Most durable lawn tractor. Riding Lawn Mowers – Must-Have Piece Of Equipment For Landscapers

The best riding lawn mowers in 2023

The best riding lawn mowers let you tame your property in comfort, no matter the size of the yard.

Cutting grass with ease doesn’t have to mean sacrificing valuable garage space.

This gas-powered pick makes even large yards manageable.

An affordable option with plenty of power.

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Riding lawn mowers are a powerful, durable machine that makes cutting grass as effortless as possible. Lawn equipment has come a long way since the days of a sickle and elbow grease. Modern riding mowers cram the power of a farm tractor and the maneuverability of an ATV into one fun-to-ride, easy-to-control tool.

If you’ve never bought a riding mower, or are upgrading and replacing an old mower, you will be surprised and potentially overwhelmed with today’s options. Front engine? Rear engine? Do you need the best riding lawn mower for hills or zero-turn agility? And what about the transmission? Where do you start? And how do you know if you’re getting the right size mower with all the features you need or the best riding lawn mower for the money? That’s why we’re here: to take the mystery out of this lawn care equipment and find the best riding lawn mowers for every yard, lawn, and field.

The best riding lawn mowers: Reviews Recommendations

Best small: Toro 42″ TimeCutter 452cc Zero-Turn Riding Mower with Smart Speed

If you have a smaller yard, this Toro lawn tractor is the versatile lawn slicer to keep your grass in check quickly. While riding mowers can be smaller, the smaller models are slower and feel underpowered. If you want a ride-on mower with strength and speed, go straight to a lawn tractor instead of a riding mower. It’s a great riding lawn mower for yards up to two acres. It’s not a huge, monstrous machine but still gives you plenty of cutting power. The steering is smooth and responsive. Plus it can be easily stored and maintained. For backyards, front yards, and small sidelots, the Toro riding lawn mower is the perfect fit.

most, durable, lawn, tractor

Best for hills: Husqvarna TS 354XD 54-inch Garden Tractor

Husqvarna riding lawn mowers are some of the best on the market, including for hills. And the Husqvarna Garden Tractor is the mighty lawn mowing tool used by professional landscapers and backyard amateurs alike. The hydrostatic transmission makes the ride feel smooth and comfortable, even up and along hills. Its three strong blades, housed in the 54-inch cutting deck, can chew through anything in its path. And a 24 HP engine gives you the oomph needed to safely traverse inclines and wet surfaces. If you’re tasked lawn maintenance of a space larger than three acres, you need a garden tractor made of durable, dependable materials, and this Husqvarna lawn mower checks all the necessary boxes as the best riding mower for hills.

Best zero-turn: Husqvarna MZ54F 54 in. 24 HP Zero Turn Riding Mower

The best riding lawn mower must have what it takes, and then some. The power of the Husqvarna MZ54F riding mower is obvious: its 24 HP Kawasaki engine is more powerful than most consumer riding mowers. All that power helps the 54-inch cutting deck mow through a five-acre lawn with one tank of gas. The zero-turn steering allows for quick, smooth pivots making the heavy-duty steel frame feel light and nimble. It’s easy to use, after reading the instructions and taking it out for a few test cuts. For any lawn that creeps past the three-acre mark, the Husqvarna riding mower is the best beast to tame the suburban jungle.

Best budget: Troy Bilt 30-inch 382cc Riding Lawn Mower

The 30-inch cutting deck of the Troy Bilt riding mower makes it the best riding mower for yards smaller than one acre, and the best riding lawn mower for the money. It’s a small riding lawn mower that’s easy to store and maintain. And the 382cc single-cylinder Troy Bilt engine is powerful enough to chew up and spit out just about any lawn. Maneuvering around trees and along fences is fluid and comfortable, thanks to the Soft Touch steering wheel. While not as versatile as a lawn tractor, you can add mulching attachments to help keep the yard looking sharp. For anyone with a smaller yard, who doesn’t need a monstrous machine, the simple yet effective Troy Bilt riding lawn mower is the perfect fit.

Things to consider for picking the best riding lawn mowers

The best riding lawn mower is the one that efficiently mows your specific patch of grass because not all lawns are created equal. Even in your own neighborhood, one type of mower works best for one yard and another riding mower works best for the house next door. The right mower in the right hands can greatly speed up the grass-cutting process.

Before you rush out and buy the most expensive mower on display, however, take a close look at your own yard. Take measurements of the area that needs mowing (your property minus the footprint of your house, driveway, decking, landscaping, etc.), so you know how big an area you will maintain. As a general rule, riding lawn mowers work best on yards larger than one-half acre (anything less can be mowed more effectively with a gas-powered, walk-behind mower).

most, durable, lawn, tractor

Also, know what type of terrain you will drive over, and know the difference between the types of lawn mowers. A ride-on lawn mower is an investment, so you want a machine that lasts. These are motorcycles with blades; understanding and respecting the engine and cutting mechanism is important to making sure your riding mower keeps going season after season. Regular maintenance will be required, but there are riding mowers that are easier to care for than others.

Safety and comfort are also important factors to consider when browsing any lawn or garden tool. Lumbar support and armrests on a riding lawn mower can reduce sore muscles and eliminate next-day chore hangovers. And comfortable steering not only helps your arms and legs, but also gives you greater control to chop grass in eye-catching patterns. Arm yourself with the knowledge (and our handle selections below) and you’ll find the best riding lawn mower for your property.

Calculate what you need to find a riding mower for small yards

The key to finding the best riding lawn mower is to get the right amount of power with the most effective cutting deck. If your yard is smaller than two acres, don’t waste money on horsepower you don’t need and cut widths too large to work in small areas.

There are four types of ride-on mowers to choose from: riding mower, lawn tractor, garden tractor, and zero-turn mower. While they all cut grass, they do so in different ways. A riding mower with a rear-mounted engine will be the least expensive option, but also the slowest and weakest. Riding mowers are the smallest of the bunch and have a maximum cut width of 30 inches. That’s a plus for small lawns (anything up to an acre).

A lawn tractor, however, is what most people envision when they think of a “riding mower.” Lawn tractors have the engine in the front, the cutting deck is between the front and rear wheels and they can be modified to do more than just cut grass. Garden tractors are bigger, more powerful, more versatile versions of a lawn tractor. And zero-turn mowers have a rear-mounted engine with their unique push bar steering to sharply maneuver around any obstacle.

If you have a yard too large for a push mower, yet smaller than an acre, a riding mower or small lawn tractor is the most efficient grass chopper to get. If you want horsepower and functionality, go for the lawn tractor. A lawn tractor can do more than cut grass and has the power to drive on any lawn.

Tackle tough inclines with the best riding lawn mower for hills

The best riding mowers are fierce vehicles with the handling of a car. But not all mowers can be the best riding lawn mower for hills. If a yard has a wide variety of inclines and valleys, trying to mow it can be frustrating and dangerous. Even small hills can be a hassle. Zero-turn mowers are notoriously horrible on hills, and low-powered riding mowers lack the strength needed to mow up and along a sloped lawn. A garden tractor with powerful maneuverability is the only ride-on mower that can safely keep your entire yard in order, even on hills.

Garden tractors are bigger than lawn tractors, making them better for yards larger than three acres. But these beasts can be more complicated. To make the larger tractors easy to control, it may use a hydrostatic transmission, which provides better speed and steering but can be more expensive to maintain and repair.

Still, the difference between a manual transmission and a hydrostatic transmission can be felt immediately as you simply, safely drive the mower up and along hills. With greater control comes tighter turns and quick maneuvering around the terrain. A high-quality hydrostatic garden tractor gives you commercial-grade cutting power in a user-friendly package, making it the best riding lawn mower for hills.

Zero-turn riding mowers cut the largest lawn with a twist

The benefits of a zero-turn riding lawn mower are clear: maneuverability and speed. These powerful lawn mowers can zip around trees, rocks, decks, pools, fences, or anything else that dots your landscape. They shift from forward to reverse in a snap and are ideal for making intricate patterns on the lawn. And the quick speed and wide cutting deck make them perfect for large lawns, fields, and anywhere else grass needs to be taught a lesson.

For lawns larger than four acres, you want a cutting deck wider than 54 inches. Generally speaking, a 54-inch cutting deck on a riding mower traveling at medium speed can cut four acres in an hour. Besides a large cutting width, you also want good horsepower to efficiently travel across the yard. A mower with 25 HP will provide enough muscle for large yards and fields. You can go higher, but most consumer models are between 11 HP to 25 HP. Anything above that may be too much muscle for one home.

The agility comes from the unique steering of a zero-turn riding mower. The left and right push-bar accelerators control each rear wheel independently. Push both forward and you move forward. Pull them back and you slow down and move in reverse. Push one bar forward and you spin around the stationary wheel. It may sound complicated, and there is a mild learning curve to mastering the mechanism, but your brain will pick up the steering and turning will be reflexive with just a few minutes of practice. Of course, take it slow at first and do not try to make sharp turns until you feel comfortable, and always be careful on hills. The weight distribution of zero-turn mowers can make inclines difficult to cut.

The rear-mounted engine gives operators a great view of what’s ahead. And zero-turn mowers are often faster than other ride-on mowers. While they may look intimidating and the steering is not like a car, zero-turn mowers are some of the best tools for cutting grass in big areas and tight corners.

Here’s the best budget riding lawn mower you can get

If the for ride-on lawn mowers give you sticker shock, rest a little easier knowing great and inexpensive riding mowers are out there. While you won’t be able to find anything useful for less than 1,000, once you reach the 1,500 ballpark you can find decent models that get the job done.

Between riding mowers, lawn tractors, and zero-turn mowers, the traditional riding mower will be the cheapest option. The main tradeoff for the lower price is cutting width, horsepower, and speed. The less expensive riding mowers have a 30-inch cutting deck (as opposed to the 50-inch decks of lawn tractors). These tiny grass gobblers are better for those with less than an acre of ground to mow. In fact, if your yard is smaller than an acre, smaller is better. Anything larger than a 30-inch riding mower is overkill.

A small, inexpensive riding mower performs only one task: cuts grass. They can’t plow sow, haul lumber, or turn on a dime. They are little more than a standard walk-behind mower with a chair, but the low price makes up for the lack of functions.


Q: How long does a riding lawn mower last?

A riding lawn mower should last anywhere between five and 10 years. But the years don’t matter as much as the hours of use. Consumer riding mowers are made to last about 300 hours. If you have a two-acre lawn, you may spend 60 hours a year using the mower and the mower will last five years. This varies based on where you live, rainfall, type of grass, type of terrain, etc., so it’s only to give you a rough idea. Make your mower last longer with routine maintenance and storing it properly during the off-season.

Q: What is the best riding lawn mower for one acre?

The Troy-Bilt TB30 (mentioned above) is the best riding lawn mower with just enough power to tackle one acre of grass, and the best riding lawn mower for the money if on a budget. For any yard larger than an acre, invest in a lawn tractor, like the 42-inch Craftsman riding lawn mower (mentioned above). It will be fast and efficient. expensive models and zero-turn mowers won’t be as helpful or efficient on smaller yards, so spending more is not always the best answer. And for anything smaller than one-half acre, a walk-behind mower is the most effective.

Q: When is the best month to buy a riding lawn mower?

The best month to buy a riding mower is April or August. Shoppers are most likely to find the model they want in spring, at the start of the mowing season. The won’t be the lowest, but availability is at the highest. Look for good sales during the summer, especially around Labor Day. At that point, many home goods stores are looking to clear floor space for fall/winter products. Options will be somewhat limited, but you can still find the make and model you’re looking for or something comparable. The cheapest of the cheap riding lawn mowers can be found in the fall, but who knows what stores will have left. And most stores don’t even sell riding mowers in the winter. While it’s not an exact science, stick to the months that begin with the letter A when shopping for a riding mower.

The final word on finishing chores in comfort with the best riding lawn mowers

Finding an effective, efficient ride-on mower isn’t too difficult once you know what to look for. Understanding the difference between a riding mower, lawn tractor, garden tractor, and zero-turn mower will make you a Smart shopper. To inform your lawn equipment decision, think about your lawn: How big is it? How many obstacles are in the way? Are there any hills? Using the wrong mower will make hot days doing yard work in the sun seem endless, but the best riding lawn mower will give you enough time to relax and enjoy the season…before you need to break out the snowblower.

Riding Lawn Mowers – Must-Have Piece Of Equipment For Landscapers

Corey Majeau is a researcher, product tester, and writer for many sites including Homedit. With ten years of experience as a content writer, graphic designer, and hands-on product tester. Corey brings a certain level of quality and personality to the team.

Most riding lawn mowers look like small tractors with a cutting deck that’s integrated underneath the mower. Their function is simple – cutting grass. Since they’re larger than your regular mower, however, they’re able to cut grass that’s from 70cm to over a meter. Riding lawn mowers are not only a great option for those that own a big property, but they’re also incredibly fun to ride. After all, there’s nothing more appealing than being able to zoom around the yard.

If you’re thinking of getting a riding lawn mower, you could be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of riding lawn mowers out there. To get you started, we’ll talk a little bit about what to look for when purchasing a riding lawn mower, before breaking down the details of 5 of the best riding lawn mowers there are on the market.

How to Choose a Riding Lawn Mower?

If you’re able to, you should test out your riding lawn mower before purchasing it. By testing out the riding lawn mower, you’ll have a better idea of whether or not the seat is cushioned sufficiently for comfort, if the controls are easy to use, and if the steering wheel and levers are at a comfortable height and angle for you.

While most individuals that are purchasing a riding lawn mower have larger lawns, it doesn’t mean that you can’t purchase a riding lawn mower if you’ve got a smaller lawn. If you’ve got a lawn that’s a little smaller, you can consider getting a zero-turn model. These have rear-mounted engines and rear-wheel brake steering that has a tighter turning circle.

Something else to consider is mulching options. They’re usually an option on many models and you want to make sure that it’s able to properly hold the clippings and chop them up finely before blowing them into the lawn.

Riding lawn mowers are heavy and typically weigh 150kg or more, so you want to make sure that you’re at the center of gravity. Even if you’ve got a lawn that has a slope that tilts greater than 10 degrees, it’s not advisable to mow sideways. Zero-turn models are generally better at handling slopes, but it’s still not advisable to do so.

In terms of driving, most individuals tend to purchase manual transmission options as they’re cheaper. Automatic or hydrostatic transmission models might be the better purchase if you’re looking to increase or decrease your speed without changing gears. Some of them even have cruise control for added convenience.

Types of Lawn Mowers

There are different ways to classify lawn mowers, but the two most common categories that a lot of people use to identify these products are ride-on and walk mowers. Each of them has a number of sub-categories, so here is what you need to know about them.

#1: Ride-on mowers

Riding mowers are just what they appear to be, mowers with seats that you can ride on. They are good for cutting large portions of grass, where walk mowers would require more effort on your behalf. There are different types of ride-on mowers:

  • Lawn tractors are easy to recognize because of their larger size and front-mounted engines. These mowers have powerful engines that can have up to 25 horsepower. They are equipped with either one or two cylinders, which helps determine how powerful they are. The cheaper models have lever-operated gear transmissions, while more powerful ones are usually equipped with continuously variable transmission.
  • Zero-turn mowers are considered to be the equivalent of today’s sports car. They are easier to maneuver compared to lawn tractors and they can make really sharp turns that makes cutting grass easier and more fun. They are great when you have plenty of obstacles to overcome and are efficient on lawns with irregular shape.
  • Rear engine riding mowers are good for average-sized lawns. The engine is located on the back of the mower. This type of mower is operated with continuously variable transmission and single-cylinder engines.

#2: Walk mowers

Walk mowers require a little more effort to operate since you literally have to walk behind the mower and push it through the grass for it to do its job. Just as ride-on mowers, this category has a bunch of different sub-categories, as follows:

  • Cylinder mowers are sometimes referred to as reel mowers and are characterized by cylindrical blades located in the front side of the machine. They operate by trapping grass and cutting it, pretty much as a large pair of scissors would do. They are indicated for soft grass but are most efficient on flat lawns and won’t perform that well on rough surfaces. They are also pretty inefficient on lawns with tall grass.
  • Rotary mowers are the most popular category of walk mowers that you’ll find in various households all over the world. They are equipped with a single blade that rotates at high speed in horizontal motion. Rotary mowers have proven themselves efficient when trying to cut medium to tall grass, but their cuts are not as precise as those of a cylinder mower.
  • Push mowers require more elbow grease because your pushing power controls the wheel action. They are the least expensive option of all, but they are often chosen because they are easy to handle and pretty lightweight. That makes them pretty easy to maneuver, but they do require putting in more effort. They offer people a good excuse to exercise, though.
  • Self-propelled mowers use transmission power for the torque needed to move forward, so all you have to do is guide them in the right direction. They are a category of mowers that’s pretty easy to operate. They have consistent cuts thanks to their ability to operate at constant speeds.
  • Mover mowers are a category that’s a little bit different compared to the others, as they sit a few inches above the ground, on an air cushion. They are super easy to maneuver and can move in any direction. That makes them pretty efficient around obstacles and they are pretty cheap as well. However, their lack of power makes them unsuitable for large yards.

How to Choose a Riding Lawn Mower

When you’re looking to buy a ride-on lawn mower, there are four main features that you need to pay attention to determine if the product you’re consider is actually worth the money:

  • Horsepower is a term used to describe the output of an engine. This basically helps determine how powerful the engine is. Keep in mind that this engine power is distributed amongst several parts of the lawn mower, such as the cutting blades and the drive transmission. horsepower translates into more power for the mower, which makes it easier for it to cut grass in difficult conditions or find its way up the hill.
  • The cutting width of a lawn mower will determine the width of the grass patch that can be cut in a single pass. Ride-on mowers can be compact and cut patches of grass that are 30 inches in width, while larger models that cut grass as wide as 50 inches. Needless to say, the size of your yard is the most decisive factor when choosing mowers with a specific cutting width.
  • The fuel capacity is actually a measurement of how much fuel the tank can hold. This, of course, depends on the size of the mower and its fuel consumption. The idea is that your mower should not run out of the fuel in the middle of the lawn cutting process. That makes mowers with small tanks suitable for smaller yards, and those with larger tanks more adequate for larger ones.
  • The transmission of a lawn mower is what delivered power from the engine to the wheels. Ride-on mowers have one of three types of transmission: automatic, manual, or hydrostatic. Manual transmission mowers most likely have clutches and gears that need shifting, automatic models grant you control over the speed with the help of a gas pedal, and a hydrostatic transmission does pretty much the same thing.

Best Riding Lawn Mowers

Husqvarna YTH18542 42 in 18.5 HP Briggs Stratton Hydrostatic Riding Mower

The final riding lawn mower that we’ve got on the list is the Husqvarna riding lawn mower. It’s the perfect lawn mower to purchase if you’re looking for something that offers premium performance with quality results. Its compact size means that they require less space for storage, and they’re much easier to maneuver than a larger mower.

It also comes with numerous features from a Stratton Intek engine for powerful performance, foot pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission, fender-mounted cutting height adjustment, and an adjustable seat. Its 16-inch turning radius means that it’s good for smaller spaces and for navigating around obstacles. The mid-back seat is also supremely comfortable, and the mower also has an ergonomic steering wheel.

The 42-inch reinforced cutting deck of the riding lawn mower also comes with uniquely integrated air induction mowing technology that’ll make sure that you’ve got a clean and consistent cut of grass every time. You won’t regret purchasing this riding lawn mower that comes with plenty of features, it’s also rated highly and is a great mower that’ll get the job done.

Snapper 2911525BVE Classic RER 28 inch

This classic riding lawn mower has tried and true features with an easy to use design. While it may have that old-time classic look, it has modern features and mowing innovations which makes it a great addition to your home. The engine has long-lasting durability and is also rear mounted for a classic look.

It’s easy to start your mower as the controls aren’t difficult to operate, and the electric switch means that you’ve got a reliable start every single time. Other innovative features include the convenient 5-speed shift as well as the rolled edges of the mowing deck that helps in sucking up clippings for a clean cut.

You won’t have to worry about this riding lawn mower taking up space as it’s got a vertical stand-on edge capability that makes it perfect for saving space during storage. The adjustable mid-back seat means that you can adjust it to a level that suits you best. It’s also suited for lanes of all sizes, and those that have purchased it have given it rave reviews for its easy maneuverability, and ability to climb up small slopes.

Troy-Bilt 382cc 30-Inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower

This particular riding lawn mower comes with a 30-inch cutting deck along with the benefits of a standard riding lawn mower. You can easily store this riding lawn mower in a garage or shed, and it’s great for medium-sized landscapes along with even terrain. The mower is powered by a powerful engine and has a six-speed transmission for clean performance and durability.

There are also five adjustable settings on this riding lawn mower along with an 18-inch turning radius. You can easily check the fuel tank capacity through the fuel sight window, and the 5-height adjustable blade with manual power take-off makes blade engagement incredibly quick and swift. You’ve also able to raise your seat to mid-back and the steering wheel is a soft grip wheel for added comfort.

With this mower, you’ll be able to navigate easily around your yard due to its smaller cutting deck and compact size. You can also mow your lawn with ease due to the comfortable mid-back seat and won’t have any trouble maneuvering thanks for the 18-inch turning radius. Best of all, this riding lawn mower is made with high-quality materials to last for a considerable period of time.

Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

This riding lawn mower has the perfect combination of both performance and style. It has a cutting-edge design along with innovative features that makes it a popular option among many. It’s 26 HP Kohler engine gives it a powerful reliable start-up, and it can go up to a maximum speed of 6.5 MPH.

Other features in the lawn mower include a park brake system that will automatically turn on or off when the steering levers are moved outward or inward. There’s also a specially integrated air induction mowing technology that draws air from the top and bottom to swiftly cut the grass and deliver a superior cut.

The lawn mower is also constructed with heavy flat-stock steel for ultimate durability, and clippings can be discharged, mulched or bagged. With an innovative and maintenance-free transmission, you can use this riding lawn mower year after year with no issues at all. It’s a zero-turn mower that’s incredibly easy to use and has lots of power and speed.

Troy-Bilt Neighborhood Rider Riding Lawn Mower

For a powerful and dependable riding lawn mower, this is the perfect addition to your home. It has a 30-inch cutting deck along with a Troy-Bilt engine for superior performance. The mower also comes with an 18-inch turning radius along with a 6-speed transmission which allows you to mow at your own pace.

Other features of this riding lawn mower include a clear fuel tank window that displays how much gas you have left as well as five adjustable height settings. The mower itself is also made with sturdy durable 14-gauge steel to last you for several years to come. It’s easy to use and due to its small stature, it’s able to save a considerable amount of garage and shed space.

On top of that, the engine of the mower also fires up responsively, and the padded mid-back seat means that you’ve got a comfortable saddle that feels fantastic even if you’re going at a higher speed. Performance-wise, the mower also performs pretty well or a smaller riding lawn mower. While it’s great for tight quarters, it’s not recommended to ride this up a hill.


How much does a riding lawn mower cost?

It depends on the exact category of lawn mowers that you’re looking to purchase. For example, a lawn tractor can cost anything between 1,000 and 3,000, while a zero-turn mower can cost between 1,000 and 6,000.

What are the best lawn tractor brands?

A lawn tractor is not a cheap expense, and before spending thousands of dollars on one of these pieces of equipment, you need to know what brands are worth it and which ones are less desirable. When it comes to lawn tractors, the brands that currently stand out the most (in a positive way) and Husqvarna, Cub Cadet, and Poulan.

How do I ride a lawn mower?

Ride-on lawn mowers are relatively easy to operate because they don’t require as much elbow grease as other types of mowers out there. Pretty much everything you have to do is climb into the driver’s seat and turn on the power switch or press the “start” button. A ride-on mower with automatic transmission doesn’t require shifting gears to change speeds.

Corey Majeau is a researcher, product tester, and writer for many sites including Homedit. With ten years of experience as a content writer, graphic designer, and hands-on product tester. Corey brings a certain level of quality and personality to the team.

The 14 Best Lawn Mower Brands of 2023

Michelle Ullman is a home decor expert and product reviewer for home and garden products. She has been writing about home decor for over 10 years for publications like and Better Homes Gardens, among others.

Andrew Hughes is a certified arborist, member of the International Society of Arborists specializing in tree heal care, and reviews tree content on The Spruce’s Gardening Review Board. He founded and runs Urban Loggers, LLC, a company offering residential tree services in the Midwest and Connecticut.

Shereen Jegtvig is an author, fact-checker, and expert with over two decades of experience in health and wellness in the lifestyle space. In addition, she is a Developmental Editor for Dotdash Meredith where she reviews the work of other fact checkers.

A healthy lawn requires regular mowing, and that means sorting through the many lawn mower brands, along with the various types of mowers, that are available. There are walk-behind mowers, self-propelled mowers, riding mowers, and even robotic lawn mowers. Some lawn mower brands specialize in just one or two types of mowers, while others offer them all.

To sort through the many options, we spoke with three landscaping experts: Alex Tinsman, gardener and founder of How To Houseplant; Brock Ingham, gardener, landscaper, and founder of website Bigger Garden; and gardener Henry Bravo, founder and editor-in-chief of Smart Garden Home. The three were unanimous in naming Toro, Honda, and Robomow as top brands, and praised many others, including Greenworks, Cub Cadet, and Husqvarna.

We’ve come a long way since the first lawnmower was invented in 1830, Ingham says. It weighed over 100 pounds and had to be hand cranked! Now there are many brands of lawn mowers on the market, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The best brand of lawn mower depends on the type of mower you are looking for and your specific needs. That’s why it’s important to do your research and read reviews before making a purchase.

We evaluated lawn mower brands based on reputation, quality, durability, range of products and types of mowers offered, and value, as well as input from our three landscaping experts.


  • Powerful and reliable
  • Manufactures gas push and self-propelled mowers
  • Easy to start
  • Many innovative features

Founded in Tokyo in the 1940s by Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa, Honda Motor Company started off as a maker of motorcycles, but today, of course, they are a global powerhouse that manufactures a wide range of automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles, as well as engines used by other brands in their own gas-powered products. Honda first started making lawn mowers in the late 1970s and quickly became one of the top brands for both commercial and residential use. All of the experts we spoke with named Honda as one of the top gas lawn mower brands for push mowers and self-propelled mowers. We especially like the Honda HRN216VKA 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, which like other Honda mowers, is easy to start, powerful, and very effective in making even, clean cuts across the lawn.

Honda mowers, notably the HRX series, are well-regarded for their powerful engines, reliability, and innovative features like the Versamow system, which allows you to easily mulch, bag, discharge, or shred leaves, Bravo notes. Honda’s mowers also have a patented two-blade system, rather than the usual single blade, which further increases the cleanness of their cuts through all types of grass.

Honda mowers have few downsides, other than being somewhat expensive. And the company only offers gas mowers, not electric. Depending on the model, the warranties on Honda’s lawn mowers range from one to five years.


  • Powerful and reliable
  • Manufactures gas, battery, self-propelled, riding, and zero-turn mowers

Another brand recommended by all of our experts, Toro was founded in 1914 as a maker of engines for farm tractors. The company invented the first golf-course mechanical mower in 1919, and introduced its first power mower in 1924. Thanks to many innovative ideas and features, Toro became a dominant brand of lawn mowers and other landscaping equipment by the 1950s and continues to hold that position today. Toro mowers are known for their durability and ability to handle tough mowing conditions, Ingham says.

While Toro is best-known for gas push mowers, it also manufactures self-propelled mowers, battery-powered mowers, riding mowers, and zero-turn mowers, all of which are considered tops in their categories. We especially love their self-propelled Toro 22-Inch Recycler, which includes the Personal Pace system praised by Bravo, who says, The Personal Pace system, found in Toro’s TimeMaster and Super Recycler series, automatically adjusts to your walking speed, providing a more comfortable mowing experience.

Like Honda, Toro mowers can be expensive, but their quality, power, and great features make them worth the extra cost. Depending on the model, warranties on Toro lawn mowers range from three years to five years.

Is Lawn Mowing a Good Side-Hustle?


  • Powerful and reliable
  • Manufactures gas and electric push mowers, riding mowers, zero-turn mowers, and robotic mowers

Swedish company Husqvarna was founded more than 300 years ago as a maker of rifles (it exited the weapons industry a couple of centuries later), but over the hundreds of years since, the comany expanded its range to include many products for the home and landscape, including top-rated chainsaws. Husqvarna has been making lawn mowers since 1918 that, according to Ingham, are known for their powerful engines and versatility, making them a great choice for large lawns. Along with highly rated gas push-mowers, Husqvarna makes some of the best riding mowers and zero-turn mowers, including our favorite, the Z254F 23-HP 54-Inch Zero-Turn Lawn Mower.

Husqvarna has also entered the robotic mower market with its Automower line. Bravo notes, Husqvarna’s Automower series is known for its cutting-edge technology, GPS-assisted navigation, and weather-resistant design. These mowers can handle complex lawns with various obstacles and slopes, providing a consistently manicured finish with minimal human intervention.

While Husqvarna makes a wide range of powerful, effective mowers, it is also one of the more expensive brands. Husqvarna mowers are covered by a three-year limited warranty.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Innovative technology
  • Offers battery push mowers, self-propelled mowers, riding mowers, and corded electric mowers
most, durable, lawn, tractor

Greenworks was established in 2002. Bravo praises the company, saying, Greenworks, a pioneer in battery-powered lawn equipment, offers a comprehensive line of cordless mowers, including their Pro 60V and 80V series. These mowers provide excellent cutting performance, lightweight designs, and superior battery life, making them a top choice for homeowners and professionals alike. Greenworks also offers very reasonably priced corded mowers, including the 25022 3-in-1 20-Inch Mower, although as batteries become ever-more powerful, the popularity of corded electric mowers is fading.

Along with electric push mowers, Greenworks offers several self-propelled mowers. The innovative SmartCut technology lets these mowers sense the thickness of the lawn grass and adjust the speed and power accordingly, thus extending battery runtime. We especially like the 40-volt, 21-inch self-propelled mower, which has the SmartCut feature. Along with push and self-propelled mowers, Greenworks also offers battery-powered riding mowers.

While Greenwork mowers are not the most powerful, Ingham Комментарии и мнения владельцев, Greenworks mowers are known for their affordability and wide range of features, making them a great choice for budget-conscious buyers. Greenworks lawn mowers are covered by a limited three-year warranty.


  • Reasonable prices
  • Makes corded and cordless push mowers, self-propelled mowers, and some gas mowers
  • Good for small lawns

Named for founders S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker, BLACKDECKER has been around for over a century, during which it has become one of the leading brands of power tools. It patented the first electric drill in 1917, was the first company to offer electric garden tools to homeowners in the 1950s, and was one of the first companies to sell battery-powered tools to DIYers and homeowners when it came out with a cordless drill all the way back in 1961. While BLACKDECKER does also have gas lawn mowers, those are falling by the wayside in favor of electric models.

BLACKDECKER offers a range of affordable and lightweight battery mowers with features like folding handles for easy storage and adjustable cutting heights. Their lithium-ion batteries provide long run times and charge quickly, Tinsman says. Along with reasonably priced push mowers, the company also offers self-propelled electric mowers at budget-conscious and is one of the few brands that still offer corded electric mowers, including the MM2000 20-Inch Push Mower.

Don’t expect the highest power or performance from a BLACKDECKER mower, but if you are looking for a reasonably priced lawn mower to keep a relatively small lawn under control, this is a reliable brand that you can count on. BLACKDECKER lawn mowers have a two-year limited warranty.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Makes corded and cordless push mowers, self-propelled mowers, and riding mowers
  • Good for small lawns

Founded in Japan in the 1940s, today Ryobi in North America is a brand name of Techtronic Industries. The company is a top name for a wide range of power tools, including outdoor products such as edgers, trimmers, snow blowers, and of course, lawn mowers. While Ryobi does not make gas mowers, it does offer corded electric push mowers as well as cordless push mowers, self-propelled mowers, and even battery-powered riding mowers. Ryobi mowers are known for their innovative features, such as adjustable cutting heights and mulching capabilities, Ingham notes.

While Ryobi electric mowers aren’t the most high-powered, they are reliable and reasonably priced, making them excellent options for homeowners who don’t have a very large lawn. We especially like their 40-volt, 20-inch push mower, which has a long battery runtime and is easy to store. Like other Ryobi battery mowers, it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, making mowing less of a chore. Ryobi offers a three-year limited warranty on lawn mowers.


  • Very innovative features
  • Can mow large lawns
  • Models that are controlled through Amazon Alexa

Israeli company Robomow was founded in 1995 as Friendly Machines. As the name suggests, the company is a top manufacturer of robotic lawn mowers with ever-increasing advanced technology and useful features, such as their RC312 Pro S, which can be controlled through Amazon Alexa. The Robomow RS series can handle lawns almost an acre in size. All Robomow mowers return to their charging docks when necessary, can handle rugged terrain or slopes, are undeterred by tall grass, are easily programmed and controlled, and remain within the perimeters set by you.

All three of our experts listed Robomow as a top brand for robotic mowers. Robomow Robotic Mowers are known for their advanced technology and precise cutting capabilities, Tinsman says. Their models feature weather sensors and a mobile app for remote control and monitoring. Bravo adds, Robomow, a pioneer in robotic mowing, offers a range of models designed for different lawn sizes and complexities. Their RS and RC series features intelligent navigation, customizable mowing schedules, and smartphone app integration, allowing you to monitor and control your mower remotely.

Like all robotic mowers, these are very expensive machines. And they are not always easy to find; few brick-and-mortar stores carry them and you might have to hunt to find them online. Websites Wellbots and Autmow regularly carry current models. Most Robomow products are covered by a three-year warranty.


  • Manufactures corded and cordless push and self-propelled mowers, as well as robotic mowers
  • Reasonably priced

Chinese company WORX was founded in 2004 and manufactures many electric corded or cordless tools, including chainsaws, string trimmers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, and of course lawn mowers. While WORX offers some corded electric mowers, its main FOCUS is on battery mowers, including push and self-propelled options. Most WORX mowers include the patented IntelliCut technology, which automatically increases the power when mowing through thick grass and then dials it back to increase battery runtime. WORX mowers are known for their affordability and ease of use, making them a great choice for small to medium-sized lawns, Ingham says.

WORX has recently entered the robotic mower market with Landroid mowers, including our favorite, the WR155 Landroid M. Like other robotic mowers, it depends on you to set its perimeters, but once inside them, it tirelessly follows your orders to keep your lawn looking its best. And while still expensive, the Landroids are generally not quite as pricey as robots from other brands, making them a good choice for an entry-level lawn robot. Most WORX lawn mowers have a three-year warranty.

Cub Cadet

  • Manufactures gas and electric riding mowers, zero-turn mowers, robotic mowers, push mowers, and self-propelled mowers
  • Powerful, reliable performance
  • Many innovative and premium features

When it comes to riding lawn mowers, all three of our experts are in agreement that Cub Cadet is one of the best in this category, although Cub Cadet does also make push mowers and self-propelled mowers, and has even released a line of robotic mowers. The American company has been making riding mowers since 1961, though it is now owned by Stanley Black Decker. Ingham likes Cub Cadet riding mowers for their excellent performance and easy maneuverability, which makes them especially well-suited to yards with slopes or rough terrain. You can choose from many models, including gas-powered, electric, and zero-turn.

Tinsman especially likes Cub Cadet’s gas riding mowers, praising their powerful engines, self-propulsion feature, rear-wheel drive, and high-performance cutting decks that provide a smooth and even cut. Bravo specifically praises Cub Cadet’s XT Enduro and Ultima series: They provide excellent cutting quality, powerful engines, and a variety of attachments for versatile landscaping tasks. We agree with him—the XT1 Enduro LT is our favorite gas-powered riding mower.

On the downside, you’ll pay more for the premium quality of Cub Cadet mowers. They are covered by a three-year limited warranty.

John Deere

  • Reliable, powerful, and great features
  • Makes gas riding mowers, lawn tractors, and zero-turn mowers

Another brand that’s renowned for riding mowers, this company has a history that goes back to 1837, when blacksmith John Deere invented a steel-bladed plow that revolutionized farming. The company continued to expand its agricultural offerings and began manufacturing tractors in the early 1900s. But it wasn’t until 1963 that the company began selling lawn tractors specifically for tending residential lawns. John Deere riding mowers are known for their durability, comfort, and versatility, making them a great choice for large properties, Ingham says.

The company makes powerful, reliable, and innovative riding mowers, lawn tractors, and zero-turn mowers, almost all of which are gas-powered. Bravo particularly likes the company’s X300 and X500 series of gas lawn tractors, saying they deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and comfort. We also recommend the S120 22HP 42-Inch Hydrostatic Riding Lawn Tractor, which is a very sturdy and versatile mower that even has cruise control.

As with other high-end riding mowers, you’ll pay quite a bit for a John Deere, but in return, you’ll get quality you can count on. Depending on the model, the warranty on a John Deere mower can range from two years to five years.


  • Excellent power and battery runtime
  • Offers cordless push mowers, self-propelled mowers, and riding mowers
  • EGO batteries can be interchanged among all EGO products

EGO has established itself as one of the top names for battery-powered outdoor tools, including leaf blowers, weed eaters, chainsaws, and lawn mowers. Thanks to powerful batteries, which Ingham says are known for their long runtimes and quick recharge, an EGO lawn mower—whether push, self-propelled, or even riding—can be almost as powerful as a gas mower.

EGO’s Power series boasts industry-leading battery technology, offering Rapid charging times, impressive runtimes, and compatibility across multiple tools, Bravo says. These mowers are powerful, quiet, and environmentally friendly, with the added convenience of being virtually maintenance-free. We agree—we love the EGO Power LM2102SP self-propelled mower, which matches your walking speed and runs for up to an hour, even on hilly terrain.

While EGO mowers tend to be some of the most expensive battery options, they are also some of the best. Plus, you can use any EGO battery in any of their tools, making the brand highly versatile. The warranty on an EGO lawn mower is five years.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Makes gas and electric push mowers, self-propelled mowers, riding mowers, and zero-turn mowers

Now owned by Stanley Black Decker, Craftsman was established in 1927 as a brand name for tools sold at Sears department stores. This iconic brand is well-known for its extensive range of basic hand tools, such as hammers and screwdrivers, as well as power tools. The company offers a wide range of lawn mowers, as well, including both gas and electric push mowers, self-propelled mowers, riding mowers, and zero-turn mowers. We like the Craftsman gas-powered M110 21-inch push mower, which is easy to start and powerful.

Craftsman lawn mowers are known for their affordability and reliability, making them a great choice for budget-conscious buyers, Ingham says. While these aren’t top-of-the-line mowers, for the most part, they are more than sufficient for the average homeowner who wants to keep the lawn looking good, yet not spend a fortune on the tools to accomplish that goal. Craftsman mowers come with a three-year limited warranty.

Sun Joe

  • Reasonable price
  • Offers corded and cordless push mowers, self-propelled mowers, and manual reel mowers

Snow Joe started selling snow blowers in 2004, but later added on Sun Joe lines of various outdoor landscaping tools, including chainsaws, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, and lawn mowers. Sun Joe Battery Mowers are known for their eco-friendly design and easy maneuverability, Tinsman says. They offer a range of models with features like instant start and detachable grass bags for easy disposal of clippings. The brand does not have any gas mowers, but does have a wide range of electric mowers, both corded and cordless, as well as manual reel mowers, an uncommon offering in the lawn mower industry.

Geared toward homeowners, not professional landscapers, Sun Joe mowers are reasonably powerful and have good battery life, but they aren’t heavy-duty tools intended for large lawns or rugged use. They aren’t exceptionally expensive mowers, which adds to their appeal. For a budget-priced model, we like their corded MJ401E-PRO push mower, which performs well for the price and is easy to maneuver and store. The warranty period for a Sun Joe mower is two years.


  • Powerful and reliable
  • Makes gas push and self-propelled mowers, gas and electric riding mowers, zero-turn mowers, and manual reel mowers

Yet another brand now owned by Stanley Black Decker, Troy-Bilt was originally founded in 1937 with the first residential rototiller. It went on to manufacture a wide range of outdoor landscaping tools, including excellent gas-powered push and self-propelled lawn mowers and even manual reel mowers. But it’s riding mowers, both gas and electric, that the company is best known for. Tinsman especially likes this brand, saying, Troy-Bilt offers a range of versatile riding mowers with features like cruise control and adjustable cutting heights. Their models feature a range of attachments for year-round use.

While Troy-Bilt riding mowers might not be quite at the level of those made by Honda or John Deere—but they also aren’t as expensive as those brands—these are still popular machines that have many innovative features, are comfortable to ride, and handle well even on large lawns or rugged terrain. And Troy-Bilt push mowers are definitely worth a look as well; we recommend the gas-powered TB110 21-inch mower, which starts easily, is very powerful, and gives a clean, even cut to the lawn. Most Troy-Bilt mowers come with a two-year warranty.

What to Look for in a Lawn Mower Brand

Types of Lawn Mowers

There are quite a few types of lawn mowers available to homeowners these days, so along with choosing a brand, you need to choose a type of mower.

One of the biggest considerations is whether you want a gas-powered mower or an electric mower. Gas mowers tend to be more powerful, but are also louder and emit fumes. Electric mowers, which can be corded or cordless, have come a long way; today’s batteries are more powerful, run longer, and charge faster, making battery mowers a very appealing option to the average homeowner looking to tend a small to medium-sized lawn.

There are brands that offer only electric mowers, including Greenworks and WORX, and brands that are known for their gas mowers, such as Honda and John Deere. Many lawn mower brands, however, offer both gas and electric models. EGO takes it a step further by making only battery lawn mowers; they do not have corded electric mowers as do the other all-electric brands.

There are two basic types of walk-behind mowers: push mowers, which require you to use your own power to push the mower across the grass, and self-propelled mowers, which use their own power to keep the mower in motion. Tor is especially acclaimed for its walk-behind mowers. Most companies that make walk-behind mowers, whether gas, electric, or both, offer both push and self-propelled models.

Riding lawn mowers, also called lawn tractors, are ideal for very large lawns. Several companies on our list offer riding lawn mowers, although Cub Cadet and John Deere are especially renowned in this category. Zero-turn mowers are riding mowers that can make 180-degree turns on the spot. Just about all companies that make riding mowers, including Craftsman, also offer zero-turn mowers.

Robotic mowers are the newest additions to the lawn care scene. These battery-powered devices independently work their way around your lawn, mowing as they go, and are controlled by onboard controls or by an app. Robomow specializes in robotic mowers, but a few other companies, including Husqvarna and WORX, also make them.

Customization Options

When choosing a lawn mower, there are various features that can make your mowing experience easier and faster. Just about all mowers allow you to adjust the height of the blades, which lets you tailor the cutting height to your variety of lawn grass. The brands on our list make this adjustment easier by using a single lever or dial to move the blades higher or lower.

Some battery brands, including WORX and Greenworks, have sensors in their mowers that can detect especially thick grass. These mowers then automatically increase the power of the blade’s spin while tackling the tough spot, and then decrease it again once past the difficult patch of grass, thus saving on battery power.

All brands of self-propelled mowers let you adjust the speed of the mower to more comfortably match your own pace, usually by squeezing a lever; the harder you squeeze, the faster the mower moves. Some brands, though, including Ryobi, have mowers with cruise control so you can set a comfortable speed without having to keep a grip on a lever.

Most walk-behind lawn mowers have just one blade, which spins very quickly to lift and slice the grass. But Honda and EGO both offer mowers with twin blades, which give a more precise, clean cut.

Walk-behind mowers usually give you three choices for handling the grass clippings: bag them, mulch them, or discharge them back onto the lawn. Some mowers, however, only let you bag or mulch the clippings. Always read the description carefully before buying a particular mower, because this is a detail that can vary from model to model within the same brand.


Nobody wants a lawn mower that only lasts a season or two before failing. While all of the brands on our list are known for making quality mowers that should stand the test of time, as a rough rule of thumb, gas mowers tend to last longer than electric mowers, and top brands Honda, Toro, John Deere, and Cub Cadet are especially known for the durability of their mowers, all of which are used by professional landscaping companies as well as homeowners.

Where You Can Shop

With the exception of Robomow, which is only carried by a handful of specialized dealers, you can buy all of the other brands on our list at large home improvement centers or through the big home improvement center websites, including The Home Depot and Lowe’s, you can buy them from brick-and-mortar lawn care shops or from tool-and-garden websites, or you can find them on Amazon, Overstock, or similar outlets.

While buying a lawn mower online makes it easier to shop around for the best price, as well as have the mower shipped directly to your home, shopping in person gives you the opportunity to ask questions, touch and handle the lawn mower to get a feel for it, and usually take it home that very day.

The frequency of mower maintenance depends on the type of mower and how often you mow your lawn with it. But as a general rule, you should check the oil and fuel level before each use with a gas mower, and be sure the battery is fully charged before powering up your electric mower. After mowing, once your lawn mower has cooled down completely, remove any clots of grass from the blades and the bottom of the deck. Wipe away mud, wet grass, and other grunge from the deck. You’ll need to sharpen the mower blades at least annually, and more often if you mow very frequently or have tough or thick grass. Gas mowers require more maintenance than electric mowers, generally. At least annually, you should give your gas mower a complete oil change, replace the spark plugs, and replace the air filter.

Gas mowers usually measure their level of power in cubic capacity, which is a measure of the amount of air and fuel that can push through the cylinders. For walk-behind mowers, this generally translates to somewhere between 2 and 6 horsepower. Riding mowers are far more powerful; the engines in these mowers usually have between 12 and 20 horsepower. Battery mowers do not use horsepower or cubic capacity measurements. Instead, the battery voltage indicates the power of these mowers. You’ll find battery mowers ranging from 20 volts to 80 volts, but residential mowers most often use 40-volt batteries.

As lawn mowers are powerful tools with very sharp, rapidly spinning blades, they can cause injury if not used properly. There are some safety features required on all lawn mowers today, including a safety brake that stops the blade from spinning within three seconds if the user releases their grip from the controls and a foot shield that prevents the mower’s foot from being able to slip beneath the cutting deck. Common sense is also an important part of using your mower safely. Never mow barefoot or without full foot coverings. Don’t mow in floppy pants or clothing that could become entangled in the mower blade or wheels. Never put your hands or feet near the deck of the mower when it’s on, and never pull a running lawn mower backward toward your feet. Pick up toys, rocks, or other debris from the lawn before you begin to mow. Never mow when you are feeling unwell, overly tired, or otherwise impaired.

Why Trust The Spruce?

This article was researched and written by Michelle Ullman, who is a writer specializing in home and garden products. She has been a commerce writer for The Spruce since 2020, covering a wide range of home improvement products including power and hand tools, painting supplies, landscaping tools, and tool organizers. To choose the best brands of lawn mowers for this article, she consulted dozens of customer and third-party reviews, as well as websites specializing in landscaping, lawn care, and lawn mowers.

She also received extensive, helpful input from Alex Tinsman, gardener and founder of How To Houseplant; Brock Ingham, gardener, landscaper, and founder of website Bigger Garden; and gardener Henry Bravo, founder and editor-in-chief of Smart Garden Home.

The 5 Best Riding Lawn Mower Reviewed in 2023: Ultimate Guide

Riding lawn mowers not only make it easy but also takes less effort to mow the lawn. Compared to pushing movers, these machines reduce the time by 50% at least.

Purchasing a lawn mower is not a simple task as there are several aspects to consider. Some of them are mentioned below…

Type – Based on their working principle, lawn mowers come in different types.

  • Rear Engine Lawn Mowers – for small gardens or lawns (up to ½ acre max)
  • Front Engine Lawn Mowers – For large gardens (more than ½ acre)
  • Zero Turn Lawn Mowers – for lawns with several obstacles like trees, shrubs, fountains and etc.

Cutting Width or Deck Size

It represents the amount of grass coverage the mower can cut in a single pass. The cutting width of movers range from 30 inches to 54 inches.

  • 40 inches – suitable for lawns up to ½ acre. It takes 12 passes for ½ acre lawn.
  • 42 to 48 inches – lawns from ½ to 2 acres. It completes mowing in 8 passes for ½ acre.
  • 50 inch – for lawns with 3 acres or more area. It takes just 6 passes for ½ acre.

Engine Power

It represents the efficiency of the engine and usually measured in horsepower (HP). Lawn mowers come in 16HP to 23HP range. 16HP is suitable for small lawns (1-acre), 20HP for medium lawns (2 or 3 acres) and 24HP for large to very large yards (4 to 5 acres).

Other features to consider are mobility, durability, wheels, controls and warranty. For detail information on how to choose a Riding Lawn Mower, we recommend read our “Buying Guide”.

Based on the same information, we have analyzed the products available in the market and shortlisted the Best Riding Lawn Mower.

Best Riding Lawn Mowers 2023

Top Riding Lawn Mowers: Reviews

Husqvarna Z254 Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna is one of the well-known, oldest, and most popular brands of power tools that is mostly known for its lawn mowers, chainsaws, and leaf blowers.

This Z254 riding mower is one of the powerful zero-turn riding mowers due to its Kohler 7000 series V-Twin engine that offers a power rating of 26HP and operates with 6.5 MPH as its maximum speed for reliable startups. It has an ergonomic control panel, comfortable seat, removable foot plate, convenient deck lift, rugged frame casters, rear engine guard, and anti-slip foot area to make it a safe and intuitive mowing.

Its hydrostatic transmission type has no maintenance, which lets the mower be used in various cutting conditions. While its patent-pending park brake system will activate or deactivate automatically as the steering levers move inward or outward. The air induction mowing technology will draw air from the top and bottom of the deck, and thereby delivers a greater cut.

It has a 54-inch clearcut fabricated cutting deck that is wide enough to cut a lot of grass at once quickly and easily due to its superior airflow, deep deck design, and high-performance blades. Furthermore, it is highly reliable, durable, and strong that comes with a 2-year warranty. Also, you need to purchase a mulching kit or bagger attachment separately to discharge mulch or bag its clippings.

Best Features:

  • 54-inch cutting width
  • Kohler 7000 series engine
  • 26 HP engine power
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty
  • Strong, reliable, and durable option
  • Maximum speed of 6.5 MPH
  • Reinforced steel stamped cutting deck
  • Cutting-edge design for easy lawn maintenance.
  • Air induction mowing technology

Ariens IKON-XD Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Ariens can be a great option if you are looking for tools and equipment for your gardening needs. As you would expect, it also makes decently powerful riding lawn mowers.

Ariens IKON-XD riding lawn mower is one of the highly powerful options. Like the previous option, it is powered by a Kawasaki engine and has automatic operation mode. Also, it has a 725 CC engine that is quite large and highly powerful. Its 4-inch deep fabricated with advanced airflow will aid in exceptional cutting performance. With its 13 cutting positions (1 ½ to 4 ½ inches with quarter-inch increments).

It offers a power of 23 HP which makes it one of the most powerful options out there. You get a large 52-inch cutting deck size, which is quite large and lets you cut a lot of grass with this mower at once. Also, it comes with a comfortable back seat featuring a padded adjustable armrest that allows you to use the lawn mower easily in the backyard for a long time without any issues.

Best Features:

  • 52-inch cutting width
  • 725 CC Kawasaki engine
  • 23 HP engine power
  • Offers 13 cutting positions
  • Strong, durable, and reliable
  • Comfortable backseat with padded armrests.

Husqvarna YTH18542 Hydrostatic Riding Mower

The YTH18542 is another riding mower model from the house of Husqvarna. It comes with a Briggs and Stratton Intek engine with 18.5 HP that provides powerful performance. It has a 42-inch reinforced cutting deck having dual anti-scalp wheels and air induction mowing technology.

The riding mower operates with a foot pedal hydrostatic transmission that let you change the direction and speed with the steering wheel for optimal driving and safe and efficient performance.

Its tight 16-inch turning radius will navigate around obstacles and easily mow in tighter spaces. The adjustable 13-inch mid-back seat and ergonomically designed steering wheel will offer easy and comfortable operation. Whereas, its reverse operating system will allow the user to mow in a reverse direction.

Air induction mowing technology enhances the airflow within the deck, and thereby ensures a clean, constant cutting all the time. The manufacturer offers 2 years limited warranty with extensive coverage. It comes with a series of tow-able accessories and a mulch kit to have efficient lawn fertilization.

Best Features:

  • 42-inch cutting width
  • 5 HP engine power
  • Air induction mowing technology
  • 2-year warranty
  • Hydrostatic transmission for smooth operation
  • Reverse operating system

Start a Lawn Care Business with 1000 (Mower & Equipment Needed)

Craftsman T225 19 HP Riding Lawn Mower

Craftsman is a highly popular brand of power tools that makes all kinds of power tools for different users. You can even find lawn mower options from Craftsman, including a riding lawn mower.

This Craftsman T225 riding lawn mower is present in the 4th position in this article as it offers a lot of things for its given price. Despite its lower price tag, it can provide a decent performance due to the user. It comes with a decent 540 CC engine. This engine is able to generate an HP power rating of 46 HP. In other words, you can quickly and easily cut all the grass in your backyard lawn.

You get 15-inch wheels at the front and 20-inch wheels at the back of this lawn mower that is quite handy. These allow you to easily navigate this lawn mower even through thick grass without any issues. As per the name of this riding lawn mower, it comes with a 46-inch cutting deck size that is quite wide. You can use this to easily cut a lot of grass at once in your backyard.

Best Features:

  • 46-inch cutting width
  • 540 CC engine
  • 19 HP engine power
  • 2-year warranty
  • 15-inch wheels at the front
  • 20-inch wheels at the back
  • Adjustable transmission for variable speed

Husqvarna MZ61 Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna is a leading manufacturer of several outdoor power and lawn care equipment. This riding lawn mover comes with a 61-inch cutting deck from the MZ series that will provide commercial-grade power and amazing ergonomics. Thus, it is an ideal option to use for medium to large-sized landscapes and even terrain.

It comes with Briggs Stratton Endurance engine along with 27HP that provides powerful performance. Also, it offers 12 cutting height steps, 3 blades, 11 gauge deck thickness, and a steel cutting deck for effective cutting. While its 5-gallon fuel tank will aid in long-lasting performance without much checking the gas levels.

The hydraulic wheel drive allows precise maneuvering and lets the mower rotate around easily. Whereas, its ergonomic seat and comfortable steering will provide complete control over its riding operations. It has other amazing features like an hour meter with service reminder, a 9-bushel collection system, easy-to-access service points, a removable foot pan, and a pedal-assisted cutting deck lift.

Best Features:

  • Briggs Stratton Endurance engine with MZ series.
  • 61-inch cutting width and offers 27 HP engine power
  • Hydrostatic steering wheel to change the speed and direction
  • The 9-bushel triple bag collection system
  • High-back seat with armrests
  • Hour meter with service reminder
  • Comfortable steering and ergonomic seats
  • 5-gallon fuel tank volume.
  • Offers limited lifetime warranty

How Does a Riding Lawn Mower Work?

Main components of a lawn mower are engine, seating, controls and cutting blades/deck. Driver sits on top of the mower and controls it using levers or steering wheel. When you start the motor, the fuel ignites the engine which in turn powers the controls and blades. Most of the riding lawn mowers come with adjustable cutting blade width which can be adjusted according to your requirements. Using the levers or steering wheel, you can move forward or backward. Basically, you can drive the lawn mower just like a tractor or a car. As you move, the cutting blades present below the mower will cut the grass clippings. Some of these lawn mowers come with additional attachments like collection bag to collect the grass clippings.

How to Choose a Riding Lawn Mower?

There are so many varieties/brands available for riding lawnmowers, which makes it a bit difficult to pick the right mower. So, here we have listed some essential features to help you find the best ride-on mower, as per your requirement. Check it out.

Types of Riding Lawn Mower:

Generally, there are three types of lawn mowers – Rear Engine, Zero Turn Lawn Mower and Lawn Tractor (or) Front Engine. Let’s know about each type in detail.

Note – Your yard size will determine which type of riding lawn mower works perfectly for mowing your lawn.

  • For a small-sized yard (less than a 1/2-acre), you can opt for a rear-engine lawnmower, which is smaller and let you navigate a smaller yard effectively and efficiently.
  • For medium to large-sized yards (higher than 1/2-acre), choose a zero-turn mower or lawn tractor, which let you mow effortlessly.
  • If your yard has a significant number of obstacles, then prefer to invest in a zero-turn mower rather than a lawn tractor. A zero-turn mower will navigate around gardens, trees, and flower beds quickly.
  • For sloped yards, pick a zero-turn mower or lawn tractor with high engine power (HP) as it can climb slopes easily

Power Source:

Before buying a riding lawn mower, you have to decide whether it should be electric- or gas-powered. One should know about the pros and cons of each type before sticking to anyone.

Gas Powdered Lawn Mower – They are more powerful and works well with fuel and can mow medium to larger yards effectively. These are louder, less eco-friendly, and need more maintenance (need to change oil, replace spark plugs, air filter, etc.). It is suitable for mowing thicker lawns, as they trim grass perfectly, even around the obstacles.

Electric Powdered Lawn Mower – Less powerful and have shorter runtime (about 1 hour) yet easy to start, quieter operation, eco-friendly and require less maintenance. Suits to mow for small – medium sized lawns, like up to 1-acre. In case, if there are any obstacles like inclines, thick grass or flower beds, then the mower needs more effort and quickly drains the battery.

Deck Size:

Cutting width will let you know the width of the lawn mower’s cutting area. So, a mower with a wider cutting deck size will cover more area and mow lawn in less time. For instance, a mower with a 54-inch cutting deck will offer 30% more coverage area when compared with a 33-inch lawnmower.

Here are some guidelines/general rules, which you have to follow while choosing this riding lawnmower.

  • To mow a yard of up to 1/2 acre, choose a lawnmower with a cutting deck of 40-inches or less.
  • For medium-sized lawns (1/2 acre to 2 acres), look for a mower with a cutting deck of about 42 – 48 inches.
  • For larger lawns (3-acres or more), you will need a mower with a minimum cutting deck size of 50-inches.


Horsepower (HP) is a measurement that tells you about the power output of the engine. Here the power output is shared between the various components of the mower like cutting blades and drive transmission.

The engine with more HP will distribute more power among the mower parts to perform the tasks. So, the mower engine with more HP will allow you to perform tasks like moving the mower across the lawn, even up hills and provide the cutting power required to trim heavy grass quickly.

The horsepower of lawn mowers comes within the range of 16 HP to 24 HP for better performance as per your yard size.

  • For small lawns (1-acre), use a mower with an engine’s capacity of 16HP
  • For medium lawns (2 – 3 acres), a 20HP mower is suitable.
  • For large yards (4 – 6 acres), go with a mower having 24 HP.


Mowers prefer to work on flat and even surfaces with thin or fine grass but it won’t always happen. In certain times, there may be thicker grass patches, slopes in the lawn, rough terrain or thick weeds. If you have this type of uneven lawn, then a riding lawn mower is your best option.

For instance, your yard has thick or heavy grass then pick a mower with at least 4 different blades. Having slope in the land, then prefer a model that offers a small-sized deck to manoeuvre it easily and less possibility of digging into the ground.

So, it is essential to consider the terrain of your yard before you choose and make a purchase of a lawn mower.


The transmission help mower to transfer the power from the engine to its wheels and thereby make the machine move back and forth. There are three types of transmission available for the mowers – Manual, Automatic, and Hydrostatic. Let’s get into its details.

Manual Transmission – It offers a range of set speeds in which you can select the speed according to your need. While the older models use a clutch to shift between speeds (or) you have to stop it. For choosing the manual transmission model, check for the one, which let you shift easily without using a clutch.

Automatic Transmission – You can easily control the mower’s speed by using a pedal in this automatic models. This is the best option for those looking for easy control over the ride (or) have to slow down frequently while driving around obstacles.

Hydrostatic Transmission – Here, the system uses fluid instead of belts, to transfer the power from mower’s engine to its wheels. So, this fluid-based system will deliver the smoothest ride and thereby needs the least amount of maintenance.

Adjustable Cutting Deck Heights:

A cutting deck with adjustable heights is used to prevent the lawn scalping. This will let you either lower or elevate the cutting deck to make it perfectly suited for the area, which you’re mowing.

For instance, we observe manicured lawn at your patio area having a level surface. For this, you have to use a low setting to mow the area for a clean cut. While the other areas of your yard may have uneven terrain, then you have to raise the cutting deck to prevent scalps, which may damage the mower blades.

A few models offer a feature that let you change the cutting height while the mower is moving. Whereas, a few other models need a manual approach, in which you have to turn off the device to adjust the height and restart the machine.

Fuel Tank Capacity:

This feature is essential to consider while you’re using a gas-powered riding lawn mower. This fuel capacity will let you know how much gas a tank can hold and thereby prevent you to refill the tank multiple times while mowing the lawn.

It all depends on the size of the tank. For instance, a mower with a small fuel capacity is suitable to use for medium-sized yards, while a mower with a large fuel capacity is suitable for large properties. An average riding mower can easily hold about 2 gallons of gas, whereas a larger one can carry 3 – 4 gallons of gas.

Single Vs Twin Engines:

We generally notice some riding lawn mower models have single engine, whereas a few other models use twin engines for their efficient working. A mower with a single-engine will use a single-cylinder, whereas a twin-engine mower uses two cylinders.

A mower with twin-engine offers more power, which allows to tackle extensive yards and lawns with slopes. Also, they can handle other duties like hauling carts and plowing snow. A mower with a single-engine is less powerful than twin-engines but consumes less fuel.

Brushed Vs Brushless Motor:

This feature is essential to consider while purchasing an electric-powered riding lawn mower. A mower with a brushless motor (built without brushes) will produce less friction than the one with a standard brushed motor. Thus, the reduced friction will result in an efficient running of a motor.

In the brushless motor model, 85 – 90% of the generated energy will be used to power the mower. While a brushed motor provides 75 – 80% efficiency to the mower. An electric riding lawn mower using this brushless motor will maximize the efficiency of the battery and thereby extends its life/runtime before it needs to recharge.

So, brushless motors will effectively aid in transferring more power from the motor to the blades and wheels.

Battery Life and Runtime:

With continuous improvements in battery technology, battery-powered riding lawn mowers have become one of the best mowers. The runtime of a battery mower is different for different models, which depends on various factors like lawn type, size or terrain, battery size, etc.

For example, a mower with a 75 Ah battery will let your mow for about 1 hour, which can cover up to 1 acre before you require to recharge the battery. A mower battery will take up to 7 hours to get fully recharged.


A riding lawn mower with perfectly designed seating will allow you to complete the mowing task more effectively without much strain. Thickly padded seats with the high backs of a mower will provide excellent comfort and support. A few modern models offer various features like padded armrest with cup holders, spring-coil shock absorbers below the seat (or) may built into the mower’s frame.


The type of riding lawn mower you’re using will differentiate its controls. In general, lawn tractors and rear-engine mowers will use steering wheels for control, whereas a zero-turn riding mower will use 2 levers (pushing or pulling the levers) for its control.

Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower – Pushing or pulling the levers will control its speed and aids in proper turning. Pushing both levers will increase its speed. Pulling the left-hand lever will turn the mower to the left side, whereas pulling the right-hand lever will turn the tractor right.

Rear-Engine Riding Lawn Mower – Just like a manual transmission car, this mower comes with a gear system. Here the user has to shift gears to adjust the speed of the machine, but there will be a jerky feel in the mower while changing the gear.

Lawn Tractors – Features a throttle to adjust the speed. Most lawn tractors possess a hydrostatic transmission, which makes speed changes smoother when compared with rear-engine mowers.

Most riding mowers have a lever to engage and disengage the mowing deck and a lever that changes the deck’s height.


Generally, pneumatic air-filled tires are mostly used by the riding lawn mowers for proper movement, which provide traction and shock absorption. A few models use turf tires, which possess enough tread to offer traction for gripping the lawn, on either an incline or on flat ground, but too much tread in the tires may damage the lawn.

Lug tires is another tire option that uses aggressive angles, and deep grooves for maximum traction. This type of tires may damage your lawn, but used as an alternative lawn tractor to perform tasks like hauling trailers or plowing snow.


A small machine is quite easy to move around the plants, corners, and structures than a larger machine. Also, less manual work is required after mowing.

A mower with a smaller deck suits best you to mow around your yard, where it has a lot of trees or obstacles. While a mower with a commercial-sized wide cutting deck isn’t capable of mowing in narrow and tight spaces.

most, durable, lawn, tractor

Using this small deck mower in a large yard is time-consuming. Then, a zero-turn lawn mower will be your best option, as it is easy to maneuver and work effectively. This mower has control levels for steering and thus allow you to steer easily 180° turn.


The weight of the riding lawn mower will let you mow easily or hardly. So, it is essential to consider this option while purchasing the lawn mower.

An average riding lawn mower will weigh between 300 – 600 pounds.

  • A lawn tractor will weigh around 450 pounds.
  • A rear-engine lawn mower will weigh about 300 pounds.
  • A zero-turn lawn mower will weigh about 500 pounds.


The seats of riding lawn mowers come with a safety function that stops the blades when it found no pressure on the driver’s seat. Also, wear proper clothing like long pants, ear eye protection and shoes before mowing. Make sure to keep the pets or children away from this machine. Avoid adding fuel on hot or vapors to ignite the fuel. Turn off the unit before you remove grass clump, twig or obstruction.

Grass Clipping:

It is essential to know how the lawnmower will handle the grass clippings before making its purchase. A few models spit these clipping back out to the lawn, whereas others come with a bag to collect or mulch the cut grass. Experts suggest you buy the mower depending on how your preference to handle the clippings, whether to stay at the back of your yard or mulch it to decompose quickly.

Cutting Blades:

The number of cutting blades to have in your mower will depend on your lawn size and grass type. For instance, if your yard has tough weed and high grass, then pick a mower with more than 1 cutting blade.

We notice most of the small lawn tractors come with a single blade, which is suitable for a small lawn with less grass. There are large lawn tractors with 2 – 3 blades that are ideal to mow thick grass or weed. In some cases, the mower with powerful engines will aid in good cutting performance even with a single blade.

Cruise Control:

Choosing a lawnmower with this superior cruise control feature will reduce the stress, which you felt while driving the mower. It works similarly as a transmission does for a car. With this feature, you can maintain a constant speed while mowing your yard.

Anti-Scalping Wheels:

The mower with anti-scalping wheels will provide better traction on the ground, especially useful while mowing on uneven terrain and driving up hills.

Turning Radius:

The turning radius of a mower will let the user know how tightly they can turn the mower. In case, if your lawn has so many obstacles or tight corners, then prefer to choose a mower with a small turning radius. This lets you make sharper turns and mow your yard effectively than a mower with a big turning radius.

Washout Port:

Regular cleaning of a riding lawn mower will help to maintain its efficiency and lifespan. For this, you have to check whether your mower deck can be cleaned easily or not. Most riding mowers have a nozzle, which let you attach the water hose to wash out the blade and other parts effectively without turning or getting under the mower.

Extra Attachments:

Some ride-on mower models will let you perform additional gardening maintenance such as ridging, mulching and edging by fitting some extra attachments to the mower. Also, a lawn tractor (a type of ride-on mower) will allow you to clear the snow in the driveway.

Summer attachments include sprayers, lawn striping tools, mower bags or dump carts. While winter attachments include snow blowers and snow plows. With these extra attachments, one can easily save time by performing other tasks like gathering leaves or planting new shrubs.

Comfort Features:

A mower with extra comfort features will allow you to use it for a longer time effectively and effortlessly. So, look for features such as extended leg room, high-back seat with lumbar support, cup holders, easy to access control panel and LED headlights to use while having low light conditions.

Most users’ complaint about pedals and shifters place and uncomfortable seat of the mower, which they realize after installed/assembled and used the unit. So, check it thoroughly before making its purchase.

Start Feature

Different riding lawn mower models come with different start options. Some of them can be started using a key, recoil and push start button. They don’t have any impact on the performance of the lawn mower. So, you have to choose based on your preference.

Lawn Size

Even if you purchase the best riding lawn mower in the market and yet it is not suitable for your yard then it is not a wise decision. So, consider the lawn size and how much time it takes to mow the yard. Based on this information, you can choose the mower that suits your requirement.

Mulching and Discharge

Mulching represents the ability to chop the grass into tiny pieces which can be collected in a bag or spread across the lawn to act as fertilizer. Discharge represents the procedure of spreading the grass clippings.

Low quality riding mowers will leave the grass clippings into big clumps. But high quality ones will chop them into fine bits and spread them evenly throughout your lawn. Some models come with mulching as additional feature and some don’t. Some models without this features can be still compatible with mulching kits where you don’t have to tiny grass pieces are collected into a bag. Before purchasing check whether the model you choose has this optional or if it compatible with mulching kit.


This is another important factor to consider while purchasing the lawn mower. In general terms, smaller the machine is, the easier it is to move around corners, structures and plants. This also means there will be less manual work after mowing. Commercial-sized wide cutting decked models are not capable of mowing in tight and narrow spaces.

If your yard has a lot of obstacles and trees, then smaller decks are suitable to mow around them. But if you have a large yard, then it can be time consuming. In such cases, zero turn lawn mowers are more effective and easy to maneuver. They come with control levels for steering which lets you steer 180 degree turn effortlessly.

Cutting Blade Speed

The blade speed is given in RPM or rounds per minute. Riding lawn mowers come with cutting blade speeds ranging from 1500 RPM to 2000 RPM. A riding lawn mower with a blade speed of 2000 RPM is considered to be the better option. A higher blade speed results in a smooth and even cut without any issues, even if the grass is very thick.


As lawn mowers are long term and expensive investment, it is better to go for well-known and trustworthy brands. Also make sure to read the reviews of customers about their after sales service and product quality before making the purchase.


The price of a ride-on mower depends on various factors like its type, blade size, horsepower, etc. So, to purchase a decent quality riding lawn mower, you have to spend at least 500. For instance, a low-end 14HP mower suits best to mow an acre will costs you around 1000 and above. Whereas, a small tractor with 18 – 24 HP will cost between 2500 – 4500 and a larger tractor will cost you up to 9000 or above.


Before purchasing any mechanical power tool like a riding lawn mower (which comes with a lot of moving parts), it’s essential to consider its warranty. So, you can purchase a mower that covers a warranty period of 2 years or more.

A few manufacturers provide a 4 years warranty yet have limited warranty. So, check the description and online reviews on the product before buying. Also, one should check with the customer service offered by the manufacturer.

Different Types of Riding Lawn Mower:

Based on their working principle, riding lawn mowers are categorized into four types – rear engine, front engine, zero turn and mulching mowers. A detail description of them is provided below. Read thoroughly to know which one suits your requirements.

Rear Engine Lawn Mowers

Among all the types, this one the most comfortable and easy to operate option. Rear engine lawn mowers are small units so they have narrow cutting width and small cutting decks which makes it easy to move. These machines don’t take much storage space and affordably priced as well. They are suitable for small yards or lawns that are less than ¾ acre. The main drawback of rear engine lawn motors is low horse power(14HP) which makes them very slow.

  • Being small unit, it easily fits through gates
  • Needs less storage space
  • Better visibility as there is no engine at the front
  • Less priced than all other types
  • Accessory options are very limited
  • Narrow cutting width (28 inches)
  • Slow mowing speeds – 1.5 to 4.5mph
  • Speed transmission through levers which means your hand off the wheel in order to adjust the speed.

Front Engine Lawn Mower (Tractor Mower)

They are also known as tractor lawn models. Compared to all other types, front engine lawn mowers are fast and durable. Heavy-duty transmissions and powerful engines (18 to 24HP) are used in the lawn mower. They are suitable for mowing large lawns and gardening tasks.

Cutting deck range of these mower ranges from 38 inches to 54 inches. Some of the lawn tractors are powerful enough to pull a garden cart loaded with gardening supplies. However, make sure the garden cart is not too heavy and larger than the lawn tractor itself. They are suitable for large lawns with 5 acres or more area.

  • Deck options with 38 inches and above
  • Uses hydrostatic transmission which lets you control speed by pedals. This is also the smoothest transmission type.
  • With mowing speeds of 5.2mph, it cuts faster
  • Most of them come with pressurized lubrication systems
  • Compatible with most of the accessories
  • Require large storage space
  • As engine is installed at the front, it has less visibility
  • Cannot handle ground engaging attachments that include tillers and cultivators

Zero-Radius/Zero Turn Mowers

These are the most expensive and high performance lawn mowers that are commonly used by professional landscapers and commercial lawn maintenance. Using them, you can easily mow around any obstacles (trees, fountains or others) as it can turn 360-degree radius. They come with 4 wheel steering system so, you can easily drive the zero turn mower.

With improved maneuverability and wide cutting width, it is easy to mow quickly even at higher speeds up to 8mph. Some of these models also come with side discharge and mulch grass cuttings. They are suitable for yards larger than 1 acre.

  • Fun to ride
  • Fast mowing speed
  • Most maneuverable,
  • Easy to mow closer to trees and gardens
  • Can’t be used on hill that are too steep
  • Come with only few attachments like cart or vacuum grass catcher
  • Driving it will take some practice
  • Expensive than other types

Mulching Mowers

Also known as waste reducing units and environmental friendly models. They are suitable for mowing gardens with grass that is not too high. These mowers cut the grass clippings into small pieces which decompose into the soil. It removes the need of fertilizing the yard. Using grass cutting as fertilizer is better than dumping it in a landfill. That is why is called as environmental model.

Safety Tips to Consider While Using a Riding Lawn Mower:

As per US Consumer Product Safety Commission, almost 80,000 injuries are directly related to unsafe gardening machinery operation. That is why, it is very important to take proper care while operating a riding lawn mower. Below, we have mentioned some safety tips for your reference. Follow them to prevent accidents and injuries.

  • Every manufacturer provides an operator manual. Read it thoroughly before operating the lawn mower.
  • Make sure to wear protective eye wear and a hat while mowing as grass clippings and debris can be flying around, even if you are sitting up on high ground.
  • If possible, complete the mowing in daylight hours and when the grass is dry. Though some of the lawn mower come with LED headlights to mow in nights or low lighting conditions, it can hard to the mow when the grass is wet.
  • Check your yard or property for any objects or debris like toys, small rocks or pebbles that are lying around on the ground. These objects can damage the mower when you mow over them.
  • Make sure children and pets are away while you are mowing. Don’t let them near the mower when it is in use.
  • Drive carefully. Make sure to check 3 to 4 feet ahead just like you would do while driving a car.
  • While mowing difficult terrains like up hills or inclines, it is better to do that in an up and down pattern rather than cross or diagonally. If you mow across, then there is a chance of tipping over. In such case, you may not only get hurt from falling but also have a mover running around unattended. If you mow up and down, the work scenario that may happen is – the mower can stop or mow very slowly which much better than getting hurt.
  • Turn off the mower completely when you have to open or close the gate. Never leave the mower in working condition when you are not around, even for few seconds.
  • Before cleaning the cutting blades, turn off the mower first.
  • Never try to repair or fix the mower while it is in working condition. If you don’t know how to repair, then get professional help.
  • Always stay clear of a hot engine.
  • If you are mowing hot weather for long periods, make sure to wear a hat and have a water bottle with you to stay hydrated.
  • If you are unaware of how to remove mower blade, then hire a professional. Avoid doing it by yourself as there are so many ways to mess that up. For example, you may lose a hand if you unscrew the blade while the sparkplug is still in which can start the engine.

Benefits of Using Riding Lawn Mower:

Apart from reducing the effort of mowing your lawns, there are several advantages of investing a riding lawn mower. We have mentioned some of them below.

  • With these machines, it is very easy to mow even large areas in less time.
  • They come with electric starts and large fuel capacities so you can mow for longer time.
  • They are easy to handle and operate. It is just like driving a toy car.
  • Some lawn mowers come with adjustable cutting blades, you can cut the grass as you want.
  • Compared to standard push models, it is easy to obtain replacement parts for riding mowers.
  • Some riding mowers come with attachments for collecting clippings, leaf clean, mulching, spreading fertilizer.
  • Few large or heavy-duty models come with plow attachments for snow removal, hauling wood or livestock.
  • Zero turn models provide precision cuttings even in tight spaces, around tree or shrubs with ease.

How to Start a Riding Lawn Mower?

Stating a lawn mower isn’t actually a rocket science. Lawn movers come with electronic systems, smooth automatic transmission and powerful engine which let you start the engine within seconds.

In order to start the mower, first you have to adjust the height of cutting deck according to your requirement. In most of the lawn mower models, this adjustment can be done using control levers.

Now climb on the seat and turn on the machine using the start button or keys. Because of automatic transmission, you don’t have to deal with gears or clutch in order to change speeds. You can use foot pedal to increase or decrease the speed. Once, you have complete the mowing, just turn off the engine using key control or stop button.

What is the Best Rated Riding Lawn Mower Engine?

An ideal riding lawn mower comes with powerful engine that is reliable has enough power to achieve perfect cut. And moreover, it has to start without any hassle. Only high quality components should be used for the engine so that it lasts for years.

Among all the lawn mowers in the market, Briggs Stratton engines have all these properties which makes them the best in the market. These engines are specially designed to deliver high quality performance without any issues.

With several engine types like v-twin and single cylinder, this brand can provide basic rides to full scale lawn tractors with optimum power to get job done every single time. Because of their reliability and performance, most of the other brands like Poulan and Husqvarna use the engines of BS as their products.

What Can Prevent a Riding Lawn Mower From Starting?

There are several reasons that lead prevent the riding lawn from starting. We have mentioned some of the reasons below along with easy-to-fix methods.

  • Disconnected, Dirty or Loose Spark Plug – Remove the plug from the mower and clean it thoroughly. If it is loose or disconnected, then reattach it properly.
  • Blocked Air Filter – Remove the air filter and clean it thoroughly. If the build-up is too tough or stubborn, then you may have to replace it.
  • Fuel not Reaching the Engine – Onto the side on carburettor, give a tap or knock to encourage the fuel flow.

If none of these methods work, then get professional help. If your mower is within warranty, then contact the customer service for free check-up and replacement.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Proper usage and periodic maintenance are essential for a riding lawn mower to enhance its lifespan and efficiency. So, here we are providing some tips to maintain the mower properly. Clean the mower to remove debris, which builds up in between the mowing sessions. Most mowers come with attachments on the deck for a hose to have power wash of the mower, especially inside the deck. You have to do periodic check and change the air filters to prevent your mower from getting clogged with debris. It is essential to change the oil regularly and replace the mower belts for effective and efficient working. Experts suggest you replace the spark plugs once a year for the best results.

Zero-turn riding lawn mowers are the best option for mowing your yard. It has impressive maneuverability and gets perfect turns between trees and even small spaces easily.

In general, a lawnmower is designed to mow your lawns/yards, while a lawn tractor is capable to perform other tasks like hauling, towing, etc. So, a lawn tractor has a powerful engine with more horsepower, a durable frame and a bit expensive too than a lawnmower.

The best way to store your riding lawn mower is to place it in your garage or a tool-shed, where it can accommodate its size properly. Most modern models have a weather-proof cover for storing them safely outdoors. In case, if you want to store the unit outside the shed or garage, then purchase a cover, which acts as an essential weather guard to prevent corrosion and damage to the mower from outside weather.

In general, a riding lawn mower can last for at least 1000 hours of use. How long your mower last will depend on your proper usage and regular maintenance. All you need is to replace the belt and other under the hood components occasionally. Most lawn mowers continue to serve you for at least 8 – 10 years but you have to make proper research before making this investment.

The size of your lawn and terrain (how hilly it is) will let you use a ride-on lawnmower rather than other types. The basic rule is that a riding lawn mower is the best option for those having a half-acre or more yard.Also, an electric-model suits best for yards up to 1/2 acre, but need to have a powerful and rugged machine, especially having a larger yard. Whereas, gas-powered models suit perfectly for yards more than a 1/2 acre of land.

If you know all about engines and machine working, then you should not have any issues, and you can easily service the mower by yourself. All you need is to change the spark plugs and oil, and also clean the carburetor. In case, if you won’t have any prior experience on engines/motors, then simply consult a dealer for its service.

While mowing the lawn, one can find that they cut chunks out resulting in a bare patch in grass called scalp. This scalping results in uneven terrain and may leave the lawn appearing unsightly. To avoid scalping, you have to adjust the cutting deck height before you start the mowing process. So, choose a mower with an adjustable height cutting deck, which let you lower and raise the blades. Thus, it offers a clean cut without any scalping.

Most modern riding lawn mowers have an accessory kit that allows you to change the mower into a snowplow or snow blower to use in the winter. All you need is to check the best model with accessories, as per your requirement before making a purchase.

On an average, a garden lawn mower lasts for 10 years. They may last a bit longer if you take proper care and clean it regularly.

For 36 inches cutting deck, it takes about an hour to complete the mowing. For 48 inches cutting deck, it may take just 45 minutes. The time taken is actually at least half the amount of what it takes to do using a push mower.

The blades of the mower should be sharpened often so that it doesn’t lose its luster. The duration or interval of sharpening blades depends on several factors. If you have a high quality lawn mower, then you should sharpen its blades once in every 20 to 25 hours of usage. For example, you have a large yard with more than 1-acre area, then it takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour for mowing. So, you have to sharpen the blades after 26 mowing sessions.

The best time to buying a garden lawn mower is around September because many brands provide a lot of deal and discounts in that month.

It usually depends on the part that needs repairing, extent of the damage, life of the mower and reason of the repair. If we have to provide random average cost, you may have to play then it will be between 40 to 90. This number can also change based on the region you live in.

There are several brands in the market that are considered good and provide top-quality models. Cub Cadet, Poulan Pro, Craftsman, BS, and Husqvarna provide the best riding lawn mowers.

Most of the people like lawn mowers with steering wheels as they provide good comfort and car-like driving experience. However, levers are considered more functional as they provide stability and mobility when you master it.


If you want an easy to use lawn mower for your backyard, then you can go with a riding lawn mower. These allow you to easily cut grass while riding your lawn mower since these are powered by a gas engine. Thus, you can find some of the best riding lawn mower options along with their major features and options. You can even find a detailed buying guide regarding riding lawn mowers in this article. It has all of the things that you need to learn about such lawn mowers.

  • If you are on a budget, then you can go with the Snapper 291152BVE Classic riding lawn mower. It is one of the cheapest riding lawn mower options available out there. And even then, it is able to offer a decent cutting performance to the user. You get a 28 inch wide cutting deck in this lawn mower that is powered by its 344 cc engine. This engine generates 11.5 HP power and offers a 3-year warranty for durability.
  • On the other hand, if you do not have any budget restrictions and want a highly powerful riding lawn mower, then you can go with the Husqvarna Z254 lawn mower. It is one of the most powerful options out there that comes with a cutting deck size of 54 inches. And this large cutting blade is powered by a highly powerful engine that offers 26 HP power with a max speed of 6.5 MPH. Husqvarna also offers a 3-year warranty with it.
  • The Troy Blit riding lawn mower can be another great option if you are looking for value for money options. It has a 382 cc engine that generates 11.7 HP that is quite decent for its price. This engine powers a 30 inch wide cutting deck that is quite decent when compared with other budget options. You also get a 2-year warranty with this lawn mower, which is always great to have. It offers all of this for a very justified price tag.

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Having the right riding mower as well as keeping up with the maintenance of it is of extreme importance. When it comes to mowing properly, it goes a long way when you have the right equipment to provide the best experience possible. Thank you for breaking down down to the intricate details.

This information was so helpful and thorough. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to picking the lawnmower best suited for me and my yard.

Which Lawn Tractor is Best for Hills?

Not all properties are level, which means most people have to mow on slight slopes or hills. While this might not be the first thought when looking to purchase a new mower, it should be. Not all mowers are created equal when it comes to mowing on slopes or hills and safety should be a priority in those situations. Continue reading for tips, insights, and mower recommendations for mowing hills.

How to choose the best lawn tractor for hills

The first option that comes to mind when needing to mow a slope or hill is usually a push mower. While push mowers are the best options in some situations, that may not always be the case. The versatility of a John Deere lawn tractor or residential mower makes them the best mowers for hills. John Deere lawn tractors and residential mowers are built with durability in mind and can cover different terrain while maintaining a clean, even cut to keep your lawn looking its best.

Tips for operating a riding mower on a hill

When operating a riding mower on a hillside or slope, it is important to make sure you do so safely. Here are a few tips for making sure you are safe while mowing a hill or slope.

  • Only mow when the grass is completely dry.
  • Turn around or change directions at the top or bottom of the hill where the ground is flat.
  • Operate at a slower speed for better traction and response time.
  • Mow vertically, not horizontally, to avoid rolling over.
  • Ensure the area is cleared from toys, rocks, wires, and other obstacles, so it doesn’t get thrown by mower blades.
  • Add weights to the front of the lawn tractor.
  • Do not stop in the middle of the hill.

Best riding mowers for hills

John Deere offers a full lineup of lawn and garden tractors to help you tackle the hills on your property. The models within the X300 Series, X500 Series, and X700 Series mowers offer power and stability to get the job done. Some specific model recommendations include:

The larger wheels and tires on the John Deere X380 make it a great choice for varied terrains, including slopes. With a 54-in. Accel Deep™ mower deck and 22 HP engine, the X380 is designed with maneuverability in mind. This model is for homeowners that mow up to 3.5 acres and is built to handle light-to-moderate duty tasks around the yard.

The John Deere X570 model comes with heavy-duty tires and a hydrostatic transaxle with traction assist, both of which provide safety and durability for mowing slopes. The X570 is perfect for helping you tackle various landscaping jobs with a steel frame, low-effort steering, and 24 HP engine.

When it comes to steeper mowing jobs, the John Deere X739 lineup reigns supreme with four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, electronic fuel injection, and heavy-duty tires. All of these features, along with 25.5 HP make the X739 mower a fit for some of the steepest slopes. With the addition of heavy-duty attachments, the John Deere X739 makes landscaping jobs throughout the year a breeze.

Where can I find riding mowers for hills around me?

At Koenig Equipment, our priority is making sure you have the right mower that works best for you and your terrain to ensure you can get the job done, all while being safe. Our trained sales staff will work with you to understand your needs and the terrain of your property to help you select the best mower for any slopes or hills you mow. Visit your local Koenig Equipment to learn more about the mowers we have to offer to help you mow your hills today!

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