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Mower Blade Guide

When you look at your mower blade from the end, if the underside of the cutting edge is not flat to a table (parallel to the ground or center section), that will alter the angle of your grind. This is a tilt or twist forward, similar to a propeller. If you have a blade like that, you will want a Model 5005. The 5005 gives you the ability to easily adjust the grinding angle to compensate for the altered cutting edge angle. The video below goes into more detail. After reviewing the information below, if you are still unsure about your blade geometry, please contact us and we will help you choose the right model for your mower blades.

Blades With Potential Issues

We have encountered some mower blade styles that have issues being mounted in our vise. If you have one of these, you should check in with us first.

  • Some eXmark 48” and smaller deck mowers have bi-level mulching blades where the cutting edge runs all the way into the center of the blade, beyond the center hole. This will cause mounting issues in our vise system that we do not yet have a solution for.
  • Some mower blades have raised edges on the sides in the center mounting area. Not all, but some Toro, Snapper, and Cub Cadet blades fall into this category. There are other brands that may have this geometry as well. This causes issues but can be overcome by backing the vise screws out to raise them up so the blade will fit under them.
  • Snapper Ninja mower blades are not able to be sharpened in our current units. We have not been able to create an adapter that will allow you to grind on the 4 blade edges.
  • John Deere makes a mower blade for some older series of tractors that is too wide to fit in our jigs. These blades have a circular center hub that is 4 inches wide. We do not have an adapter or mounting solution for this type of mower blade.
  • Dixie Chopper blades with the X—Blade system have raised centers that are stamped at an angle. This causes mounting issues in our vise system. We now have an additional adapter that can be used to properly mount the X-blades in our system.
  • Honda riding lawn tractor mulching blades have a shape that will cause issues in our jigs. We have not been able to test or accommodate these blades yet. We do have an adapter for the Honda walk behind Microcut Twin Blade Sets.

Standard Mower Blades

The standard blade, as we refer to it, doesn’t have any altered angles along the cutting edge. It’s straight and simple. If you are looking to grind a 30 degree edge on these blades, you only need the Model 5002. If you want more angle options and versatility, check out the Model 5005.

DO NOT Buy the Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0

John Deere Blades

John Deere mower blades can look deceptively like standard straight blades. But many, if not most of them, have a significant tilt or twist forward in the cutting section, so it is not parallel with the center section. This will alter the angle of the grind, so a setting beyond 30 degrees is necessary to compensate for the tilt. Our Model 5005 is the only jig we provide that makes it easy to choose steeper angle settings. Many John Deere customer have told us they needed to adjust their 5005 all the way to the 45 degree setting.

If the blade is used or worn, or has been previously sharpened, the angle may be beyond 45 degrees to the ground. If this is the case, it will take extra grinding to reset the angle. 45 degrees is the maximum angle adjustment in that direction. We have not found any new John Deere blades that needed an angle setting beyond 45 degrees.

John Deere also makes a mower blade (pictured above) that is too wide to fit in our jigs. These blades have a circular center hub that is 4 inches wide. We do not have an adapter or mounting solution for this type of mower blade.

Gator Mulching Blades

Gator mulching blades look more complex because of the mulching fins. But the cutting edge is the only part that needs sharpened. We have found that, due to a slight tilt forward along the cutting edge, the 35 degree setting is best to keep the factory edge on most Gator blades. We have found that most Ferris blades also have a slight tilt forward and work best with the 35 degree setting as well. The Model 5005 gives you the ability to grind at that angle.

Commercial Bi-level Mulching Blades

Bi-level mulching blades are a little more tricky. The outside cutting edge is parallel to the mounting surface. But the inside mulching section edge is raised and stamped at a different angle. We created the Model 5000 specifically to handle these. With a simple flick of the wrist, you can switch between the 30 degree setting on the outside edge or the 15 degree setting for inside mulching edge. In many cases, the Model 5005 is the better choice due to angle variances. Please read the text below …

If the underside of the outer cutting edge is not flat or parallel to the ground or the mounting section of your blade, it will alter your grinding angle. If that is the case, you will need a Model 5005 to compensate for the altered cutting edge angle.

Twisted High Lift Blades

We used to refer to these as high lift blades. But some mower blades are considered high lift without having the twisted end that makes these unique. That twist on the end alters the angle of the cutting edge. Since the cutting edge angles upward and isn’t parallel with the mounting surface, there needs to be an adjustment to compensate for that angle. The Model 5005 gives you the angle adjustments needed to fine tune your grinding edge to your preference. We see this type of blade on a lot of John Deere mowers. But there are other brands that incorporate a twisted high lift blade as well.

Honda Mower Blades

Honda Quadracut and MicroCut Twin Blade sets have a unique design and shape. We have fabricated an adapter so these blades can be mounted in our jigs. To match the factory bevel, we recommend the Model 5005 in conjunction with the Honda Adapter.

Counter-Rotating Mower Blades

Some mowers use blades that rotate in the opposite direction. We have heard these referred to as left-hand, counterclockwise, and counter-rotating blades. These will have the cutting edge on the other side of the blade. To adjust for this, all of our current Generation 2 models have extended guide arms. This gives you the extra range of motion needed to reach the cutting edge of your counter-rotating blades at the the bottom of the jig. We have seen these types of blades on many Walker mowers. But they are not exclusive to that brand. The 35 degree setting worked well with the Walker blades we have tested. For that reason, if you are planning to sharpen Walker mower blades, we recommend the Model 5005.

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Is there a difference between Round, Square or Twisted Trimmer Line?

Here is what you need to know about the shape of trimmer line and how it affects the cut.

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How much does shape matter in commercial trimmer line?

It’s no secret, there is no shortage of shapes when it comes to weed eater string. There are nearly as many shapes of weed eater string as there are letters in the alphabet.

But in general, there are 4 different types of trimmer line:

So does the shape of the trimmer line determine how well the string performs? Yes, it certainly does.

And finding out which trimmer line works best is an essential part of getting the right gear for your company.

The shape of the string can change 3 major factors while operating your weed eater.

Which weed eater string shape offers the best cut?

Star Shaped Line Offers Cleanest Cut

There is a lot of debate over which string is the best for commercial use. And ideally, you want a line that cuts grass cleanly, without tearing or harming the grass.

But bear in mind. That depending on your needs, the sharpest is not necessarily the best line. Especially when it comes to cutting larger weeds down.

Pro Tip! What a string offers in sharpness it frequently gives up in strength and longevity.

According to Research, Star Shaped Line Offers Cleanest Cut

According to a test done by the YouTube channel Smarter Everyday, star-shaped line offers the cleanest cut. This reduces damage to the grass blade, and will likely result in a healthier lawn. So if your goal is an incredibly healthy, perfectly manicured lawn. Star-shaped trimmer line may be your best bet.

lawn, mower, shaped, razor, there

However, our research suggested that lawn care professionals greatly prefer Echo’s Black Diamond (⬥), and Stihls X-line (x). While the test performed by Smarter Everyday determined that Cyclone’s star shape created the sharpest cut. It did not test X-line or Black Diamond. And it is possible that one of these shapes may actually offer a sharper cut of the grass.

lawn, mower, shaped, razor, there

For the Sharpest Cut We Recommend:

  • Echo’S Black Diamond (⬥)
  • STIHL’s X-Line (x)
  • Or Cyclone Line

So which trimmer line shape is quietest?

️Twisted Line is the Quietest️

When it comes to the sound put off by your string trimmer, it largely comes down to the type of string you use.

In general, the less air resistance, the less noise a string makes.

Twisted trimmer line is generally the quietest. This is due to the fact that the twisted line offers less air resistance. This may make twisted trimmer line a good option if you have a lot of properties in small residential areas where sound may be a concern.

However, round lines like Husqvarna’s Titanium Blend are also much quieter than other string shapes.

For the Quietest Cut We Recommend:

Which weed eater string shape lasts the longest?

◍ Round Strings Typically Last Longer ◍

It’s simple, round string typically offers the best longevity of any shape.

Think about it.095 is a measure of the thickest part of a trimmer line. So a.095 star-shaped trimmer line is much less dense, than a round.095 line. As a result, star shaped or similar multi-sided lines are going to break apart faster.

Round line will last the longest as it is as thick as possible all the way around.

It’s true, a.095 round line is truly.095 all the way around. BUT. the round shape does not provide the best structure for actually cutting grass. And creates a rather abusive cut.

It’s a toss-up which brands round line will last the longest. And it will largely depend on the type of grass, weeds, or brush you are cutting.

For example, tests by the Youtuber Project Farm have shown that STIHL’s Premium Round line (◍) lasts longer on brush than all the others he compared in the test, but performed poorly when exposed to concrete.

Inversely, Husqvarna’s Titanium Blend (◍) outperformed the competition when it came to exposure to concrete, and performed poorly on cutting brush.

The Exception to the Rule- Wire Fencing

There always has to be an exception to the rule. And when it comes to wire fences, round line may not be the longest lasting. According to research by Project Farm. The two longest-lasting strings when it comes to wire are Max Power (️) and Weed Warrior (▲).

It appears wire fencing changes the playing field substantially when it comes to string longevity. Perhaps it is because a stiff string will attempt to wrap around the wire and inevitably break. Whereas a flexible line will not be stiff enough to wrap around, and will instead brush past.

Whatever the case, Husqvarna’s Titanium Blend (◍) did come in at 3rd in tests against wire fencing. So it still does well, but for one reason or another other shapes appear to work better.

So if you have to trim around a lot of wire fencing, you will likely want to consider this.

For the Longest Lasting Line We Recommend:

  • STIHL’s Premium Round line (◍)
  • Husqvarna’s Titanium Blend (◍)
  • Generic Round Line (◍)

Why the Sharpest Cut Matters

Look, you probably already know this but, when your lawn mower blades are dull. They tear rather than cut the grass. This can lead to damaged grass blades. and may even create an opening for fungus or other grass diseases to enter your client’s lawn.

The same is true when it comes to your weedeater string. If your line is not cutting the grass, but rather is tearing it. You are not providing the optimal cut for your clients. While this may not matter to many lawn care companies. The fact of the matter is, if you are after a premium quality cut, you should consider a good weed eater line that will assist you on your mission.

The Best Trimmer Line Shape

Often there is a toss-up between the sharpness of the cut and the longevity of the line.

Which may be why Echo’s Black Diamond is so highly rated among lawn care pros. Its diamond/square design makes it nearly as thick as round line, but it provides a cutting side which gives it a literal edge over round line. Additionally, Black Diamond is twisted, making it run quieter.

However, choosing the best shape will greatly depend on the circumstances you find yourself in while cutting lawns.

Now that you are armed with the best trimmer line, it’s time to make sure you have a great commercial-grade weed whacker.

Gator® Mulching Blades

G3™, G5™, G6™

Increase your efficiency and productivity with Oregon Gator mulching mower blades. All Gator mulching mower blades feature the patented Gator mulching teeth which circulate cut grass back into the deck multiple times, creating a finer cut and better looking lawn.


The G3 Gator blade is the best option for those looking for a replacement blade with better mulching capabilities. Designed with progressive geometry on the cutting edge for a cleaner cut and an aggressive blade angle to increase air flow for superior bagging or side discharge, Gator G3 blades help you get that professional looking cut with any mower.


The G5 mower blade is a heavier-duty version of the G3 mower blade. Featuring Fusion(TM). an ultra-hard tungsten carbide layer. on the cutting edge, the G5 stays sharper longer, increasing the time between sharpenings or replacement.


The G6 blade is the most heavy-duty of the Oregon mower blades. Designed for commercial applications where extreme performance is a requirement. G6 is 1/4 thick and 3 wide and features Fusion technology, providing superior longevity and cut quality even in the most punishing conditions.

Mower Blade Comparisons


Gator Mulcher™

X-Tended Cutting Length™


Thicker and Wider

We Tested the best ball trimmer shaver in 2023 For the safest shave

Are you manscaping? Or are you the gruff McGriff type of guy? To be honest, before I started researching the best ball hair trimmer and later review it, I trimmed my balls once or twice, but it’s more like when things started growing out of control.

But, when your job entails finding the best ball shaver, you sometimes have to dig deeper into a subject, turn your body into a guinea pig and recruit the girlfriend as a judge.

Don’t get me wrong; mine is not a grooming or philosophical issue; instead, it’s more a convenience issue. You see, I’ve had dreadlocks since I was about 12 years old, and as an adult, I’ve pretty much kept a full beard, so most of my actual grooming happens once every few months. So it never occurred to me that I would take my manscaping to another level.

We review products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying through links on this page as an Amazon Associate.

Our Recommendation

Meridian Below-The Belt trimmer

Philips Norelco BG7030 /49

Gillette All Purpose Styler

What Is The Best Ball Shaver in 2023? (In Details)

Now comes the practicality part because you are going to need to shave, and luckily enough, we have you covered with the best choices. Here, we divided the ball trimmers into two groups. The specialized trimmers are designed mainly for your family jewels. The second type is the body groomer. They can shave balls as same as any other body hair.

So what is the difference?

Which Shape CUTS BEST? (Weed Eater Line at 100,000 Frames Per Second). Smarter Every Day 238

  • Specialized ball hair trimmers feature a ceramic blade. It’s sharper, more heat-resistant, rustproof, and more durable.N.B. Cleancut comes with a safety foil instead of a ceramic blade. It almost does the same job.
  • Specialized pubic trimmers are quieter than general body groomers for more privacy.
  • They are more compact and easier to maneuver.

MANSCAPED Perfect Package 2.0 Kit: The Lawn Mower 2.0 Electric Groin Hair Trimmer, Ball Deodorant, Body Wash, Performance Spray-On-Body Toner, 4-Piece Luxury Nail Kit, Toiletry Bag, Shaving Mats

Manscaped is a leading men’s grooming brand that received 500,000 funding from Shark Tank. The California-based company introduced the first dedicated groin shaver.

lawn, mower, shaped, razor, there

The Lawn Mower 2.0 is a trimmer designed exclusively for manscaping. This gives it an edge since all the engineering was focused on that area.

We found the reviews on it better than that of The Manscaped Lawn Mower 3.0, which caused a lot of people painful nicks and cuts. So, choosing the Lawn Mower 2.0 was a no-brainer since it does a better job than its successor.

For more details about the Manscaped Lawn Mower 3.0, check our comparison of Manscaped vs Meridian.

The blades are ceramic, which we found sharp but soft on the skin. The blades also rotate at 6000 RPM, which makes getting clean-shaven balls safe and easy.

The ergonomic shape and the IPX7 water resistance make it great for shaving in the shower since it can survive submersion under 1 meter for 30 minutes.

The drawback, though, is that it lasts only 60 minutes on one charge. So, make sure you grab a charger if you’re traveling with it.

  • Ceramic blades that are sharper and faster than steel blades
  • SkinSafe technology.
  • Partnership with Testicular cancer society.
  • Low battery life.
  • Decaying battery runtime with consistent use.
  • Overheating problem.

The Trimmer By Meridian: Electric Below-The-Belt Trimmer Built For Men | Effortlessly Trim Pesky Hair | Waterproof Groin Body Shaver | 90 Minute Battery Life With Universal USB Charging

Another specialized manscaping trimmer is Here!

I wrote a full review about Meridian trimmer, check it for more detailed information.

The Meridian trimmer comes with a rust-resistant, hygienic blade designed for sensitive skin. It also comes with two adjustable guiding combs (3-6 mm,9-12 mm). The motor provides 6000 strokes per minute for more precision. Yet, it is a quiet electric razor without overheating problems. The previous features will make the cutting process a breeze. Hence, you will get a neat smooth quick shave down there with no nicks or snags.

The newcomer trimmer is waterproof with wet/dry capability. So you can enjoy shaving your private area under the shower. Also, that will make the cleaning process easier. You can clean it from the clogged hair under the faucet water.

What I really love about this trimmer is its sleek authentic design. The Meridian trimmer comes in two different colors, black, and sage. I like the sage color with its 1950s feel. But, you can opt for whatever color you like.

Thanks to the Polycarbonate shell, the grip is super comfortable and relaxed. It features premium quality materials when compared to the Lawn Mower. Plus, It is lightweight (4.2 ounces (0.12 KG)) with more width for bigger surface coverage (Lawn Mower is thinner). So, it is easy to use with great maneuverability to shave the hard-to-reach areas.

The trimmer is lithium-ion battery-powered. The box includes one battery and a USB charging cable. It needs about one hour for charging and holds a charge for 90 minutes. It has a charging indicator for more convenience. Long story short: It charges quickly and lasts a long time.

The Electric Below-The Belt Trimmer is a multitasker. You can use it for your beard, back hair and chest hair. Yet I recommend using a good body hair trimmer if you need one trimmer for multi-purposes.

This one is fairly priced for a higher-end product. It has a one-year warranty. The warranty needs to be extended given the manufacturer is pretty new to the market (from 2019).

The blade is replaceable which is a nice feature for durability. But, you need to change it every 3 months with a 20 cost for each. Yet, a lot of users reported that they used it for 6 months without problems. They only needed to change it for hygienic purposes. You can get the replacement blades from the company website.

Pro Tip: Be Careful when you unlatch the blade. You could break the release latch if you used the usual technique. You have to push it out back to open and then, push the blade upwards. Some users complained that it is hard to remove the hair from the blade in the cleaning process. Others complained that the brush is useless.

Overall the Meridian trimmer is a great buy. The drawbacks are not deal-breakers. It deserves to be the best trimmer for man’s balls.

  • It doesn’t bite. No pinches. No tugging.
  • Smooth and easy to use
  • Powerful, quiet.
  • No overheating.
  • Sleek design with a premium finish.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Wet/ dry capability.
  • Quick charge and long battery life even with consistent use.
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