Putting a fresh cut on your lawn is just the beginning. Making sure it stays healthy, green and growing is a task that starts in the spring and ends only when the grass stops growing. Seeding and fertilizing are essential to keeping your lawn thick and beautiful.

Adding an ATV fertilizer sprayer or a UTV seed spreader to your ride can knock out these chores in an hour or so. It’s something that could take a good chunk of the day on foot or cost you an arm and a leg to have hired out. Load up the sprayer/spreader with liquid fertilizer or a weed killer and get rolling. Or attach the seed spreader to your hitch and overseed your entire yard in the fall so it bounces back full in the spring.

Raking with an ATV or SxS

Clearing your yard of branches, loose brush, rocks and other debris might be one of the least desirable tasks that face landowners each year. A pull-behind ATV or UTV rake is the perfect way to take some of the manual labor out of spring cleanup, prepping your yard for the fall or even cleaning up yard debris after a storm.

While it won’t reach the level of finesse and detail hand-raking might achieve, a pull-behind rake will clear out the big stuff and dump it into easy-to-manage piles for disposal. It can also be used to clear a trail, grade a gravel driveway, spread topsoil and groom horse corrals.

Seasonal considerations for your ATV or SxS

Aside from lawn duty, your off-road vehicle is ready to help you out with other tasks no matter the season. For those whose lawns turn white in the winter, adding a plow blade to the mix will help you keep your driveway clear in the cold months. On the other hand, adding a pull behind box blade can help you grade a gravel road or driveway all season long.

While you’re waiting for your lawn to green up in the spring, add a pull-behind tiller to your vehicle and turn part of that lawn into a fruitful garden capable of producing rows and rows of fresh fruits and veggies. Or hitch up a trailer in the fall to haul bunches of balled and burlapped trees around your property to plant so they’ll take hold right away in the spring. The options are really endless.

Home garden Acreage

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Combine the reliability of a genuine Briggs and Stratton engine with the toughest engineering specifications and you have Australia’s most heavy duty tow behind mower. Designed for Australian conditions this mower will eat through grass on rugged terrain and landscape.

Paddock Lawn Mower Slasher

  • Suitable for use with Quad Bikes, Four Wheelers, ATVs, Tractors, Utilities
  • Genuine Briggs and Stratton 4 Stroke Petrol Engine with electric key start and recoil backup start
  • Heavy duty professional trade quality construction
  • Reliable and simple pull start
  • Extra Heavy Duty Hammer Blades
  • Adjustable wheel design allows for fence line mowing

Flail Mower Applications

Flail style mowers are generally used for maintaining more rugged areas where an polished clean finish is not required. The blades or flails are extremely durable and can handle thick long grass, sticks, bark and debris. Ideal for grass cutting and mulching on farms, acreages, golf courses, parks, road sides, properties, horse and cattle studs to name a few.

What does the flail drum look like?

The Paddock tow behind flail mowers have a rotating drum with a series of 28 flail blades. The drum stretches the length of the mower. This design, when compared to your standard style mower with rotating horizontal blades, is much more robust and can tackle more rugged vegetation.

Mower Operation

This mower is powered by its own petrol engine, not a PTO shaft like many other flail mowers, meaning you simply tow the implement with a vehicle of your choice. The following are very popular for pulling the mowers; quad bikes, four wheelers, ride on mowers, tractors, utes, 4WDs and ATVs.

The large 2 ply wheels combined with skids on either side prevent damaged to the mower when wheels drop into pot holes or ruts, the side skids are also adjustable in height along with the roller.

Mow fence lines with ease as the PADDOCK design allows for the wheels to be located at the rear of the mower meaning the cutting blades can run closer to the fence. Cheap knock off units don’t have this feature.

To adjust the mowing height, there are simple height adjuster handles. This system is quick and reliable.

When connecting to your vehicle, the hitch height and offset can also be altered to suit. Grass is discharged from the rear of the mower and the rear roller provides a clean finish compared to other slashers. Incorporating steel stone guards at the front further protects the driver and surrounds from damage from flying debris. The blades are vertically mounted and rotate in the vertical plane mean there are far more contact points giving great durability and a finer cut. Lawns will respond better to a flail mower cut and overtime improve with the clippings returning as fine mulch.

Paddock Mower Construction

When designing and constructing these mowers they need to stand up to continual use in harsh environments. The Briggs and Stratton 4 stroke engine gives amazing reliability with limited maintenance. BS have a fantastic dealer network which spans the country and the world wide warranty offers piece of mind. The mower frame and construction is heavy duty steel, laser cut to precision, making a higher quality overall unit compared to the imitations. Steel work is prepared and finished with a hard wearing powder coat to keep your mower looking great.

The units are fitted with high quality bearings and any wear areas are easily maintained with grease nipples. The tyres are 2 ply puncture resistant and offer an extended service life when compared to others. The units come fitted with heavy duty cutting hammer blades designed for prolonged use with limited wear.

Mower Linkage

The mower comes with a 50mm (2″) tow ball hitch and will fit standard tow balls. Given the weight of the unit we do not suggest modifying to a clevis pin hitch. This mower can be towed with a range of equipment such as quad bikes, ATVs and even utilities. The tow draw bar is able to pivot up and down so it can fit tow balls of varying height. Many customers have used with Toyota Landcruiser utes and the similar height vehicles.

Mower Configurations

The original 13HP Paddock tow behind mower can be configured with the wheels side by side (this is how the mower is initially set up) or with the wheels trailing from the rear. To change between the two set ups takes approximately 20 minutes. With the wheels trailing from the rear and the side guards removed it allows the user to mow much closer to objects, sheds, tanks, posts, fences lines etc.

Wheels trailing from the rear. Wheels on the side. Removable side guards.

SSPTBFM04. Extra Heavy Duty 23HP model

European design, this model of tow behind flail is much larger and suited to extreme duty.

This model is supplied with a powerful 23HP Loncin petrol 4-stroke commercial engine. It’s built with a wider cut and with the additional engine power it can swing heavier duty flail blades. Jacking screws allow for accurate height adjustment and the large fuel tank makes this unit suitable for cutting larger paddocks. Note, this model can not be configured with the wheels trailing behind.

Flail Mower SPTBFM03 SPTBFM04
Cutting Width 1150mm 1530mm
Power 13HP Briggs and Stratton Petrol 4 Stroke Engine 23HP Loncin Petrol 4 Stroke Engine
Fuel Tank 6.6 L 24 L
Start Dual Electric turn key with recoil backup Electric start
Hitch Type Suits 50mm Tow Ball Suits 50mm Tow Ball
Wheels 2 Ply pneumatic 16″ x 6.5″ x 8″ wheels Extra Heavy Duty
Wheel Configuration Inline or Rear Mount Inline only
Construction Heavy duty, powder coated steel Extra Heavy Duty
Blades 28 x Heavy Duty Hammer Blades (replaceable) 24 x Extreme Duty Hammer Blades
Adjustment Manual cut height, skid roller height and hitch height Manual cut height and hitch height
Mow Height 23mm. 60mm adjustable cut height 20. 60mm
Weight ~260kg ~330kg
Dimensions 1.8m x 1.7m x 1m 2.1m x 2.5m x 1.1m
Includes Optional offset, stone flaps Stone chains
Warranty 12 Months 12 Months

Note: The engines are stored and transported with only enough oil to keep the unit lubricated and oil will need to be added before starting. For ease of shipping the tow hitch and height adjuster will need to be assembled on arrival.

Rammy Lawn Mower 120 for ATV / UTV

Rammy makes the highest quality ATV attachments that we know of. And their Lawn Mower 120 is no exception. Best of all, if you have a section of land that requires brush hogging before you get into regular lawn maintenance, Rammy sells a conversion kit to make this Lawn Mower a Brush Cutter. Turns out, the Finns are serious about their ATV attachments and it shows!

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The Rammy Lawn Mower 120 ATV is an efficient lawn mower for cutting grass and hay. As a front mount mower, it gives you maximum visibility and maneuverability.

To raise or lower the cutting height, you adjust the solid rear roller and front caster wheels. This lets you adjust the mowing height anywhere between 3/4 inches to 4 inches.

The Rammy lawn mower also includes side shift as standard equipment. This kit allows the lawnmower to shift 12.5 inches to the left or right of center.


The Rammy Lawn Mower mounts to your ATV using its universal snowplow bracket. However, your ATV needs a winch to raise and lower the cutter between mowing and transport positions. We also recommend using about 100 lb of ballast weight on the rear rack of your ATV, to offset the added weight of the Rammy.

Additionally, you can tighten your front springs (if adjustable), as well as your front tire pressures, to help alleviate the extra weight on the suspension. If your ATV has a soft front suspension, it would benefit from having heavy duty springs or spring inserts installed.

As a side note, the ATV only supports the Rammy’s weight in transport position. While mowing the weight of the lawn mower is on the ground.

Brush Cutter Conversion Kit

There is a brush cutter conversion kit available for the Rammy Lawn Mower (kit #74131291). This consists of 3 new blade hubs with brush cutting blades, a front mounted spring loaded safety flap, and a bull bar / tree pusher.

The brush cutter and lawn mower use the same frame, engine, and transmission, so those don’t need to be converted.

Rammy mowers are manufactured in Finland and are made with quality and efficiency in mind. As a front mount ATV lawn mower, you don’t flatten the grass before mowing. This gives you a better and more consistent cut, without leaving grass trails where your tires are.

We also offer the Rammy ATV Brush Cutter and the Rammy ATV Flail Mower, which are designed to handle different jobs.

If you’d like to learn more about Rammy, you can visit their site here.

Mounting Requirements

To mount a Rammy Attachment to your ATV or UTV, you must have a winch and a plow mount. We recommend KFI mounts.


Shipments fulfilled from Wisconsin.

Why Choose ARCEASE Mowers?

An excellent all around pull mower, capable of tackling heavy brush, tall grass, field or pasture, food plots, or as a trail cutter. AcrEase rough cut tow behind mower models offer the highest horsepower and heaviest built decks of any other pull behind ATV and utility vehicle on the market. These truly high performance machines are capable of handling extreme conditions.

Rough Cut

An excellent all around pull mower, capable of tackling heavy brush, tall grass, field or pasture, food plots, or as a trail cutter. AcrEase rough cut tow behind mower models offer the highest horsepower and heaviest built decks of any other pull behind ATV and utility vehicle on the market. These truly high performance machines are capable of handling extreme conditions.

Finish Cut

This machine is great for providing a manicured lawn at high mowing speeds. Built in both commercial and heavy-duty homeowner grade. This mower offers both durability and drastic time savings.


Tillage: The Till-Ease is equipped with rigid shanks has been designed to be very aggressive allowing for ease of ground penetration.

Cultipacker: Ideal for use with any broadcast seeding project. Generate the proper seed to soil contact with a Till-Ease cultipacker. Great for planting a wildlife food plot or seeding a new lawn.

Drag Harrow: Perfect for seedbed preparation. Levels the soil by breaking up and unwanted clods.

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