Small automatic lawn mower. Best robot lawn mower – top 10! (expert review 2023)

Best robot lawn mower – top 10! (expert review 2023)

What is the best robot lawn mower? Real reviews with images, videos and text. Performance! Capacity! Speed! User friendliness! Tech! All evaluated thoroughly! Do you spend time and money each month on mowing your lawn? Modern robot lawn mowers not only does the job for free, they also make sure your lawn looks impeccable all the time. We have set a goal to review all robot lawn mowers on the market, and these are our top 10!

We regularly review robotic lawn mowers. Each model is tested under a wide range of conditions and during a long period of time. This list is updated every time we find a robotic mower that meets the requierments for the different test winner badges, or is just a really great robotic lawn mower in general.

What to consider when buying a robot lawn mower

There are some important factors to take into consideration when buying a robot lawn mower, these include:

  • Lawn size: Make sure the robot lawn mower you are interested in has the capacity to mow your lawn on a reasonable mowing schedule. The robot lawn mower manufacturers states what recommended lawn size each robot is built for, but some highlight maximum lawn size instead of its recommended lawn size, make sure you pick the correct specification and compare it to your lawn. Avoid buying an automatic mower recommended for a smaller lawn than yours.
  • Complexity of your lawn: If you have steep slopes, uneven surface with lots of cavities or areas covered in moss you need a robot lawn mower that can manage these conditions. All robot mowers have different strengths and weaknesses. Read up on the robot lawn mowers to understand which ones fit your lawn.
  • Modern technology: Some robot lawn mowers haven’t been updated with new technology or software for years, other manufacturers make sure to keep their robots up to date. Consider a connected robot lawn mower with free remote software updates, this way you make sure you keep your robot fresh and always have the best functionality at hand. Some robots can also be upgraded with new hardware, like ultrasonic sensors for intelligent speed adjustment or a bigger battery.

Read our reviews below to gain a better understanding of what pros and cons each tested model come with, or move on and read our in-depth review of the particular robotic lawn mower you’re interested in.

Husqvarna Automower 415X – BEST ROBOT LAWN MOWER

Resilient and intelligent robot with virtual zone management

Husqvarna Automower 415X is one of Husqvarnas newest robot lawn mowers. It is a very competent robot lawn mower and one of the smartest we have yet to get our hands on. It manages steep slopes, uneven surfaces and damp grass without any problem.

Since it’s part of Husqvarnas latest fleet it is IPX5 certified (meaning you can wash it with a garden hose), it has the Automower Intelligent Mapping function (AIM) and it has free over-the-air updates (FOTA). These are all awesome features on a premium robot lawn mower. You can program no-go zones, and zones that you want to cut less frequently – no boundary wire needed for this, it is all done in the app. You only need the boundary wire as a perimeter around the full lawn, and then a guide wire for fast travel to certain areas – the guide wire support is a huge time saver for the mowing schedule.

Automower 415X is very easy to install, you just plug in the station and the robot is pretty much good to go. You will want to program a schedule and add some premium features like the GPS assisted AI technology to find remote areas, the cutting height and the spiral cutting feature. They work together to ensure the robot lawn mower doesn’t spend unnecessary time in areas already cut.

Husqvarna Automower 415X is one of the best robot lawn mowers we have yet to encounter. For the regular user who isn’t very tech savy it might be too much, but for people who look for something extraordinary, this is it.

A top modern and quite stealthy robot lawn mower that supports custom virtual zones on your lawn, cellular connectivity and GPS-assisted AI. It’s very reliable and overall a great robot lawn mower in the premium segment.

Complete Guide to the Best Robot Lawn Mowers in 2023

Maintaining a perfectly manicured lawn can be a time-consuming and challenging task for homeowners. However, thanks to advances in technology, we now have a smarter and more efficient way to keep our lawns looking neat and pristine: the robot lawn mower.

Robotic lawn mowers have been gaining popularity in recent years due to their convenience, ease of use, and the fact that they can save homeowners both time and money.

In this article, we will take a closer look at exactly what robot lawnmowers are and what to look for when picking the right one for your lawn. We’ll also share our picks for the 5 best robot lawn mowers in 2023 and explore their features and benefits that make them stand out from the rest.

Whether you are a tech-savvy homeowner or just looking for an easier way to maintain your lawn, this guide will help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right robot lawn mower for your needs.

What are Robot Lawn Mowers?

Robot lawn mowers are self-contained, autonomous machines that mow your lawn without the need for human involvement. They can cover the entire yard on their own thanks to self-learning programming.

These machines are equipped with sensors and mapping technology that allow them to navigate and mow lawns on their own while avoiding obstacles and following predetermined mowing patterns.

Most versions include dedicated smartphone apps that make it simple to change settings and mowing schedules. After being programmed, these robots require minimal human supervision.

Robotic lawn mowers are kind of like Roombas, but for your lawn. Both Roombas and robot lawnmowers are classified as ‘autonomous robots.’ These are intelligent devices that can do tasks on their own without continuous human control.

These robots will not require constant monitoring or remote control once they have been set up and programmed.

How Do Robotic Lawn Mowers Work?

To use a robot lawn mower, the owner must first place border perimeter wire around the area to be mowed. Think of it as the electric wire fence that some people use to keep their dogs in.

The border wire tells the robotic lawn mower where it can and can’t go. This keeps it from cutting your flower beds or getting out of your lawn. This wire has a low voltage, which means it is safe for people and pets to touch.

It will take roughly half a day to set up the wires, although this time frame is variable based on the size, shape, and landscape of your property.

After the robot’s task is done, it will follow the border wire back to the charging dock. Robotic lawn mowers are battery-operated, and most can cut an average-sized lawn on a single charge.

The robots will need a charging station to charge their batteries, which will need to be plugged into a power outlet outside the house.

How Much Do Robot Lawn Mowers Cost?

The price of most versions is between 1,000 and 4,000, though we’ve included a more budget-friendly option under 1,000 as well in this article. This may seem pricey, especially for such a compact device, but the robot’s advanced technology necessitates this high price.

You may get a model for as little as 500 if you’re willing to give up some of the more advanced capabilities. As mentioned above, we’ve included the best budget-friendly robotic lawn mower in this article as well.

Robotic lawn mowers are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which typically last 2–3 hours or around 300 to 500 charges. The battery life will differ from one model to the other and may also be affected by how well you maintain the robot.

The typical cost to replace a battery is around 50. The cost of batteries varies by manufacturer, but in general, they shouldn’t cost more than fifty bucks.

You can avoid frequently buying new batteries by investing in a docking station. While most docks will run you around 100, some robotic lawnmowers actually have charging stations that are included in the base price.

Even though you can leave your robotic lawn mower and charging station outside, many people prefer to buy or build a small shelter, like a dog house, to provide shelter. However, instead of building or purchasing a pricey shelter, you may just keep the robot and its docking station in your garage.

Also, you must include the indirect cost of the electricity needed to charge your robot. Charging will cause you to use more electricity, which will cause your monthly electricity bill to go up.

Given the wide range of electricity costs across the country, it would be hard to provide a universal estimate for this additional cost. However, the average rechargeable robotic lawn mower only requires 3.5 watts, so the cost will not be excessive.

When you include the cost of annual maintenance, a robotic lawn mower should only cost about 25 in additional charges per year following your initial investment.

What to Look for When Buying a Robot Lawn Mower

Here are the top things to look for when buying a robot lawn mower:

Cutting Area

Before you buy a robot mower, you should measure the size of your lawn. This is, by far, the most important factor to consider when buying one.

Mowers that are less expensive typically cover less ground. Their batteries are smaller, their blades are narrower, and their guidewires are shorter. You can quickly exclude models from consideration if you discover that your lawn is too large for them.

Battery Life

Most people don’t give robot lawnmowers’ battery life much thought because they can charge themselves.

But, if you want a mower that gets more done at a given time of day or night, you will need a battery that lasts for a longer period of time. This will allow you to consolidate the daily mowing into fewer active sessions.


When it comes to controlling your Smart home devices, nothing beats being able to do it from the comfort of wherever you happen to be. Some robot lawnmowers do exactly that.

You can use your phone’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular connection to connect to them and look at statistics or send new commands. This technique can also quickly alert you to problems, like a blade stoppage or a theft attempt.

Best Robot Lawn Mower 2023. Top 5 Best Robot Lawn Mowers 2023

Some mowers only use an onboard control unit to operate. Even though it isn’t always necessary, the convenience of a phone app is something to think about when making a purchase.

Other Features

The mowers on this list all work in essentially the same way, but they each have their own special features. The WORX mowers are equipped with an offset blade that allows them to mow right up to the perimeter, reducing or eliminating the need for extra trimming.

Models with cellular connectivity use GPS tracking to track down mower thieves. This can also be useful when trying to recover a robot mower if it manages to escape your lawn and drive into bushes.

So, keep an eye out for other special features that might be helpful for your lawn.

Best Robot Lawn Mowers in 2023

As technology advances, robotic lawn mowers are becoming increasingly popular and efficient. There are many models on the market today, all offering different features that can make a big impact on your lawn. Here is a list of the 5 best robot lawn mowers in 2023:

Best Overall Robot Lawn Mower: Worx WR155 Landroid L

Maximum Area: 0.5 acres Cutting Width: 8 inches

If you want a perfectly manicured lawn, look no further than the Worx Landroid. The Landroid series has various models, but the WR155 is the clear standout. This small robot is powered by Worx’s 20V Power Share battery, which is removable and may be used in any of Worx’s electric tools.

The WR155 can cover lawns up to half an acre in size, making it ideal for nearly any suburban property. It has an 8-inch cutting deck with an automated raising and lowering blade disc to provide uniform cutting, even on uneven ground and difficult terrain.

What’s best is that it can also cut closer to boundary lines, fences, and walls than other robotic mowers since the cutting disc is offset to one side.

The Worx Landroid AI tracks the mower’s motions and directs its labor toward regions that aren’t being mowed, ensuring that it keeps a uniform cut. A discrete ground wire keeps it within the boundaries of your property. It automatically goes back to its charging bay when its battery runs out or it detects rain.

A user-friendly mobile app allows you to monitor and adjust your Landroid’s settings. You can connect via either a direct Bluetooth connection or your home Wi-Fi. If the Landroid leaves its designated area, you will be notified instantly by an anti-theft system.

If theft is a significant concern for you, consider the WR153 which is a Landroid with GPS tracking built in. The WR155 was our top pick because of its versatile battery, rock-solid dependability, and feature-rich software.

Plus, you could save some money if you have a smaller lawn. The popular Worx Landroid line of robotic mowers includes the S, M, and L models, which can take care of yards up to 1/8 acre, 1/4 acre, and 1/2 acre, respectively.

Best for Medium to Large Lawns: Husqvarna 430XH Automower

Maximum Area: 0.8 acres Cutting Width: 9.45 inches

While being more expensive, the 430XH covers the largest ground of any robotic mower, with an incredible 0.8 acres of area coverage. This intelligent little robot is backed by the Husqvarna brand and contains cutting-edge mowing technology.

The adjustable deck can cut up to 3.6 inches high. Three extremely sharp blades on a 9.45-inch mower deck produce a cut of professional grade. Plus, the battery can power the mower for a maximum of 145 minutes on a single 60-minute charge.

Three guide wires guard your grass against streaks generated by repeating the same route. Five remote starting points can be set up to make sure the area closest to the dock doesn’t get cut too much and to reach areas that can only be reached by a narrow path.

Husqvarna’s unique technology uses GPS to create a digital map of your lawn, which it then uses to cover the entire area.

You may access and program your mower using the Automower Connect app from a nearby Bluetooth connection or from anywhere in the world using a cellular uplink. You can even use your Amazon Alexa or Google Home system to control the mower.

The anti-theft system comes with a GPS tracker, an alarm, and a custom PIN that stops the system from working outside the boundary wire. When the mower detects abnormal activity, sophisticated lift and tilt sensors rapidly disable the blades to prevent damage.

Overall, the Husqvarna 430XH is one of the best robot lawn mowers money can buy, and you won’t be disappointed by its cutting-edge technology, advanced features, and large coverage area.

Best Quick Charging Lawn Mower: Husqvarna 115H Automower

Maximum Area: 0.25 acres Cutting Width: 8.5 inches

Robotic mowers require frequent charging for the best runtimes because they use either interchangeable or built-in batteries. Sadly, it also means that you might be forced to wait while your mower charges before it can continue mowing the grass.

The Husqvarna 115H offers one of the quickest charging times, with a fully charged battery in under an hour. This means you won’t need to spread out your mowing across multiple days to account for charging times. Plus, you can FOCUS on other outside tasks like edge trimming and weed picking while it quickly charges!

small, automatic, lawn, mower

It’s a great robot mower for small to medium-sized lawns. The 115H can mow up to a quarter acre with its 8.5-inch cutting deck, and its lift and tilt sensors will disable the blades if the mower is elevated. This prevents pets, children, and adults from being injured if the mower becomes trapped on an object or flips over.

To prevent theft, your robot mower has an anti-theft alarm that can only be disarmed by a specified personal identification number (PIN). This means that thieves can’t just turn the alarm off and take your robot mower.

A rain sensor stops it from cutting grass when it’s wet, so it won’t get damaged. It comes with the same high-cut deck as the 450XH mentioned above and can make cuts up to 3.6 inches long. And it also works with the same Automower Connect app, making it simple and easy to use.

This Husqvarna Automower is different in a few key ways from its more expensive cousin. It lacks the cellular capability necessary for GPS-assisted mapping and theft tracking.

Best Robot Lawn Mower for Steep Hills: MowRo RM24 Robotic Lawn Mower

Maximum Area: 0.25 acres Cutting Width: 9.5 inches

The MowRo RM24 Robotic Lawn Mower is an easy choice for people with small to medium-sized yards and tight budgets. It has a 28V 4Ah lithium-ion battery that can run the efficient brushless motor for 2 hours on a single charge. The RM24 can mow up to a quarter acre, including steep slopes up to 30 degrees, on a set schedule every 48 hours or on demand.

It can work safely because it has sensors for rain, tilt, and impact. This means it can automatically avoid bad weather, steep slopes, and obstacles. The cutting height is manually adjustable between 1 and 2.5 inches.

The MowRo RM24 was one of the simplest robot mowers thanks to its intuitive onboard controls and dependable performance. It has a similar boundary wire and base station setup as the rest of the mowers on the list.

But it’s important to note that this robot lawn mower doesn’t come with Bluetooth connectivity and all operations are done using the onboard control panel, including setting up the schedules for mowing.

It’s a great robotic lawn mower that offers good value for money and is ideal for lawns with steep terrain.

Best Budget-Friendly Robot Lawn Mower: Gardena Sileno Minimo

Maximum Area: 5,400 sq. ft Cutting Width: 6.2 inches

A robot mower doesn’t have to cost a fortune for homeowners with smaller yards. The Gardena Sileno Minimo is intended for small suburban or urban lawns of up to 5,400 square feet.

The Sileno Minimo from Gardena is one of the quietest mowers on the market, and its compact size makes it ideal for tight places and intricate landscaping. Plus, the Bluetooth-enabled app makes it easy to set up and schedule.

The lithium-ion battery allows for 65 minutes of mowing time on a single charge. What’s best is that this mower is waterproof and will keep working regardless of the weather. A frost sensor checks the temperature of the ground, and when it gets cold enough, the robot goes to sleep for the winter.

If you have a lawn that’s under 2,700 square feet, it’s worth checking out this other Gardena model that’ll help save even more money!

Other Lawn Guides from Planet Natural:

LUBA AWD 5000 : Perimeter Wire Free Robot Lawn Mower

Using the RTK-GNSS and Multi-sensor integrated Navigation System, LUBA AWD can map out your lawn and set up various mowing zones without you having to dig or bury wires. LUBA AWD makes the lawn maintenance a breeze for you.

RTK-GNSS and Multi-Sensor Navigation System

With the advanced four Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and RTK Technology and IMU sensors, LUBA can map and navigate in cm-level accuracy.

Powerful RTK Signal Coverage

LUBA RTK signal range can cover a radius of 120m, so LUBA can take care of even large and challenging lawns. The LUBA AWD series maintain perfect route stability even when satellite signals are poor thanks to the integration of interial navigation, odometry, and patented algorithms.

Powerful All-wheel Drive System

Featuring four powerful in-hub motors and exclusive off-road tires and suspensions, LUBA AWD Series boasts best-in-class traction and zero-turning agility. Unlike small-diameter wheel mowers, the LUBA can effortlessly handle 75% slope and traverse the most demanding terrain without getting stuck.

small, automatic, lawn, mower

Take good and soft care of your lawn

Four Powerful In-hub Motors

Manage 37° steep slope and obstacle of 50mm height

Make the best off-road capability in rough terrain

Dual Cutting Plates of 400mm

In-app adjustable cutting height of 30-70mm. Never miss a cut.

Impressive Slope Mowing

LUBA AWD 5000 can mow the steep slope up to 75% (37°), and handle the complex lawns and thick tall grass.

In-APP Adjustable Blade Height

LUBA AWD’s double cutting plate with a 400mm(16 inch) cutting width allows it to cut your grass without missing any areas.

small, automatic, lawn, mower

LUBA AWD 5000 is ideal for all types of lawns up to 5000㎡(1.25acres). It has a super high efficiency of mowing up to 500㎡(0.13acre) each hour, allowing your family to spend more time enjoying the picture-perfect grass.

Smart App Control Anywhere

With the Mammotion App, lawn care has never been easier.You can customize mowing tasks, and track real-time mowing status anywhere, anytime. Enjoy your vacation and Luba will take good care of your lawn.

Efficient Multi-Zone Management

With the Mammotion App, You can easily set up mowing tasks for multiple working areas, and create channels between them. Set different schedules, cutting modes and cutting heights for each mowing zone.

Planned Route Modes

Compared to the random mowing pattern of conventional robotic mowers, the planned route algorithm significantly improves Luba’s mowing efficiency. You can have it mow one direction then the other, or define angles to mow.

Smart Obstacle Avoidance

Four ultrasonic radar sensors allow the LUBA to automatically detect and avoid obstacles as small as 5cm (2 inches) with a Field of view (FOV) of 220 degrees.

Powerful Battery Auto-recharge

Luba lithium-ion battery has enough capacity to enable Luba to run 180 minutes and to mow up to 500㎡ (0.13 acre) per hour in a session. When the battery is low, it automatically returns to the charging dock, then continues the interrupted mowing session.

Easily Create No-go Zones

You can create no-go zones for plant beds or children’s playgrounds or pools in App, Luba AWD will automatically avoid them.

Automatic Rain Detection

Tiny sensors atop the Luba robot can detect when rain begins and will automatically send the mower back to the charging station.

Anti-theft System

The app will sound an alarm to notify users when there is unusual movement. Luba supports the lost feature. The original user will be informed of the current position of the lost LUBA when it reconnects to the network. LUBA cannot be used by others if the original user has not granted permission.

TüV Rheinland-certified Quality

The LUBA AWD Series robot lawn mower is committed to providing high-quality performance with TüV Rheinland-certified quality. LUBA provides a quiet mowing experience (60dB) and emissions-free lifestyle.

What Our Users Say

Luba does incredibly well on what is quite a difficult terrain. It is amazingly well built and as you can see, even manages to produce stripes.

I was really amazed at how he can mow really tall grass. Tried with a 700 m2 map, the result was outstanding.

I am super impressed so far! My rideon mower would have gotten stuck! Hats off to the Mammotion team! Great product.

Here LUBA is running on a hill where the slope varies between 15 and 35 degree.

It is doing a surprisingly great job. It cut the whole front lawn today with no interventions. It has every potential to be the leading fully automated lawnmower.

The 4 motors on every wheel have proven super useful. In my first trial, the machine hasn’t had any failures and the GPS position seems to be very accurate, even near the house.

Tech-art Aesthetics and Robust Safety

Mowing in another direction when encountering hard objects.

Stop spinning blades when Luba is lifted or unbalanced.

Smart obstacle avoidance with 220°FOV

Ensure Luba AWD easy clean with sprinklers and has absolute durability in all-weather

  • Charging Station
  • LUBA AWD 5000
  • Power Supply
  • RTK Reference Station
  • RTK Reference Station Extension Cable(10m)
  • RTK Reference Station Power Supply
  • Extra One Set Of Blade
  • Key
  • Installation Kits
  • Mounting Pole
  • Quick Start Guide


If the product does not work as guaranteed during the warranty period, you can request after-sales service by contacting the upcoming local MAMMOTION distributor or email us at The main parts of the lawn mower and battery are covered under a 2-year warranty. Please note that the accessories (Charging Station and RTK Antenna) are under a 1-year warranty while blades and tires do no have warranty. The warranty period for a product is valid on the day when product(s) are delivered from local warehouse for Kickstarter backers’ orders and pre-orders, while the other orders is valid on the purchase date.

  • With a perimeter wire, firstly, someone has to install it – this means extra time if you do it yourself, or extra cost if someone else does it. Secondly, the perimeter wire can be damaged by animals or someone putting a spade through it. a break in the perimeter wire can be frustrating.Thirdly, if you want to change the area to be mowed, it means re-laying the wire. Finally, if you decide to move, you need to re-laying again the wire in your new lawn.
  • With Luba, forget all the above worries. You just walk with Luba along to draw vitrual bounderies, you can program your multi-cutting zones without the hassle of digging or burying the wires.
  • With Mammotion APP, you can remotely preset and update the mowing parameters for each zone, as well as check Luba’s status in real-time. The APP can be used remotely to manage your lawn when you are on a vacation or business trip.
  • Luba robotic lawn mower keeps your lawn carpet-like all the time. Luba cuts more frequently in 1-2cm to ensure your grass stay healthy.
  • It is quiet, you can run it at any time without worrying about disturbing your daily activity or your neighbours.

Thanks to the RTK-GNSS System, users can easily create and set mowing tasks for separated mowing areas in the Smart app. as well as set channels to connect them for multi-zone management. By setting up the operation parameters of different tasks, the equipment can automatically operate in multiple areas in sequence. Luba can pass the sidewalk when the width is more than 1 meter and surroundings are not severely blocked.

RTK base station does not need to be connected to the charging station. You can put the charging station anywhere you want! If you want to install RTK station on the roof, you will need to have a separate power adapter and extension cord to power RTK reference station.

Does the entire area needs to require Wi-Fi signal or once it gets its command near its charging base it can go complete work and then come back to charge ?

Once the mission is set it get do the whole workflow itself even without Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi is to help you check the status of LUBA and receive messages remotely on your cell phone.

You can easily perform the installation yourself. A quick start guide will be included in the box. installation course video will comes.

small, automatic, lawn, mower

Luba can manage multiple zones,if there is a path between these two yards, Luba can travel to the second yard and do the work automatically.

With Mammotion App, you can remotely preset and update the mowing parameters for each zone, as well as check Luba’s status in real-time.

The best robot lawn mowers: Husqvarna, Greenworks, and more compared

Work smarter, not harder on your lawn this summer. The best robot mowers feature automatic scheduling and cut your grass for you.

Taylor Clemons is a tech writer and reviewer based near Cleveland, OH. After graduating from Tiffin University in 2011, they spent several years in lawn and garden manufacturing before working on their own (now defunct) game review site, Steam Shovel.

Sean Jackson is a creative copywriter living in Florida. He’s had work published with CNET,, theScore, ESPN, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Taylor Clemons is a tech writer and reviewer based near Cleveland, OH. After graduating from Tiffin University in 2011, they spent several years in lawn and garden manufacturing before working on their own (now defunct) game review site, Steam Shovel.

Sean Jackson is a creative copywriter living in Florida. He’s had work published with CNET,, theScore, ESPN, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Fairly new to lawn care technology, Robot mowers are a helpful tool that help to manicure your lawn more efficiently. They operate in much the same way as a robot vacuum or mop does: utilizing sensors and guidewires to avoid obstacles and stay within boundaries, and also allow for scheduling and monitoring via Bluetooth companion apps.

A highlight feature of robot lawns is their small cutting decks, often just eight or nine inches wide, which makes them ideal for suburban lawns in particular. The included reels of guidewire also are often just big enough to mark off the edge of a quarter acre to half acre lot or the same size area of much larger lawns. Another appeal of a robot lawn mower is that they’re autonomous. Once you set up a schedule, you don’t have to worry about being home to mow your lawn, rather, the unit will leave the base station and start cutting the grass all on its own at the designated start time.

Additionally, robot mowers are battery-powered, meaning they don’t emit any gas, making them a more environmentally friendly solution to lawn care. Plus, the lack of a gas engine means there’s very little maintenance other than changing out batteries and cleaning out dried grass and dirt.

To help you find the right fit for your lawn and your summer schedule, I rounded up the best robot mowers available, keeping in mind their key features, maximum cutting areas, and user-friendliness so you can find which model is best suited to your needs.

Worx Landroid L

Best robot mower overall

Worx Landroid L features: Cutting width: 8 inches | Max cutting area:.5 acres | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Companion app: Yes | Anti-theft alarm: Yes

The Worx Landroid L is my top choice for the best robot lawn mower. With the 8-inch cutting deck, it can mow lawns up to a half acre, which is perfect for most suburban lots. The cutting disc sits on a floating pivot to automatically rise and drop to follow your lawn’s terrain, reducing the chance of scalping or missing low spots. Built-in sensors help the Landroid L navigate around obstacles and through narrow paths, so you don’t have to worry about it getting caught in your flower beds or stuck between your toolshed and the house.

A companion app for your smartphone or tablet allows you to check on battery life, set a mowing schedule, and even specify your lawn’s soil makeup and type of grass for more efficient mowing and overall care. A built-in alarm helps deter thieves, but if someone does manage to make off with your robot mower, the GPS-enabled companion app lets you track their whereabouts so you can recover your property.

MowRo RM24A

Best lower-priced robot mower

MowRo RM24A features: Cutting width: 9.5 inches | Max cutting area:.25 acres | Connectivity: N/A | Companion app: No | Anti-theft alarm: No

Best Crawler Robot Lawn Mower | Top 5 Crawler robot lawn mower 2023

Since robot mowers are such a new technology, they can be quite expensive. Fortunately, the Mowro RM24A is one of the more affordable options on the market, with a price tag that sits comfortably under 1,000. The 9.5-inch cutting deck and 28V battery allow the RM24A to mow yards up to a quarter acre, while the large rear, wheels help it tackle steeper hills and inclines. The brushless motor runs much more quietly than gas mowers and many other battery-powered mowers, which means you can enjoy your deck, patio, or backyard while the RM24A is mowing your lawn.

And it won’t annoy the neighbors as it follows its 48-hour mowing schedule; this robot mower automatically mows every two days to keep a consistent cut across your entire lawn. It even has rain sensors to let the mower know it’s time to return to the docking station when storms roll in.

Husqvarna 115H

Best quick-charging robot mower

Husqvarna 115H features: Cutting width: 8.5 inches | Max cutting area:.25 acres | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Companion app: Yes | Anti-theft alarm: Yes

Since robot mowers run on either interchangeable or integrated batteries, they’ll need routine charging for optimal runtimes. Unfortunately, that also means you could get stuck waiting for your mower to charge before it can finish cutting the grass. The Husqvarna 115H has one of the fastest charging times, reaching full battery in just about an hour. You can tackle other outdoor chores like edge trimming and pulling weeds while you wait, and you won’t have to schedule mowing over several days to allow for charging times.

The 8.5-inch cutting deck lets the 115H mow up to a quarter acre; and with its lift and tilt sensors, the blades automatically stop if the mower gets picked up. This protects pets, kids, and adults from getting hurt if the mower gets stuck on an object or if it gets flipped over. The integrated anti-theft alarm only can be shut off with a specified PIN number, meaning thieves can’t disable the alarm before making off with your robot mower.

Husqvarna 430X

Best robot mower for large yards

  • GPS theft tracking
  • Mows up to.8 acres
  • Spiral cut and spot-mow modes
  • Alexa and Hey Google compatibility

Husqvarna 430X features: Cutting width: 9.5 inches | Max cutting area:.8 acres | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Companion app: Yes | Anti-theft alarm: Yes

Robot mowers are usually meant for much smaller lawns, but the Husqvarna 430X is capable of handling lots up to almost a full acre. The 9.5-inch cutting deck features three blades that mulch clippings into ultra-fine pieces to re-feed your lawn between fertilizer applications. The large rear wheels enable the mower to handle steep inclines. With Bluetooth connectivity and GPS navigation, the 430X lets you schedule mow times, set up remote start points, and even set up profiles for different sections of your yard. This lets you create a custom schedule for a consistent cut across your whole lawn, while remote start points mean that your robot mower isn’t limited to where the base station is when you want it to tackle a particular section.

You can even choose between spot mowing and spiral mowing. The spot-mow mode lets you quickly tackle small areas the 430X may have missed or may be growing faster than other sections of your lawn, while the spiral-mow mode provides a consistent cutting pattern. Like its cousin, the Husqvarna 115H, it has a built-in alarm to alert you to would-be thieves and only can be disabled with a personalized PIN. It also offers GPS tracking in case someone does manage to make off with your new mower. Husqvarna also offers interchangeable top covers to either make it easier to see where your 430X is in your yard or to match the rest of your lawn and garden equipment. And if you want truly hands-off lawn care, you can connect the 430X to your Alexa or Hey Google Smart speaker for voice-activated controls.

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