Light cordless lawn mower. Light cordless lawn mower

The Best Cordless Lawn Mower – Battery Powered Mowing

Battery powered lawn mowers have a lot of benefits over traditional gas models. They are lighter, they require almost no maintenance and they don’t require a trip to the gas pump when you run low on fuel!

But not all cordless electric lawn mowers are alike, or even use the same technology. Some use Li-ion batteries, others use lead acid, and some even use Ni-cd!

And don’t even get me started on the electric motor types, the cutting width, the run time, the charge time… there are SO many models to choose from and specifications to consider.

But don’t stress, in my time as an electronics technician I learned a lot about battery and motor technology – and my time as a professional gardener taught me exactly what it is that a mower needs to be the best.

So save yourself some time and take a look through our list of the best cordless lawn mowers (otherwise known as the best battery powered mowers) and choose one with confidence.

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Battery Powered Lawn Mower Comparison Table

Use the table below to quickly compare the specifications of each model, or keep scrolling down to read the detailed reviews.

Greenworks Pro 80V 21-Inch Lawn Mower

Editor’s Choice

Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric 21 Push Lawn Mower

TACKLIFE Cordless 40V Lawn Mower

Greenworks 48V 21-Inch Self Propelled Battery Lawn Mower

Worx WG779 14 Cordless Lawn Mower

EGO Power LM2142SP 21-Inch 56-Volt Mower

Makita XML03PT1 36V Battery Lawn Mower

Battery Powered Lawn Mower Reviews

Key Specifications

  • Comes with two 2Ah or 4Ah batteries
  • Rapid charger included
  • Run time of 60 minutes with 2Ah batteries

For an all-around dependable, hard-working electric mower, you can’t go wrong with the Greenworks Pro 80V.

This mower cuts and runs like a gas mower but without the hassle, smell, or noise.

It comes with two 2.0Ah batteries delivering about 45 to 60 minutes runtime, depending on which speed setting you use. These batteries give the mower enough power to cut through thick grass as tall as the oversized wheels.

Ego Battery Lawn Mower 2021 Review

For properties under an acre, you should be able to get the job done in one go. For larger yards, you will love the Rapid charger that comes with this set. With this specialty charger, you can charge a dead battery in just 30 minutes.

You also have the choice to purchase this set with two 4Ah batteries that will last you twice as long on a single charge.

The Greenworks Pro features a brushless motor, 21-inch wide deck, and large 10-inch rear wheels. The handle is fully adjustable and collapsible for easy storage. You can set the deck to 7 different height options for more precise cutting and a healthier lawn.

  • Quick start operation
  • Only 30 minutes to charge batteries
  • Highly adjustable
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty

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Key Specifications

  • 90-minute run time
  • 30-minute charge with Rapid charger
  • Load sensing technology

The Snapper XD is comparable to the Greenworks Pro in features and price.

This heavy-duty mower also comes with two 2.0Ah batteries that charge in just 30 minutes on the included Rapid charger. But these batteries have an even longer run time of up to 90 minutes, making it the best model for larger yards.

Another great feature if you have large projects to tackle is this mower’s intelligent load-sensing technology. The power level automatically adjusts based on grass height, thickness, and dampness to give you an even cut across all areas of your lawn.

The standard kit includes the 21-inch wide mower, which weighs a hefty 90 pounds. You also have the option to go with the smaller 19-inch mower, which weighs only 60 pounds. This slimmer mower is excellent for smaller yards and those that require more precise edgework.

Both options feature a brushless motor, large 10-inch rear wheels, and seven adjustable cut heights. Like other electric models, the handle is adjustable and collapsible. The body is made predominantly of alloy steel for lasting durability.

  • Runs at full power until the battery dies
  • Only 30 minutes to charge batteries
  • Highly adjustable
  • 5-year warranty

Key Specifications

For a less expensive option, the Tacklife 40V mower is worth considering.

This mower, which retails for quite a bit less than our top choices, is a great cordless mower for those with smaller yards. The slimmer, 16-inch deck width and lighter build make it highly maneuverable in tight spaces.

The included 4.0Ah battery can run for about 30 to 40 minutes. However, it does take 100 minutes to charge and only one battery comes with the set. If you have a small lawn, these drawbacks don’t tend to be an issue.

Despite the short run-life, this is still a powerful mower. It can cut through tall grass with ease and won’t bog down as the battery runs out.

The Tacklife 40V features a brushless motor, six adjustable blade heights, and works with the included bag or can be set to mulcher mode. Our favorite thing about this motor may be that it weighs only 31 pounds. That light weight does mean it is predominantly made of plastic, but this doesn’t seem to cause any durability issues in light and medium use situations.

  • Only comes with one battery
  • Cannot buy batteries separately
  • Not as durable as others

Key Specifications

For those with hilly yards or more ground to cover, the Greenworks Self Propelled Mower is worth a look.

This innovative mower comes with all the same great features and dependability you’d expect from any Greenworks product and has the benefit of a self-propel option. No more cranking your back pushing a heavy mower up hills or through thick, wet grass. Just engage the self-propel lever and let the mower pull you along.

light, cordless, lawn, mower

Unlike our first Greenworks mower choice, this one comes with two 24V, 5.0Ah batteries. This means it has a shorter runtime and isn’t quite as powerful. But it is still an excellent choice for average-use situations.

With both batteries installed, the mower will run for about 45 minutes. Each battery takes about 150 minutes to charge (unless you upgrade to a Rapid charger), but the set comes with a double port charger so that you can charge both batteries simultaneously.

The Greenworks Self Propelled 48V features a brushless motor, seven adjustable height settings, and a turbo boost button for powering through thick grass and debris. Another thing we love about this mower is that you can store it vertically by collapsing the handle and setting it up onto the steel braces.

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Key Specifications

Another great option for those shopping for a battery-powered mower on a budget is the Work 40V Mower.

This is one of the best-priced mowers we found that still delivers in terms of power and usability. It comes with two 4.0Ah batteries that offer a runtime of about 25 minutes. These batteries take a long time to charge, so your best bet for larger yards is to buy a second set of batteries to have on hand.

This model of Worx mower is available in a slim 14-inch deck width up to the more standard 21-inch width. We like the 14-inch variety for its easy maneuverability, light build, and budget-friendly price.

All models come with the Worx Intellicut technology that automatically adjusts torque based on grass height, thickness, and similar factors.

This mower features a brushless motor, six adjustable height settings, and an impressive, 35 pound, lightweight frame. The set also comes with a dual-port charger.

Key Specifications

If you want a mower that can do it all, look no further than the EGO Power 56V.

This powerful mower comes with two 56V 5.0Ah batteries that give it an impressive 80-plus minute run life. These batteries charge faster than anything comparable and are ready to go another round after 40 minutes.

The long-run life, quick charging, and excellent self-propel mode make this mower a great choice for larger yards. It has no problem handling thick grass, hills, or leaf debris. And with the press of a lever, you can take the strain off your back thanks to the adjustable speed self-propel option.

All that power and those extra features will cost you with this mower, but it is well worth the extra money for what you get. The only downside to these Ego mowers that we’ve found is the redundant safety features.

The switches within these features are prone to failure, which prevents the mower from starting. While this is a rare occurrence, it can be hard to fix given Ego’s less than superb customer support.

The EGO Power features a brushless motor, six adjustable height settings, and adjustable handle height. It even has bright LED headlights to help light your path in the shadows.

Despite the largely plastic body, this mower weighs nearly 90 pounds. Luckily, with the self-propel feature, you don’t have to worry about pushing around that weight.

  • Powerful batteries
  • Can run off of one or two batteries
  • Adjustable self-propel speed
  • 5-year warranty

Key Specifications

Another powerful, dependable mower on the higher end of the price spectrum is the Makita 36V Mower.

This durable 94-pound mower has the look and the feel of a gas mower without the inconveniences. It is made with alloy steel and will last longer than most plastic-heavy mowers on the market.

The kit comes with four 18V batteries. Two batteries are required to run the mower. These will last about 50 minutes before needing to be recharged.

Thanks to the dual-port charger and short, 45-minute charge time, you can swap out your set and keep mowing as long as you need. This feature makes this mower perfect for large yards.

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The Makita 36V features a brushless motor, an impressive ten height settings, and a quiet mode that reduces the noise output by restricting the RPMs. This is a pricier mower option, but you won’t find a more dependable or durable electrical mower for large jobs.

Key Specifications

If you have a larger yard but need a budget electric mower, the Sun Joe 24V is a great option.

This affordable mower runs off a single 24V 5.0Ah battery with an impressive run life of 40 minutes. That’s enough time to mow most medium to large-sized yards. And the battery only takes about an hour to charge.

Another thing that makes this mower great for larger properties is its lightweight construction. At 23 pounds, it is the lightest dependable mower we found. There is no need for a self-propel feature with this mower; it is easy to push and maneuver all on your own.

The 14-inch wide deck adds to this maneuverability and makes this mower easier to use in tight spaces.

The Sun Joe 24V features a brushless motor, three height-adjustable settings, and a sleek, easy-clean design. It is made predominantly of plastic and is not going to be nearly as durable as other options. But considering all you get for the price, it is still a great option for light use situations.

Why Buy A Cordless Mower?

If you are like me, then in the past, you may have considered cordless electric lawn mowers as a bit of a fad and not worthy of your attention.

The first generations of cordless lawn mowers were indeed a poor choice when compared to a gas mower, poor battery performance and low power motors meant that purchasing one of these mowers was a waste of money.

But with the Rapid improvement in battery and electric motor technology, cordless electric lawn mowers can finally be considered seriously as an alternative to a gas powered mower.

There are many reasons why you should consider these devices, and in this section, we will take a look at a few of them.

Goodbye Gas!

How many times have you gone to mow the grass, only to realise that you never went and filled up that gas can after you used the last of it last time. So you have to get in the car, go find a gas pump and then come home and fill up the mower.

Well with cordless mowers, you don’t need to worry about that any more. Simply make sure your battery(s) is charged after each use and you are ready to go next time!

Cordless Mowers Weigh Less

Cordless mowers in general weigh less than most gas powered mowers. This makes them much easier to push around the yard and also means they are more user friendly to users who have trouble pushing a heavy gas mower.

They are less tiring to use and you will find yourself feeling much less drained after pushing around a cordless mower.

Less Noise

The best cordless lawn mowers are much less noisy than their gas powered alternatives. Most gas powered mowers range in noise levels from 84dB to 94dB – which is quite loud.

Now if you compare a cordless lawn mower to this, the loudest cordless lawn mower we could find is 75dB, which is about the same volume as a standard washing machine.

So if you are wanting to mow your yard early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the heat, then you can do so with a cordless mower without disturbing the neighbors!

Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that gas models contribute 5% of the USA’s greenhouse emissions? “Surely not!” I hear you exclaim, but it is true. Gas powered lawn mowers are not subject to strict regulations as motor vehicles are that require them to incorporate emission-reducing technology. Thus, they are pollution spewing machines!

Because a cordless mower does not use gas and instead relies on battery power – they are much more environmentally friendly. Even when you take into account the emissions required to manufacture the lawn mower and the electricity required to charge the battery, they are still considered to harm the environment many times less than a gas mower does.

Less Maintenance

Very little maintenance is required to keep a cordless lawn mower safe and operational. It does not require a regular oil change as a gas mower does and can almost be classed as maintenance free.

Of course, you should always inspect your lawn mower before each use to make sure everything is as it should be and is operational, and cordless lawn mowers also need to be kept clean so their venting systems work correctly. But this is no different from any other type of machinery.

What We Look For In A Cordless Electric Mower

There is a huge checklist we use when we are reviewing cordless mowers and we won’t bore you with that entire document here. We will, however, give you a quick run down of the basic areas we look at.

This will help give you a better idea as to how each mower is scored.

In short, here is what we look for – but read on for the full details:

  • Battery specifications
  • Power
  • Deck
  • Ease of use
  • Weight
  • Features

Battery Specifications

These days most decent cordless mower battery types are Li-Ion. But there are two other specifications on batteries that are important: Ampere Hours and Voltage.

Want to learn more about these important details? Check out our cordless tool batteries guide.

Ease of Use

How easy a cordless lawn mower is to use is what we consider to be one of the most important criteria for a review.

Ease of use covers many different items, just some of these include:

  • Starting procedure – how easy the mower is to start
  • Charging procedure – how the mower is charged, where the charger is plugged in, is the battery removable? etc.
  • Storage procedure – is the mower easy to pack away to store?
  • Adjustments – how easy it is to make adjustments to the settings on the mower (mulching mode, cut height etc)

Deck Width

The deck width is essentially the width of the grass that the mower cuts in a single pass. A mower with a larger deck width will cut more grass and require fewer passes than a mower with a smaller deck width.

Generally, a larger deck width means a better mower. But it also has downsides such as more weight, more power required and the maneuverability is generally lower too.


It doesn’t take much brain power to think of reasons why weight is important in a cordless mower.

After all, the lighter the mower the easier and quicker it is to push around the yard.


There is nothing more annoying than having a mower that loses power when you hit the longest grass in your yard. And this is why another of the most important criteria for the best cordless lawn mowers is the power available to the user.

The best cordless lawn mowers should be able to push through reasonably long and even wet grass without breaking too much of a sweat.

This is one of the key criteria we judge a mower by as it makes such a huge difference to the user’s experience.

Additional Features and Safety Features

Many cordless mowers come with additional features which I would not necessarily call standard. This may be anything from an auto-throttle which adjusts the power to the mower automatically, to headlights which you can use to mow when it is dark! We look at each additional feature and how well it works.

While many users neglect to consider safety features as an important factor when selecting a cordless mower, we certainly do not. In fact – it has a high impact on our final scores as we believe user safety when mowing the lawns is of utmost importance.

There are many safety features in use on most cordless mowers, from ensuring that the mower cannot be inadvertently started by a child, to safely directing sticks and stones that have been hit by the blades harmlessly to the ground.

Article Update Notes:

April 29 2019 – Removed Black and Decker CM2040 (click to see single review) from list. Added Worx WG774.

GreenWorks G-MAX 20” 40V Cordless Twin Force Mower: Product Review

Every year there are more battery-powered mowers on the market, and they’ve gone from being a curiosity to a mainstream option in the lawn care space. Mowers in general have come a long way since I started my first business (Whitehaven Lawn Mowing) at age 12 (it put me through college and I mowed a LOT of lawns!). So it I was looking forward to testing the latest cordless lawn mower designs.

Setting Up The Mower

The GreenWorks G-MAX mower arrived in a box with all of the parts well packaged so there was no shifting or damage during transport.

Included in the box are the following:

  • Twin Force Mower
  • Rear discharge bag
  • Mulching plug
  • Owners manual
  • 1 4Ah 40V battery
  • 1 2Ah 40V battery
  • Battery charger

The mower was ready to go out of the box – all I had to do was adjust the handle bar from the storage/transport position to the mowing position by loosening a lever, moving the handle into position, and then flipping the lever back to the closed position. The handle can be just as easily folded back to make it more compact for storage.

The mower is neatly and securely packaged and needs no assembly.

When the mower arrives, the mulching plug is already installed in the slot at the rear of the mower. If you don’t want to mulch your grass, you’ll need to remove this plug before using the mower – just pull it out and store it somewhere safe.

The instruction manual is clear and detailed.

About Lithium-Ion Batteries

  • Do not have a “memory” and can be charged at any time.
  • Once the charging light turns green (on the battery charger) remove the battery from the charger.
  • Unplug charger when not in use.
  • Fully charge batteries when placing them in storage.
  • Batteries will eventually need to be replaced.

See our full QA on Li-ion batteries here.

About the Li-Ion Batteries

Inside the box was a battery charger and two 40V lithium-ion batteries. The two batteries are different; one is a 2 Ah and the other a 4 Ah. Don’t worry, it’s not a packing mistake and it doesn’t matter which slot each battery goes into on the mower. (Note: The 19” model (25312) comes with two 4 Ah batteries)

The batteries and charger used in the G-MAX mower are compatible with any other tools that use the GreenWorks G-MAX 40V Li-Ion System.

Eventually, the batteries will need to be replaced (this is the case with all Li-ion batteries). Greenworks gives no recommendation about when you should do this, but Li-ion batteries typically last about 3 years.

Charging the Batteries

Before using the mower, be sure the batteries are fully charged. I found that they charged from fully depleted (0%) to fully charged (100%) in about 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on the Ah. Charge time was less when there was still some charge left on the batteries.

Keep the battery on the charger until the green indicator light on the right turns on.

Each battery has a status light on one end showing how much charge it has left. Depress the green button to the right of the status light bar to get it to light up.

When you’re ready to mow, the batteries are easily installed into the mower – just slip one into each of the slots in the covered battery bays. The batteries have a depressed locking mechanism to keep them in place while in use and then quickly release them for charging and storage.

When not in use, remove the batteries from the mower and store them inside.

Testing the G-MAX Cordless Twin Force Mower

I put the GreenWorks G-Max mower through its paces on two large lawns made up of either fescue or St. Augustinegrass. After several mowings at different heights, I found a lot to like about this mower, plus a few things I’d like to see improved. Below are my observations and recommendations, as well as a video review so you can see it in action.

Long Battery Run Time

One of the big questions everyone has about a battery-powered lawn mower is how long it’ll run before you need to recharge the battery. The convenience factor of not needing to use gas or drag around an extension cord only goes so far if the battery runs out quickly!

So I was pleasantly surprised to find that the run time when using the recommended 4.0Ah and 2.0Ah batteries was about 1 hour and 15 minutes. That’s more than enough time to mow a typical suburban lawn.

An interesting feature on the G-MAX Twin Force mower is the automatic battery switchover. When you start mowing, power is pulled from only one battery. When that’s depleted, power is pulled from the second battery.

Two battery bays on the GreenWorks G-Max Twin Force mower.

This also allows you to run the mower on just one battery at a time. Although I don’t recommend this, it’s possible to put one battery in the mower and keep the other on the charger until the first battery runs out. Of course, you then have to swap out the batteries.

One thing that’s missing is a battery status indicator on the mower handle, as found in some other cordless mower models. As it is, you have to stop the mower, open each battery compartment and depress the indicator button to see how much life is left in each battery.

The only way to tell how much “juice” is left in the batteries is to press the green button on the batteries.

Simple to Start the Mower

The G-MAX Twin Force mower has a nice dual-stage safety feature to prevent accidentally starting it. First press the button on the right handle to activate the batteries, and then hold down the safety bail handle to start the blades.

Start the GreenWorks mower by holding down the start button and then gripping the safety bail against the handle.

Excellent Mulching Mowing

The GreenWorks G-MAX Cordless Twin Force Mower has two separate cutting blades that rotate in different directions (they both rotate inwards, effectively shooting cut grass backwards into the grass catcher on the back of the machine).

The twin blades move in opposite directions to shoot grass out the back of the machine.

This resulted in excellent mulching when the mulching plug was inserted and a very clean cut across the entire 20-inch cutting deck in both the mulching and non-mulching cutting modes. The mulching blade chopped grass on both fescue and St. Augustinegrass lawns into such small pieces that no grass clippings were visible when I’d finished mowing. Even in longer grass, there were no visible clippings and the cut was even across the entire lawn surface.

The large (55L capacity), rear-mounted grass catcher has mesh sides, a hard top and semi-hard bottom. There’s a small flap on top that lifts up when the bag is getting full, indicating that it’s time to empty it.

GreenWorks has built their “Smart CUT technology” into the G-MAX mower. Although I couldn’t test it directly, GreenWorks claims that it adjusts power or runtime based on the thickness of your grass. All I can say is that it worked extremely well on both fine and thick grass of different heights.

Think a cordless mower can’t cut a large lawn? Think again! The GreenWorks managed this lawn with plenty of run time left on the batteries.

Easily Adjustable Cutting Height

Cutting height on the G-MAX mower can be set at 5 positions, ranging from 1 ¾” to 3 3/8”.

The mowing deck height is easy to adjust with the lever on the top of the mower, although I did find that it was a little cumbersome moving the lever upwards (increasing the cutting height) and found that it worked better if I also lifted up on the body of the mower (obviously you shouldn’t do that with the batteries installed as your fingers would be dangerously close to the blades!).

It would be easier and more convenient if GreenWorks included a handle at the center of the mower so you could lift it when needed (for example, when transporting it in the back of a vehicle, raising the cutting height or just moving it into position when mowing).

The cutting height can be adjusted into 5 positions by moving the levers.

Comfortable and Maneuverable

There’s a layer of foam covering the handle grips, dampening any vibration and making it comfortable to push the mower around even when the safety bail is engaged. It doesn’t take much pressure to hold down the safety bail so my hands didn’t get tired from gripping it.

However, the foam covering isn’t very thick and can easily wear or rip. It would be better if it was made of sturdier material for longer life. Of course, you could always use the “universal fix-it solution” – duck tape – wrapped around the handle to protect the foam. But it seems silly to have to go to that extreme on a machine that costs around 400….

Another potential negative is the fact that the handle height isn’t adjustable so it may feel a little short for taller individuals, or too high for shorter people.

The G-MAX mower feels very similar to a traditional gas-powered mower when in use. Still, it’s relatively lightweight (42.5 lbs – one person could lift it without any help) and very maneuverable.

Part of what makes it easy to maneuver is the size of the wheels, with larger 10” wheels in back and 7” wheels up front.

Limited Warranty

The mower itself is warranteed for 4 years (with proof of purchase) against defects in materials, parts or workmanship. This warrantee is valid only for units which have been used for personal use (they haven’t been hired or rented for industrial/commercial use), and that have been maintained in accordance with the instructions in the owners’ manual.

As usual, normal wear and tear, routine maintenance items and normal deterioration of the exterior finish aren’t covered.

The batteries carry a 2-year warrantee against workmanship and materials, as long as they’ve been charged in accordance with the operator’s manuals directions and regulations.

Safety First

An important safety feature on lawn mowers is the hard strip across the underside at the rear of the mower. This is intended to stop a toe or other object from inadvertently getting chopped to pieces by the blades when moving backwards. (Editor’s Note: Mowing backwards is never recommended by lawn mower manufacturers as it increases the risk of stumbling, running over something, or injuring yourself.) However, on the Twin Force mower this strip is a very flexible piece of rubber that does nothing to protect you or the mower. I’d have liked to see a stronger protection device here.

This is an electrical device and should not be used in wet weather or severely wet lawn conditions as you risk getting a nasty electrical shock.

As with all lawn mowers, wear safety glasses, sturdy boots and, although the G-MAX is relatively quiet (at least compared to a gas mower), I recommend hearing protection as well.


Overall, this is a nice replacement for a conventional gas mower. It has plenty of power, excellent mulching capability, a long enough run time to mow most suburban yards, a 20″ cutting deck, and good maneuverability and balance. There are a few small drawbacks that you wouldn’t expect in a mower at this price point, such as the flimsy foam padding on the handles and the lack of a handle-mounted status indicator. I’ve also seen reports of the cable between the start switch and safety bail stretching to the point that the machine becomes inoperable, although this hasn’t happened on the machine I tested (yet).

The 3 Best Cordless Lawn Mowers of 2023

We did firsthand comparative testing of 7 of the best cordless lawn mowers on the market so that you can easily find the optimal machine for your needs and budget. As consumers ourselves, we understand that there are dozens of cordless lawn mowers to choose from and that marketing claims can be inconsistent and confusing. To remedy this problem, we bought the most promising machines and subjected them to a rigorous direct comparison analysis. We hope this review will simplify the market for you, making the selection of a cordless mower a breeze.

Keeping up with the yard requires a range of tools for maintenance. That’s why our expansive list of reviews cover basics like top-ranked garden hoses and shovels to cordless tools like the best cordless leaf blowers and the best cordless string trimmers, our favorite chainsaws, and of course, our select picks of the best tools. And if you need help knowing when you’ll get that ideal mowing window, we have also tested weather stations and rain gauges.

Editor’s Note: We updated our cordless lawn mower review on March 31, 2023 to share information on how we scored our testing metrics.

Best All-Around Lawn Mower

Ego LM2102SP

Few lawns are too demanding for the Ego LM2102SP. With a 5 amp-hour, 56-volt battery and a mammoth cutting deck, this machine can mow down the toughest of turfs and mulch with the best of them. The Ego has all the important features you want in one of these products — like self-propulsion, a wide range of cutting heights, and easy folding and storing — to make cutting your lawn that much easier.

We have little to criticize this burly machine for other than its size — it’s massive. This means it’s going to require more storage space. Additionally, for those with smaller lawns, this is probably too much machine. And though it’s not astronomically expensive, it’s certainly not the cheapest model out there. These are minor gripes, and we feel that this electric marvel is far superior to its gas-powered relatives and rules the roost among cordless mowers.

Best Bang for Your Buck

Greenworks 25322

This economical machine is a good choice for those with moderately demanding lawns and modest budgets. Unlike some other affordable models, the Greenworks 25322 is not burdened with a short runtime (we clocked 73 minutes of runtime per charge). Nor does the mower suffer from a long recharge interval (we topped its battery off in an hour). To round things out, this machine packs enough cutting power to mulch well-managed lawns.

There are some negatives worth mentioning. The Greenworks isn’t self-propelled, which can be a pain if you have a sloping lawn. Also, it has a meager 13 ¾ cutting deck compared to the competition, which means you’ll make more passes to cut the same amount of turf. And, surprisingly, this slim mower is not as easy to maneuver as we expected. A plus to its small size is that it’s easy to fold and store.

Best for Easy Handling

BlackDecker CM2043

The BlackDecker CM2043 is not a high-end mower, but it has several characteristics that make it worth consideration. First, the price is well below average. Second, it’s maneuverable, excelling in tight spots such as inside corners. Finally, it supplies enough power for moderately demanding jobs, which is good because the cutting deck covers a wide range.

On the other hand, it disappoints in several key areas that negate its usefulness for high-demand lawns. Of chief concern is this mower’s short battery, which is only capable of cutting ~6,457 ft² (~80′ x 80′ area). Exacerbating this issue is a prolonged recharge interval of 300 minutes. We should also point out that the BlackDecker is not self-propelled. But if you have a small lawn, perhaps one with an irregular shape, then this little guy can get the job done while leaving enough money in your wallet to do something fun when the chores are all done.

Why You Should Trust Us

We’re passionate about evaluating the full range of battery-powered tools, from string trimmers and pressure washers to chainsaws, leaf blowers, and drills. Our Senior Research Analyst Austin Palmer has been tearing apart electronics with an eye for quality design and engineering for most of his adult life in our laboratory and the field.

light, cordless, lawn, mower
  • Mowing tests (35% of overall score weighting)
  • Battery tests (25% weighting)
  • Handling tests (25% weighting)
  • Ease of Use tests (15% weighting)

Also contributing to this review is Senior Review Editor Nick Miley, who draws on his research experience in university laboratories to build a predictive runtime/cutting square footage model for the mowers. He draws on 10 years of product testing, not to mention the half-acre lawn that he mowed as a kid, to analyze these machines.

Analysis and Test Results

We devise a comprehensive set of testing categories or metrics to standardize and quantify all of our product evaluations. To determine the best cordless lawn mowers for each user, these metrics are mowing (35%), battery (25%), handling (25%), and ease of use (15%).


There are two ways of looking at value. The first is assessing which models offer more to the consumer. This more could be features, quality, or aesthetic appeal. The second is to identify two or more products that offer the same features and compare their cost. The Makita XML03 and the Greenworks 25322 offer comparable features and performance but sell for markedly different prices. The Greenworks offers significant value over its peers.


The performance of the mowers while they’re in use is the meat and potatoes of this review. It includes cutting efficiency based on the maximum cutting width minus the minimum overlap required to eliminate a cutting gap. (The cutting gap is the space between the end of the blade and the outer edge of the cutting deck). This metric also covers the range of cutting heights compared to the claims of the manufacturer. Last, we field-tested the mowers’ ability to power through shaggy and weedy knee-high grass while mulching. Mulching is the recutting of clipped grass repeatedly so that the clippings can be deposited deep into the turf.

The mowing metric makes up a whopping 35% of the overall score for each mower, and each model’s performance here mirrors its final ranking. The Ego topped the class.


These cordless lawn mowers run on lithium-ion battery cells, and we consider performance here second only to mowing. We measured runtime as the time it takes a stationary mower with the blade spinning to exhaust a fully charged battery. Recharge time is simply the time it takes for a dead battery to regain its full charge. Interestingly, some models with the longest runtimes (like the Makita) also displayed the shortest recharge times.

Unfortunately, the runtime measurement tells us fairly little about the longevity of a battery charge when the mower is actually cutting grass. This is harder to measure. Some of these cordless mowers, like the Ego and Makita, can cut tens of thousands of square feet of turf on a single charge. We didn’t have access to a field of grass of sufficient size and uniform length to conduct a cutting-grass battery test. Instead, we used a statistical model based on runtime and the dimensions of each cutting deck to render square footage estimates.

What our model reveals is a fairly wide range of square footage cutting estimates. Unsurprisingly, one of our favorite models, the Ego, crushed the competition with an estimated 14,275 sq.ft. of turf trimmed on a single charge. The average square footage for the class is 9,270 sq.ft.

Ease of Use

This metric evaluates the mower features that are not critical to a machine’s performance but make using the mower more enjoyable. It includes the noise level of a running mower, the battery charge meter, battery removal, and mower storage.

One of the big benefits of an electric mower is the lower noise level. Gas mowers roar, electric mowers purr — a significant difference.

Deciphering the Decibel (A) Scale The A-weighted decibel (dBA) scale measures the pressure vibrations in the air, referred to as sound intensity. The decibel scale is not linear, like measurements of distance or mass. Instead, it’s logarithmic and scaled so that an increase of three decibels represents a doubling of sound intensity.

To get an objective measurement of the noise output coming from the cordless lawn mowers, we used a sound pressure level meter that records sound intensity in decibels (dBA). We found a relatively substantial difference in the sound intensity within the class that worked out to a 7.4 dBA spread between the loudest and quietest models. The Makita is the quietest of the group at 70 dBA, with the Ego coming in a close second at 71 dBA. The Federal Aviation Administration describes 80 dBA as what one can expect from a busy urban area during the day. The takeaway here is that these mowers are, in comparison to their gas-powered counterparts, quite a bit less noisy.

Let’s move on to look at the battery charge meter and battery removal. Although it may seem insignificant, evaluating these two details is necessary because they frequently come up when we ask people how they like their purchase after a few uses. The Greenworks placed the battery meter under the battery cover, and the batteries themselves require two hands to remove.

Although the battery charge meter and battery removal system may seem like minor details, the folding/ unfolding mechanism is not. These mowers — even the smaller ones — take up a lot of space when stored. Old gas-powered models usually allowed you to fold the handle, but the oil and gas reservoirs prevented them from being stored in a vertical position. This is not the case for the electric models, which can take up far less storage space when not in use. Unfortunately, models like the Sun Joe iON16LM and, to a lesser degree, the BlackDecker make folding and unfolding quite difficult and time-consuming.


The handling metric complements the ease of use evaluation. Both are concerned with the effort required to perform the task of mowing the lawn. The difference is that the handling evaluation focuses on the core task of mowing the lawn and not those aspects of a product that support this function. Specifically, we assess the starting mechanism. Is it easy to engage? Is there a lag in the start-up process? Next, we evaluate how much effort goes into directing the mower around the turf. This is a general assessment of maneuverability. Finally, we dig into the bail — which is the lever that engages the blade — and how it feels when gripped.

As far as starting goes, these machines all start up pretty much the same way. One simply pushes the start button. The difference from one mower to the next is in the starting delay once the button has been pushed. The Ego fires up immediately. Some mowers take longer. Despite some delay, all the models reviewed here start up without a problem.

We saw more variance in the maneuverability of these machines than we did with the starting mechanisms. The first big difference is in the propulsion of the mowers. Some machines, such as the Ego, are self-propelled. Others have to be pushed if you want them to move. Both options offer pros and cons. In general, self-propelled models cost more, but if the lawn is large or inclined, it’s probably worth the extra money. On the other hand, some models like the Ego can — even at their slowest setting — be a bit fast for tight spots or corners. While one can simply disengage the drive system in such scenarios, the Ego delivers some resistance when it is pushed.

Whether you are interested in a self-propelled cordless lawn mower or not, activation of the cutting blade is controlled by a component called a bail. This is a spring-loaded bar that is connected to the handle. When the bail is depressed, the blade is engaged. When released, the blade stops spinning. Although this component may seem uniform across mower models, this turns out not to be the case. The shape and resistance of the bail can cause discomfort, especially on longer jobs. As such, we paid close attention to the feel and functionality of the bail during our various field tests.

While most of the bails went unnoticed — which is a good thing — a few were quite stiff and taxing to grip for prolonged periods. The primary offender in this evaluation is the Makita. Its stiffness seems to result from firm springs that return the bail to the off position when one’s grip is loosened. It remains to be seen if these springs will loosen in time.


The above review covers every aspect of cordless lawnmowers, from handling to mowing power. We hope that this analysis provided you with all the information to allow you to confidently select the perfect mower. over, we hope that this article will shed a bit of light on some aspects of these machines that will improve your overall experience. We have had a great time testing and writing about these machines and hope that our work will help you better enjoy your time in the backyard.

The 6 Best Battery-Powered Mowers You Can Buy Today

Lawn mowers are useful in maintaining your lawn’s aesthetics and health. They come in different sizes. Some are gas-powered, others electric, and others battery-powered. Each type has its pros and cons. Electric mowers are considered strong and efficient in cutting long and thick grass. They are also relatively cheaper than gas-powered mowers. However, this type generates less torque, so they may not be ideal for all terrains.

Battery-powered mowers have been gaining traction. This type gives you the freedom of mowing without being tethered to cords. Their battery also quickly recharges as you mow, bringing high power efficiency. We have some great suggestions if you are in the market for the best battery-powered mower. We will also look at things to consider when shopping for the best battery-powered mowers in 2023.

  • Cordless mower with up to 45 minutes runtime
  • Easy to operate and lightweight
  • 5-position height adjustment
  • Silent, and hassle-free maintenance

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

  • Best for small to medium-sized lawns
  • Removable grass catcher for easy disposal
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Rechargeable 28V lithium-ion battery
  • 10.6-gallon collection bag

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

  • Dual power options (battery or cord)
  • Up to 70 minutes runtime on a single charge
  • Available in gray and green colors
  • Push assist and adjustment options
light, cordless, lawn, mower

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

  • Powerful PWR Core lithium-battery with 2x battery life
  • Efficient and powerful brushless motor
  • Single lever height adjustment with 6 settings
  • Foldable handle for easy storage

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

  • Longer runtime and quiet operation
  • Exceptional performance, like gas-powered
  • Single lever with 5-position height adjustment
  • Mulch, rear bag and side discharge
  • Maintenance free mower

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

  • Six Ego 56B battery pack for peak power
  • 10 position height adjustments
  • 42 deck with zero turn radius
  • Three-in-one function (mulch, bag and side discharge)
  • 5-year warranty on mower, battery and charger

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Best Overall: Greenworks 40V Mower Series

Greenworks makes high-quality lawn mowers, and the Greenworks 40V Mower Series is no exception. It packs a 40V lithium-ion battery with 45 minutes of battery life on a full charge. This allows you to get more of your mowing done without power disruptions. This 40v push lawn mower has a fast-charging battery, so you can get back to cutting grass in no time. At just 37.5 pounds, this mower is the lightest on the market. It is easy to use and maneuvers through small and medium lawns with high efficiency.

Greenworks 40V Mower Series has a single lever 5-position height adjustment that you can adjust depending on the environment. This makes it more versatile. It also has a feature that allows you to use it with mulching and rear bagging options. It is quiet in its operation and has no emissions, making it environment-friendly.

This mower is maintenance-free and delivers more power even for rugged terrain. It comes with a three-year warranty, and the package includes a grass collection bag, charger, 40V 4.0Ah battery, and a user manual.

Best Budget: Sun Joe MJ401C

(Please note that as of July 19th, 2023, the Sun Joe MJ401C 14-Inch 28-Volt Cordless Push Lawn Mower is currently unavailable on Amazon. Please check back later.)

Sun Joe is a good choice for simple and effective mowers. The MJ401C is an affordable option suitable for small to medium yards. It is best for urban and suburban residents with less than a quarter-acre lawn. Although it sacrifices some features, it is still ideal for users who want to carry out simple mowing tasks. It packs a 28V 4 Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery that delivers up to 25 minutes of battery life on a full charge. The blades are durable and sharp, giving a crisp cut with high precision. You can adjust the height with the 3-position control to get the cut you need. The wheels are designed to withstand all terrains. It also features a collapsible handle for easy storage. It is easy to start and use. You only need to press the built-in start button and get moving. It also features a safety switch to prevent it from accidentally starting. The collection bag has a capacity of 10.6 gals and is easily detachable for quick disposal.

Sun Joe MJ401C is lightweight and maneuverable in all spaces. Although it lacks a mulching function, this cordless mower still delivers efficient performance for small to medium size yards.

Best Self-Propelled: Ryobi 40V HP Brushless CrossCut 21-Inch

RYOBI 40-Volt HP is a multiblade self-propelled lawn mower that provides the power of gas-powered mowers and the efficiency of a cordless mower. Its premium brushless motor delivers more power and motor life and runs longer.

Equipped with dual 40-Volt 6Ah batteries, this lawn mower has 70 minutes of runtime on a single charge. This makes it ideal for larger yards of up to 3/4 acre. Rryobi I 40V is designed with a cross-cut multiblade system with two blades for high-level cutting. If your yard has long and thick grass, this mower will effortlessly cut it. If you need more run time, you can utilize the single blade.

Ryobi mower is easy to start. With a button push, your mower will be up and running. The rear wheel is self-propelling and features Smart TREK technology that matches your speed that of the mower. Using the 7-position single-point height adjustment, you can easily select your grass height between 1.5 and 4 inches.

The 3-in-1 mowing functions allow you to choose between bagging, mulching, or side discharge functions. You can fold the handles for easy storage. The grass catcher bag is detachable for easy and quick emptying. It also has a strong and durable build that makes it durable. The five-year warranty provided means your investment is secure.

Best for Small Lawns: Skil PWRCore 20 18-inch

Skil PWRCore 20 is an industry leader in cordless mowers. It features a digital brushless motor and two PWR CORE 20 4.0Ah lithium batteries that deliver high power and unrivaled performance. The batteries are wrapped with cooling materials so they can run longer. With just a push of a button, you can conveniently start and control the mower without hassle. The handle is foldable for compact verticle storage.

This mower has six adjustment settings meaning you can adjust to your preferred grass height. Better still, adjusting the height is relatively easy; you can do it with one hand. It is quieter than gas-powered mowers, so you won’t have to put up with a noisy and loud roar.

At 35.05 Pounds, it’s astonishingly lightweight, so maneuvering it around the hills and rugged terrain is no workout. As for performance, it cuts grass well enough, leaving a smooth cut that looks perfect. It is straightforward to set up right out of the box and has less than 7 deck height alternatives. It can mulch or collect cut grass, but the grass catcher is small.

Best for Large Lawns: Greenworks Pro 80V 21-inch

Greenworks Pro 80V provides the torque and power you need to cover a 1/2-acre. It can handle thick and overgrown grass with the torque of a gas engine. It is strong and built with high-quality materials of optimum performance. The mower features two 2.0Ah batteries that can last up to a full hour of mowing time on a single charge. A Rapid charger can juice up your battery’s mower in just 30 minutes.

It is quieter than most competitors and delivers an extended motor life in its operations. With the 5-position height adjustment, you can control the height of the grass to your liking. With a single push on the start button, you can get the mower moving, making it easy to use. The 3 in 1 design gives you the mulch and rear bag grass clippings and side discharge functions.

If you have intensive mowing to do, Greenworks Pro 80V is your best bet. This mower is maintenance-free. With zero gas or oil emissions, GreenWorks is environmentally friendly. However, it is heavier than the others mowers we have listed here. The bulky motor and the steel construction add to the mower’s overall weight, making it a bit bulky to push around.

Best for Riding: EGO 42-Inch ZT Mower (ZT4204L)

If you want the comfort of riding while still mowing your lawn, EGO 42-Inch ZT Mower is your ideal mower. It includes four 10.0AH Batteries and a fast charger to give you an infinite mowing time. The 6 EGO 56V ARC Lithium batteries provide super power to cut up to 2 acres on a single charge. The featured three driving modes allow you to choose and control the speed. You can seamlessly switch between Sport, Control, and Standard.

This mower has a speed of 3-7 MPH but can go up to 8 MPH in travel mode. The ten-position cutting height adjustments and the 3-in-1 function help optimize your mowing, ensuring you get the preferred grass height. The mower has premium features like LED lights, USB charging port, and Bluetooth. It provides much power and stability for long mowing sessions.

It is also maintenance-free. The only thing you need to do is sharpen the blades for a crisp cut, and that is something easy to do. Its 5-year warranty makes it a worthy investment. You can be sure that you are safe if anything goes wrong in the first years of use.

It is significantly lighter than the other brands and has more traction to go up and down hills while maintaining excellent performance. The suspension seat is also comfortable for extended cutting sessions.

How to Pick the Best Battery-Powered Mowers: Step by Step

With so many innovative battery-powered mowers on the market, picking the right one can be tough. Mower brands often compete for dominance in the market, and each tries to outdo the other with innovations or features. To help you make a better choice, we’ve listed crucial things you need to look out for.


Although gas engines are cheaper, battery-powered mowers are emission and maintenance-free, saving you costs in the long run. Battery-powered lawn mowers come in different price points, with cheaper ones going for less than 300 and premium costing 500 and more. Some premium models have advanced features, which means they’ll cost more. When shopping for a battery-powered mower, look for one that fits your budget and has all the necessary features.


Runtime is the time the mower can operate on a single charge. If you have a large yard, it means it will take more time to mow compared to smaller lawns. If you have an acre to mow, you will need a powerful mower with more than 60 minutes of runtime. For small to medium size lawns, 60 mins or less will suffice.


The weight of your mower is a crucial factor to consider when buying the best battery-powered mowers. Heavy mowers require extra effort to push around your lawn compared to lightweight mowers. High-performance mowers are often packed with heavy motors, steel parts, and batteries, adding to the overall weight of the mower.

With a lightweight mower, you can be fast and cover a large area within a short time compared to the weighty ones. be sure to check the weight of the mower before purchasing, or better still, go for a self-propelled mower that won’t require pushing.

Deck Size

Deck size determines how wide the mower will cut on each pass. Depending on your chosen model, it can be as narrow as 14 inches or as wide as 60 inches. The standard size for most battery-powered mowers is 21 inches. However, if you have an acre to cover, you need larger decks. Also, consider the height adjustment features to ensure you maintain the right grass height.

Cutting Options

Most mowers come with three mowing modes: side discharge, mulch, or bag grass clippings. However, this is not standard for battery-powered mowers. Some have one or two. While you may not need all these capabilities simultaneously, it’s good to consider a mower with all three. This means you will restore nutrients to your lawn and collect grass clippings for a quality and clean cut.

What to Know Before Buying a Battery-Powered Mower

Battery-powered mower technology is becoming popular as people discover the freedom of cordless mowers. Before you purchase this valuable home improvement tool, you need to know how durable it is. Check whether the motor is brushless as it tends to be energy efficient, unlike brushed motors. A metal deck will serve you longer compared to plastic decks.

Also, check out the brand reputation from online reviews of those who have used the mower. It will give you an unbiased view of the brand’s track record to decide whether it’s worth it. If you need additional features like battery-saving modes or more cutting options, check that before making a purchase. Be careful not to pay extra costs for features you might not need.

Using a Battery-Powered Mower: What It’s Like

Battery-powered mowers give the convenience of a cordless tool that doesn’t keep you tethered in one place. Most of these mowers are quieter than their gas-powered counterparts providing a convenient mowing experience. Since they have zero emissions, they are ideal for conserving the environment. Better still, you won’t have to worry about oils and gas as the only maintenance you do is sharpen the blades.

While more costly than their gas-powered counterparts, they provide exceptional performance and longer runtimes. That’s not to mention they are easy to assemble, use and store. When choosing a battery-powered mower, it is important to consider the size of your lawn and terrain, as this will affect the battery’s runtime and power.

The 6 Best Battery-Powered Mowers You Can Buy Today FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long do battery-powered lawn mowers last?

With proper maintenance, battery-powered lawn mowers should last between eight and 10 years. However, because a battery’s charge capacity decreases over time, you will likely need to replace the battery after about five years.

What maintenance does a battery lawn mower need?

For efficient performance, battery lawn mowers need regular blade sharpening and cleaning. The moving parts should also be checked to ensure all the bolts and nuts are tight.

How do I choose a battery mower?

To choose the best battery mower, consider things like your lawn size, brand, durability, deck size, whether you need a push, self-propelled, or riding, and any other additional feature that is important for you.

What is a major disadvantage of the battery-operated lawn mower?

They are less powerful compared to gas-powered mowers. Battery-powered lawn mowers generate substantially less torque on average which means a gas mower will be a much better choice to tackle challenging terrains like hills and dips.

What is the best voltage for a battery lawn mower?

The standard voltage for most battery-powered mowers is 12 volts. This keeps users safe from probable short circuits and shocks.

Do battery-powered lawn mowers need maintenance?

Cordless mowers require little to no maintenance. However, they need regular care and checks, like cleaning, sharpening, and changing blades.

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