Ryobi Lawn Mower Won’t Start: Reasons And How To Fix It. Ryobi lawn mower key

Ryobi Lawn Mower Won’t Start: Reasons And How To Fix It?

The Ryobi lawn mower is a self-propelled lawn mower that has a 48-volt battery cell. It can adjust its height from 1.5 to 4 inches to accommodate different grass lengths and surfaces. The battery can be recharged, reducing noise while also being more eco-friendly than typical gas-powered lawn mowers.

However, despite the many advantages of the Ryobi lawn mower, several issues may develop during operation that users will need to resolve.

Reasons Why The Lawn Mower Won’t Start

Several customers have raised complaints about the system’s failure to start up. The purpose of this section would be to discover and explore the potential causes of the mower not starting.

Ignition Source

One of the explanations why your lawn mower isn’t operating is because the spark plug has worn out. This usually happens when the porcelain insulator cracks.

When an electrode is fractured, it indicates that it has been burned, or damaged or that it has been coated with a heavier electrode. Whether this is the case, check the spark plug with a spark plug test to see whether it needs to be replaced.

On/Off Switch

With a multimeter, check the start switch to determine whether it’s broken. Checking for continuation can help you figure out what’s wrong.

Key to the Flywheel

The flywheel key of your lawn mower may fracture if it collides with something hard. This happens in order to protect the motor in the event of a crash. If the flywheel key on your lawn mower is broken, the engine will not start. The problem can be solved by changing the flywheel key.

Coil of Ignition

The ignition coil supplies voltage to the spark plug during operation. The engine will not start if the coil has been damaged. You can use a tester to examine the coil and replace it if necessary. You can use a tester to examine the coil and change it if needed.

Recoil Spring

If the recoil spring is broken, the rope will not recoil on to the pulley to start the engine. If the spring is damaged, you must replace the starter system.

Fuse Breaker

Even after you’ve inserted the fuse switch, the lawn mower may still not work. It usually means that the fuse switch has blown. Check the fuse switch for continuity using a multimeter and restore it if necessary.

Starter for Recoil

The recoil mechanism, which allows the engine to move, activates the crankshaft. If the recoil starter is destroyed, the motor will not function. To determine the source of the problem, remove the starting assembly and inspect it for correct operation.

Whenever you pull on the starter rope, the tabs from the pulley as well as the cam must contact the hub on the engine, forcing the engine to turn. The tab retracts as well as rewinds within the pulley when you loosen the rope. As a response, if the recoil starter stops working, it’s time to get it replaced.

Pulley for Recoil Starter

When the starter rope is not in use, the recoil starter pulley pulls it back. If the recoil pulley is broken, the rope would not rewind as well as the motor will not start. If the recoil starter pulley is damaged, you must replace it.

Rewind pulley and Spring

Under some circumstances, the rewind spring can also be broken. After the starter rope is released, it has recoiled. If the rewind springs or the pulley is broken, the rope will not be able to recoil up into the pulley.

As a result of this event, the motor will not start. To fix the problem, you’ll need to replace the rewind spring. Now, watch this video to understand what to look for when you’re getting ready to start the Ryobi mower.

ryobi, lawn, mower, start, reasons

The Best Way To Start A Ryobi Lawn Mower

An electrical lawn mower operates differently from a traditional gas mower. If you want to learn how to use your Ryobi lawn mower, follow the instructions below:

The Energizer

To begin, make sure the battery is fully charged and properly inserted in the mower. If the battery is not installed correctly, the device would not function properly.

The Key to the Fuse

Keep your eyes peeled for a fuse key. The fuse key is responsible to complete the electrical circuits within the engine, which ultimately turns on the machine.

The key can be inserted into a slot just on the handle or placed near the battery. The use of a key to power the mower prevents it from switching on by accident while it is being serviced.

Toggle on the Switch

An electric switch positioned near the handle turns on and off the Ryobi mower. If you press as well as hold the switch, it will start.

Remove the Ryobi Lawn Mower Fuse Key when not in use

The Ryobi Lawn Mower fuse key is necessary for the device to work. For the machine to work, you must first insert the fuse key. Nevertheless, you must first put the machine together. Failing to do so could actually be harmful to the machine, or you may sustain an injury.

ryobi, lawn, mower, start, reasons

Whenever the fuse is not being used, you must therefore remove the fuse key, which should be withdrawn and stored dry. It makes it impossible for the machine to start on its own. Pause for the blades to come to an abrupt halt before withdrawing the fuse key.

When dusting the lawn mower, be sure to remove the fuse key as well. It ensures that it is free of water splashes. It is possible that if water comes into contact with the fuse key, it will cause damage.

Most Common Reason Your Lawn Mower Won’t Start | FIX.com

How to fix a broken Self-propelled Ryobi Lawn Mower?

The Ryobi self-propelled lawn mower might not be working for a variety of reasons. Let’s just have a look at a few of them:


The V-belt is responsible for driving the lawn mower wheels by turning the drive pulleys. The wheels are unable to turn due to wear and tear, which can be rectified by replacing them.

Ryobi 13 inch mower won’t start. Ryobi Lawn Mower stalls out, Ryobi 18V Lawn Mower, Ryobi mower

Pulley for driving

The driving pulley is connected to the engine crankshaft. If the wheel assembly is damaged, the transmission will not allow it to interact. The driving pulley should be replaced if it is damaged.

Assembly of the Wheels

The wheel assembly is responsible for engaging the transmission’s drive gear. The gears within the wheel assembly will not engage if they are worn out.

If the pulleys rotate but still the lawn mower wheel doesn’t really, the gearbox is most likely broken. Once the damaged gears are replaced, the device will continue to work.

Handle assembly adjustment

If a Ryobi mower handlebar isn’t the appropriate height, remove the knobs per each side of the handlebar in a counterclockwise direction to adjust the handle assembly.

Raise the upper handle back and up to elevate the handle to the proper height, making that the handle locks into place securely. Then, in a clockwise direction, twist the handle knobs per each side of the handle to secure it, making sure that the carrier bolts are placed appropriately.

When altering the handle height, don’t really pull or catch any of the cables in the handle.

Blade Re-adjustment

If the mower isn’t mowing the grass as well as it should, change the blade height. In cool weather, the blade must be set such that the lawn is 1 to 2 inches tall, and in warm weather, the lawn should be 2 to 3 inches tall.

Then, by pressing the height-adjustment handle on the side of the mower and dragging it toward the back, adjust the blade length as needed.

If the mower is hard to move, the grass cuttings are not being bagged correctly, or the engine quits while mowing and the battery is completely charged, raise the cutting height.

Move the height-adjustment gear toward the front to lower the blade elevation as desired.


The transmission is driven by the drive belt, which would be connected to the engine crankshaft. The engine powers the drive belt, which enables the lawn mower wheels to rotate.

Checking for problems is as simple as turning on the mower. The gearbox is dysfunctional if the transmission pulley rotates but the mower wheels do not.

However, the transmission is beyond repair. As a result, any anomalies discovered must be replaced.

Cable for Traction Control

In some circumstances, the traction control cable may be worn out or misplaced. Examine the controller cable to see whether it’s in good working order.

Pour a small quantity of oil further into the end of the cable if it’s not moving freely to eliminate friction. You should replace the cable even if it is still functional.

Final Words

Some lawn mower brands should be avoided, but Ryobi isn’t one of them. The Ryobi lawn mower is notable for its versatility in grass lengths and surfaces, as well as its ability to recharge and reduce noise pollution.

But, just like any other brand, it might stop operating or keep starting over! As a result, always be aware of the reasons for it as well as potential solutions.

Ryobi Lawn Mower Won’t Start – Reasons And How To Fix It – Guide 2023

A diverse range of factors are responsible for the improper functioning of a Ryobi lawnmower. These can range from technical defects to maintenance issues and the use of poor-quality fuel. However, a proper solution to the problem of lawn mowers being unable to start properly can not be proposed until the reason for the issue has been diagnosed.

For this purpose, troubleshooting is required. However, not all users are aware of the reasons and solutions to fix the starting problem of a lawn mower. Thus, we have come up with a guide on why a Ryobi lawn mower won’t start: Reasons and how to fix it? So, keep reading the article to identify the issue your vehicle might be facing.

Ryobi Lawn Mower Won’t Start: Reasons And How To Fix It?

Spark Plug

The spark plug can be a reason that your lawn mower is not working properly. This might be because of cracking inside the plug, which can damage the porcelain insulator that is mainly present with the electrode. It can also lead to burnt electrodes that can impact the normal functioning of the vehicle. To test this, you can use a start plug tester to identify if it has been damaged or not. If the tester does not light up, it indicates that the plug has been damaged and needs immediate replacement.

ryobi, lawn, mower, start, reasons

Old Gasoline

Old fuel can also lead to issues with the carburetor float bowl, which can lead to performance issues in the long term. Oftentimes the fuel evaporates and leaves behind a thick gel-like substance that can stick at the bottom of the tank and prevent the engine from starting.

In addition to this, it might also lead to carburetor clogging, which must be cleared as soon as possible to minimize the damage. If you observe the fuel is producing a foul smell or has started turning black, you should immediately replace it with the new one. This can be carried out by removing the existing gasoline, followed by tank cleaning, and then filling it with the new oil.

Ignition Coil

If the above two problems have not been observed in your vehicle, then there might be issues with the ignition coil. The main task of this coil is to send the voltage to the spark plug when the engine is running. Over the years, we have observed that the engine does not work properly if there is some problem or defect in the ignition coil.

To check whether the coil is defective are not use an ignition coil tester and ensure that the spark plug is not damaged. In case of a defective coil, replace it immediately with a new one to carry on your lawn mowing activity. This will help you solve the problem at hand and perform the regular tasks easily.

Problems with Carburetor

The most common problem associated with the carburetor is clogging. As mentioned earlier, a carburetor gets clogged due to the presence of residual oil in the engine for a long period of time. A clogged carburetor prevents the engine from starting properly and significantly impacts the performance of your lawn mower. If you observe such clogging inside the carburetor, clean it gently using some cleaning agent to eliminate dust and debris from the area.

It will most likely solve the problem for you; if not, you can always replace the old carburetor with the new one for the best results. Apart from this, various carburetor repair kits are also available in the market that can be used to remove the clog material from the specified region and ensure the normal functioning of the Ryobi lawn mower.

Fuel Filter

Similar to the carburetor, the fuel filter can also get clogged because of the leftover fuel inside the tank. This might be because of old or poor quality fuel, which can leave behind gel-like substances after evaporation. The sticky fuel inside the tank can also prevent the engine from starting and must be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure the outstanding functioning of the lawn mower.

For this purpose, you can gently clean the filter to remove the clogged material. However, you should be extremely careful while doing so, as harsh treatment can immediately damage the filter. Similarly, you can also remove the filter and wash it properly to eliminate the contaminants. After washing, dry the filters completely before inserting them back inside the tank. Also, monitor whether the filters require replacement on a regular basis to save yourself from major maintenance issues.

Recoil Spring

The role of a recoil spring is to recoil the rope into a pulley when the starter rope is pulled inside a lawn mower. In case of a broken or damaged recoil spring, the rope can not be recoiled back onto the pulley monitoring the recoil spring on a regular basis to check for potential defects.

In case you detect any major problem with a component, replace it using specialized tools to carry on with your daily tasks. The majority of the users preferred using recoil starter assembly to turn over the engine. The same kit can also be used to identify the extent of the damage that has been caused to the recoil spring as a result of improper vehicle functioning.

Issues With the Battery

Sometimes all the other components are working properly, and your Ryobi lawn mower might not be working properly because of the power interruption. This might be due to issues in the battery that can affect the functioning of the whole vehicle.

First and foremost, check if the battery is charged completely before you start your mowing activity. If the engine still acts up even after complete charging, then check whether it is properly connected with the vehicle. Most of the time, users face issues while starting a lawn mower due to improper battery installation.

The Fuse Key

The fuse key is a hidden culprit in most cases and must be looked out for if the vehicle is acting up. The job of the fuse key is to complete the electric circuit inside the motor. This further distributes the power in the entire machine. Usually, the key slot is located near the battery and is used to start the mower. Another advantage of the fuel key is to prevent the mower from accidentally turning on during the maintenance phase.

So, if the key is not placed properly or gets damaged due to various environmental factors, it can impact the power supply of the vehicle and may prevent it from starting. Contrary to this, it may also accidentally turn on the mower during maintenance leading to severe consequences. Thus, it acts as a two-edged sword and must be handled carefully for best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if your Ryobi lawn mower won’t start?

If your Ryobi lawn mower stops working in the middle of the task, there might be some technical issues associated with it. You should look out for potential issues by troubleshooting the vehicle. Some common reasons for improper engine functioning might be clogging of the carburetor or fuel tank.

Similarly, you might also observe problems with the battery or the fuse key that can prevent the engine from working properly. It is highly important to identify the actual reason behind the poor functioning of the vehicle to propose a suitable solution.

Can Ryobi batteries be fixed?

There are different types of battery cells available in the market that can either be replaced or not, depending on their nature and style of construction. You can check the label on the battery of the product you are using and check if it can be replaced or not. Mostly the nickel-cadmium or the nickel-metal hydride cells can be replaced. However, the cells inside the Lithium-ion batteries can not be replaced, and you need to replace the whole battery in case of damage or other related issues.

How long do Ryobi batteries take to charge?

The charging time varies with the size and the type of battery used inside a Ryobi product. The majority of the batteries used inside the products developed by the Ryobi trademark take around 55 minutes to charge completely. At the same time, others might take around 3 hours to charge. All of this depends on the type and the power of your battery.

Wrapping Up

There are various factors responsible for the improper functioning of a Ryobi lawn mower, including the clogging of major components and filters, defective keys and coils, issues with the recoil spring, and improper battery installation. All these factors can affect the normal starting procedure of a lawn mower and must be monitored carefully to avoid performance issues.

The article has provided a detailed account of the issues why a Ryobi lawn mower won’t start, along with major reasons and solutions to fix those problems. So, next time you face such issues make sure to try our solutions for the best results.

Ryobi Self Propelled Electric Lawn Mower Review

Tired of pushing that heavy, stinky, gas powered lawn mower around the yard? The Ryobi self propelled electric lawn mower makes cutting the grass almost relaxing! It has all the power of a gas mower and pulls itself along effortlessly so you don’t break a sweat. Best of all, it folds up flat and stands vertically for super compact storage!

This post is sponsored by Ryobi Outdoor, and contains affiliate links for your convenience. Purchases made through these links may earn me a small commission at no additional cost to you. Learn more about how this site makes money on my disclosure page.

When we bought our house a few years ago, we didn’t have any outdoor tools. My first purchase was a cheap, tiny, battery powered lawn mower to cut our dandelion-filled yard (the house had been sitting empty for months).

It struggled with thick grass, and the battery conked out before I finished our small yard. Neighbors said it looked like I was pushing a toy lawn mower around because it was so tiny! But it was quiet, and it got the job done (eventually).

So I was really excited when Ryobi reached out and asked if I’d like to review their 20 inch battery powered lawn mower! It’s quite the upgrade over the tiny 13 inch model I was using before!

How to Set Up the Ryobi Electric Lawn Mower

Ryobi’s self propelled electric lawn mower impressed me from the minute I opened the box. There’s no assembly required, because the mower is folded up and ready to mow! Just turn the knobs, extend the handle, and you’re good to go!

Watch the video below to see how quick and easy the Ryobi battery powered lawn mower is to use!

Insert the 40V Battery

The 40V battery is included, and slips into the slot easily. There’s also a spot to store an additional battery so you can switch them out on the fly, but one is enough for our small yard with charge to spare.

Unlock and Extend the Handle

My husband and I are both tall, and the old mower’s handle was too low to push comfortably. The telescoping handle of the Ryobi lawn mower is high enough for both of us to use without getting a sore back!

To take the handle out of the folded position, pull out the knobs on either side and rotate them 90 degrees. Swivel the handle so it’s behind the mower, then rotate the knobs back so they snap around the bars.

Extend the handle to full height by unlocking the green flaps on either side. Then you can pull it out to the desired height and lock it into place.

Adjust the Blade Height

You can adjust the height of the blade with a simple shift of a knob, from 1 ½” all the way to 4″ long grass. You should only cut your grass down by ⅓ each time you mow, so this adjustment makes it easy to keep your lawn looking healthy!

How to Start the Ryobi Lawn Mower

Unlike a gas-powered lawn mower with that dreaded pull cord, the Ryobi battery-powered lawn mower is super easy to start! Make sure you follow the steps in order if you’re having trouble getting it to start.

Insert the Safety Key

After setting it up, insert the safety key. If your Ryobi lawn mower won’t start, check to see if the start key is in place. The mower won’t turn on without the key, which is an important safety feature when you have curious kids around!

Pull Down the Bar and Press the Button

This diagram shows you the steps to start the Ryobi push mower. Once you do it a few times, it’ll become second nature!

Pull down the bar and hold it in place against the handlebars. When you let go, the mower automatically shuts off.

With the bar held down with one hand, push the button in the middle to start up the motor. You may need to hold down the button for a few seconds until it kicks on.

Adjust the Speed

The self propelling feature is pretty powerful, so you’ll want to start off at the lowest setting. Leave it on the lower setting for flat ground, and ramp up the speed when you’re going uphill. It really does make mowing your lawn less of a workout!

Unless you plan to jog behind your lawn mower (not recommended!), you’ll only need to use the highest setting if you have a really steep hill. You can adjust the speed as you mow, so you can crank up the power when you encounter an incline and not break a sweat!

Clean Up and Storage

You can choose to bag up your lawn clippings or let the blade mulch them up and spit them back out. I was impressed by how well the bag collects everything. I had to empty it a few times while mowing the backyard since it’s been so long since it was last done.

When you’re done, collapse the handle and fold it down on top of the mower. It stores vertically, so you can keep it in the corner of your garage or shed without taking up a ton of space!

Ryobi Battery Powered Lawn Mower Review

As you can see from the photos above, our lawn isn’t exactly a lush, green carpet of grass right now. Despite the rumors you may have heard about Seattle being rainy, we actually have a drought period every summer! Our grass goes dormant and brown until the rain faucet turns back on in the fall. This was the first time I’ve mowed the lawn in over a month, other than cutting down the dandelions!

Initial Impressions

The Ryobi lawn mower handled the combination of dry and new grass like a champ. The motor has load-sensing technology, which allows it to detect and deliver the power needed to maintain an optimal cutting speed. Dry, brown grass. less power. New, thicker grass. more power.

One tip if you’ve never used a self-propelled lawn mower before: when you want to turn the mower around, let go of the green handles. This will disable the self-propelling feature and allow you to turn it around manually. It took me a bit to get used to this, and I almost chopped down a garden bed before I figured it out!

Two Years Later

After testing out this cordless mower extensively over the last two years, I can still wholeheartedly recommend it! Here are the things I’ve learned:

  • It handles fresh spring grass easily, but it runs down the battery more quickly. I need to swap out the battery when the grass is wet, because it takes more power to cut.
  • I thought the headlights were a silly feature at first, but it’s helpful when mowing under bushes and shrubs.
  • You can use the self-propelled feature without the blade turned on! We have to push the mower up a small hill to go from the back yard to the front yard, and it’s nice to get a little boost from the motor without kicking up rocks.
  • It does a great job gathering up the clippings in the bag, but it will leave a trail once the bag is full. Keep an eye on the bag if you don’t want freshly cut grass sticking to your shoes!
  • If the bag is really full, it can be tricky to empty it without leaving a pile of clippings on the sidewalk. I try to empty it before it gets too full, so I don’t have to clean up as much afterwards.

Overall, I’m really impressed by all the features of the Ryobi self propelled electric lawn mower. It’s certainly an upgrade from my old mower, which found itself on the curb with a “FREE” sign on it as soon as I took the Ryobi out for a spin!

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The best cordless lawn mowers in 2023

Looking for the best cordless mower? Browse our experts’ pick, from budget to premium models.

A lawn mower may be one of the first purchases we make when getting a garden of our own, but that doesn’t mean finding a good quality one is easy. There are so many models and brands on the market to choose from, including corded electric and petrol, but as their range increases and fall, cordless, battery-powered models are an increasingly popular option.

Light and compact compared with traditional petrol models, cordless mowers are simple to use, easy to manoeuvre around the garden, and have none of the maintenance and servicing needs or costs of petrol lawnmowers. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which charges up quickly and won’t lose power in storage, they’re also quiet and emission free.

To compare these cordless mowers against other types of mower, we’ve reviewed the best lawn mowers, robotic lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers and push mowers, too. And if your lawn needs a bit of attention, our experts have tested a range of the best manual and powered aerators and scarifiers.Keep edges looking neat with our pick of the best strimmers, the best garden shears and the best lawn edging, and if you’re thinking about somewhere to store your new mower, our comprehensive guide to choosing the best garden shed will be helpful.

For your next DIY project, have a look at the best cordless drills.

ryobi, lawn, mower, start, reasons

The best cordless mowers to buy at a glance

Cordless mowers. Buyer’s Guide video

Many thanks to Rosie Yeomans and Sparsholt College for their help in making this video.

Getting the best cordless lawn mower for you means ensuring it has the correct cutting width, range of cutting heights, and weight plus a battery run time that matches the size of your lawn. We’ve tested a range of cordless push mowers, putting them through their paces across a range of grass and terrains, to help you find the right one for your garden.

Each mower has a detailed list of pros and cons for clarity and has been rated according to set up and storage, handling, mowing and value for money. Every mower in our round up below has scored a minimum of four out of five stars, so you can buy with confidence.

In every review we award outstanding products our coveted Best Buy award. To see these and the others we recommend, browse our pick of the best cordless lawn mowers, below.

Best Buy cordless mowers

Husqvarna Aspire LC34-P4A

  • Quiet
  • Cuts even long grass with ease
  • Battery level visible while mowing
  • Small and compact for easy storage
  • Part of the POWER FOR ALL cordless range

Part of the new Husqvarna Aspire cordless range, which includes a hedge trimmer, pruner and leaf blower, this 34cm mower is powered by an 18V POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE battery and charger. These are interchangeable with tools in other leading brands such as Flymo, Gardena and Bosch so if you also invest in tools in these ranges, you’ll only need to buy the bare tool and won’t have different batteries and chargers taking up space in the shed.Great for small gardens the mower comes ready to go, there’s no assembly or handles to attach, and it folds down to a compact size when you’re finished, with a telescopic handle that folds completely flat over the body of the mower. It can then be stood up against a wall or hung up, and even comes with a handy hook. The 30l grass bag also flattens down to take up very little room and can be hung on the mower. The Aspire is light, with a carry handle so that lifting it up steps or into other areas is easy and it has an adjustable handle to suit different height users. It’s comfortable and easy to manoeuvre around the garden and has just four cutting heights to choose from, ranging from 25-65mm and changed easily with a single lever on the body of the mower. It cuts grass quietly and smoothly and has an automatic boost that increases blade speed when you’re mowing in tougher, longer areas that works well. You can hear it kick in when you push the mower into longer grass and unlike other cordless mowers that can cut out, just carries on cutting the grass. While you mow the battery charge level is always clearly visible so you know how much battery you have left and when it needs charging. It comes with a two year warranty and we awarded it a BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy in 2023 for ease of use.

Specs: Battery: charge time. 95 mins; run time. 500sqm. Cutting: width. 34cm; height. 25-65mm. Grass box. 30 litre.

Buy the Husqvarna Aspire C34-P4A cordless mower from Husqvarna and Sam Turner

Greenworks GDG24LM33

  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Comfortable padded handle
  • Choice of mulching or collecting clippings
  • Interchangeable battery with Greenworks 24V family

Ideal for smaller gardens this sturdy, great value cordless mower is easy to put together, well thought out and simple to use. Thanks to a padded handle it’s comfortable to push, although it did feel a little short for our taller tester, and it’s light and easy to manoeuvre around trees and beds and borders. There are five cutting heights to choose from, adjusted with the simple lift of a lever and it offers the choice of collecting clippings in the 30 litre fabric grass bag or inserting the mulching plug and leaving them on the lawn to break down and feed the grass. It mows well but doesn’t like very long grass, with the battery cutting out occasionally but its long lasting brushless motor offers a a decent run time of 46 minutes and it charges in two hours. Plus, as part of the Greenworks 24V family, both the battery and charger are interchangeable with all the other tools in the range, saving you money if you invest in more in the future. We awarded it a BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy for the best budget cordless mower in 2023.

Specs: Battery: charge time. 120 mins; run time. 46mins. Cutting: width. 33cm; height. 25-70mm. Grass box. 30 litre.

Yard Force LMG37A 40v 37cm

This sturdy mower has a 37cm cutting width and useful features including a rear roller for those much desired stripes. Awarded a BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy in 2022 for small to medium lawns, clippings are collected in the large 40 litre fabric grass bag. It offers a wide choice of seven cutting heights, from 25-75mm, and is easy to fold away at the end of the day. The 40V battery is quick to charge, taking just 50 minutes and when full it has the capacity to cut a 400m2 lawn.

Specs: Battery: charge time. 50 mins; run time. 400sqm. Cutting: width. 37cm; height. 25-75mm. Grass box. 40 litre.

Buy the Yard Force LMG37A 40V 37cm cordless mower from Yard Force, Amazon and Wickes

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