Keep your lawn a cut above with the best reel mowers. Lawn master lawn mower

Keep your lawn a cut above with the best reel mowers

keep, your, lawn, best, reel, mowers

Keeping your lawn mowed eliminates pests and promotes healthy growth. Still, choosing the right lawn mower can be tricky. Gas mowers are loud and produce emissions, and battery-powered mowers can be inconvenient.

Reel mowers, on the other hand, don’t require a power source and are easy to maintain. When choosing a reel mower, you’ll want to consider the blades, cutting width and weight.

What to consider when buying a reel mower

Reel mower cutting width

Mowers with wide cutting widths help you cut your lawn faster. Many reel mowers have a 14- to 20-inch cutting width. Still, wider mowers can be more challenging to maneuver and may weigh more. Because the wheelbase is wider than the width of the reel, you’ll want to overlap slightly with each pass.

Reel mower weight

Using a reel mower can feel like an upper-body workout if you’re used to self-propelled mowers. It’s good to consider the weight when buying one, so it’s less strenuous to use.

Reel mower blades

These mowers generally have four to seven blades and a bed knife. Mowers with more blades are usually best for tall, coarse grass.

How to back lap your reel mower blades

To ensure you’re always getting a clean cut, you can sharpen up the blades with this simple method.

  • Get your materials: You’ll need a back-lapping compound, a paintbrush, a way to turn your blades and an abrasive.
  • Remove the drive wheel: Most reel mowers have a nut or pin that covers the drive wheel. The drive wheel is usually on the left side of the mower. Once you remove the wheel, you’ll see the gears that control the blades. Remove the gear, and you’ll be left with the shaft.
  • Adjust the blades: There are different ways to adjust your blades depending on your mower. It’s best to read your instruction manual to understand how to adjust them. You’ll want to make them come in contact with your bed knife.
  • Use your lapping compound: Spread the lapping mixture on your blades using a small paintbrush.
  • Crank your blades: Begin cranking your blades backward. Crank them for around eight to 10 minutes and apply more lapping compound. Continue cranking the blades backward until you see a thin, shiny surface.
  • Reassemble your mower: Put everything back together in reverse order, cleaning and greasing the parts as you go.

Reel lawnmower FAQ

Are reel mowers good for your lawn?

A. Rotary mowers leave a jagged edge on your grass. Alternatively, reel mowers function like a pair of scissors, leaving a smooth edge on the cut grass. The clean cut leads to healthier, better-looking grass.

Are reel mowers hard to push?

A. Reel mowers require upper-body strength to push. Still, they’re usually lighter than traditional mowers and shouldn’t be particularly difficult to move. If you feel your reel mower is hard to use, it may be due to bent or dull blades. You may need to sharpen the edges or bend them back in shape with a hammer.

Can you use a reel mower on wet grass?

A. They can be used on damp grass, but you shouldn’t run them through standing water. Rust may form if you let your mower sit while wet.

Are reel mowers effective on tall grass?

A. Reel mowers are best for short grass. If you own a reel mower, it’s a good idea to trim the grass at least once a week, or it may become difficult to use.

Best reel mowers

Reel mowers under 200

keep, your, lawn, best, reel, mowers

What you need to know: It’s easy to use and features a built-in grass catcher.

What you’ll love: It’s affordable and simple to assemble. The blades are sharp, and the grass catcher is ideal for those who want mulching capabilities. The reel is also adjustable.

What you should consider: The handle is relatively flimsy, and the blades may squeak.

keep, your, lawn, best, reel, mowers

What you need to know: It’s affordable and assembly is straightforward.

What you’ll love: This model is lightweight and features a simple design. Most people love how easy it is to maneuver, and the alloy steel blades stay sharp for a while.

What you should consider: The handle isn’t as durable as other reel mowers.

keep, your, lawn, best, reel, mowers

What you need to know: This is one of the most-affordable Fiskars reel mowers.

What you’ll love: It’s easy to assemble and use. It’s durable and efficient, and you can adjust the cutting height from 1.5-3.5 inches.

What you should consider: It isn’t as powerful as other Fiskars reel mowers.

keep, your, lawn, best, reel, mowers

What you need to know: It’s easy to use and features a straightforward design.

What you’ll love: Ideal for small yards, you can assemble this with no tools. The blades provide a clean cut.

What you should consider: It isn’t as durable as other reel mowers.

Reel mower above 200

keep, your, lawn, best, reel, mowers

What you need to know: This features a durable design and effectively cuts lawns.

What you’ll love: It’s easy to use and leaves you with a precise cut. It has an 18-inch cutting path and an adjustable handle. It’s also easy to assemble and adjust the blades.

What you should consider: It’s relatively expensive and heavy.

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Lawn Mower Brands To Avoid | Greenworks vs. LawnMaster

keep, your, lawn, best, reel, mowers

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The purpose of mowing the lawn is dual. First and foremost, the aesthetic benefits are immediately noticeable. A well-kept lawn is quite appealing to the eye. Regularly mowing the lawn keeps the grass short, tidy, and even. This also gives your lawn a really neat and tidy appearance. Many individuals consider the appearance of their yard to be source of pride; therefore, tending to it in this manner provides satisfaction.

The additional advantages of regularly mowing the grass may not be as evident, but they are just as significant. Mowing your lawn helps maintain its health while also removing some bugs from the grass. It may also ensure that various debris items are cleaned up and cleared every week, ensuring nothing builds upon the lawn.

But it may sometimes be a headache to choose the best lawn mower to use that will provide you satisfaction. We need to know what lawn mower brands to avoid and what should be used. Greenworks and LawnMaster is the talk of the town today because of their extra quality performance when it comes to cutting grass (and more!). But before choosing which brand to use, let’s discuss their similarities and differences first.

Comparison Chart

keep, your, lawn, best, reel, mowers

Greenworks 10 Amp 16-inch Corded Mower, 25142

keep, your, lawn, best, reel, mowers

LawnMaster ME1218X Electric Lawn Mower 12AMP 19-Inch

keep, your, lawn, best, reel, mowers

Greenworks 10 Amp 16-inch Corded Mower, 25142 Review

keep, your, lawn, best, reel, mowers

A battery-powered lawnmower has the advantage of not being as close to the building as a gas-powered lawnmower. Unfortunately, even the greatest Lithium-Ion batteries can only hold a certain amount of charge, and they can shorten their lifespan by both time and inadvertent overcharging. Not to mention the fact that replacing batteries can be quite costly.

You have a cord attached to the house or the nearest power source with a corded lawnmower like the Greenworks 25142, limiting your range. We’re talking about 150 feet of length. You also won’t have to worry about charging or battery replacement costs. The Greenworks 25142 has a cord lock in the handle to prevent you from yanking it out unintentionally while mowing. The blades are driven by a 10 amp electric motor that also has the power to handle an optional mulching adaptor that comes with the purchase.

There are five height options on the 16-inch broad cutting deck. With this tool, you can trim your grass anywhere from 5/8th of an inch to 2 5/8th of an inch. Two rear wheels propel the complete unit with a diameter of 7 inches and two front wheels with 6 inches. The handle folds down when it’s not used to reduce the overall footprint. The cord can then be spooled and carried about.

The difference in 1-inch diameter from front to back wheels provides a great mechanical advantage. This would be a minor annoyance if you had to mow a half-acre lawn. When you consider the Greenworks 25142’s maximum chord length of 150 feet, it’s unlikely that you’ll notice. With just over 37 pounds, the Greenworks 25142 is also a lightweight option. It allows it to stay agile and maneuverable. It is foldable, making it so portable to use.

Greenworks recognizes that sharpening lawnmower blades on a bench grinder is the last thing you want to do. As a result, new blades for the 25142 are quite inexpensive. It is corded, so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries or charging. Simply fold the handle down, spool up the power cable, and put it away when you’re finished with it. When the hand controls are not engaged, the electric motor on the Greenworks 25142 suspends motion. The cable lock on the handle also decreases the possibility of accidentally pulling the power cord out when mowing. Just keep an eye out for the cord. You may somehow twist or cut them unintentionally.

LawnMaster ME1218X Electric Lawn Mower 12AMP 19-Inch Review

keep, your, lawn, best, reel, mowers

LawnMaster offers environmentally friendly outdoor power equipment in 18, 24, and 40-volt versions, ranging from super lightweight grass trimmers to lithium-ion cordless tools. It supplies lightweight, ergonomic, and easy-to-use equipment that slices and dices wayward grass blades and crafts gardens into masterpieces, whether it’s a corded electric tool or a battery-operated cordless tool.

LawnMaster ME1218X electric lawn mowers are a cost-effective and convenient way to manage a relatively small suburban lawn. A 50-foot extension line powers the 12 Amp electric engine, and your legs supply the motion to maneuver it about the lawn easily. The four 6.7-inch diameter wheels barely weigh 35 pounds contribute to this. The LawnMaster ME1218X’s 12 Amp electric engine is capable of propelling the 18-inch cutting blade at 3,600 RPMs. This is more than enough to harvest the type of grass that grows in most residential lawns.

The powerful electric motor is ideal for taking advantage of the LawnMaster ME1218X’s 2-in-1 adaptability, setting it up quickly for mulching and reducing the harvested grass clippings to tiny bits. This form of mulching technology not only helps minimize thatch build-up on the lawn’s upper layers but also encourages Rapid decomposition, which can assist important feed nitrogen back into the turf for healthy growth.

The 19-inch cutting blade is within the cutting deck’s 19-inch diameter. The deck is from high-impact, heavy-duty polyethylene. Not only will you have more rigidity and support, but you won’t have to deal with the corrosion difficulties that plague smaller gasoline-powered lawnmowers. You can readily modify the cutting deck’s height to one of six different positions.

Customers can expect eco-friendly, simple-to-use devices with minimal noise, no gas or oil, and low maintenance expenses from LawnMaster electric outdoor power tools. A cordless 40-volt mower with a 16-inch cutting deck, an electric 3-in-1 mower with an 18-inch cutting deck, two electric 2-in-1 mowers with an 18-inch cutting deck and a 15-inch cutting deck, and a good-old-fashioned 5-blade reel manual push mower with a 16-inch cutting width are among the company’s top-quality lawnmowers.

The Key Differences Between the Two Lawn Mowers

As the two lawnmowers are believed to have a cord for them to run, Greenworks’ lawnmower has a 150 feet cord length while the LawnMaster only has a 50-foot range which means that the range of their work is different from each other. But, on the other hand, what makes the LawnMaster step up with Greenworks’ cord length matters is that Greenworks’ cord length may cause entangling and risk of cutting the cord because of its super-long length, which is a disadvantage.

But, the Greenworks’ lawnmower has a cord lock on the handle features, making it more secure when used, which LawnMaster lacks. Greenworks also has an electric start feature that LawnMaster doesn’t have. LawnMaster also has small wheels making it hard to navigate within the area, while Greenworks’ wheel is medium-sized, making it good for trimming your backyard.

LawnMaster has an Amp of 12 electric motors, making it best for trim use. The 12 Amp of electric motors is quite exact on regular lawnmowers, or it should be the basis of every lawnmower to perform well and with quality. On the other hand, Greenworks only has a 10 Amp electric motor. The higher the amp power means, the powerful it may perform and the long-lasting it can have.

Similarities Between the Two Lawn Mowers

The 16-inch cutting path allows you to take care of a small to moderately sized property easily. There are five height options on the 16-inch broad cutting deck. With this tool, you can trim your grass anywhere from 5/8th of an inch to 2 5/8th of an inch. Greenworks 25142 includes a mulching attachment with the first purchase. However, if you’re cutting and mulching tall grass, the 10 Amp motor can be touch unpowered. If you want to mulch your grass cuttings, it’s important to mow frequently.

The LawnMaster ME1218X allows you to tailor the cut of the weather conditions. If the lawn is dry, this means raising the 19-inch cutting deck as high as 4-inches to assist soil moisture levels. You can design the LawnMaster ME1218X for side discharge or mulching. If you can’t trim the grass often as you’d like, the mulching feature on this corded electric lawn mower will help you avoid dry thatch development.

Best Use of Each Lawn Mower

We understand that they’re both lawnmowers, so their best use is for cutting grass and cleaning the backyard area. But what are their best features?

The Greenworks 25142 is an agile and easy-to-maneuver lightweight. The cord lock in the handle helps prevent unplugging by accident. You can easily adjust the height settings to install the mulching insert with a single level. The electric start with the push button works every time! Just keep an eye on the cord and how it can shift as you move.

The LawnMaster ME1218X is a corded electric lawn mower that is relatively simple to operate. Whether you have it set up for side discharge or mulching, the robust 12 Amp electric motor does an excellent job of gathering the grass clippings. You can also adjust the cutting deck’s height on the fly. It’s also worth noting that it only weighs 35 pounds. It allows the LawnMaster Me1218X to maneuver across the lawn with ease while conveniently storing.

Which is the Winner?

keep, your, lawn, best, reel, mowers

Choosing from these two is hard because they’re both likely the winner of this bout, but we need only choose one. The winner of this bout is the Greenworks 10 Amp 16-inch Corded Mower, 25142. The mulching insert is a convenient way to dispose of grass clippings rather than bagging or raking them, making it best for clean up.

Hand controls are engaging suspend motion in Greenworks 25142’s electric motor. The cable lock on the handle also decreases the possibility of accidentally pulling the power cord out when mowing. At first glance, the cord lock appears to be plain and boring. However, many corded electric mowers lack this feature.

Final Takeaway

You may trim your grass in less time by using lawnmowers. Because of the increased maneuverability, you can cut the grass more neatly. As a result, you’ll have to spend less time trimming the boundaries of your garden. But make sure to know the lawn mower brands to avoid. Finally, you’ll notice that you’ve attained a clean appearance with less effort and in less time. These are some of the advantages that lawnmowers can provide, so get one now!


Which is better: electric or battery lawnmower ?

It depends on your situation. If you want to have a longer possible runtime, then an electrical lawnmower is best for you as long as you have the power to run it off. But, when blackout in your neighborhood starts, you’ll need a battery-powered lawnmower because you can’t use your electric lawnmower anymore.

Is a lawnmower bad for the environment?

First is the air pollution it emits to our environment that harms the ecosystem. Second is when you mow regularly, native grasses and wildflowers reduce their nectar for pollinators. Lastly, it can affect both vertebrates and insects.

When was the first lawnmower invented?

In 1830, a Stroud, Gloucestershire, England engineer named Edwin Beard Budding invented the first lawnmower. The idea was originally from a napping machine at a nearby textile mill, which employed a cutting cylinder positioned on a bench to trim surplus cloth after weaving to create a smooth finish.

What is the most expensive lawnmower today?

The John Deere X758 is the most expensive today, with a whopping price of 25,000. You can even buy a brand new car with that amount!

Can a lawnmower injure you?

Powered lawn mowers cause 68,000 injuries per year. This is a reminder that you need to take care of yourself or your kids whenever using lawnmowers.

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Lawnmaster Reviews

After having leatherjackets destroying my grass, lawnmaster applied their top dressing and 4 weeks later my lawn was restored, looking even better than before. The grass is great quality and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’d thoroughly recommend lawnmaster to anyone.

Date of experience : 17 May 2023


North facing, very little sunlight, overshadowed on both sides,moss,weeds and leatherjacket; no grass survived for long. Then the professionals at Lawnmaster treated, seeded and with regular care overcame the seeming!y impossible conditions and produced a lawn. Brilliant.

Date of experience : 17 April 2023

Great company and service

Great company and service. Professional org with experienced staff who take time and care to do a good job. The lawn is looking far, far better than when I used Green Thumb.

Date of experience : 20 April 2023

Excellent service

Yet again, we were fortunate enough to have Keith visit us yesterday and once again, his service was excellent.Not only was he thorough in the treatment he put on the lawns but was also able to give some well received advice.Please pass on my thanks to him again and thank you Lawnmaster for your excellent service.

Date of experience : 17 March 2023

Lawn completely dead

In just over a year of using Lawnmaster, our lawn has ended up completely dead with barely a blade of grass and just a mid-pit. Their operatives have been very brief in their visits and don’t give the impression of caring. Their communications with their office / manager are non-existent, and when their manager has visited he has failed to understand or address the issues.

We’ve spent over £300 with this company and have a dead lawn to show for it. I have requested a full refund, but they are currently refusing. Their manager/ franchisee is not interested in resolving the issues and is seeking to walk off with our money and leave us with a mud-pit.

Avoid this company and save your lawn!

Date of experience : 09 March 2023

On my experience

On my experience, absolutely awful company. I followed their recommendations last year. They have destroyed both of my lawns. They say they have visited to investigate and have left a card and a report. No visit was made and no card left. I find them dishonest, unreliable. arrogant and unhelpful, as well as incompetent. Best avoided I think

Date of experience : 06 March 2023

Don’t go with anyone else!

I just wanted to email to say how delighted we are with our lawns. We moved into our house as a new build 20 years ago and the back garden has been nothing short of a nightmare. We laid the lawn ourselves and soon discovered that the lawn would become a swamp during winter months. We ended up having land drains installed which solved this issue but the lawn itself was still problematic, as we were left with bald patches following every winter. We had a new lawn laid, but the problems continued. We had tried other companies, but after no improvement we asked for asking for quotes from others. Lawnmaster were the first and only company to identify that we had a leatherjacket problem. They have been treating our lawns for two years now. Last Tuesday I cut the lawn for the first time since the autumn and was so impressed with how thick the lawn was, as the first cut usually reveals bare patches, thatch and moss. I had to cut the lawn again last night and I cannot believe how much greener and thicker it is in just one week.

Thank you all so much for saving our gardens and making them something to be proud of.

Date of experience : 05 April 2023

Lawn never looked so good.…

Been using lawn master for the last year now, as I’m at work when they call i leave my back gate open for them as they are very trusting and always close the gate behind them, also my lawn has never looked so good. 5☆ from me.

Date of experience : 10 March 2023

A great business with real lawn experts

We’ve been using Lawnmaster for a number of years now. at a couple of different houses. We’ve been lucky that we’ve stayed within Ian Stephens area. Ian is a lawn expert. his knowledge is second to none and our lawns look fantastic. especially compared to our neighbours as both lawns were laid at the same time. It’s only when you can see a comparison you see the real benefits of lawn master. and Ian’s expertise.

Date of experience : 17 September 2022

Excellent Service

Excellent service from Lawnmaster again. Booked for a special moss kill last week, but forgot to leave garden gate unlocked as we went out. Phone call reminded us of appointment and a new date was arranged there and then by very friendly office staff. Operative Ian arrived on new date and carried out service quickly and efficiently.

Date of experience : 16 February 2022

Weeds and moss banished

Our lawns were a sea of moss and weeds. My own attempts did little to improve them and we, therefore, made contact with Law master. Their administrative set up made everything straightforward. The cost per quarterly treatment was agreed before we started. Ian then took over the practical management of the lawns. Under his care they have improved out of all recognition. We are very pleased with the ongoing results.

Date of experience : 06 April 2022

Knowledgeable Operatives, Reasonable Pricing

Having used Lawn Master for over 12 years at 3 different properties I would find it hard to leave anything less than a 5 Star review. Their pricing is very reasonable and I have always found their operatives to be courteous, efficient and more importantly knowledgeable. Every lawn at each property has had different needs and issues and they have always brought out the best in them, not only making them greener but sorting out any problems below the surface to ensure that my lawn is healthy and looks great all year-round.

Date of experience : 11 March 2023

We have been using Ian Stephens at…

We have been using Ian Stephens at Lawnmaster now for just over a year and must say our lawn has never looked better. We decided to use Ian because of his vast experience and knowledge of grass care and are delighted to recommend to family and friends.The service is professional and courteous and more importantly totally reliable.Thank you

Date of experience : 21 October 2022

Used lawnmaster Bracknell for over a…

Used lawnmaster Bracknell for over a year, they never gave me what they said they were going to do lawn is no better now than when they started the chap who surveyed the lawn said would do the work never came back. They obviously prefer bigger jobs as they spent between 5-20 mins on each visit for both front back lawns approx 75 sq yds

Date of experience : 23 April 2022

No show. poor service!

Guy called and made an appointment to review lawn on Friday 29 April. ON the day, he phoned at lunchtime on the 29th to say he couldn’t make it and would call back with another available appointment. Never heard from him again. how this company keeps customers is beyond me. Disappointing.

Date of experience : 06 June 2022

Ian Stephens

After seeing Ian’s fantastic work on the communal areas of the estate on which I live, I asked him if he could work his magic on my lawn. He certainly hasn’t disappointed! Ian is extremely friendly, professional and reliable. Communication is excellent, reminders are sent and work is always carried out on schedule every three months. My lawn has never looked as healthy as it does now and that’s despite having two boys regularly using it as a football pitch! I would highly recommend Ian and his team.

Date of experience : 05 October 2021

Matt and his team brought our large…

Matt and his team brought our large mainly moss lawn back to a green, lush turf lawn and maintained it spectacularly over many years. It was always noticed and admired by visitors. Matt always turned up on time, was polite and a delight to have working on our lawn. We highly recommend!!

Date of experience : 05 August 2022

My lawn is now the best on the estate

My lawn was nothing but weeds and moss and was in need of some major work to make it look anything like a well maintained lawn.

Lawn Master recommended their Regener8 programme which has completely transformed the lawn. My lawn is now consistent and gets plenty of good Комментарии и мнения владельцев from the neighbours. They now complete seasonal treatments to keep the grass healthy.

I would highly recommend Lawn Master to anyone looking for a lush green lawn.

Date of experience : 11 May 2022

Text the number given to get a quote…

Text the number given to get a quote got a reply tx saying that a lawn technician will call me to arrange appointment, still waiting for my quote, obviously they don’t want my money!! So called up Green Thumb who want my money and turned up and did the job

Date of experience : 07 September 2022


Matt and his team have transformed my sad, weedy lawn in under a year. It’s now lush and healthy, thanks to their regular, timely visits, expert knowledge and helpful advice. No hesitation in recommending them.

Date of experience : 14 October 2022

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