Lawn mower electric Bosch. Bosch Lawnmower Reviews 2023 – Corded Vs Cordless

Bosch Lawnmower Reviews 2023 – Corded Vs Cordless

Hello and welcome to this compilation review of Bosch Lawn mowers which are available in the UK market at present. In the UK, Bosch has been present since 1898, when Robert Bosch opened the company’s first office outside Germany.

Every one of the Bosch Group’s business sectors has a presence in the UK: Mobility Solutions, Consumer Goods, Energy and Building Technology and Industrial Technology. Bosch operates in the UK as Robert Bosch Limited and employs around 5,300 associates across 41 sites. The UK is the second largest European market for Bosch after Germany and fourth largest in the world.

Electric Lawn Mower Review Overview

Bosch Lawn Mower Overview:

Bosch makes great lawnmowers of various types. A beautiful lawn, resilient and neat. An electric lawnmower from Bosch is ideal for this. It mows with the enormous power previously achieved only by a petrol-driven lawnmower. And thanks to the innovative grass combs, it also provides unique results when cutting close to edges.

The Indego robotic lawnmower mows quickly and cleanly, lane by lane. Thanks to “Logicut”, the Bosch Indego calculates an efficient route and mows it in parallel lines. While the Indego is working, you can tend to other projects.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Bosch Lawn Mowers

Q. Do the Bosch mowers have a metal blade A. Most Bosch lawnmowers have metal blades, but please check for individual models. Q: Does it cut well with damp tall grass A. Yes, it does. Please check specific model for detailed specifications. Q. Does it require any batteries to start? A. No. It is all electric, no batteries required. Q. What is the warranty on this product? A. 2 years free warranty, extendable to 3 years if you register with MyBosch Q. Are replacement blades available? A. Yes, at extra cost Q. Is the electric cord included? A. Yes, 10m power lead is included, but depending on the size of the lawn you may need an extension cord. Q. Is it made in Germany? A. No. It is manufactured in China as per German specifications.

Bosch Lawnmower Review Compilation

1, Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Rotary Lawnmower

Key features:

  • The Bosch Rotak 34 R is a lightweight and compact lawnmower with a 34cm cutting width making it ideal for medium sized lawns up to 300m² in size. It has a high speed 1300W ‘Powerdrive’ motor that enables you to cut long grass with ease, with multiple settings.
  • Each of these settings can be changed by a single action lever. As with its more powerful models Rotak 34 R also has the innovative grass combs, which allows you to easily cut up to and over the edge of your lawn ensuring neat and tidy results.
  • This unique feature is very useful when your lawn is close to a wall or a boundary. Even with such a powerful motor the Rotak 34 R is a light weight machine, weighing just over 11kg, so that you can easily carry and store it, when not in use.
  • Additionally, the double folding handles and stackable grass-box is really handy for compact storage. It has large wheels that make it easy to manoeuvre on even uneven grass field. This machine will provide you years of service and it comes with a 2-year warranty which can be extended to 3 years by registering with MyBosch.
  • All in all, this compact machine will ensure that your lawn is always in a pristine condition.

2, Bosch Rotak 36 Ergoflex Electric Rotary

Key features:

  • The Rotak 36 Ergolflex Electric Rotary lawnmower is a Light weight mid-sized machine which is quite suitable for use on small to medium sized lawns. It has the same unique grass combs technology that cuts right up to the edge of the grass, which is same as found in the larger and bigger models.
  • The integrated rear roller offers great stability and prevents scalping. It has a very ergonomic design so that the handles can fold down for easy storage.
  • The large 40 L grass box is big enough so that you don’t have to empty the box frequently. The powerful 1350 W motor cuts through even damp grass.
  • Even for its power and ability, it is amazingly light at 14.3 kg. It has a 10m electric cord which is sufficient for small lawns. However, if you have a faraway electric receptacle or a larger lawn then you can easily purchase and extension cord without any problems.
  • It has large wheels that make it easy to maneuver on even uneven grass field.
  • This machine will provide a 2-year warranty which can be extended to 3 years by registering with MyBosch.
  • Overall, you get a great compact machine to keep your lawn in great shape.

3, Bosch Rotak 37 Ergoflex Electric Rotary

Key Features:

  • This model has a powerful with 1400W motor and still is strong enough to cut through any grass. The lightweight design to make mowing around obstacles a breeze.
  • It has a hardened precision steel cutting blade width of 37 cm and is suitable for use on lawns up to 300 m/sq.
  • The single lever is very convenient to adjust the height of cut grass and allows for easy change to suit different conditions with minimal efforts.
  • Ergoflex handles are built so as to allow effortless control and improved posture. This reduces muscle strain while mowing for long periods.
  • With 14.1 Kg weight it is light but still sturdy and will give years of maintenance free service. Have a lawn going up to the edge of a wall or boundary is no problem and it can cut right up to the edge of your lawn with grass combs.
  • The integrated rear roller is so convenient and there are leaves to rake later on. The large 40 L grass box will keep you’re a lot of your cut grass and you will be spending less time in emptying your machine.
  • This is a machine that you can buy with confidence and it ensures to keep your lawn neat and tidy at all times

4, Bosch Rotak 40 Ergoflex Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • This is one of most powerful 1700 Watts electric rotary lawnmower from Bosch, you will feel the power of its motor as you easily glide through your lot cutting the grass evenly right up to the edge of your law with the extended grass combs.
  • Tough grass, twigs, stems will not clog this machine as its high speed motor gives a high rpm to the blades that can handles anything that comes its way.
  • Wide 40 cm cutting blade will let you cover a large area in a short time and with power coming directly from electric mains supply you don’t have to stop to recharge or refuel. Although it is a powerful machine it weighs only 16 kgs.
  • And it will easy for you to move it from garage to the lawn and back easily. Even pushing on the grass is easy with its big wide wheels that will not put a strain on you as it easily glides through over all types of terrain.
  • Single lever operates the height of cut adjustment will help you change the settings easily to meet various conditions.
  • Ergoflex handles will let have effortless control, and you will have an improved posture and reduced muscle strain whilst mowing.
  • A quick click setup and you are good to go.

5, Bosch Rotak 32 LI Ergoflex Cordless Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • The compact Rotak 32 LI cordless lawnmower offers powerful precision for urban spaces. Enjoy unrestricted mowing thanks to the proven Bosch lithium-ion technology, with no mess of cables to get caught up in, and no petrol exhaust fumes.
  • Its lightweight design and integrated carrying handles make it particularly practical to transport, while the Ergoflex handles make manoeuvring around obstacles a breeze.
  • The lawnmower’s efficient energy management system ensures intelligently controlled power and additional operational time to get the job done.
  • Every lawn can be a natural masterpiece with the light and versatile Rotak 32 LI. Ideal for small to medium-sized gardens of up to 300 m2, the motor powered by a lithium-ion battery can handle even long and damp grass.
  • The lightweight lawnmower is suitable for all grass types and masterfully cuts grass on slopes or uneven lawns, as well as around trees, shrubs and flowerbeds.
  • Its integrated grass combs allow the Rotak 32 LI to effortlessly mow along fences and driveways.
  • The Bosch Rotak 32 LI makes lawn mowing a breeze. It has no power cords to manage while mowing and is particularly silent, with a low noise development of only 74 dB(A).
  • This lightweight lawnmower is easy to push on all terrains, including up and down slopes, and with a simple one point system, the cutting height can be adjusted to suit your preferences, without any tools required.
  • Further handy features include a charge level indicator as well as fold-down handles for simple and compact storage.
  • With inset front wheels and grass combs, the Bosch Rotak 32 LI cuts grass growing close to or even over the edge of the lawn.
  • Thanks to its sharpened steel blade, the mower ensures that no strips of uncut grass are left behind, even when cutting around flowerbeds, walls or paths.
  • The cutting width of the mower is 32 cm, while the cutting height can be adjusted from 30 to 60 mm using a simple handle.
  • Also, the Rotak 32 LI weighs merely 10.4 kg and its 36V 2 Ah lithium-ion battery is fully charged in only 140 minutes.

6, Bosch Rotak 37 LI Ergoflex Cordless

Key Features:

  • The Rotak 37 LI lawnmower is cordless and comes equipped with a state-of-the-art 36 V/4.0 Ah high-power lithium-ion battery which powers the EC motor with Powerdrive LI The Rotak 37 LI delivers a stellar cutting performance because of its hardened and sharpened steel blades.
  • It also features grass combs, allowing for a closer cut next to edges of walls and flower beds. Thanks to the intelligent Bosch Syneon Chip the battery delivers more runtime so that even complex projects are easy to handle.
  • As it is battery powered, the Rotak 37 LI can frees you from getting tangled in cables or being exposed to the unpleasant smell of petrol fumes. Setting it up is incredibly simple with its QuickClick function designed to aid its easy assembly.
  • It also boasts an Ergoflex system for improved manoeuvrability that also improves body posture and comes with an integrated handle for easy carrying. The Rotak 37 LI’s lightweight body contributes to its manoeuvrability, making mowing your lawn a walk in the park.
  • Additionally, the device comes with the intelligent Syneon Chip which controls perfect interaction between Lithium-Ion battery, powerful motor and robust gearbox.
  • The Rotak 37 Li weighs 13.2 kg and has a 36 V/4.0 Ah high-power lithium-ion battery power source, which recharges to 100% in 140 minutes, and an EC motor with Powerdrive LI Equipped with grass combs, it delivers a cutting diameter of 37 cm.
  • It has a 40-litre grass box and 6 height-of-cut settings ranging from 20 mm – 70 mm. Ergoflex handles and an integrated carrying handle make for easy carrying.
  • It also comes with a motor overload cut out system and hardened, sharpened blade.
  • Because of its advanced motor system and sharp blade, the Rotak 37 LI can even cut through overgrown sections of your lawn.
  • Thanks to its grass combs, you can mow right up to the edge while the lithium-ion battery allows you to cut even long and damp grass, making any mowing job a breeze.
  • The Rotak 37 Li lawnmower has an EC motor with Powerdrive LI. powered by a 36 V/4.0 Ah high-power lithium-ion battery. The specific Bosch system comes with efficient energy management which allows the Rotak 37 Li to run for an additional 10%-20%.
  • It also maintains the blade rotation for the entire battery charge and feeds back the energy generated by the blade run-down as soon as the motor is switched off.
  • With its QuickClick system, it is easily set up and ready for action while Ergoflex handles improve posture and prevent muscle strain.

7, Bosch Rotak 43 LI-2 Ergoflex Cordless Rotary Mower

Key Features

  • The Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex with its hardened steel blade and a LeafCollect function makes cutting large lawns easier, even when the lawn is full of debris, weeds and leaves. Its 99% collection rate allows a clean cut, thanks to its innovative airflow technology.
  • It has an extended running time lithium-ion battery offering the user freedom to mow in places without mains power. Thanks to its extended grass combs and rubber-coated wheels, cutting up to the edges of planting beds and fences is simple.
  • This cordless lawnmower is ideal for large gardens with obstacles such as trees.
  • In addition to its optimal cutting performance and debris collection, the cordless Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex lawnmower features a hardened steel blade and innovative airflow technology.
  • The efficient and new PowerDrive LI system delivers consistently high torque for simplified mowing in all conditions.
  • Benefit from outstanding ergonomics thanks to its AGR certified Ergoflex handles. Extended grass combs and rubber-coated wheels enable the Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex to cut close to the edges of obstacles.
  • Save trips emptying grass clippings with the 50-litre grass box and adjust cutting heights using a simple handle.
  • Enjoy the freedom to reach the far corners of the garden without extension cords with this long running lithium-ion battery powered lawnmower. Cut grass along the edges of walls and flowerbeds effortlessly with the Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex’s extended grass combs.
  • Save time tidying up after mowing thanks to a 99% collection rate and its large capacity, 50-litre grass box with handle for easy emptying.
  • With a simple handle, choose from six different cutting heights – no tools required. What’s more, its adjustable Ergoflex handles offer excellent handling that is also easy on the back and shoulders.
  • The 36 V/4.0 Ah EC motor PowerDrive LI with high torque and charge level indicator offers an efficient yet powerful solution to green keeping.
  • Featuring a hardened and sharpened steel blade, the Rotak 43 LI cordless lawnmower offers a full 43 cm cutting width and six cutting heights ranging between 20 – 70 mm.
  • Included with a charger, the lithium-ion battery is fully charged in 140 minutes or 80% charged in 70 minutes.
  • The 13.9 kg lawnmower is exceptionally easy to assemble, tool-free, with its new QuickClick handle system.
  • Its AGR certified Ergoflex handles make for excellent handling, even in difficult conditions.

8, Bosch Indego 350 Connect Robotic Lawnmower

Key Features:

  • The Bosch Inbdego 350 robotic lawnmower. Connect is an easy and convenient way to achieve a pristine looking lawn. The compact garden helper is particularly time saving thanks to its connectivity feature which enables you to control the Indego 350 Connect via a Smart device app no matter where you are.
  • It has the ability to cut a lawn with a maximum size of 350 Sqm.
  • Once put into operation, it works all by itself. Which means manoeuvring around obstacles and going back to charge on its own. It features an ‘auto’ calendar function making the Indego 350 even more time-saving as it allows comfortable scheduling of mowing times.
  • over, thanks to logicut the Indego takes into account the shape and size of your lawn for calculating the most efficient route to mow and it remembers where it has already cut.
  • With the Indego 350 connect, lawnmowing becomes a breeze as you even don’t need be at home to control the robotic lawnmower. Just use the Smart device app provided by Bosch and make sure that your lawnmower does the job – whether you stay on your sofa, are at work or enjoying your holiday.
  • The mulching system removes the need for any grass collection as the grass clippings are used to feed the soil, which helps to provide ample nutrition for the grass to ensure a great looking lawn.
  • Varying the cutting direction for every new cutting session helps to keep your lawn healthy.
  • Lawnmower features: Metal blade.19cm blade width.3 cutting heights. Cutting heights ranging from 3cm-5cm.
  • You also get the Safety switch and it has a 0.75 hour recharge time and the weight is 7.5kg – you also get the manufacturer’s 2 year guarantee.

Things to consider before you buy:

  • The first decision you’ll need to make is how you will mow your yard: Will you walk or ride your mower? Consumer Reports suggests that if your lawn is greater than a half-acre (a lot approximately 220 feet by 100 feet), you should consider a riding mower. If your lot is smaller but you really like to ride, you’re still allowed to buy a riding mower; just be prepared for eye-rolling looks from your neighbours.
  • Otherwise, consider a walking mower. You can choose between a motor-powered or man-powered lawn mower; gas or electric; battery or corded; self-propelled or push; and more.
  • Before you get to cutting, you’ll also want to determine what you want to do with the grass clippings. Are you a bagger who collects your clippings? A mulcher who wants a machine that chops the cut blades of grass into tiny confetti bits that fall to the ground and nourish the lawn? A side-discharger, who’d like the clippings blown out of the side of the mower to remain where they fall?
  • And finally, consider the terrain you’re cutting. A 15-degree slope is roughly the maximum angle you can cut safely. But remember, if your lawn does have a lot of slopes, you might not want to be lugging a behemoth mower up and down it. So, what’s the best lawn mower for your needs? Read on for further details about each type.
  • People who are concerned about pollution often opt for an electric lawn mower. Effortless to start and maintain, many models run quietly and offer mulch, bag, and side-discharge options. There are some disadvantages to this type of mower though, the primary being the awkwardness of wrestling with the cord — and trying not to cut it. This type of electric mower is cord-free, operating from a battery enclosed in the housing. Less cumbersome than corded models, these mowers can start at the flip of a switch and just need to be plugged in to recharge.
  • Electric battery mowers are also emission-free at point-of-use. The downsides here are that, for many models, the recharge time can be close to a full day, and the battery is heavy, making the mower more cumbersome to push.
  • There is a lot to be said for the modern gas-powered mowers. They are efficient, powerful, durable, and dependable when properly maintained. Most gas lawn mowers are powerful enough to cut yards that have been allowed to grow a bit beyond ideal, so don’t be sucked into a horsepower competition with your neighbours. Instead, look for a lawn mower that has side-discharge, bagging, and mulching options included, not as additional purchases. A washout port (the place to screw in a hose and wash out the cutting chamber after you mow) is also a useful feature, along with a blade brake (which allows you to empty the clippings bag without stopping the mower). Plus, padded grips help avoid numb hands.
  • If you don’t fancy shoving a heavy mower around your lawn all day, you might consider investing in a self-propelled version of the walking mower. It harnesses the power of the mower to pull itself along the yard and vastly reduces the amount of work necessary to manicure the grass.

Further Reading

While you are here, feel free also to take a look at some of the other Best UK Lawn mower reviews as follows:

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Finally, Bosch is a great company making quality products for its clients in UK. Its lawnmowers are very popular. I hope the above review will help to choose a Bosch model lawnmower. I am sure that you will enjoy years of good service with the product and we have no problem in recommending them to the wider public

If you purchase or have uses a Bosch lawnmower in the past, please write in your experiences good or bad in the comment box below as it will help other readers that come here to choose their own model.

Bosch Rotak 320 Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

The Bosch Rotak 320 electric lawnmower comes with a powerful 1000W Bosch ‘Powerdrive’ motor that enables it to tackle long grass with ease. With a full 32cm cutting width and 3 different heights of cut ranging from 20mm to 60mm, it is ideal for mowing small lawns. Collection Only in Greenwich

Item owned by Jim

Typically replies within a few hours

Jim ‘s reviews

Clubs were in great condition and pick/drop off super easy with Jim being incredibly accommodating! If you are looking for some clubs for a round I would certainly consider these.

As described! Flexible with short notice. Great piece of equipment!

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New Bosch Cordless Lawn Mower is Powered by One or Two 36V Battery Packs

Over in the UK, Bosch came out with a new cordless lawn mower that’s powered off of one or two 36V Li-ion battery packs. While it can be powered off of just one battery, equipping it with two will yield greater runtime (up to ~60 minutes).

Bosch boasts the following benefits over gas-engine mowers:

Funny, they don’t mention “less hassle,” although some could argue that filling a gas tank and maintaining the engine at the end of a season is less of a hassle than having to recharge and swap around a cordless mower’s battery packs.

They’re also claiming gas engine-like performance. We’ve heard this before, and for some reason I believe it more when Bosch says it.

Bosch actually came out with two new cordless mowers – the GRA 48 Professional, with a 48 cm cutting width (~19″), and the GRA 53 Professional, with a 53 cm cutting width (~20.1″). There’s not much different between the two mowers, except for the wider cutting with and slightly larger grass box capacity (collection bin) on the GRA 53 vs the 48. The GRA 48 is said to have a digital display, but maybe it’s only absent from the GRA 53 product description and not the actual mower.

Features include a cast aluminum deck, self-driving wheels powered by a separate motor, a land driving wheel mode which eases movement across paved or ungrassed areas without blade rotation, variable speed wheel drive, optional mulching blade and collection bin attachment, and an adjustable grip height. From the product video, it looks like the controls are built into the handle.

Reach is said to be ~1500 m^2 per hour, depending on mowing conditions, which is about 16,145 ft^2. Maybe my math is wrong here, but if you consider that you can mow with a cutting width of ~1.6 feet, that would mean a lane 10,423 feet long, or nearly 2 miles. Square acreage will probably make more sense – 1500 square meters is ~0.37 acres. Or, if it helps, 1500 m^2 is about the size of 6 tennis courts or 2 professional baseball diamonds (just between the bases), or a little more than 1/4 of a football field.

lawn, mower, electric, bosch, lawnmower

Runtime is ~45 to 60 minutes, depending on operating conditions.

The new Bosch 36V battery packs are weatherproof, built with 6.0Ah of charge capacity, and they fully recharge in just 42 minutes. You can get an 80% charge in 30 minutes.

I thought that maybe the new Rapid charger discussed in context of their 18V 6.0Ah battery pack is involved here, but it’s not – there’s a new monster of a feature-packed charger that’s designed to work with these new batteries:

The charger has an active locking mechanism that holds the battery in place to prevent damage during transport.

One thing to note is that these batteries ARE compatible with other Bosch 36V cordless tools, although Bosch says that their power, weight, and waterproof capacity are in excess of normal power tool requirements. Additionally, the new charger will charge “any Bosch Blue 36V battery.”

Here’s a quick promo video:

There’s also a new duo of 36V string trimmers, or “brushcutters” as it seems they’re called in England.

A leaf blower and hedge cutters are also coming soon.

Looking for a cordless lawn mower and cannot wait for the Bosch 36V cordless mower to reach the states? Check out Clayton’s Ego cordless mower review here on ToolGuyd. He loved it, and gave it a 24/25 rating. He also reviewed Craftsman’s 40V mower, and we also previewed Ryobi’s cordless mower last year.

If you want more power, GreenWorks’ 80V Max lawn and garden tools will soon be available via Amazon. Kobalt is also offering what looks to be rebranded GreenWorks 80V Max tools over at Lowes.

Price: ~GBP 1000 for the GRA 48 Professional, GPB 1100 for the GRA 53 Professional. Given the current exchange rate (4/9/15), that’s 1486 and 1635 USD.

First Thoughts

Not only do I now want to run out with one of these looking for a lawn to mow, I find myself wishing that Bosch would come out with a weatherproof 18V battery charger as well. Not that I really need one, but it could be cool. Maybe their Power Box 360 radio counts? I also wish they built a similar dual 18V Li-ion mower, but there are reasons they went with a 36V battery form factor – mainly power and runtime.

I like how the mower can be powered by one or two battery packs, and it seems to run off the two battery packs in sequence and not at the same time. While running off of two battery packs at the same, similar to what Makita has done with their X2 tools, would provide a way to power heavier duty tools with smaller sized battery packs, issues could potentially arise when you use mismatched battery packs, or pair an older battery with a new one.

Sticking with the 36V form factor and doubling up for greater runtime seems to be a Smart move. Craftsman has done something similar with their mower, and so the idea is not unique to Bosch.

lawn, mower, electric, bosch, lawnmower

As a reminder, these mowers were announced in the UK and Europe. There’s no indication as to if or when they’ll be available in the USA.

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Nice looking mower,ID love to have one of these. I remember seeing a release notice for these before I thought last year. Ive looked at the EGO but this Bosch just looks killer and I love Bosch stuff.

Pretty expensive, if you ask me. I do like the idea of cordless mowers simply due to the noise factor and oil changes. I am in the market now for cordless trimmer (any recommendations, anyone? Anyone tried the new Echo yet??) But I doubt it would have gas like performance, at least for me. We (my wife and I) mow a grass area around 16000 sq ft. That usually takes about 1.3 to 1.5 hours by the time we go around landscaping and obstacles, but most at full speed. During the height of growing season in late spring, sometimes the grass has to be mowed twice a week. Where the grass is tall, we have to run the mower at a much slower pace as well, so it can take 2-2.5 hours to complete. That’s all done with a 6.5HP mower. I imagine it would take at least 4 batteries to complete the job in those conditions. The cost would be just too high. I do applaud the effort put into these mowers and the continual development. My view is that you have to try and put product out there; which can only lead to better products in the future. But for now, I’ll stick with my 10-year old Honda mower, which still starts on the first pull, even the first time out in the spring.

Well it uses/drains 1 battery at a time, the other can be recharging. Recharge time is 40 min. So you should be able to keep rotating batteries. Might I suggest a miniature horse or other grass eating animal to help keep grass down, seems like a ridiculous waste of your time as well as energy to mow such a large area.

I’m always game to the idea of battery powered if they’re truly up to the task. This one really does look intriguing. With the better batteries in recent years, it’s probably time to start take these things more seriously. That said, an average of 1,500 bucks is a lot of money for the added convenience. While these are more affordable than many commercial walk behinds, you could buy 3 higher quality gas mowers for the cost of one. For not much more and even less in some cases, you could acquire a professional gas walk behind that would probably be superior. I understand the savings in fuel and other maintenance. At the same time, batteries ain’t cheap, and these wouldn’t be void of their own maintenance issues. While they’re intriguing, I don’t want one bad enough to fork over the expected funds.

Maybe in two more years I will switch. Not ready to be the early adopter for these systems. Plus not ready to be the early spotter for the Apple Watch. Lol Now that we have seen Bosch and DeWALT i this space, wonder if milwaukee is going to join with a fuel brand? Any ideas stu?

Those have been announced for France as well but i havent seen them yet, Blue Bosch is only available in professional shops and the two i have been this week that carry Bosch havent go them yet but i ll ask aroundmainly for pricing and availabilty. The GRA48 is apparently available in Germany for 1426€ (1518) and the GRA56 for 1605€ (1709), pretty pricey.

I may sound like an old curmudgeon but I’m still skeptical of battery powered mowers. This one definitely looks more convincing that many others though. I’m just not sure it would match performance of a higher-end consumer gas mower that is half the price (Honda HRX217HYA). Even in the context of their video, I wonder if you could finish that rural property without a re-charge cycle. A few years ago I agonized over spending the money on the Honda HRX217HYA. It turned out to be money well spent. I use quality ethanol-free gas with a stabilizer mixed in and it starts on the first pull. At the end of the season I run it dry. Next season I change the oil and put a new spark plug in (out of habit). It literally starts on the first pull after sitting all winter. Yes, there is more maintenance with gas but it’s really not that much. It would only cost 50-100 to hire someone to do maintenance each season. I wonder how much replacement batteries are after a few years for the Bosch? In all, I think this one is a viable option for those that don’t want the hassle of gas and have a smaller and well maintained yard. The stubborn, change refusing, side of me will stick to my gas mower for now.

I agree. I love Bosch, but that is quite a bit of coin for a mower with limited range. I have the step down HRR216 mower that Home Depot carries (with the blade brake, but metal deck) and love it. Very little maintenance as you note. Yes, gas fumes and all the mess it entails, but you can buy two, maybe three Hondas for the price of one Bosch battery model.

thats a whole lot of cheddar for a mower. You cant ussually make an easy leap from GBP to USD, but I think we could safely say it would be atleast 1000. ID be “slightly” more inclined to buy a mower that aligned with my cordless tools. Like… I have DeWALT 20v max. you want to sell a mower that takes 4 of those batteries or something? atleast I can start to justify some of the expense… probably not.

This is one way of addressing a major conundrum withing the Cordless outdoor power equipment market. The conundrum of course, is that some pieces of common outdoor power equipment require considerably more power than others. Gasoline power can be scaled up or down by minute increments to provide the precise optimum balance between power and weight/size for a given application. We see the results of that optimization in the common engine sizes used for certain applications:.String trimmers, hedge trimmers, small cultivators, and handheld leaf blowers are best equipped with motors in the 20-35cc rangeChainsaws, earth augers, and backpack blowers find their sweet spot in the 35-70cc rangeLawn mowers, snow throwers, air compressors, and pressure washers usually require 150-300cc’s worth of power. Unlike gas power, cordless power is necessarily modular and portioned in discrete voltages, due to the economy of scale that standardized battery systems create. This means that trying to fit a whole range of applications into a single battery system may leave some of the larger tools starved for power and run time, as is the case with most cordless mowers. By doubling (and perhaps even tripling) up on batteries for these applications, a tool company can roughly mimic the scalability of gasoline power. I feel that a single 36/40V battery is appropriate for applications that need 20-35cc powered gas engines, 72/80v is good for chainsaw sized applications, and 108/120v or higher would provide adequate power for push mower class applications. Hopefully, companies will start producing more multi-battery models like this Bosch mower.

I’m slightly curious why they didn’t wire the two packs for series instead of sequential operation. Sure it would take two packs to make the mower go but I bet the performance would be fantastic. FWIW, I think these sorts of products only make sense if you have a ‘postage stamp’ sized yard. I have an ‘extra large’ postage stamp yard. It takes me about 15-20min to mow with my 22″ Toro SuperRecycler at an efficient but fairly lazy walking pace. My neighbor has an electric mower AND a gas mower. He seems to usually precut with the gas and then finish cut with the electric but I’ve seen his electric run out of juice before he finishes his yard several times. If the price was closer to that of my ‘premium’ Toro and Bosch didn’t skimp on the quality, I would seriously consider recommending this mower to my friends and neighbors.

it would get half the runtime in series. depends if it needs more power though… I spent 150 bucks for my mower, its disposable, and I realize that if I skip 2 weeks, I might be screwed because it wont have the mustard to do the job. For this much money, I assume they tested it to have sufficient oomph that more power would be a waste.

if we’re talking pure ohm’s law it would get 1/2 the runtime in series, with active electronics that’s not necessarily the case.

My thoughts are that it can complicate things. Let’s say you use a string trimmer for a year and then buy the mower and mix up your batteries. If you don’t have two matched batteries on the mower, you might suffer from issues or inconsistent performance. Additionally, if you power the mower with 2 batteries in series, you’ll need a bigger motor. A motor designed to run at 36V or thereabouts is going to have a different power output and current draw than one designed to run at 72V. It’s not Smart design to take the same motor and double the voltage. There will be greater inefficiencies and energy losses, especially given the amperage involved here. Derpson – we can’t apply ohm’s law here at all. To be honest, I don’t see how you could apply ohm’s law to roughly figure runtime either. It’s not just about active electronics, but the whole design would change. Think of it this way. 18V (and 20V Max) and 12V Max tools don’t often share common components. A motor that’s best powered with a 12V Max battery pack won’t be suitable for an 18V battery pack. It can be done, but if it works it means that the motor was underpowered with the 12V battery, overpowered with the 18V battery, which would be worse, or there would be great losses from the 18V battery if stepped down to around 12V to feed the motor.

This looks like it means business, gonna have to give it a try. A dual battery pack definitely improves the appeal, but it’s a heavy old beast.

That’s the way to do it. Even if it’s not as loud as a gas engine mower, might still be loud enough to warrant hearing protection. It’s often better to show a model with more personal protection gear than less.

Hey Stuart, I know it’s a bit off topic but do you know if Milwaukee has any intention of entering the cordless lawn tool segment? As a new homeowner and a die hard Milwaukee fan with a lot of their 18V equipment already it would be very appealing to me.

Doing Landscape maintenance is my livelihood. I’ve demo a variety of different cordless equipment. Some pro’s: quietter, great for early morning starts without alienating or irritating current or potential clients. Rapid grab and go ~ great for clean up and blowing. Also a great feature when doing tree work with chainsaws as well as no / less Fire restrictions in dry area’s ( some area 2 hour waiting /watching period when you’ve used gas powered equipment. Savings on fuel cost ( I spend an extra 1.50-2.00 gallon on Ethanol free fuel) critical with 2 stroke equipment as 2-stroke oil is alot like oil/vinegar it doesnt mix like oil/gas does so when you prime a 2-stroke you can suck pure ethanol into the carb and run the first few seconds on Ethanol only). Cons: Equipment usage heats up battery and ambient air temp does as well. So charge time a dramatically longer than “cold battery in a cold room 45-90min recharge times

With DeWALT I do use my flexvolt batteries with my 20 v tools. I think it’s not good to have another tool platform and charger.

I have the 48cm Bosch for a few months now and I am loving it. It is extremely quiet and nimble for the size. I have about 1000m2 of bumpy grass and it does it with ease. Between 50 an 20% battery left when I am done depending on the highs of the grass. It is a lot of money but worth every penny. I am going to buy the bush cutter for sure.

The 10 Best Pressure Washers of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Michelle Ullman is a home decor expert and product reviewer for home and garden products. She has been writing about home decor for over 10 years for publications like and Better Homes Gardens, among others.

Johnathan C. Brewer II is a licensed general contractor specializing in kitchen, bath remodels, and general construction with two decades of professional experience.

Rich Scherr is a seasoned technology and financial journalist who spent nearly two decades as the editor of Potomac and Bay Area Tech Wire. The Baltimore native also covered the technology scene for and has been a regular contributor to the sports pages of The Baltimore Sun and The Washington Post.

A pressure washer is a handy tool that can power wash and remove stains from decking and siding, patio furniture, concrete patios, cars, and more. We purchased 20 pressure washers of different types from the top brands and tested them at our own homes in various parts of the country. We evaluated the pressure washers on ease of use, effectiveness, power, and design while blasting away a variety of outdoor messes around our homes, cars, furniture, and other outdoor gear. We then continued testing our top picks and noted how they held up after three to five months of use (depending on the weather).

For additional insights, we also spoke to Deane Biermeier, a home improvement expert and current member of The Spruce’s Home Improvement Review Board. He noted, “Electric pressure washers with various pressure nozzles are the most valuable for the typical residential user. You likely won’t need to spend the money for a professional-grade gas pressure washer for most household chores.” Based on our testing and research, here are the top pressure washers we tested to keep your home, outdoor spaces, and more looking great.

Best Overall

Sun Joe SPX3000-MAX Electric Pressure Washer

The best overall pressure washer we tested is the Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer, which delivers 2,030 psi at 1.76 gpm. This affordable unit is equipped with dual detergent tanks, and it comes with five quick-connect spray tips to help you tackle all sorts of cleaning tasks. We used this model to clean a wooden fence, concrete walkway, and a car. We appreciated not just the fact that the Sun Joe was relatively quiet for a pressure washer, but also its supreme effectiveness. Its different nozzles allow for more or less pressure, depending on the surface being cleaned, making it easy to hit the perfect power for each specific job. After using this washer on our fence and walkway, we noticed a big improvement in their appearance.

The Sun Joe Pressure Washer features a 20-foot high-pressure hose, a garden hose adapter, a 34-inch extension wand, and a 35-foot power cord. It took us around 15 minutes to assemble the pressure washer, and while the task seemed daunting at first, the instruction manual simplified the procedure. Once put together, the pressure washer was very easy to use and maneuvered well on its oversize wheels even across grass or uneven ground.

This versatile pressure washer can be used for a variety of easy and tough tasks all around the exterior of your home, including cleaning cars and other vehicles, sidewalks and driveways, decks and fences, patio furniture, garden tools, and backyard playsets. You can store two different types of detergent in the dual chambers, switching between them with the selection dial. That’s an especially handy feature when washing a car.

Although this is a somewhat compact pressure washer, we were pleasantly surprised with its power and cleaning ability, which are comparable to that of higher-priced machines. Not to mention, we never felt restricted, thanks to the long length of the power cord and hose. The Sun Joe is small but mighty, and it’s perfect for the average homeowner.

How It Performed Long-Term

After testing the Sun Joe SPX3000-MAX for three months, we’ve found that it is still worthy of our top spot, standing out for its ease of use and powerful, yet compact design. It continues to come in handy, especially for keeping our house, car, and deck in tip-top shape. Although we wish it came with an attachment to clean large areas of concrete and wood flooring, we appreciate the attachments it does have including those for suds and pressure changes.

Price at time of publish: 200

Power Source: Electric | Pressure: 2,030 psi | GPM: 1.76 | Included Nozzles: Five

Best for Patios and Decks

Greenworks 2000-PSI Electric Pressure Washer

  • Great attachment for large surfaces
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Effective on many different types of messes
  • Relatively quiet

After our testing, we think the Greenworks 2,000-PSI Pressure Washer is a great choice for just about any light-to-medium cleaning task around your home. Thanks to the included 11-inch rotating surface cleaner, it’s even more helpful when you have a large stretch of flat surface to clean. We put this device to the test on three such surfaces: house siding, a driveway, and a fence. We also used it to clean a car with excellent results.

At 2,000-psi, the pressure washer delivers 1.1 gpm. Along with the 11-inch surface cleaner, it comes with three nozzles, a cleaning wand, 20-foot heavy-duty hose, and 35-foot power cord. Onboard storage makes it easy to keep everything in place, and the machine itself is fairly easy to set up and use, taking us only 24 minutes from opening the box to having the machine ready to go. Just note that the instructions weren’t as clear as we’d hoped, and there were no specific instructions on how to use the soap dispenser, but we were able to figure it out pretty quickly. It’s reasonably quiet, as well, and we were able to talk over it with no problem.

Along with the ease of use and maneuverability of the pressure washer, it was its effectiveness that most impressed us. It easily and quickly handled all of the messes we tested it on, blasting away dirt, bird droppings, tree-sap marks, mud, and general grunge with minimal effort. Everything looked better at the end of our tests; the fence practically looked brand new. We especially liked the surface cleaner, which quickly blasted an old rust stain off the driveway.

Overall, we think this reasonably priced pressure washer is a great choice for any homeowner who likes to keep a patio, fence, deck, siding, or other large area clean. It has enough pressure to handle just about any kind of mess, and uses water efficiently.

How It Performed Long-Term

The Greenworks 2000-PSI Electric Pressure Washer continues to impress us with its powerful water pressure and features—it’s held up great during this time and still works like new. We also appreciate how the settings make it easy to quickly transition between tasks. If we could change anything, we wish that the soap-pick up line (detergent tank) was built into the unit and self-contained, so it was easier to move the unit when using soap. But that aside, at this price-point we think its an excellent choice for many different types of tasks, especially for cleaning flat surfaces.

Price at time of publish: 220

Power Source: Electric | Pressure: 2,000 psi | GPM: 1.1 | Included Nozzles: Three

Best for Cars

Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer

Want to wash your car without scrubbing it by hand? A pressure washer like the Karcher K5 will get the job done in no time. This electric power washer delivers up to 2,000 psi at 1.4 gpm, and it has an onboard detergent tank for easy soap application. The Karcher K5 has up to 40 times as much pressure as a garden hose, and it includes two wands: the Vario for everyday cleaning and the DirtBlaster for tough jobs. We used it to wash a riding lawnmower, as well as to clean iron porch railings and rain gutters—while this pressure washer is ideal for cleaning vehicles, that’s certainly not its only function. In fact, we were impressed by how big of a cleaning punch this pressure washer has; it blasted away dirt and grime almost instantly.

The Karcher K5 has a water-cooled induction motor—a system that can help the motor last five times longer, and it comes with a 25-foot high-pressure hose and a 35-foot power cord. At 32 pounds, it’s reasonably lightweight and rolls easily on its two large wheels. We found it very easy to use the machine, thanks to the flexible hose, good cord length, and easily adjusted settings. It was also very simple to switch between nozzles.

Overall, we were impressed by how much power this little machine packs. It easily handled all of our cleaning tasks quickly and efficiently. We even found it fun to use.

How It Performed Long-Term

After testing the Karcher K5 for over four months, we haven’t noticed any changes in its look or performance. We continue to appreciate how powerful it is for such a lightweight, easily maneuverable, and quiet pressure washer. We are curious how the plastic parts will hold up over time, but we have no problems to report so far.

Price at time of publish: 300

Power Source: Electric | Pressure: 2,000 psi | GPM: 1.4 | Included Nozzles: Two

Best Electric

Greenworks 3000-PSI Brushless Electric Pressure Washer

  • Very powerful
  • Good onboard storage of hoses and nozzles
  • Large onboard detergent tank

Our top choice for best electric pressure washer is the Greenworks Pro 3,000-PSI Brushless Pressure Washer because it is powerful, intuitive, and has great features. This electric tool has a 14-amp brushless motor that propels water at 1.1 gpm on 3,000 psi or 2 gpm on 100 psi. Its onboard detergent tank holds 1 gallon of soap. Even though it is not cordless, the cord is nice and long at 35 feet, which came in handy for our driveway cleaning project. We also like that the cord storage on the machine swivels so we could get the cord off more easily (similar to a vacuum). All five of the nozzles can be stored on a panel on the handle, and they’re neatly labeled on the panel with the degree of angle of the tip. The nozzles were easy to switch out, and there was no leakage or spraying when taking them on and off.

No slouch when it comes to performance, this is a great choice for cleaning decks or wooden fences. We cleaned a back section of a wooden deck that was dark with dirt and grime with excellent results. The turbo nozzle in particular really dazzled us: The grime started washing away immediately. It’s worth noting, however, that we started with one of the high-power nozzles and noticed that it was actually damaging the wood. However, once we switched to a lower-powered nozzle, we had no further problems. This was more user error than the machine’s fault, but it’s worth noting that this is a powerful machine that can damage surfaces if you’re not careful. Still, that can be true of any pressure washer.

Overall, while it costs more than many other electric pressure washers, this one can’t be beat for performance. It’s as close as you are likely to get to a gas-like performance from an electric pressure washer, and it’s reasonably quiet as well.

Price at time of publish: 449

Power Source: Electric | Pressure: 2,000 psi | GPM: 1.1 | Included Nozzles: Five

Best Budget

WORX Hydroshot 320-PSI Cordless Power Cleaner

Electric pressure washers usually have a cord and require you to find a reasonably close-by electrical outlet, which can be a challenge outdoors. However, manufacturers have started to produce battery-powered options that provide enough power for lightweight cleaning tasks, including washing cars, patio furniture, Windows, and walkways, without dragging around a cord. We loved testing this budget-friendly, cordless pick from Worx Hydroshot. Not only is it a great value, but it provides five times the pressure of a garden hose, releasing a little over a half-gallon of water per minute at 320 psi. That’s not going to peel paint or tackle the toughest stains, but it will certainly speed up outdoor cleaning tasks. We had the tool ready to go in under 10 minutes and then used it to wash a walkway, metal patio table, and compost bin.

When it comes to power, we found that while the washer effectively loosened dirt and grime from the walkway, it didn’t have enough power to actually wash away the resulting sludge, meaning that we had to use a broom to sweep away the grunge after washing the surface. It was more effective on the very dirty compost bin, blasting away accumulated slimy and smelly grunge. The battery lasted for an hour after a 1-hour charging period.

The washer weighs only 4 pounds and includes the 20-volt battery and charger. It has three options for water supply: connect it to your garden hose with the included adapter, use the included 20-foot water tube to draw water from a bucket, swimming pool, or lake, or use the included attachment to pull water from a 2-liter bottle. The sprayer itself has five pressure settings ranging from light enough to water plants to heavy enough to blast away mud and other grime from many surfaces.

This washer is fairly inexpensive, well-made, and feels sturdy, however, we didn’t find it as powerful as many of the other options we tested. If you need heavy-duty cleaning, this is not the one for you. But for general upkeep and minor cleaning, this power cleaner is easy to use, maneuver, and store.

Price at time of publish: 110

Power Source: Battery | Pressure: 320 psi | GPM: 0.57 | Included Nozzles: No nozzles, but five pressure settings on wand

Best Gas

Simpson Powershot 4400 PSI 4.0 GPM Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer

Gas pressure washers are typically considerably more powerful than electric models. And if you’re looking for a top-rated gas model that packs a mean punch, after testing the Simpson PowerShot Pro Gas Pressure Washer, we think this is the best choice. This heavy-duty pressure washer delivers 4,400 psi at 4 gpm to tackle even the toughest jobs. We used it to clean a stained concrete driveway, truck, and car. Within minutes, this beast of a machine got rid of stains that had been on the driveway for years. We didn’t even have to use the most powerful setting to remove the stains.

It took us around 30 minutes to unpack the machine and get it ready for use. We did find it a bit tricky to assemble the handles, but once everything was in place, the pressure washer was intuitive and easy to use. However, like many gas-powered tools, it took several pulls of the starter before the pressure washer roared to life, and it did indeed roar. This machine is loud enough that you might want ear protection to use it.

This unit gets its power from a 420 cc engine, and it’s made from solid steel for durability. The washer’s kink- and abrasion-resistant hose is 50 feet long, and the 13-inch tires make it easy to steer across various terrains, including pavement or grass. The PowerShot Pressure Washer comes with five quick-connect nozzle tips that can be used for all sorts of applications, such as wood restoration and graffiti removal. It’s a fairly large tool, so you’ll need room to store it in between uses. And of course, you’ll need to have access to gasoline to fill its fuel tank periodically.

We were admittedly a bit intimidated by this gas unit at first, but once we discovered how powerful and effective it was, we were nothing but impressed. While expensive, this pressure washer gets out even the toughest stains and grunge quickly and easily.

How It Performed Long-Term

If you are searching for a powerful, gas pressure washer, after five months of testing, we think this should be your go-to. It can tackle even the toughest stains quickly and easily and stands up well over time, and many uses. We are impressed by how well it cleaned a car and removed water stains on surfaces from garden planters. We do want to note that this is not the best option for everyone—this is a loud product, and we wish it was easier to start (it almost requires two people to get it going). It also takes up quite a bit of space so it isn’t the best option if you have limited storage space. In that case, we recommend choosing a lighter, smaller model. However, if you have the space and the need for a powerful pressure washer, this is a great choice.

Price at time of publish: 900

Power Source: Gas | Pressure: 4,400 psi | GPM: 4.0 | Included Nozzles: Five

Best for Around the Home

Greenworks Pro 2300 PSI Brushless 2.3-GPM Electric Pressure Washer

The best pressure washer for use around your home has enough power and gallons-per-minute to blast away grime from walkways, cars, siding, and patio furniture, but not so much power that it damages surfaces. It should also be easy to use and store. Luckily, the Greenworks Pro 2300-PSI Pressure Washer fits the bill. While testing, it took us only 10 minutes to set the machine up and get it running. We then used it to wash a car and a stained concrete driveway, both with excellent results. While powerful, the device washed the car beautifully without any damage, knocking off bugs at the first spray and leaving the car clean and shiny with the second pass of the sprayer. And a discolored spot on the driveway came clean right away once we put the sprayer close enough to the cement.

The Pro 2300-PSI has a brushless motor that delivers 1.2 gpm on the 2,300-psi setting, but can deliver as much as 2.3-gpm on a low setting of 100 psi. That, along with the five included nozzles, gives you maximum versatility to tailor your cleaning to the surface being washed. Go lower pressure on patio furniture, cars, and siding, and turn up the pressure for tough stains on pavement and concrete.

Along with the nozzles, the pressure washer comes with a 25-foot kink-resistant hose, 35-foot power cord, wand, and onboard detergent tank. It’s easy to use; we especially appreciated the startup procedures indicated right on the machine, as well as its maneuverability, compact size, and easy-to-attach-and-detach nozzles. On the downside, the hoses tended to get tangled during use. However, that can be an issue with any electric pressure washer. The noise level was average, as well—although it seems loud, it’s about the same as many others we tested.

Price at time of publish: 330

Power Source: Electric | Pressure: 2,300 psi | GPM: 1.2 | Included Nozzles: Five

Best for First-Time Users

Sun Joe SPX3001 2030-PSI Electric Pressure Washer With Hose Reel

Pressure washers can be a bit intimidating to first-time users: They tend to be loud, large, and equipped with various nozzles and hoses that might be overwhelming if you’ve never used such a machine before. However, the Sun Joe SPX3001 is very user-friendly, compact in size, not exceptionally loud, and reasonably powered, making it an ideal choice if you are shopping for your first pressure washer. It took us only 13 minutes to have the machine up and running, and once it was ready, we used it to clean a car, a concrete driveway, and old stone pillars that were encrusted with mildew, dirt, and algae.

The pressure washer was fairly effective at its highest pressure, though some stains, like dried-on paint and oil stains on the driveway, were too tough to remove. Additionally, it did take a few passes to remove heavy mildew. However, it effectively removed lighter mildew and algae growth from a wide range of surfaces without much effort. We felt the pressure washer was easy to use, observing that the nozzles were very simple to change, the washer was light enough to move without effort, the trigger required little pressure to squeeze, and the overall performance was smooth and reasonably powerful.

The Sun Joe SPX3001 delivers 2,030 psi and 1.76 gpm, making it a good choice for light-to-medium cleaning tasks. Its compact design, along with two sturdy wheels, makes it fairly easy to maneuver, although at 38 pounds, it’s a bit heavy. One nice feature of this pressure washer is the built-in hose reel, which makes storing the 20-foot high-pressure hose a breeze. You get five nozzles for various cleaning pressures, a 34-inch extension wand, and 35-foot power cord.

Price at time of publish: 168

Power Source: Electric | Pressure: 2,030 psi | GPM: 1.76 | Included Nozzles: Five

Best for Concrete

DeWALT 4400 PSI at 4.0 GPM Gas Pressure Washer Powered by Honda

If you need a commercial-level machine for removing graffiti, washing stained concrete, or other heavy-duty tasks, then you need a model like the DeWALT 4,400-PSI Gas Pressure Washer. This tough piece of machinery is designed for professionals. And with the help of its premium Honda GX390 engine, it can blast away dirt, grime, mold, paint, and more with ease. We tried the machine on house siding, a concrete patio, and plastic patio furniture. All came clean almost immediately. With this kind of power, few common around-the-house messes can withstand the pressure, but this might be more pressure washer than the average user requires.

It took us around 30 minutes to assemble and prepare the pressure washer for use, and we felt the process was somewhat complicated, with online videos for assembly and for adding oil to be more helpful than the written instructions included with the machine. Once assembled, however, we noted that it was fairly easy to maneuver the pressure washer to where it was needed, the hose was very sturdy, and it was easy to swap out the attachments. Like all pressure washers, and especially gas models, the noise was significant, but not worse than any other gas pressure washer.

This DeWALT Pressure Washer delivers 4,400 psi at 4 gpm. And it boasts a durable, 50-foot, steel-braided hose that’s more abrasion-resistant than rubber hoses. It has a AAA industrial triplex plunger pump that drives pressure to the nozzle, and it’s easy to direct the ergonomic spray gun and switch out the five quick-connect nozzle tips.

How It Performed Long-Term

This power washer continues to stand out for its powerful performance, especially for tough jobs like cleaning a cement patio. We found it also came in handy for cleaning off outdoor furniture before putting it into storage and cleaning around the house. While it’s not an everyday item, we think this power washer is an excellent one to have on hand and is worth the splurge if you have the space and need for it.

Price at time of publish: 1,279

Power Source: Gas | Pressure: 4,400 psi | GPM: 4.0 | Included Nozzles: Five

Best Compact

BLACKDECKER BEPW1850 1850-PSI Electric Pressure Washer

If you need a lightweight, fairly quiet pressure washer for washing your car, cleaning patio furniture, hosing down sidings and walkways, and similar common tasks, then you’ll find that the BLACKDECKER 1850-PSI Pressure Washer is more than up to the job. While testing, this reasonably priced pressure washer required only 10 minutes to assemble the tool before we began using it to wash a car, wooden fence, and deck. With 1,850 psi and 1.2 gpm, this isn’t the most powerful pressure washer available, but it’s a fine choice for light-to-medium cleaning projects around the yard and garage.

We weren’t sure how powerful the device would be, but were definitely impressed once we got started. It quickly removed all manner of grunge and grime from the fence and deck, and the cord was long enough for easy maneuvering. We also found that it did a great job washing the car, efficiently blasting away dirt and bugs. The soap dispenser made the job even easier, and the car was shining by the time the test ended. As a bonus, we found this pressure washer to be quieter than most similar models.

The pressure washer has a 25-foot high-pressure hose, a 35-foot power cable, an onboard detergent tank, and includes three nozzles. We appreciated the light weight of this washer—it only weighs 22 pounds—but the telescoping handle and large wheels make it extra portable. Best of all, when you are finished cleaning, this compact pressure washer has onboard storage for the nozzles, hose, and cord, and its shape and size make it easy to store; something that can’t be said about many similar pressure washers.

How It Performed Long-Term

We have no complaints to report after testing this pressure washer for four months. We are still raving about its compact size and powerful performance, and continue to find it really easy to store and carry anywhere. Plus, we love that it’s not too loud, especially compared to gas models we tested. We think it’s an excellent value as well and have noticed no changes in its appearance or performance over time.

Price at time of publish: 162

Power Source: Electric | Pressure: 1,850 psi | GPM: 1.2 | Included Nozzles: Three

lawn, mower, electric, bosch, lawnmower


The best pressure washer according to our tests is the Sun Joe 2,030-PSI Electric Pressure Washer, which makes quick work of cleaning dirty or stained driveways, outdoor furniture, cars, and more. However, if you’re looking for something with the kind of power only a gas-powered pressure washer can provide for cleaning away graffiti and other very difficult stains, then the Simpson PowerShot 4400-PSI Gas Pressure Washer offers the performance you need.

Other Options We Tested

SPX2688-MAX 2050-PSI Electric Pressure Washer: This affordably-priced and effective pressure washer was previously our best budget pick based on our original testing results. However, after three months of testing, we did note one safety concern: The nozzle attachments have a tendency to pop off when you first put them on if they’re not placed on perfectly—and it’s hard to tell when they are on right. When they do pop off, they fly off fast. While it’s not making our current list, other than that safety concern, this pressure washer continues to be effective at most lightweight jobs, and is easy to set up and put away,

How We Tested the Pressure Washers

We tested 20 pressure washers in our own homes around the country. We started by timing how long it took to assemble each pressure washer and get it ready for use, evaluating every step for difficulty. We then judged the machines on the apparent quality of the parts, the included attachments, and the difficulty of attaching and detaching hoses and wands. Now, the real testing began: each pressure washer was used to clean at least three different surfaces, which might include fences or decks, automobiles or boats, house siding, Windows, driveways and other walkways, and patio furniture. We noted how long it took for the pressure washer to clean the surface thoroughly, as well as how dirty the surface was to begin with. For pressure washers with detergent tanks, the test included evaluations of the performance both with and without detergent. While using the pressure washer, we evaluated the machine for noisiness, maneuverability, power, and ease of changing the spray settings. On pressure washers with power cords, the evaluation also included how easy it was to work around the cord, and whether or not it was an adequate length. Once all of the cleaning was accomplished, we followed the manufacturer’s directions for storing the pressure washer, including draining the hoses and cleaning out the soap tanks. Finally, every pressure washer was given a score of 1 to 5 (with 1 being the lowest possible score) on several attributes, including effectiveness, design, noise level, ease of use, power, and value. Once all the results were in, the numbers were tallied and the winning pressure washers were declared. We also updated this article with long-term insights on our top picks, noting how these pressure washers held up over three to five months (depending on the weather) and through a variety of uses.

What to Look for in a Pressure Washer

Water Pressure

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a pressure washer is how much force it creates. After all, more pressure equates to more cleaning power. This pressure is measured in psi, or pounds per square inch. Generally speaking, lower psi means less pressure. However, that doesn’t mean you should simply buy the highest psi machine you can find. Depending on how you intend to use your pressure washer, a lower psi may be perfect for your needs. Consumer pressure washers often start at around 1,300 to 1,800 psi. This type of light-duty machine is great for small residential jobs, such as washing cars, cleaning shutters, washing lawn furniture, and spot-cleaning light stains. The next step up is around 2,000 to 3,000 psi. These machines are often considered heavy-duty, as they can be used to clean house siding, driveways, decks, and other tough stains. Our top choice, the Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer, has 2,030 psi, making it a heavy-duty tool. Finally, machines with 3,000 psi are considered professional-grade and are used for industrial cleaning, paint stripping, graffiti removal, and more. These high-end pressure washers are the most expensive, and in general most homeowners don’t need this much power. The DeWALT 4,400-PSI Gas Pressure Washer is one such tool.

Gallons per Minute

The other key factor that goes hand in hand with psi is gpm, or gallons per minute. This measures the volume of water that goes through the pressure water. Models with a higher gpm will clean faster and more effectively because they’re using more water. Gpm is directly correlated to psi; the higher the pressure, the more water the machine will use per minute. Light-duty machines may only use 1.1 to 1.5 gpm, while professional-grade models can reach up to 4 gpm. When shopping for a pressure washer, you’ll want to look at psi first, but keep an eye on gpm, as well. Depending on what you’re using for a water source, you might not be able to support a high-gpm machine.

Power Source

You’ll also want to look at how different pressure washers are powered. There are both gas and electric models (corded and cordless) available, and each of these styles has its own pros and cons. Electric-powered pressure washers are typically less expensive, lighter, and easier to maintain. Additionally, they run quieter and don’t create harmful air pollution. However, electric models are generally less powerful than gas ones, and you have to use them near an electrical outlet. This type of pressure washer is often best for small jobs around the house, such as cleaning cars, patio furniture, and grills. Our top choice for electric power washers is the Greenworks 3000-PSI Brushless Electric Pressure Washer, impressing us with its powerful performance during months of testing. The other option is a gas-powered pressure washer like the Simpson PowerShot Pro Gas Pressure Washer. These machines are much more powerful, and because you’re not confined by a cord, they’re more portable and versatile. The downside is that gas machines need regular maintenance, have extra requirements for long-term storage, and they’re louder and worse for the environment due to the gas combustion engine.

You’ll need to connect your pressure washer to a water source. Most often, that source will be an outdoor tap, and you’ll use your garden hose to connect the tap to the pressure washer. Most pressure washers require a garden hose that’s less than 50 feet long and with at least a three-fourths-inch inside diameter. If you don’t have access to an outdoor water tap, you still have options. One is to use the water tap for your washing machine. Those taps are threaded the same as an outdoor hose tap, so you’ll be able to hook up the hose without need of an adapter. You can also use a kitchen or bathroom sink. But as these are not threaded for hose attachments, you’ll need a threaded adapter sized for the tap as well as your hose. When using an indoor tap, you’ll need to run your garden hose inside through a window or door, so plan accordingly.

  • The red nozzle creates a very focused, powerful stream of water. It’s best used for spot-cleaning very tough stains or dried materials on hard surfaces, such as concrete or steel.
  • The yellow nozzle creates a 15-degree angle of spray, which is a narrow fan suitable for removing dried mud, tough stains, rust, mildew, or paint off sturdy surfaces, such as concrete or metal.
  • The green nozzle creates a 25-degree angle of spray. This is the general-use nozzle and is suitable for blasting away mud, leaves, and other grime from decks, walkways, siding, fences, and driveways, as well as for cleaning boats, automobiles, and outdoor furniture.
  • The white nozzle creates a 40-degree angle of spray, which is gentle enough for use cleaning delicate items, such as flower pots, Windows, blinds, and automobiles. It’s also very useful for quickly rinsing objects.
  • The black nozzle creates a large, 65-degree fan of water. This nozzle is typically used with detergents.

For many simple cleaning jobs, you don’t need detergent; the water blasting out of your pressure washer is enough to get the job done. But for many tasks, particularly those involving dried or tough grunge, you’ll get the best results by using a detergent. Some pressure washers have built-in tanks for detergent, while others require you to set a tube into the bottle of detergent so the pressure washer can suck it directly from the bottle. Either way, your best option by far is using a detergent specifically formulated for pressure washers. These detergents cut through grease and grunge yet don’t get soapy or foamy, leave a film on whatever you’re cleaning, or make the ground slippery. There are formulas for a variety of purposes: cleaning cars, siding, wooden decks, concrete, and driveways to name the most common. There are also many general-purpose pressure washer detergents, which are a good choice if you expect to use your pressure washer for a variety of cleaning jobs around your property. While some people use dishwashing detergent, this isn’t recommended, as there’s a good chance you’ll end up with an overflow of suds. And pouring dishwashing detergent into your pressure washer’s tank could destroy or damage the machine.

Choosing the right size pressure washer to clean your house depends on the type of materials you’ll be cleaning and the extent of the job. If you’re trying to clean exterior vinyl siding, decks, and patios, the best pressure washer should be between 2,000 and 3,000 psi. For stucco, aluminum, or soft wood, choose a pressure washer with a lower psi (1,200 to 1,800 psi) to avoid damage.

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The best cordless lawn mowers in 2023

Looking for the best cordless mower? Browse our experts’ pick, from budget to premium models.

A lawn mower may be one of the first purchases we make when getting a garden of our own, but that doesn’t mean finding a good quality one is easy. There are so many models and brands on the market to choose from, including corded electric and petrol, but as their range increases and fall, cordless, battery-powered models are an increasingly popular option.

Light and compact compared with traditional petrol models, cordless mowers are simple to use, easy to manoeuvre around the garden, and have none of the maintenance and servicing needs or costs of petrol lawnmowers. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which charges up quickly and won’t lose power in storage, they’re also quiet and emission free.

To compare these cordless mowers against other types of mower, we’ve reviewed the best lawn mowers, robotic lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers and push mowers, too. And if your lawn needs a bit of attention, our experts have tested a range of the best manual and powered aerators and scarifiers.Keep edges looking neat with our pick of the best strimmers, the best garden shears and the best lawn edging, and if you’re thinking about somewhere to store your new mower, our comprehensive guide to choosing the best garden shed will be helpful.

For your next DIY project, have a look at the best cordless drills.

The best cordless mowers to buy at a glance

Cordless mowers. Buyer’s Guide video

Many thanks to Rosie Yeomans and Sparsholt College for their help in making this video.

Getting the best cordless lawn mower for you means ensuring it has the correct cutting width, range of cutting heights, and weight plus a battery run time that matches the size of your lawn. We’ve tested a range of cordless push mowers, putting them through their paces across a range of grass and terrains, to help you find the right one for your garden.

Each mower has a detailed list of pros and cons for clarity and has been rated according to set up and storage, handling, mowing and value for money. Every mower in our round up below has scored a minimum of four out of five stars, so you can buy with confidence.

In every review we award outstanding products our coveted Best Buy award. To see these and the others we recommend, browse our pick of the best cordless lawn mowers, below.

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Best Buy cordless mowers

Husqvarna Aspire LC34-P4A

Our rating: 4.9 out of 5

  • Quiet
  • Cuts even long grass with ease
  • Battery level visible while mowing
  • Small and compact for easy storage
  • Part of the POWER FOR ALL cordless range

Part of the new Husqvarna Aspire cordless range, which includes a hedge trimmer, pruner and leaf blower, this 34cm mower is powered by an 18V POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE battery and charger. These are interchangeable with tools in other leading brands such as Flymo, Gardena and Bosch so if you also invest in tools in these ranges, you’ll only need to buy the bare tool and won’t have different batteries and chargers taking up space in the shed.Great for small gardens the mower comes ready to go, there’s no assembly or handles to attach, and it folds down to a compact size when you’re finished, with a telescopic handle that folds completely flat over the body of the mower. It can then be stood up against a wall or hung up, and even comes with a handy hook. The 30l grass bag also flattens down to take up very little room and can be hung on the mower. The Aspire is light, with a carry handle so that lifting it up steps or into other areas is easy and it has an adjustable handle to suit different height users. It’s comfortable and easy to manoeuvre around the garden and has just four cutting heights to choose from, ranging from 25-65mm and changed easily with a single lever on the body of the mower. It cuts grass quietly and smoothly and has an automatic boost that increases blade speed when you’re mowing in tougher, longer areas that works well. You can hear it kick in when you push the mower into longer grass and unlike other cordless mowers that can cut out, just carries on cutting the grass. While you mow the battery charge level is always clearly visible so you know how much battery you have left and when it needs charging. It comes with a two year warranty and we awarded it a BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy in 2023 for ease of use.

Specs: Battery: charge time. 95 mins; run time. 500sqm. Cutting: width. 34cm; height. 25-65mm. Grass box. 30 litre.

Buy the Husqvarna Aspire C34-P4A cordless mower from Husqvarna and Sam Turner

Greenworks GDG24LM33

Our rating: 4.5 out of 5

  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Comfortable padded handle
  • Choice of mulching or collecting clippings
  • Interchangeable battery with Greenworks 24V family

Ideal for smaller gardens this sturdy, great value cordless mower is easy to put together, well thought out and simple to use. Thanks to a padded handle it’s comfortable to push, although it did feel a little short for our taller tester, and it’s light and easy to manoeuvre around trees and beds and borders. There are five cutting heights to choose from, adjusted with the simple lift of a lever and it offers the choice of collecting clippings in the 30 litre fabric grass bag or inserting the mulching plug and leaving them on the lawn to break down and feed the grass. It mows well but doesn’t like very long grass, with the battery cutting out occasionally but its long lasting brushless motor offers a a decent run time of 46 minutes and it charges in two hours. Plus, as part of the Greenworks 24V family, both the battery and charger are interchangeable with all the other tools in the range, saving you money if you invest in more in the future. We awarded it a BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy for the best budget cordless mower in 2023.

Specs: Battery: charge time. 120 mins; run time. 46mins. Cutting: width. 33cm; height. 25-70mm. Grass box. 30 litre.

Yard Force LMG37A 40v 37cm

Our rating: 4.8 out of 5

  • Rear roller
  • Double folding handle for easy storage
  • Quickest charge time
  • Part of the Yardforce GR40 cordless range

This sturdy mower has a 37cm cutting width and useful features including a rear roller for those much desired stripes. Awarded a BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy in 2022 for small to medium lawns, clippings are collected in the large 40 litre fabric grass bag. It offers a wide choice of seven cutting heights, from 25-75mm, and is easy to fold away at the end of the day. The 40V battery is quick to charge, taking just 50 minutes and when full it has the capacity to cut a 400m2 lawn.

Specs: Battery: charge time. 50 mins; run time. 400sqm. Cutting: width. 37cm; height. 25-75mm. Grass box. 40 litre.

Buy the Yard Force LMG37A 40V 37cm cordless mower from Yard Force, Amazon and Wickes

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