Hudson Star Classic Cut Mower. Push mower with roller

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Hudson Star Greensmowers have lower cutting heights than most reel mowers and will mow low enough for a putting green. 11 blade computer balanced reel cuts from 3/32″. 3/4″ heights. Excellent for those hard-to-reach areas, soft, sensitive, or nursery greens.

  • Steep Hills, Tight Edges, Near Water
  • Collars / Fringes / Tie Ins
  • Newly Seeded Greens
  • Stressed or Damaged turf
  • Sound Sensitive Areas (Near Clubhouses, Neighborhoods, Resorts etc.)

Country Club grass in your own backyard

The perfect tool for the home greens enthusiasts. spend your time improving your game, not your turf. The Classic Cut mower is designed to allow home greens enthusiasts to experience the same professional golf course quality greens care enjoyed by professionals.

Built Rugged to Exacting Specifications

  • Built with All Steel Frame with Collapsible Tubular Handle
  • All Steel Drive Train Guarded Sealed
  • Sealed Bearings. No Lubrication Required
  • Professionally Coated Parts for Corrosion Resistance

The Hudson Star Classic Cut is ideal for home putting greens, croquet courts, lawn bowling, and tennis courts. It can also be found on many professional golf courses.

Technical Specs

  • 82 lbs.
  • Built with All Steel Frame
  • Collapsible Tubular Handle
  • All Steel Drive Train Guarded Sealed
  • Assembled Utilizing Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Sealed Bearings. No Lubrication Required
  • Professionally Coated Parts for Corrosion Resistance
  • 4 cuts per inch
  • 16″ Cut Width
  • All manual mower with direct drive to reel


Q: How much does the unit weigh? A: The Classic Cut weighs 82 lbs.

Q: What is the cutting height range? A: The cutting range for both units is 3/32″ to 3/4″. This allows for not only close golf course quality cuts, but allows trimming of fringe areas and tees as well.

Q: How hard is it to change cutting heights? A: It is very easy. The full cutting height range is accessed by simply turning a single hand knob. There are no bolts or nuts to loosen or tighten. There is no adjustment from side to side.

Q: How many blades does the reel contain? A: Both units are manufactured with an 11 blade reel. The reel is balanced and backlapped at the factory and gives approximately 4 cuts per inch.

Q: How easy is the Classic Cut to push? A: Properly maintained, the Classic Cut is easy to push and can be used by women and even fairly young children. Conditions such as dull blades or excessively wet or tall grass will increase the force necessary and will effect the quality of cut.

Q: How often will sharpening be required? A: Normally very infrequent. Conditions such as frequency of mowing cycles, condition of top soil, and frequency of top dressing can affect the condition of the blade. Both units come with a backlapping kit allowing the user to sharpen the cutting blades easily.

Q: Will the mowers catch grass clippings? A: Yes! Clippings are collected in our unique molded catch can. The can “clips” on the front of the mower allowing quick and easy dumping and reattachment.

Q: How can I transport my mower from my garage to the green since I have to travel over concrete, asphalt, stones, rougher terrain, etc.? A: Both mowers are manufactured with a unique multi-position handle assembly which allows the unit to be transformed into a transportation mode. Not only does it protect the cutting area of the mower, but it allows the unit to be used as a “smoothing” roller for the green.

Q: What about maintenance? A: Under normal conditions little maintenance is required. All materials are powder-coated or manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials. All bearings are sealed and the drive-train is enclosed requiring no lubrication.

Q: Does the factory stock replacement parts? A: Yes.

Q: Do the mowers come with a complete and detailed owners manual including identification of all replacement parts? A: Yes!

Q: Should the mowers be cleaned after mowing? A: Normally light spraying with a water hose and lightly coating with something similar to WD-40 is sufficient.

Q: What assembly is required when I receive the unit? A: Simply bolt the handle in place. The mower is ready for the green.

Q: How long does it take to mow a green with these units? A: Depending on the size and condition of the green, normal mowing time for most “home” greens would be approximately 10-20 minutes.


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Masport Rotarola Rear-Roller Striping Mower

hudson, star, classic, mower, push

Aluminum deck offers deterioration resistance, high longevity as well as lengthy life Fail secure OPC (driver visibility command) device Extra-large capacity Aero-catcher incorporates tough plastic with double interweaved cloth for strength and also terrific air circulation Hinged cover for simple draining or rear-discharge as opposed to bagging Counter well balanced single lever elevation from slice to give light as well as quick and easy variety from reducing height

Push Pull Lawn Mower Product Description

The Masport Rotarola is actually a rear curler rotating lawn mower that delivers a crisp as well as tidy stripe and first-rate mowing functionality. This machine is actually designed to offer you the appearance from a reel reduce with the economical of purchase, procedure and maintenance of a rotating mower. Self-propelled and powered by the Expert Series 850 Briggs and also Stratton motor, the Rotarola is simple to use as well as possesses plenty of energy and also longevity. The Rotarola is backed through an one-year industrial service warranty backwards and forwards.

Striping Mower

Striping Mower – For example: how large is your yard? Exactly how typically do you have to suffice? Does it include just grass – no wes or various other cutting-challenging plants? Just how much space do you ne to keep a mower? Can you safely store gas?

If you have a very little lawn.

May an antique. Push reel mower the job done for you. These are press manually – you offer the energy – and also they can do a great task in addition Striping to offer you with exercise. They are cheap. Simple to preserve. Store quite conveniently. And also are silent.

If you have a small grass. Probably an electric lawn mower. When Ideal. In this instance you not ne to worry about storing gas or most likely the largest issue that a lot of gas lawn mower proprietors encounter – starting the mower. No start-up issues with an electric. So long as it is plugg in. It will certainly work simply fine. There are even Mower cordless electric lawn mowers and with the higher battery voltages offer today (36 volts).

They now have the power to cut as well as a gas lawn mower. Electrics are tidy – no gas or smoke odor. Many owners say they seem like hoover. So they have an even more acceptable degree of noise. A lot of electrics fold up rather perfectly for simple storage space. And also you do not ne to handle fuel so the scent of gas will never ever on your hands. see here now

If you have a bigger lawn state up to a 1/4 of an acre. An electrical may suffice if it is a well manicur grass. If you have some trouble locations with wes. Perhaps you think about a gas mower. These ne appropriate storage such as a garage or an out structure. You will storing gasoline so make sure you have the correct containers and that they are securely seal.

Ryobi 18V ONE Lawn Mower review – a great mower for small yards with not-so-great batteries

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REVIEW – Battery-powered lawn mowers have several benefits over their gas-powered cousins: No more trips to the gas station, no need for oil, no worries about burning off all the gas before storing it away for the winter, less noise for your neighbors, and so on. Last year was the first time that I used a battery-powered lawn mower, and unfortunately that one was too small and quite underpowered. I’m back this year with another mower, this one from the well-known power tool maker, Ryobi. Will it have the power to mow my yard, which is a combination of weeds and Zoysia? Read on to find out more about Ryobi’s 18V ONE mower.

What is it?

hudson, star, classic, mower, push

The Ryobi 18V ONE Lawn Mower is the latest in a long line of power tools and yard equipment that are powered by Ryobi’s ONE system, which uses lithium-ion battery technology intended to maximize power. This is a brushless push mower with a 16-inch blade that is intended for smaller yards. The mower comes with attachments for mulching or bagging as well as a pair of 4.0 Ah batteries and a charger. Ryobi is a Japanese manufacturer that “specializes in making pro-featured power tools and outdoor products truly affordable.”

Hardware specs

Design and features

The Ryobi 18V ONE Lawn Mower looks like every other battery-powered lawn mower. Nearly every visible part of the mower is plastic, except for the handle bars, the metal bars for the bagger, and the metal bars used to change the height of the mower. Its coloring is a mix of black and Ryobi’s signature bright yellow along with liberal doses of Ryobi and ONE branding. On top of the mower is a compartment for the safety key and the battery. The grass-catcher bag hangs off the back of the mower, and it can be replaced by a plug when mulching. Overall, there’s nothing new or interesting about this design, but as the old adage says, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Installation and setup

When the box arrived, I was a bit fearful for its contents. The box was quite thin, and it had clearly taken a beating during transport. In addition, the single strip of lightweight tape that held the box closed had mostly popped apart, leaving a good bit of the box top open. Ryobi has a lot to learn about protecting large pieces of lawn equipment while they are in transport. Thankfully, as far as I could tell, nothing was broken or missing; there was, however, one random screw in the bottom of the box, and I still have no idea where it came from.

Ryobi included three different manuals, one for the mower, one for the charger, and one for the batteries. The mower arrived partially assembled, so I started with the mower manual to see how to finish the assembly. I don’t like this manual at all. It’s got a 1980’s vibe to it, and the style is not very helpful. The pictures are small, the steps to take are unclear, multiple languages are mixed in the text and make it hard to read, and so on. I figured out how to assemble this mower, but it’s safe to say that I did so despite this manual, not because of it.

hudson, star, classic, mower, push

Using the charger is super simple, just plug it in and then insert the battery. It can only charge one at a time. The charger has no less than three LEDs:

  • Orange – indicates the battery is too hot or cold to charge
  • Red – indicates the battery is charging
  • Green – indicates the battery is charged

hudson, star, classic, mower, push

Once the batteries were charged—this takes about 90 minutes per battery—I inserted the safety key and a battery, and I was ready to go!


hudson, star, classic, mower, push

The Ryobi 18V ONE Lawn Mower can either mulch or bag. If you want to mulch, there’s a plastic plug that can be inserted into the hole in the back of the mower. As I want to add the grass clippings around my blackberry bushes, most of the time I choose to use the bagger instead. The bag is a typical nylon bag that allows air to flow through while blocking the grass. It’s attached to the mower using a pair of metal clips, which is a standard approach. The bag itself isn’t really that big. I found that on average it only took just over two minutes to fill up; that means I’m going to be doing a lot of stopping and emptying. At least it’s easy to detach the bag, empty it, and reattach.

hudson, star, classic, mower, push

The airflow out of the back of the mower isn’t very strong. When I mowed grass that was damp, the bagger didn’t work very well, as all the grass jammed at the back of the mower. As long as the grass was dry, however, it worked just fine.

hudson, star, classic, mower, push

Perhaps the coolest feature on this mower is its height adjusting mechanism. On my gas-powered mower, I literally have to use a wrench to remove the tires to change the height; it’s horrible. On this Ryobi mower, however, all I have to do is use a lever located on the side of the mower; it simultaneously lowers or raises all four wheels. I think this is really slick. It has seven different mowing heights, anywhere from 1.5 to 4 inches in height. I typically kept the mower on the third lowest setting, and that worked pretty well for my yard.

hudson, star, classic, mower, push

Starting the Ryobi 18V ONE Lawn Mower is easy. I hold down one of the handles and then press the button. I found that this mower starts up with one press every time.

hudson, star, classic, mower, push

Here’s most important question about the Ryobi 18V ONE Lawn Mower: How powerful is it? Can it mow my lawn without stalling and stopping all the time? Although this mower still doesn’t have as much power as my gas mower, it has enough to mow all but the thickest clumps of grass in my yard. Those still caused the mower to stall, but rarely did they cause it to stop. Whenever I hit thicker grass, the battery gave more power to the engine to power through. This push mower is very usable. I am super happy with the power Ryobi managed to get out this ONE system.

I created a short video to show some of the features of the mower and to show how it worked in my yard:

How big of a yard is this mower good for? As I’ve mentioned, the grass catcher is pretty small. The blade length is 16 inches, which is quite a bit smaller than most entry-level, gas-powered, push mowers that are usually 20 or 21 inches. Ryobi estimates that each battery will last 40 minutes, but what I found was that they averaged far, far less than that. I never got more than 20 minutes of runtime from a fully charged battery.

hudson, star, classic, mower, push

Ryobi says that the 18V ONE Lawn Mower is designed for yards that are a quarter acre or less. Given the size of the blade and bag catcher, that estimate seems about right, but with these batteries, I think a quarter acre is quite rather optimistic. Either I’ll need to buy two or (more likely) four additional batteries, or I’ll have to mow the lawn over three days instead of all at once. Ryobi does sell extra batteries at Home Depot.

They also sell mowers in this line with larger blades, but you’ll have to pay for the larger mowers. This 16-inch mower is only 280, and the 21-inch mowers start at 500. They also a have a battery-powered riding mower, which looks amazing (but costs 5600!).

Extra Features

hudson, star, classic, mower, push

There’s a sturdy handle on top for picking up the entire mower, and as the mower is made out of plastic, I can pick it up with one hand.

hudson, star, classic, mower, push

For those who have a smaller garage or shed, the Ryobi 18V ONE Lawn Mower can be stored in an upright position. To do this, I remove the bagger, loosen the four knobs, fold the handlebars out of the way, and then prop up the mower. It does save a bit of space.

What I’d change

Final thoughts

hudson, star, classic, mower, push

The Ryobi 18V ONE Lawn Mower is part of Ryobi’s ONE line of power tools and lawn equipment. At only 16 inches, the blade is intended for smaller lawns, but it makes up for that with a smaller price tag. In my testing, I found this mower to be powerful enough to handle all the but the thickest patches of grass in my yard. I’m particularly fond of the height adjustment mechanism and its ability to fold up when stored. I’m very disappointed, however, with the total run time of the batteries; Ryobi says they will last for 40 minutes, but the ones I have actually last for less than 20. I like a lot of things about this lawn mower; if the batteries lived up to Ryobi’s estimated numbers, then I would recommend it without any hesitation. Given their very short run time, however, I can’t really recommend it to you, unless you’re happy buying more batteries or are willing to take three days to mow your lawn.

Price: 299 Where to buy: The Home Depot Source: The sample for this review was provided by Ryobi.

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