Is Worx Landroid the best robot mower money can buy. Worx lawn mower robot

Is Worx Landroid the best robot mower money can buy?

worx, landroid, best, robot

For the fourth year in a row, Worx Landroid M500 sold more than any other robot mower in the home improvement retail channel.

worx, landroid, best, robot

Make Landroid your Landroid

No lawn is alike. With the Worx Landroid, there are four unique options to cater to your lawn’s individual requirements.

worx, landroid, best, robot

In case you want more

The Plus models come with a self-leveling blade deck, control dial interface, washable underbody and Bluetooth. Since we were not content with that, we also reduced the noise emission.

worx, landroid, best, robot

Protect Wildlife

Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals that only come out of their shelters at night. With the Save the Hedgehogs feature on our app, Landroid only works when hedgehogs are sleeping, and sleeps when they are active. The daytime schedule automatically adapts according to latitude and time of the year.

Explore the range

Whether your lawn is small or large, simple or complex, there’s a Landroid for you. Explore the models and available options to build the perfect solution for your needs.

worx, landroid, best, robot

Taking care of the garden means much more than just keeping it tidy. We’re collaborating with experts to give you advice on how to get the most out of your outdoor space. Stay tuned…

Worx Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower: 7 Reasons to Love It

Are you ready to finally stop mowing your lawn? The Worx Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower can takeover your dreaded chore and let you go enjoy yourself on the porch with a beer.

worx, landroid, best, robot

So, why get a lawn mowing robot? I mean, they don’t come cheap. Below, I outline 7 key benefits and reasons why you may want to convert to the other side…

Robot Mowers Know What They’re Doing:

First of all, this automatic mowing machine is Smart. For example, when the Landroid senses rain, it returns to it’s docking station to avoid cutting wet grass.

It can also sense when its battery gets low, so it can return to its docking “garage” to recharge. It won’t just break down in the middle of your lawn.

These Automated Lawnmowers Can Climb Hills for You:

Second, this robot mower has climbing power. In fact, it can roll up slopes up to 20 degrees steep. So, in most cases, you don’t have to worry that your lawnmower won’t be able to finish your entire lawn.

Robotic Mowers Provide Service You Can Count On:

Third, your new lawn cutting service is reliable. You customize the mowing schedule to your needs. This Smart little device can even recommend an automatic routine based on your lawn’s size and condition.

Control Your Lawn Service from the Palm of Your Hand:

Fourth, you have more control. Besides choosing your own grass-cutting schedule, you can control the Landroid directly from your smartphone!

Just download the Landroid App. Use it to change the mowing schedule, update the software, check mowing progress or even measure the size of your lawn. Essentially, you can control your mower from anywhere.

Select Your Grass Height:

Fifth, you get to choose how short you want your grass cut. Worx gives you 5 options, and you simply turn the knob on top of the robot to make an adjustment.

Low-Maintenance Mower Prepares Itself for its Next Mow:

Sixth, the robot mower automatically re-charges itself in its charging station when done. It has a more advanced “Landroid Garage”, which offers more weather protection than other mowing docking stations.

Landroid Simultaneously Fertilizes Your Lawn While Mowing:

Seventh, the sharp blades clip the grass tops into small bits and then disperse them to fertilize the rest of your lawn. By the way, you can save money on replacement blades by getting them online in larger packages.

Note: Do you have other WORX cordless power tools? You can use this same battery with other WORX 20V and 40V tools.

Easy Set-up and Install:

Before you can use the Worx Landroid, you’ll need to lay out a boundary wire to surround your lawn area. In addition, you can rope off danger zone like ponds, or landscape you don’t want demolished, like flower beds.

This first step doesn’t take a lot of time or effort, but does involve a little planning. However, you only need to do it once.

The second step involves measuring your lawn, which you can do with the Landroid App. This larger model (the WR150) can mow up to a half acre on a single charge.

Lastly, charge the Landroid and program the settings. Now, it’s time for that beer!

How Does the WORX Robot Mower Work?

I can’t explain exactly how the software does its magic. However, I can tell you that this robotic mower has some advanced programs.

To start, this high-tech device has some pretty cool AIA technology. The software enables it to mow in a random algorithm, yet cover every inch of your yard (within the set boundary, of course).

It builds the algorithm once it knows your yard’s size and grass condition.

In addition, the robot can navigate narrow passageways on its own. Each wheel has its own brushless motor, enabling it to maneuver better in awkward areas or around obstacles.

Plus, it has a unique “Cut-to-Edge” proficiency that allows it to achieve a cleaner cut along the perimeter of your lawn.

Specs for the Worx Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower:

Note: Do you have a smaller lawn and want to save some money (about 200)? WORX makes a less powerful WR140 cordless robot lawn mower than can handle up to a 1/4 acre of grass. (It’s the newer version of the discontinued WG794.)

Robot Lawn Mowers:

WORX Landroid Robot Mowers Can Fertilize Your Lawn While They Cut Grass!

Morow Lawn MowerCuts Your Grass While You Sleep

Husqvarna Automower 315X4 Reasons Why People Buy It

Worx Landroid vs Husqvarna 315 | Robot Lawn Mower Comparison

A robotic lawn mower is a must-have for busy gardeners that struggle to find time for their lawns. However, given the number of robot products currently available on the market, it can be difficult to pick one for which your money will be best spent.

So I am here to help you with this journey of unlocking and discovering the best robot lawnmower deals you can get in today’s time and date. In this article, we will look at what’s similar and what sets the Worx Landroid vs Husqvarna 315 apart.

By the end of this guide, you should have a good overview of what fits your preference, lawn, and budget more. I will also give some good alternatives and tips on picking on your next visit to the shop.

The product links in this post are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase after following one, I make a small commission from the sale at no additional cost to you. Please see our disclosure page for more information.

At a glance

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The quick answer

The Husqvarna 315 and Worx Landroid 153 are not too far from each other. However, the slight differences in noise levels, battery life, and incline capabilities make the Husqvarna 315 a bit better than the Worx variant.

Overall, I will recommend the Husqvarna 315 for uneven lawn surfaces since it is better at dealing with steep areas. On the other hand, the Worx Landroid 153 should work amazingly in flat areas as it has better security features and sensors installed.

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Product overviews

WORX Landroid

This article will FOCUS more on the Worx Landroid 153 since it is the worx lawnmower with the closest specs to the Husqvarna 315. However, do note that there are other Worx products, such as the 140 and 150.

The Worx Landroid 153 is a 20V robot lawnmower with advanced functions and a GPS module installed. Worx can cutting grass up to 0.5 acres, making it a formidable competitor in the market. Worx has a 9-inch cutting disc to deal with grass growth and needs a guidewire setup to function. The perimeter wire is included at no extra cost and can work in multiple zones (ie- front yard and back yard).

Worx can navigate narrow passageways that are too difficult for larger mowers and even stay away from obstacles on your grass to reduce damage to the object or itself. It can even tackle slopes and will position itself at an angle of up to 20° to manage them without hassle. It is Wi-Fi and app controlled for that ultimate ease and comfort. With the Wi-Fi and app controlled you can measure your lawn, keep software up to date, check mowing progress and update your mowing schedules, all at the click of a button.

In addition, it has a navigation technology that cannot be seen in other products, allowing it to move through tight passages in different parts of your house. The Worx 153 has added functionality when it comes to collision, as it will bounce off areas that it meets. This is beneficial both for the safety and efficient cleaning of lawn surfaces.

Here are the pros and cons of the Worx Landroid 153:

Worx Landroid WG798E Robot Lawn Mower Review

worx, landroid, best, robot

The Worx Landroid WG798E is a robot lawn mower from Worx that is designed to cut lawns of up to 1500 square metres. I’d have to say I’m very impressed by this robot lawn mower and think it compares very well to comparable robot lawn mowers.

The Worx Landroid WG798E fits into the mid range of Worx robot lawn mower models. It contains a number of more advanced features including patented AIA artificial intelligencecutting technology.

Worx claim this leads to the WG798E cutting your lawn more efficiently and taking about 30% less time than a competing robot lawn mower. It also has Wi-Fi connectivity which enables you to control it from a simple to use App on your smartphone or tablet. Click here to check the current price of the Worx Landroid WG798E on Amazon.

Design And Main Features

I really like the design of the Worx Landroid WG798E. It’s fairly unobtrusive and sleek looking, and is a lot less garish that some of Worx other robot lawn mower models. Although it won’t blend in with your garden, neither will it be an eyesore.

The Worx landroid WG798E will cut your lawn autonomously, automatically returning to the charging station when it’s power is low and then going back to work again until the job is done. It uses a lithium ion battery to provide the power. This is generally the standard battery technology of robot lawn mowers now, and I would strongly recommend avoiding models with old lead acid battery technology.

The Worx Landroid WG798E is entirely programmable, and will work to the schedule that you set. This is generally easy and quick to do. As mentioned previously, you can adjust the settings of the Worx Landroid WG798E via an App on your smartphone or tablet.

You should note that robot lawn mowers generally cut your lawn much more frequently than a conventional lawnmower. It is recommended to let a robot lawn mower cut your lawn almost every day. This keeps your lawn looking freshly cut all the time, which is one of the significant advantages of getting a robot lawn mower. It also allows the mulched clippings to fall into the grass, rather than clumping on top of your lawn.

Another handy feature on the Worx Landroid WG798E is that it has a rain sensor. This will let it detect rain and return to its charging station. Although robot lawn mowers will generally cut your lawn perfectly well in wet weather, there are a few drawbacks of letting them do this.

There is an increased risk of the wheels losing traction, which may impair performance. Additionally, grass clippings will be much more prone to accumulating on the underside of the mower and around the wheels. The rain sensor can be toggled on or off in the settings menu. Personally, as I live in quite a wet climate, I am happy to let the Worx Landroid WG798E work away regardless of the weather.


  • AIA technology improves navigation
  • Great performance in narrow areas of your lawn
  • Rain sensor works really well
  • Mobile app is easy to use
  • Better value than competitors


  • Long battery charging time compared to similar models
  • You can only use the Smart features when the WORX WG798E is in Wi-Fi range
  • Will not cut the edges of your lawn perfectly

Comparison To Similar Models

The following tables outlines the main alternatives to consider if you are looking for a robot lawn mower and your lawn is approximately 1000 m² to 1500 m².


worx, landroid, best, robot

Installation of the Worx Landroid WG798E is really fairly simple. The supplied manual does a great job of explaining what to do in a clear and concise way. The manual also has a number of diagrams which very clearly explain how to install the boundary wire to avoid any problems.

The first step of the installation is to place the charging station. This is the dock that the robot lawn mower will return to, to charge. It will spend quite some time here, as it will aslo stay here in between scheduled cutting times. For this reason, you should think about whether you would prefer it to be located somewhere you will see it all the time, or if it is better in a secluded area of your lawn.

You must choose a location that is close to a power source. Ideally, you should have an external power socket, to plug the power supply into. Once you have chosen the spot for your charging station, it is easy to secure it to the grass with a number of screws which are supplied in the box.

The next step is to install a perimeter wire around the edge of the law. The ends of this connect to the charging station and will form the boundary that the Worx Landroid WG798E will not cross. The manual explains how to install the perimeter wire really clearly, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty pegging the wire down and can be done fairly quickly.

Once this is complete, the Worx Landroid WG798E needs a quick test on first start up and then you are ready to go. The entire installation process should take no longer than 1-2 hours, depending on the size and complexity of your lawn. Follow the supplied instructions and you should have no difficulty.


Operation of the Worx Landroid WG798E is really easy once you have the set-up completed. It comes pre-programmed, and all you need to do is set it on your grass and press start and it will begin to cut your lawn. As mentioned previously, you can adjust a number of settings through the control panel on the top of the robot lawn mower. Features such as cutting height and cutting schedule can be adjusted within seconds.

The worx landroid app that is available for smartphone and tablet is very easy to use. This allows you to change a number of settings such as the scheduling of the mower.

I found that after the first few days of operation, I really didn’t need to adjust the settings very often. Occasionally, I would decide that I wanted my lawn height slightly higher or slightly lower and this was easy to adjust. I experimented with scheduling the mower to work more and frequently to see what impact this would have on the look of the lawn. My lawn is slightly smaller than the maximum size for the Worx Landroid WG798E. As a result, my lawn appeared to be very neatly cut when it was scheduled to cut my lawn 3 days per week.

Mowing Features

worx, landroid, best, robot

The Worx Landroid WG798E cuts your grass using a number of very small razor blades that are screwed onto a rotating disc. These blades cut the grass into very fine pieces, mulching them and then returning them to your lawn. I found that these were generally not visible on the lawn after the robot lawn mower had been working. The only time when clumps of cuttings were visible was when I scheduled the lawnmower to cut too infrequently.

I did notice that whenever the robot lawn mower cut the grass in wet weather, the clippings were more prone to stick together and this would sometimes lead to some visible clippings on the grass, but nothing that was particularly noticeable. The Worx Landroid WG798E has a built in rain sensor which can be turned off or on. If you notice grass clippings gathering on your lawn on wet days, this may be a reason to turn the rain sensor on.

The Worx Landroid WG798E cuts your grass in a random pattern. However, it does use some artificial intelligence, which Worx have patented as AIA. This helps the robot lawn mower to route through narrow passages and cut the lawn in a more efficient manner than if it used a completely random pattern. I think the quality of the cut was very good, and comparable to other robot lawn mowers that use similar cutting techniques.

Limitations Of Mowing Features

There are two main limitations of the mowing features of the Worx Landroid WG798E. Firstly, it doesn’t cut the edges of your lawn very well. This is a common problem with robot lawn mowers, and the Worx Landroid WG798E doesn’t do significantly better or worse than the competition. Unless you are happy with the edges of your grass being quite long and untidy, you will generally have to trim the edges of your grass every two to four weeks to keep things looking neat.

The second limitation is also a limitation of robot lawn mowers generally. The Worx Landroid WG798E works very slowly and takes many hours to fully cut my entire lawn. For me, this isn’t a problem because the robot lawn mower is quiet and unobtrusive and I’m more than happy for it to get on with the work. However, if you’re somebody who is out of the garden an awful lot, particularly if you have small children, you may see it as a drawback that the robot lawnmower will be spending a lot of time maintaining your lawn.

Power And Charging

Charging of the Worx Landroid WG798E was done completely automatically. I didn’t need to lift the robot lawn mower to put it in it’s charging station ever. It always seem to find it’s way back to its charging station when it was running low on power. The battery charging time is a bit longer than comparable models from other manufacturers. However, the charging and cutting time didn’t seem to be particularly relevant, as it just alternated between charging and working without any fuss. My main hope was that it would cut the grass autonomously and it did this very well.

Great Looking Lawn

My lawn looks much better than when I used to use a conventional lawn mower to cut my grass. I think this is down to two main factors. Firstly, the Worx Landroid WG798E is designed to cut your grass very frequently, so it always looks freshly mowed. To achieve this look with a conventional lawnmower, you would have to cut your grass at least three times per week, which is completely impractical for most people.

Secondly, the Worx Landroid WG798E mulches the grass clippings. The clippings then release their nutrients into the soil over time, helping the growing grass to be greener and more vibrant. It is not practical to mulch clippings with a conventional lawn mower if you want your lawn to look neat.

Most most people cut their grass every 1-2 weeks, and the large volume of clippings this produces would gather in piles on the grass, making it look untidy. Removing the clippings keeps the grass looking neat, but it removes essential nutrients from the grass, so your grass will get less green and vibrant over time.

I have definitely noticed that my grass requires significantly less artificial fertiliser, and generally looks more green and vibrant than it did when I was using a conventional lawnmower. For this reason, the Worx Landroid WG798E has been a great success in my garden.

Movement And Navigation System

I haven’t had any problems with the navigation system of my Worx Landroid WG798E since it has been in operation. The perimeter wire seems to do a very good job of keeping the mower in its defined area. Having used a number of other robot lawn mowers, I possibly notice a slight improvement in the cutting time and efficiency of the Worx Landroid WG798E, but I think this is quite subtle.

Safety Features

The safety features of the Worx Landroid WG798E are excellent and very much in line with other robot lawn mowers. It has lift and tilt sensors to ensure that the blades stop if the robot lawn mower is disturbed in any way, or if somebody tries to turn it over. The blades are well concealed underneath the robot lawn mower, and it would not be possible to reach under it while it is in operation, without tilting it and causing the blades to stop.

The blades are also very small and the motor does not have an awful lot of power. Certainly, any injury that you would receive from coming into contact with the blades of the Worx Landroid WG798E would be quite minor compared to the injury that could be received from a conventional lawn mower.

Due to the type of cutting technology, I would rate the safety features of the Worx Landroid WG798E as being better than models from Robomow, Ambrogio and John Deere. The safety features are very similar to models from Husqvarna, McCulloch, Flymo and Gardena.

Security Features

The Worx Landroid WG798E has PIN code and alarm security features. This means that the robotic lawn mower can only be operated by somebody who knows the PIN code. If it were lifted or stolen by somebody who subsequently tried to use the robot lawn mower, they would be unable to get it to function.

In addition, an alarm can be set so that if the robot lawn mower is lifted unexpectedly, an alarm will sound. To prevent the alarm from sounding, you must enter the PIN code within a certain amount of time. Whilst the security features of the Worx Landroid WG798E are not as comprehensive as some more premium robot lawn mowers, I feel that this model provides a good balance between features and price.

Smart Features

The Worx Landroid WG798E has built in Wi-Fi and a Smart app which can be used on smartphones and tablets. The app is easy to use and allows you to adjust a number of functions. One drawback of integrated Wi-Fi, is that it will not work if the Worx Landroid WG798E is out of range of your home Wi-Fi network.

As Wi-Fi has a fairly limited range, it is entirely possible that your robot lawn mower will stray outside of Wi-Fi range in parts of your garden. Whilst this is a minor inconvenience, as long as you have the charging station within the range of your Wi-Fi, you should be able to adjust the settings most of the time.


Overall, I’ve been very impressed with the Worx Landroid WG798E robot lawn mower. I feel it is the best value robot lawn mower for people with a lawn of between 1000 m² and 1500 m². It has done a great job on my lawn and the few negatives are mainly the same negatives that come with all robot lawn mowers.

The main competitors for lawns of this size, the Robomow RC 308u and Husqvarna 315 are both great models. However, they are both significantly more expensive, and I don’t think the extra cost is justified when you look at their feature set and performance compared to the Worx Landroid WG798E. Click here to check the current price of the Worx Landroid WG798E on Amazon.

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