Quietest lawn mower engine. How Much Quieter Are Electric Lawn Mowers Than Gas

Quietest Lawnmower in 2021: You Don’t Want To Miss This

A quiet lawn mower will allow you to mow the grass in your yard without disturbing your neighbours. The best quiet lawn mowers are like a quiet air rifle,an important addition to any backyard toolkit.

According to a National Center for Biotechnology Information report, noise-induced hearing loss affects 12 percent of American children in one or both ears as a result of exposure to sounds from stereos, lawn mowers, fireworks, toys, and music concerts.

Continuous exposure to these sounds, according to the report, can endanger a child’s health and cause learning difficulties. The consequences of noisy noises are not limited to the ears, according to the WHO Guidelines for Community Noise Research.

Noise can cause non-auditory symptoms such as elevated blood pressure, laboured breathing, increased heart rate, changes in brain chemistry, and sleep loss.

As a result, purchasing the best quiet lawn mowers are one of the best investments you can make. The following is a list of some of the best quietest lawn mowers available.

Types of Lawnmowers: What Kind is The Quietest?

Most motorised gardening equipment, as you might know, can be either electric or gas-powered lawn mower. People have long preferred gas-powered appliances over corded electric appliances. Who can blame them, after all? They are:

  • Allow you to move freely without having to worry about a cord getting in the way
  • Can cover a wide area without running out of battery or exceeding the extension cord’s limit
  • Have strong engines that can run for a year on a single gas canister
  • With ease, cut through thicker grass
  • With proper maintenance, it can last for years or even decades

What are some features to look for in a quiet lawn mower?

If you want to invest in the best peaceful lawn mower, there are some important features to remember. Some of the most critical are mentioned below.

Push Mowers vs Self-propelled Mowers

By looking at their names, you can say which one is which. Self-propelled lawn mowers have a gearbox that automatically pushes either the front or rear wheels forward.

Push mowers run on your sweat, while self-propelled lawn mowers have a gearbox that automatically pushes either the front or rear wheels forward.

Though push mowers are better for flat yards (unless you have the muscles to push through hills and slopes), self-propelled lawn mowers are the best choice for hilly and rocky terrains. A self-propelled mower, on the other hand, is usually heavier and more costly than a conventional push mower.

A single-speed self-propelled lawn mower can be too fast or too slow for certain people to follow, while a push mower allows you to walk at your own pace.

Front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive are the two types of self-propelled lawn mowers. You can select the type of terrain that is ideally suited for your needs based on the types of terrain you have.


Compared to gas-powered mowers, electric lawnmowers are quieter. They often necessitate less care. You won’t have to worry about oil spills, oil changes, or even filter replacements.

They don’t necessitate a lot of upkeep. All you have to do now is charge the batteries and sharpen or repair the blades. Furthermore, these units are cost-effective because they do not need a lot of time.

Cutting Deck

Another critical consideration is the cutting deck’s height. Since the deck is smaller, you’ll have to cut the lawn in more than one pass. A larger cutting deck, on the other hand, will save you time, but this will also depend on the length of the lawn. Shorter grass takes less time to mow, and vice versa.

Height Adjustments and attachments

Before purchasing a quiet lawnmower, pay attention to the height change. Always check to see if the mower you’re considering will cut the grass to the desired height.

If you plan to go with an electric mower, make sure it comes with all of the required attachments. A battery, charger, and other related accessories should be included.

Weight and Size

These two factors are crucial, especially in terms of transportation and storage. A lawnmower with a larger deck would be heavier and bulkier, affecting transportation and storage. If you only have a small amount of storage space, a compact mower is a good option.


The battery is another significant feature of a lawnmower. The amount of power in a battery decides how good the machine cuts grass and how long it lasts. If you have a big lawn, a device with a strong battery is recommended. The battery on most mowers can last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes.

The charging time is a second element to remember. The charging time should be short if the battery has a shorter run time. You’ll be able to take brief breaks between recharges this way.


Most walk-behind lawn mower engines are in the 140cc to 170cc range. The engines make more noise as their power increases. Lawn mower engines come in a variety of configurations.

There are side-valve ones, overhead-valve ones, and so on. The overhead-valve engine is more advanced because it consumes less fuel and makes less noise.

Noise Level

A typical gas powered lawn emits 95 decibels of noise. However, some may be lower or higher for a variety of reasons. As a result, make sure to test the mower ahead of time. Know that sound levels above 85 decibels are hazardous to the human ear.

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The exhaust from a gas lawn mower is undeniably polluting to the atmosphere. If you don’t want to damage Mother Nature, buy a mower that emits less pollution. Furthermore, the more noise a lawn mower can make, the louder it becomes.

Top Quietest Lawnmower in 2021

American Lawn Mower Company 4-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

If you want a quietest lawn mower that is not only quiet but also simple to assemble, lightweight, and maneuver, this is the ideal option for you. This reel lawn mower has a 14″ cutting diameter 4-blade reel and sturdy 8.5″ polymer wheels for optimum maneuverability. It’s 14’’ wide diameter makes it precise enough to work on small surfaces.

You’ll appreciate that the blades are made of high-quality, heat-treated alloy steel, which keeps them sharper for longer. The mower’s polymer wheels make it so compact that it can be held in one hand.

It’s an excellent option for the elderly or someone who doesn’t want to deal with a big mower. This is also a fantastic environmentally friendly alternative to gas-powered lawn mowers as there is no need for oil.

All you’ll have to do is sharpen the blades every few years. The 4-blade reel provides flexibility when working with a variety of grasses up to 4 inches tall such as Rye, Fescue, Bluegrass, crabgrass, and mixed weed. With only 20 pounds in weight, this is also one of the lightest mowers on the market, so you won’t mind driving it around.

However, since it is a manual mower, mowing a lawn can take longer than with gas mowers or electric mowers. It is also worth noting that this push lawn mower is manufactured in China for a company called American Lawnmower, which is headquartered in the United States.

Greenworks 16 inch 40-volt Cordless Mower

Greenworks’ electric cordless mower is engineered to be quiet, dependable, and simple to operate. The cutting deck measures 16 inches in length, making it ideal for small and medium lawns.

Long grass is uniformly cut by a single rotary blade. A single lever adjusts the cutting height between 5 positions, ranging from 1-1/4 inch to 3-3/8 inch. This kit includes a Li-Ion battery and charger.

The battery can be used in a variety of tools, making it ideal for yard work. You can remove the battery from the mower to charge it or store it, and you can buy more than one battery if you have a big lawn to mow.

There’s an on-board battery life indicator, and swapping batteries is simple and convenient, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

The grass collection box holds 40 litres, and the mower has a 2-in-1 feature that allows you to use it for various purposes without having to purchase additional accessories or equipment. This electric mower can cut up to 400 metres squared on a single charge and lasts up to 60 minutes.

This mower starts easily with a push of a button, so you can start cutting in no time. This Greenworks mower is also dependable and low-maintenance. The handles fold down for portable storage when not in use. It’s also lightweight, making it simple to move and transport.

Snapper XD SXDWM82K 82V

Snapper’s electric lawnmower is cordless, quiet, and ideally suited for medium to large lawns. This is an excellent choice if you want a mower with the same power as gas lawn mowers but with a quieter service. The battery recharges in 30 minutes and provides 45 minutes of powerful cutting time.

If there is still grass to cut after 45 minutes, the set comes with two batteries so you can turn them out. The 21-inch cutting deck provides plenty of space for cutting large parts at once. The load-sensing technology on this Snapper lawn mower is an impressive feature that changes the power to provide the best cutting results.

The mower’s push-button start is located on the handle, which folds down when not in use to make the mower more compact for storage. This isn’t the cheapest choice, but it’s a high-quality, long-lasting, and dependable option for cutting your lawn quickly and quietly.

This Snapper also comes with a 5-year warranty, ensuring that it will serve you well for a long time. It will save you money in the long run because this electric alternative eliminates the need for gas such as gas lawn mowers.

EGO Power Lawn Mower

EGO Power Cordless lawn mower has a lot of power and makes very little noise. It is much quieter than a gas powered lawn mower, as well as being smaller, more stylish, and easier to store.

Furthermore, it is a more environmentally friendly option. This mower has a 90-minute cut time, enough to mow up to two miles on a single charge, according to the manufacturer.

The grass box capacity is a generous 60 litres, and the deck is 20’’ long, providing plenty of cutting room. The mower has a two-tone green and grey colour scheme that looks fantastic and gives it a futuristic feel.

A handle on the deck allows you to choose your desired height from five options; height adjustment is fast and easy. This model has a mulching function, as well as grass bagging and side discharges, making it ideal for all garden needs.

The lawnmower folds up for easy storage. The handle must be completely extended and the clamp must be tightened to turn it on; otherwise, it will not start. It also has a detachable safety key to prevent it from starting by mistake.

Long grass can be cut with a single metal blade, but thicker patches can be difficult. The EGO Power electric mower is lightweight, quick to drive, and does not put any pressure on the user while maneuvering across the lawn.

This model is great value for money, power and has features that you won’t find on other models in this price range.

American Lawn Mower Company 50514

This electric lawn mower is extremely cost-effective. Because of the smaller deck, this model is better suited for smaller yards. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a convenient, lightweight, and easy-to-use alternative.

The 11-amp motor is high-efficiency and efficient enough to cut all forms of grass. Since the 14-inch cutting path is relatively narrow, it’s a good option if you have access problems with larger mowers or if they don’t cover all parts of your lawn.Another advantage of this mower is its light weight of just 25 pounds.

The steel handle is adjustable, allowing you to find the most comfortable place for you. It also features ergonomic cushioning for added comfort. The mower’s deck is made of plastic, which contributes to its lightweight.

The wheels are made of plastic as well, and they are wide enough to make pushing easy while leaving no marks on the grass.

The 50514 is small and designed to cut shorter grass, but it can also cut long, tough grass. There is a two-in-one feature that allows for rear bagging or mulching. This mower is quiet and lightweight, making it ideal for small lawns and urban gardens.

Mulching and bagging are also possible with the 2-in-1 flexibility. This is an excellent method for preventing thatch accumulation in the turf’s upper levels. The grass mulched bits decompose quickly and comfortably back into the turf.

You can easily convert the American Lawn Mower Company 50514 to bagging mode if you like. This allows you to recycle the grass clippings in your garden or add them to your compost pile.

On paper, the handlebars and ergonomic controls may not appear to be all that “Special.” Though the height adjustment allows you to comfortably adjust it to the operator’s height.

Craftsman M105

The Craftsman M105 is first on the list, and it is one of the best quiet gas lawn mowers available today. It starts easier than most of its competitors’ mowers, thanks to an automatic choke and a quick recoil. For more versatility, the M105 has 3-in-1 side discharge, rear discharge, and mulching capabilities.

The blades under the 21-inch diameter cutting deck are powered by a powerful Briggs Stratton 140 CC 4-stroke gasoline engine. The engine features Craftsman’s iconic auto choke ignition system, which eliminates the need to mess with priming and choking the engine.

The gas powered lawn mower cuts tall grass beautifully, but the small wheels can make it difficult to push on wet grass in the morning. The Craftsman gas lawn mower is more than you could ever wish for at such an affordable price and with such powerful strength in such a lightweight silhouette.

The Craftsman M105’s 140 CC Briggs Stratton engine is powerful enough to push the blades. The auto choke ignition system performs admirably and eliminates the need to fiddle with a primer or find out how to change the choke at precisely the right time.

If there’s one criticism of the Craftsman M105, it’s that it’s a traditional push mower with no self-propulsion mechanism. Despite the fact that it only weighs 65 pounds, Craftsman designed the wheels to help it travel quickly over even bumpy turf.

PowerSmart DB8621P

By its appearance, the PowerSmart DB8621P will deceive you. Despite its small stature, this beast is equipped with a 159cc engine that can easily handle the tall and dense overgrowth in a yard of up to 1/2 acre.

The large and flexible desk, which has three discharge options, including mulching, side, and rear discharge capacities, saves you time raking grass clippings while also providing nutrients to your lawn.

The deep dome desk with sharp blades contributes to its outstanding mulching efficiency. The mower is lightweight and easy to use, weighing just 68 pounds. It has a sturdy steel deck that cuts a 21-inch swath and an adjustable height from 1.18 to 3 inches to suit your varying needs.

An easy pull-cord start system, five lever-adjusted grass heights, an 18-gallon rear bag catcher, and 8-inch rear wheels for easy maneuverability are also pleasant features.

The 5-position height adjustment function allows you to maintain a variety of lengths in your yard and probably interspersed weeds. The PowerSmart is easy to maneuver thanks to its eight-inch rear wheels.

The PowerSmart glides around trees, sidles up to sandboxes and walls, and chops away around bulky bushes with ease, thanks to its slim dimensions of 18 x 33 x 23. If you’re dealing with small spaces or pesky obstacles in the yard, PowerSmart will get the job done.

Craftsman M215

The Craftsman M215 is one of the quietest front-wheel drive gas lawn mowers available. Along with its well-known name, the Craftsman unit stands out with an automatic choke and a smooth recoil, making it easier to start than other gas lawn mowers.

Variable speed control and a self-propelled mechanism help guide power to the front-wheel drive on the M215 gas lawn mower. Furthermore, the tough 21-inch deck features dual lever height adjustment with up to 6 points of height adjustment, allowing you to cut more quickly in a variety of conditions.

The adjustable deck’s height allows you to change the grass height to your turf’s current condition. If the weather has become increasingly dry, for example, you will want to leave the grass longer to help maintain soil moisture.

Protection hand controls are standard on the Craftsman M215. The bagger’s dust-control feature may also be considered a safety feature, since it removes dust and pollen that can come up from the bagger and irritate the eyes.

The self-propulsion mechanism, combined with the big rear wheels, makes moving this mower even over uneven terrain a breeze. The 3-in-1 versatility comes in handy as well, allowing you to use it as a bagger, mulcher, or for easy side discharges.

The Craftsman M215 is easier to start than many of its rivals thanks to the automatic choke and smooth recoil.

Lawn-Boy 17734

The Lawn-Boy 17734 lawn mower is the epitome of practicality. With just a turn of a switch, you can start this 21-inch mower. It’s also self-propelled and has rear-wheel drive self-propulsion, all of which make the job much easier.

The mower also has a 3-in-1 mowing option and a Tri-Cut device for a smooth, even cut while mowing the lawn.

Climbing hills or slopes is no longer a challenge thanks to the vehicle’s strong traction. Aside from that, this is a mower that anybody can use, young or old. It’s simple to start, mount, and operate, and it’s self-propelled with an adjustable handle for all operator sizes.

This mower would appeal to many people because it does not require oil changes. If you have slopes or hills, the mower’s rear-wheel drive and excellent traction can make navigating this terrain a breeze.

If you look closely at the blades, you’ll notice that they have a unique design with small holes in the back of the jagged edges to reduce clumping. Because of the bag collector’s huge size, you shouldn’t have to pause as much to empty clippings.

With the L-B17734, you can pack, mulch, or side discharge in three different ways. Mulching is a particularly wise option, given the 21-inch steel, deep-dome deck’s superior cut capability.

If you look closely at the blades, you’ll notice that they have a unique design with small holes in the back of the jagged edges to reduce clumping.

Because of the bag collector’s huge size, you shouldn’t have to pause as much to empty clippings. However, depending on the circumstances, this may not always be the case.

PowerSmart DB8620

The PowerSmart DB8620 lawn mower is a low-cost, compact mower that is well worth your time. With the rear-drive mode and a single front caster, this 83-pound machine can cut a 20-inch swath with ease. Thanks to the excellent rear-wheel drive setup, this mower is certainly designed for hilly and rough yards.

Grass clippings are cut into smaller bits on the deep dome bench, which are better for feeding the soil and grass. The DB8620 also has three-in-one discharge capability and eight height adjustment points ranging from 1.18 to 3.15 inches, which will come in handy during the mowing process.

This lawn mower is perfect for small and medium-sized lawns.

I prefer a fast, powerful engine, which the DB8620 has. The handle is easy to change and comfortable, and overall, this is a well-designed mower with a unique look that I like. If this mower had variable speed power, it would be great, but it doesn’t, so it’s still a good machine.

Depending on the circumstances, the mower’s 3-in-1 mowing functions offer you some nice choices to work with, and if you want side discharge or mulching, you’re getting good nutrients back into your yard for free.

For a spotless yard, the first two options are particularly effective. It mulches to the point that you can’t see the clippings, and bagging, of course, completely eliminates clippings. Depending on how the yard looks, choose from eight different cutting heights ranging from 1.18 to 3.15 inches. Cuts well on slopes and between nooks and crannies, as well as through rubble.

Maybe I haven’t mentioned the DB8620’s zero-turn capability, which is enabled by a single front caster wheel. It’s exciting for guys like me to be running fast on an open field and then come to the end of a pass and turn on a dime to start the next row.

Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Lawn Mower

The Scotts 200-20 Classic Push Lawn Mower features and advantages such as no refueling, no recharging, no fumes, and no mess. This isn’t your grandmother’s old reel mower, which felt like driving an anvil through six inches of dirt.

This mower’s unique rear-wheel arrangement reduces drag and improves maneuverability.

It has five 20-inch heat-treated steel blades that cut a wider swath across your lawn and finish the job faster. This model has 10” composite wheels that make it easier to push and cut. Height can be adjusted in 6 different places between 1” and 3”.

Despite being fully manual, this is one of the few areas where the Scotts 2000-20’s vulnerabilities are exposed.

The multi-section handle, though simple to assemble without tools, feels a little flimsy. While I appreciated the extra strength the included foam grips helped me to pour into each move across my lawn, the mower’s 34-pound frame’s lack of heft can be as much of a detriment to its feel as it can be a boon to keeping it easy to store and maneuver through tight spaces.

The higher the Scotts 2000-20 results, the fewer litter on your lawn. The Scotts 2000-20’s five heat-treated helix steel blades administer fast, slick cuts with the accuracy of an array of twirling scissors, even if it isn’t the big gun you call on to tackle an unruly savannah flourishing outside your front door and reaching behind your property as far as the eye can see.

Even when moving the mower at a leisurely rate, their arrangement along the reel greatly reduces friction, allowing for remarkably high rotational speeds. They will transform faster if you walk faster.

TACKLIFE Cordless, Brushless 16-Inch Electric Lawn Mower

For most consumers, the TACKLIFE 16-inch mower is the best choice. On a single charge, it can mow small to medium-sized lawns. It has a big grass pack, which means you won’t have to empty it as much. The blades can be adjusted to a wide range of heights, and the handles can be adjusted as well.

Grass can be cut to a depth of one inch. It’s also quiet enough to use first thing in the morning. It has a brushless motor, which reduces the amount of vibration felt by the user.

Since the mower is simple to use, it can be used by almost anyone, including children and the elderly. The mower is very light and has a foldable handle, making it easy to carry and store even in small spaces.

Overall, this mower is the perfect choice for budget-conscious homeowners who want a hassle-free mowing experience. It provides an excellent balance of dependability and affordability.

You can change the length of the grass for the current conditions using the six adjustable height settings. Let’s say the weather has been unusually dry recently, and the forecast indicates that it will continue to be so.

The cutting deck height could then be increased to 2.95 inches to shade the underlying turf and improve moisture retention.

Earthwise 20″ Electric Cordless Lawn Mower

Despite being just slightly more expensive than the typical electric lawn mower, this model has an impressive list of features. The Earthwise mower is distinguished by the fact that it has two 40V batteries, whereas most electric mowers only have one. As a result, the lawn mower will last twice as long as some of its rivals.

Another appealing aspect is its steel construction, which means that it can last for many seasons. In the unlikely event that the mower is damaged or destroyed prematurely, the manufacturer provides a two-year warranty. Mulching, rear bagging, and side discharge are all options.

Although the cutting height can be adjusted, I found that the minimum height is not particularly low. Those that want a more golf-course-like lawn should look for mowers with a wider variety of deck’s heights. The mower is middle-of-the-road in terms of weight, but its foldable handles make it easy to store.

There isn’t anything to discuss in this case where the Earthwise 60420’s overall success doesn’t speak for itself. To be honest, a variety of manufacturers could learn a thing or two about ergonomics from the incredibly comfortable handle, which also folds down for easy storage.

If you plan to bag your clippings, keep in mind that dragging another 20 pounds of shredded gas around won’t make a hard-to-maneuver mower any easier to maneuver.

Kobalt 21-Inch 80-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

This EGO model comes with a massive 7.5Ah 56-volt lithium-ion battery that is rated for a 60-minute run time when fully charged. It also has a 60-minute recharge period to fit. For lawns up to an acre in size, this mower is recommended. It’s famous because of its tough steel deck, fast charging times, and cutting strength.

It also has the ability to pack, mulch, or discharge grass clippings, as you would imagine. There are also seven different cut positions to choose from, all of which are regulated by a single lever.

The mower has a 5-year warranty, and the batteries have a three-year warranty. It’s also worth noting that the batteries can be used with any Kobalt power tool that uses the same 80-volt lithium-ion platform.

The ergonomically crafted foam grip on the flexible handle makes mowing a pleasure. It’s beautifully curved, making it comfortable to hold. And, due to the relaxed grip, any minor vibrations are muted. This is a lightweight, smooth-moving mower that is also very quiet. Let’s pretend one of your children is running around the yard as you’re mowing.

You’ll be able to hear him or her, and you’ll be able to stop mowing, politely ask them to leave the yard while you finish your work, and carry on as usual.

Even if you despise mowing the lawn, there’s something about this mower that might make you want to do it again–at least before we reach those dog days of summer when the temperatures routinely exceed 90 degrees.

FAQs For The Quietest Lawnmowers

How long do lawnmower engines last?

An average lawn mower can last 8 to 10 years if properly maintained. A lawn mower that isn’t properly maintained can only last half as long.

How can I make my lawn mower quieter?

Rocks, sticks, and other debris can make a lot of noise when they reach the cutting deck. Repairing the muffler on your gas-powered lawn mower is another choice. If nothing seems to work, you may want to consider purchasing a new mower. Gas lawn mowers are noisier than manual and electric lawn mowers. If you require a gas mower, however, look for one with a smaller engine.

Does wet grass dull mower blades?

Wet grass doesn’t have the power to dull mower blades. The blade of your grass will gradually become less sharp, no matter how dry or wet it is. However, that mowing wet grass is not good for your lawn and puts a strain on your lawn mower.

You can’t mow wet grass properly because it folds down, and when it dries, it will stand up straight again, making the lawn look uneven and ugly. Wet grass may also cling to the desk, slowing the engine down. When mowing wet grass, your fingers will turn green.

How many times will a lawn mower blade be sharpened?

To keep your mower’s blade from being too rusty to use, sharpen it twice a season.

  • Check the mower’s muffler on a regular basis.
  • Install a muffler if it doesn’t already have one. Mufflers minimize noise output.
  • Mount engine silencers on your lawn mower.
  • If the remedies above aren’t enough, put on hearing protection.
  • Simply purchase a quieter mower.

If nothing seems to work, you may want to consider purchasing a new mower such as gas mowers. Gas lawn mowers are noisier than manual and electric lawn mowers. If you require gas mowers, however, look for one with a smaller engine.


Today’s buyers have a plethora of options to choose from. Lawn mowers, whether manual, electric, or gas, all have their own set of features and limitations. Electric lawn mowers are the perfect choice for cutting the grass in general.

Electric lawn mowers would not pollute the atmosphere in the same way as gas lawn mowers did.

However, if you use a silencer, it’s because the electric lawn mower makes a louder noise, which may be a disadvantage. However, if you use a silencer on your electric lawn mower, you won’t hear any noise that will disrupt your concentration and quiet. Today’s buyers have a plethora of options to choose from.

How Much Quieter Are Electric Lawn Mowers Than Gas?

Electric lawnmowers are a more recent invention than gas-powered ones and have many benefits. One of the main selling points of electric lawnmowers is that they are much quieter than gas-powered ones. But just how much quieter are they?

Electric lawnmowers are about 30 dB quieter than gas-powered models. Gas-powered mowers can be as loud as 110 dB. This is about as loud as a freight train passing by. On the other hand, electric lawnmowers usually have a noise level of around 70 dB.

An electric lawn mower is the way to go if you have noise-sensitive neighbors. In this article, I’ll discuss how much quieter electric lawnmowers are than gas-powered ones. I’ll also talk about some other benefits of electric lawnmowers.

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Why Electric Lawn Mowers Are Quieter Than Gas

Electric lawnmowers are quieter than gas-powered ones for a few reasons:

Electric Lawn Mowers Have No Engine

Engines produce a lot of noise. They have pistons that move up and down and valves that open and close. All of this movement creates a lot of noise. Electric mowers don’t have an engine. Instead, they have an electric motor.

This doesn’t move up and down like a piston. It just spins. This spinning motion is much quieter than the up-and-down motion of a piston. The lack of an engine also means electric mowers don’t need oil.

This is another plus because oil can add to the noise of a gas-powered lawn mower. Oil needs to be pumped through the engine.

Gas-Powered Mowers Use Controlled Explosions

Gasoline engines work by igniting a mixture of gasoline and air. This causes a small explosion in the engine, which in turn powers the pistons. The explosions are loud, so gas-powered mowers are often quite noisy.

The more explosions that occur, the more power the engine produces. Electric mowers work a little differently. Instead of using gasoline, they rely on electricity to power the motor. This means that there are no explosions taking place inside the engine.

Electric Mowers Have Quieter Blades

While the engine is what makes the most noise on a gas lawn mower, the blades also add to the overall sound. Electric lawnmowers generally have blades that run more quietly than those gas models.

Electric motors create less vibration than gas engines. This is because electric motors run more smoothly than gas engines, which have pistons that fire up and down. (source)

The lack of vibration means that the blades on electric mowers can be made out of lighter materials like aluminum. This also makes them more efficient, as they can spin faster without vibrating.

These blades are less likely to produce the high-pitched screeching sound often associated with gas-powered mowers.

Electric Mowers Are Easy To Maneuver

The quieter motor on an electric lawn mower makes it easier to maneuver. You can also hear the motor running, so you know when to turn it off. The engine noise often drowns out other sounds with a gas lawn mower.

This can make it difficult to tell how hard you work on the mower. As a result, you may find yourself going too fast and making too much noise.

With an electric lawn mower, you can better control your speed. This is because you can hear the motor running. If it’s getting too loud, you can slow down. This makes it easier to find a balance between power and noise.

Additionally, electric mowers are lighter than gas models since they don’t have engines. The lack of an engine makes them more compact and easier to store. This makes them easier to push and turn. An electric lawn mower will be much easier to maneuver if you have a small yard than a gas model. (source)

Electric Mowers Use Sound Dampening Materials

Electric mowers have sound-dampening materials that help to muffle the noise. These materials help absorb some of the noise produced by the electric motor.

Some of the most common sound-dampening materials include:

These materials are often used in the handles and body of electric mowers; they help reduce the mower’s overall noise level. Gasoline-powered mowers do not typically have any sound-dampening materials. This means that they can be quite loud when they are running.

Electric Mowers Run At Lower Speeds

Electric lawnmowers tend to run at lower speeds than gas-powered models. This helps to reduce the overall noise level. Some electric models have a speed control feature. This allows you to choose how fast or slow you want the blades to spin.

This is a great feature if you have a smaller lawn and don’t need the mower to run at full speed. The slower the blades are spinning, the quieter the mower will be. Gas-powered lawnmowers typically have one speed. This means that they will run at the same speed, no matter what.

Benefits of Using Electric Lawn Mowers

In addition to being quieter, electric mowers have several other benefits. These benefits include:

Environmentally Friendly

Electric mowers are much better for the environment than gas-powered models. They don’t produce emissions. Emissions from gas-powered lawnmowers can be harmful to the environment. (source)

Gas-powered lawnmowers typically use more energy since they aren’t as efficient as their electric counterparts.

Easy To Start

Electric lawnmowers are very easy to operate. You just need to push a button, and they will start. On the other hand, gas mowers require you to pull a cord to start them. This can be difficult, especially if you have never used one before and the engine is cold.

No Need for Gas or Oil

Electric mowers don’t use gas or oil. This means that you don’t have to worry about buying these things. Gas and oil can be expensive and can be difficult to find if you live in an area that doesn’t have a lot of gas stations – and it can be frustrating when the lawn mower powers off halfway through your lawn.

Less Maintenance

Electric mowers require less maintenance than gas-powered models. You don’t have to worry about changing the oil or spark plugs. Plus, you don’t have to worry about those darn issues with the carburetor getting dirty.

Read my article Do Electric Lawn Mowers Need Regular Servicing? to learn more about lawn mower servicing.

These are larger commercial size push mowers but you should really watch this short YouTube video demonstrating the noise difference between gas and electric. It really drives home the point!

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How to Make a Lawn Mower Quieter?

Whether you love or hate mowing the lawn, there’s one aspect of using a lawn mower that no one is too keen on – noise. You don’t want to ruin your hearing and you don’t want to p off the neighbors. But just want what can you do with a lawn mower that’s louder than you’re comfortable with? How do you make a lawn mower quieter?

Some of the best ways to make a lawn mower quieter include meticulously keeping up with routine maintenance, replacing the muffler, and soundproofing the cutting deck. If none of these solutions work, your best option might actually be to get rid of your current mower, and buy a new one.

How to Make a Lawn Mower Quieter: Your Best Options

I’ll warn you now that there are no one-size-fits-all kinds of solutions to this problem. It really depends on how bad the issue is, i.e. what type of mower you’re using. If you take 2 stroke vs 4 stroke lawn mowers, for example, a 2 stroke mower will always be much louder. It’s just how they’re built.

However, there are definitely a few things you can try.

Give Your Mower a Full Service

Lawn mowers, particularly gas lawn mowers, need to be maintained meticulously. Not keeping an eye on the condition of key components can have a big impact on performance, including making the mower run louder. You may even see more serious issues if you overlook maintenance, such as your lawn mower loses power when cutting or won’t start altogether.

When key components are not kept clean and in good condition, the engine or motor on your mower is forced to work harder and harder to achieve the same results, and this is one possible cause of a lawn mower that is running louder. Inspecting, cleaning, and, if necessary, replacing these components is one way in which you can make a lawn mower quieter.

Specific to Gas Lawn Mower:

  • Check the air filter – clean it and replace it if overly dirty.
  • Look in the gas tank – is it corroded? Water in a gas lawn mower is bad. Remove the gas, clean the tank and refill with fresh gas if necessary.
  • Is the oil level correct? Insufficient lubrication can cause more friction between engine components, leading to more noise.
  • Is the spark plug clean/in good condition? Clean it if not, and fit a new one if necessary.

General Checks to Do:

  • Have a look at the blade- is it sharp enough? Sharpen it if necessary.
  • A loose lawn mower blade can cause a lot of noise – check yours is securely attached.
  • Is the underside of the mower free from clippings? If necessary, give it a good clean.

Taking care of these simple maintenance tasks will not only mean your motor/engine is not forced to work overtime, it’ll also ensure that nothing is rattling around and causing unnecessary noise. As a secondary benefit, it’ll also protect the long-term health of your mower.

Clean or Replace Muffler

If you have a gas lawn mower, the muffler is one part of your mower that is directly involved in reducing noise output. Among other things, the muffler is designed to filter out noise created by the combustion process that would otherwise escape from the exhaust pipe. (They are also involved in helping to maintain engine pressure, and preventing exhaust sparks.)

But over time, like any part of a lawn mower, a muffler may become damaged and no longer be able to filter out this noise. This is fairly common if you’ve had your mower for several years. It’s also possible that the gasket seal that lies between the muffler and the exhaust could become worn and let sound through.

To tell whether this is the case, detach the muffler (make sure your mower is cold first), and then give it a little shake. If the muffler is in good condition, you shouldn’t hear anything. However, if you hear anything rattling around inside, this is not a good sign. You can also inspect the outer part of the muffler for any damage: holes, signs of rust/corrosion, cracks or fractures.

If you see any of these things, the solution is simple. Buy and fit a new muffler. Once done, engine noise will be filtered out more effectively and you should notice that your mower runs quieter. Do a bit of research on mufflers before you buy too, as you might be able to buy one that does a much better job than your current one.

Soundproofing Your Deck

I’ve never had a huge issue with noise with any of the mowers that I’ve owned. They’ve all produced a reasonably tolerable amount of noise, and I’ve always had the habit of wearing ear protectors when I mow (something I picked up from my Grandad on the farm) too.

Most of the time when you walk by a super loud lawn mower, it’s the engine making most of the noise (which is why you don’t want the engine to be straining creating more noise). But the blade/deck does make quite a bit of noise sometimes too, mainly when little stones or debris hits them, and you hear these “pinging” sounds.

I’ve heard people say that you can “soundproof” your deck by installing a special type of material. I have to say, I’ve never done this and I would have reservations about doing so, as the airflow created in the mower deck is vital to effective cutting, and I’d worry that installing some sort of additional layer of material onto the underside of the deck would affect that airflow negatively. So make sure you do some of your own research into this if you decide to try it. But it is an option if you’re looking into how to make a lawn mower quieter.

quietest, lawn, mower, engine, much, quieter

Other Options If You Want a Quieter Lawn Mowing Experience

You should start by trying the suggestions I’ve already outlined, as they are all relatively simple modifications you can make to your existing mower, and can be done for a low cost in most cases.

However, if you try those and still feel your lawn mower is too loud, you’re not left with too many options in pursuit of a quieter mowing experience.

Buy a New Lawn Mower (Consider an Electric Mower)

I know this seems like a total cop-out. But sometimes there’s no other answer to the question of “how to make a lawn mower quieter?” Some mowers, like an old gas mower with a 2 stroke engine, is always going to run loud. I’ve often been shocked to hear the difference between a 2 stroke vs 4 stroke lawn mower. It can be very significant! Your only solution in that situation is going to be to get rid of it and buy a new one.

And I’d urge you to strongly consider replacing a gas mower with an electric mower if you’re determined to make mowing a quieter experience. If you have the budget, a good-quality battery-powered mower would be even better. The difference in terms of noise will be immediately noticeable to you. It’s like comparing night and day.

Ear Protectors

Again, this suggestion is not a direct way of making a lawn mower quieter, but it can help to make your lawn mowing a lot more pleasant. I mentioned this earlier, but I’ve always personally worn ear protectors, as my grandfather had me wear them back when I worked on his farm during the summer months when I was a teenager. And it just kind of stuck with me, even if the mower I’m using now produces nothing like the noise that the machinery we used back then did.

So while this tip won’t technically make your lawn mower quieter, it can help to make your lawn mowing experience far more pleasant (and safer for your hearing) if the noise your mower is producing is bothering you. Look for a decent pair and wear them from start to finish every time you mow the lawn.

How to Make Your Lawn Mower Quieter: A Quick Recap

I think there’s probably a 99% chance that if you’re reading this article, you’ve got a gas mower. I’ve rarely heard anyone complain about the noise an electric or battery-powered mower makes (complaints about those types of mowers usually relate to them being underpowered).

Here’s what my plan of action would be if that’s the case, in this order:

  • Fully service the mower (including air filter change, cleaning fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel filter, adding oil if necessary, sharpening blade, cleaning cutting deck, and fastening up anything that’s loose).
  • Replace the muffler and if a better, more efficient muffler is available for your mower, upgrade.
  • If you do all that and your mower is still too loud, I’d sell your current mower and get an electric or battery-powered one. At the very least, replace it with a gas mower that has a better reputation for being quiet (changing from a 2 stroke engine to a 4 stroke engine for example can make a BIG difference).
  • If you’re not willing or able to sell your mower and replace it, I’d source a good quality set of ear defenders.

Follow these steps and you’ll likely reduce the amount of noise your lawn mower makes, and in the event that you don’t manage that, you’ll at least improve your own experience from a user perspective.

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How to Make a Lawn Mower Quieter

Mowing the lawn is noisy business. Some of us love to do it first thing in the morning. But it’s not a happy hour for our family and neighbors or for our ear drums for that matter.

That’s why quieting the lawn mower is so important. It can turn an annoying chore into a meditative experience if you can quiet the engine to a decent decibel range. And the people around you will thank you for it!

So here are 5 ways you can make your lawn mower much quieter:

Check the muffler for any defects

Mufflers can get, dirty, worn down and crack after a period of use. It’s no wonder since they have to keep a powerful engine quiet and they also provide back-pressure that increases its horsepower.

quietest, lawn, mower, engine, much, quieter

Most riding lawn mowers have the muffler installed on the engine exhaust port. Before inspecting it, make sure that it’s cooled down otherwise you can burn yourself. The muffler gets really hot from the engine so wait a few hours before checking it out.

When it’s cooled down, find the muffler and the exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe runs from the front of the engine and should be easy to locate.

There are usually two bolts holding the exhaust pipe to the engine’s exhaust port. Use a wrench of the correct size to unscrew the bolts and then pull the pipe off and out of the muffler.

Now you can check out the muffler. There may be some rust and cracks from condensation that are visible. If it’s indeed cracked and/or rusted, it’s best to remove it and replace it with a new one.

So peel off the old gasket out of the exhaust port and scrape off any debris. When you’re finished, place the new gasket on the exhaust port.

The final step is sliding the exhaust pipe into the muffler and fixing it back on the exhaust port. When you’re finished, turn your engine and you’ll notice a significant reduction in noise.

If you don’t have a replacement muffler at hand, there are many available on Amazon for a cheap price. Make sure that before buying it’s of the correct dimensions so that it fits in well. Also, longer mufflers are quieter, so getting a longer one if possible will also make a difference.

DIY Double Muffler Setup

A long exhaust pipe and muffler will definitely reduce noise, and there’s a very simple way to utilize them. Here’s a video demonstration:

And here’s how this double setup sounds in action:

Of course there is still noise from inside the engine, but that’s to be expected. The guy who made these videos says that he hasn’t noticed any reduction in power, so that’s probably not something worth worrying about. This is such an easy and quick project that it’s definitely worth it even if it produces only a 10% reduction of overall noise.

Quiet the deck

Quieting the deck will lessen the vibrations, rock pings and the noise coming from the blades. The best way to do this is to cover the deck with sound deadening materials that are typically used in cars, vans and other vehicles.

The material that I recommend is FatMat. It’s a bit flashy but it’s quite effective so I wouldn’t hold that against it. It’s self-adhesive so you don’t have to use any additional spray adhesive. Simply cut it to size and and cover the deck with the material and you’re done.

There are other auto sound deadeners like Dynamat and Noico, but they cost more for no particular reason and that’s really the only difference between them. But it’s ultimately your choice. The sound reduction will be the same regardless of which of these materials you cover the deck with.

Use ear protection

Even if you manage to quiet your lawn mower, it will still produce a substantial amount of noise for the person who’s using it or standing near it.

This is not a good thing for your ear drums. I know way too many people who are half-deaf partially because of loud machinery including lawn mowers. Having conversations with them can be a real pain in the neck!

To prevent blowing your ear drums, use either ear plugs or ear muffs. Ear muffs are better in my opinion because they cover the entire ears and provide greater noise reduction as a result. I also hate having plugs stuck in my ears, and I don’t think it’s healthy either. I felt some pain in my ear after trying to sleep with ear plugs for a few nights in a row.

Anyway, I got these ear muffs a few years ago and I’ve been using them whenever I’m mowing the lawn or doing any loud renovations. They muffle well and they’re pretty tough, so I’m confident in recommending them as a long-term solution.

THE QUIETEST LAWN MOWER EVER? NEW RYOBI 40V Whisper Series self propelled Battery Lawn Mower

Buy a quieter electric lawn mower

Just like people, some lawn mowers are quieter than others. And while I’m not an expert on people, I do know a few things about lawn mowers.

Electric ones are definitely quieter than those powered by gas. And also, smaller engines are quieter than bigger ones, in case of lawn mowers and generators.

So replacing your loud-mouth generator with a smaller electric one is a final option if the other four methods are not making a big difference.

Two weeks ago my neighbor purchased the Black and Decker BEMW482ES Electric Mower and I must admit that it’s much quieter than his old gas-powered mower. He says that it’s working great. He does have a smaller lawn so it might not be powerful enough for yours if you have a lot of space. But in general, it’s worth considering switching to an electric mower if you haven’t already simply due to the noise pollution.

I’m not sure about the decibel level of this electric mower, but I would estimate that it’s around 75 dB, whereas standard gas mowers are around 90 dB. But this is just a subjective estimate so don’t take my word for it. I will use my decibel meter to measure the noise and update this article later when I have the time.

Final Thoughts

There aren’t many ways to quiet a lawn mower. Basically, it’s either improving the muffler by replacing it with a new one, or elongating it by using the double setup.

Quieter Operation: Electric lawn mowers are significantly quieter than gas-powered mowers

For reducing the noise from the blades, covering the deck with soundproofing material. Wearing ear protection is always recommended because any lawn mower produces excessive sound that is not good for your ear drums.

If you’re not finding satisfaction in these DIY projects, buying a smaller electric mower can be a one-in-all solution.

Or you can just hire someone to mow the lawn for you and cover your head with a pillow until its done. If you’re in Louisiana, Rust is available in the afternoons and I’m sure he’d be glad to help out.

Soundproof expert and a staunch opponent of noise. This website is a free source of information on how to ‘keep it down a notch’. I update the content regularly to keep up with advancements in the soundproofing industry.

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