Large area lawn mower. 5 Best Large Walk Behind Mowers in 2023: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Large Walk Behind Mowers in 2023: Reviews Buyer’s Guide

A lawnmower makes gardening very easy. Large walk behind lawn mowers is suitable for owners of different size areas who are ready to put a little physical effort into arranging a lawn.

This garden tool has its pros and cons and hasn’t lost its popularity despite the advent of modern electric and battery-powered devices.

Thinking about buying a lawnmower, you may face a challenging task. There is a vast number of models from different manufacturers on the market. In this best large walk behind mower review, you will find precisely those.

I also want to notice that I selected models based on the tops of stores, ratings of portals, and user reviews. I hope this review will help you find out the best option for you and choose it from this variety of lawnmowers.

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Best Large Walk-Behind Mower Options on the Market

A large push mower used to be the preference of landscape contractors. This type of machine is highly regarded for its compactness and speed. However, more and more yard lawn owners are paying attention to them, as they are great for hard-to-reach places where maneuverability is needed.

Honda Versamow System Gas Walk Behind Lawn Mower — A Great Option of Easy-to-Use Wide Area Walk Behind Mowers 4.8/5

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Honda is a name that inspires confidence. Products from this brand have a reputation for remarkable durability and quality.

Why do I like it so much? The main features of this lawn mower are its powerful engine and high-quality assembly. You can quickly and easily move with the device over any area. The double blades, which are very sharp, make the mower incredibly efficient. And thanks to Versamow 4-in-1, the device has become universal.

The NeXite resin deck is rust and impact resistant. Ball bearings on the wheels smooth all surfaces for easy mower control. Another reason the unit is easy to use is the quick and easy access to the air filter. You don’t even need any extra tools.

Thanks to the powerful motor and sharp blades, anything that enters the mower is easily mulched and stored in the rear bag. In any weather, the machine starts without problems. You can easily customize the mower and use it regularly. As I said, the engine is powerful and durable, but at the same time, it does not weigh down the whole construction.

  • Trustworthy brand;
  • Easy-to-use;
  • Powerful engine;
  • Sharp blades;
  • Durable.

Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower 25022 — My Top Pick 4.3/5

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Electric lawnmowers are much more environmentally friendly than their gasoline counterparts. They are also easy to use. However, before using this item, you should still read the instructions. Since the mower is powered by electricity, it cannot be used for wet grass.

However, the manufacturer has naturally provided for the possibility of electric shock. The mower is equipped with a polarized plug, and you have to use it in combination with an appropriate extension cord.

Greenworks 25022 is easy to assemble, as the machine itself is quite light. The whole process will take you no more than half an hour if you are not experienced. Then you just have to push the on button. Don’t forget to remove all sticks, stones, and other foreign objects from the lawn. They may interfere with your work.

Based on my experience, I can say that this device will give your lawn a great view all year round. This mower has a powerful motor and a user-friendly design with a large deck and wheels. The effective performance of the model impresses me every time.

The handle is pleasant to hold while mowing the lawn, and it also folds perfectly during storage. In use, you can select three positions of the steering wheel, by merely moving it to the desired height.

As the mower is easy to operate, it can be used to reach even the most inaccessible places, including corners and various unevenness. There are also three settings for a garbage removal. You can choose the most convenient one for you. The bag can be easily detached and cleaned, and the contents can be thrown into the compost bin.

Snapper Cordless Electric Self-Propelled Lawn Mower — Perfect Large Deck Push Mower for Uneven Lawns 4/5

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This powerful electric lawn mower is also pretty easy to use. The mower has two 82-volt power supplies. They will run up to 45 minutes after the mower is fully charged. Thanks to intelligent power detection, the machine detects and changes settings depending on the grass thickness.

The mower weighs a lot due to its powerful motor. Unlike other big push mowers, this model is still easy to use. You only need one button to enable it. It sits on a handle that folds perfectly, so you can store the mower upright and save space. The Snapper XD is also nearly silent as it is electric.

Before buying this mower, you should also remember that it must be stored away from moisture and not used on wet grass. The device perfectly copes with all other tasks, including edges and unevenness, that may come across its path.

Husqvarna Briggs Stratton Walk-Behind Mower — Best Walk Behind Mower for Large Yard 3.9/5

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The Husqvarna L221A is a self-propelled gas-powered mower. The mower is equipped with a Honda 160cc engine, which is not inferior to anything in reliability. Robust wheels help you navigate wet and uneven surfaces without hindrance, while still having traction problems.

The Husqvarna L221A controls are a little bit tricky, especially for those new to the mower. It would be best if you got used to it; at first, your hands can get tired.

After several procedures, the machine will synchronize with you and become much more comfortable. This mower is excellent for medium-sized lawns. The device ideally collects mowed grass. The Husqvarna L221A also has a reliable air filter. It can be manually cleaned up to 10 times.

The all-wheel-drive of a self-propelled mower will be useful for you to work well on irregularities, as well as when working with clay soil or wet grass. Moisture protection is also included in the list of features of this mower.

Lawn-Boy 3-in-1 Discharge Self Propelled Lawn Mower — Electric Large Deck Walk Behind Mower 3.8/5

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The Kohler brand began producing agricultural machinery over 100 years ago. And then it also started to engage in the production of engines.

Lawn-Boy 17734 is an electric start rear-wheel-drive lawn mower that is easy to use even for beginners. You can start with one click of a button. Self-propelling gives you a more maneuverable machine that is comfortable to use on all types of ground.

The wheels glide smoothly on the grass, which means you don’t have to make enormous efforts when driving. The deck offers three different options for cutting grass: mulching, side discharge, and bagging. A mulching mode is a good option for dry grass. Due to the sharp blades, only small clippings are left from the cut grass.

They take up little space in the collection bag. It means that the bag is enough for a larger area, and nothing will crumble. Mulch is also natural to compost, which is an advantage. The blades of the device not only mulch the grass but also guide it into a bag. Its capacity is 2 bushels, which is enough for most lawns.

large, area, lawn, mower, best

The surfaces on which the lawn grows are often uneven. In this case, the mower has a height adjuster that is controlled by a lever. Six different metal deck positions can be selected. This feature will help the device overcome various obstacles.

How to Choose the Large Walk-Behind Mower: Buyer’s Guide

A lawnmower is a garden technique that helps in the sports field, outdoor activity area, or lawn maintenance. This device cuts the grass creates patterns from it and helps to care for the cover. The variety of models of gasoline and electric lawn mowers allows everyone to determine critical technical characteristics and select the device for efficiently cutting grass in areas with different surfaces.

There are lawnmowers on the market for large and small lawns that are suitable for flawless surfaces and those that easily overcome landscape terrain. You’ve read these large walk behind mower reviews, so it’s time to find out how to choose the most suitable type.

? Mechanical lawn mowers

A mechanical lawnmower (trimmer) is a block with a motor, a bar, and knives for cutting grass. The tool is equipped with a handle that is adjustable in height and angle. The principle of operation of blades is similar to scissors; there are only one stationary and several movable knives in the lawnmower. The lawnmower must be pushed in front of you to mow the grass. The device has little power, but it performs well on uneven surfaces, in hard-to-reach areas, and near landings. The trimmer is convenient for small spaces or the final processing of places inaccessible to the lawnmower.

? Electric lawn mowers

Electric lawnmowers are compact, economical, and easy to use. You don’t have to go to the gas station for gas or train your muscles by pushing the trimmer. Electric lawnmowers are quiet and do not pollute the atmosphere. However, these models also have their drawbacks. For example, they are not very suitable for large areas, as the charge lasts about 45 minutes.

? Gasoline mowers

Gasoline lawn mowers are powerful devices. They do not depend on the power source, which allows working with them in remote areas. Nevertheless, the weight and dimensions of gasoline mowers are impressive, which slightly reduces their maneuverability. They are convenient to use for large areas.

The high noise level of a gasoline lawnmower can disturb others. This type of machine can also be inconvenient as it requires to change the oil. However, the best commercial walk behind mower works with gas. You need to get used to the smell of exhaust fumes, check the fuel level, and maintain the tool.

? Robotic lawnmower

A robotic lawn mower is an excellent option for those who do not want to push anything and learn to waltz with a conventional mower. It is a device with a high level of built-in intelligence. Self-mowing without the slightest operator effort is the primary function of the robotic lawnmower. But not the only one.

The robot independently detects when the batteries are discharged, and returns to the base for continuous or express charging. Rain is also a signal for the mower to return. Some models are equipped with an anti-theft system — the robotic lawnmower signals when an unplanned movement, lifting, or rollover occurs. The operator’s job is simple — to set the route and time of the robot’s operation.

Such machines are convenient to use in large manicured areas, smooth or tilted up to 40%. They make a justified choice for frequent lawn mowing. Potential difficulties include small, unmown areas. There may be 3 to 5 cm strips of grass along fences and obstacles.

? The parameters to pay attention to

As you choose a lawnmower, one must consider the totality of all the characteristics of the device, the area, and features of the lawn. The type of engine, source of energy, depends on the power, performance of the mower, operating time, and effort required by the operator. Self-propelled lawn mowers are powered by an engine (gasoline, electric). The power of the internal combustion engine is spent on the rotation of the wheels and blades. Such models do not require physical effort during operation. Therefore, they are suitable for processing large lawns.

There are also non-self-propelled mechanical models of lawnmowers driven by the muscular force of the operator. Inexpensive and compact, they are more maneuverable and handle tricky grass well. But due to the physical effort required (especially when avoiding obstacles), I would not recommend non-self-propelled models for women, teens, or older users. The presence and type of engine or its absence affect the controllability of the mower, its maneuverability, and the quality of the lawn.

The type of grass relief is also essential. The lawnmower design determines side/rear grass discharge. The most common are rear discharge models. The side ones are more convenient when working along the roadside. Grass Catcher collects the cut grass in the grass catcher; it allows you to cut the grass while achieving the perfect lawn appearance. The larger the lawn area, the more rational it is to opt for a more extensive collection box.

Mulching covers the soil with dry grass (mulch) to protect it from freezing, evaporation, and abundant growth of weeds. This feature is not available on all mower models. But the choice in favor of a model with mulching should be considered. This function is useful when cutting soft but dry grass. Otherwise, the mulch will come out in lumps, clog the plants’ roots – there will be no normal conditions for the growth of healthy grass, and the lawn will look sloppy.

FAQ On Large Walk Behind Mowers

Now, as you know everything about the best options on the market and how to choose the proper large walk behind mower, it’s time to get some extra information. Here are the answers to the most popular questions you probably are also interested in.

What is a walk-behind mower?

A walk-behind mower is a device for cutting the grass. This tool is operated manually. It works as you turn it on and push it in front of you, moving forward. There are also several types of walk-behind mowers, including electric and gas devices.

What is the widest cut walk behind mower?

The Toro brand pioneered a mower for wide lawns, and instead of the standard 21, the cutting width is 30 inches. It’s a meticulously designed and well-controlled mower. It is amazingly user-friendly and convenient.

What is the best walk behind commercial mower?

Honda produces the best commercial mowers. The machines of this brand are easy-to-use and cope with all types of areas. They are also maneuverable and equipped with a powerful engine that makes them durable and effective.

What is the best lawn mower for a large yard?

Self-propelled lawn mowers like Husqvarna L221A are the best option for large yards. The machine could be quite heavy as it’s gasoline, and the engine weighs a lot. However, due to the propel, you don’t have to make too much effort pushing it. Furthermore, its’ power is enough to treat a large surface.

What is the best stand-on mower?

Bradley Stand On Zero Turn is the best stand-on mower. You will get maximum control over the car. Besides, it is flexible enough to handle any surface. This Mower is also safe and maneuverable and can be driven even in hilly areas.

Take Care of Your Lawn With Pleasure

We are ready to summarize everything we know now. Gasoline is the most severe type of lawnmower. Only such models are usually used in the professional field. It is due to the high performance and autonomy of the device. However, they are not always suitable for private use, despite their capabilities. massive and less maneuverable, they require more effort to work. Although they greatly facilitate the processing of large areas.

If comfort is a priority when working, then electric lawn mowers should be considered. They are quieter, lighter, and more agile than petrol models. over, they do not force the user to inhale the odors of the exhaust gases.

You are welcome to share your thoughts on what mower is the best. Do you prefer electric or gasoline devices? Please, leave your Комментарии и мнения владельцев in the section below.

Have you ever wondered if a stand-on mower is the right option for your lawn? We break down the pros and cons and help you make a decision.

Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. We may earn a commission from your purchases.


Buying a Stand-On Mower

If you’ve ever seen professional landscapers zipping around on stand-on mowers and completing their work in record time, you’ve likely wondered if you should get one for your own home lawn care.

These machines are favorites among pros for their nimbleness, comfort, durability and relatively small footprint, which means more of them fit onto a landscaping trailer.

Homeowners can also enjoy the benefits of these mowers. In particular, some homeowners favor the comfortable ride and precision controls.

Comfort comes from the design. Stand-on mowers spread the bouncing and jolts across your entire body, rather than concentrating it in your hips and back. Precision is another benefit. A stand-on mower provides a line of sight to the cutting line that can’t be beaten.

However, they’re not for everyone. Stand-on mowers are much more expensive than typical residential models, running in the thousands of dollars. It makes sense for pros to pay extra for that kind of reliability and power, but many homeowners find them cost prohibitive.

If you’re in the market for a stand-on mower, here are some essential factors to consider:

  • Price: These mowers are built for rugged daily or near-daily use, which is why they’re targeted to commercial buyers. The cheapest will still run you more than 5,000, while most models are more than 10,000.
  • Deck size: If you need to navigate gates and turn tight circles around beloved bushes and trees, a smaller deck is often better. If you have more wide-open spaces, look for a mower with a wider deck.
  • Deck construction: A lower gauge steel deck can take more of a beating. Most stand-on mowers come with seven- or 10-gauge steel decks.
  • Cutting speed: Stand-on mowers typically move forward at seven to 12 miles per hour. This puts them in line with. or even ahead of, most residential zero-turn riding lawnmowers. The bigger and more open your lawn is, the more that cutting speed pays off.
  • Fuel supply: Almost all stand-on powers are gasoline powered, though one we’ll mention below runs on propane. If you have a particularly large yard, look for a mower with a larger fuel tank.
  • Warranty: These vary by manufacturer and model. Most run at least a two years, but check the fine print. Some are different for commercial or residential use, and some limit coverage it you exceed a certain number of operating hours.

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Best All-Around Stand-On Mower

The Husqvarna V548 is a good middle-of-the-road option. Its 48-inch cutting deck is narrow enough to make it through most gates, while still big enough to make quick work of larger yards.

The seven-gauge steel deck can take a beating, and the seven gallon fuel tank carries enough gas to handle most jobs in one filling. It comes with a 24.5-horsepower (HP) Kawasaki engine, and a maximum cutting speed of 11 miles per hour (mph). Oh, and if you like robotic lawnmowers, check out the Husqvarna Automower, too.

large, area, lawn, mower, best

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Best Entry-Level Stand-On Mower

Cub Cadet’s Pro X 636 comes with a 36-inch-wide deck, allowing you to navigate tighter obstacles. It’s also a good choice if you’ll need to pass through narrower gates, or have limited storage options.

The Pro X 636 features an 18.5-HP Kawasaki engine and an 8.5 mph maximum cutting speed. It comes with a six-gallon fuel tank. The 10-gauge steel deck shell is on the thinner side, but should handle the wear and tear of residential use.

Best Riding Lawn Mower for Rough Terrain – Our Top 8 Picks

You should pick the best riding lawn mowers for rough terrain. They are essential pieces of equipment for people with lawns and commercial areas that require it to be neat and clean at all times, but sometimes, when the terrain is too rough, a regular lawn mower won’t do the task. At times like these, you’ll need a machine that is powerful, strong, and up to the heavy task.

We’re here to help you with that, with a list of the 8 best riding lawn mowers for rough terrain. including their pros and cons, detailed descriptions, and all specifications. After reading this series of reviews, you’ll surely be able to find the lawn mower that best fits you, so keep reading to find out more!

Comparison Table

large, area, lawn, mower, best
  • Best for noiseless use
  • Powerful brushless motors
  • 12 deck adjustments
  • USB charger port available
  • Best for compact storage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Powerful engine
  • Disc drive transmission

The 8 Best Lawn Mowers For Rough Terrain

Lawn mowers for rough terrain vary widely and you should have the knowledge to choose the best one for you. Which one you choose will depend almost wholly on your specific needs. We give you eight different models to choose from.

1.Craftsman T225 19 HP Briggs Stratton Gold 46-Inch Gas-Powered Riding Mower

Craftsman is a brand that never fails to impress, and this product is just the cherry on top. They claim to deliver quality and efficiency. and this offers exactly that. With raving reviews and a top-notch build, there is no way this device won’t meet your expectations and be the best mower for rocky terrain you’ve ever experienced.

This gas riding lawn mower features a Briggs and Stratton gas engine. Briggs and Stratton make the best engines with a load of power. so we can say that the powerhouse of this Craftsman mower is a true beast.

It features a ready start option, so the operator won’t have to waste precious time trying to get the device running. Most riding lawn mowers take a long time to start, but the ready start feature frees you from all that trouble and lets the device start right up.

This zero-turn mower has a 46-inch deck, which is huge compared to other riding lawn mowers. This helps the mower deal with larger areas, making it good for home use but also commercial use, as it gets a large job done in a fraction of the time.

This device works extremely smoothly with its ability to clip grass in one quick sweep. Plus, it comes with a deck wash feature that saves time and keeps the underside of the mower clean.

If the deck’s underside remains uncleaned, residual grass clippings and other debris start to build up, which causes rust as well as a huge decline in the device’s value and capability to do the job. But with a deck wash feature, you can avoid all of that.

This equipment is equipped with foot hydrostatic transmission, which means it transits energy using hydraulic fluid. This automatic transmission can be extremely useful in maintaining and adjusting mower speeds.

This device is also capable enough to mow in reverse. which makes it easy to maneuver and comes extremely handy when mowing tough spots and rough terrains. With the mow-in-reverse feature, you’ll be able to tackle a rough spot in many directions, making sure that everything gets mowed perfectly.

Mowing can be a tough job, as it can take long hours of sitting in the same position and hours of fatigue and backache later. But not with the Craftsman mower, not at all! Craftsman made sure that the operator is comfortable riding it at all times, sitting in the high-back cushioned seat that provides optimum comfort. especially when working for long hours.

Plus, this device features high-quality 15-inch front wheels and 20-inch rear wheels for better clearance and easy movement. You can make maneuvering easy around the yard with this Craftsman mower, because its wheels are specially designed for optimum comfort and productivity, especially across rough terrain. From our side, this mower gets a 10 out of 10!

However, there is one issue that many people face. Unlike most mowers, the skid plate on this mower is a square instead of a circle, which can cause inconvenience at times.


This gas-powered riding lawn mower is excellent for you if you’re looking for something to mow a larger area, making it ideal for commercial use. It is powerful, strong, user-friendly, and durable. With features like mow-in-reverse and ready start, this device stands out amongst the crowd of competition and showcases its productivity and efficiency.

Troy Bilt Pony 42X Riding Lawn Mower with 42-Inch Deck and 547 cc Engine Tractor

If you’re looking for a affordable lawn mower that will be great for a small lawn with rough terrain, Troy-Bilt is here to the rescue. It is everything you want in a lightweight machine for home use and light tasks. as it delivers so much productivity at a fairly low price point, so you must consider this one for your home.

This Troy-Bilt lawn mower features a premium 420 cc OHV engine with a built-in oil filter. A powerful engine means a powerful device, as the productivity and efficiency of any mower depend on the quality of the engine and how much power input can give into the device.

And this engine is a powerhouse. It makes sure that the device is capable enough to mow through the roughest terrain with no resistance. If you want a mower for rough terrain, looking at the engine is a must because the stronger the engine, the better it’ll mow.

This device has a 7-speed transmission. which is highly beneficial, especially on uneven ground, as it gives a lot of control into the hand of the operator. The operator gets to choose what speed the mowing should be done at, as different types of terrain need different types of speeds.

With the option of 7 speeds, the user gets to decide which speed will complement which terrain better. It also helps the operator get control over time. so if you want a quick job, a higher speed is better, but for a more intricate job, it’s better to go slow and steady.

This mower has a 42-inch steel deck. which isn’t as big as many other riding lawn mowers, making this one better for smaller lawns. But the steel deck has dual mower blades which ensure clean and smooth cuts and a crisper lawn, as it helps keep the lawn neat and polished.

Plus, it has a mulch and side discharge option that allows the user to turn the grass into mulch that can be used as a fertilizer for the lawn. With this recycling technique, you’ll never have to worry about getting rid of clippings and will get free fertilizer, since the grass has many useful substances that can be fed back into the soil to make it extra fertile.

Plus, this mower features a strong axle made of steel, which is durable and long-lasting. Also, it has a comfortable mid-back seat with ergonomic cushioning. And it can mow in reverse, which can help you mow rough spots and uneven land. With a weight of 485 pounds, it is a lot lighter than most lawn mowers and has dimensions of 70 x 48 x 35.5 inches. This mower gets an 8/10.

However, not everything about this mower is ideal. This equipment can be slightly uncomfortable for some as it makes too many vibrations while driving. These vibrations might seem harmless, but when the operator experiences them, they tend to be absorbed by the human body and can cause discomfort and fatigue later on.

Plus, the light weight of the mower makes it easy to maneuver and store, but it also makes the mower very unstable.


Despite some flaws, this mower has big positives: it is great if you have a small lawn, it is ideal for home use, it has a powerhouse engine, dual blades for clean cuts, a multi-speed option, and many more features that speak for its durability.

Husqvarna YTH24V54 54 in. 24 HP Briggs Stratton, Hydrostatic Mower

Husqvarna is one of the most trustworthy brands when it comes to durability and power. Their main aim is to make a difference in the lives of users who landscape and shape lawns and urban environments by providing sustainable solutions with innovation, passion, and a customer-friendly attitude. And all of these attributes of this brand are reflected in this YTH 24V54 lawn mower, which is a part of the amazing YTH series.

This mower has a powerful 24 HP Briggs and Stratton V-twin engine. This powerful engine will give you enough power to work through the roughest of terrains without any resistance. To work in rough conditions, a piece of equipment such as this one should have a huge power source, which gives the device enough power to get the job done. And with an engine like this, getting heaps of power won’t be a problem.

This engine is not just powerful, but also reliable. It features ReadyStart technology which makes sure that the device starts right up. Most mowers take several tries to get running, but when it comes to a quick start, you can fully rely on this Husqvarna mower. No matter what the day is, how cold the weather is, and how long of a job you did the last time, this mower will take no time to start up.

With the foot-pedal operated transmission, the user has control over the speed and direction of the lawn mower. This helps the user keep both of their hands on the steering wheel, giving them more control over driving.

Different kinds of terrains need different speeds, so with multiple speed options, the customer uses targets to decide what speed is ideal for the terrain they’re working on. This transfers all the control to the hand of the operator. At the end of the day, you should be controlling the mower, and not the other way around.

This hydrostatic riding mower will be a great option in terms of power and strength. The Stratton hydrostatic transmission is great, and just as good as a gas-powered or battery-powered riding mower.

This device has a 16 inches turning radius which helps the operator navigate through narrow spaces and tight spots. If you have a huge lawn with a load of obstacles like benches, trees, poles, etc., this one will be the best choice. With this device, you’ll be able to maintain every nook and cranny of your precious space.

Despite being high-powered and efficient, this device does not compromise on the comfort of the customer. The adjustable 15 inches high-back seat lets the user be comfortable throughout the job and avoid backache later on. The ergonomic steering wheel adds to increased comfort and an easy step-through design helps ensure that a smooth job is done.

The cutting deck is 54 inches wide. which is wider than most other lawn mowers, and helps you mow a large piece of land in a smaller time. Reinforced with a triple blade, the cutting deck makes sure that all the cuts are clean, the lawn remains neat and polished, and no grass is left unclipped.

This, simultaneously working alongside the air induction mowing technology and the four anti-scalp wheels. will make sure that the lawn is mowed properly. If you’re looking for a precise job in a large area with loads of obstacles, this mower will check all your boxes. This gas-powered mower has so much to offer because of which it gets a 9.5/10 from our side.

But not everything about this device is perfect. This device comes unassembled. and if you’re a pro with equipment, we’re sure that won’t bother you. But if not, you’ll have to hire someone to put it together which is an extra expenditure. Plus, the gas tank on this device is way too small. It needs to be refilled quite frequently which can be a huge inconvenience at times.


This is a great mower for a high obstacle lawn. If you want a job well done in very little time, this is the one for you, as its diverse features offer everything that you would expect from a high-end lawn mower for rough terrain.

Husqvarna TS354D 54 in. 25 HP Kohler V-Twin Hydrostatic Mower

We can tell you one thing for sure: Husqvarna will always deliver with high durability and constant efficiency. All their products, from motorbikes to garden equipment, have one thing in common: top-notch quality. The Husqvarna TS354D is no different. It is one of the best options to consider if you’re in search of a lawn mower that will last you a long time.

With its 25 HP, 725 Kohler 7000 series engine. this zero-turn riding lawn mower is capable of delivering enough power and torque for the toughest of operations.

Its powerful engine ensures that the equipment can handle rough terrain, large areas, and hours-long tasks. The more powerful the engine, the better the job is done, so this engine gives the customers the perfect experience with efficiency, productivity, and durability.

This zero- t urn riding mower features a hydrostatic transmission with an electric locking differential that can be categorized as commercial grade because of its high power output. This allows the mower to maneuver to the maximum limit and the user gets to keep both their hands free for a comfortable ride as the hydrostat transmission is fully pedal-operated.

It also allows the operator to have control which ensures that consistent speed is maintained even in the roughest of terrains. Pedal operations are the simplest and easiest to navigate with lawn devices, especially if you’re doing a long job.

The front axles are made from cast iron which is strong enough to maintain balance and stability. If the lawn mower isn’t stable, it’ll vibrate a lot, and send vibrations up the operator’s spine, resulting in fatigue and backache later on. But with the stability this device has to offer, you won’t have to worry about any of that.

Plus, the spindle housings are also made from cast iron which makes them durable and long-lasting. This mower is perfect for rough uneven terrain because of how well-balanced it is, unlike many other electric riding mowers.

This zero turn riding mower features a deep deck design that ensures maximum productivity. Plus, the airflow baffles and high-performance blades are an added cherry on top that makes the cutting procedure extra productive.

You have all options when it comes to this device: discharging, bagging, or mulching. Many people prefer bagging so they can discard the waste later on, but mulching is a much more eco-friendly option that turns the grass clippings into a fertilizer that can be used in your garden.

The mower includes many ergonomic features such as a comfortable high-back seat with armrests and a steering wheel set to the optimum angle which ensures that the user is comfortable throughout the job. Husqvarna makes sure that the operator won’t feel any fatigue afterward unlike other riding mowers.

And the cutting deck has a ClearCut feature for maximum efficiency and 10-gauge steel construction with welded reinforcements for increased durability. From us, this mower get’s a 9/10.

However, sometimes the seat can be extremely hard to install and there are no clear instructions in the manual. Plus, this mower has a 54-inch cutting deck which works fine for large lawns but for a small home lawn, this kind of heavy device might not be ideal.


Despite some drawbacks, this device will be great for you if you’re looking for a mower for a larger area for a long time. It has a powerful engine and many ergonomic features, including a powerful engine, hydrostatic transmission, pedal operations, deep deck design as well as a comfortable seat.

Craftsman E225 42-in. Lithium-Ion Riding Mower-56V Electric Powered Lawn Mower-Fast Charging, Red

If you’re looking for riding lawn tractors a little better for the environment. we’d suggest looking into battery powered and electrical options. They are better for the environment, give fewer emissions, and don’t empty the earth of precious fossil fuels.

Many people opt for gas-powered lawn tractors because they’re much more powerful and reliable, but surely, this mower is no less than any gas-powered mower.

The power of any lawn mower comes from the engine or, in this case, the motor. This Craftsman Mower E224 has a 56 volt, 1500 watt-hour, 30 AH lithium-ion battery which is capable of delivering one hour of continuous cutting time on a full charge. After an hour, you can recharge the battery to full and use it for another hour.

A motor this powerful will also make sure that the task at hand is done with utmost efficiency, so this mower doesn’t do half-effort jobs. but it will make sure that you’ll never go back to another gas powered mower again.

With this eco-friendly mower. you are not just saving the environment, but you’re also saving time and money that is needed for regular maintenance of other mowers by eliminating any need for changing gas and oil.

The only thing you’ll have to do is put the electric lawn mower on charge. Plus, unlike low gas and low oil, when the battery reaches low capacity, the device won’t start to bog, but it will keep on working at the same pace as before.

An important aspect of any lawn mower has to be its ease of use and ergonomic features, and this device isn’t lacking in either. The reverse and forward options are completely in the control of the operator using foot pedals. No need to suffer through hand controls when foot pedals are there for the rescue!

Plus, the steering wheel has a soft touch feature to ensure comfort. The mid-back seat is specially designed so the user won’t feel any fatigue later on, and the LED headlights are available to the user in case they want to go mowing in the dark. This allows the user to easily maneuver the device in all conditions and this mower has easy cruise control.

Also, the user is given a fast charge option that will enable them to charge the battery in 4 hours. Efficient, isn’t it? And this device comes with a 3-year limited warranty and a 3-year battery warranty. This shows the trust and confidence the brand has in its product. This product gets an 8/10 as it is truly one of the best lawn tractors for uneven ground and uneven terrain.

However, there are certain things that you must know when using this mower. The on/off key is close to knee level and you can quite easily turn the machine on or off by accident. This won’t look like a big deal to a reader, but for the user, it can be highly frustrating to keep turning the device back on every time you accidentally turn the mower off.

Mowing in reverse can be particularly useful in rough terrains, as it helps reach almost impossible spots and ensures everything is neat and polished. But with this mower, mowing in reverse can be too slow and inefficient. If you feel like reverse mowing is something you don’t want to compromise on at all, then this device is probably not the right fit for you.


If you’re in search of an eco-friendly garden tractor, this can be a great addition to your ranks. It saves time and energy, protects the environment, is easy to use and has ergonomic features that make it comfortable for lawn care.

Ryobi 38 inches 100 Ah Battery Electric Engine, Riding Lawn Mower, RY48111

  • Noiseless
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • 12 deck adjustments
  • USB charger port available

Ryobi is another fan favorite brand which puts out good quality and durability every time. Ryobi is best known for its powerful tools such as hammer drills, trimmers, metalworking equipment, blowers, and much more.

And their lawn mowers definitely stand out from amongst the crowd. You must be sick of seeing red mowers on this list, but this mower isn’t just unique in terms of specs, but also in its beautiful light green color.

This Ryobi RY lawn mower has a deck of 38-inches, which is quite small compared to other lawn mowers, but that is why it’s perfect for smaller lawns. as it will be easy to maneuver in a petite area and will do the job well with tight and narrow spaces. This riding lawn mower will exceed all your expectations with its 100 Ah electric engine.

Unlike gas-powered mowers, this mower doesn’t cause excessive damage to the environment with eradication of unnecessary fumes and consumption of precious fossil fuels. Electric mowers are extremely eco-friendly which makes them even more attractive. Plus, this one has an engine as strong as any other gas-powered mower.

This ride-on mower can give you up to 2.5 hours of runtime or 2.5 acres of lawn mowing on a full charge. It can cover a large area, is perfect for longer home jobs and is a great option for residential use. Just one full charge will be able to mow your entire lawn.

Plus, it doesn’t need a fancy and heavy outlet to charge. unlike many electric lawn mowers, as you can charge it through your standard 120-volts outlet.

The mower has powerful motors that make sure that any task at hand is performed perfectly and productively. It has three brushless motions that provide immense power to the mower to deal with high working hours and rough terrain. These motors make sure that this mower shows maximum performance.

This corded electric mower weighs 595 pounds which is fairly standard for a riding lawn mower. The deck has 2 blades that make sure the grass is cut neatly and perfectly.

There are twelve positions of deck adjustment. ranging from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches, that can all be reached manually and make sure that your lawn gets leveled cuts. As multiple positions allow the operator to have more control over the job, you can choose whichever height you desire for different parts of the lawn.

Mowing can be a hard task, especially if you have fussy neighbors. But with this Ryobi riding lawn mower, you won’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors, because it is whisper quiet. It emits only 70 dB of noise. which is nothing for a device this tremendous.

And above that, this device has LED headlights for getting jobs done even in the dark, a USB phone charge for everyone who can’t bear a minute without checking their DMs, and several cruise control features. For that, this one gets an 8.5/10.

However, not everything is as perfect as it seems. The user manual says that this mower should not be cleaned with water. This makes the maintenance so much harder. All you can do is wipe the dust and dirt with a cleaning cloth or wipes, which can be a huge struggle.


This electric riding lawn mower is the one for you if you want to do a noiseless job with a suitable deck size for maximum clippings in steep hilly terrain. It’s perfect for people who work from home or have their kids homeschooled and need a powerful engine. Plus, it’s powerful and eco-friendly, so you can use it for large yards.

Snapper 2911525BVE Classic RER 28 inch 11.5 HP 344 cc Engine, Riding Mower 2691525

If you’re looking for a lawn mower on the compact side, this one will do the thing for you. This compact lawn mower isn’t lacking in power, as it features an 11.5 HP Briggs and Stratton power-built 4-cycle OHV engine that makes it capable enough to do heavy-duty jobs.

This lawn mower is perfect for homeowners because of its compact frame and lower price point. It will be easy to carry from one place to another, so what more can one want?

It has a 28-inch cutting deck which isn’t as big as most lawn mowers, but it suits residential homeowners. With a 28-inch turning radius, it is perfect if you have a high obstacle lawn with trees, benches and other ornaments, like garden gnomes and small fountains. Many people like to crowd their space with decorations, and if you’re one of them, this mower is the one for you.

Plus, this lawn mower has a vertical stand-on-edge capability, which makes it perfect for homeowners who have minimal space to store such a heavy piece of equipment.

Many people like to store their gardening tools in a shed in the back, but if your shed is too small, overcrowded, or you don’t have a shed at all, this lawn mower is here with its vertical standing ability and compact body to save space.

It has a fuel tank with a maximum capacity of 1.35 gallons and its operators use five disc drive transmissions. This offers the user five mowing options and a range of different cutting heights, varying from 1 inch to 4.5 inches. You can manually adjust these heights using a lever on this gas-powered mower…as easy as pie!

Additionally, this mower is convenient with its user-friendly controls. It has a HI-VAC deck, which ensures a smooth and efficient mowing experience. And it has a 3-year warranty, which only speaks for the high level of trust the brand has in the product.

You get a 5-speed option. which allows you to pick whatever speed is convenient for you. This lawn mower gives so much control in the hand of the user and makes the job easy and simple for the operator. For that, and many more reasons, this mower gets a 7.5/10.

However, the placing of some controls is a bit inconvenient. To reach a control, the operator has to take their eyes off the mowing duty and that is not just dangerous but also impractical. Plus, with this mower, it can be quite a challenge to mow close to objects. despite the high turning radius.


This device is great for you if you don’t have enough storage space and are looking for a compact and easy-to-store lawn mower. That one can be a hard task to find but with this mower, we hope your search is over!

Husqvarna YTA24V48 24V Fast Continuously Variable Transmission Pedal Tractor Mower, 48″/Twin

Another one from Husqvarna, as this brand proves itself again and again to be a star! This mower is sure to meet your needs and satisfy you to the fullest. It features a fast auto transmission which is great for engine power delivery but also lowers the maintenance, making it one of the best zero-turn mowers.

At this point in time, there is no way one can go without their cell phone, and this device aids you to always have your mobile right by your side by featuring a charging port. Plus it has a choke-less start and an electric clutch that are both worth mentioning.

This mower has an air induction mowing technology that improves the airflow within the deck, which helps in lifting the grass up and enables cleaner and smoother cuts. Plus, using a fender-mounted deck lever that is spring assisted, this device ensures easy and convenient operation. So, it gets 7.5/10 from us.

The fact that makes this mower stand out among the crowd is its amazing warranty with a 3-year limited warranty, 5-year frame and front axle warranty. and a 10-year cutting deck warranty. That’s amazing!

However, it does have some flaws, as it doesn’t work great on hills.


Despite its difficulty with hills, this mower is great for you if you’re looking for a long warranty, for all three domains: overall, frame and cutting deck. With its low maintenance and high quality. it is sure to become your favorite in no time!


If you’re looking for a lawn mower to fit all your needs, any one from the above list might be it. You have to analyze first what you want and what you’re looking for and then make a decision accordingly. Think about whether you want a zero-turn lawn mower, best push lawn mower for rough terrain, a heavy-duty riding lawn mower, electric powered mower, or anything else.

After you’ve listed what you want, use this list as a guide to find the best lawn mower for rough terrain, best zero turn mower for rough terrain. best self-propelled lawn mower for rough terrain. best lawn mower for wooded areas. and best heavy duty lawn mower. Hopefully, this will help you in your search!

The 11 Best Lawn Mowers of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Michelle Ullman is a home decor expert and product reviewer for home and garden products. She has been writing about home decor for over 10 years for publications like and Better Homes Gardens, among others.

Andrew Hughes is a certified arborist, member of the International Society of Arborists specializing in tree heal care, and reviews tree content on The Spruce’s Gardening Review Board. He founded and runs Urban Loggers, LLC, a company offering residential tree services in the Midwest and Connecticut.

Emily Estep is a plant biologist and journalist who has worked for a variety of online news and media outlets, writing about and editing topics including environmental science and houseplants.

Whether you enjoy the time spent outdoors laboring in the sun or consider it just another item to check off your to-do list, regularly giving your lawn a haircut with your lawn mower is a necessary task for maintaining a green, lush, and healthy lawn.

Noah James, professional landscaper and owner of Liberty Lawn Maintenance, says, Picking the perfect lawn mower doesn’t have to be a chore. At its core, it’s about understanding your specific needs and matching them with the performance capabilities of the equipment. First, make sure you consider the size of your lawn, as not all mowers can accommodate different sizes. It’s critical to accurately estimate how large an area you need to cover in order to select the appropriate model.

Power is also an important factor to assess when selecting a mower, with electric versus gas being two primary choices. Consider noise level, convenience, and how often you plan to use it before deciding between these two options. Finally, ask yourself what extras you’d like: bagging capability, mulching capabilities, variable height settings, etc. The features that are most important differ from person to person, so define yours first before making a purchase decision.

We’ve tested many gas, electric, walk-behind, and riding lawn mowers in the last few years. In our most recent round of testing, we researched the latest models and tested nine walk-behind lawn mowers and six riding mowers in our own yards, evaluating them for ease of assembly and use, effectiveness at creating a clean and even cut on various grass types, and lengths, and design. We also reported our testing insights after using each lawn mower for three months, noting how they held up over time and changing weather.

Best Overall

EGO Power Select Cut 56-Volt 21-Inch Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower

  • Handles short through tall grass with ease
  • Runs for up to one hour on a single charge
  • Easy to adjust cutting heights
  • Good on slopes or hills
  • Instructions are not as clear as they could be
  • A bit of a learning curve to the self-propelled feature

After three months of testing, the EGO Power 21-Inch Self-Propelled Mower is our best overall winner for most yards. During our initial testing period of several weeks, we used this cordless self-propelled mower to tackle a small lawn with patchy grass that was very low in some spots and tall in others. The weather on our testing days ranged from dry to rainy. The mower was easy to assemble, other than the clippings bag which we found a bit tricky to get into position. However, once everything was assembled, the mower started right up and easily handled all lengths of grass, providing a smooth, even cut. Powered by an included 56-volt, 7.5 Ah battery, the mower can run up to one hour before needing a recharge, meaning you’ll be able to mow just about any lawn up to 0.50 acre on a single charge. Our small lawn was easily completed before the battery ran down.

Having never used a self-propelled mower before, we did find that there is a learning curve to adjusting the speed and not letting the mower pull us, rather than us guiding the mower. And the included instructions were not as clear as they could have been. But once we became accustomed to the feel of the mower propelling itself, it was very easy to maneuver around trees and other obstacles. You can set the mower’s walking speed to match your own pace, from a leisurely 0.9 mph to a more brisk 3.1 mph. We kept it on the slow side, and it was easy to mow up and down a small slope as well as around trees. You can shut the self-propelled feature off, if desired.

The cutting deck of this mower is 21 inches wide and can be set to six different cutting heights between 1.5 to 4 inches with a simple one-hand adjustment. You can set it to mulch the grass clippings, spew them as-is out the side, or collect them in the included 2-bushel bag. All worked well in our tests. There are even LED headlights, so you can easily see your path even if cutting at dawn or dusk. And with rear-wheel drive, the mower handles hills, slopes, and uneven terrain quite easily without much effort. While admittedly more expensive than many of our other picks, we feel that this powerful mower is worth the higher price due to its many useful features and premium performance. It includes a battery and a fast charger. As with all EGO tools, the battery is interchangeable with all other EGO products.

How It Performed Long-Term

After using this mower almost every week over the course of three months, we continue to be impressed with its performance and overall ease of use, and it’s now earned the top spot on our list. In fact, the learning curve we experienced with using the self-propelled feature or attaching the bag, is now a distant memory! We never encountered any issues with the mower getting clogged as we have in the past with previous mowers. We also continue to love how easy it is to start, remove the bag to empty it, and adjust the cutting heights. Even after we were away for 10 days, the mower tackled the tall, thicker grass without an issue, and thanks to how easy it is to adjust the cutting height, we could easily move it up and down when we came across any uneven areas. Mowing leaves or damp grass was also easy.

We were also impressed with the battery life: While testing on a very small yard (0.15 of an acre), we were able to mow three separate times without needing to recharge the battery (15-20 each mow). The minor issue we noted (if we had to change something), is that the handle could be a little easier to adjust, especially for those on the shorter side. That small hiccup aside, this mower has now earned our top spot, and we feel like it’s an especially great mower for those looking for something that performs well, but is very easy to use and maintain. We also love how easy it is to fold and store.

Price at time of publish: 599

Cutting Width: 21 inches | Power Type: Battery | Weight: 82 pounds | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch, side-discharge

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