Lawn mower weight kg. Best lawn mower 2023: top everyday power mowers

Best lawn mower 2023: top everyday power mowers

Mowing doesn’t have to be drudgery. Think of it like a walk in the great outdoors with a piece of dangerous equipment under your control, and it becomes a much nicer experience. So here’s our guide to the best lawn mower around – also check out our guide to the best robot mowers, too.

Every mower we’ve tested is electric. And for cordless lawn mowers, improved battery tech means cordless convenience without compromising on power. These are workhorses, yet quieter and lower carbon than petrol mowers. When shopping around, be sure to get a kit including battery and charger. These can be expensive bought separately – all here include them.

Self-propelled mowers work like e-assist bikes, giving you extra welly to make light work of mowing even large lawns.

Technology can even help you pick a mower. Pull up a Google Maps satellite view of your garden, right-click to ‘measure distance’ and place markers around your lawn. It calculates area and perimeter. Area helps you choose the right mower. And if you’re going for a robot, perimeter length tells you which kit (how much wire) to get.

Mowing performance matters but so do practicalities, so an important spec is storage footprint; ow much space a mower takes up in your shed. Robotic mowers obviously have no footprint; they live next to the lawn and mow automatically on a schedule, little and often. But with manual mowers it makes a big difference if it can tip up to be stored vertically.

Even robot mower tech has advanced. The latest models still need a boundary wire but they can now mow huge gardens, adapt to weather conditions, be controlled via app and voice.

Flymo UltraStore 380R

The most compact mower on test. It isn’t self-propelling but it’s very easy to push. It can be stored upright brilliantly; the grass box clips to the handle. Or double-fold the handle and store the mower horizontally on a shed shelf. Either way, the mower is light enough to carry one-handed.

The kit we tested comes with two chargers and twin 18V 4.0Ah batteries, for 36V performance. The batteries are small and work across a wide range of Power For All Alliance tools, from brands including Bosch and Gardena. Sharing batteries between tools saves money and materials.

Is it any good?

Unboxing, we applauded the paper packaging, where single-use plastic bags are the norm. Assembly took 10 minutes, with four fiddly bolts to attach the handles and a two-part grass box to clip together. It comes with two safety keys but you only need one, so there’s a spare if you lose it.

The Flymo is great for smaller gardens. At 36V we expected it to struggle in tough patches, but it was determined to rise to any challenge. It refused to stall, even on long or damp grass and soldiered on, even when bunged up. So it’s important to notice the plastic indicator on top when the grass box is full. It sounds whiny but there’s no lack of power. And it’s nimble: you can turn easily and tackle even small patches of grass and awkward corners. Edge performance and mowing are both impressive.

Mowing ergonomics are great. There are twin hand grips and, once you’ve pressed the central safety button, you can squeeze either grip to mow. An LED in the middle indicates battery life.

There are five cutting heights, multiple handle heights and a roller for a traditional striped effect. For storage, it folds up small, fast. The vertical storage, with the grass box clipped to the handle, is genius. You can move it like a lightweight, wheely suitcase.

This Flymo is a great buy if your garden can be mowed in its 28-minute run time (approx 230m²). For a larger garden, consider a self-propelling or robotic mower to make light work of it.

Stuff Says…

Surprisingly powerful, easy to store, the perfect mower for smaller gardens.

Worx WG761E

This self-propelling mower is top of Worx’s new Nitro range. It has a variable speed and an unusual battery system: four 20V batteries team up to deliver 80V. They sit in a removeable BaseCamp charger and the whole, large thing clips in to the mower. No separate charger is needed, just a power cable.

The entire BaseCamp can be used, Ghostbusters-style, to power the Worx 80V backpack leaf blower. The individual 20V batteries work with PowerShare-compatible tools too. Interestingly, on test we found that the mower only works with all four batteries in place.

Is it any good?

Assembly is minimal: just clip the mesh grass box to its wire frame. It also comes with a side discharge chute, to clip on if you’re mulching instead of gathering clippings.

The Worx is powerful and large, but easy to store. Press a button and the handle folds forwards and locks into place. Then you can securely tip the mower to wheel it around or store it vertically. The mower is heavy but you rarely need to lift it. The same button sets the handle height for mowing, from three options.

Pushing the mower, your fingers pull a black wire handle to the main handle to mow and your thumbs push an orange wire handle to engage self-propelling. You can do one or both. A control in easy reach sets the speed, from a crawl to a brisk walk that blitzes lawns fast. There’s also a button on the dash to turn on its four LED headlights. A lever on the mower body selects from seven cutting heights and there’s a safety key too.

Mowing performance was very good but not the best on test. It didn’t stall with the grass box but did stall occasionally when mulching, and lawn edges were slightly tufty. Cornering was a bit hard but its power made mowing long lengths a breeze, even over bumpy ground. Overall, it lived up to the promise of a petrol-like performance.

Stuff Says…

A good, self-propelling, cordless electric mower with a petrol-like performance.


The mid-priced STIHL is designed for medium-sized lawns. It takes one battery at a time but this bundle comes with a charger and two batteries, each covering 250m², so 500m² total. Or buy the mower bare for £329 if you already have AK batteries – they work across a range of STIHL garden tools. Bigger batteries in the AK system can handle up to 400m²

The mower’s striking design has a mono handle which can be quickly folded for storage by pressing one lever. The STIHL is QuietMark certified. It has a pop-out safety key under the hood to prevent unwanted use. Tilt it sideways to use it as a power switch. There’s also an Eco button.

Is it any good?

The mono handle is sturdy and the entire mower feels like it will last decades. It’s ergonomic and comfortable to mow one-handed. It’s easy to use and everything clicks into place. There’s a little lever to open or close the handle, with two handle height settings and no nuts to turn. A large handle on the side makes it easy to adjust between six cutting heights (20-70mm), a wide range though six options seems like overkill. You’ll probably just have a couple of favourites, like hob rings.

The battery has a button to see the charge level and you can see this even while the mower lid is closed. A little flap on the top of the grassbox pops up to tell you when it’s full; at which point it’s easy to remove thanks to the mono handle. The back of the grassbox opens for easy emptying, so you don’t have to just shake clippings out of the front. Alternatively, buy an optional mulching kit to scatter fine grass clippings.

Mowing results are superb and it mows to 5cm away from a brick edge. It’s quiet enough (rated 90dB) and the Eco mode automatically adapts blade speed as required, saving energy and extending battery life. It also packs down well. The mono handle folds easily, then you can tip it back on end and store it upright, with the grassbox balanced on top, 116x42x51cm (HxWxD) stored.

This is the Goldilocks of mowers: not too small, not too big, just about right. Of all the machines on test, it’s the nicest to push. We didn’t want to stop.

Stuff Says…

The mono handle, sturdy build and great performance made this our favourite.

Flymo EasiStore 300R Li

Small lawn and small shed? Look no further. The Flymo is by far the best mower here for storage space, with a footprint you could fit anywhere (see below). It’s generally petite, with the narrowest mowing width and smallest grassbox on test too.

Unusually it comes with two 20V batteries and you use both at once, to deliver 40V. You can charge both at once too. There’s a button on each battery to see the charge level. Beside the batteries is a removeable safety key and the Flymo comes with a spare, in case you lose it.

Is it any good?

Assembly is a total pain. It took more than 15 minutes and four swears. The experience feels less like unboxing, more like working on a production line. You even have to put together the hard, plastic grassbox from three parts. It’s a shame it couldn’t arrive assembled and folded up.

And yet the Flymo gets top marks because you only have to assemble it once, after which the design is very impressive. Its signature move is that it’s the best on test for storage space. Fold the handle forwards by opening two clips. Then tip the whole thing backwards to stand on its backside. Finally, clip the grassbox at the top. The whole thing takes up 102x38x31cm (HxWxD) so it has the smallest footprint here. What’s more, it’s sat back on its wheels, so you can roll it like a wheelie carry-on suitcase. It will fit in even the smallest shed. As mentioned, the grassbox is all plastic. There’s a flap on it to indicate when it’s full.

It’s designed for small lawns and is subjectively a bit whiney (it’s rated 90dB). It mows well enough for small lawns, with five height settings (25-65mm) and mows up to 5cm away from a brick edge. It’s compact and not a workhorse, so it struggled to cut over-long grass short, but cut at a higher height first and it’s fine.

Stuff Says…

The best small mower if you’re short of storage space, thanks to a clever, space-saving design.

Honda HRX476 XB

If you’ve got a large lawn, you have options. A mains-powered mower won’t cut it, the socket’s too far away. Consider robotic mowers and even a ride-on. Otherwise, a heavy-duty rechargeable like this is a good alternative to petrol. The big, heavy Honda is self-propelling, travelling at up to 1.3m/s. Which is brilliant for big lawns but also feels like more tech to go wrong.

Choose from seven cutting heights (25-79mm), which is more than you’ll ever need. Another lever lets you decide what proportion of the grass to collect and what proportion to finely shred and mulch, to naturally fertilise the lawn.

Is it any good?

The Honda is heavy. At 36.5kg, this weighs almost four times as much as the Bosch. It’s not a one-person lift so you’ll need a shed or garage with level access. But mowing isn’t hard work, thanks to the self-propelling function. There’s a dial on the dashboard that selects its speed, from nothing (you push it) up to a fast walk. You still have two-stage safety controls, so if you let go of the handle it stops. There’s also an isolator key on the side that comes out for safety and is turned as a power switch.

The self-propelling is welcome: it would be tiring to push the heavy Honda all the time. It makes me wonder why double buggies don’t have power assist. But you need to dial it down to turn, otherwise you’re fighting the mower. So again it’s best for large lawns.

The fabric grassbox pops off and has an open front that makes it easy to empty. Mowing results are neat and it mows to 5cm away from a brick edge. It seems a bit loud but there’s a Quiet Mode button on the dashboard to dial down the noise (rated 87dB instead of 92dB). As well as this and the speed controls, there’s a set of lights on the dashboard to indicate battery level.

The Honda’s handle folds over for storage and then you can put the fabric grassbox on top. It’s not small at 57x50x105cm (HxWxD) stored.

We liked the Honda for large lawns… but at this price you could get the Honda Miimo robot instead.

Stuff Says…

This Honda is a self-propelling workhorse, but at this price you could have a robot mow the lawn.

Kärcher LMO 18-33

One of the most affordable and compact mowers on test. It has a 33cm cutting width but there’s also a 36cm model. The price includes battery and fast charger, but if you already have these with another rechargeable Kärcher tool, you can buy it battery-free for just £179.99. The battery has an LCD display of battery life in percent.

There’s a removable safety key to prevent small people deciding to ‘play’ lawn mowing unattended. There are four cutting heights (35-65mm) and you can swap the grassbox for a mulching plug (supplied) that reroutes clippings to the lawn.

Is it any good?

Handle assembly is like the Bosch, but instead of two screws to attach it to the mower body, the handle clips to the body. Then you use a pair of bolts with wing nuts to add the folding part. There are three handle height settings and it has foam padding but we didn’t find it especially comfortable and there’s only one position to hold it in.

The fact the handle can unclip makes the storage footprint smaller. It’s not designed to store on end though, so it takes up 39x38x70cm (HxWxD). Good, solid handles mean it’s easy to lift the folded mower one-handed.

The grassbox is fabric with a hard, plastic lid: the best of both worlds as it’s rugged, easy to carry and empty, but squashes flat to store. A flap indicates when the grassbox is full. Lowering the cutting height is easy but it’s a bit harder to raise as you need to lift the mower weight with one hand while adjusting the control (next to the front wheel) with the other.

Mowing leaves a good finish (and gets to 5cm away from a brick edge) but it lacks power: the mower sometimes stalls on over-long grass, especially when trying to cut short. It’s better to cut high first, then shorter. It was also subjectively loud (rated 92dB).

The Kärcher is lightweight, manoeuvrable and good value but lacks oomph. We preferred it to the Bosch for small lawns and it packs down smaller.

Stuff Says…

Great for small lawns and good value, but not the most powerful on test.

Husqvarna LC137i

This folds up well and offers seven cutting heights (25-75mm) which is more than you’ll ever need. The shortest seems too short unless you’re tending a bowling green.

If you happen to have a compatible Husqvarna 36V battery, you can save money and buy the mower bare for £288.99, without battery and charger.

Is it any good?

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He’s MAD I BLASTED the driveway with grass clippings

The Husqvarna requires a small amount of assembly, after which you’re left with a mower with a handle that folds twice: forwards, then back on itself. The fabric grassbox flattens well too. This makes it compact for storage (48x45x76cm HxWxD) but it isn’t designed to be stood on end. Folding and unfolding is quick and easy, you just undo two knobs.

The handle’s safety catch is unusual: you flick a plastic lever on the left to the side, then close the two handles together to make it move. It’s ergonomic enough to push but the safety catch doesn’t come as naturally as pushing a button.

The grassbox is good: it’s easy to lift and empty one-handed. But design-wise, a major niggle is that there’s a thin wire that gets easily caught where the mower handle folds. No matter how you reroute the cable guides, it’s too exposed.

Under the bonnet is much like the STIHL. Press a button to see how much battery life is left. Turn the removeable Security Key for power. Flick the savE button to save energy and extend battery life.

At 88dB rated, it’s pretty quiet and lacks the whiney sound that plagues some smaller mowers. It’s comfortable to push and feels very light and manoeuvrable. It mows well, even on longer grass, but it only mows up to 7cm away from a brick edge.

Stuff Says…

The Husqvarna folds up well, mows well and is a good all-rounder.

Bosch CityMower 18V-32-300

An affordable mower and the lightest on test. The Bosch’s biggest selling point isn’t its mowing performance, it’s its versatile battery system. The same 18V batteries work across all Power for All machines, an alliance of home and garden brands, including power tools and vacuum cleaners as well as garden tools. This saves money and materials, because you can buy some of your tools battery-free.

The mower comes with a 4Ah battery which mows up to 200m² but you can also buy higher capacity 5Ah (250m²) and 6Ah (300m²) batteries for it. It has three cutting heights (30-60mm) and, thanks to a special leaf collect blade, the top height setting can also be used to collect and shred autumn leaves from the lawn.

Is it any good?

Assembly took nearly ten minutes and a screwdriver. You’re left with a compact mower that feels lightweight but plasticky. It’s annoying that the handles are screwed on to the body and can’t pop out like the Kärcher,as this would have let it pack down smaller. As it is, it takes up 70x38x90cm (HxWxD) stored with the handle folded in half, using two plastic wingnuts.

Mowing performance is good enough for a small lawn. It’s lightweight, easy to push and not too loud (rated 89dB). There’s a removable safety key with two positions, so you can use it as a power switch. It even comes with a spare safety key, in case you lose it.

Ergonomics are good. You can’t adjust handle height but there are two types of grip: a horizontal bar and vertical handles rising from it, like bike handlebars. The Bosch is so lightweight, you can even push it one-handed, anywhere on the handles.

A red lever beside the front wheel lets you easily adjust between three cutting heights and that’s plenty. And its edge performance is impressive, mowing to 4cm away from a brick edge. There’s no visual indicator that the plastic grassbox is full, but when it is you can carry and tip it out one-handed. You can even carry the folded mower in one hand and the grassbox in the other, to put them away. It’s that light.

Stuff Says…

Lightweight and good for small lawns, but the design could be better.

How Much Does a Lawn Tractor Weigh?

If you’re about to slap down a significant amount of money for a lawn tractor, the weight of the machine is easily one of the aspects you should consider. How heavy or light they present to be will affect your mowing experience and the overall performance of the lawn tractor in general. For instance, heavier riding mowers will be much slower to swerve around on the lawn, and wouldn’t fare that well on slopes and slippery terrain, but the majority of them would lay the cut nicer because of the stability of the machine.

On the other hand, the lighter they get the easier it is to run up hills and maneuver around obstacles. However, they will be less stable and thus potentially produce uneven cuts. So how much weight exactly is considered heavy or light for a lawn tractor?

The average weight for lawn tractors is 500lbs (226.796kg) which is approximately 5 ½ bags of cement. 150lbs less than that indicates your lawn tractor is light, and 150lbs more means your mower is on the heavier side. Lawn tractors can weigh anything from 300 – 2000 pounds depending on the model and the purpose of the machine. That is, whether it is a commercial or residential grade mower.

Certain aspects collectively increase or decrease the weight of a riding mower in either significant or small amounts. So, I’ll be breaking the parts down so that you can compare and deeply understand the weight of a lawn tractor. Let’s ride!

A Concise Break-Down Of A Lawn Tractor’s Weight


The engines of lawn tractors carry about 15 to 18 percent of the entire machine’s weight. They can be either the Kawasaki, Kohler, or Briggs and Stratton and will also differ by the amount of horsepower that can be delivered. The more horsepower an engine possesses, the likelier for it to weigh more.

The brand of the engine also determines how heavy your mower will be. This is because all the trademarks manufacture their motors uniquely, and although they carry out the same purpose, they are engineered with different materials that differ in weight.

You’ll find that the heaviest of the lawn tractor engines is the Kawasaki carrying an average of 137 pounds, followed by the Kohler with an average of 118 pounds, and the Briggs Stratton engines appearing as the lightest with only 94 pounds respectively.

Considering the average number we’ve set aside for a lawn tractor which is 500lbs, the engine could easily be a quarter of the entire machine leaving 3 quarters for other categories.


The transmission system for lawn tractors has evolved drastically over the years. Earlier on, the gear transmission system was the go-to tranny unit for lawn tractors, and they were as heavy as a horse! So heavy that you couldn’t mow through the same path twice or thrice lest a pathway will be formed under the weight of your mower. They were also very difficult to use; changing speeds would require you to stop the machine to effect the purpose, just so that you can gallop around the lawn like in a rodeo. All being said, we are gratified to have evolved.

Nowadays, hydrostatic transmission leads the race. They are much lighter as they weigh fairly 27 to 30 pounds of the whole tractor and require less work to run around with. The downside to weighing less is that, unlike the gear transmission, pulling heavy loads will be a little more challenging as it could fry and weaken the axles if overworked.

Cutting Deck

The deck of a lawn tractor will vary in size and in the material used to manufacture the unit. Cutting decks weigh anything from 75 to 300 pounds which is easily half of the machine. The deck comprises everything from the shell of the deck, the pulleys, blades, and belt including the caster wheels to function as a unit.

The material also hugely affects the overall weight; some brands use parts and bits of plastic and others would rely entirely on steel. Decks can also come fabricated, stamped, and in categories of 7-11 gauge in density that stir the overall value of the machine’s weight.

In retrospect, the 11-gauge fabricated iron decks are the heaviest of them all. They are also much more durable and long lasting in comparison to the other categories. This gives you a yardstick for measuring what kind of deck you prefer for your lawn tractor.


The batteries for lawn tractors don’t weigh that much at all, but they do add to the overall weight of the machine which is why I see the need to include them. They easily weigh from 7 to 10 lbs depending on the brand you choose. Lead acid batteries are heavier than Lithium Ion cells in general by 1-2 lbs. However, they do go unnoticed because of the vast difference in weight they have in comparison to the other parts of the machine.

Fuel Tank Gas

The gas tank for lawn tractors varies from 1 – 5 gallons and will hold a capacity of 1-40 lbs in weight if filled to the brim. Still, this isn’t entirely considered the complete weight of a lawn tractor since it constantly fluctuates. It’s preferable to include the weight of gas to the concise weight of the lawn tractor so that if your tractor weighs 450 pounds, adding the fuel to it will become 475 or so.


The tires for lawn tractors weigh about 12 – 15 pounds each fastened to the wheel which weighs about 60-70 pounds depending on the size of the mower. It is assumed that wider tires groove and scalp the lawn in comparison to smaller-sized tires, and this is absolutely wrong. Whether or not your mower will scalp the lawn has little to nothing to do with the weight, and everything to do with the width of the tires. Bigger tires distribute the weight better thus reducing the chances of scrapes and scalps in tight corners.

The Frame

The frame of the law tractor is the skeleton of the machine and is often considered to be the heaviest part. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t weigh that much. This is because they include more plastic parts in comparison to the other components of the machine. Regardless, some brands do have more plastic than metal which will depend on the model sought to buy. Commercial mowers will have more metal than residential models due to the heavier tasks they require to complete. In general, the frame alone will weigh about 40 – 50 pounds.

The Seat

Lawn tractor seats can weigh anything from 5 – 25 pounds. There are different types of seats with many features that differ by the materials used to build them. Suspension seats are the heaviest kind because they are infused with extra parts of metal that allow the seats to be installed onto the mower. The plushier and more luxurious the seat is, the heavier it will be.

Should My Lawn Tractor Be Heavy Or Light-Weight?

This highly depends on the terrain or situation you rely on your lawn tractor to tackle. The heavier your mower is, the more durable it is because of the materials used to manufacture it. If you consider tackling professional duties, rough terrain, or aggressive turf, the lawn tractor you’d be needing for that kind of job will weigh above 500 lbs because of the equipment it will be built with. On the other hand, simple residential duties that wouldn’t prove too difficult to tackle will do better with a moderately equipped mower which will be about the adequate weight or even less.

The benefit of lighter lawn tractors is the ability to tackle hills and slopes much better, however heavier lawn tractors will tow much better and thus be more productive. Simply put; the weight of your mower will determine your personal mowing experience.

Final Words

In many cases, the lawn tractor’s weight is not always considered. Nonetheless, it’s important to fully recognize all aspects of your machine to help you fully monitor its overall cutting performance. A great tip to use when purchasing a lawn tractor is to critically consider the features of your lawn and the requirements you’d prefer your mower to reach. The weight of the mower falls after you have considered these aspects and will suit the responsibilities properly. Good luck!

EL Mehdi (Medi), the founder and voice behind Desired Lawn Mower. He is a riding mower lover and has been active in the industry for years. He’s also an entrepreneur who owns and manages multiple helpful websites.

Lawn mower weight kg

Husqvarna, STIHL, and John Deere are the most popular brands making reliable zero-turn mowers for homeowners.

That said, every zero-turn mower has a different weight.

Do you have a zero turn cover yet? Check this new product on Amazon.

If you want to know how much a zero turn mower weighs, here’s what I discovered after analyzing 50 popular lawnmowers:

A zero-turn mower weighs an average of 500 – 700 lbs. Commercial purpose lawnmower with larger cutting decks weigh an upward of 1,500 – 2,000 lbs.

What is a Zero-turn Mower?

A zero-turn mower, which is sometimes called a ZTR (zero-turn radius), was initially a piece of equipment that was used to cut grass in large areas such as sports fields, golf courses, and along highways.

It does this by having the ability to change the direction that it travels very quickly, without needing to make any real movement on its wheels.

The first time that such a machine was built with the sole purpose of being able to easily maneuver around landscaped gardens and yards came about in 1969.

The two engineers from Oregon were asked by their lawn care company what they could do to improve productivity and efficiency. They responded with Zero Turn radius mowers.

However, they initially had some issues with the machine, including safety concerns and climbing hills, among others.

The modern zero-turn mower is not only safer to operate but also better equipped for jobs in difficult areas where standard lawnmowers cannot work.

For example, it can easily make tight turns while still cutting tall grass.

However, how much does a zero turn mower weigh? Is there any significant difference between its weight and that of other types of equipment?

How Heavy Are Zero-Turn Mowers?

When zero turn radius machines were first introduced to the market, they weighed around 400 pounds (180 kg), which was about 100 pounds (45 kilograms) heavier than traditional lawnmowers.

Back then, this made them very difficult to load onto trailers because of their weight.

However, they were still widely used to mow larger areas.

This is because of their improved productivity and the fact that you could cut your grass twice as quickly with them compared to a standard model. Technology has evolved, so have these lawnmowers.

Today there are models that weigh less than 300 pounds (135 kilograms) even though they can easily cut through tall vegetation.

This makes it possible for them to be towed by smaller vehicles like ATVs or garden tractors, which also reduces the costs associated with transporting them around in order to do jobs.

A zero-turn mower is an excellent piece of machinery to have in your garage. Not only can it trim the grass right down to its base, but it makes quick work out of large areas too.

There are so many brands and models to choose from though that it’s hard to know where to begin.

One thing you’ll notice is how much they weigh. For example, you will see that Cat 266B weighs 1,320 pounds (590 kg). Is that normal?

Let’s take a look at 5 examples:

10 Toro Z Master Commercial Riding Mower

1). A 2010 Toro Z Master commercial grade rear engine riding mower has a dry weight of 1,088 pounds (490 kg). That means that once you add oil and fuel, it can weigh up to 3,200 pounds (1 598kg) with a full 80-gallon tank.

). 2005 Ariens Deluxe 22 HP Zero Turn Mower

The 2005 Ariens Deluxe 22 HP zero turn mower has a dry weight of 981 pounds (442 kg), but once it is fuelled up its total weight can reach around 4,000 pounds (1814kg).

). 2015 Gravely ZT HD60 zero turn mower

2015 Gravely ZT HD60 zero turn mower’s dry weight is only 712 lbs (323kg), but when you include the maximum capacity for both fuel and grass collection at 875lbs (396kgs), its total reaches nearly 2 tons.

). 2010 Cub Cadet SC500Z zero turn mower

The 2010 Cub Cadet SC500Z zero turn mower’s dry weight is a light 750lbs (340kg), but when you add in fuel and a grass collection system its total will be 2,120 lbs (957kg).

). 2014 John Deere X748E zero turn mower

The 2014 John Deere X748E zero turn mower’s dry weight is an astonishingly low 580lbs (263kg), but add the maximum capacity for fuel and grass at 1,100lbs (499kgs), and it can quickly weigh over 3 tons.

Weight can also be affected by the manufacturing material and the number of additional features:

What Does A Zero-Turn Mower Weigh?

1). Weight can depend on the material used in production. For instance, Uni-Body designs tend to weigh less than other products. This is because they’re made from one solid piece of steel that’s connected to the front axle at one end and connected to the engine at the other.

The steering wheel attaches right into this main structure. Unlike these, decks attached with bolts and brackets can weigh up to 200 lbs. more than Uni-Body models of the same size, this is one of their major benefits.

2). Most mowers feature a steering wheel, engine, and transmission (and usually at least two belts). A bigger deck will mean a higher weight.

Some extra features like an adjustable seat or cup holders can also increase its overall weight by as much as 100 lbs., depending on the model and manufacturer.

3). If you’re looking for something specifically lightweight, go with electric models. They weigh about half as much as gas alternatives.

Even though they use electricity instead of gasoline, they still make some noise and release exhaust like regular riding mowers.

The only difference here is that electricity comes from source making them environmentally friendly.

4). If your yard is on the heavy side, you might want to choose a more powerful mower with an engine of at least 42-44 HP. Gas engines running on lower numbers don’t have enough power to perform well on hilly or extremely large yards.

5). Also keep in mind that weight can vary depending on where you’re located. For example, gas are higher in California than they are in Alabama, this makes electric models more competitive since they require no fuel whatsoever.

You’ll also need to consider shipping fees for some products (especially if you purchase online).

It’s good to know how much your zero-turn mower weighs because this can help you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a new mower.

Firstly, the weight of the machine will affect the speed at which it can cut through grass, as well as how difficult it might be for you to handle or transport.

Some zero-turn mowers are heavy enough that they require two people just to pick them up off of the ground and put them into a truck bed or other storage area before being able to use them.

However, other zero-turn lawnmowers are significantly lighter and have wheels attached so that you can move them around without assistance.

Additionally, if you were to purchase a very lightweight zero-turn mower, you would have to worry about the machine tipping over when you are attempting to attach a bagger or drive on an incline.

If you are considering buying a new zero-turn lawnmower, it’s important that you have all of the facts concerning its weight so that you can be prepared for whatever challenges might arise.

Lastly, most people weigh themselves daily without fail in order to track their progress towards their own personal fitness goals.

While it is unlikely that many homeowners would consider weighing their zero turn mower, it’s highly encouraged that they at least know how much they paid for it or what type of battery capacity is included in case they need to transport it further than normal one day.

Additionally, while you might not typically weigh your zero turn mower, doing so before and after a long period of time in which the machine has been sitting idle is a good way to see whether or not proper maintenance has been conducted.

Additionally, zero-turn machines are now equipped with more powerful engines, in comparison to when they first entered the market. They also come fitted with features that improve their build quality and safety, such as rollover protection bars.

Is There A Difference In Weight Between Zero Turn Mowers?

There are many types of zero-turn mowers available on the market, all of which feature different features that make them suited for particular jobs. For example, some are better at dealing with wet conditions, while others are safer to use.

Those that can cut through tall grass typically weigh more than standard models, but the most significant change is seen among those that are designed to carry out landscaping tasks.

One type of zero-turn radius lawnmower that has become popular recently is known as a landowner or woodland mower due to its ability to cope with thicker vegetation.

These typically have three axles rather than two and come equipped with features such as rollover protection bars, anti-scalping wheels, and additional ground clearance.

One of the most popular examples of this type of machine is the New Holland LM1040.

As you can see from the image above, it weighs 1,349 pounds (622 kilograms) which is more than double that of any standard lawnmower.

This not only makes them difficult to transport around but also adds an extra cost to their purchase due to the fact that they need larger tires in order to support their weight.

However, this does allow them to be used for landscaping projects where other types of mowers cannot go, one example being when cutting through vegetation along a steep slope.

This makes them particularly useful when carrying out ecological projects designed to improve the environment in woodland by reducing dense undergrowth.

If you’re shopping for a new mower, remember that they all weigh something. It’s important to make sure your garage floor won’t buckle under the weight of your potential purchase.

Also, take into account how heavy it will be when you’re pulling the mower around your yard. If you’ll be towing many other items behind it, take that into account too.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, how much does a zero-turn mower weigh? The weight of all types of zero-turn radius lawnmowers has been steadily decreasing in recent years due to advancements in technology and design.

This is mainly true when it comes to standard models which used to be significantly heavier than their counterparts, but this is no longer the case with modern equivalents.

However, if you are carrying out landscaping tasks or have rocky terrain where other mowers cannot cut then a landowner mower might be better suited for your needs.

These can weigh up to twice as much as a regular machine and cost more initially but they will give you improved performance over uneven ground and help you to carry out your landscaping projects more quickly.

Lawn mowers

to mow a small to medium-sized lawn fully automatically, the STIHL RMI 422 iMOW® robotic mower is a practical solution. Its mulching mowing deck is powered by an integrated lithium-ion battery. During.

robotic lawn mower RMI 522 C

Cutting width: 20 cm

Fully automatic and compact robotic mower for mid-sized lawn areas of up to 2,100 m². Cuts grass, shreds clippings, and fertilises in one work step as a mulch mower, while also ensuring.

robotic lawn mower RMI 632 PC

Cutting width: 28 cm

weather as well as possible obstacles on the lawn. As soon as the robotic mower’s sensors detect contact, the machine picks a new route. An installation kit is required for installation. The STIHL iMOW®.

robotic lawn mower A 5000

Cutting width: 26 cm

commitments to keep the lawn looking its best shouldn’t be an impossible task. Engineered with absolute accuracy, the STIGA A 5000 is the highest spec autonomous robotic lawn mower in.

robotic lawn mower A 3000

Cutting width: 26 cm

absolute accuracy, the STIGA A 3000 autonomous robotic lawn mower is the only robot lawn mower with the unique STIGA patented Active Guidance System (AGS) technology

robotic lawn mower A 1500

Cutting width: 18 cm

Engineered for absolute accuracy, the STIGA A 1500 is the only robot lawn mower with the unique STIGA patented Active Guidance System (AGS) technology. Other autonomous mowers may lose.

robotic lawn mower AUTOMOWER® 310 Mark II

Cutting width: 22 cm

With its compact 4-wheeled design, Husqvarna Automower® 310 Mark II robotic lawn mower effortlessly takes care of lawns up to 1000 m2. It can manage slopes with a 40% incline and even.

robotic lawn mower Automower® 315 Mark II

Cutting width: 22 cm

When taking care of lawns up to 1500 m2, Husqvarna Automower® 315 Mark II robotic lawn mower does the job for you. The compact 4-wheeled design means it can handle slopes with a 40% incline.

robotic lawn mower CEORA™ 544 EPOS/Razor 43M/CS4

Cutting width: 68 cm

Automatically calculates the most efficient route to and from the charging station’s docking point. It will vary its route on the lawn to avoid unpleasant tracks.

robotic lawn mower AV28

Cutting width: 1,200 mmEngine power: 20.8 kW

The AV range was created to face the most extreme working conditions in the field of outdoor maintenance. These vehicles represent the excellence of technology for green and snow management works. This model is available with a rotary.

riding lawn mower MF1018X

Cutting width: 970 mmEngine power: 11.3 kW

Features HST Foot Pedal Hand Lever Operator can use either HST foot pedal or hand lever for driving. When you let go of the pedal at your driving, the machine slows down at once. Pedal and lever are selectively used, as needed. Mowing.

riding lawn mower MG1022X

Cutting width: 970 mmEngine power: 14.1 kW

Features Run-through pedal Mowing part rises to upper position and differential lock is engaged when run-through pedal is stepped on. It makes it easier to operate the machine on bumpy ground. Run-through lamp flashes when mowing.

riding lawn mower ME1022X1

Cutting width: 970 mmEngine power: 14.1 kW

Features Large diameter front tire The rug pattern prevents the machine from skidding when the machine circles. Foot pedal Traveling operation is easy with the foot pedal. Variable mowing height control lever The mowing height.

riding lawn mower BUFFALO 100 BPHPX2

Cutting width: 100 cmEngine power: 13.5 kW

one day of work. Charles Hervet, landscaper With their 1m cutting decks and 20.5 HP diesel engines, the new Buffalo 100 mowers boast a theoretical efficiency of 12,000 m²/h, an unparalleled weight to power ratio.

riding lawn mower HYDRO 124DX

Cutting width: 124 cmEngine power: 17 kW

Ride-on mowers A World Apart The Hydro 124DX from ETESIA is the first mower that combines direct rear-ejection, intregrated collection and high-lift emptying (patented). All features that make it one.

riding lawn mower BUFFALO 100 BVHPX

Cutting width: 100 cmEngine power: 14 kW

Fitted with a 100-cm overlapping cutting deck and a 23-HP two-cylinder Vanguard engine, it has a higher hourly mowing output of up to 12 000 sq.m. per hour, and an unequalled weight-to-power ratio. Above all, it represents excellent value.

push lawn-mower GRINDER PRO MAX

Cutting width: 60 cm

body, the 60cm professional mulching The best cut for a healthy, green lawn, professional mulching even for tall grass. Same cutting frequency as a traditional collection mower. No chemical fertilization.

push lawn-mower GRINDER 46 SK

Cutting width: 46 cm

The best cut for a healthy, green lawn, professional mulching even for tall grass. It has the same cutting frequency as a traditional collection mower. No chemical fertilization needed. It’s also.

push lawn-mower GRINDER 4×4 SH

Cutting width: 52 cm

The best cut for a healthy, green lawn, professional mulching even for tall grass. It has the same cutting frequency as a traditional collection mower. No chemical fertilization needed. It’s also.

push lawn-mower HR400W

Cutting width: 400 mmEngine power: 3.2 kW

Speed : Forward.-2positon Backward1postion (mechanical gear transmisson) Handle can be adjusted vertically only

riding lawn mower RM88,RM950

Cutting width: 800, 950 mmEngine power: 11.8, 13.2 kW

Cutting Height: 10-70 mm (Free adjust system) Speed : Forward.-0 ~10.0( km/h) Backward.-0 ~4.5 (km/h) (HST Transmisson) Equipped with differentail gear differentail lock system. Rack and Pinion type Steering system.

riding lawn mower RM980,RM980F

Cutting width: 975 mmEngine power: 15.6, 17 kW

Cutting Height: 10-80 mm (Free adjust system) Speed : Forward.-0 ~12.0(km/h) Backward.-0 ~7.0 (km/h) (HST Transmisson ) Equipped with differentail gear differentail lock system. Rack and Pinion type Steering system.

push lawn-mower GP-CM 36/47 S HW Li

Cutting width: 47 cm

The Einhell Professional cordless lawn mower GP-CM 36/47 S HW Li makes taking care of the garden a real pleasure. For knocking grassed areas into shape and tidying up edge strips, get straight down to.

push lawn-mower RASARRO 36/42

Cutting width: 42 cm

cordless lawn mower RASARRO 36/42 (2×5.2 Ah) ensures a green, even lawn for your home garden. The 15 kg light and compact mower works with a cutting width of 42 cm through.

push lawn-mower GE-EM 1233

Cutting width: 33 cmEngine power: 1,250 W

The GE-EM 1233 electric lawn mower is a high-quality, efficient and maneuverable helper which ideally meets the requirements for mowing small lawns. With its high torque, the robust carbon.

push lawn-mower LMX2037

Cutting width: 37 cm

Engine Engine type. : Electric battery Voltage. : 20 volt Noise level. : 93 dB Starter. : Electric Handle Handle bar. : Adjustable Functions Cutting height. : 25-75 mm Rear discharge. : Yes Number of knives. : 1 pce. Height.

push lawn-mower LMX2033

Cutting width: 33 cm

Engine Engine type. : Electric battery Voltage. : 20 volt Noise level. : 92 dB Starter. : Electric Handle Handle bar. : Firm Functions Cutting height. : 25-65 mm Rear discharge. : Yes Number of knives. : 1 pce. Height.

push lawn-mower TEXAS Razor 4200Li

Cutting width: 42 cm

Productdescription Razor 4200Li (40V Lithium) Battery lawn mower based on the TEXAS-developed 40V platform, which also include Trimmer, hedge trimmer and chain saw. This battery-powered lawn.

robotic lawn mower 127570

Cutting width: 23 cmEngine power: 1,200 W

lawn, mower, weight, best, 2023, everyday

-Whisper quiet mowing for lawns up to 1200 m².High manoeuvrability. Navigates passages as narrow as 60 cm.Efficient twin blade mower.Operation is simple by using the AL-KO inTouch app via WLAN Small.

robotic lawn mower 127618

Cutting width: 20 cmEngine power: 450 W

helper for the daily lawn care in your garden. The robotic lawnmower is extremely easy to install; both the base station and the Smart gardening connection are quickly ready. Our sophisticated software.

robotic lawn mower 127571

Cutting width: 23 cmEngine power: 2,000 W

is your lawn mowed reliably, but you also get plenty of free time. Connection: With the new app-enabled Robolinho® robotic lawnmower, the garden is intelligently maintained and a Smart garden becomes.

push lawn-mower 805.136

Engine power: 9.7, 5.5, 6 ch

FPM park mowers are designed for professional use. They are intended for mowing of large grassy areas such as parks, sports fields and similar public areas. This mower has rear-wheel drive, providing.

push lawn-mower SPRINT B42

Cutting width: 42 cm

The wide range of lawnmowers proposed by Blue Bird Industries is able to meet various needs of both amateur and professional user. The range starts from the basic models, which thanks to their lightweight and easy handling.

push lawn-mower 5370SB

Cutting width: 53 cm

The secret of IBEA’s mulching system lies in the perfect synergy between deck and blade. The precise inclination of the blade tips and the particular design of the thick, rounded deck allow the mowed grass to be diverted towards the blade.

riding lawn mower 1200

Cutting width: 1,200 mm

With the Avant collecting mower 1200 you can easily do the mowing and collect the clippings. Thanks to its excellent suction power collecting of leaves from the lawns is also possible. The mulching blades.

zero-turn lawn mower SZ330 Series

Cutting width: 152 cm. 183 cmEngine power: 32 ch

Iseki Zero.Turn Mower SZ330 Series with enough high power diesel engine provide efficient performance for mowing. A machine can be operated by two maneuverable HST levers and performs 360 degree turning radius to eliminate.

zero-turn lawn mower 76602

Cutting width: 63 inEngine power: 26 ch

-BIG, BAD and POWERFUL. One pass with this machine is all it will take to know you’ll never mow with anything elseBuilt Like a Bull. Rely on commercial-grade components, like the IronForged deck, 10-gauge steel, G-force-generating.

zero-turn lawn mower FasTrak

Cutting width: 48, 54, 60 inEngine power: 22, 24, 27 ch

-Up to 10 mph mowing speed.4yr / 750hr limited warranty All-New Redesigned 2022 FasTrak The FasTrak is the perfect mower to start your lawncare business, grow your lawncare business or mow residential large acreages.

push lawn-mower ULYSSE

Cutting width: 48 cm

zero-turn lawn mower CM214, CM314 ,CM374

Cutting width: 1, 2 mmEngine power: 16, 22.4, 26.8 kW

control under heavy circumstances and a road speed for light mowing and transport. The best warranty in the field for front mowers. Horsepower: 21.5 / 30.0 / 36.0

robotic lawn mower Bigmow

Cutting width: 103 cmEngine power: 830 kW

BIGMOW IS THE WORLD’S BEST-PERFORMING ROBOTIC MOWER Bigmow is capable of maintaining up to 24,000 m2 of turf, which means it has ambition. Bigmow is recommended for sports pitches, driving ranges, public spaces or private.

push lawn-mower AS 420 EProClip

Cutting width: 42 cm

flower beds, in cemeteries and on smaller, angled surfaces. Thanks to zero-emission battery propulsion, the mower is outstandingly suited for urban lawn care – particularly in the vicinity of hospitals.

zero-turn lawn mower 125V

Cutting width: 48, 52, 61 in

Combining powerful performance with a compact design ideal for tight quarters mowing, the Model 125V is a great way to step up to Grasshopper comfort, quality and durability.

riding lawn mower S14i

Cutting width: 91 cm. 107 cmEngine power: 14 ch

patented Walker GHS Blower with Thru-Shaft PTO and commercial grade components makes the S14i a serious, entry-level commercial mower designed for residential properties.

lawn, mower, weight, best, 2023, everyday

[RANKED] Top 3 Lawn Mowers of 2023!!

push lawn-mower S, X Series

Cutting width: 21, 30, 36, 60 in

behind mowers, we did our homework. We packed more technology and performance into each mower. Our mowers deliver precision lawn trimming with versatile handling and.

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STIHL RME 235 Electric Lawn Mower

1195045 Manual (10.78 MB)

The RME 235 electric lawn mower from STIHL comes up trumps on small lawns: a narrow 33cm/13 cutting width and a weight of only 13 kg and a cable length of 10 m make it particularly manoeuvrable and easy to steer around flower beds and bushes. The low noise 1.2 kW motor mows cleanly and efficiently. Ensuring that users are always comfortable when mowing their lawn, the RME 235 benefits from a height adjustable handle bar. The STIHL RME 235 electric lawn mower allows you to centrally adjust the cutting height between 25 – 65 mm with great ease. The easy-open 30-litre grass catcher box boasts hassle-free emptying and benefits from an integral level indicator, which shows you when the box is full. If your lawn is under 300m2 then this is the perfect electric lawn mower. Foldable handle bars combined with carrying handle enable seamless storage and transportation. The RME 235 comes with a 5 year extended domestic warranty (subject to registration and annual servicing).

  • Lawns m²: up to 300
  • Cutting width cm: 33
  • Cutting height: 5-settings (central)
  • Cutting height 20-70: 25-65
  • Working speed U/min: 3.200
  • Nominal output W: 1.200
  • Grass catcher box l: 30
  • Weight kg: 14
  • Guaranteed sound power level LWAd [dB(A)] dB(A): 93
  • Uncertainty factor KpA [dB(A)] dB(A): 2
  • Vibration value ahw m/s²: 1.4
  • Uncertainty factor K m/s²: 0.7

Highlift blade: The highlift blade gives a precise finish to the lawn and ensures optimal filling of the grass catcher box. The blade creates a strong air current in the housing, which makes the grass stand upright before cutting and efficiently carries the clippings into the catcher box using an integrated and powerful air flow system.

Fold-open grass catcher box with level indicator: The plastic grass catcher box can be easily opened and emptied thanks to its folding mechanism. The current of air produced during mowing blows the clippings into the grass catcher box and ensures a high degree of filling. Thanks to the downward-facing vanes, the air is guided sideways towards the ground, preventing dirt from being thrown up. The level indicator signals the correct time for emptying. The airflow generated by the blade raises the level indicator. When the basket is full, the airflow stops. If the airflow is too low, the level indicator returns to its idle state and this is an indication to empty the catcher box. Optimal airflow is required in order for the level indicator to function fully. External influences such as wet, dense or tall grass, a low cutting height, contamination, etc. may affect the airflow and the performance of the level indicator.

lawn, mower, weight, best, 2023, everyday

Smooth running wheels: The smooth running wheels of the STIHL lawn mowers are extremely robust and hard-wearing. They have been equipped with a traction pattern and directional stability tread pattern for effortless manoeuvring and to help hold perfect line during mowing.

Integrated cable strain relief: The integrated cable strain relief of the STIHL electric lawn mowers ensures that the extension cable is securely fastened to the lawn mower.

Carrying handles: This STIHL lawn mower is equipped with carrying handles to make transport simple and loading easy. The carrying handles are also suitable as lashing points for securing the lawn mower with a strap during transport.

Foldable handlebar: Thanks to its foldable handlebars, the lawn mower can be made even more compact for space-saving storage or for transport.

Height-adjustable handlebar: The handlebar can be set to several positions to suit your body height. This individual height adjustment ensures greater comfort without affecting the stability or manoeuvrability of the STIHL lawn mower.

Polymer housing: The extremely lightweight polymer housing combines high resistance and robustness against forces, heat and UV radiation.

Central cutting height adjustment: The central cutting height adjustment is spring-loaded, which makes it easy to set the desired cutting height in several settings. The current height is indicated by a scale.

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