Skid Steer Brush Cutter. Brush cutter blade attachment

Skid Steer Brush Cutter

If you are looking to purchase a quality skid steer brush cutter for your skid loader or compact track loader, McLaren offers the best value in the industry with its Blade Runner series of hydraulic brush cutter attachments for Skid Steers.

McLaren’s Blade Runner series skid steer mower is made with heavy duty plate steel and AR400 steel blades. The deck and push bar are made using high strength 7-gauge steel and provide rigidity and long-term durability.

McLaren’s skid steer brush cutter is a simple and efficient design that increases productivity while reducing maintenance costs. The Blade Runner mower is more than capable of handling the thickest undergrowth and tallest grass you can throw at it. The Blade Runner skid steer brush cutter attachment offers the lowest cost of ownership for a quality brush cutter.

skid, steer, brush, cutter, blade, attachment

Our bidirectional three-blade design is best for maximum cutting performance. Our blades are ½” thick hardened AR400 steel that are built to swing and break away if they come into contact with rocks or other debris and are easily replaceable if damaged. Replacement brush mower blades are available through us, if needed. Our blades are 18” long and 3” wide, making quick and easy work of thick brush and large mowing areas. Our skid steer brush hog can handle any brush up to 3” in diameter.

skid, steer, brush, cutter, blade, attachment

Blade Runner Series Skid Steer Brush Cutter Competitive Advantages:

skid, steer, brush, cutter, blade, attachment

When the time comes to take back your property from overgrown grass and brush, give McLaren Industries a call. Our skid loader brush cutter is, hands down, one of the best in the industry, and with 23 years of experience in the construction field, we know what it takes to get jobs done. Go McLaren, go extreme!

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Our skid steer brush cutter is just one of the many attachments we manufacture and sell to fleets throughout the country. Let us match you with the best skid steer brush cutter for your needs. Contact us by phone at (800) 836-0040 or request a quote today.

McLaren Blade Runner Pro Series

While the Blade Runner is one of the toughest skid steer brush cutter attachments available, we decided to improve upon its design when it came to our Pro Series. The quality that stands out the most between the standard Blade Runner and the Blade Runner Pro Series is the direct drive motor that is much more reliable than the standard gear drive. Our proprietary drive is manufactured with a single piece heat treated forged steel shaft, able to withstand high amounts of torque without shearing or breaking. We also use two oversized tapered roller bearings that are grease packed, eliminating the chance for oil leaks. Our lower grease seal is wire protected, and since we use a direct drive system, there are no gears or shear pins. Less parts means less maintenance, so the direct drive is a better choice for longevity.

skid, steer, brush, cutter, blade, attachment

Blade Runner Pro Series Skid Steer Brush Cutter Advantages:

-Proudly made in the USA.Hydraulic pressure relief in both directions of rotation.Unit is bi-directional.One piece forged steel fully heat treated bi-directional blades.Uses common rotary cutter blade bolts and nuts.comes equipped with Parker brand hoses, fittings, and couplers and ready for immediate use.Motor/drive assembly is fully enclosed for protection.¼” thick reinforced steel deck.Reinforced quick attach.Units available for both low and high flow machines

skid, steer, brush, cutter, blade, attachment

We offer the Blade Runner Pro Series skid steer mower in two different variations as well. We have the open front version with a push bar for taking down heavy brush and small trees up to 4” in diameter. We also offer a closed front version with no push bar that is best for cutting under fences and clearing out underbrush from areas that the open front skid steer brush cutter can’t get to. Both of the versions are built with the same components, so it comes down to the type of environment you will be cutting when deciding which version to purchase. The open front for more aggressive land clearing type cutting, or the closed front for more landscaping purposes, such as cutting under hedges, fences and yards. This compact skid steer brush cutter attachment is made to be used every day. Any landscaping company should have one of these commercial-grade skid steer mowers in their fleet.

skid, steer, brush, cutter, blade, attachment

Trust and believe that either version of the Blade Runner Pro Series you choose will be manufactured to the highest quality standards with the best components in the industry. Our over 20 years of experience and expertise have culminated to creating the Blade Runner Pro Series, the best and last skid steer brush cutter you will ever need.

skid, steer, brush, cutter, blade, attachment

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Call today at (800) 836-0040 to get a quote on our compact track loader and skid steer brush cutters or many other skid steer and track loader attachments we have available for your machine, and remember, “Go McLaren, Go Extreme!”

The Best Brush Cutter: Gas and Electric Options

If you’re at war with overgrown grasses and shrubbery on your property, you already know that a cheap low-powered weed whacker isn’t going to cut it. You need something more powerful. But how do you choose a brush cutter that will handle the bushy undergrowth you have? Do you want something that multitasks, or just …

If you’re at war with overgrown grasses and shrubbery on your property, you already know that a cheap low-powered weed whacker isn’t going to cut it. You need something more powerful. But how do you choose a brush cutter that will handle the bushy undergrowth you have? Do you want something that multitasks, or just a machine that’ll get the job done? Let’s get deep into the topic and find out everything you need to know about brush cutters and how they work.

Top Picks From Amazon:

  • Powered by 80V Li-Ion Battery compatible with.
  • Brushless motor, equivalent performance to 32cc.
  • Powerhead shaft is attachment capable and accepts.

Other Good Choices From Amazon

  • Troy-Bilt TB42 BC 27cc 2-Cycle (Gas)
  • Timberpro 52CC Heavy Duty Strimmer And Brush Cutter
  • Husqvarna 336FR Bike Handle Pro Brushcutter
  • GreenWorks Pro ST80L210 80V 16-Inch Cordless (Electric)

Brush Cutters vs. String Trimmers: What’s The Difference?

While brush cutters and string trimmers are similar, you’ll want to pick what works best for your job. Let’s compare and contrast the two.

String Trimmers

Your average garden-variety string trimmer uses a piece of cord to cut through light brush and weeds. As the nylon cord spins at a high rate of speed, it slices right through grass and weeds at the height you’re holding it. This makes it particularly useful for dealing with that explosion of dandelions on the lawn, and guarantees that you can keep the edges of planters tidied up with ease. But it won’t handle woody stalks or dried brush very well. They tend to have a less-powerful motor, too.

Brush Cutters

Using a spinning blade in lieu of cord, brush cutters gnaw through heavier stuff with ease. They may cause splintered wood or chips of stone to ricochet away from them, so wear long pants and sturdy shoes when using them for safety. While you can use these to trim the lawn, it’s just not as effective — these are made for destroying tumbleweeds or overgrown areas, not for yard maintenance.

Picking The Best One: What You Need To Consider

Before even looking at the various components of brush cutters or string trimmers, there’s a few aspects that need to be decided. These include your budget, what materials you’re cutting down, if it’s a small or large job, and whether you can handle the machine you are getting.


Typically, brush cutters cost more than string trimmers… quite a lot more, in fact. So it’s important to decide if your job actually requires that level of power before laying out the money. You might also be able to get a string trimmer that can use brush cutter blades, but dual-purpose models also typically cost more or require attachments. Electric is generally cheaper than gas, but doesn’t always have the same power behind its cutting capability.

What Are You Cutting?

If you’ve got a whole lot of hard, tall, or thick weeds, slender tree saplings, or overgrown bushy material, that’s when you will generally need a brush cutter. A good rule of thumb is that if the material you have to cut is a quarter of an inch in diameter and is brown, not green, you need the brush cutter.

Small or Large Job

Are you only working on a quarter-acre yard, or do you have five acres of property? The size of your job matters, in this case. If you’ve got a reasonably small yard, there’s alternatives to brush cutters which are a whole lot cheaper, but if you have a lot of property, you’re going to want to speed up the process of maintaining your land.

When It’s Too Much To Handle

Brush cutters are weighty beasts. They have to be, just to handle the rigors of demolishing the rough stuff. That’ll start to take a toll on you physically as you maneuver this big contraption around, so be mindful of how long you use your brush cutter.

Treat it like an exercise routine, because it can really be one. You’re directing a vibrating, heavy-weight implement around and keeping it stationary as it chews through heavy materials. Stay hydrated, take regular breaks, and if you start to get sore, it might be time to stop for the day.

Features To Look For

There’s some key features of both brush cutters and of string trimmers that you’ll need to be aware of before you buy.

Gas or Electric?

The vast majority of brush cutters on the market are gas powered, but you can find some crossover electric units that combine the relative quiet of an electric machine with the ability to use either string-trimming or bladed brush cutter attachments. Really, the choice is up to you, although finding a quality crossover unit can be quite difficult.

If all you need is a string trimmer, electric units are widely available and tend to be much lighter-weight than their gas-powered counterparts, which makes them easier to maneuver into tight spaces. However, electric options either use battery packs that wear down quickly, or they’re tethered by a power cord to their power source, which does limit their use somewhat if you’ve got a large area to clear.

Gas units are far noisier than electric, but you aren’t tethered to a power source, which is a perk. They also tend to be hefty, often coming with some form of harness to help you hold on to their drastically-increased weight.

Engine Power

Gas powered brush cutters come with either 4-stroke or 2-stroke gas engines. The main difference in the type of engine is in how they function.

  • 4-stroke engines are heavier, give more power output, and run cooler. The design tends to be a bit unbalanced, is more complicated to maintain, and also tends to cost more.
  • 2-stroke engines are easier to maintain, tend to operate with much more balance, and have smaller engines, making them well-suited for handheld garden tools.

Electric units tend to be available in 20 volt or 40 volt options, with occasional 60 or 80 volt versions available. 20 volts is fine for the average yard maintenance offered by a string trimmer, but to effectively cut through heavier materials with a metal or vinyl blade, 40 volts or more is recommended, and 60-80 volts is preferred.

Shaft Style

You can either have a straight or curved shaft. Usually a steel shaft, it’s what connects your working head to the cutter’s motor.

  • Bent Shaft: Choosing a bent shaft will help you work closer to the project, but due to its design, these types are more likely to encounter mechanical issues. The best walk behind brush cutter will likely have a straight shaft.
  • Straight Shaft: A straight shaft brush cutter has a more direct line to its power source. In addition, they often work better with various attachments than bent shaft models.


Since brush cutters tend to be heavy duty, good handhold options are essential. A double handle “bike handle” design or a looped handle offer good control and are the most popular options.

Both styles require both of your hands to control and direct the tool. Since you’ll likely be using blades for more serious work, a sturdy grip is key to staying safe.


A lot of gas engines come with anti-vibration technology for when you aren’t using your tool, but the power is still on. The best brush cutters will try to minimize vibration while in use, but you will still be dealing with some consistent vibration that can cause muscle fatigue. They may even include an anti-vibration handle.

Electric engines tend to be either on or off. That means when you’re not actively cutting, they aren’t vibrating, and that can give you a short break from all of that vibration and noise.

Blade Material and Cord Diameter

If you’re investing a lot of money into a piece of equipment like this, you’ll want to consider the types of blade available for your unit, as well as the cost of replacement blades. Similarly, even string trimmers offer different diameters of cord, and units which use thicker cord often can handle more rugged cutting duties than their lightweight cousins.

Blades often are available in nylon or metal versions. In most situations, a metal blade is better as it can handle the heavy-duty materials with ease. Within that category, a steel blade is the best choice by far.

Nylon is generally meant for more typical lawn care solutions, as they rapidly get dinged up and can break far easier.

Overall, I personally prefer to go for the more heavy-duty options over the lighter ones, as you’ll be regularly replacing lighter cord or nylon blades and can get more longevity over the heavier options.

Quick-Change Heads And Other Add-Ons

In order for brush cutters to be more versatile, interchangeable heads and multiple attachments are a must. Selecting a model with an attachment system like this means it’s more affordable over time since it will work for both large and small tasks.

The most convenient and popular options come with a blade attachment and a string trimmer head, allowing you to use the brush trimmer to whack weeds and edge along with cutting heavier stuff.

A quick change function will let you switch out attachments using a lever or other simple tool, instead of needing to take off the whole head. This gives you convenience in swapping from nylon to metal blades, or replacing spools of nylon cord. But be sure before you buy that this option supports everything you want in your machine!

Best Brush Cutters Reviewed

Best Gas Brush Cutter

Remington RM2700 Ranchero 27cc 2-Stroke Brushcutter

Type Gas
Weight 14.5 lbs before gas weight
Warranty Limited manufacturer’s warranty
Motor Type 27cc 2-stroke
Features Converts to string trimmer w/included attachment, can be blower/hedge trimmer/cultivator with additional attachment purchase.

The Remington brush cutter is powered using Quick Start technology, designed to give you easier and smoother pull starts. It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and offers both string and blade options. It offers multiple attachment options as well, and can be turned into a cultivator, hedge trimmer, or blower (attachments sold separately).

The cons for the Remington Ranchero are that it requires about two minutes to warm up to full capacity, and that it might need tuning right out of the box to get it functioning as you want it. Neither one detracts massively from the Remington’s functionality, and it’s my personal pick for gas-powered cutters.

Other Good Gas-Powered Choices

Troy-Bilt TB42 BC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Brushcutter

Type Gas
Weight 14 lbs before gas weight
Warranty Limited manufacturer’s warranty
Motor Type 27cc 2-stroke
Features TrimmerPlus attachments available separately, can be trimmer, edger, pole saw, and more

The Troy-Bilt brush cutter has a full-crank engine, eliminating the necessity of an old-fashioned pull cord. In addition, its adjustable j-shaped handle gives you added control and works for left-handed or right-handed people. It has a 4-tooth, 8-inch blade for cutting through dense vegetation and is attachment-capable. However, it’s prone to tangling and can be tough to start. Overall, Troy Bilt makes incredible products, and this is a great option for thick grass and weeds.

TIMBERPRO 52cc Heavy Duty Split Strimmer and Brush Cutter

  • Heavy Duty Strimmer and Brush Cutter with.
  • Durable, high powered with a 52cc engine.
  • Easy to start and operate,with shoulder strap and.
Type Gas
Weight 13 lbs before blades/accessories/gas weight
Warranty May have warranty, depends on seller
Motor Type 52cc 2-stroke
Features Comes with a dual-line string trimmer head and three steel blades (3 tooth, 8 tooth, 40 tooth).

The TIMBERPRO 52cc isn’t just a brush cutter, but a trimmer as well, crafted with a split shaft function for convenient yard cleaning. It has a shoulder harness and bike-handle grips, and it’s easy to start and operate. It comes with a two-year warranty. However, it’s expensive to repair if something develops a fault, and it is bulkier than most other models on the market.

Husqvarna 336FR Bike Handle Pro Brushcutter

Type Gas
Weight 11.2 pounds before gas/accessory weight
Warranty 2 year standard is common for Husqvarna, but double-check
Motor Type 34.6cc X-Torq engine
Features Comes with string trimmer head, grass blade, and saw blade. Also includes Balance 35 shoulder harness.

The Husqvarna brush cutter is a multipurpose device with many different attachments. Powerful grass or saw blades make quick work of anything you need to take down.

It has very low vibration thanks to its included shoulder harness, plus is much easier to handle as a result. But it does require cool-down time regularly, and some have reported issues if the wrong fuel is used. For this one, read the manual first!

Best Electric Brush Cutter

GreenWorks Pro GST80320 80V Cordless String Trimmer

  • Powered by 80V Li-Ion Battery compatible with.
  • Brushless motor, equivalent performance to 32cc.
  • Powerhead shaft is attachment capable and accepts.
Type Electric
Weight 17 lbs (when lithium ion battery is attached)
Warranty Limited four-year warranty
Motor Type 80V brushless motor
Features Converts to hedge trimmer, leaf blower, edger, brush cutter, tiller, pole saw with attachments (not included), compatible with most gas attachments.

Since electric models often FOCUS on being just string trimmers, it’s hard to find one that can handle outside attachments. But the GreenWorks Pro GST80320 takes Ryobi Expand-It, TrimmerPlus and PoulonPro attachments. This enables you to convert it to an electric and battery powered brush cutter, tiller, leaf blower, hedge trimmer, edger, or tree trimmer as needed. As a string trimmer, it uses.080 cord, but can use as heavy as.095 if you want, giving it more weed-whacking ability.

Its 80V power makes it on-par with many gas models while still keeping it lightweight and manageable. If there’s a drawback, it’s in the power packs, which often last only 25-30 minutes during heavier jobs, and take about the same amount of time to charge. You’ll need at least two battery packs to have continuous workflow, and the battery packs aren’t cheap. Happily, the packs will work with many other GreenWorks tools as well.

Other Good Electric-Powered Choices

GreenWorks Pro ST80L210 80V 16-Inch Cordless String Trimmer

  • 80V STRING TRIMMER – powers through the toughest.
  • 16” CUTTING PATH008” dual line, bump feed.
  • TRUBRUSHLESS MOTOR – provides more torque.
Type Electric
Weight 9.8 lbs (without lithium ion battery attached)
Warranty 4 year limited warranty
Motor Type 80v brushless motor
Features Attachments not currently available, but has heavy-duty dual string trimmer head. Can handle 4ah or 2ah batteries.

I know, this article is supposed to be about brush cutters, not string trimmers! However, this particular string trimmer has something which most others don’t. Next to its easy-start button, there is a power control that enables you to push up the power to higher levels. Since it can take up to.095 cord and has a dual-cutting capability, amping up the power gives you an almost brush-cutter like potency with a string trimmer. Still, it doesn’t accept other attachments, and it does still run on batteries, so it comes in just shy of the other electric choice.

All in all, if you need the power of a brush cutter, I’d probably pick the gas cutter from Remington over the electric option. But there’s a lot of good aspects of the GreenWorks model with all of its potential attachments, too. Which would you pick – gas or electric?

v40 Closed Front Rotary Brush Cutter

skid, steer, brush, cutter, blade, attachment

Cuts up to 3″ diameter trees and clears grass and brush for a consistent finished look.



Download Spec Sheet (PDF)

Download Manual

I thought I would have buyers remorse when I was making this purchase, but after getting it home I couldn’t be any happier! I am a home owner with about 20 acres of overgrown woods. I used it a few times in a small area just to get the feel for it. I spent about 5 hrs in the skid steer with it so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the performance. I have been cutting everything from grass to small trees up to 3 inches in diameter. If I had to do it again I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute!

Cut Width (Inches) 60.0 72.0
Overall Width (Inches) 66.0 78.0
Overall Height (Inches) 21.4
Overall Depth (Inches) 74.0 86.0
Deck Height (Inches) 7.7
Minimum Cut Height (Inches) 1.9
Cutting Capacity, Diameter (Inches) 3.0
Deck Thickness: Top / Side (Inches) 0.19 / 0.25¹
Recommended Flow Rate (GPM) 16-25
Approximate Weight (Pounds) 1075 1300
Recommended Loader Capacity Greater than 1500 pounds

¹Material is Grade 50 Plate (50,000 PSI Minimum Yield Strength).


Standard Flow Models

Flow rates in gallons per minute (GPM) and blade tip speeds in feet per minute (FPM).

Spec Comparisons. Virnig Brush Cutters

Easily compare all Virnig Brush Cutters.

V40 Rotary Brush Cutter. Standard Deck (BBV)V40 Rotary Brush Cutter. Open Front Deck (BBV-O)V50 Rotary Brush Cutter. Standard Deck (RBV)V50 Rotary Brush Cutter. Floating Deck (RBV-F)V50 Rotary Brush Cutter. Open Front Deck (RBV-O)V60 Industrial Rotary Cutter (IRC)

High Flow motor options add approximately 70 pounds to model weight.

Below are various questions Virnig Manufacturing receives on a regular basis. Browse through the following questions and click on a question to see the answer. If you do not see your question listed below please contact a local Virnig dealer or call 800.648.2408.

V40 Rotary Brush Cutter. Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the same ½” by 4” single side updraft blades are used on both the V40 and the V50 Rotary Brush Cutters.

No. The motor is only rated for 16-25 gpm. All of the motors that Virnig uses have a zero overflow tolerance. Using the attachment at higher than rated flow will eventually cause catastrophic failure of the motor and can cause abnormal stress on the bearing spindle.

The design is similar, with the V40 Rotary Brush Cutter having no options for a Rear Roller or Swivel Casters. The steel grade and thickness and amount of weld is different in some areas as well. Virnig uses at least grade 50 steel on all attachments, and a full 1 year warranty ensures that all quality is as expected from the V50 series. See the comparison chart for more information.

The Rotary Brush Cutter is not designed to use casters or a rear roller.

Virnig V40 Rotary Brush Cutters are designed to clear undergrowth and cut small trees up to 3” in diameter.

Standard deck cutters will be better at cutting grass and mulching material while open front cutters will be better for quickly clearing brush and small trees.

No. Running the flywheel system in reverse will cause the cutter to cut poorly, easily stall, and have minimal torque.

The Rotary Brush Cutter is designed to spin counter-clockwise and takes 7-10 seconds to come to a complete stop. If the flywheel is running in reverse, slow down will be much faster and very loud.

Operating the Rotary Brush Cutter’s flywheel counter-clockwise is essential for proper operation and preventing damage to the cutter’s blades and motor.

The spindle is the most expensive performance component on a skid steer brush cutter. It is responsible for smoothly transferring power from the hydraulic motor to the flywheel and absorbing impact that could damage the hydraulic motor.

High-performance skid steer brush cutters require heavy-duty spindles to ensure reliability and productivity.

Standard pressure relief valves protect the motor and the loader’s hydraulic system from damaging pressure spikes. When the maximum pressure point is reached, the valve opens to prevent pressure from rising any further. This prevents seals or other internal components from breaking due to excessive pressure.

Rotary brush cutters are capable of throwing debris over 200 feet and can cause serious bodily harm or death if not used with a shatterproof cab.

For efficient operation, purchase a skid steer brush cutter with a cut width that is wider than the tires or tracks of your loader.

Loader capacity should also be considered. Selecting a skid steer attachment that is too wide will add weight, volume, and surface area, all factors that could affect performance.

Virnig Frequently Asked Questions

Virnig attachments are rated to provide maximum performance and protection against damage when paired with an appropriately sized loader. Here’s a checklist to get the right attachment for your loader.

Go here to find skid steer capacity and specs.

Contact a local Virnig dealer for the most accurate attachment specs, or call Virnig at 800.648.2408.

Virnig sells mini skid steer, compact tractor, and skid steer attachments through a network of independently owned dealers throughout the United States and Canada. Call 800-648-2408 for assistance in finding a dealer or use the online Dealer Finder.

Please contact a local Virnig dealer to obtain pricing information.

For Virnig’s suggested retail price, fill out an online Request a Quote form.

All Virnig skid steer attachments are manufactured with a universal mount to fit most skid steer loaders. The mounting frame is built to ISO 24410 and SAE J2513 standards.

All Virnig mini skid steer attachments are manufactured with a Toro mini universal mount, Bobcat mount, or ASV mount.

Most Virnig attachments are ready to work right off the pallet.

To minimize setup time, Virnig Manufacturing requires the machine brand and model to be listed in every order for attachments with hydraulic components. This ensures proper hose length, routing, and coupler sizing. In addition, all hydraulic Virnig Attachments are tested for leaks and proper operation before leaving the factory. There may be specific scenarios in which additional setup time will be required.

Most parts for Virnig skid steer attachments are available in-stock and can be shipped as early as the same day the order is received. Fabricated and back ordered parts are available with a reasonable lead time. Virnig uses several shipping options to provide timely and cost effective delivery to customers.

Check with a local Virnig dealer for replacement part availability.

All Virnig parts and attachments are warranted for one year from the end user’s date of purchase, or the dealer’s date of first rental/demonstration. If the warranty period has expired, a sales receipt or first rental slip will be required for warranty consideration.

Virnig uses NitroSteel cylinder rods because they are a superior performing alternative to chrome plating. The finish offers improved corrosion resistance and better grease retention.

Chrome plated cylinder rods can flake or pit and destroy the seals or other internal components; resulting in downtime and expensive repairs.

A NitroSteel rod will perform better and increase the service life of a cylinder, making it the cost-effective choice. Learn more about the benefits of the NitroSteel process.

The questions and answers in this FAQ are provided for general information purposes only and may not be completely accurate in every circumstance, view full details. This FAQ is subject to change without notice.

Vail Brush Cutters

skid, steer, brush, cutter, blade, attachment

“I love the new mulching blade option! We also run a competitor’s brush cutter in our fleet that has teeth underneath; and our Vail Brush Cutter cuts and reprocesses material twice as fast and leaves a finer finished product – all while running cooler than the competition. I can’t wait to buy another one of these cutters!” –Charles Yokem, Yokem Land Services, Shreveport, LA


  • Cutting Deck with Integrated Control Bars
  • Quick-Stop Quad Blade System
  • Can Cut Trees up to 10″ in Diameter
  • All-Terrain Flywheel Design
  • Mulching Blade Standard
  • Removable and Adjustable Push Bar
  • Replaceable Deck Runners
  • Available Models: 85″ and 77″ Wide

The Vail Products Brush Cutter is the ultimate attachment for serious Land Managers.

Turn trees up to 10” in diameter to mulch in moments! Designed for strength and durability, the Vail Products Brush Cutter is a proven performer in clearing dense brush, invasive trees, thick weeds, high grass and severe undergrowth.

Our industry leading Quick-Stop Blade System along with advanced hydraulic engineering ensures greater safety and longer motor life.

From pine to hedge, kudzu to thistle, the Vail Products Brush Cutter will masterfully turn trees into mulch, open a game path, add more pasture land, or clear invasive growth to greatly improve your Land Clearing and Land Management practices.

The Mulching Blade Flywheel features 5 linear feet of mulching surface, advanced flywheel design for optimal debris relief and 50% thicker, longer lasting ultra-strong cutting blades.

Built #VailTough for all terrains and conditions, our exceptional Brush Cutter handles all the extremes for cutting, clearing and mowing. The Vail Products Brush Cutter for compact track loader and skid steer loaders can be used on low or high flow machines and is available in 85” and 77” models.

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