Lawn tractor disc plow. 3 Point Tiller vs. Disc Harrow: Which One is Right for Your Farm

Point Tiller vs. Disc Harrow: Which One is Right for Your Farm?

When it comes to preparing the soil for planting, farmers have a wide range of options. Two of the most popular choices are the 3 point tiller and the disc harrow. But which one is the best fit for your specific needs? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the differences between these two essential pieces of farm equipment and provide some guidance on how to make the right choice for your farm.

What is a 3 point tiller?

A 3 point tiller is a tractor attachment that uses rotating tines to break up and mix soil. It’s typically connected to the tractor’s 3-point hitch and powered by the tractor’s power take-off (PTO).

Pros of a 3 point tiller

Creates a fine, consistent seedbed

Mixes crop residue and organic matter into the soil

Effective in breaking up compacted soil

Works well in small spaces and around obstacles

Cons of a 3 point tiller

May require multiple passes for proper soil preparation

Can be more expensive to maintain due to tine wear

Higher fuel consumption compared to a disc harrow

What is a Disc Harrow?

A disc harrow is a tractor attachment consisting of multiple steel discs arranged on a horizontal axis. These discs cut into the soil, breaking up clods and mixing in crop residue.

Pros of a Disc Harrow

Efficient at breaking up large clods and leveling the soil

Can handle larger areas in a shorter amount of time

Lower maintenance costs compared to a 3 point tiller

Less fuel consumption than a 3 point tiller

Cons of a Disc Harrow

May not create as fine a seedbed as a 3 point tiller

Not as effective in mixing crop residue and organic matter into the soil

Can be difficult to maneuver in tight spaces

Comparing 3 point tiller and Disc Harrow

Soil Preparation

While both 3 point tillers and disc harrows are effective for soil preparation, they have different strengths. A 3 point tiller is better suited for creating a fine, consistent seedbed, while a disc harrow excels at breaking up large clods and leveling the soil.

Crop Residue Management

When it comes to managing crop residue, 3 point tillers generally do a better job of mixing organic matter into the soil. Disc harrows, on the other hand, tend to leave more residue on the surface, which can be advantageous for erosion control but may not be ideal for all crops.

Maintenance and Operating Costs

Disc harrows generally have lower maintenance costs and consume less fuel than 3 point tillers. However, if your primary goal is to create a fine seedbed, the additional operating costs associated with a 3 point tiller may be worth the investment.

Factors to Consider When Choosing

When deciding between a 3 point tiller and a disc harrow, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

Soil Type

Different soil types may respond better to one implement over the other. For example, a 3 point tiller may be better suited for breaking up compacted clay soils, while a disc harrow may work better in sandy or loamy soils.

Farm Size

For larger farms, a disc harrow may be more efficient due to its ability to cover a larger area in less time. However, if your farm has small fields or numerous obstacles, a 3 point tiller may be the better option.

Crop Type

Consider the specific needs of the crops you plan to grow. Some crops may require a finer seedbed, making a 3 point tiller the better choice, while others may be less sensitive to soil preparation and could benefit from the quicker and lower-cost operation of a disc harrow.


Budget constraints may also play a role in your decision. While the initial cost of a 3 point tiller can be higher than a disc harrow, it’s essential to consider long-term maintenance and operating costs when making your choice.

Discover the impressive range of 3-point tillers offered by Victory Tractor Implements. These high-quality tillers are designed to provide efficient soil preparation and are perfect for various agricultural tasks. The range includes three outstanding models:

HRT-60 Rotary Tiller: This 60-inch tiller is ideal for smaller tractors and is perfect for preparing your garden or small farm. Its robust design ensures reliability and efficiency.

HRT-70 Rotary Tiller: The HRT-70 model offers a 70-inch working width, providing greater coverage and faster soil preparation. This tiller is suitable for medium-sized tractors and is built to last.

HRT-80 Rotary Tiller: The largest of the three models, the HRT-80 boasts an 80-inch working width, making it perfect for larger tractors and more extensive farming operations. Its heavy-duty construction ensures durability and top-notch performance.

Invest in a Victory Tractor Implements 3-point tiller and experience the difference that quality and performance can make on your farm or garden.


Ultimately, the choice between a 3 point tiller and a disc harrow will depend on your specific needs, farm size, soil type, and budget. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose the right implement for your farm.


Can I use both a 3 point tiller and a disc harrow on my farm?

Yes, many farmers use both implements, depending on the specific requirements of their fields and crops.

How often should I replace the tines on my 3 point tiller?

Tine wear will vary based on factors such as soil type and tiller usage. Inspect your tines regularly and replace them when they become worn or damaged to maintain optimal performance.

How deep should I set my disc harrow?

The optimal depth will depend on your soil type, crop requirements, and the specific model of disc harrow you are using. Consult your disc harrow’s manual for guidance on setting the proper depth.

What is the main difference between a 3 point tiller and a disc harrow?

The primary difference is in how they prepare the soil. A 3 point tiller creates a finer, more consistent seedbed, while a disc harrow is better for breaking up large clods and leveling the soil. They also differ in terms of crop residue management and operating costs.

Do I need to add weight to my disc harrow?

Adding weight to your disc harrow can improve its penetration and performance in hard or compacted soil. However, the amount of weight needed will depend on your soil type, the specific model of disc harrow, and the desired depth. Consult your disc harrow’s manual for guidance on proper weight adjustments.

How do I know when to use a 3 point tiller or a disc harrow?

Consider factors such as soil type, farm size, crop requirements, and your budget. For example, if you have a small farm with compacted clay soil and require a fine seedbed for your crop, a 3 point tiller might be more appropriate. On the other hand, if you have a larger farm with sandy or loamy soil and need to manage crop residue, a disc harrow could be the better choice.

Can I use a 3 point tiller for weed control?

Yes, using a 3 point tiller can help control weeds by uprooting and burying them in the soil. However, depending on the weed species and your specific crop requirements, other weed management methods such as hand-weeding, mowing, or chemical control might be more effective.

Do I need a specific tractor size or horsepower to operate a 3 point tiller or a disc harrow?

The tractor size and horsepower requirements will depend on the specific model of 3 point tiller or disc harrow you are using. Always consult the implement’s manual or the manufacturer for guidance on the appropriate tractor size and horsepower needed to operate your chosen implement effectively and safely.

Victory Tractor Implements is proud to offer a wide range of products including flail mowers, wood chippers, rotary tillers, and backhoes, all designed to be connected directly to your tractor’s PTO for maximum efficiency and performance. In addition, we also offer winter equipment such as snow plows and snow blowers, designed for use with skid steers.

We source all of our equipment directly from the manufacturer and pass the savings on to our customers. As always, the team is standing by to answer any questions to assist with your decision. Victory support can be reached directly at (562) 534-8182 or

lawn, tractor, disc, plow

Disc harrows

This high-speed disk is a true dual-season tool that cuts, sizes and incorporates high levels of crop residue, improving soil quality and maximizing crop yields. Available in a rigid mounted or trailing configuration. HIGH-SPEED DISK.

mounted disc harrow True-Tandem™ series

Width: 22’00 ft. 46’00

tools. Case IH True-Tandem disk harrows lead the industry in ruggedness and reliability so you can manage heavy crop residue with ease. TRUE-TANDEM™ FAMILY True-Tandem disk harrows.

mounted disc harrow CombiDisc 3000

The mounted CombiDisc compact disc harrow in its 3 m working width is ideally suited to high forward speeds, especially when sowing with a harrow-mounted seed drill. With working depths.

trailed disc harrow Catros⁺ 02-2TS

Width: 6, 4, 5 m

The Catros⁺-2TS compact disc harrows are perfect for the shallow and intensive mixing of stubbles and soil. Exceptionally high speeds with high surface area coverage are possible thanks to their extremely.

mounted disc harrow Joker CT series

Width: 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 7 m

Strengths of the Joker ■ With 3-point linkage the working widths range from 3 to 7 m ■ Produces high quantifies of fine soil within the germination zone ■ Efficient consolidation in the germination zone ■ No problems with long residues.

Brinly Moldboard Plow Review And Demonstration

trailed disc harrow Joker RT series

Width: 5.15 m. 12.25 m

lawn, tractor, disc, plow

working performance with little draft requirement High working speed in general Good penetration with aggressive, serrated discs and maximum machine weight All-over cutting at low working depth

trailed disc harrow Joker HD series

Width: 5, 6, 7 m

Strengths of the Joker ■Produces high quantities of fine soil within the germination zone ■ Efficient consolidation due to the double RollPack packer with high load-bearing capacity and excellent levelling effect for strip-consolidation ■.

mounted disc harrow TERRADISC series

Width: 3, 3.5, 4 m

Compact design is a key feature of PÖTTINGER disc harrows. Working depths between 3 and 12 cm are possible. The offset configuration of the aggressively set discs mixes the harvest residues.

mounted disc harrow TERRADISC T series

Width: 10, 8 m

penetration angle of the discs. The result: low draft, perfect penetration, the best tilth and mixing effect, even in dry soil. The high tare weight of the TERRADISC also ensures the dependable performance of this disc.

trailed disc harrow ESREMATVDIC01Z

Width: 838 mm

ATV disc harrow 355 mm toothed discs Robust frame Square tube 1110x740x430 mm Working width 838 mm Tyres 12”. 5” / 500-6

disc harrow ESGRADAROT135ZR

Width: 1,300 mm

ROTATING HARROW 1300 Mm GRID STACKER 280 kg 12 knives Working width 1300 mm Working depth 200 mm 25-35 HP

mounted disc harrow ESGRADARAP140Z

Width: 1,400 mm

Fast harrows from 10 to 24 discs of 560 mm diameter (thickness 4 mm). INCREASED DISC ANGLE, GREATER ANGLE OF ATTACK. INTEGRATED MAINTENANCE-FREE REINFORCED BEARINGS Double row of.

mounted disc cultivator ALEK

Width: 750 mm. 1,500 mm

Orchard Disc Hiller Machine ALEK Orchard Disc Hiller machine Orchard disc Hiller machine ALEK is adapted to attached on the front and on the rear of the tractor. it is used for backfilling.

mounted disc harrow GR series

Width: 3, 4, 4.5, 5, 6 m

Fast harrow from 3 to 6 meters with 22 or 24 inch discs. Machine suspended to the tractor’s three-point linkage. Lightweight and very robust, ideal for all types of terrain. With the option of hoop roller or bars.

mounted disc harrow TANOS

Width: 2.4 m. 3.2 m

of the machine: 1. Heavy duty disc harrow machine TANOS max working width of 2,4 m HVCDH 2,4 2. Heavy duty disc harrow machine TANOS max working width of.

trailed disc harrow TAVUC HVPDH 3,0

of exploitation. plain blade discs with diameter of 710 mm. adjustable deflection angle of discs. machines is made as V.offset disc harrow Working.

mounted disc harrow FOC-S series

Width: 1.62 m. 6.12 m

51 CM DISC HARROWS WITH SPRING DAMPER Clearance height of the frame: 60 cm. Working depth with 51 cm disc: 10/15, and with 56 cm disc: 10/18.

trailed disc harrow HERCULES

Width: 2.05 m. 3.3 m

section opening, hydraulic lifting of wheels with front and rear balancing, adjustable mud scrapers. The HER series of drag harrows is produced with double-bearing cast supports and a cast spacer equal to the axle.

trailed disc harrow HERCULES

Width: 2.77 m. 4.8 m

section opening, hydraulic lifting of wheels with front and rear balancing, adjustable mud flaps. The HER series of drag harrows, with hydraulic section folding, is produced with double-bearing cast supports and a.

crust-breaker disc harrow RS1sx,RS1dx

Width: 45 cm

Discs brake soil plate to work in the immediate proximity of the row in a fast and precise way to limit the growth of weeds and break the ground.

trailed disc harrow Disc Harrow series

TURF TILLING WITH THE VERSATILE TOWABLE DISC HARROW The Kivi-Pekka disc harrow is suitable for tilling, light tillage and seedbed preparation. It is designed to deliver.

trailed disc harrow FVPT series

Width: 185 cm. 320 cm

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION // TYPE MOUNTED – TRAINED DISC HARROW Sturdy tubular steel frame – Hydraulic gang angling – Plain and scalloped disc – Adjustable drawbar – Swinging supports on.

trailed disc harrow FCIMV series

Width: 320 cm. 456 cm

FCIMV (80-200 HP) #fcimv_disc_harrows #nardigroup PRODUCT DESCRIPTION // TYPE “OFFSET” DISC HARROW

trailed disc harrow FCIM/G series

Width: 230 cm. 410 cm

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION // TYPE “OFFSET” DISC HARROW Discs are available either plain or scalloped and set in two adjustable «V» offset gangs. Adjustable distance of scrapers from discs. Lifting.

mounted disc harrow

Discs harrow Discs 56 cm diameter N. discs 10 12

mounted disc harrow RAGNO

Width: 2.5 m

thickness. The hitch is provided with slots which let the disc harrow oscillate to pass the roughness of the ploughed soil. The third point keeps the machine always close to the soil. The disc.

mounted disc harrow ARMONI 51

Width: 2,000 mm. 3,500 mm

only the disc that is exposed to the external factors is deactivated and when it gets rid of the effect, it continues to work thanks to the spring assembly. Spring disc harrow sinks.

mounted disc harrow ARMONI 57

Width: 2,000 mm. 6,000 mm

easily than other disc harrows Spring disc harrow sinks more easily than other disc harrows Less towing power and less energy consumption

mounted disc harrow ARMONI 62

Width: 2,000 mm. 6,000 mm

Increases the fertility of the soil as it loosens the soil without turning it over With the spring leg connections, only the disc that is exposed to the external factors is deactivated and when it gets rid of the effect.

viticulture disc harrow HERMES VARIO

Type Hermes 130-180 Vario Type Hermes 180-220 Vario.Two rows of discs on rubber shock absorption.Discs Ø 510/4 mm and outer discs Ø 460/4 mm on a double bracket.Screw-on hubs.

mounted disc harrow HERMES VARIO H

Width: 1.3 m. 2.2 m

Type Hermes 130-180 VarioH Type Hermes 180-220 VarioH.Two rows of discs on rubber shock absorption.Discs Ø 510/4 mm and outer discs Ø 460/4 mm on a double bracket.Screw-on.

mounted disc harrow HERMES

Width: 1.3 m. 3 m

How to Use a Ripper / Field Cultivator. Gardening Series

.Two rows of discs on rubber shock absorption.Discs Ø 510/4 mm and outer discs Ø 460/4 mm on a double bracket.Screw-on hubs, maintenance-free.Side shields.Manual adjustment of.

trailed disc harrow SERIES ED TV. ED STV

Width: 3.85, 4.06, 3.65, 4.1 m

Features: Hydraulic adjustment of the sections and manual horizontal folding up to m 2.50 Hydraulic adjustment of the sections and automatic horizontal hydraulic folding up to m 2.50

mounted disc harrow SPRING series

Width: 4, 5, 6, 2.5, 3 m

Possible finishing sets to be added Paker roller Paker roller Spiral roller Ring roller intermediate blades Double row of corrugated disks

mounted disc harrow SERIES ED L

Width: 1.6 m. 2.65 m

Features: N° 8 self-aligning supports with triple sealed bearing Adjustable central disk equipment Independent erasers Accessories: Shock damper for plants (optional on all models)

mounted disc harrow LKM 300

Width: 3,000 mm

The disc harrow is used for superficial tillage of the soil (from 5 to 15 cm) for the burying of wheat and rice stubble, corn stalks, wastewater and weeds. The discs are arranged.

mounted disc harrow LKI 400

Width: 4,000 mm

The disc harrow is used for superficial tillage of the soil (from 5 to 15 cm) for the burying of wheat and rice stubble, corn stalks, wastewater and weeds. The discs are arranged.

mounted disc harrow LKB250

Width: 2,500 mm

trailed disc harrow FRANGI2.4

Width: 2.4 m

is also used to tear and crumble furrows after plowing lawns and to make stubble immediately after cutting the plants. Disc harrows can be used for cutting and covering manure after spreading and for.

trailed disc harrow HURON

Width: 250 cm. 700 cm

penetration. Disc assembly in compact section mounted on one shaft guarantees high throughput of plant residues. In case of a disc clog up, blocking material is pushed through the section by the other.

trailed disc harrow DB

Width: 300 cm. 550 cm

penetration. Disc assembly in compact section mounted on one shaft guarantees high throughput of plant residues. In case of a disc clog up, blocking material is pushed through the section by the other.

mounted disc cultivator ONTARIO

Width: 200 cm. 800 cm

Short disc cultivator is equipped with two rows of discs mounted on high-strength steel tines with maintenance-free bearings. Each disc is protected against overloading.

trailed disc harrow AT series

Width: 3, 3.5, 4, 2.5, 2.7 m

device 35×210 mm two rows of discs 510 or 560 type „P or ,,C maintenance-free hubs with cartridge mechanical seal distance between discs sections 70 cm adjustable side screens folding and.

mounted disc harrow REX 510

REX 510 disc harrows are used for undercutting and mixing stubble and harvest residues. The machine is ideally suited for shallow stubble cultivation in order to stimulate the germination of self-seeding.

mounted disc harrow REX 560

Width: 3, 4 m

REX 560 disc cultivators are used for undercutting and mixing stubble and harvest residues. High work efficiency with relatively low power requirement. The machine is ideally suited for shallow stubble.

mounted disc harrow REX 560

Width: 5, 4, 6 m

REX 560 disc cultivators are used for undercutting and mixing stubble and harvest residues. High work efficiency with relatively low power requirement. The machine is ideally suited for shallow stubble.

trailed disc harrow AAGD 22

Width: 2,070 mm. 3,680 mm

Offset goble Disc Harrow; can be produced from 18 discs to 36 discs upon request. Circle and notched disc options are available. 225 mm disc.

mounted disc harrow ABG 24

Width: 3,000 mm

lawn, tractor, disc, plow

exposed to the factor is disabled against external factors. Multi disc harrow sinks more easily than other disc harrows and saves fuel consumption.

mounted disc harrow

up to 15 km / h under proper soil conditions. The high performance brings low costs and low fuel consumption. 510mm toothed discs are attached to the frame with rubber springs. Withthis structure, adding soil and plant.

mounted disc harrow

Width: 2.8 m. 3.6 m

Reinforced cleaners can approach discs Easily adjust the uniformity of the front to the rear battery.Good balancing allows for better operation and easier transport Wheels measuring 10.75 × 15.3 Optionally, the disc.

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Lawn tractor disc plow

For many years, folks asked me: “Don’t you have a company logo?” And we really didn’t, as I just never took the time to come up with one…we just had “Earth Tools” written out in a blocky font, and that passed for a logo.

Finally, though, I decided to put some effort into it, and I hired my sister-in-law Trina Peiffer (my wife’s twin sister) to make a line drawing of the Earth Tools sign we have here at the shop. This sign is made out of a 4-foot length of Eastern Red Cedar log; the letters are carved with a chain saw.

I made this sign about 15 years ago (below is a photo). I figured this was a logo with some “meaning”…not just some arbitrary design. Hope you like it!



The supply chain issues / delays caused by Covid are pretty much worked out now, BUT.- we STILL get VERY busy in the late Winter Spring, and assembling/shipping wait times increase, just because of the log-jam of Tractor / Implement orders coming in all at once at the last minute. So.- DON’T wait until the last minute to order! If you want equipment for this upcoming growing season, ORDER EARLY! Keep in mind that we ship orders on a first-paid, first-shipped basis. we do NOT offer expidited assembling/shipping of tractor implement orders for an extra charge. We appreciate your business and your patience, and we work as hard as we can to get orders out as fast as possible, WITHOUT cutting corners on the proper equipment setup, prep checkout that we are famous for.

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We are now offering a “regional” delivery service for tractor implement orders within a 400-road-mile radius of our location in Owenton KY. Earth Tools’ owner’s Father-in-law (Charles) will be doing the deliveries. Charges for this service will be a bit more than for shipping by truck freight (call for a quote to your specific location), but delivery will be with a pickup truck (and trailer, if needed) that can get to most any location – unlike a semi-truck. Also, scheduling of the delivery will be more flexible, to better meet your needs. “perks” of this service are that the equipment will be FULLY assembled, and Charlie will show you basic operation of the tractor. Minimum merchandise order for this service: 6500. Call for a delivery quote!

Why are new BCS tractors BLACK or SILVER?

Beginning in late 2017, the BCS factory started a new “paint scheme” for their tractors and implements: The tractors are just painted BLACK, and the BCS-branded implements are painted SILVER. (and in 2023, the tractor bodies started coming through SILVER as well) So, on the tractors, the only blue parts are now the plastic “beauty” shrouds for the handlebars.


Because the BCS factory in Italy produces 3 brands of walk-behind tractors on the same assembly line: BCS, Ferrari, and Pasquali (BCS purchased these other 2 companies in the 1990s…and no, this is NOT the automotive “Ferrari!”). Historically, they had different paint-lines for each tractor and implement line (Blue for BCS, Green for Ferrari, and Yellow for Pasquali)…but sometime in 2017, they decided to optimize efficiency by painting all the tractors and implements “neutral” colors and just letting the plastic shrouds and decals delineate what brand tractor it would be. Hence, non-blue BCS tractors started appearing in the USA in early 2018. (We have told BCS that we think this is a bad idea. the blue was a color most people associated with BCS, and now, if the plastic beauty shrouds are discarded or lost, there is no color for brand recognition, and that would hurt them more in the long run than the few bucks a tractor they’re saving by not having separate paint lines in their factory. We’ll see if they ever bring the Blue back. )

For applications like cutting up the surface of previously-worked soil (that is, soil that has already been worked that growing season) to seed a cover crop, leveling out clumps of soil, or light weed control, the old-fashioned disk harrow is a great low-cost option for gentle surface soil scarification / cultivation. Made in America and adapted to the walk-behind tractor application by us, this unit features adjustable width from 29 to 39 inches, adjustable angles on disk axles (10, 15 and 20 degrees) and eight 11 inch diameter disks. Disk axles are lubricated by grease fittings for long life. Weight tray holds two cement blocks to make the disks penetrate the soil better; heavier weight can be added if desired (such as sandbags). NOTE: This tool is NOT a “primary tillage” implement, and will not be effective at cutting up established sod or cutting into hard soils. (Disk harrows on full-sized 4-wheel tractors can achieve some primary tillage…but they weigh over 10 times more than this one!!)

Recommended for BCS and Grillo walk-behind tractors 8hp up. (Wheel weights may be required for best performance with this tool.)

Disk Harrow

  • Item ET DH
  • Fits BCS 722. 948, Grillo G85. G131
  • MSRP: 299269
  • Requires appropriate Tow Coupler to attach to specific tractor tow hitch:
  • Tow coupler 922.59500 (fits BCS 732 739 and older model 725, 735): 7571
  • Tow coupler 922.47720 (fits BCS 749, 750, 852, 853 and older models 737, 745, 945, 946, 948 and some 605): 7571
  • Tow coupler 9F4212 (fits Grillo G85d, G107 G110): 7571
  • Tow coupler 9F4712 (fits Grillo G131): 7971

EARTH TOOLS, Inc. 1525 Kays Branch Road Owenton, KY 40359

(502) 484-3988 tel. (502) 237-1026 fax.


Annual Winter vacation: closed from Christmas Eve until the first Business Day of New Year (in 2024, re-opening Jan 2nd).

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What’s The Difference? Disc Harrow vs Tiller

Ready to prep your garden soil, but don’t know if a disc harrow or tiller will do a better job?

While both pieces of equipment break up the soil to get ready for seeding, they do not perform equally.

Inside this guide, I clarify the uses of a disc harrow and tiller, the types of soil prep they perform, and the pros and cons of using them in your home garden.

Once you understand the function of a disc harrow vs tiller, you’ll be able to choose the best one to assist you in prepping your garden for planting.

What Do You Use A Disc Harrow For?

Growers use a disc harrow to break up clumps of dirt or topsoil crust and to even out the surface of the field where they plan to grow crops.

Technically, a disc harrow isn’t for deep soil cultivation, but as more of a soil “finishing” tool for use before planting. The machine is also beneficial for incorporating surface application fertilizers and herbicides.

The implement attaches to a tractor that pulls it back and forth across the area they wish to plant.

A secondary use for a disc harrow is for chopping up weeds that grow between planting seasons and for incorporating crop remainders into the soil after harvest.

Types Of Harrowing

The three different types of disc harrowing consist of:

Each type of disc harrowing aid in creating a look and feel of soil specific to your needs.

Single-action disc harrows have sets of discs that angle in opposite directions along the cylinder, or “gang,” that holds them. When the equipment crosses the soil, it throws dirt in opposite directions at the same time, which creates furrows and ridges in the field.

Double-action, or tandem, disc harrows have two gangs, one in front of the other. The discs of the first gang throw the soil in one direction, while the next gang of discs throws the soil in the opposite direction.

Offset disc harrowing pulls two gangs of discs set offside of the tractor. This configuration means the equipment does not pull directly behind the tractor and allows access to areas and corners where a normal disc harrow can’t reach.

Using A Disc Harrow For Home Gardening

For home gardeners, a disc harrow can be beneficial but also present some disadvantages. You can purchase disc harrows for small spaces that can attach to lawn tractors or ATVs.


  • Easier to pull over the soil
  • Wide gang allows for faster soil preparation
  • Less expensive to maintain
  • Handles rocks without jamming


  • Hard to maneuver in small spaces
  • Only penetrates a few inches into the soil
  • Need to make several passes for best results
  • Puts more strain on the tractor engine

Black Boar ATV/UTV Disc Harrow | Editor Recommended

Top Features

  • Adjustable Sides (0, 15 or 30 degrees in both directions)
  • Lightweight design
  • Made of durable Steel

A compact disc harrow can be a great compliment to your other gardening equipment if you need to work large garden plots and have a tractor or ATV available.

What Do You Use A Tiller For?

A tiller is made to break up tough, compacted soil. Think of a tiller as the tool necessary to clear and loosen up new ground for planting.

Tillers are ideal for breaking apart large clumps of soil into a granulated material for seeding or setting new plants.

I use a tiller when I want to expand my garden plots. I also use one when I let a garden plot lie fallow but want to avoid the topsoil from getting crusty or laden with unwanted plant growth.

It’s important to note that a tiller is not made to run through overgrown fields without first mowing or bush hogging the area. Check out the following video to get an idea of when to till without clearing brush first.

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