Spartan mower spindle problems. 5 Most Common Problems with Kubota Mower Deck and Fixes

spartan, mower, spindle, problems

Spartan mower spindle problems

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spartan, mower, spindle, problems

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Most Common Problems with Kubota Mower Deck and Fixes

Kubota designs its mowers tractors with high-quality decks. However, these decks can malfunction and produce a variety of problems over time.

So, what are these problems?

Here are the five most common problems associated with Kubota Mower Deck are:

  • Stuck deck height adjustment knob on Kubota mower
  • The Kubota cutting height control dial won’t work properly
  • The Kubota cutting deck or blades fails to engage properly
  • The Kubota mower deck will not raise or lower
  • The Kubota deck works but struggles to cut evenly

Now the question is why these deck problems occur with Kubota mower models is it possible to fix them? Continue reading the following article to get all the answers you need to know.

How To Fix The 5 Most Common Kubota Mower Deck Problems?

Check out the causes behind the top 5 Mower or Cutting Deck problems that Kubota users encounter and what are the potential solutions to get rid of them_

The Mower Deck Height Adjustment Knob Stuck While Operating

Users might notice that the deck height adjustment knob on their Kubota sometimes works hard or gets stuck in the mid-deck position.

Even sometimes the deck height adjuster knob might stick.

How To Fix:

If the height adjusting knob on your mower deck works hard or gets stuck_

  • Ensure that the deck is in the raised or Up position while you turn the knob and that the knob is not broken or damaged (It will allow the pressure to go off the adjuster knob and make the adjusting knob easier to turn).
  • If that doesn’t help to ease the problem, you must remove the parts, including the knob, and soak the parts with oil (It will help you to get vice-grips on the shaft to free it up).
  • If you have a broken or damaged knob, replace the deck height adjustment knob.

If the deck lift adjusting knob seems hard to turn or sticking, try this easy trick to fix the sticky knob on your mower deck:

How To Fix:

The only solution to this problem is to replace the cutting height control dial.

But the replacement options are hard to get so contact your dealer to make the replacement part ready for you or directly contact the Kubota service center.

Kubota Mower Deck Will Not Raise or Lower

Occasionally Kubota users might also notice that their mower deck is having difficulty operating smoothly or won’t move up down.

The Truth About Mower Spindles

Users might encounter issues like:

  • Their mower deck won’t raise
  • Their mower deck won’t lower or,
  • The deck simply stuck in the Up position.

How To Fix:

If your Kubota mower deck does not raise:

  • Check the lift linkage of your mower for any signs of damage or wear. Replace the lift cable, rod, or arm if they are faulty.
  • Look for any signs of tearing or fraying on the drive belt of your mower. Make sure the belt is installed correctly. Adjust or replace the deck belt if necessary.
  • Verify if pulleys are properly aligned and securely fastened in place and repair the pulleys if needed.
  • Test if all cables are connected correctly and if they appear loose or frayed, replace them.

If your Kubota deck does not lower:

Check the Hitch Drop Speed control knob on your mower located underneath the operator’s seat and confirm that it is not turned to the fully closed position.

That’s the basic and common reason behind this problem.

But if the problem is not the same in your case, watch the following tutorial to diagnose and fix the deck problem:

How To Fix:

If the cutting deck is working but seems to have difficulty cutting evenly:

  • Inspect whether the mower deck is leveled or balanced properly and if not, level it correctly by following the instruction shown in this video:

How To Fix:

If the mower deck is not engaging:

  • Check the wiring connections and make sure everything is in good condition and there’s no loose end.
  • Get access to the safety switch test the switch to confirm whether it’s good or faulty and replace the safety switch if necessary.
  • Look for any issues in the mower deck and ensure that the deck is installed correctly. Replace the mower deck if needed.
  • Adjust or change the deck belt if needed.
  • Inspect under your mower’s deck and if you see grass trapped there, prevent the grass build-up by spraying non-stick cooking spray or rubbing vegetable oil.
spartan, mower, spindle, problems

Also, inspect whether the blades are in good state or dull/bent. Sharpen or replace them if necessary.

If the mower blades are not engaging:

  • Make sure the blades are clean, sharpened balanced properly.
  • Check if the deck belt is too stretched or too loose, either adjust it accordingly or replace it.
  • If the PTO switch knob looks faulty replace it.
  • Inspect the pulleys, deck belt, deck lifts cable clutch. Replace them if necessary.

Spartan mower spindle problems

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Genuine OEM, c ast aluminum spindles with sealed AG bearings You can upgrade your RT-Pro SRT-Pro to the Heavy Duty 4 Bearing RT HD version qty (1) spindle per price listed OEM Part# 437-0006-00, 437-0004-00. 437-0005-00. 437-0026-00. 437-0027-00

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Spartan Mower Electric Fault Code List and Guide (12, 39, 44)

If your RV or motorhome is permanently located, you may have a nice lawn surrounding it. That lawn requires that you keep it trimmed all the time. That duty means you need a top lawn mower and Spartan just may be the company for you.

In the 2022 owners manual for this brand of lawnmowers, you will find a long list of error codes on page 29. The error codes go from 10 to 45 and the table lists all of the code definitions so you should have no trouble diagnosing what is wrong with your mower.

To learn more about the error codes for this grass-cutting device, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can get your lawn mower up and running as fast as possible. Take a few minutes to see how this information helps you.

Spartan Mower Electric Fault Codes

It looks like Spartan recorded its error codes in its manuals starting in 2018. The list in the 2018 owner’s manual is the same list that is found in the 2022 booklet.

The majority of error codes seem to be the check battery problem with a few parts thrown in from time to time. Those parts will be checked for shorts, check the solenoid, check the headlights for a short, and so on.

The next major error code series is the excessive current or the console internal fault. Both have a sizeable number of error codes associated with them. The codes are very straight forward and you should have no trouble locating the failed part or parts when you see them flashing on your display.

Before you lose your owner’s manual you should rip that page out and put it somewhere you can find it easily and where it won’t get lost or destroyed. Scanning to your computer would be the best option for this.

Whatever you do, do not put it in a place where it will never get lost, as you will never find it again.

Spartan Mower Manuals

In this case, the best place to go for a manual will be the Spartan Mower website. They have a specific web page set up that lists all the manuals you should need.

It is a very easy web page to navigate as you just scroll down to the manual year you want and click on the link. The manual comes up very fast and you will find parts manuals underneath each year as well. Just click here to get to their list of manuals.

Uneven Grass After Mowing? [How to Spot and How to Fix!]

Spartan Mower Error Code List

The information we are providing here comes directly from the 2022 owner’s manual:

Spartan Mower Says An Electrical Fault

Unfortunately, there are far too many codes related to an electrical fault to pin it down. As you can see by the above list, there is a current problem in a majority of error codes.

But you can get a good idea of where the problem lies by looking at the specific code. Code 11 may relate to the topic of the section better than some of the others. You should use a multimeter to test the current level and find where the problem lies.

If the engine will not crank or start, then you have a few sources for the problem and a few solutions to use. The sources are as follows:

The solutions for these issues are as follows:

Spartan Mower Electric Fault Code 12

The manual states that this code means that you are having a problem with the solenoid. It specifically says “Check battery condition and connections, check starter solenoid wiring for shorts.”

The starter could be bad, the battery could have been drained of power, the battery is too old, or you have a loose connection somewhere or there is corrosion on some of the terminals or connectors.

You would have to pinpoint the problem by checking each part individually till you find the problem. Then simply address that problem when you do find it. The worst fix will be either a bad battery or a bad starter solenoid.

Spartan Mower Error Code 39

The code says “Console internal fault, some or all power functions inhibited.” This error code may require the services of a technician. But you can check it out yourself to see how severe this problem is.

One owner had this error code and it was the wires on the right side handle that went bad. It also would not stay in the wire harness. The latter problem is easy to fix as all you have to do normally, is squeeze the connectors together for a tighter fit.

If the wire is bad, then replace the wire and maybe the harness if it was damaged at the same time.

Spartan Mower Error Code 44

If you haven’t fully read the table above, then this error code says “Low PTO on current, check PTO wiring and connections.” This code seems to be referring to the new technology lawnmowers are putting on their power products.

The PTO is Power Take-off and it is designed to make the lawn mower safer and more efficient. If you see this code, then the source is one of three possible parts the switch, solenoid, and clutch.

The solution is to replace the part or parts that have gone bad on you. You may need a multimeter to test the solenoid and the PTO switch.

How do You Reset The Code On a Spartan Lawn Mower?

To be honest, we could not find this instruction in the manual or on any website that discusses this lawn mower. There are many reset instructions for changing the password, the job timer, and the change oil alert but not for clearing any error codes.

That may be done by stopping the engine and then restarting it after you have finished your repair work. The best thing to do is double-check with Spartan Mowers directly at the link above.

The instructions to start the engine are fairly easy and not complicated to understand or follow:

Before the mower will start, the Safe-To-Start Indicator

Watch out for the two switches under the start/stop button. You must press both to start the motor and only press one to stop it. The stop instructions are just as easy as the start but you need to make sure all moving parts have stopped before getting off the mower

Some Final Words

Error codes can be confusing, especially when you are not mechanically inclined. However, on the Spartan Mowers, these error codes seem very easy to understand and pinpoint the area of the problem fairly clearly.

Just download a manual from the website, so you have it on hand and can access it easily when you have a problem. When in doubt, call in a technician to help you. They will have a better idea of how to fix those error codes and where to look.

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