Husqvarna automower 420 installation. How to Install Husqvarna Automower in 7 Simple Steps

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Custom component for Home Assistant to monitor and control your Husqvarna Automower

husqvarna, automower, installation, install, simple


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Home Assistant integration for Husqvarna Automower

Custom component to support Automower.

  • Home Assistant integration for Husqvarna Automower
  • About
  • Supported devices
  • Installation
  • Installation through HACS
  • Manual installation
  • Husqvarna API-Key
  • Home Assistant
  • Image Sensor
  • Example of map image
  • Example of map image with zones enabled
  • Services
  • Remove Credentials
  • Error: The component is not configured.

This Home Assistant integration provides status and control of supported Husqvarna Automowers. The official Husqvarna API uses websocket connection for pushed updates, so no polling is performed. Park and Start commands including schedule overrides are supported by the integration allowing for robust automations to be implemented in Home Assistant. Diagnostic and statics provided by the API are included with the integration for monitoring mower usage and performance.

Husqvarna Automowers with built-in Automower® Connect or with the Automower® Connect Module are supported. This integration does not support Bluetooth connectivity with Automowers.

Requires Home Assistant 2023.3.0 or newer.

Installation through HACS

Installation using Home Assistant Community Store (HACS) is recommended.

  • If HACS is not installed, follow HACS installation and configuration at
  • In HACS, search under integrations for Husqvarna Automower and install.
  • Restart Home Assistant!
  • Download the file from the repository release section.
  • Extract and copy the content into the path /config/custom_components/husqvarna_automower of your HA installation. Do not download directly from the main branch.
  • Restart Home Assistant!

In order to use this integration you must properly configure OAuth2 credentials using your Husqvarna account. Refer to this guide for general overview of the process. Username/password authentication for this integration is no longer supported as of version 2022.7.0.

Your Husqvarna account username/password used for the Automower® Connect phone app is required. Most users probably created a Husqvarna account during initial mower setup.

  • Make sure, that the exgernal url on the page Settings. Network in the field Internet is set to your external url.
  • Go to https://developer.husqvarnagroup.Cloud/ and sign in with Husqvarna account. Sign in page has password recovery/reset using registered email address if needed. Authorize Developer Porthole to access Husqvarna account when prompted.
  • After signing in you will be automatically redirected to Your applications. (Otherwise go to: https://developer.husqvarnagroup.Cloud/applications)
  • Create a new application:
  • Name is required but can be anything, for example My Home Assistant
  • Description is optional
  • Redirect URL:

The My Home Assistant redirect feature needs to be setup to redirect to your home assistant installation. See for additional information.

  • Add the integration to your home assistant installation and test the redirect feature by following below link:
  • Acknowledge prompts to open link, install Husqvarna Automower integration.
  • Acknowledge prompt to setup application credentials.
  • Enter the following from the Husqvrana developer tab:
  • The name of the application assigned in Step 3 above
  • Copy and paste the Application Key into the OAuth Client ID field
  • Copy and paste the Application Secret into the OAuth Client Secret field
  • Click Create
  • Browser will be redirected to Husqvarna Developer site. Sign in and Authorize the integration to connect with your Husqvarna account
  • After authorizing the integration the browser will show the my Home Assistant redirect link to link this account. Click on Link Account.
  • Confirm successful connection of mower and assign to an HA area if desired.

Example of map image with zones enabled

The image entity is disabled by default. The image entity will plot the current coordinates and location history of the mower on a user provided image. To configure the entity you need to upload your desired map image and determine the coordinates of the top left corner and the bottom right corner of your selected image.

The image entity is configured via the configure option on the integration. To enter the coordinates, ensure that they are in Signed Degree format and separated by a comma for example 40.689209.74.044661

husqvarna, automower, installation, install, simple

You can then provide the path to the image you would like to use for the map and mower. This has been tested with the PNG format, other formats may work. The. /resources/map_image.png default image is over written when the integration is updated, store the custom image in another location.

The path color can be changes by providing an RGB value such as (255,0,0).

The optional zone sensor allows zones to be designated by coordinates, this sensor will then return the name of the zone the mower is currently located.

To create a Zone, select new then enter a name for the zone and the coordinates of the zone. Coordinates are entered in Signed Degree format with latitude and longitude separated by a comma and each coordinate separated by a semi colon. You must enter at least three coordinates to define a zone. For example: 40.689209.74.044661; 40.689210.74.044652; 40.689211.74.044655 You must select save and then submit, exiting the flow in another manner will cause any entered zones to be lost.

If display zone is selected the zone will be drawn as an overlay on the map image in the provided RGB color. To change the color provide an RGB string such as (255,255,255).

If a Home Zone is set, the sensor will return Home and the image will display the mower at the home location, when the mower is charging or at the docking station.

  • vacuum.start The mower continues to mow, within the specified schedule
  • vacuum.pause Pauses the mower until a new command
  • vacuum.stop The mower returns to the base and parks there until the next schedule starts
  • vacuum.return_to_base The mower returns to the base and parks there until it gets a new start command
  • number.automower_park_for Override schedule to park mower for specified number of minutes.
  • number.automower_mow_for Override schedule to mow for specified number of minutes.
  • number.automower_cutting_height Set mower cutting height.
  • select.automower_headlight_mode Set the mower headlight operating mode
  • husqvarna_automower.calendar Allows mower schedule to be revised. Supports single schedule per day, this will override existing schedule.

service: husqvarna_automower.calendar data: start: ’11:45:00′ end: ’21:30:00′ monday: true tuesday: true wednesday: true thursday: true friday: true saturday: false sunday: false target: entity_id: vacuum.automower
service: husqvarna_automower.custom_command data: command_type: actions json_string:. data: target: entity_id: vacuum.automower

To enable debug logging for this integration and related libraries you can control this in your Home Assistant configuration.yaml file.

logger: default: info logs: custom_components.husqvarna_automower: debug aioautomower: debug

After a restart detailed log entries will appear in /config/home-assistant.log.

The OAuth2 credentials can be removed from the home assistant user interface. Navigate to the Integrations tab under settings. Access the Application Credentials menu by clicking on the Kebab (3 vertical dot menu icon) or direct link.

Error: The component is not configured.

Dialog box stating the component is not configured. Please follow the documentation. This error is resolved by removing OAuth2 credentials


Custom component for Home Assistant to monitor and control your Husqvarna Automower

Follow These Steps to Get Your Automower Running!

So, you purchased a Husqvarna Automower. Good choice! The nifty robot mower is about to simplify your life in so many ways!

But before that can happen, you need to install it. Fortunately, Husqvarna has made this process extremely easy by designing a user-friendly product!

Still, to get the most out of your mower, you need to follow the right steps. And we can help you with that! Our team at Automated Outdoor Solutions has been installing Automowers for many years now. And we’re happy to lend you our expertise.

We’ve pooled our knowledge to put together this guide on how to install Husqvarna Automower. By following the seven simple steps listed below, you will have your mower up and running very soon.

husqvarna, automower, installation, install, simple

Ready for automated lawncare? Let’s get started!

Step 1: Unbox the Automower

Before installing the mower, let’s take a look at everything that comes with it in the box. When you open the box, you will find the following:

  • Cardboard Ruler – You will find this inserted at the top of the box. It will help you measure distances for the boundary wire.
  • Charging Station – Not only does this charge the mower, but it also sends signals to the guide and boundary wires.
  • Power Cord – This cord will power the charging station by connecting to an electrical outlet.
  • Long Ground Screws and Allen Wrench – These are for securing the charging station to the ground.
  • Replacement Blades and Screws – Use these when your Automower blades start to dull.
  • Boundary and Guide Wires – These wires communicate with the mower to keep it within the bounds of your property and help it get back to the charging station.
  • Staples – Use these to secure the boundary and guide wires to the ground.
  • Connectors – Use these to connect wires to the charging station.
  • Couplers – Use these to connect, repair and extend the wires.
  • Robotic Lawn Mower – There is a variety of different Automower models to choose from so that you can find the one that fits your yard perfectly!

The only tools you will need are a hammer for the staples and a wire cutter and pliers for the guide and boundary wires.

Step 2: Prepare Your Yard

You will need to install the charging station, guide wires and boundary wires around your yard. It’s important to make a plan before you do this for the best results.

You should survey your lawn and make a note of any obstacles you’ll want the mower to avoid. It’s important to make a note of these so that you’ll remember to lay the boundary wires around them. A professional installer can take care of mapping your lawn for you if you choose to go that route.

As you map out your yard, be sure to pick up any twigs and debris you come across since Automowers work best in a clean lawn.

We also recommend mowing your yard before installing the guide and boundary wires. By doing this, you will make it easier to lay the wires flat against the turf. Otherwise, if you leave a wire hanging too high in the air, the mower could cut it on accident. Remember, you can use multiple staples to make sure a wire is as close to the ground as possible if necessary.

Step 3: Position the Charging Station

Next, you’ll want to look for an ideal place for the charging station. The spot you choose should have plenty of shade, be relatively level and be near a power outlet. There also needs to be at least six feet of free space in front of the charging station for the mower to move.

Once you’ve chosen a spot for your charging station, place it there. Make sure the station lays flat on the ground, but don’t fix it to the spot yet. You will need to attach the boundary and guide wires first before securing the charger in place.

Once you’ve positioned the charger, plug it in and have it charge the mower. That way, the mower will be ready to start working once you’ve completed the following steps!

Step 4: Install the Boundary Wires

Next, using a hammer and staples, install the boundary wires along the edges of your lawn and around obstacles. A professional installer will use a tool to install the wire a couple of inches below the surface. But you can fix the wires above ground, and they will be overgrown and invisible within a few weeks. You can also use a spade to create a two-inch deep slit to lay the wire below ground. This method works well for uneven lawns.

If you use a hammer and staples, be sure to hammer the staples on level ground and place the staples about 28 inches away from each other.

Use the cardboard ruler to determine how far to lay the wire from the edges of your lawn. The ruler has three lengths marked on it. Here are some tips for when to use each length.

Longest Length

Use this length when you are laying wire by a boundary with a hard obstacle, such as a stone fence or a cement wall. Placing the wire this far away will keep the mower from getting damaged by running into the hard surface.

The mower will mow over the wire, but not far enough to collide with anything. Because of this, the grass right next to the hard surface may require trimming since the mower may not reach it.

Medium Length

This length is perfect for grass next to garden plots and gravel paths. It will allow the mower to mow the grass completely but prevent the mower from getting stuck on the mulch or gravel.

Shortest Length

Use this length for boundaries next to pavement. The mower will completely cut all the grass along the pavement’s edge and will have no trouble turning as it overlaps the hard surface.

Whatever distance on the ruler you choose, remember that you can always change it if you see it’s not working well.

Boundary Wire Islands

You can also lay boundary wires around obstacles in the middle of your yard that you don’t want the mower to impact. Husqvarna calls this “creating islands.”

To do this, lay a line of wire directly from the property’s edge to the obstacle. Then lay the wire around the obstacle, making sure the wire never crosses itself. Once you have made a full loop, lay the right next to the line of wire you made to get to the obstacle.

Automowers won’t detect the signal from the wires placed right next to each other and will mow right over them. But it will detect the portion of the wire surrounding the obstacle. So, in effect, you will have created a boundary wire island in the middle of your yard!

Dealing with Driveways

If a driveway splits your yard, you can lay the wire across it at an expansion joint and cover it with caulk. If your driveway doesn’t have expansion joints, you can also use a grinder to make a slit for the wire and cover it with caulk. The mower will have no trouble traveling over the driveway to get to the grass on the other side!

Step 5: Lay the Guide Wire

Once the boundary wires are in place, you will need to install the guide wire. This wire will help the mower find its way back to the charging station from anywhere in your yard.

Install five feet of guide wire straight in front of the charging station. From there, you should lay the wire straight across the longest section of your yard so that it intersects with a boundary wire at a perpendicular angle. Then use a wire cutter and a coupler to connect the boundary wire and the guide wire.

It’s also a good idea to lay the guide wire in narrow sections (smaller than 6.5 feet) of the lawn to help the mower find its way through those passages.

Laying the Boundary Wire

Step 6: Connect the Wires to the Charger

After you’ve installed the wires, you will need to connect the ends of the wires to the charging station.

Open the back of the charging station, and you will see four spots for the wires to connect. The right end of the boundary wire should go through the far-right opening and the left through the far-left opening. The two center openings are for your guide wires.

husqvarna, automower, installation, install, simple

To attach the ends of the wires, first measure how much wire you’ll need to attach to the contacts on the charging station. Then cut off any surplus wire you won’t need. Use pliers to attach each wire to a connector and connect it to the designated spot on the charger.

How to Install Husqvarna Automower® Robotic Lawn Mower

Once you’ve attached the wires, you can secure the charger to the ground with the long ground screws and Allen wrench.

Step 7: Start the Automower

Now everything is in place for your mower to get started. The only thing left is to give it the go-ahead!

Open the hatch on the back of the mower and follow the steps in the start-up wizard to start the mower. You’ll have to enter your four-digit pin to do this. If you’re not sure what this is, you can contact your dealer to get it. You can use the factory settings or set how often you would like it to mow different portions of your lawn. You can also set the time for how often the mower should mow.

We recommend setting the mower’s cutting height to maximum at first. Then, once the Automower has cut the whole lawn at this height, you can adjust to your desired height.

As the mower starts working, keep an eye on it to make sure it’s mowing how you want it to. Remember, you can always make adjustments as you go.

Sit Back and Enjoy a Perfect Lawn!

Congratulations! If you completed all the steps above, your Automower is busy mowing your lawn so that you don’t have to. You can enjoy perfectly mowed grass all summer long without breaking a sweat! Feels good, doesn’t it?

Of course, we also understand if you’d rather not install your Automower. That’s why we’re here! Our team of experts at Automated Outdoor Solutions would be happy to install your Automower for you. We offer free installation in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

Give us a call at 815-338-2633 to talk to an installation expert!

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Kit d’installation Automower

Choisissez votre kit d’installation Automower pour la pose et l’installation de votre robot tondeuse Automower® Husqvarna. Ils contiennent chacun un câble, des cavaliers, des connecteurs et des raccords. La longueur du câble et le nombre d’éléments diffèrent selon le modèle.

Kit Installation Small Pour Automower 105, 305 310MII

Contient : 150m de câble, 300 cavaliers, 3 connecteurs, 5 raccords

Kit Installation Medium Pour Automower 315MII, 415X 420

Contient : 250m de câble, 400 cavaliers, 3 connecteurs, 5 raccords

Kit Installation Large Pour Automower 430X, 435X AWD 450X

Contient : 400m de câble, 600 cavaliers, 5 connecteurs, 5 raccords


Un spray d’entretien offert avec le Code : SPRAY

A propos vous conseille et vous propose un comparatif de robot tondeuse Automower® Husqvarna. Nous donnons notre avis sur les différents modèles, pour que vous trouviez le robot tondeuse autonome qui correspond à votre jardin, par sa taille et sa complexité.

Si vous souhaitez en finir avec les corvés de tonte et aimez les appareils connectés, le robot tondeuse Automower® de Husqvarna est fait pour vous.

Un conseil? Nous contacter

The best robotic lawn mowers for 2023

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Increasingly popular with UK gardeners, robotic lawn mowers are a welcome, hands-free alternative to traditional petrol and electric lawn mowers. Because a robotic lawn mower is fully automatic, it can be a brilliant option for gardeners who have mobility concerns, are away from home a lot, or simply find mowing a chore. Powered by rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries, most mowers are guided by a boundary cable laid around the edge of the lawn, which helps the robotic lawn mower identify where to mow and to avoid flower beds, trees and other obstacles.

While we tested models from a number of different brands, note that all of them offer a range of mowers with varying sizes, capabilities and features.

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Best robotic lawn mowers at a glance

Our expertise

To help you find a robotic lawn mower suitable for your garden, we tested a range of mowers for different size gardens, including gardens with slopes and a complex shape. Each mower is in use for weeks at a time to allow us to assess its battery capacity and cutting proficiency as well as ease of use.

Each mower in our review has a detailed list of pros and cons for clarity and has been rated according to set up and ease of use, cutting performance, extra features and value for money. Every robotic mower in our round-up below has scored a minimum of four out of five stars, so you can buy with confidence.

The robotic mower industry is constantly evolving, with new developemnts and advances, and we are currently testing a number of the latest models ready to update this review shortly. Please check back soon to see the results of our new review.

Best robotic lawn mowers

Husqvarna Automower 405X

RRP: From £1899.00

Our rating: 4.5 out of 5

  • Unobtrusive colour
  • Easy connectivity
  • Clever mowing features
  • GPS theft tracking

Awarded a BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy for features, the Automower 405x boasts a huge range of features that help the mower cut well and make the experience easy for the user. These include, three different start points, switching mowing pattern according to where it’s mowing, such as through a narrow passage, frost guard and weather time that automatically adjusts the height according to the grass growth, and its new Rewilding Zone where you can leave 10% of the lawn aside to grow for pollinators.It’s available to buy as a bare mower, which is then installed by a dealer for an additional cost, or with the installation kit included and you install it yourself. Suitable for smaller gardens 600m2, the mower operates with both a boundary wire and a guide wire and unlike some other mowers, has a more flexible docking station, which doesn’t need a wide, clear space around it. ours was tucked neatly into the side of a hedge. It’s also easy to set up via the intuitive keypad or the impressive Automower Connect app, which allows you to change the schedule, adjust the height of cut, check on the mower’s progress and receive notifications, simply and quickly no matter where you are. As an X model, the mower also has a built in SIM so you have both remote and voice controlled control. Our only confusion with set up was working out the scheduling needed, which took a couple of weeks to establish, and that the height of cut on the app is listed as 1-9, when it cuts between 20mm and 50mm.The mower can cope with 40% slopes, which should suit most gardens. The slope in our test garden has a tendency to get muddy and slippery so at the installer’s advice, we used the spiked Terrain wheels which stop the wheels slipping. Only occasionally did the mower fail to get up the slope and when the weather was really wet we simply removed that zone from the work area. The mower cut consistently well and is very quiet, the only perceptible sound is the whirring of the blades as they cut. It occasionally missed spots on the lawn but overall this is a very easy to use and high performing mower.The Automower 405x is just one in a large range of Husqvarna mowers to suit different size lawns. A host of accessories are also available, including a cover for the docking station and wheel brushes, as well as spare parts, from batteries and blades to wheels. Both the mower and the battery come with a 2 year warranty.

Buy the Husqvarna 405X Automower from Sam Turner, Husqvarna and Red Band

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