How Do You Put a Belt on a Murray Riding Lawn Mower. Spartan mower keypad replacement

How Do You Put a Belt on a Murray Riding Lawn Mower?

Murray has been getting the job done over the past 9 decades providing both affordable and efficient products such as lawn and garden equipment to the consumers. As Murray is exclusively powered by the world’s driving small engines brand Briggs Stratton, it is a perfect choice for today’s consumers’ reliable, high-value products for their busy lifestyles.

As well as any other machinery, proper and periodic maintenance is essential to keep Murray mowers running properly. The old worn or stretched belt of the mower may need the installation of a new blade belt or a repair. However, replacing a new belt is a much better option as it will help avoid downtime.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to change the belt on a Murray riding lawnmower.

Park at a Proper Place

To get started, park the Murray riding mower on a flat and level surface suitable for working. Make sure to set the parking brake after turning the engine off. Set the mower housing to the lowest setting. After that, move the blade rotation control to the “Disengage” position. Pull out the boot from the end of the spark plug.

Extract the hairpins

Check the mower chassis, and disconnect the rear suspension arms. Remove the hairpins from the arms, and then remove the washers next. Remove the arms from the chassis pins and set the hairpins and washers aside in a safe spot.

Unhook the extension spring

First, pull out the hairpins and washers from the suspension links. Remove the links from the mower chassis support. There’s a blade control rod with an extension spring. Remove the extension spring.

Remove the front Hanger

Remove off the front hanger from the chassis support. To do this, pull the hairpin and washer from the end of the connecting rod holding the parts in place. Next, take out the rod and remove the hanger from the chassis.

After that, turn the engine pulley and roll the blade driver belt off. Slide the mower housing out from under the mower chassis.

Pull out the Belt

First, pull out the belt retainer away from the idler pulley. Slowly pull the belt out. Remove the belt from the jackshaft pulley. First, pull the brake pad back, and then remove the belt. You can get a new replacement from a mower repair shop or a home-improvement store.

Install the new belt

To install the new belt, pull the brake pad back and connect the belt to the jackshaft pulley. Place the belt on the idler pulley after pulling the retainer back and. Align the belt to center the “V” side in the pulleys.

Connect the belt to the engine

Center the mower housing by sliding the mower housing back under the mower chassis. Next, connect the belt back to the engine pulley securely. Line up the holes within the front hanger with the holes in the chassis support. Insert the connecting rod through the holes and secure it with a hairpin and washer.

Connect the suspension links

There’s an extension spring, hook it to the blade control rod. Connect the suspension links to the mower chassis supports. Carefully secure them with hairpins and washers.

Place the rear suspension arms to the mower chassis. Raise the mower housing and connect the sparking plug wire back to the tip of the sparking plug.

The belt keeps falling off

A damaged or loose belt might be the reason to come off a riding mower. A broken or worn belt can break and fly off at a high velocity while the engine is running, which can serious injury.

Regularly check the belt for looseness, damage, cracks, fraying, or separation from the rest of the assembly. Repair or replace immediately if necessary. However, it’s a better option to replace with a new one.


How to check the model number of a Murray lawn mower?

Check out the back of the mower or under the seat for the model numbers on Murray riding lawn mowers. For the push Mowers and walk-behind mowers, you can find model numbers on the center of the deck between the brackets.

To Conclude

Replacing a Murray Riding Lawn Mower belt is not so difficult if you carefully follow through the steps above. Make sure to wear safety equipment and turning the engine off before you make any adjustments. Reach out for professional help for further assistance. You can also read our guide on how to put a belt on a john deere lawn mower.

Spartan Mower Problems [Undeniable Maintenance Tips]

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If you’re the proud owner of a Spartan mower, you know that they’re some of the most powerful and durable cutting machines on the market.

With their comfortable design, fast speed, and great fuel efficiency, Spartan mowers have quickly become a favorite among those who love to keep their lawns looking pristine.

However, as with any mechanical device, there have been some reports of problems with Spartan mowers over the years.

belt, murray, riding, lawn, mower

While these Spartan mower problems can be frustrating, following our helpful guide should get your beloved machine running like new in no time!

Spartan Mower Problems Starting

If you have ever tried to start a lawn mower, you know it can sometimes be a frustrating experience.

There are several things that could go wrong – from bad wiring to a weak battery. In some cases, the problem might be as simple as needing to clean or replace the spark plug or air filter.

Other times though, diagnosing the issue may be more difficult.

For example, some customers report their mowers will not start because of an LCD circuit board issue.

While this may seem like an unlikely cause at first glance, replacing the board has been known to fix the problem temporarily in many cases.

If your mower is still giving you trouble starting up after trying all these tips, it may need professional servicing

Spartan Mower Power Loss

No one enjoys the process of trying to start a Spartan mower, only to have it fail due to some underlying issue.

Whether the problem is something as simple as a dirty spark plug or more complicated like an LCD circuit board issue, customers can get frustrated quickly.

In some cases starting a Spartan mower is simply a matter of trial and error until the right solution is found but oftentimes it’s best left to professionals.

By understanding some of the most common reasons why mowers don’t start up, you can be better prepared next time you go out to tackle your lawn.

Mower Deck Noise

Spartan mowers are designed to run quietly, but some customers have reported that their mowers have been making noise. In most cases, this is due to a loose blade or worn-out bearings.

If your mower is making unusual noises, it’s important to get it checked out by a professional mechanic as continuing to use a mower with these issues can be dangerous.

Spartan zero turn lawn mowers are of high quality and backed by great warranties. So if you do experience any problems with your Spartan Mower, customer service will always be happy to help sort things out for you quickly and easily.

Because at the end of the day – they want you to enjoy using your Spartan Lawn Mower just as much as you enjoyed picking it out in the first place!

Spartan Mower Cutting Uneven

The most common problem with Spartan mowers is an uneven cut, which can be caused by a number of different factors.

Dull blades are the most likely culprit, as they will leave streaks in the lawn and result in an overall poor cut.

Sharpening the blades should be the first step in troubleshooting this issue.

Another potential cause for an uneven cut is build-up of grass clippings underneath the deck.

This can impede blade movement and prevent proper cutting action from taking place. To remedy this, simply clean out any debris that has accumulated beneath the deck.

In some cases, tires may also be to blame for an uneven Cut job being done by your Spartan mower – if they are underinflated then it will throw off balance and make it difficult to achieve a level trim across your lawn.

Be sure to check tire air pressure frequently (according to manufacturer guidelines) and inflate/deflate accordingly so that each tire has equal amounts of air pressure.

Lastly, one final thing you want to check is whether or not the actual deck itself is spinning level side-to-side and front-to-back; if it isn’t then naturally this too will result in a lopsided cut every time around your yard.

If all else fails contact customer support for more help diagnosing the issue with your machine

Spartan Mower Maintenance Tips

If your Spartan Lawn mower isn’t starting, the first thing you should do is check the gas and clean the deck. It’s important to use fresh gas; never keep gas from last season.

Debris can cause corrosion, so be sure to check that there isn’t any around the blades.

Here are some other troubleshooting tips: If your mower is a zero turn, make sure the PTO switch is in the “on” position. Checking and if necessary filling up on oil might be your next step. Inspecting and possibly cleaning or replacing air filters comes after checking fluids.

If dirt has accumulated over time it could prevent airflow which would not allow for proper function of internal combustion engines found in most lawnmowers today.

After all these potential solutions have been attempted and resolved then take it to your nearest Spartan mower dealer for servicing as something more serious may need to be attended to such as a spark plug issue or carburetor problem.

Clean The Spark Plug

Checking the air filter might be the last thing on your mind when you go to mow your lawn, but it’s actually a really important part of maintaining your mower.

A clogged air filter can cause the fuel to burn less efficiently, and it might even cause problems when you’re trying to start up your mower.

Where to grease a SPARTAN mower

So before you fire up the engine, take a minute to check that air filter. It could save you a lot of hassle in the long run!

Fuel Filter

Spartans are tough mowers–but even the most durable mower will have trouble starting if the fuel filter clogged.

Replacing the fuel filter is an easy job, but if you’ve never done it before, it’s best to take your mower to the repair shop.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, check to see if the air filter needs to be replaced or cleaned–a dirty air filter can also prevent your mower from starting.

Finally, make sure gas from the fuel tank is actually reaching the engine by tapping on the side of the carburetor.

If you’re still having trouble starting your mower, it might be time for a new one zero turn mowers are all the rage these days, and they’re sure to make mowing your lawn a breeze.

Cleaning Spartan Mower Deck

In order to ensure that your mower performs at its best, it is crucial to keep the mower deck clean.

For zero turn mowers, the deck is where all of the mowing action takes place. As a result, debris and lawn clippings can easily accumulate over time.

If these materials are not removed on a regular basis, they can cause corrosion to the mower deck.

In addition, the clippings may gradually accumulate and jam the discharge chute, restricting ventilation. As a result, it is important to clean the deck after each use in order to prevent long-term damage.

For Spartan mowers specifically, keeping the deck clean is essential in order to maintain optimal performance.

Consequently, it is important to be diligent in deck maintenance in order to protect your investment.

Keep Mower Blades Sharpened

If you’re a lawnmower owner, then you know how important it is to keep your mower blades sharp.

Not only does it ensure a clean cut, but it also helps to prevent tearing of the grass. Sharpening the dull mower blades at least twice a year is required for a clean cut.

If you’ve never done it before, don’t try to sharpen the blades yourself. Instead, take it to Spartan Mower Dealer or local mower repair shop.

Not only will they be able to sharpen the blades quickly and efficiently, but they can also check for any other potential problems with your mower.

By taking care of your mower now, you’ll be able enjoy a healthy lawn for years down the road!

Tire Pressure

Tire air pressure is important for several reasons. Having the proper tire pressure ensures an even cut when mowing your lawn.

If one tire is higher than another, it can result in an uneven deck on the mower and ultimately, an uneven cut.

Furthermore, having properly inflated tires helps to prolong their life – they will last longer before needing to be replaced.

This not only saves you money in the long run, but also time spent replacing them more frequently.

Additionally, checking your mower’s tire pressure regularly is a good way to prevent problems before they start; by catching a tire that is beginning to lose air pressure, you can avoid flat sand other issues that may occur if left unchecked


Not all Spartan mower problems are life ending, and like all machines will eventually have some issues.

However, with most Spartan mower problems are actually quite simple to fix. One of the most common complaints is that components start to wear out quickly.

This isn’t really a problem with the machine itself but more an issue of user error.

When using any lawnmower – regardless of brand – it’s important to follow the proper maintenance procedures as outlined in the owner’s manual.

This includes things like regularly changing the oil, checking tire pressure, and making sure there is no debris under the deck which can cause premature wear on blades and other parts.

Another common problem is flat tires or incorrect tire pressure. Most people don’t realize that different terrains require different tire pressures for optimum performance from their mower.

The rule of thumb is: softer soils need less psi while harder surfaces require more psi. Again. this information can be found in your owner ‘s manual.

I eat a healthy balance of homegrown vegetables and beer. I live in Michigan with my wife and 3-year-old son, who both love and tolerate me!

Recommended Articles

What Is The Issue With Spartan Mower Problems?

Spartan Mowers is one of the Arkansas-based Intimidator Group’s most successful subsidiaries thanks to its enviable range of zero-turn mowers and other power equipment. However, the Spartan name has received something of a bad rap from some sections of its customer base, and we’re here to find out why.

Spartan mowers, it has been claimed, show problems with uneven cutting. These reports could point to loose or unsharpened blades, but some reports indicate lower quality deck belts or even poor deck design. Most customers don’t experience these issues and the company offers a solid warranty.

One of the major accusations leveled at Spartan is unsatisfactory cutting prowess. How true is this claim? Is there anything that can be done to correct this issue? Should such claims scare potential Spartan customers away?

Do Spartan Mowers Have A Cutting Problem?

Let’s cut (pun intended) right to the chase. What’s the problem with Spartan lawnmowers?

One problem noted by customers of Spartan mowers is inconsistent cuts. This problem reveals itself when some grass is left taller than the rest after the mower passes over it or strands are left completely untouched. This same problem can happen with many brands of mowers.

The exact cause of this problem is a topic of great debate among Spartan customers.

Varying RPMs In Spartan Mowers

Some speculate that the issue stems from a dip in engine RPMs, which also affects blade speed and causes patchy cuts. If this occurs it can create areas containing ‘strings’ or individual grass blades left higher than the rest.

It can also cause some areas of grass to bend over away from slower blades and not be cut at the same height as others. Faster RPMs cut grass before they have a chance to bend away and avoid being clipped.

This problem is also disputed by some who rightfully assert that the main cause of these issues are dull or even loose blades. Whatever the cause, this problem is not one solely found in Spartan mowers.

Loosening Or Slacking Belts On Spartan Mowers

Others figure that the uneven cutting problem is caused by the slackening of the deck belts, which also lowers the blade speed. This can happen with any mower deck belt, but Spartan mowers it is claimed have belts that are more susceptible to this than most.

This could be the problem with any mower and belt combination though and is not one that can be directly linked to Spartan mowers.

Spartan Mower Deck Issues

Another train of thought asserts that the uneven cutting problem may lie with the deck itself. Some customers query whether the design of Spartan’s decks makes it difficult to take care of grass once it reaches a certain height. Comparisons with other mower brands have yielded results that strongly suggest the affirmative.

Yet, one thing that has to be kept in mind is that these are based on anecdotal evidence. To be sure, there are mower designs that cut better than others, but in the case of Spartan mowers these comparisons have been done on a vary small amount of mowers.

There are a great many variables that have to be accounted for that would need exponentially more than a few individual comparisons.

Spartan Mower Warranty

With any of these issues, customers whose mowers are under warranty may have recourse with the manufacturer or dealer. Their warranty terms are better than many leaders in the industry and should put any potential customers at ease.

The norm in the industry revolves around a 2 year warranty standard currently. This makes the warranty of the Spartan mower line not only not a problem, but a plus.

If your machine is no longer under warranty, you may have to carry out some aftermarket modifications to improve your machine’s cut quality. Modifications range from replacing blades and belts to modifying and repositioning the deck. If that sounds like too much of a hassle, you might be better off staying on top of your lawn before it grows too tall.

In my own professional and personal experience, a sharp blade makes up for a multitude of uneven cutting problems. Keep your blade sharp and the cut magically evens out.

belt, murray, riding, lawn, mower

However, for the most part, these problems are rare. Most Spartan customers have never faced such issues and couldn’t be happier with their machines.

Are Spartan Mowers Good On Hills Or Are They A Problem?

All of us who have ridden on a mower while trying to cut a steep bank or hill know the precarious feeling. There is also the concern of gouging the turf with spinning wheels or even worse, turning the mower over. So, are hills a problem for Spartan mowers? Can they do a good and safe job at cutting those steeper inclines?

Spartan mowers are good and safe on hills. Most of their zero turn models come with roll bars or rollover protection systems (ROPS) installed for safety. All Spartan mowers come with GT Trac for precise balance, weight distribution, and control. On dry grass, Spartan mowers cut inclines very well.

  • Always read the user manual on powerful machinery like Spartan mowers.
  • Know your landscape and choose the right tool for the job. Some inclines are mowable and some are not.
  • Always reduce speed on inclines. Though Spartans are safe on inclines slower speeds are a must.
  • Detach all unnecessary attachments to your mower (sprayers, baggers, etc.)
  • Always have ROPS components fully deployed and secured.
  • Wear the included seatbelt at all times.
  • Do not mow inclines in wet conditions. This is for safety and to avoid uneven cuts, gouging, and skidding.

Many of the problems people have when cutting inclines with Spartan machines or others is because they don’t follow these simple guidelines. Too steep of an incline for mowing, wet conditions, and excessive speed can regularly cause uneven cuts on inclines as well as level turf.

How Fast Do Spartan Mowers Go?

One issue that can be a problem is the combination of varying or slower blade speeds and a faster moving mower. The slower the blade speed, the slower the mower should be moving in order to get a clean cut. Understanding that speeds can always be adjusted by operators, what are the top speeds of Spartan mowers?

Top speeds for Spartan mowers range from 9 miles per hour to 13 miles per hour depending on the model and are considered average to fast when compared to other brands. This is nearly double the speed of a traditional lawn tractor that has a speed range of 4 to 5 mph.

The trick to allowing these zero turn mowers to move so fast comes down to two things: blade speed and blade sharpness. This is why some are having issue with the cuts they receive from their Spartan.

belt, murray, riding, lawn, mower

The blade sharpness is something that owners can control, but the blade speed typically is not. If you are receiving a bad cut on your lawn at faster speeds and it improves at slower velocity, the above problems may be causing your blade speeds to dip.

Spartan mowers are fast machines, and this requires both sharp blades and fast blade speeds. Consult your warranty information if you believe blade speed may be a problem with yours.

Are Spartan Mowers Worth The Money?

Now, let’s take a look at whether you should give Spartan a chance.

As part of the Intimidator Group, Spartan lawnmowers and power tools are manufactured in Batesville, Arkansas. The parent company strives to provide homegrown products that reflect “All-American, hardworking values” that founders Robert and Becky Foster hold dear.

Spartan’s goal is to offer high-quality and affordable lawnmowers for both private and commercial lawn care…and to do so in style. So, are Spartan mowers worth the buy?

Spartan mowers are definitely worth the money for anyone looking for an American made product at a price that is highly competitive with all others on the market. Their build quality, comfort, style, customization options, and power all deliver high value for the price.

Zero-turns are the Spartan’s bread and butter, although the company also makes an electric push mower and other miscellaneous tools.

The Z-turn range is made up of four series: KG, SRT, RT, and RZ. Each series has two or more model lines, and models can be available in different specs and equipped with various optional extras. Customers also have the option of building their mower on the Spartan website.

Let’s take a look at a few standout Spartans.

Are Spartan Mowers Good For Residential Use?

Kicking off with the RZ-C, Spartan’s entry-level zero-turn.

This residential z-turn has most of the RZ series’ best features in a smaller and more affordable package. With a base price of just over 4,000, the RZ-C is certainly a breath of fresh air in this market segment. But what is it packing?

Spartan mowers are excellent for residential use and have that match most any other in the industry. For those with larger lawns or fields to mow that require a solid zero turn mower, Spartan brand machines can be a reliable and fast way to mow up to an acre or more.

How’s a fusion-welded tube frame for starters? Or a 4-inch deep 7-gauge steel deck (42 or 54 inches) with an 18,500 feet per minute blade speed?

If that’s not impressive enough, you can also take a gander at the 25-horsepower Briggs or 23 and 21-horse Kawasaki engines you can choose from. The Briggs motor is available on both 42 and 54-inch specs. The 21 horsepower Kawasaki is fitted to a 42-inch spec and the 23-horsepower engine is on a 54-incher. Regardless of the spec you choose, you are guaranteed a super powerful machine.

In fact (like all mowers in the RZ series), the RZ-C is so powerful that Spartan opted to equip it with commercial grade belts, idlers, pulleys, and bearings. The quality of these components is proven by the lack of excessive vibrations that often plague mowers in this class.

You also get a Tuff Torq 300 transmission across all RZ-C specs. This helps the RZ-C reach forward speeds of up to 7.5 miles per hour (all engines). You can also reach 5 mph when reversing.

Operator comfort is also a major concern at Spartan. In addition to the comfy (and customizable) seat, you get adjustable steering levers, a keyless ignition, and a large cupholder for your beverages. There’s also a 12V outlet you can use to charge your phone or any other devices while you mow.

The LCD control panel interface displays all sorts of information: from your tachometer and engine hour meter to your mower deck hour meter and fault codes. The interface also counts down to the next due oil change.

The RZ-C’s mower deck height can be adjusted from 1-4.25 inches, and it has 12 height increments. You also get a foot-operated deck lift. The spindles are made from cast aluminum and have sealed bearings that minimize the need for maintenance.

The Spartan RZ-C is available from Spartan or its affiliated dealers with a full 3-year/300-hour warranty and a 120-day belt warranty. Kawasaki and Briggs also offer 3-year engine warranties. The hydraulic drive system has a 3-year/200-hour warranty.

Are Spartan Mowers Good For Commercial Use?

Next up we have the crème de la crème in Spartan’s stable, the KGZ-XD.

Spartan mowers are designed to be sturdy and quality machines usable by any commercial crew. The plethora of options available, the sturdy build quality, solid warranty, and speed to rival any on the market make any of their commercial lines an excellent choice.

As the undisputed king of the commercial KG series, the KGZ-XD offers a royal smorgasbord of tasty features. It’s not bad on the eye either.

The powerful z-turn is powered by a 40 horsepower Vanguard Big Block engine that boasts electronic fuel injection (EFI) and a nifty oil guard to ensure top-notch performance in all conditions. You also get a 16-gallon gas tank to help quench the monstrous motor’s thirst.

The transmission is made up of 16cc Parker HTG integrated hydros. The drive system has a continuous torque value of 498 ft-lb and a maximum torque value of 587 ft-lb.

The KGZ-XD’s power hits the turf via massive radial Michelin Tweels in the rear. The 24-inch tires make use of poly-resin spokes instead of air, meaning you won’t be facing any puncture-related downtime. Tweels also offer better grip and handling than traditional pneumatic tires. The tires also have Michelin’s advanced tread system and stability control which makes them great on uneven terrain.

You also get 13-inch Tweel casters that make this 1300-lb mower as nimble as a kitten.

The KGZ-XD’s 61-inch deck is made of 7-gauge steel and it sits 6 inches deep. You can adjust the cutting height from 1 to 5 inches using Spartan’s Precision Height pin system. The Aluminum spindles are maintenance-free of course. The mower deck is engaged via an electric PTO.

The KGZ-XD has many of the same comfort and convenience features as the RZ-C. At the center of it all is the Blackout super seat, which is highly adjustable and provides a commanding view of your handiwork.

Spartan Zero Turn Mowers

Right next to the 12V outlet is a storage that can more conveniently fit most mobile phones. Additionally, there is Spartan’s foldable Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS) frame that can prevent major disaster if the machine tips over.

You can get your hands on a KGZ-XD for around 15,400. Expect that figure to be higher if you want certain options. Financing deals are also available.

The mower comes with a 3-year/ 500-hour full warranty for residential use and a 2-year commercial warranty. You also get 120 days of belt cover and a 3-year engine warranty. The hydraulic drive system also has a 3-year/ 1500-hour warranty.

Other notable Spartan Z-turns include the SRT-XD, the RT-Pro, and RZ-HD.

So, to answer the million (or few thousand) dollar question, Spartan lawnmowers are worth the money.

However, we must admit that the reports of cutting problems are not a good sign, especially for such a young brand. With vicious competition for market share, this is not a reputation Spartan cannot afford.

That said, the build quality, power, style, comfort, and affordability of these mowers make them a serious contender.

The Final Touches On Spartan Mower Problems…

Spartan mowers are quality American made machines that are above average when compared to many others in the industry. Like with all brands, they will have strengths and weaknesses. No brand is without some in both columns.

Spartans have claims from customers of uneven cutting that could have a plethora of sources. For one, these claims are in the minority and more than likely can be fixed by sharpening blades, tightening or replacing belts, or more frequent cutting.

To be fair, there can be issues with any particular Spartan machine, just like any brand. In the event there is a problem, there is a very solid warranty that can take care of any factory defects or initial problems.

Mathew has worked in landscaping professionally for over 10 years. He is a grandpa and frequently interviews other experienced landscapers and lawn care experts who are also grandpas for these articles.

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